An engagement ring on the finger, or 12 pairs of gloves? 💍🧤

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

And then it was 29. February, and leap year, the day that only appears on the calendar every four years. Leap year has been around ever since Caesar’s time, but at that time on a slightly different calendar than the one we have today. So it’s some old traditions and myths to this day 😊. In Norway, the leap year has been on the calendar since March 1, 1700.

We have leap years to get the number of days the earth goes around the sun during a year will be more and less “correct”.  The earth spends a little more than an average of 365 days on a round trip around the sun, though with an extra day a year, every four years the average of the earth’s orbit around the sun goes up slightly 🌏 🌞.

There are several different myths and traditions around February 29, and one of them is about the woman’s right to ask her boyfriend to marry her 💏. I always knew about the leap year, but the first time I did heard about this proposal “tradition” was in 1988, and I was just 15 years old 😊. A mammi to a child I was babysitting at that time did ask me if I had someone I would ask to “married” me. Imagine how suprice I was 😅. I didn’t even had a boyfriend at that time, either haven’t got my first kiss 😅. But I do remember that I should not forget “this opportunity” to ask a boyfriend or man to married me if he was worth to use a great opportunity like that 🌹,- and if I got that possibility some day as well 🥰. Well,- that “opportunity” is today, – or maybe I need to wait 4 new year 😉 ?

According to old traditions, the woman’s boyfriend would give her 12 pairs of gloves if he said no to her proposal.  A pair of gloves for each month, so no one would and could see that she had no engagementrinng on her finger 💍 🧤.

In the UK and Scotland was a refusal of such a marriage actually “punishable”.  The man had to buy a pair of leather gloves for the woman, a rose, kiss her and pay a fine of 1 pound 💷.

Some believe it was good luck to get married on this day, while others thought it meant divorce.

Legend tells that it was St. Bridgit who asked St. Patrick if he could not introduce such a proposal day for women.  The reason for the proposal day was because she thought so many men were cowardly, insecure and seemed afraid to propose.  So, some of this “proposal- right” had to be given to women as well.  St. Bridgit granted her wish, and St. Patrick gave the women on February 29 as their own “proposal day” 💞.

So fare I haven’t had the opportunity to use this day, the 29. February as an “proposal-day” to a boyfriend. And I’m pretty sure I’m not going to use it this year either 😊. But maybe I will get the opportunity in 2024? You never know, either do I 😅. But there can be some interesting “stuff” going on in my life that maybe continue to 2014? 😉 I don’t know yet myself, so I’m “laying low” at the moment ,- and see what happens during the next weeks or months. There’s a couple of interesting “opportunities” “around me”,- so I just “flow a bit on the waves” at the moment when it comes to that area in my life, “my lovelife area”, “boyfriend- opportunities” that I’m not quite sure about myself yet, or what’s going on 😊. And, – I also choose to do as a good friend of mine has told me many times to do,- it is me that are choosing him,- I can choose who I want to be with, – and I don’t need to choose the first one that shows me some interest 😉. And that’s actually what I’m going to do,- use my time, and choose what’s best for me in my life 😊.

Well,- there will not be any engagement ring on my finger this year, and there will not be 12 gloves to cover my finger without any ring either 😊.

Have you some others myths or old traditions that belong to the 29. February then this “old proposal” tradition ? 💍🧤 Or maybe you have some sweet plans to propose to your boyfriend (or girlfriend)? 💞 In case so,- I hope you don’t get 12 gloves 😉.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊.

If a woman did get a no to her proposal the 29. February she wouldn’t get any engagement ring, but 12 pairs of gloves instead 💍🧤.

Do you think I will get an engagement ring or 12 pairs of gloves today? 💍🧤 Or maybe non of it? 😊 What about you? Will there be a ring or a couple of gloves? 😉 ….or maybe you are not going to “use” the opportunity the 29. February “gives” a woman? 💞

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A nice and relaxing Valentine’s day ❣

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Yesterday was Valentine’s day, and my day off from work as well 😊. And it became a very nice and relaxing day at the daytime, and a very cozy evening out in the city centre together with some colleagues too 😊. A day with not to much “happenings” in, but still very good day 😊.

I actually didn’t do to much yesterday, I had decided to take yesterday day so much “off” as possible 😊. Sometimes that’s necessary too 😊. But I did some couple of things like my weekly shopping, and I did clean a bit in my home. It’s not the easiest thing to do when there are 3 adults people living and moving around,- but it’s something that needs to be done anyway. I can take “the big house- wash” when my son and his friend has moved out. I think that’s better, then wash and vacuum clean to much in between 4 legs that’s moves around 😊. In the meantime, do the best of it 😊.

After a bit necessary “to do thing” yesterday, I just did enjoy the sun, knitting and was just relaxing 😊. And I actually needed it, I feel I have a bit more energy again after a couple of busy weeks at my job,- and are ready for a new busy turn at my job the next week now 😊.

In the evening yesterday I did meet some colleagues of mine in the city centre for a tasty small dish, and a glass of wine. I even got a red rose 🌹,- and I also know theres a Valentine’s card on my desk at my job from my daughter witing for me on Monday 🥰. So I feel very lucky 🥰.

I was also invited home to this American man I have told you about, yesterday evening, – but the invitation did came so late in the afternoon and I already had made planes togheter with my colleagues 😊. I’m actually not sure if had met him anyway if I haven’t had any plans yesterday 😊. Maybe another day, maybe tomorrow, – I don’t know. I have a bit mixed feelings in that “area” when it comes to him 😊.

Yesterday was not a day “filled” up with a lots “romance”, but at the same time on it’s own way “romantic”. A sweet Valentine’s card from my daughter and a red rose from a colleague has it’s own “romantic” charm 🌹. And it was a very cozy and tasteful small meal in the evening in the centre as well, together with good colleagues and good conversations 😊. It was all in all a very good nice, relaxing and cozy Valentine’s day for a single soul as me 😊.

I hope you had a very nice Valentine’s day yesterday too,- with it’s own romantic charm 🌹.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

A sweet Valentine’s card from my daughter, a nice red rose from a colleague and a nice and tasty small dish together with some good colleagues and with good conversations has it’s own romantic charm at Valentine’s day yesterday 😊🌹.

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Dumped on Valentine’s day 🌹🙄

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Today it’s Valentine’s day 💞,- and I hope you are luckier with your Valentine’s day and also your Valentine’s date, if you have some, that I was with mine last year 😅.

My Valentine’s day in general was okay last year, it was more and less like a normal day, but I was invited out to a Valentine’s date for the evening 😊. I think it has to be one of the very few Valentine’s date invitations I have had in my life so fare, so I was a bit excited and also a bit happy. It’s not normal for me to be invited out by a man on Valentine’s Day itself 😊.

I had been meeting this man for some weeks and we did have a easy tone between us, the talking went easy and we in general had a nice time when we did met up. Sometimes we just went for a walk, other time out for a tiny meal and we had also been meeting in his apartment a couple of times. And sometimes he did cxl the meetings too, because his alzheimers sick mam needed him.

I didn’t had any big “crush” on him, but he was nice to be together with and spend some time together with as well. My interest for him was, in the beginning, just as a friend, but after spending some time together with him, I did think there maybe could be some potential for me to “fall for him”. Maybe….

So when he did invited me home to his house at Valentine’s day on a Valentine’s date last year I did I appreciated that gesture, and did say “yes, thank you”. I also did buy some “sweet valentine’s gifts ” to him,- but still not to sweet since my feelings for him was quite not there, still not sweet. But a nice gesture also need to get some nice attention.

I did work some night shift on a private hospital in this period, and then for an English family, and I did look after and did take care off a sick familymember for them during the nights, – and I was going to be at night shift the 14. February too. At this time this night shift was an very welcome and necessary income for me. But since it’s rarity that I get a lot of attention or even more rarely, is invited out on date on Valentine’s day I did ask for changing my night shift. I’m a tiny bit romantic soul,- and I also did feel a bit lucky that actually got some attention for this Valentine’s day, or at least a Valentine’s date , and wanted to use my time on my date 😊.

I was lucky and managed to change my shift as well. In general I don’t like to change shifts or anything like that, I’m trying to make my private plans in my private time. But of course there are days and times that’s necessary to change, or switch shifts. This evening, the 14. February, was not any “necessary” private plans,- but like I did mention, – I m a tiny romantic soul, and I really appreciated to be invited on a Valentine’s date 😊.

And like I did mention, I also had bought a tiny little attention, not to sweet, but still with a sweet touch 😊. And I did “prepare” my self as well, as best as I could. Did try to make myself “pretty” for the evening with using some face masks, take a hair- cure, did my nails, and also did find some nice clothes to put on, and started to get my self ready for a nice Valentine’s date 💄👗. I’m just a woman and I like to feel a bit pretty on a date 😊.

Just a couple of hours before we should meet he did texted me and cxl the Valentine’s date 🙄. This time with not to many reasons, he just didn’t felt very well, and that’s it. In general when he did cxl is was because his alzheimers sick mam “was on the run”,- but this time without to many reasons or explanations. Well,- what to do? I had even switched my shift for him, for using my time to meet him.

It wasn’t much to do with that, but yes I need to admit I was a bit disappointed, and also a bit angry about myself that had changed my shift for a man who did cxl the Valentine’s date 🙄. Someone that was obviously even not worth losing my really needed income for 😅. Valentine’s day in general don’t mean to much to me, but at the same time it does. It’s a bit difficult to explain actually 😊. But it’s probably because I’m a romantic soul, and then I in away do like Valentine’s day 💞🌹.

But and because, – The next day after the Valentine’s day, he did actually texted me and told me he did regret the cxl of our Valentine’s date with out any good explanation for why,- and asked me if we could meet up for an new date an other day 🙄. He did write he “regret” the cxl 🙄. Well,- I did meet him an other day and gave him the Valentine’s gift, did ask him again why he did regret and why he cxl’ed 😅. I didn’t get any good explanations or answers. And then I just went back home again. I do think he had another and maybe more “excited” date that Valentine’s day,- so he cxl me. Obviously that date didn’t went to well, since he did “regret” the cxl, wanted to meet me again, and also because he hadn’t any good “explanation” for the cxl when I did ask him again why he did cxl, except from this “didn’t feel very well” in the cxl- messenge he did sent me some hours before the Valentine’s date. But I can be wrong, it’s just my thoughts and feelings. Well, well,- that’s life. I’m not using to much of my time on men like that, that’s for sure 😊.

This Valentine’s day I have more and less just Valentine’s plans for my self 🥰. I haven’t bought any sweet gifts or created any sweet attentions to anyone this year. I could done it to my children and some very close friends, or someone else I do have in my mind 😉,- but my children are young adults now, and I think it’s more fun for them to get an Valentine’s gifts from someone a bit more special then the mammi 😊. It was a bit different when they was younger 😊. My friends, – I can show them how much I care for them another day then this day 🥰. And this “someone else” I have in my mind,- is just maybe “someone” else at the moment, and maybe not worth using to much attention to either, – I don’t know 😊. And at this point it’s not important either 😊. We see what the future brings 😊.

Maybe I’m going to meet a colleague of mine for a glass of wine this afternoon 🍷. That would be very nice and cozy 😊. We see,- it can be cxl as well,- you never know 😁. But still I feeling happy, lucky and grateful ,- this day will be an excellent day off from work and just to speel and spend on myself 🧡. My own Valentine’s day for just taking care of myself 🥰.

I wish you a great Valentine’s day, and maybe even with a sweet and romantic Valentine’s date too🍷💞. I hope you will be more lucky with your Valentine’s date then I was with mine last year,- if you have a Valentine’s date 😊.

And,- I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡,- with or without any Valentine’s plans at all 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

My Valentine’s gift to my Valentine’s date last year,- not to sweet, but still with a touch of sweetness…..but not given with very much “sweetness” some days after the Valentine’s day 😅.

I wish you a great Valentine’s day today, – with or without any Valentine’s plans or Valentine’s date 💞. And if you have a Valentine’s date, – I hope you are a bit luckier with your date, then I was with mine last year 😊 🧡. Enjoy this day,- the day of love, hearts and sweet feelings, – and maybe with some tiny bit sweet attentions too,- attentions just to and for your self, or for someone that’s a bit special for you in one or another way 💞.

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What is it about this sweet Valentine’s day ? 🌹

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine and I 🧡

Soon it’s time for some romantic,- it’s the Valentine’s Day just around the corner 🧡. This sweet day that’s celebrate love and romance 🌹. The day is also called “the love day” and “all the hearts day” 💞. And I’m not growing up with to celebrate this day in Norway,- but in way I like this day. In Norway this celebration comes from USA as some other different “traditions” does.

The custom of celebrating Valentine’s day started in full force at the turn of the 16th century, and then in English-taking countries such as the UK and the US, but also a bit from France.  There are various legends and stories about how this custom and tradition started 📖. At that time, it was a popular belief that the birds mated on February 14, which led to the celebration of fertility and love 🕊💕.

But it is also possible that this sweet and romantic custom has Roman origins based on the goddess Juno who represented women, fertility and marriage. where the celebration in a way did started the 14. February, and the celebrated did continue on February 15. Almost like Christmas Eve and Easter Eve, and the holy 1st days.

I like both this stories about Valentine’s Day celebrations 💞 🕊.

The most famous legend of the origin of the celebration of Valentine’s day is the legend of the Roman priest Valentin who lived about 270 according to our time.  He was imprisoned for devoting soldiers and did not devote himself to Christianity as was desired in the then church faith and tradition.  Before hsn was retrieved, he wrote a love letter to his dear Julia which he signed “from your Valentine”.  It is also said that Valentine healed the guardian, Asterius, her daughter 📜 💕.

Today, Valentine’s day is marked in both ecclesiastical and popular contexts.  Little gifts are given to “the dear ones of their heart” or a man they like very well.  There are gifts such as flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, small hearts, and sweet little gifts sim an inspired by romance, sweet feelings and love ❤🌹.

After my divorce I did gave my children sweet valentine’s gifts. They will in their own way always be my Valentine’s in the name of “the unconditional love ” as a mammi feel for her children 💙💙❤.

I have, now and then, got some flowers or some chocolate from some sweet souls. And I have also given some flowers or chocolate back,- to very good friends or maybe even a man if there was a man one place there in “the horizon” in my life 🥰. But I haven’t “celebrate” Valentine’s day very much more than that yet 😊.

I like the idea of Valentine’s day, and I need to admit that I like the two first stories and legends I did tell you about the origin about Valentine’s day. For me, as the person I’m, I think they are more romantic than one about the bishop 😊. But that’s me 🥰.


I like the idea of Valentine’s day, a own celebration for love, romantic and sweet feelings 🥰. But,- I like even much more and much better to be able “celebrate” love, romance, sweet feelings in the daily life ❤. I’m not sure how my Valentine’s day will be this year,- maybe very normal as a normal day 🥰. No,- that’s not totally true, – tomorrow is my only day off from work this month 😍. I’m not going to be working at the office and I haven’t any online shift either 😊. I like both my jobs,- so don’t misunderstand me,- but it’s nice to have a day totally off, a day to use to whatever I want to use it too 🥰. So tomorrow is “my day”, maybe a bit “taking care of my self day”? We see what tomorrow brings 😊.

Are you going to celebrate valentine’s day or give some one special in your life and heart some sweet attentions this day? ❤ I hope you do, and I hope you also will get some sweet attentions back too 💞.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Valentine’s day is a kind of celebration for the love and the romance in life 🌹. There are some various legends and stories about how this custom and tradition started 💞. My favourite is actually not the most famous story and legend about how the celebration of Valentine’s day started 🥰. What’s your favourite legend about valentine’s day? 💕

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It is a “turn off” – not a “turn on” 😉

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m fine 😊,- I just haven’t had the time to write to much this week 😔. It has been very busy at work this week, and also the boys that’s slowly moving in, at least all their things and stuffs, at the moment. Some thing that’s create some “disturbances” in my daily routines. And on tomorrow the boys them self are moving in as well, for real, not just all their stuff 😊. For not a to long period, I hope 😊 I do feel I’m putting my life a bit “on hold” now, or not all of my life, but some parts. But,- I think my son and his friend feel a bit the same way. They also do put their life “on hold” when their living here as well 😊. But its good to be able to help them with what I can help them with,- a place to stay, sleep and eat for a while 💛.

And I have actually heard from this American man I did meet two summers ago, and I did have a “crush on” as well 🙄. But I’m not sure what I feel about to hear from him again. I was a bit surprised that he texted me, but I didn’t feel “overwhelmed” of happiness, not of sadness either 😅. I didn’t feel to much actually, and I’m not sure if I want to see him again either. He wants to see me again,- but I think it is just for sex, and I’m really not “there” with him anymore for different reasons.

I did like him very much,- but I haven’t given him to many thoughts since September last year. Its also something that’s called “keep it warm if you want it” ,- and I haven’t heard from him since September …. so I’m not so “warm” anymore 😉. And also when I think about him now I have two very different expressions of him, and also a bit mixed feelings too. The first summer when I met him, in 2018, he was so sweet, closely like a gentleman. And we actually had a very nice time together, also in the sensual area. But last year, both in January and last summer after he did movied to Spain he was more “busy” with talking “dirty” to me and “brage” about his “big banana” 🍌. I don’t like that. What’s the point in that away? And his “banana”,- well,- if you don’t know how to use it, or just use it for your own satisfaction,- it’s actually not very much to brage about. The size has not very much to do about the satisfaction if the only focus is to satisfy him self.

“Dirty talk”,- I don’t mind as long as I’m in a relationship, and it is a natural part of the intimacy in the relation. But,- we, the American man and me, was not in a relationship, or “close” to each other in “that kind of way”, only during the summer of 2018. Well,- I did think we had “something going on”, but obviously we hadn’t 😅. And from men I don’t know or are intimat related to, – then this “dirty talk” it’s just became a really big “turn off” to be honest. And,- yes it’s also about the way the “dirty talk” is done. It is so simple and a so big “turn off” 🙄. And this photos of their dick. What’s the point of that? 🤔

This American man is not the only man over 40 (he is 51, will be 52 this summer), that obviously think or believe that photos of their dicks and a bit dirty talk is a serious big “turn on” for a woman. But it’s not, not for me and not for many other women in my age either. But of course there’s exceptions like there are in every area in life.

I just wonder why, specially for men in the age over 40- 45 “behave” like this? And believe that sending photos of their dick, and write things like “fuck you hard ….bla bla bla” are a big “turn on” 🤔. Shouldn’t men in this age know a bit better? 🤔 For the first of all it’s boring, and it’s actually not even close to erotic or sensual. And it’s a serious “turn off”. Did I mention that? 😅 Most of us mature women like it “hot” and both erotic and sensual. And we do like sweet and sensual compliments. Not all, like I mention, – it’s always exceptions.

But all in all,- It’s nothing hot, sensual or erotic with a photo of a dick or sentences like “fuck you hard”, “my big dick” and more “bla bla bla” 🙄. Because I do just read a lots of boring “bla bla bla” when I get textes like that,- and sorry,- the photos are boring too. Not very much mysterious about them at all. Or to get “hot” by 🙄.

I know a man and his “banana” are buddies, very good buddies actually, probably best friends, and have a “relations” to each other only a man can understand. Some even give their “banana” a name, and also have a “chat up” with their “banana” too 😊. And all that’s fine, I don’t mind, it’s their “banana”, their buddy. But I just don’t understand that a mature man in the age over 40, a man that has a tiny bit life experiences in different areas in life, also the erotic and sensual one should known better then think it’s a big “turn on” to send photos of their “banana” here and there and every where, and that talk like “fuck you hard” it’s “turn in”. It is a actually not a “deal breaker” to be honest 😅. This kind of “stuff” does not makes a mature women “go bananas” after a man 🤔. Of course this is not all men that are like this, you know its always “exceptions, exeptions”,- but many men behave like this, and special in the age from 40- 45 and up,- and maybe I see it and get this a bit more because I’m single? I don’t know. But I do know that it doesn’t give me very much at all. This American man is not the first and only one that have send me some “smashing” photos and some “dirty talk”,- but it hasn’t the attractive effect they obviously think it has 😅. Its the opposite, actually.

And it’s a bit much focus “on him” all the time. His dick, his fucking. Come on, man! A mature woman like to get some nice compliments. That’s a bit more “turn on” actually. Write something nice, erotic, sensual with a fine touch of mystique. Then you actually have a bit better chance to get a mature woman “turned on” 😉. When it’s “all about you” you won’t get to much any way 😉.

So why does men in this ages behave like this? Think that this kind of stuff “turn on” a woman? Do they really know women so little? Or is it a kind of a stressing point in their age? A kind of their own “menopause”- status that’s “shows up”? A need to show that they still “can”? I haven’t the answers,- and I know it will be a couple of different answers too on my questions as well. But all in all,- it’s actually not a very much attractive behaviour. We mature women, in general, know what we “want in the bed” and what’s turns us on, and we know our body a bit more then men think and have in mind 😉. A photo if the dick is a “turn off” as well as some simple dirty talk is. For most women in my age, in general. We want a bit more erotic and sensual stuff,- not porn. And BTW,- sex in the “real life” is actually not like a porn movie, even some seems to believe that too 😅. It’s to much acrobatic stuff in a movie like that, and its actually not possible to “perform” all of those various acrobatic exercises AND at the same time actually enjoy the actual sexual act 😅 😉.

Well,- this American man is just one example of a “turn off” and not a “turn on”. But he is not the only one that have this kind of behaviour when it comes to the sexual area in life. This kind of “behaviour” just don’t have the “function” a man think it has 😉.

If I’m going to met this American man again? I don’t know. Like I did mention I have two very different experiences with him,- but I didn’t like the lasts ones very much. And it hasn’t been very much try to “turn me on” from him lately either, “keep me warm” with a bit contact now and then,- and then suddenly he think a photo and a bit dirty talk will make me “goes bananas” for him? Nope,- it’s actually a bit opposite. So we see what I’m doing next week,- if I met him or not. If I met him it’s because of the “good memories” two years ago. And a tiny wish that he is like that,- but I’m not sure he is 😉.

Well,- this was just some thoughts about “turn off” and “turn on” in general and in a very short summary. Its actually much more to write about in this area, but I leave that for an other day 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

To “turn off” a mature woman in general is so easy as blowing out a candle 😉. And some “banana- photos” and “dirty talk” actually “turn off” it all even faster. Men in the age from 40- 45 should know a bit better then that, I thought,- and also how to actually “turn on” a mature woman 😉.

Suddenly a couple of “real-deal banana-offers” 🍌,- but not any good one 😅.

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Yesterday and today I actually did got a couple of “real- deal” “banana- offers” 😅🍌. I’m just kidding, or in away I actually do not 😅. But it felt a bit like someone did felt a bit sorry for me and for the banana- present my daughter gave to me to my birthday,- and wanted to give me “the real-deal banana” instead,- and with that means,- not the banana fruit 😅🍌. Well,- here I’m just kidding a bit. I don’t think they felt sorry for me and the birthday- present. I think it’s just a accident that I get this kinds of “banana- offers” after my birthday 😊.

Yesterday morning I did get a text on my What’s Up: “Hello! Long time!!! I hope you are fine 😊 just wanted to say that i wish you a very good year, that the 2020 bring us many good things, joy, happines and prosperity. Kisses! ☀🍀😜👍🏻😘”. The number was totally unknown for me,- so I did texted back to the number,- because obviously this person did knew me in some or another way to 🤔. So I just answer this: “Well, Thank you.
It has obviously been so long that I’m not sure who you are anymore 🙄
Wish you all the best for 2020″.

During a bit texting I did find out that this was a student from 3 years back in time, a man 😅. And, yes, I did remember him, but not the way he probably think I did. And, yes, at that time I also was a bit attracted to him, and obviously he was attracted to me to at that time too 😉. Because he actually did kiss me after a norwegian lesson, and,- well we did “jumped” under my duvet, twice, under that “teaching- period” too, after that kiss. Not after that lesson and that kiss, – but a bit after that again 😅. The nexts “Norwegian lessons” 😅.

Anyway,- at that time, we in a way did had a tiny thing “going on” for a very short time, until he suddenly texted me and told me that he was back together with his ex- girlfriend and “the real love in his life” 🙄. Well,- not to much to do with that – I didn’t make any drama of it. Just wished him all the best, and that’s it. All contact stopped, and of course also the teaching- lessons 😅. And of course I also did stopped thinking about him,- there was obviously not to much to think about or to miss 😅. But I still do remember him, when he did “refreshed up my mind” yesterday,- but I didn’t remember him the way he think or wanted me to remember him,- and we did remember “things” a bit differently,- obviously 😅.

Well,- after texting a bit back and forward I did find out that he was single and I did ask him what he actually wanted, why he texted me after 3 years,- and the answer was: ” …. Being ar your bed with your beautiful body on top of me, moringa so sensual, so sexy, sooo good!!! And as i remembering i’m starting to have the need of doing it again.” I did write back:” So that’s why you contacted me again because you need a mistress?” The answer from him was then:” i don’t NEED, but id love too. We are adults, that’s our pleasure, that’s our right, that’s our freedom to choose it. What do you think? What do you feel … ? Would you like that?” PS- this is the short version of his text, he did put a bit more “description and details” into it,- and I think that’s probably because he did think that it would “fresh up my mind a bit” as well as “turn me on”. He did “fresh up my mind”, but not “turn me on” 😅. I didn’t remember “those two acts” the same way as he 😅. I did just answer: “ I’m sorry to say that I haven’t give you to many thoughts during the last 3 years. When you went back to your ex- girlfriend, – you was a bit a lots case then, and it didn’t gave any meaning for me to think very much about you anymore 😊. Sorry,- I don’t mean to be rude.”

After this text I haven’t heard anything more from him 😅. And I’m probably not going to hear anything more either. Of course I could and should have answer differently,- used my “freedom and right as an adult” and so on 😉 to tell him the truth, that his “banana” and the duvet- sessions with him was not very “tempting” to do again – and I didn’t quite remember it the same way as him.

But to be honest,- yes I do remember the two times we did “went to bed” 😅 – but not because it was an incredibly fantastic experience to remember 😅. I do remember it just because it was “not to much to remember” 😅. Do you understand what I mean?

What I do remember is that there was so much “banana peel”, and so much “work” with the banana, or actually it was so much “banana peel” to peel away, and then when I “arrived” to the banana, it was empty 🙄. Finish. Done.

So why should I want to have this “banana- experience” again? 🍌 It didn’t gave me very much “pleasure” and “joy” to remember 😅. But yes, I do remember – but in “the opposite direction” than obviously he did 😅. I’m not the only one that remember “intime acts” just because they was not very much to much to remember,- and that’s why we do remember them sometimes 😊. So no “banana” for me there, in “that garden”,- not to much “to taste”,- but “thanks for the offer, but no thank you” 🍌. I used my “freedom” as an “adult” to “choose” something else 😊. This “pleasure” is nothing for me.

And,- Do you remember this techniques that visit me in the beginning of January for fixing my internet? I told you that he was more “busy” with trying to teaching me Spanish, then fix my internet? 😅 And,- Oh 😉,- he was a good looking man, and yes,- the more and less 30 minutes with him, as an internet technician, (or a hard working Spanish teacher 😅) I need to admit that I was very attracted to him 😊. And he was probably a bit attracted to me as well, because he has texted me know and then in Spanish, English and even Norwegian too after his visit in my home 😅. Sweet textes, nice nature photos,- all in all very sweet and charming. So fare I have got a very positive and pleasant impression of him 🥰 …until today…. And I haven’t met him again, the plan was a coffee one day, but I haven’t had time for that yet. And I’m very happy for that now 😊.

I got a text from him this morning: “ Buenos dias!! Sometimes I want you …. and this worries me. You must know that I am married. I feel very attracted to you. You are a beautiful and charming woman. There is a strong physical attraction. The first day I see you … I want to hug and kiss you. I think it’s not fair to have to crack down on something one wants to do. Even if married it does not mean that it is owned by anyone. It is the same as wanting to eat a candy and you cannot … What is worse? Eat or want to eat?”

Wow! I need to admit that I did feel the same attraction to him, this strong physical attraction, and I wanted to kiss him too the first and only time we have met. But we didn’t even take this “Spanish hugging session” when he left 😅. I think no one of us did even take the chance for even that kind of hugging this evening in the beginning of January. And I’m so happy for that today 😊.

I’m very happy he told me he was married, before we even was close to get this coffee together,- and all the attraction I did feel for this man disappeared after this text. I don’t need to use my energy at him anyway, or ⁷to think about him anymore. And I’m never going to hear anything from him again either. I just answered :” Thank you for being honest, and tell me that you are married. It is not fair for your wife, family or fair for me “to crack down something one wants to do” . I wish you all the best. Regards L.”

I did really like him,- but after this text I also did see it was “all about him”, his “needs”, his “banana”. And you know,- I’m not a candy in a csndy- store either 😅, and there’s also some kind of “bananas” I don’t share, or do take from someone else. His wife don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve this. But he didn’t think very much about that 😅. Only him- his needs. And where his “banana” wanted “to be”.

To be honest,- if I should have a “real- deal banana-offer” I don’t want to share “the banana” with anyone else, or “steal” “the banana” from someone else either, – and I want to “enjoy” and feel a bit “pleasure” too when I’m “starting on a banana- session” 😉 🍌.

So the best banana so fare was absolutely the birthday- present from my daughter 🥰. And she did bought it because she knew I was going to write something about it, but it could also been an apple she had bought,- the banana was just an accident,- and I have probably manage to write a bit about an apple too 😊. And she didn’t knew what I going was to write, – just something 😊 ,- and she also knows I like banana, – the fruit, to eat 😅. And the candles,- they was to just “cheer me up” a bit 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 …. with or without any kind of “banana deals or offers” 😊 😉,- and Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

The best banana is absolutely the birthday- present from my daughter 🥰. A “real- deal banana- offers” “to share” is nothing for me,- and as an “adult” it is my “right” and my “freedom” to choose a banana offer worth to enjoy 😉 🍌 😊. And I do choose “the real- deal” banana fruit 🥰.

The fifth wheel on the wagon 🙄🚊😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

We are getting closer and closer to the end of this year, and a start on a bright new year 🌟.

I’m, unfortunately, offline again 🤔, and “on” my neighbour’s internet again. Well,- one thing is for sure,- it’s good to have good neighbours 😊. Even I just can do a tiny bit work on my phone.

I don’t know why I’m “offline” again, but I really hope the company I’m using- will be able to fix this problem before the weekend, and before we turn over to 2020. I have a bit work that needs to be done before this year ends. And I cant do it “all” on my phone. I can “run around” to my children and “borrow” internet there, but it’s a bit stress to “move” parts of my “homeoffice” around. It’s a reason why I want to do some work from my home,- because it’s a bit more comfortable- for me 😊. But if I need to do it that way, I need to do it that way. To get some income it’s a bit important for “get the wheels goes around” in a home,- in my home too 😊.

Apropos “wheels”,- have you ever felt like “the fifth wheel on a wagon”? I have,- and the first time I for real did understand that when you are single you will be “the fifth wheel on the wagon”,- “the lonely wheel” that many dont want to invited to a party…. it was my first new years evening and celebration after the divorce in 2002, to the year should turn to 2003. So it’s actually some years ago now 😊.

That was actually my first new years evening alone,- I was 29 years old, and I need to admit that I did cry a bit that evening. It was not a very pleasant new years evening at all 😔.

My children was together with their dad. And I really did felt alone, and I for real did understood that as single you don’t “suits” in “everywhere” anymore,- specially not in different settings, events and party where the invited guests was more and less just couples.

I’m not sure why it is like that,- but I got a couple of “explanations” from a friend. A friend that had a new years party this evening, but I was not invited because I was single and didn’t “fit” in in the group or around the table anymore,- and…..maybe I also was going to flirt with one of the men in the party, one of the men that was in a relationship, – just because I was single ( and probably desperate? I don’t know- that was my words, not my friend, – but I felt they was “laying” there….in between the sentences ) 🙄. And I would also “destroy” the tradition, their new year celebration traditions with be at the party as single.

My friend did call my the next day, the day after this new years evenings celebration, the 1. January 2003 and told me, explained to me that the friend, has been thinking about me and how my new years evening was. But at the same time I needed to understand that the friend couldn’t invited me to their new years party- because of those reasons I have already mention 🙄. I was single, I didn’t “fit” in in the group anymore, or around the table,- it would be odd- number, and maybe I was even able to “flirt” with some of the men that was in a relationship. And, it was a tradition….to be couples this evening…..

To be honest – that did hurt a bit too,- to know, to been told why I was not invited, and also should understand my friend for the different reasons I was given from my friend. I still don’t think my friend totally do understand how this felt- to be told,- that ” you don’t fit in anymore”, ” you would have destroyed our tradition to be around our table this evening” and so on. I should understand my friend, but I don’t think my friend did understood me and my situation, and how this words did effects me.

This is actually a bit okay example on how singles can “experienced as” “threatening” at a group, couples and relationships, – but actually for no reasons. The single are just single and not a “threat”. And I’m not the only single one that have exactly the same experiences as this.

Anyway,- I have been in a couple of settings after this as single and actually really got the feeling that I don’t fit in as single. Im “the fifth wheel”. It’s actually better to not go, and to just stay home and be alone. Because I did felt more alone at the “event” then when I actually was when I was home alone.

Every second new year celebrations after this one in 2002, when my children was celebrated the new years evening together with me, and before they was so grown up and teenagers, and started celebrate the new years evening together with their friends, I did travel with my children for new years evening, – and we did celebrate it in different places. And have created some good memories together as well 😊.

I didn’t wanted them to have and feel like I did, at my first new years evening alone. This really uncomfortable feeling of not fit in anymore. And this really uncomfortable feeling of being alone.

I don’t know anymore how many new years evening and celebrations I have been alone. But one thing is for sure,- I prefer to be alone then be “the fifth wheel on the wagon” and really feel I don’t fit in 😊.

Of course it would be nice to celebrate this evening, new years evening, together with someone special, – but at the moment there’s no one like that in my life 😊.

I’m probably going to be home alone this new years evening too. But I’m so use to it now that it’s not a problem, it doesn’t hurt, or is a “challenge” anymore 😊. It’s fine,- I don’t feel alone, I’m just alone 😊.

What I’m very happy for that my children never got this “loneliness” feeling on new years evening and celebration when they was younger and did celebrate together with me,- like that one I had and felt in 2002 😊. And we did get some really nice short trips together as well 😊.

So,- as single you are in different settings both uninvited and “the fifth wheel on the wagon”. It’s a bit strange,- but that’s the way it is. I have accepted that and the situation 😊. And I’m in away fine with it now 😊. But yes,- it was a tiny bit “chock and suprice” too, as a 29 year old young woman to discover this “social separation” between single and couple in different contexts. I didn’t have any imagination about that.

Have you ever been or felt like “the fifth wheel on the wagon”? I actually hope you haven’t- it’s not the best feeling in the world 😊.

I hope you will have some great people around you when 2019 turns to 2020 🥰.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊.

As single you are in many situations the “third wheel or fifth wheel on the wagon”,- and that’s not the best feeling in the world 😊. Then it’s a bit better to just “celebrate” alone on a wagon with no wheels at all 😊.