Life is ….changes and challenges- life is actually just “life is” 😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you, – like always 😊. I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It has been over a week since I have been writing. It has never been so many days between my textes since I actually did start writing my blog 😊. So,- it means,- it has never been a week between my textes before 😔,- and I don’t like that. That was not my plan 😔. But,- “life is” and it’s not easy to “control” “the life” because there’s so many outside (and inside) factors that also affect our lives, the days, the weeks, our plans.  After all, we are not alone in this world, and different influences can also make different changes to our own plans.

For me it’s actually not very easy to just sit down and write in peace and quiet when I’m living together with to young adults children/ men. My oldest son and one of his friend. It’s different disturbances evenly over, and I’m a person who both needs time alone to get energy and profits, as well as not too many distractions around me when I’m in “my time, my timout bubble”, both when it comes to what the writing and what the painting gives me. At the moment it’s to many disturbances around me in my home, and I dont “reach” my “timeoutbubble” the way I both want and actually need to “reach” it,- so I have just use what’s left of my energies to focus on my work lately. And my children, – because I don’t just have one child, I have actually three children 😍. My goals and dreams are a tiny bit “on hold”at the moment,- but hopefully I can starting up “my working- process” in my own “life- project” next week again 🥰.

This last week has been “running away” to work, and also helping my son in the middle as well as my daughter too 😊. It’s not just my oldest son that need a “helping hand” from the mammi. In between my two other children needs me as well 😊. So I have been a bit like a jumping ball from one place to another this last week 🥎.

I know every parent that has been in the same “position” and “situation” as I’m in at the moment know exactly what and how it is to live together with your young adults children. It’s actually not easy even the ones that don’t have been in the situation think so 😅. It’s not- it’s a challenge lifestyle and lifesituation,- but you help your child and children as best as you can anyway 😊. That’s a part of the life, that’s a part of being a parent, that’s a part of having children 💚. That’s a bit of “life is….” as a parent 🧡.

“Life is….” also so many other different things,- and at the moment it’s also seems that this coronavirus are “controlling” a tiny bit here and there of our lifes in many places in the world. Here in South of Spain we are still not to “affected” of the different consequences this virus creates, yet, but still slowly we are starting to “feel it on the body” here as well. The world has on it’s own way stopped up a bit now because of the coronavirus. Something that is both natural and in understanding. But also a bit scary. Hopefully it all will goes away as fast as its has coming. Because it did come “all over the world” very fast. I’m still healthy, and as fare as I know, no one at my job, my children or my friends or family has got the virus 😊. I’m not worried to be sick from the virus, but I think it is a bit scary what the virus does with the society at the moment. The society has stopped up in many areas in many places. And that creates not the best consequences and situations for us. Its create changes and challenges. At the same time,- what to do? 🤔

“Life is ….” for me has also been a couple of other things lately. I have manage to “squeeze” in a “fling- meeting”, a “duty- meeting”, and a “let me see- meeting” too 😅. I’m not dating anyone at the moment, and I don’t want to date anyone either at the moment, – that’s for sure 😊. I have learned a couple of things about myself during this time I have been living together with my oldest son 😊. I’m not putting my dreams, goals, wishes, myself or my life on hold for any man anymore, – except from my two sons 💙. A man it’s so fare, as I know and with my experience, not worth it 😊. Not one more time! Been there- done that, and this 4- 6 weeks has given me a good remember about that 😊. I need my dreams and wishes, my goals and myself in my life- that’s much more important for me than a man 🧡. And a man,- in general, he doesn’t put to much of his goals and dreams, work or wishes ” on hold” for anyone,- so why should I do that for a man then ? 🤔

I will come stronger back with my writing when my son and his friend has moved out 😊. And if I have understand everything correctly they are moving out closer to this weekend 😊. Its actually to difficult to get “my time to write” when they are in and out, up and down “all the time” 😊. And when I coming stronger back to my writing,- maybe I even will tell you a bit more about “the fling”, “the duty” and “the let me see” – meetings ?

Today I’m just dropping by in my own way 😊. I could been writing about the women’s day from yesterday and the carnival from last week too,- but I’m actually a bit like an empty box of energy at the moment, and with that means with not to much energies left at all 😊. I’m very tired to be honest. But my energies will come back as well as my textes will too 🧡. I actually just need to live a bit like and eremitt in my cave for a tiny little while when my son and his friend has moved out, and then I can get the “refill” of energies the way that’s best for me to get them back 💚.

I really hope all is fine with you during this coronavirus time 💛. I hope you are healthy and that all this “society stop” don’t affect your life to much 💚.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊 I will try my best to be soon back again 💛.

The mysterious full moon this evening 09.03.2020. Not the best photo, but that’s the way it is sometimes – “life is….” not the best all the time either 😊🌙.

“Life is….” so many different things, and “life is….” like a mysterious full moon in a dark night. It’s lights and darkness, it’s changes and challenges. It’s experiences and opportunities, it’s new wisdom and it’s …. just “life is ….”. I hope all is fine with you during all in this “life is….” that’s are in our society at the moment 💛

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Turquoise for strength, courage and protection 🥰

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I have my own “believe” in the power of stones, minerals and crystals,- at the same time I’m not very good to use my “believe” in the power from stones, minerals and crystals can have for both the body and the mind. I’m more a mind- believer when in comes to the power they can have, but I also know both stones, minerals and crystals are use as and under a physical healing- process 💎.

I think there is a reason for why stones, minerals and crystals has been used under and in different processes in life for thousands of years, and in several different cultures and traditions.  The Indians are known for their use of various stones, minerals in crystals, the same is the East, but in different ways. I don’t think one way is more correct then the other, it’s just different. This believes in the power of stones, minerals and crystals are still used in different forms, areas and processes in life,- and I think it is a reason for that 🧡.

In Norway I have a small coffin with various stones, minerals and crystals.  The reason for that is because I have, for many years, been interested in this topic, as well as geography / geology.  I hope I will have the opportunity to pick up my coffin in Norway one day and take it with me to Spain 🥰. And in this little casket there are also stones, minerals and crystals that I got from my dad. He has worked in many honors in tunnels and mountains in Norway, and collected stones, minerals and crystals for me.  Another good reason for me to bring my coffin down to Spain 🥰.

I was born in the Aquarius zodiac, and according to this zodiac sign amethyst is “my” stone and crystal. Amethyst stands for faith, spirit and hope.  It should provide protection, tranquility and more energy.  The stone will help change, raise awareness, help make decisions and give clearer dreams. Amethyst should also help to understand that there is something more about us and strengthen the spiritual feeling.

My amethyst ring ny mammi gave me many, many years ago ❤. It’s need to be both fixed and the stone needs to fresh up a bit 😊.

My mammi gave my a ring with an amethyst stone in, many, many years ago. When I was a teenager. This ring is made of silver, and unfortunatel it broke some years ago. But before it broke I did use it every day for, I don’t know how many years I have had that ring in my finger, 10 years, 20 years? It’s not strange that it broke- it has been very well used 🥰. This ring mean and ment a lot for me,- and one day I will fix it so I can start using it again 🥰. Unfortunately it’s not the first thing on my “economic to do list” to fix,- but hopefully I will get there one day. I’m working on it 😊. Working on it to be able to do the different things that are on my “economic to do list” 😊. That’s also one of the reasons why I’m working so hard and so much 😊.

Last week Millie was sleeping over in my home, just for one night. She is moving back to Spain, but she and my son in the middle will not have any relationship anymore. They live their own lifes now,- but still she is a tiny bit “mine”,- and I’m helping her with the things I can help her with 🥰. And yesterday she did dropped by my home with a lovely present to me from her self and her mammi 🥰. I got some beautiful nickels and earrings, and also a bracelet made with turquoise stones 🥰. I’m actually not sure why I did get this beautiful present from them,- but it made me really happy and grateful 🧡.

First time someone gave me a form of turquoise stones was my oldest son when he was about 12 years old.  It was a jewelery necklace that I, of course, still have and that I have used on various occasions.  That time I got it because we lived on the Prairie, and turquoise is a stone the Indians used a lot.  And I got it because I’m his mum, and because he knows I’ve always been fascinated by Native American beliefs, culture, and spiritual attributes.

Turquoise gift to me from my oldest son when he was around 12 years old,- of course this is not “the real deal turquoise”, at the same it is- because its given to me from my son 💙

Before we moved to Spain, and when we still did lived at our Prairie I was member in a book and accessories called Energica. It was, and probably still is, a club with different and various spiritual things, books and stuff. And I got a little dream catcher as a nickles, from the club. Or to be honest,- I don’t remember if I did buy it or got it,- but I did bring it with me to Spain. And I have it on my night- table close to my bed 🌙🌟. This dream catcher nickles has also turquoise stones 🥰. Maybe it can catch the “bad” dreams and let my good ones flow? And give me strength, courage and protection ? 😊 I, in my own way do believe that,- at the same time, – I haven’t been very good to use my “spiritual or religious” beliefs the lasts years. I need to be much better to do that 💛.

My dream catcher nickles that I have on my night- table close to my bed 🥰. Because I, in my own way, have a kind of belief in this,- I have just not been very good to focus on my belief during the lasts years 💛.

Some years ago I was a norwegian teacher for a young boy. He was around 7 years when I started to teach him Norwegian, and I did teach him closely every Sunday for two years. He was a charming little boy,- and when I had my last Norwegian lesson together with him he gave me a beautiful present, that he had chosen on his own for me 🥰. He was so very proud because it was his first jewelry present he has chosen totally on his own, and it was to me 🥰. That was a nickles and a couple of earrings with turquoise stones 🥰. I know he did choose it because he really did like them,- but I have been thinking a bit if “someone” or “something” did help him choose those stones? Because turquoise has also a mission and meaning when it comes to the believe in the power of stones, minerals and crystals 💎.

Look at this lovely nickles and earrings with turquoise stones I did get from my little young, Norwegian student some years ago 🥰.

Jewelry with turquoise stones is found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 3000 years before the spring season count.  The stone was placed in the burial chamber as protection for the deceased on its journey to “the other side”.  The stone has also been used by the Persians, Aztecs and Indians.  Pray as jewelery and as protective ornaments on weapons and implements.

The Aztecs and Indians also used the turquoise stone as protection and to achieve happiness.  In the Christianity story of Adam and Eve, the turquoise stone stands for dignity, chastity and intrigue.  And in the Middle Ages, the turquoise stone was used to prepare restitution for illness, and to bestow upon the one who carried the stone wealth, honor and wisdom.

In its entirety, the turquoise stone stands for consciousness, natural power and healing.  The shine of the stone should have a soothing radiation, and is a stone of friendship.  The stone should be a master healer, and both balance, heal, provide strength and vitality.  It should increase self-awareness and one’s financial position.  It will bring together cohesion, love and inner strength.

And I did get this marvellous gift from Millie and her mammi yesterday ❤. A bracelet with turquoise stones 📿. But I actually got a bit more too 🥰. Two beautiful nickles and two lovely couple or earrings to use when I was going to a date 🥰. At least that was Millie told me,- and I’m probably going to use some of it next time I’m going to a date 😊. Just because she told me 🥰,- and just because I actually maybe have a tiny little date to meet as well 😉. But that one, the date I will tell you about another day 😉.

Do you believe in the power of stones, minerals and crystals? In case,- some special stones, minerals or crystals? Have you any positive experience with using stones, minerals and crystals? In case, what? And are there any you recommend more then others? 😊

I know I’m going to be much better to use my belief in the power of stones,minerals and crystals 🥰.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

The gift I did get from Millie and her mammi 🥰. Look at this,- its beautiful 🥰.

I’m so incredibly grateful, lucky and happy ❤. I got a gift yesterday from two people that means something special for me in my life 🥰. A gift that means more for me that I think they actually know 🥰. A gift with powerful stones as well as a gift for using on a sweet date 😉. I’m very grateful for this incredible gift. Thank you so much ❤. And it’s more about this powerful stones in my post 😊.

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The atmosphere is lightning up a bit ….😊 🌤

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

All is fine here in South of Spain, and it’s even raining a tiny bit, – something that’s good for the nature and atmosphere now 💧. And the atmosphere in my home is also changing a bit after a nice, good and constructive chat 😊. The atmosphere is lightning up a bit in my home 🌤.

It’s not alway easy to take some “difficult” chats, but sometimes it’s actually necessary 😊. Special when someone lives so close up to each other like me, my son and his friend are doing at the moment, and special when we all live in away a bit different lives and have a bit different daily routines and rhythm in the same home and under the same roof at the moment 😊. And special when and because we actually needs to live like this for a few more weeks so this young men have what they need to be able to continue working with their “road trip dream” on their own 😊. And also a bit difficult when to take a seriously chat when I don’t know my sons friend to well, or he knows me to well 😊. But we had a nice chat to day,- all three of us, and things are a bit “lighter” 🌞 to come home too,- and probably for them to get home as well 😅.

We are on different frequencies me and my son’s friend,- at the same time as we manage to find a solution that’s create a better atmosphere for both of us in my home 😊. So that’s feels very nice 🌞. We accept that we are on different frequencies and that we are probably never going to get in the same “frequencies” either. But we can try to get as close as possible, and accept the situation 😊. You can say in a way that we both are like electromagnetic waves, but at each end of the wave spectrum 😊.

He is who he is, and I’m who I’m. He is a more “silent” person, and not to social. And it’s not easy for him to stay in someone else’s home as an young adult in between his dreams and to find a new place to live either 😊. And it’s not easy for me to live with someone I don’t know to well as a mammi and grown up woman that is really ready to “explore” my self and “find” just the “me” in the “mammi- concept”, and also have my own routines in my own home😊. I was “on my way” to “find” more “my rhythm” in my adult life as just “me”, but is “on hold” for a bit. But both of the young adults men here in my home are “on hold” as well, but to be honest, – they are actually much more better then me “to be on hold” 😅.

I think changes are more difficult as older we get. I’m not sure why it is like that,- because we, as adults, should knew “better” when it comes to changes, because of our life- experiences 😊. But that’s not the way it is in general. We don’t like to much changes to fast as older we get. That’s also something I did see at lot when I was working in the home nursery. Different changes was in general not to welcome 😊.

Changes and challenges are a natural part of our life,- either we like it or not. It’s not always easy to just embrace the changes and challenges in a rush and hurry,- but in general and normally they are not to bad when we get use to them 😊.

I hope your day has been a really nice day, with some different lightings into as well,- and with out to many different changes in 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

The atmosphere is lightning up 🧡,- like as sunset as well as a sunrise 🌞

The atmosphere is lightning up,- even the frequencies are in the different spectrum of the electromagnetic wave 😊. A nice and constructive chat can be good for the changes and challenges in the life now and then 😊.

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Different energies create different atmospheres 🧡

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

We are all surrounded by different energies all the time. We get, gives and create different energies, and the different energies also create different atmospheres around us and the people we are surrounded with and by 💚. We all are in our own way energies.

I’m not going to have a big lecture about energies on different levels today, but energies fascinate me. So it will be a bit about energies that people gives and gets from each other in today’s post 😊.

Most of us have heard the expression about being at “wavelength”/ be at the same frequenc with someone. It didn’t sound as good in English that in Norwegian 😅. But it was the best translation I could find,- from Norwegian to English,- so I hope you understand what I mean? 😊. We also feel connected to other people as well as attractive in different ways and levels 😊. This is also a kind of energies 😊. Some energies connect a bit better then others, and some people are even more sensitive for different energy and energy level that’s people “gives” or sending out 😊. I know I can be a bit to much sensitive when it comes to energies and atmosphere now and then. And I’m not sure it’s always a good thing.

We have energy from the world of physics, and quantum physics, we have electromagnetic waves and the colorful aura surrounds each individual on different and at different levels. We have sound waves, vibrations and frequencies. And last but not at least,- the thought’s power, the power of our thoughts. I’m not going to write very much about “the thought’s power” today,- that’s a interesting text for another day 😊.

Physics’ definition of energy is the ability to do work, and where work comes from as a separate force used over a period or stretch.  Energetics can never get lost, disappear or rise, – energy is there all the time.  And, – energy always comes from an energy source. Like food, sun or water, oil, gasoline, even a good night sleep. And energy source can also be a human being in it’s own way 😊.

I dont know about you,- but I can get really empty and tired by some people’s energies, at the same time as other people can give me a lots of energy and excess 🌞. Do you have it like that?

I don’t say that these people that in away give me a tired and emptiness of energy are bad people. Not at all,- we just don’t connect in a good way, we are probably on different frequencies, and sends out different signals and vibrations. And I don’t know if my energies I’m sending out are good or bad either, but in general I’m trying to send out good vibrations and energies to the people around me. It’s is not always easy, but in general it’s actually have a positive effect and creates the most positive atmosphere too 😊.

My oldest son friend’s and his energies are not very good “connected” with my energies. I feel really tired and feel very empty with him around me. He is a nice young man, and haven’t done me anything harm. But there’s something about and with his and my energies that’s not “connected” in a good way for me. Maybe he do feel the same about me as well,- I actually don’t know. But it’s a gloomy, in away a bit “dark” and heavy atmosphere in my home when he is here,- and I get really tired and feel so empty. And, probably when I feel it that way too the atmosphere in my home gets even a bit more “gloomy” because I feel empty and tired.

I don’t know him very well, and he doesn’t know me very well either. We talk normal to each other, and there’s no conflicted conversation between us at all. But obviously his and my energies are not a very good match for me. I can’t answer for him,- he can feel actually the same way for me and my energies as I do with me around him.

My oldest son can also take a bit from my energies, but in a bit different way. My oldest son talk a lot, and he is not always the best “listener”. And he can take a bit “space and place” too 😊, but still not emptying my energies at the same way and level as his friend. Probably because he is my son 💙.

I don’t mean to write anything bad about my son or his friend,- but during the last weeks I have just notice the different energy level in my home and the different atmosphere in my home when there are different people around . I have notice this many times before too, but even better now when I have been living on my own for a while. The atmosphere in my home is changing when it comes to who that are in my home. Of course that also have something with me to do,- that the “energy connection” and the frequencies we are on are different. And then the atmosphere becomes different too.

I remember when my daughter did moved out, I did just not missed her, but I also did miss her energies, the atmosphere that was surround by her 🧡. I could feel her energies even when she was just in her bedroom and not in the kitchen or livingroom toghether with me 🧡.

And there’s not secret that some people empty other people’s for more energies, then the opposite. I have friends I really like to spend my time together with, at the same time as I know we can’t “stay together forever” because it will empty me a bit, my energy level. And like I mention,- people can feel the same with my energies too. I’m emptying them a bit as well.

It’s energies of different kinds and ways around us all the time, and we gives our energies to the people we are surround by. That’s the way it is, and that’s also thecreason why I think we connected better with some than others because our energies level and frequencies are more similar then together with others 😊. And then we create a kind of atmosphere together with our different energies.

I think most of us have good energies around us, we just use them differently and then also create different atmosphere around us 😊.

Have you for example went into a room or a house and felt good and just wanted to be there? Or the opposite? Wanted to leave as soon as possible just because of the energies and atmosphere? I have a lots of times, both wanted to stay or wanted to leave. It’s the same with people, some you can hang around with for a long time, and some you feel it’s good enough to be polite to 😊.

Well,- that was a tiny bit of my thoughts about the energies and the atmosphere in my home at the moment 😊. Not bad, just empty, tired and a tiny bit “gloomy”, still also touched up with my oldest son good smiles and his talking 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Energy comes in different forms, areas and shapes. Water is one energy source, humans an other 🌞

Different energies creates different atmospheres. Have you ever felt that someone “using” your energy? Or went into a room and just felt for staying there because it was felt up with good energies? 😊. Energies is not just good or bad,- they are “connections”, attraction, “vibrations”, frequencies and so much more,- and can create different atmosphere and feelings from person to person 🧡.

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Mother’s Day in Norway 💖

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine and you 🧡

Today is The Mother’s Day in Norway. The day that was created for celebration all the good mammi’s 🧡. It’s different days in different countries, and it hasn’t always been easy to follow up when the Norwegian Mother’s Day was after we did move to Spain. Not because my mammi doesn’t deserve to be celebrated or remember- because she does- so absolutely 💖. But because in Spain the Mother’s day is celebrated the first Sunday in May, and in UK it’s celebrated around the 3. Sunday in March.

In the stores it’s there are advertising and offers on various gifts that you can buy for Mother’s Day.  But these commercials show up in March and the end of May, not in February as I’m used to from Norway. Why the advertising “shows up” in March and May it’s very natural. We live in Spain and there are also lots of people from UK that’s lives here. Well,- at the moment. What will happen after Brexit I don’t know. So,- then it’s very natural that the advertising shows up around the celebration of this mother’s day.

The first time I did see this in the stores I was a bit confused, – because, to be honest, I thought “everyone” did celebrate mother’s day in February. I haven’t put to much energy to learn about the Mother’s day. It was just in away a natural part of my Norwegian traditions,- and I didn’t think it was different in other countries. And I’m not sure why there are different dates to celebrate Mother’s day in different countries. But okay,- that’s the way it is. It’s not a Holyday of any kind,- it is more like a yearly event and familyday. And in Norway this event and familyday is the second Sunday in February,- and when we did live in Norway we visit my mammi and did bring with some flowers or chocolate. And when I was a child I created cards to my mammi 🎁.

Now at days it’s more and more people in Norway that are not celebrating the Mother’s day, – and the reasons are the different family- situations in our society. But still there is a mammi somewhere ? If not they haven’t been born 🤔. But on the other hand,- it’s not every mammi (or daddy either) that deserves a celebration from their kids either. But,- My mammi does deserve a kind of celebration 💖. So I’m going send her a nice text later today 😊. It is a bit difficult to just “drop by” with a hug and some flowers when we live in Spain and she lives in Norway 😊.

I am the first born child of my mom, and after me two daughters came along 🥰. My two sisters 😍. My dad was travelling very much with his work in period, and then she had the daily responsibilities for us,- first “just” two daughters for a while, because my youngest sister was born when I was 7 years and my sister was 5.

My mammi have teach my a lot 💖. She did teach me to be a mammi, even also my oldest son has “teach” me a bit about that, since he in his own way “made” me a mammi when he was born 💙.

I haven’t use all the things my mammi did raise me up with, because I needed to find my own way to be a mammi for my children 🥰. But she did teach me and raised me with a lots of “good stuff” so I have used when I became a mammi myself and raised my children. We are all different,- and a child is not born with any “recipe”,- unfortunately,- so there will be a bit “mistakes” under the “raising- process”. A bit “trying and” doing” to find the best way for your child and the best way for you to be a mammi for your child as well 😊. And how to be a mammi ? I think my way to be a mammi for my children are not necessarily correct for an other mammi to be a mammi for her’s children 😊. But some good advices on the “mammi- road” is always good to get,- and then use them in the way that’s best for both the mammi and the child 😊. But one thing is for sure in the raising process, – love, – the unconditional love ❤.

My mammi has teach me ethic and moral, distinguish between right and wrong, both in life, in social contexts and in society. She did sing good night songs to me, songs that I continued to sing to my children when it was bedtime 🎵🎶. She did teach me how to cook and bake, and knit too 😊. Some very useful knowledge to have, and a knowledge I enjoy to be able to do and use 😊. And she hold my hand when I gave birth to my first child, her first grandchild,- my oldest son 💖. So she was actually the first one who welcome him to the world, before I got him in my arms 🥰.

I’m raised up with the Christian religion, in the Lutheran church. My mammi was raised up with that one too. And I have found very much comfort in the religion even I don’t practices it like my mammi does. And also even I did choose to not raise my children in the same religious way I was raised. But I have use a lot from my religion when I did raise my children, at the same time I have let them choose their own beliefs ❤.

To be a mammi, and to have a mammi, – it’s two different “concepts” at the same time so familiar 😊. In general it’s all about the unconditional love in different ways and forms ❤. It is not all and everyone that are so lucky as I’m, – I both have a great mammi, and I’m a mammi myself- how great I’m as a mammi it’s up to my children to decide 😊. No one else 😊. I’m not anyone else mammi then theirs 🥰.

Me and my children doesn’t “celebrate” mother’s day (or father’s day),- and the reason are very simple. We actually forget it,- not because its worth to forget,- but we just forget it. It’s not any other reasons. And to be honest,- as a mammi I actually don’t care very much about this Mother’s day, – because I feel my children during the whole year shows me that they care about me, like me, even love me a bit 🥰. I get hugs and kisses, nice words and different kinds of good attention through everyday life and year 🧡 so I as a mammi for my 3 children I actually don’t need one Mother’s day during the year, – becauseI have so many already 🥰. And I really hope my mammi knows that too,- that I care about her every day during the year, and that she actually deserves more than just one day to know she has done a perfect job as my mammi ❤. Because when it comes to my mammi it’s up to me to “decide” how good mammi she has been for me,- and I couldn’t have any other mammi then her. I’m very grateful for that my mammi became my mammi ❤🌹.

I know I’m very lucky to both have my mammi and to be a mammi myself ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by the blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

A red rose to every good mammi and for her unconditional love for her child or children ❤

Today it’s Mother’s Day in Norway 🌹. And I know I’m very lucky to both have my mammi and to be a mammi myself ❤. I have a lot to be grateful for ❤🌹❤. For My mammi and for my children that’s “created” me to a mammi 🌹.

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I’m not sure how to understand or interpret “this” present 😅 🎁 🍌

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

My birthday was fine, a bit normal, to be honest, – but also a bit unormal “spieced” up with some really nice regards and congratulations from family, friends and acquaintances 🥰. I even got an dinner- invitation (from Natasja), but because of work I needed to say “no, thank you” 😊. I didn’t had any imagination about being invited for dinner,- maybe I had planned my work a bit different then? 😊. And I got a great birthday present from my mam and dad into my account 🥰. And a sweet one from my daughter too, or I’m not sure,- because I’m not quite sure how to understand or to interpret that one, the present from my daughter 🤔 😅. But it was sweet of her, of course 💛.

I did get a banana with birthday candles on from my daughter to my birthday 😅. How to to interpret or understand this birthday present? 🤔 😊 …I’m not even sure if I take the chance to ask her 😅.

I actually did get a banana with birthday candles on 😅. I have try to understand the gift,- but I’m not sure if I should take the chance to ask her 😅.

I’m getting older, so the number the candles show can be as an encouraging gift.  Either I don’t look like more than 36, but even I knows that it is not true.  Or as a kind of comfort ? Or if I eat a lots of bananas then I will almost be and feel like 36 years again? 🤔 😊

And then it is this banana 🤔 . How to understand that one? 😅 A banana contains various vitamins and minerals that are important for the body, and not least potassium that is important for the bone structure, and a good dose of carbohydrates 🍌.  I need both.  Calcium because I am a woman and is getting older, and carbohydrates I need, among other things, because I use some energy for the time, and it burns up quickly.  And my daughter knows that then I crave a lot of carbs. So then it is a nice gest 😊. And bananas are healthy so if I eat a bit of them, then maybe I will feel a bit more like 36 again? 😁 He also know I like to eat bananas 🍌. So maybe she did give me the banana for healthy reasons? And because she knows I like banana? 😊

Or,- did she ment something else with this banana 😅🍌? That now it’s about time for me to “get a man” ? 😅 I have been single “to long” and “a kind of banana” will do me well? 😉 And that “I’m not 36 anymore, I’m getting older, and can not “choose between the in the shelves” like I could when I was 36 years old? 🤔 But I know that, “this choose between the shelves”, and really don’t need a reminder about that one 😅. I have a mirror, actually more than one 🔍🔎, and get a tiny reminder now and then during a day about that 😅 ,- and I can also see I’m getting older and are not quite like 36 anymore 😅. I don’t even need a magnifying glass for it, to see it 😅.

She did gave me this gift at work, but I didn’t took the chance to eat the banana there, just because I was not sure what she ment 😅. I couldn’t start eating a banana there, like a “hungry and malnourished woman”, and tempt these poor men at my work 😅. You can imagine it? 😅 Me eating and enjoying a banana, slowly? 😉 I’m just kidding about this- and I hope you got it 😊.

Anyway,- what do you think was my daughter intention with this gift? A banana with candles and the number 36? 🎁

I think I know her intention,- because I know my daughter 🥰. Do you want to know her intentions behind this gift? Maybe I tell you one day ? 😊

Before I’m “leaving” you today I just want to say,- my birthday was not to bad at all,- even it was very similar with other days. The exception was all this nice congratulations and regards from family, friends and acquaintances 🥰. And all this regards and congratulations made my day, made me happy 🥰.

And then I just want to say, I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Me,- at my birthday yesterday 🎁,- on my way to work,- and I didn’t think I should “chicken out” with not any photos yesterday, even I’m getting older and even I still don’t like to take “selfies” or feel very comfortable with this “selfie-stick” 😊…. ,- so here I’m 😊

I did get a present from my daughter yesterday that I’m not sure how to understand or “interpret” 🍌. I’m not even sure if I take the chance to ask her what she ment with this present 😅. Do you want to know what she gave me? It’s in my post, it’s even a photo of the gift 😉 🎁 😁. And – what do you think the meaning or intention behind this present was? 😊

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I’m not ready for this at all, – to be honest 💙

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

My oldest son is going to move in to me for a couple of weeks, – and to be honest, – I’m not ready for this- at all 😅.

I have been living on my own for around 3 1/2 month now,- and not even close to find my life routines yet , or even close to the lifestyle I wish and want to have in my life 😅. And I have starting to actually be very fine and comfortable with living on my own too 😊. And I like to have no one else to take care of, have any responsibility for or take or pay some attention to then myself at the moment 😊. And that doesn’t feels to bad at all any longer 😊. But of course that will change when he is moving in,- and of course I do say yes to him as well, he is my child, my son, he is my first child. actually the one who in a way “made” me to a mammi, gave me my first experience as a mammi 🧡 – but still I’m not a tiny little bit of ready for this “change” in my life. Live together with my oldest son for a while.

And if you think I’m “delivering” my son now,- I don’t do that at all 😊. He knows I’m like “zero” ready for this 😅. Probably he is not to much ready either for moving in back to his mammi in the age of 25 😊. But as mammi you do what you can and need to do for your children 💙. Ready or not 😊.

And of course I will help him to have a place to stay and live, sleep and eat when he is looking for something else 😊. The plan is that he and a friend of him are going to find something together,- but that’s not done in a “zip”. I know that 😊.

They also did mention another plan for me to day too,- and I was not to much “trilled” over that one either 😅. Oh my,- I’m a very difficult mammi 😳.

But he is an young adult man and it is his life 💛. And he need to find his “way” in life,- even that’s not sure is the way I wanted or do wish for him. At the same time,- I want him to be happy in his life 💚. And hopefully,- his “backpack” are filled up with a bit of “good stuff”, good “raising”- stuff from me. Like taking care of him self, survive, be honest, work, pay the different expenses, make food, be happy, be nice, be gentle and hopefully a bit more then that too 😊.

Their plan, my son and his friend, is to build one Van each,- or not built it, but buy one Van each and decorate them as a kind of a home,- and drive around “here and there and every where” on an kind of life- adventure 😳. “Gulp”,- said the mammi heart then 😳. Oh my,- I didn’t like that though very much either.

At the same time,- I know he is an “entertainer”,- and I know he likes to travel and drive. I know he is an “adventurer” as well, and also an “explorer” too. And maybe this is something that he needs to do,- for him self together with a friend? What do I know? I just know my heart skipped a beat and two with worries. But that’s also because I know him,- he can be a bit “thoughtless” and a bit “clumsy” too. And not always think everything very good through before he handles 🙄. He is a very clever young man, and have some good and wise knowledge up there in his brain,- but sometimes he forgot to use it 🙄. At the same time,- don’t we all do that now and then? And my heart also skipped a beat and two because I’m a mammi, his mammi,- and I’m just worried something not to good can happen to him “there on the roads”. And I’m not there.

He has the “streaming” and he has some other online work from home, so he can actually work more and less “wherever” in the world he want as long as he have internet,- and I know it will probably be fine. It will probably go well,- but still there’s a “gulp” inside me 😳 just a bit like this 😳. And it’s just this,- “I’m just a mammi, and I’m his mammi” 💙.

On the other hand, – it’s not sure anything of this “roadtrip” will happen,- even I actually do think so. When he had got something on his mind,- he goes for it. But, – that means it can be a bit more then a “couple of weeks” living with me. Special if they are going to decorate this cars to in a decent, safe, practical and good way too 😳. I think that will take a bit much more than a couple of weeks to be honest 🙄.

At the same time,- I get the possibility to use the “mammi- tactics” and maybe get him away from that Van- though, travel and adventure trips idea. On the other hand,- will that be correct for me to do? Wouldn’t that actually be a bit selfish? Because if I do,- I actually just do it more and less for myself to just “know” where he is, and that all is okay with him. Have a kind of “control” over him, – and that’s not correct either.

Because, – yes,- of course I’m worried, worried something not to good can happen to him on this trip and on this adventure. At the same time, – I can’t protect him for and from “the life”,- and I think this is important for him too,- this planned Van- adventure. At least to just have the dream. Maybe it will happen, – this adventure and travel in a Van,- maybe not. But when it all comes down to the end,- it’s his life, his choices , his dream,- all I can to is to be here for him. Love him, and support him as best as I can 💙. Give him some advice,- and hope he will listen to them and use them as well 😊.

On the other hand, – I did actually raise this “entertainer, explorer and adventurer”- young man. He was just 6 weeks old when he was on his first travel together with me. And I have travel with this 3 children in my car with a tent in the bagasje “here and there” in Norway on holiday- trips. As well as we have travel around in Europe too, visit different countries, met different cultures. So in on way, I did “teach” him “adventure” and the journey and fun with travelling and “exploring”.

Anyway,- one thing at the time,- my son is moving in to me next week,- and I’m not ready for that at all,- and will probably not be it either 😅. That’s a part of me “growing up” as a parent, and a part of getting ready to learn to live my life 😅. It will probably be okay,- good to have him a bit around me,- at the same time,- not the possibility to use the “time out button” when I want 😊.

What have you done in a situation like this, – used your “mammi or daddy tactic”,- and worked for another solution then travel around in a self- build Van? Or,- just wish your child the best and crossed fingers for the best too? 😊 And motivated your child to “go for his/ hers dreams”?

I know what I’m going to do,- even my mammi heart skipping a beat and two ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Me – a mammi for 3 great young adult children, – but even they are young adults and are living their own life it’s not “everything” I’m ready for 😊. At the same time,- I’m not “ready” to go back an be not just me anymore either 😅.

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