Suddenly both in UK and Russia 🤔

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

This weekend someone did try to log in to my email- account in both UK and Russia with just a couple of hours in between 🤔. And,- of course it was not me. Maybe I do things fast sometimes,- but not soooo fast 😅. It’s a bit difficult to be in both those places with just a couple of hours between, at the same time as Im in Spain. I didn’t say it was impossible,- but very difficult. At least for me,- I don’t have that kind of “speed” in my butt 😅.

Of course I know what it was ,- someone tried to #hack into my #account, what also mean someone want to do one or another kind of #scam against me- for what? The money I don’t have? 🤔

Well,-and a tiny little tips is- don’t try to hack into the same account at more or less the same time then, and from two different #countries too 😉. Then the warning- lamps glow pretty red in the #security #system 😊.

It’s so so sad that some people do this,- do or try to make an #economic #scam in one or another way against other innocent people they don’t even know. Don’t get me wrong now – it is not ethical or moral (or political for that matter) correct to commit an economic scam against anyone at all 😔. But why be so incredibly mean against someone you don’t even know? Someone you have never seen, talked to or met? #Destroy someone’s #economic $life for what? And why?

( Yes I know about wars and all that, the children in Syria and Africa- the topic to day are jusy not in that area. But yes, belive me, I do really know there are a lots of innocent people around in the world that really bad things and situations happen to,- and they really don’t deserve it at all 😢).

Unfortunately its more and more economic scam around in the world,- and as more as the #technology and the online area too, are growing, the possibility for an economic scam are growing as well,- and with a very fast “speed” too. Even different kinds of security system also are growing and try the best to protect us againt this, it’s not easy,- the scammers can be, unfortunately, very #creative 😔.

It was a security system that “helped me” to stop the hacking into my email account this weekend.

I’m not sure why someone in Russia wanted to hack into my account. Im not so special at all. No fan- emails or any donations of any economic kind to find in my area,- sorry 😉.

What I only can assume is that it could be Mr Ex miserable ex- mistress he did have in Russia for maybe 9 years ago- before he met me, did try do “exposure” her self again 🤔? But like I did write,- I can just assume- something that means that I have actually no idea. Its just my thoughts and #imagenations.

But she was not to happy when he didn’t picked her up from Russia and “moved” her to Norway 😣. Something I did get payed for- so bad it was burning far into my soul, and my life- maybe for the rest of my life too 😔. If she had have the possibility to kill me she had probably done it,- at the same time she did,- in her own way. A story I’m, by the way, are not comfortable to tell- so I just let that one be as it is at this point 😔. But yes,- that was my first thought- this miserable ex- mistress in Russia trying again to get out a bit “harm and steam” , and did try to hack my account. But it’s not sure it was her.

The hacking from the UK I, unfortunately, think it’s a #job I did send my CV/ resume to,- a “$work- from- home” job thats probably don’t exist 🤔. And there are a lots of scam in the working- area too 😔. A lots of work that doesn’t exict,- but still “looks” real, also when you do #reseeach about the company online.

Sad, sad, sad 😔. People send their CV/ #resume with presonal information, and necessary #informstion, like the name, email-adress, adress, birth-date, phonenumber, and a bit more.

People send their resume because they want a job, they need a job, they need a income,- and they do really not need an economic scam on top of that. Normally and in general it’s a reason why people send they’r resume to a job- , just repit my self now,- but they do it because they need a job, and they need a job because they need a #income.

I don’t know how it is with scam- jobs in Norway,- but it’s a bit of them “out there in the world”. I know,- becasue the first part of this year I did send my CV, my resume, to more jobs then I have ever done in my life. And unfortunately, maybe 50 % of them was just scam- jobs. Unfortunately for the scammers, ther was not very much more to get from me then my resume. But still I have send some of my personal information to people that can use this information in a not very good way. So fare, so good,- at least as I know,- my resume and my information hasn’t been used.

This is also one of the reasons why I m so sceptical to pyramid- jobs.

A vacant job ad looks like a regular, any job ad many times, with different and important information about the company. Even when doing various research about the simple business on the internet. I did even send my resume to a nursery- company that I did find out, after a while, didn’t exist. And also to a teaching- job that wasn’t “the real deal”, and some more.

Sometimes you can see this “fake-jobs” very fast, other times it can take a while because everything seems so “real”.

Just an remider- everything that can happens to everyone else can actually happens to you too! In all area in life,- also economic scam of any kind. Because there are so much and different ways a scammer can do “this job” in today’s society. No one are “protected”. Not rich, not poor. No reason to be to fast with any kind of jugdments ! You never know when it can be you!

I have a job now, with a income that at least cover most of the expenses. Im more lucky then a lots of other people are,- I know that, and Im greatful for that, and relived,- Even I don’t feel comfortable with the job. I still need a income.

There are so many areas a economic scam can be done on and in. Job application, ATM, telephone, facebook, e-mail account, fake loans, false information of various kinds, online dating ( I have already told you about scam on online- dating in an eralier post), false investment, falsification of various documents, and so much, much more. I don’t even remember all the areas. Most of us, at least them over the age of 50- 60, have heard about “Nigeria- scam”. But that one is “easy” to descover now,- it’s so much other kind of scam thats not so easy to descover before it is to late, just because of the way it’s created, the fals “imagenation” it gives in an, unfortunately, so correct way , – and a economic life for a person or family are totally ruined, maybe forever.

I seriously don’t understand why someone have any kind of “pleasure” to do this, destroy someone elses life like this. And I will probably never understand it rather.

My economic life in Norway is destroyed because of an economic scam. That’s one of my biggest “bumps” in my life,- and I don’t know if I ever will be able to remove it from my life. I don’t know if it ever will be fixed, or even any #possibility to fix it.

That’s my ghost in my corner, that’s my skeleton in my closet, that’s my shame in my life. How and what happen Im not going to tell. I don’t feel comfortable to tell. I live with a constant reminder about it everyday, anyway 😔. I did went to the police with the case, but thing takes time, long time,- and there are so many different kinds of economic scam all over the world. The police have more then enough cases to work with, and choose between.

So when I did got this hack information this weekend I didn’t feel any kind of worries, just incredibly sad 😔.

So then you know ,- too much for some to know, to little for others to know. The content in this post is anyway what Im comfortable to tell,- even its a heavy reminder in my life for me.

I really hope you never will get this or any kind of this #experience in your life with economic scam- you really do not deserve it 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

It’s not gold everything thats sparkling. And an economic scammer can destroy even the tiny little “spark” you did have 😔.

The norwegian Fathers Day 💙

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Today is the #norwegian #FathersDay,- a celebration for great dads 😊. I told you a bit about the #history about Fathers and Mothers Day last Sunday 😊. Its different day in different countries around the world,- so its not always easy to follow the “#celebration” since the stores here in Spain promote for Fathers Day in around the 19. March. And the English stores,- there are a couple of them here as well, are promoting Fathers Day the 3. Sunday in June 😊. And in Norway the celebration is the 2. Sunday in November 😊. But there are no promoting for that one is this area,- natural enough 😊.

My #dad is a #great #father and #grandfather to my #children 💙. The only grandad they have actully, the other one has past away many years ago,- but one good one is so much better then non at all 😊.

My dad has #teach me a lots of great things in life,- usefull and maybe not so usefull. But it’s probably the same for me as mammi to my children,- I have probably teach them a couple of things they don’t need to use to much in their life. On the other hand,- you never know what lifes brings of suprices in life 😊.

I have been with my dad at #fishing- trips, and he did both teach me how to #fish as well as how to veil a fish 🎣. I have been in the forest to find #berries of different kinds,- like blueberries and lingonberry together with my dad 🍃🌿🍁.

He have #teach me how to both #using #hammer and #screwdriver, #changing wheels on the car and setting up tents for camping. He did teach my how to drive a car,- and keep my hands at 13.50 on the a steering wheel 🚗.

When I was a child he did read #stories and #fairytales to me too 😊. He did also picked me down from a tree when I did try to escape from a old, angry woman. She was a bit angry because me and my friends did “steal” some berris from her garden. She was a bit scary, so I did hide in a top of tree 😅.

He had baby- sitting my children, and helped me pick them up at school and kindergarden when I was late home from work 😊.

He has been angry at me, and I at him too. We have had some disagremt as well. Not always some good once,- but he is still my daddy 💙. And he have learn me and teach me a lots of great and usefull stuff in my life,- some fun one and some boring one too 😊. And there are some more #great #memories too from my #childhood too,- campingtrips and cozy Saturday- evening at home. And his #painting- room,- his #area of #art. I liked to drop by his room and just take a look at his #marvellous #paitings, as well as smell a bit on the smell from the painting too 🎨.

It’s travels to my grandparents, his parents, and sleep- overs in their home 😊. He have hold my hair when I was sick and did throw up ( I really hate throwing up ), and he has been worried “grey and green” when I was a #teenager and “forgot” the time 😊.

He did sat with my bed when I was at the hospital in my teenagers, and it was a couple of times too 💙.

And there as so much more too 😊.

I have been so #lucky that have all this #memories and different #experiences together with #mydad 💙. Im #gratefull for my childhood- I’m gratefull for my dad 💙.

#Congratulations with the Father’s Day to the grate dads “up there” in #Norway today 💙.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛

See you soon 😊

To my baptism, when I was a baby, I got this pendant from my #grandparents, my #dad’s #parents. It has a prayer on the back. The pendant brings on it’s own way #good #memories from my #childhood, and my dad too 💙. #Congratulations with the #FatherDay to the grate dads “up there” in #Norway today 💙.

A cozy and relaxing start on the weekend 💛

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 💛

It was a very #cozy evening yesterday. A good end on the week and a #great #start on the #weekend 😊. Want to join us for a tiny bit? I have put some few #photos from yesterday evening in my post today 😊.

A “mammi and daughter evening”,- that’s are a bit more #special now when we don’t see each other on daily #basis any more 💛.

It’s one month since my last and yougest #child, my daughter, moved out. An end of one #era, and a beginning in a new era for both of us 😊. So fare so good,- but still strange 😊. My home is very silent when I’m coming home from work,- it is in one way good, because it’s a bit “noises and voices” at my job. At the same time I do miss my children, and their #energies #around #me 😊. I did like to have their energies around me 😊.

I just need to get use to this,- and I will be, little by little, step by step. So fare not so many #changes in my #life,- exept from this little fact,- I’m now living on my own,- and it’s feels okay , but, as I #mention, a bit #strange too 😊. It means that I can “do what ever I want to do, wherever in the world I want to be” 😊. Ireland or Florida, Norway or Singapore 😊. Or just stay here a bit longer until I’m #ready for some more “big” changes in my life 😊.

I’m not the only parent in the world where the children are #moving out, and a new era in #life starts. And we all have probably #mixed #feelings and #different #experiences around this ,-” the children are suddenly adults” 😊.

I’m very #grateful for I did manage to #create some #good #memories for and to my children in their #childhood, and when they was growing up 💛. Like #sausage-#pizza 😊. For my daughter this are good memories, memories about both #familytime as well as a good time with her #friends in our home too 😊.

Most of the time it’s not the “big things” in life that’s create good memories, but the small one,- like all small (or big) daily memories created around, for example, a tiny sausage-pizza 😊.

My #daughter wanted to #make the sausage-pizza yesterday….in her #favourite #pyjamas- something that was a bit #important- cozy and relaxing evenings in the weekends was also about being #comfortable and put on our cozy pyjamas too 😊.

I did have a kind of “#weekend-#ritual” together with and for my children in their childhood. The weeks was normally so busy, so it was nice to just #calm down a bit when Friday- afternoon did “arrived” 😊.

We normally did have one evening with movies and tacos, and one evening with homemade pizza and “game-evening” 😊. And a bit candies too. All four of us in a free arena at home, a #time for just #fun and #relaxation. All four gathered together in a #pleasant #atmosphere – often together with one or more of the children’s friends – and they had a “sleep- over” as well 😊.

#Good #memories don’t always comes from the big events in life,- a #cozy #movie- #evening with some candies #create good memories too 😊.

And small “sleep-over- guestes” needed #breakfast too,- and many times I did made #pancakes to the breakfast to my children and their friends 😊. A cozy start in the day is important too,- at least when it’s time for it 😊. I’m going to #share the #recipe for my pancakes one of the next days with you 😊.

My daughter did sleep over this night in my home,- very cozy and probably a bit strange for her,- to sleep over in her old room thats now just are a cozy guest-room 😊. I didn’t change it back to “#normall” after my family did visit me and us,- because my daughter did moved out those days and, of course, bring all her stuff with her too 😊. But it’s nice to just know she is here,- and probably want to have a bit breakfast in bed too. Also a tiny “ritual” I did created to and for my children when they got older and wanted to sleep a bit longer in the weekends 😊.

And to be honest, I knew in front, I was probably going to be to tired to drive her home yesterday 😅. So it was a tiny bit #selfish act too, to make up the bed for her in my home yesterday 😊.

We did started our cozy mammi-daugther evening with #sushi yesterday,- before the sausage-pizza 😊. A #dish my daughter just have started to #enjoy 😊.

We manage to watch 2 and 1/2 #movies,- or thats not #correct 😅. I did #manage that,- then it was time for me to jump to bed. I’m not sure when Mathilde went to bed. Maybe she finish the 3. movie? 😊 And it was no romantic movies on “the menu”,- but that’s just because we didn’t manage to get it function for some reason 😊. So 2 comedy movies and then a part of a criminal or something like that, movie for me 😊.

A tiny new and cozy memorie was created yesterday, a daily memory with out any big happenings,- just relaxing and cozy 😊.

I m #grateful for #every tiny #memories I have together with my children,- and Im very grateful for all the #good memories I have from my #childhood too, together with my parents and my two sisters as well, and if course my friends there in #Norway too 😊. My good memories from my childhood has given me the possibility for creating good memories to and for my children 💛.

I hope you have many grate memories from your childhood too 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for #reading my #blog 💛.

See you soon 😊.

A tiny little #insight from our #cozy Friday-evening 😊. A “#mammi and #daughter #evening” with some #tasty #food, good #movies, and conversations full up with #laughter 😊. A new, small daily #memorie was #created 💛.

“Girls-evening” with sausage pizza 🍕

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

When my #children was younger, and we did #live in #Norway I sometimes made #sausage-#pizza for #cozy #family- and #movie- #evenings. It was one of my children’s #favourite #dinners 🍕.

I can’t undèrstand why,- because it’s not one of my favourite, to be honest 😅. Well,- that’s a truth with modifications. It’s one of my favourite to #make,- because it’s so #easy 😊. And I can’t say it’s totally #homemade rather,- it’s just #made #home 😊.

For me this sausage- pizza don’t have very much #tast rather,- but it seems to taste in the “young palates” 😊.

This evening my #daughter and me are going to have a “girls- evening” in my home. Or more correct is a “#mammi and daughter”- evening 😊. With that means a movie, sausage- pizza, after my daughter’s wish, becase it’s still one if her favourite cozy dinners, and we are also going to have a bit candies too, and fanta and coca cola to drink 😊.

What movie we are going to watch I don’t know yet,- she are going to #choose 😊. But she have 3 different to choose between,- a comedy, an romantic one and a thrller/ crime. I hope for the thriller/ crime or the comedy 😅. I’m still not yet in the “#romantic #corner” ,- or that’s not true,- but I haven’t anyone to be romantic together with 😊. Anyway,- it’s her choice to choose the movie 😊.

Do you want to try one of my children ‘s favourite cozy dinner?

Sausage- pizza (as many as you want)

One slice of light bread – or 10 if you want to make 10 😊

Ordenary butter or garlic butter- butter over the bread slice. Cut up sausage pieces, place on the bread slice. Have cheese on top. Roast in the middle of the oven at 180 degrees for about 10 minutes, or a little longer if you want a more golden color on the cheese.

That’s it 😊.

I use to take a bit onion on mine, tomato too, and a bit oregano and pepper as well. I need a bit more tast 😊.

But the children loves it like this 😊. Even my children’s friends in Norway did loved it when I made sausage-pizza to them 😊.

I have made a lots of this,- have also tried with a bit #healthier bread,- but it’s only the light bread that counts on the sausage- pizza ,- for my children. And now and then it’s okay to #eat light bread- better than no food at all,- thats for sure 😊.

Im looking forward to an #nice and #relaxing “movie- evening together with my daughter this evening,- and I m going to “spice up” my sausage- pizza a bit (that’s for sure) 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

My children’s #favourite #cozy #dinner- sausage-#pizza 🍕 “Spiced a bit up” for the photo-session with a bit ketchup and advocado 😊. So #easy to #make for a “mammi and daughter” movie-evening 😊 🎥

My nice holiday went a bit fast 🌞

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

It’s my last day in my #holiday for this time 😊. It has been a very nice holiday with a little bit of “this and that”,- but not any beach- visit. The #weather has been #nice,- but not to much bikini- weather, and I did had a tiny wish for a bit #sun on my body 🌞. But it’s November,- so it’s no #reason for me to #complain 😊. I can still have some nice #walks at the #beach to the weekend if the weather is like it is at the moment 🌞.

I have had some #great #visit from some of my #friends here in #Spain, and I have been visit Natasja- one of my #favourite persons 😁.

I have spend a bit time together with both my #daughter and my #son in the middle 😍. My oldest has been busy with work. Hopefully he will get some time off soon 😊. I want to spend a bit more time with him too 💛. But I do understand he have some #goals to reach,- and then it’s a bit #work thats need to be done too 😊. I’m there myself.

And I have sort out a bit in my #mind and my #head too. A “deep dive” that has both been #good and give me a bit more #direction to try to follow in my #life 😊.

I was able to #relax too,- but it took a couple of days to find my #relaxing- point in my #body.

And that’s what a holiday is for,- to relax, do a little bit of “this and that”. #Calm #down both the body and the mind a bit 😊. Do something you want to do, even it’s to #travel or just stay #home 😊. I haven’t manage to do “everything” I had on my “holiday- list”,- but I hope I have sort out a bit so it’s a bit easier for me to do a couple of “my things” also during a working- week now 😊.

I don’t feel very ready for dropping up at work tomorrow,- but it’s just one day,- and then it’s weekend 😊. So lets see what this last day in my holiday will bring of #joy and #happiness 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog 💛.

See you soon 😊.

A new #beautiful and #colorful #sunrise early this morning 🌞. Its seems to be a #great last day in my #holiday- a day #created for just to #enjoy 😊. I wish you a great Thursday 😊.

Did I move to Spain, or was I moved to Spain? 🤔

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

I don’t know what will happen in the work-area the next days,- its absolutely not sure Im getting any of the job-offer in Ireland,- what is fine for me if so happen 😊. Then I dont need to make any “big” #decisions.

Im not sure how ready Im to take a decision like that at the #moment. But what I do know,- are that if I m getting an job-offer somewhere else then in the area Im living in now, this time it will be #mine decision to either move to a new #destination and country, and not someone else decision. Only mine decision. And what ever happens,- thats actually a very #good #feeling 😊. To know its just my decision 😊.

Because I m actually not sure if I did move to Spain or was just moved to Spain. Im not sure if it was totally my decision to move to Spain.

And here can the #story, my story, maybe be a bit “too much” for some,- just as you know,- but at the same time,- I m actually not going to tell more than I m #comfortable with to #share 😊.

Like it’s written at my homepage,- “I was left in Spain with a couple of kids in the suitcase” (and yes,- so everything is clear,- my children knows the story- of course they do, – also that I m going to tell it ). And yes,- I have tried my very best to do the best of that “#experience” ,- to be left in a new country 😊. And,- well,- it has been “ups and downs”,- but in a strange way we have #manage it. Probably by great “#team-#work” as well as our #mantra “everything will be fine” 😊.

Before we did move to #Spain I did live together with Mr. Ex in #Norway. And we both did have a dream of trying to live and work in Spain somewhere in the future. Mr. Ex did had a job that made it possible for him to work and live other places then in Norway. And I actually did get an 10 months working-contract in Spain, with starts in August 2013.

So,- in the Spring in 2013 we, him and me did #travel a couple of weekends down to this area to find an apartment that would suit “all of us”.

And we did find an apartment. He did even find a finca a bit out of the city, that he actually did buy. Or at least I do think he did buy it. It was what he told me. But I m not sure. He told me that his plan for the finca was “the future”,- and a place we could be in, stay in, live in,- after the different renovations of the finca.

I have just seen pictures of this finca,- but that, I have learned, the really hard way,- its not everything that is what it looks like. So maybe its actually was just pictures ? No finca at all? What I do know,- that there was no “future”, not even at that time. But I didn’t know that at that time, but he did know,- I know that now.

Well,- the Spring went to Summer,- and it was soon time for order plane- tickets. I knew it was just me and my children that should travel first. He had some work thats needed to be done before he could come,- and the plan was then that he should come around in the beginning of September.

I was use to his work, and also that he did travel in his working-situation. Something many people do.

I need to mention that Mr.Ex is not my children’s dad. I have been divorced from their dad for about 17 years now,- and there will never come a text about him. My children’s dad. It doesn’t matter why I did choose a divorce with 3 small children ,- its not important at all. The most important is,- he is my children’s dad. And thats more than good enough reason for not write about that era 😊.

Well,- me and my children did fly to Spain 13. August 2013. And it was some busy days too, the first days in Spain,- special for me in a new job. And also things to fix like mobiles with spanish number, NIE- number, sosial securidad number, bank account ect. And in Spain its lines, long waiting-lines,- so things took a bit time.

I think I did talk with Mr. Ex 2 or 3 times during this 3 first weeks,- and then I didnt get any connection at all. And he should be coming to Spain soon 🤔.

In the beginning of September I did get an email from him where he ended our #relationship. What I didnt know was that there already was a new woman in his life, with a daughter at the same age as my son in the middle. Just #remeber this, this daughter, she will drop up more in my text 😊. This new woman had actually been in his life for a while too. Since January- February 2013.

At that point I didnt know what to do. That was not the plan. To be in Spain like this. I only knew for my children I really needed to do the best of it. #Easy? Oh no, #seriously not at all,- but I didnt had any #choices.

I knew I didnt have anything to come back to, not any home to move into in Norway. I had leave of absence from my job in Norway. I had lost most of the contact with both most of my family and friends (why I have lost the contact is a story for an other day,- one thing at the time 😊 ,-Mr Ex was a part of that one too ).

BTW,- I m not going to use a lost of posts and time on this man. But some parts of the story will give you a bit better understanding for why relationship scares me, and why I m worried for #meeting a new Mr Ex. Its also a #good #process for me to #write the “#story”, to write so much as I feel #comfortable with to tell, to share, and write my self away from it all,- at least as fare as possible 😊.

I didnt know how to ask for help,- the only thing I did knew was to just do the really seriously best of it. Everything was also knew for my children,- I couldn’t allowed my self to “fall apart”. Not because of him- he was not worth to “fall apart” for,- and special not for my children,- they did deserved a mammi that “stood in the floor as best as possible”. A mammi that was there for them as best as I did manage in this new world, new in suddenly so many more ways then I had imagen just weeks before.

I did have a job, we did have a place to live,- even that was a bit to much expensive for only my salary. But,- that was not the plan,- to pay for it all by my self. At least I did thought so when we/ or its probably me, did rent the apartment. It was just my name on the rental- contract. But, unfortunately, it didnt say any “bling-blong” in my head when I did write under that one with him by my side.

Two years ago I got a phone-call from a young, spanish girl. She had got my number from the norwegian consulate in the area,- and she wanted to learn #norwegian, and also take the Bergen-test/ B2 exam. Something I could, and still can, help her with. Of course she was very #welcome as my #student.

What I didnt know was that this young girl was Mr Ex ex-stepdaughter. The daughter to the woman he started to have an relationship with in January- February 2013. When we also still did had an relationship. Did live together.

She, my student, does probably not know anything about my relation to her ex- norwegian stepfather,- and I have chosen to also leave it that way. Im her #teacher- thats it.

But I have had a couple of “heavy” and emotional lessons together with her. Not because she is a bad student,- absolutely not 😊. And really not because Mr Ex did ended the relationship with me, or because I miss him. Because I dont miss him, and I have not any emotional feelings for him in any way. I actually don’t feel any hate any more rather. I just feel very, very sad sometimes about how a person can be and behave to another person. At the same time I m grateful for that all the things I have experienced during the lasts years in Spain,- even it has been some really though times too. And I m really grateful for not have him in my life- really #grateful.

The lessons has been heavy because I actually cant understand why I was treated like that. What had I done to deserved that kind of treatment? Why couldnt he just told me that he had meet an other woman? A bit before we, my and my children, did moved? An “actoin” like this does “something” with a person- thats why it has been a bit “heavy”. Heavy to “#discover” even more about this person, a person you have shared both bed and dreams with. Phu 🤤.

Its not heavy anymore, the lessons,- just so thats said 😊. If it still had been heavy for me I havent been able to share the story with you 😊.

But little by little I did understand the “#connection”,- and what I think, I dont know, but think what actually did happen when I did move to Spain. Then Mr Ex did move this woman and her daughter to Norway, from Spain, even from this area in Spain. Or,- I do know thats actually what did happen.

My student and her mam did move to Norway 19. September 2013. Six days after we left Norway.

So how do I know this ? Well,- its pretty easy for my to get some information about and from my students,- even when I tell them to just make up a story,- becasue I just want to have an #conversations in norwegian together with them 😊.

The questions Im asking stands actually in our teaching- book. Its different subjects and topic. The questions can be “When did you move to Norway?” “Why did you wanted to move to Norway?” “What did you do or want to do in Norway?” “For how long do you or did you stay in Norway?” “Do you have friends, family or other related in Norway?’ Ect. ect. ect. And all the questions stands in the book. So my student actually know Im asking from the book, for the subject we are studing.

What I dont understand is why didnt he end the relationship before? In April or May, June or July? Why didnt he give me the #chance and possibility to make my own #choice to move to Spain or not move to Spain? I dont know why, I can assume,- but I still dont know, and will probably never know. Something thats fine now,- but it have taken a bit time.

And what are the #chances for me to get this sweet young girl as my student? Im mean it’s a bit distance between South of Spain to the West Coast of Norway. And not to mention all the people there are in between this distance to choose from.

I don’t know why this happen,- that actually this young girl should be my student. But I do think its a kind of #reason to it,- I just don’t know the reason yet. And maybe I never will get to know it rather.

But one thing is for sure,- the #life, the #destiny is a very strange thing, and also full of #surprises 😊. The life has its own #mysterious ways to tell you a story – thats for sure 😊.

So know you know “the story” about “left in Spain with a couple of kids in the suitcase”.

I have not very much more to “say” today,- exept from Im a bit empty now,- but at the same time it was a bit important for me to share this story,- so ,-

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

The life has sometimes its own #mysterious ways to tell you a #story, or show you #different #directions in life 💛. I have open a “#suitcase” in my #life today,- and let you into it, at the same time as I did #emptied it a bit too 😊.

Too little or too much? 😊 📝

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Too little or too much can be about so many different things ,- and how #different #perceives things can be in and understand as for example when we are #reading something or watching something 😊.

Sometimes the #reader will feel I m going to, and probably already have doing,- ” #deliver” a bit to little by, from and of my self in my #textes. Other times the reader may feel and get the #experience of that Im “#delivering” to much of, from and by my self,- and even about my children in my textes 😊.

If I m “delivering” too little its my #choice,- and its actually not much more for me to “deliver” in the text 😅. Or it can be not much more I want to “deliver” or write about, or even have more #knowledge to write about 😊,- and its not sure it doesn’t feel important for me to either to “deliver” more in a #subject and text.

Its also the readers “experience” of me about the “delevering” 😊. Maybe my text is just the way it should be for me,- the write ,- but the reader still miss something, or wanted to know more 😊? Maybe my text also was a bit #boring for my reader because I did write about something the reader are not very much #interest in, but for other my text did “deliver” just enough 😊. It depends a bit on the readers and also about what kind if #expectations you have to the text you are reading 😊.

It can also be that I m actually very tried when Im writing my text and post and then “deliver” too little, and Im #writing for just to “keep the wheels going” ,- because I know its more or less the only way to get #forward. Then Im #moving in one or another #direction at least, insted of not moving at all,- even its just a tiny bit of (boring 😉) #movement. But a tiny bit step is still a step. Maybe sometimes a step back, but most of the times a step #forward 😊.

But to “deliver” too little is not “dangerous”,- it can just be a bit boring for some readers, my textes dont get the #attention and interest. And then the reader are going to loose the interest for reading my posts,- and to be honest,- I dont want that to happen 😊. But when and why are a text actually “too little”? I think its more about the the #content of the text whether it was of interest or not for the reader 😊. We like to read about different things 😊.

I like to write (about many different things), and when I know my reades like to read my textes and posts its give me even more #energy to want to write more, to in a way “#entertain” my #readers, as well as my self 😊. For thats what it is a bit about,- a kind of “#entertainment” to both the write and read,- even if its books or magazines, manuscripts or newspaper, or a #blog 😊. Its about entertainment in one or another way,- and its nothing wrong with that. We all like to be entertained in one or an other way 😊. And “entertainment” can be a lots of things as well 😊.

Its also about #knowledge to both be writing and reading. To give #advices and knowledge as well as get adivces and knowledge in and about all kind of different #areas in life, the #social #specter around us, the world. Small things or big things. Make- up or food, animals or sports, clothes or movies,- health and safety, politic or culture, history and traditions, – the area are so big and its so much to read about, learn about and get more knowledge about, as well as there are to write about 😊.

I m still finding “my way to write”,- as well as my things I do like to write about 😊. And Im really #enjoying this “#writing-trip” Im on with my blog,- special when I left the #focus to find “my #topic”, and just #discovers step by step to do this in “my way” insted 😊.

Other times the readers will feel I m going to “deliver” to much about myself, my life, my different #experiences in life and my thoughts,- and even my children,- but Im not going to “deliver” to much for me ,- it can just feel that way for the reader😊.

And to “deliver” too much can be a bit “dangerous”,- but sometimes thats #necessary too, but its a different to “deliver” and be personal. Im going let the readers “meet me” in my textes,- as well as my experiences in my life that have #created me a bit to me and the #person I have become,- but Im still not going to “deliver” more then I m #comfortable of “#delivering” from my life 😊.

If some readers feel I m “delivering” to much I think maybe that tells a bit more about the reader then me 😊. Why does the reader get this #feeling of “to much”? By own life-experience, ( that may still be in one or another way be painful ) or by the experience to not have any experience in the subject the text was about? Or just not the interest for the content ? 😊

Of course a text or post can be to much sometimes,- even I think that now and then when Im reading some textes or someones textes,- but we all read and #understand the text differently,- and its also a bit a about what #mood the reader are in when he/she reads the text too, and how the reader #understand the text 😊.

If I think a text Im reading is “too much” for me I normally take a “step back”, “dive a bit into” myself,- and do ask myself why did I think the text was “too much” ( for me) ? It can be me, my mood, my experiences or opinions, or my understanding of the text that gave me this feeling, or my interest 😊. Normally its me, and not the ” too much”- text. Many times its about different experience and opinions for and in a subject or area thats give me this “too much” – feeling 😊. Im actually just not #agree with the content in the text, or the writer of the text. Then I also can get this “too much” feeling for a text.

In this #influencer online world “too much” its many times about be or give “not the best influence-“adivce”” for a group of people in different areas and stages in life. Im don’t think I m in that area as an “influencer” and blog-writer,- but you never know,- someone else may still think or have that opinion about bith me and my textes.

Like I did mention,- I m not going to give out neither myself nor my children in my texts and posts. But I’m going to bid on myself and be #personal. Delivering and being personal are two different things – at the same time they may seem the same. It depends a bit on which eyes read my text, and how the reader #perceives my text, including from their own point of view in life as well as their own and different experiences in life 😊. Remember,- we are all different 😊.

I m going to write about personal experience in my life, but still not deliver myself and be too private. Im going to write about my children,- but only when they know about it and also give me “green signal” for a post and text that are about them 😊. Im going to continue be me and personal in a way I m comfortable with.

Too little or to much,- it depends on different things 😊. The writer, the reader, the mood, experience in life, different opinions in different areas and how the reader do understand the text, as well as different interests, and different perspectives and wives, the content 😊.

So I m really looking forward to continue write a lot to my readers about different things and areas in life,- and it will be too little for someone sometime, and probably even boring,- (like this post/text probably are for many readers 😊), and it will be too much for other readers other times ,- thats just the way it is 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. And Thank you so much for dropping by today too (even the text was a bit boring and “informative”- and not to much “personal” ),- and thank you for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊.

For some this can be a bit too much, for others a bit too little 😊. For me,- exactly #enough so I do feel #comfortable 😊. My #post and #textes will probably be the same,- for some “too little, for other too much ” 😊. But thats the way it is,- and Im just going to “#deliver” textes I feel comfortable with writing,- even can too much or to little 😊.