Look what I did find at my door 🥰💛

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

It’s a bit over 2 weeks since my oldest son and his friend did moved out and in to their own home. That will say a bit more then 2 weeks I have been on my own 😊. I miss my oldest son, but I don’t mind to be a bit on my own now at all, to have the home “in order”, in the way I like and want to have it, and just take care of my self and have the responsibility for only me 😊. It feels pretty good actually 🥰.

The first week after he/ them moved out it was a bit “empty” in a way, in my home, but the “emptiness” didn’t stay very long 😊. He is, either, not so fare away, and we are texting or chatting several times during the week 😊. And I know he is enjoy his new home, the place where they are living and his job,- and all is fine with him,- as fare as we know. The surgery is done, and he is going to a check and control at the hospital next week 😊.


To be honest,- I have really enjoyed to be on my own in my home, and I’m starting to get into a my daily and weekly rhythm and routine, that’s suits me and my jobs, my plans, my interest and my different hobbies, my life 😊. Actually finding my own rhythm and routines, and no one else’s 😊. But this rhythm and routine just for my self didn’t last very long 😅. One of the first days this week my daughter “dropped up” at my door and wanted to spend her holiday here 😅. That’s fine for me, it’s actually over 5 weeks since last time I did see her and hugged her 💛. So it was very good to see her, kiss her and hug her again 🥰. And she is not going to move in…..yet, just spend her holiday here, be here some days this week.

She and my son in the middle should actually been at holiday together to Norway this week, visiting friends and family there,- but that was cancelled for them both. They have actually planned this holiday- trip to Norway since the end of December. But that’s life for most people around in the world at the moment,- different plans get cancelled, or changed.

At the moment my son in the middle are enjoying his holiday in his home, and my daughter is camping here 🌞. And I’m enjoying her company as well as I’m actually very aware I’m finish with living together with my children 😊. And that’s the way it is. Every age has it’s own charm, and we are living through different epochs in our life too.


I will always be a mammi for my children, my love for them are unconditional, and I will always be there for them,- no matter what 🧡. But I’m actually finish with this “taking care of”, “have the responsibility for ” , “raising up” 24 hours, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year 😊. As well as my children actually don’t need me at the same way anymore either, as they needed me for just some few years ago 😊. They are in their own way “finish” with me too, at the same time they are not. “The mammi/ children- concept” are just changing. That’s all 😊.

Life is changing and then also the “needs”, situation and “responsibility” is changing too 😊. It’s a very natural process when you have children that’s growing up and are able to manage the life on their own 😊. And to be honest,- I don’t feel guilty anymore that I’m ready to take some “new steps” in my life,- and change my “mammi- concep” a bit, to take more care about myself and also a bit more focus on my life 🥰. I did feel guilty for a long time. Quilty for being so ready to just take a bit more care about my self, use a bit more focus on my stuffs and things,- but I have in my own way except the changes, and our new “mammi and children” situation and changes 😊. But it was a process, it still is a process, and it’s going to be a process for a while too 😊.

How “legal” this holiday visit is, are another thing during this time we are living in here in Spain. We are still living with different restrictions here in South of Spain, but they are a little bit looser now. At the same time we are still in fase 0 in the area we are living in. But we are allowed to take a walk in the mornings and evenings now. Maybe, but just maybe, the situation in South of Spain will go over to fase 1 on Monday,- but I don’t know yet.

The legal “times” for a walk in Spain at the moment for different ages.

An other thing is this “balcony- police”. Neighbours and people that’s “watching over” other people. It means people who are private persons who make sure that “everyone else” complies with the different restrictions, but forget to take a tiny little look at themselves and whether they themselves actually follow the different restrictions 🤔. But that’s the way it is, – and also was before coronavirus and Covid19 “dropped up” in our world and society. There are and always will be someone who like to believe and think they are so much better then anyone else, and follow “all the rules”,- but can’t see all the trees in their own garden, just the wood in the neighbour’s garden 😉.

I’m very lucky with my neighbours,- in general most of them have more then enough with their own wood in the garden and don’t care so much about their neighbours trees,- if you understand what I mean? At the same time my neighbours in general are very helpful in different situations,- but helpful in a good way 🧡. So I don’t think any of my neighbours are going to be a “balcony police” because my daughter is here, in my home, at holiday, at the moment 😊.


I have been working when my daughter has been here,- but we had also spent quality time together with the movie MammaMia and eating sushi, we have went for a walk together in the evenings, in the legal time for a walk. And she has enjoyed the sun at the balcony too 🌞. Well, a bit in between the sun and the rain,- it’s still raining a bit here in south ☔. I think she have a good holiday, I’m trying my best to create a good holiday for her with homemade food, give her my attention and just be her mammi 😊. But of course it’s not the same as it has been for her to been in Norway and meeting up with her friends and family up there in the north.

I’m trying to enjoy every moment I have together with my daughter, as well as my sons,- because I know our “mammi and children” situation has changed and are changing 🧡.

My daughter told me that I have spoiled her and her brothers 😅. I’m not agree with her in that, because I have never had the possibility to spoil them…..with buying a lots of things and stuff to them 🛍. I should wish I could buy a lots of things to them,- but okay maybe one day 😊. Because in my mind to spoil someone is to buy a lots of things and stuffs. And to be honest,- I don’t know why I have that imagination of being spoiled. Another thing,- I have a tiny negative impression of the world “being spoiled”,- but I can’t explain why it is like that.

But yes,- I have “spoiled” my children with more and less always be as available for them as possible 💚. They have always had clean clothes, a clean home, and food on the table, as well as a lots of hugs and kisses. Maybe a child can be spoiled with that too? I don’t think so,- but I can be wrong.

My children are my life, has been my life for over 26 years, and are going to be my life until the day I’m passing away. I will always have space, room and place for them in my home, no matter what,- even I really do like to live on my own,- there will always be room for my children ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

My daughter and me this week 🧡. And she has approved use of this photo 😊.

My daughter “dropped up” on my door this week, and wanted to have her holiday together with her mammi 🧡. The “mammi- children concept” are changing, my children are growing up and out 😊. And I’m also more ready now for this new changes, then I was before 🧡. It’s a new epoch in both my children and my life,- and it feels fine 😊

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…and suddenly “everything” just happen so fast 🏡🛍

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡.

And there this two young men I have been living together with during the last 12 weeks “just left the building” 😊. Everything happen very fast when it first happen, this moving- day we all three of us has been waiting for 😊. We just didn’t know it was today, this afternoon 😊.

The moving- company did texted my son at daytime today, and could be ready to help my son and his friend with the moving- process already 2 hours later, and of course at that time when I did started at my schedule working hours in my home,- so I wasn’t even able to help them out, put things and stuffs into the cars 🙄.

And I really did get mixed feelings about it all,- I actually felt a kind of sadness at the same time as I felt a bit “relieved”, and also so very happy for my son and his friend too 🧡.

Sadness because I was not able to help them or give them a good “good bye- see you soon”. I was working and couldn’t leave the line. And also sad because I don’t know when Im going to see him again. And sad because, yes, I do miss my son already, – even I know this are the best living situation for both of us,- to not live together 😊.

I felt relive because now they will get the space and place they need, their own home, and they can for real starting to live their own life, and start working for real with their dreams 😊. And I felt a bit relieved to be able to get my home “back again”, my life back again, and have not boxes and bags “everywhere”, and also be a bit just me, not a mammi for awhile. Because I very easily “falling” into my mammi- role when I live together with my children, even when they are become young adults 😊. And I’m so happy they don’t need to wait anymore for moving, it has been a tiny exhausting situation for them also to wait.

I should wish one thing during this 12 weeks, and that is that I had have a bit more time, alone- time together with my oldest son. Just me and him 💙. I didn’t have that during this weeks. But maybe, one day, an other day, we can spend some time together, just him and me? I hope so 💙.

I’m not sure when I see my son or them both again, hopefully it would be not to long. He is borrowing my car now, so he needs to come back with that one day,- and I’m also going to visit them “up there in the mountains” one day 😊. Something I really looking forward to do 🥰.

I was a bit nervous for their driving trip up to the mountains this afternoon. Not because I thought anything could happen with them in the car, but because I, unfortunately, know the police can be a bit “crazy” even when you have your paper in order. So,- it was actually the police I was worried about,- but all went well. Their trip went well,- and my son did exactly what he did promise me to do,- called me up when they was got to their new home 🏡.

I’m very, very happy for them. And it was suddenly so very quiet in my home 😊. A kind of quietness that was a tiny bit strange and also a bit “scary” in the beginning,- but very nice and relaxing after a couple of hours, and when I did started to re- organize my home back to “normal” again 😊.

I’m so grateful for this “living together time” I have had together with my oldest son during this 12 last weeks 💙. We have been tired of each other, we have really wanted and wished for an other living situation, and we have been waiting for this day to come all three of us,- and it wasn’t the most ideal or best living situation we had, but still good enough under the circumstances. And I’m so happy and grateful for every second he was here, my son, in my home ❤.

If we had knew it would been 12 weeks and not 3- 4 as we thought, I had probably organize my home differently for this two young men 😊. But okay,- it became the way it became 😊. And even we has been tired of this living together situation, and tired of each other I’m still so, so grateful for this time, this weeks together with him, my oldest son ❤. I actually can’t find big enough words for how grateful I m for this time with him, this weeks ❤.

And I know when my daughter as well as my son in the middle are moving back home, there will be days where both them and me wish that we wasn’t living together 24/7. And that’s normal when my children are young adults and I’m a mature woman 😊. But I also know I will be so grateful for every second I’m going to live together with them both as well,- even both them and me also are going to be a bit tired of each other and the living together situation ❤.

I really love my children so much, I can’t actually explain it with words ❤. And I love to have them all three around me,- but I don’t want to live together with them “forever” ❤.

Now I’m going to live alone for some weeks, and try to enjoy that time, before my daughter and my son in the middle are moving back home during the summer,- and are going live together with me for some months 🌞.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

A tiny bit of my son and his friend things and stuff,- ready for moving ot from my home and into their new home 😊. And my car in my son’s new home, and a tiny part of their house, up there in the mountains 🧡

The moving-day we have been waiting for just suddenly did “showed up” this afternoon 🏡🛍. And my oldest son and his friend are now putting things in order in their new home 🏡. I’m very grateful for this 12 weeks together with my oldest son 💙.

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Yesterday was yesterday … 🙄

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

During this last 6 weeks with living in quarantine and with curfew I have actually manage it quite well. We are inside our home more and less 24/7 with some few exceptions like go to the food store or farmacia, walk your dog if you have a dog, or go to the doctor or hospital. So as you probably understand we are inside a lot during a day, week and yes, month, soon months.

I have a creative mind and soul, and manage to do different couples of things, keep myself active, even when I need to live with more and less 24/7 with curfew. I also have my scheduled working hours, so even when I’m home and working from my home, I need to “be at work on time”, and do my work well, as well 😊. So there are some schedule hours too in my daily life, scheduled for work.

I have my painting and knitting I can do. I have a lots of movies I can watch, something I have actually done too 🎞. And still some movies left to watch. Our television channels are a joke at the moment. They are not in very good function, so there’s not very much television to watch anymore. And I’m probably one of the few that haven’t invested my time, money and energy in Netflix. But still I have manage to “survive” without any Netflix 😊. ( but I need to admit I have started to consider Netflix now……we see what I do...). And I have a lots of books I can and do read as well, as well as my work out and exercises. I can “fix” my plants and flowers outside in my patios too. And food needs to be made, clothes need to be washed, and also trying to keep our home in a good “shape” in between the moving- boxes to my oldest son and his friend 😊. So the days goes by, actually a bit fast too 😊.

The 3- 4 weeks my son and his friend should be living here are at the moment become to 12 weeks 😳.

My days goes, I haven’t been struggling to much with being in 24/7 quarantine and curfew during the last6 weeks so fare. Of course I miss to have the possibility and opportunity to just go out for a nice walk. And I miss my children, my son in the middle and my daughter. I miss meeting up with my friends too, and yes,- to be honest it had been nice to meet this Italian (married) internet technician too….but that’s an other story.

And I need to admit I’m a bit jealous at my family and friends in Norway at the moment. They are allowed to be together in groups on max five people, but with distance between, but anyway, – they can actually meet their friends and family. They are also allowed to walk as many walks and trips they want to do during a day, in the mountains or to the beach, in the forest or just a long the road. They can go to the food store and just buy some few “unnecessary” food and they will not get any fee for that, or the police or going to check their recipe after the shopping. And a couple of more things. The hairdressers are going to open in Norway too, slowly and with restrictions, but wow,- it would be nice with a tiny little visit to the hairdresser now 😅.

Anyway,- I have manage the days and weeks with quarantine and curfew quite well so fare until yesterday 😳.

Yesterday was my first really “down- day” during this quarantine and curfew time. I was actually not depressed, I just felt like “a accordion that was compressed and all air was squeezed out” 🎼. And I know exactly why I did felt it like that. All three of us in my home felt like that yesterday 😅. And we know why.

On Friday my oldest son was at the hospital….again….and he have at least two more visits left at the hospital before he will be well. We thought that Friday was the next last time at the hospital, but it wasn’t. It’s very, very good that the doctors use time on his “condition” and take care of the different nerves that’s are around his two “bumps”,- but it felt a bit like a kind of a “disappointment” too, because we really think he was soon finish with all this hospital visits for a while now. I know we shouldn’t be disappointed at all,- it means that the doctors does what they need to do in a very careful way so his nerves are not going to be destroyed. But still it felt a bit like a kind of disappointment to know there will be more long days at the hospital. Stupid feeling, I know, but still it did “come up” because we did had another imagination for this hospital visit then it become.

Free shiping over 69$_

The next “disappointment” was this longed for the move of these two young men. That one should been yesterday 😅 ….again a new day. But it was re- schedule, again, because of the bad weather in the mountains 🏔. We all three was, again, so prepared for the moving 😅,- but it didn’t happen…this time either. So that’s actually the other reasons why I did felt a bit like a “accordion that was pressed together and all air was squeezed out”. And the young men as well. We all three fall a tiny bit apart yesterday 😅. No fighting or anything like that, we just felt a bit “squeezed” I think. Our imagination for this weekend was a bit different then it became.

I know I’m very lucky. I haven’t been struggling to much during this 6 weeks, and yesterday’s “squeezed” feelings are actually a “luxury problem” considering to what so many people are going through during this days 😔. But still it’s allowed to feel a bit “squeezed” this days even when we are in a “lucky situation”. With “lucky situation” I mean we have a place to live, we have our jobs, we have food, we are more and less healthy, it least from Covid19 and the coronavirus, and a couple of more things, as fare as we know 😊. Yes, my son has a healthy challenge in his groin and with two bumps, one infected.  But the doctors are doing what they can to help him out, and also with removing both the bumps, they just need to do it a bit step by step. So all in all,- we have no reasons to complain, to “be down” or fell like a “accordion that was pressed together and all air was squeezed out”. But yesterday we all did feel a bit like that. And I think that’s okay to have one day like that during a period for 6 weeks with no possibility for doing “what ever you want to do”,- like for example just take a tiny little walk outside. Yesterday I really needed a walk outside, just to breath bit. Instead I didn’t do very much. I felt a bit “empty”.

I did my schedule working hours yesterday, I did eat, but I was on my sofa must of the time, just watching movies. I think I did watch one movie three times yesterday because I felt at sleep “all the time” 😅. I didn’t knit or paint yesterday, I didnt write, actually didn’t do very much more then what I really needed to do, like my job and eat food, and watching movies. And felt really “squeezed” and empty.

I’m not complaining, because like I mention, this was actually my really first “down day” during this 6 last weeks. And me, my son and his friend are, after all, in a “lucky situation”. I know there’s people around me that have much more and bigger challenges then me and we in my home have. But still I think we can have, allowed us too and feel on a “one down day” now and then. Like yesterday was,- even we all fall down because of something that’s actually are a “luxury problem” too during this time we all are going through. But that’s the way it is. We are just human.

Today is a new day, I feel much, much better 😊. “The air is back in the accordion” , and I’m ready to use this day for a little more than I did yesterday 😊. We still have not a clue when the young men are going to move out and into their own home, and we still don’t know when my oldest son are going to be finish with the different hospital visits,- but “the air is back”, the smiles are back, and I m ready for using this lovely Sunday….at home to paint, write, knit, my patio and also some schedule working hours too, and what ever that’s “drops into my mind” today, and I can do at and in my home as well. Today I feel lucky, and happy, and ready to use my day, my time, be creative, be “me” 😊.

I hope your days in general are good during this time we all are going through 🧡. But it’s also important to allowed your self to feel a bit like a “accordion that was pressed together and all air was squeezed out” now and then. It can even be a tiny little challenge in your daily life that squeeze out the air, a challenge that for two months ago you even haven’t felt squeezed for, or felt “down” for at all. But that’s fine, we are living in a very strange and different situation then we did for just two and a half months ago. It’s fine, it’s okay to be and feel “down a bit” even when you are in a “lucky situation” considering the time we are living in, and even the “challenge” that’s put you down are a “luxury problem”. Its still okay to feel a bit “squeezed” and “down”. But I hope you are doing well most of your days 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

I felt a bit “squeezed” yesterday,- and its okay to have a “down day” now and then during this time we all are going through.

Yesterday I felt more and less like ” a accordion that was pressed together and all air was squeezed out”. And it was “just” over a “luxury problem” too, that made me feel like that. But considering the situation we are living in, this more and less 24/7 during 6 weeks curfew, think it’s okay to feel a bit “squeezed” even just because of a “luxury problem”.

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My first born child and oldest son is 26 year today too 💙

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊. I hope all is fine with you during this days, weeks and months we all are going through,- together 🧡

Today it’s 26 year since I became a mammi for the first time,- and it was to a lovely son 💙. He was the sweetest baby I have ever seen 🥰. And I was so proud of him 🥰,- and Im still incredibly proud of him 💙. He has been growing up to be a great young man, an entertainer and with a creative mind, a hard worker man and a dreamer too 💙. And a man who really work, he work hard to reach his dreams,- and he will reach them too,- every one of them,- step by step, little by little 💙.

And,- as you probably know, – at the moment he is living together with me, his mammi,- 5 weeks “on overtime” because of the quarantine and curfew we are living with here in Spain 🌻.

The plan was that he and his friend should live together with me for just some weeks to save up some money, and to find a good and cheap place for them to rent and live, and also a place where there was allowed to have animals. My son has his dog Zorro, and his friend have two cats. Lucky for them the cats and the dog gets along 😊.

My son’s ( and his friend too) plans and wishes was actually to buy a caravan each and start to re- build those, at the same time as they started to “drive on the road” for finding a cheap place to rent, and continue the re- building- process at the caravans there.

Their “dream” are to drive on “a road- trip” “around the world”. Both have jobs that also does this dream possible for them both, actually possible to realise. They can work, earn money and also be on a road- trip and have fun at the same time 😊.

I was not very thrilled over this “caravan- idea” in the beginning. But that’s because I’m his mammi,- and a mammi with some worries about if something should happen with him and so on….. I forgot that he is actually a young adult man 😊. To be honest,- it was mostly my own “selfish” reason that made me feel this not to thrilled over his caravan idea and dreams. So I needed to take a tiny “deep dive” into my self and “analyse” why I wasn’t so thrilled and happy over the caravans idea and dreams. And most of my “analysis” ended up with “it was about me as a mammi for him” and not because I didn’t want him to follow his dreams 😊. Difficult to explain, but I think parents to young adults children actually understand what I mean 😊.

Anyway,- I really don’t want to take this and his dreams away from him,- but I needed to get him to change them a bit. Something I’m really happy for now ( and he too 😊 ) ,- when “suddenly” coronavirus and Covid19 “entered” our life and world. Imagine those two young men “on the road” during this times we are in now 😔. With two unfinished caravans, no place to work at the caravans in a decent way, and on top of that two cats and a dog to take care of too 🙄. And also be living with quarantine and curfew as well. Well,- it didn’t “ended” up like that at all,- phuha 😊.

My suggestion to my son, was to find a cheap place to live first, before they bought any caravans. A place with enough place and space for both the two young men to live and work, and room for “all” their animals as well, and also enough place and space so they could start re- building their caravans in the way they want to have them, and also use time so everything in the caravans and re- building process will be safe.

My son was not to happy over my suggestion in the beginning, but his friend was agree with me. They stopped very fast to look after caravans for sales and the possibility for re- building,- and started to look for their “prefect” place to live at the same time as they could start building up their “road- trip” dreams 😊. And they did find their “perfect” place in the mountains, just one hour driving trip from my home. A small finca with enough place for two young men, two cats and a dog, and it’s cheap as well to rent,- and with a lots of place and space outside for starting re- building two caravans, and without any neighbours they can distribute when they are working with their dreams 😊.

The plan was that they should start moving their things and stuff Sunday 15. March and sleep their first night in their own home Wednesday 18. March. Those plan did change a bit when Spain did “close down” Sunday 15. March. No moving was allowed at all,- and they needed to start to “collect” different papers and promotion to move to “their” home legal as well. Not the easiest job to do when you’re not allowed to move outside the door 24/7 except from in very few and necessary cases.

Now the different “moving- papers” should be in order, and they are allowed to move into their own home. But,- then my son got sick, and the moving- plans needed to change a bit again, at least to the doctors also did allowed it. Because they, my son and his friend will live more and less one hour from the hospital. Not the best distance when he has been at the hospital nearly every morning and afternoon for closely the two last weeks 😊. But,- he is going to have a surgery on Friday now,- and are allowed to move this Saturday, – if everything goes well under and after the surgery 😊.

Now my son, and his friend, will have his/ their own place to live, to work and to start realizing his/ their caravan dreams and road- trip dreams too 😊. And they will have more then enough time to do a good and safe job with the caravans as well as their road- trip plans,- because they will not be allowed to travel very fare with their caravans for a long time 😊.

Spain is slowly going to open up a bit 10. May, and then, slowly, step by step, more and more things will be legal to do 😊. But any caravan trip will not be allowed with the first 😊.

In this case and this situation I’m happy things in away happen the way they has happen for my son,- even that was actually not “the plan” at all, at the same time it seems like the “correct” puzzle- pieces have in a strange way fallen down in the correct places in “the picture”, in my oldest son’s “picture”. Maybe it sounds strange in a time like we all are going through at the moment,- but there are actually some good things too in this “corona- situation”. Some “puzzle- pieces” that fall in the correct places, unfortunately, just because it is a “corona- situation”.

My oldest son will be able to do and follow his dreams, just not in the speed and tempo he had planned, but a bit more slowly and safer tempo instead 💙. Something I know its good, because he can have a bit of a rush when he have got something on his mind, and it’s not always he thinks through things and stuffs to well then 😊.

We haven’t had any birthday- party today, but I did made chocolate- cake, and a plate with some other snacks too, to this two young men, so they have something to “dig into” during the evening and night when they are working 😊.

I’m a incredibly proud mammi for my oldest son, and I love him so much ❤, – and I know he will reach every single goal, dream and wish he puts into his mind 💙.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

My oldest son is 26 years today,- and I have promotion from him to use this photo in my blog 💙.

My oldest son is 26 year today 💙. I’m so proud of him 💙. And I love him so much ❤. And I know he will reach every tiny little goal, dream and wish he have in his mind 💚.

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I made my own cake recipe for my son’s 26th birthday cake 💙🎂

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days, weeks and months we all are going through,- together 🧡

Today my oldest son is 26 years old 💙. It’s 26 year since I became a mammi for the first time in my life 🥰. And to every birthday for all of my 3 children I’m making a chocolate cake with a tasty “coffee- cream” in 🍪. It’s one if their favourite cake 😊.

This year, to my oldest son’s birthday it will be, unfortunately, a tiny little change with the chocolate- cake 🙄. Not because I really want to try something new, but because I didn’t manage to get all the ingredients for the “normal” chocolate cake.

If we haven’t been living in quarantine and with curfew I have probably manage to get all the ingredients, because then I could just try an other store, and an other store until I have got all the correct ingredients. I can’t do that know.

I can’t shop “necessary” food for a living in 4 different food stores. And at the moment I’m not allowed to “run” from store to store for finding the correct ingredients, and just buy the ingredients for the cake,- because they are not “life- necessary” or “necessary” food. It’s also a tiny limit for how much food I need and can buy, as well as actually also be able to save for a longer time. I don’t have unlimited with storage for food, and my son and his friend also have some storage place in my kitchen for their food.

I did try two different food stores, both was empty for the different ingredients I needed to have in the “coffee- cream”,- so then I needed to be a bit creative 😊.

To say I did made my own cake recipe for my son’s birthday cake is a thrut with modification. I did use the “normal” chocolate cake recipe for the cake- base, and did find an other recipe for the cream to have in snd over the cake 😊.

How successful it was, we do not agree, – me and these two young men.  My son and his friend liked the cake and the cake base mix, and the cream of the cake was good and tasty together.  For me it became a little too “powerful”, a little too much. But I’m not the biggest cake- eater in the world either, so I know I can be a bit critical when it comes to cakes 😊.

Do you want to try this “new” mix for our, me and my children’s, traditional birthday cake? I’m not sure what name I should give this cake, so I just call it chocolate cake with butter and vanilla cream. Because that what’s it actually is 🎂.

Homemade Chocolate cake with butter- and vanilla cream 🎂

The cake base:

4 egg whites and 250 grams of sugar are whisked together to the eggnog.

180 g wheat flour, 3 tablespoons cocoa, 2 teaspoons vanilla sugar, 2 teaspoons baking powder.  Mix it all in with the eggnog.

1 1/2 dl water or milk, and 150 g butter, melt together, then mix into the cake batter.

Lubricate a cake mold with butter.  Pour the cake batter into the mold.  Bake the cake at the bottom of the oven at 180 degrees for about 30-45 minutes.

The butter- and vanilla cream:

4 egg yolks, 1 cup cream, 175 grams sugar, 2 teaspoons vanilla sugar, about 150 grams margarine.

Egg yolks, cream and sugar are cooked to a thick cream.  Must be stirred all the time, – elkers burn the cream firmly to the bottom of the pot.  Vanilla sugar is stirred after the pot has been taken off the hob.  Allow the cream to cool slightly before stirring in the butter.  (I also had 1 tablespoon cocoa in the batter).

Divide the cake base in half, spread the cream over one part of the cake base.  Lay the second portion over Spread the rest of the cream on top of the cake.  Feel free to decorate the cake if you wish.

I didn’t even had or find different kinds and types of cake decorations on my food shopping trip,- but lucky for I did had birthday candles in my home, and a bit other chocolate. So I did try to decorate my son’s birthday cake as best as possible with some other chocolate I had in my home 🍫.

I think I’m going to make a new one to him an other day, the “traditional” one, and “stach” it up a bit better with some tiny bit nicer cake decorations. But I think that needs to be in a couple of weeks, or maybe even a month 😊. Hopefully I will manage to find the ingredients and also a bit more cake decorations in the food store at that time 😊.

We do like different things, also cakes 🎂. Maybe you will enjoy this cake a bit better then I did 😊? Any way, – the most important thing was actually that “the birthday- boy” did enjoy the cake,- and he really did 💙.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

Homemade Chocolate cake with butter and vanilla cream, “touched” up with some cacao,- to my oldest son 🎂

It’s not always easy to find all the ingredients I need to bake a cake, or make some food now at days 😊. Special when I can’t “run” from store to store 😊. So today my oldest son got a new “touch” on our homemade, Norwegian and traditional birthday cake,- our favourite chocolate- cake 🎂. To be honest,- this was not one of my favourite cake 😅. But if you want to try it, – you will find the recipe in my post 🎂

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