Like a “moody furie” today 😳😅

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m in a way fine,- but I feel I have been more and less like a very “#moody #furie” today 😅. And I mean,- very. It felt like I had a big grey cloud hanging over my head, and it also was a tiny bit fire and smoke coming out of my ears 😅.

And when I did read a bit about what a “furie” actually is,- I just needed to smile a bit 😅. I really don’t hope I don’t quite was like a real furie, for real I mean 😳😅. I hope it was just a “#feeling” and not a #behaviour too 😳😅.

I’m in general a very #patient person, – actually to patient- to long. It can sounds like a good #property, and pretty much and in general actually it is 😊. But not always, and not in all kind of “settings” and #situations either.

I do #remember my dad, and even a teacher at high school – said I didn’t have any #fuzzy, I just #exploded 💣 💥. And that’s probably a tiny little bit true, – even though I’ve become a lot better at handling “the explosions” now, than when I was 18 years old 😅. And,- the good thing is,- when the “explosion” is over I’m in a bit better mood again 😊. I’m actually not “moody” to long 😊.

Today it was just enough for me with this #internet in my #home,- or to be more correct,- the not #existing internet in my home 😳.

I did #made two #calls to the internet #company today ( its NOT my first calls to the company today, really not..😤…)

The first call I took early this morning, and the next one in the middle of the day, – and then,- when I was back home from my work, – I did pick up the contract, my passport, my Spanish recidencia and went straight to the mobile and internet “shop” and company …. and felt very much like a “furie”on ky way down there. On top of that I needed to stand in line for two hours ! Before it was “my turn”. Imagine how “happy” I was then 💥 (😅). At that point I think the workers and #costumers #service agent should be really happy my Spanish is still a bit “flussy” and not to good 💥 😅. Because I didn’t have a chance to “yell and smell” in Spanish 😅.

Well,- I’m not sure how it will “turn out”-, but I got suddenly one free month. Well,- of course! I have closely not have any internet for a month 😅. I’m not paying for anything I don’t have- that’s for sure. And I got 10 Gm for free on my mobile for 10 days, and suddenly they could fix it so I did have internet on my mobile again too,- my own internet on my own phone 🤔. And for some reason I’m obviously going to get fiber- net. Something the company #promised me a year ago 😳. Hmm….well,- I see what’s happen…. I don’t feel very #comfortable yet that that will happen 🤔. I don’t #believe it before I see it,- this time 🙄.

This 10 Gm is obviously something I can “#share” with my #laptop. But I have not a clue how to do that. But,- it seems that I will get a bit help, tomorrow, from the #techniques that want to learn/ teach me Spanish.

Poor Pablo, – that’s his name. He did texted me earlier today,- and I was #seriously not in the #mood for any #Spanish #texting #lessons at that time- and told/ write him so 😳. Ops,- he did #apologized so many times. It’s not his fault this stupid internet situation in my home,- so when I got back home from the internet company it was my time to apologized to him,- for my “#moodyfurie” #behaviour. And obviously I was “#forgiven” too,- because he asked me if he could help me tomorrow with this “sharing- 10 Gm with my laptop”- thing 😊. And he did texted me in #Norwegian too (Google translate Norwegian) 😅. Poor man 😊. But obviously a #helpful man 😊 (and even a bit forgiven as well,- because, yes,- I really was a “moody furie” today).

It in away doesn’t “stop here”,- my neighbour, – Rafael,- that’s shares a bit of his internet with me, at least to my mobile when I’m in my home did gave me a #easel. Really nice,- and I gave him a hug as a”Thank you”. But the hug last for “5 Mississippi “,- and I m not sure what that means. He didn’t “let me go”. And he did ask me for a roadtrip to Norway in his caravan 😳. I thought he had a girlfriend? But maybe not? 🤔 I actually was so #confused that I did forget to ask him about what his girlfriend would think about a road trip with me in his caravan to Norway 😅.

And,- I don’t #understand how to use the
easel either 😅. But today I don’t think I should try to put it up again, or ask him for helping me either 😅. I know my self,- I’m just going to give him a “thank you for the help”- hug,- and I’m not sure how to handle a maybe some new “5 Mississippi” at the moment 😅.

Hmm…I’m not sure how to use this easel? 🤔 And I’m not sure how to “open” it, or even but it back together again 😅. So I did just put it in a corner for an other day 😊.

Maybe I shouldn’t have made so many “Thanks for loaning Internet – cakes” to Rafael? 🤔 My grandmam always told me that “the way to a man’s #heart goes through his stomach – to make him tasty food” 😅. I did forgot that one 😅. Hmm, – but I’m just #happy to have some internet at my home so I can at least “crank up my blogging a bit” while waiting for internet at my laptop and in my home 😊. And I’m grateful for that, and just want to show that I’m appreciate “the internet help” 😊.

And just in case,- I have of course, my period this week,- so I’m probably a bit “cranky and moody” because of that too 😅. I don’t think it helps on my mood and furie “behaviour” 😅.

By the way, – do you know what “a furie” actually is, or more #correctly was? I didn’t – I have just heard the “#expression”. And I needed to look it up today since I did write “I felt like a furie” 😅.

And to be #honest, – even I was not totally sure if I did like it, the #myth about “a furie”,- it was probably a tiny bit “truth” in it today ,- for my “case” 😅.

Let’s take the short version: A furie actually comes from #Roman #mythologies, but also belongs to #Greek mythology. It’s about female evil spirits who belong to the darkness and the realm of death. They have snake hair, whips and carry flame flares. And they punish those who swear falsely. In that mythology history a furry ensued when #Krosos castrated his father, #Uranus, and cast his genitals on the sea. The blood drops that fell on the earth when the organs were thrown on the sea created the furies. At least three pieces. Certainly some more too.

Hmm….it’s some #fascinating #histories both in the Greek and the Roman #mythology, – that’s for sure 😊.

Anyway,- I’m not so moody and like “a furie” anymore 😊. I’m still not sure if I will get this fiber- net or even internet in my home again, – at least not from the company I’m using now. Time will show. But I’m better in my mood and that’s good 😊, – I’m not sure why,- maybe the nice “English version of my exploded fuzzy” did help a bit at my mood, in the store today? 😊 Anyway, – it’s maybe not so important. As long as I’m not moody and “furie” “all day long” 😅. I like my self a bit better when I’m not like a “moody furie” 😅. But sometimes it’s a bit difficult to just dont be like a “moody furie” 😊.

Do you have some days where you feel like you are a “moody furie” ? With a big grey cloud over your head and a bit smoke and fire in your ears? 😅

In case,- I hope you don’t have to many of them, and that they last to long 😊. “Smiley-days” is a bit more fun and pleasant for both you and the ones around you 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my #blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

“The #moody #furie” today,- born without a “#fuzzy” like my dad said,- with that means “it” can #explode when you least #expect it 😅. But when the “explosion” is over,- it’s also over for a while, and its mostly a big #smile 😊. And maybe it even can comes something good out of the explosion today too? 💥 It’s just to wait and see for me 😅 😊 .

Some tiny changes, suprices and challenges already 😅

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with me 🧡. And I hope the year 2020 so fare has been nice to you 🌞.

I told you I did knew a bit what 2020 would bring and what I could expect, – and I wasn’t wrong either 😉. It has already been some changes, suprices and a tiny bit of challenges too.

Lets take the challenges first 😅.

My challenge is still my internet,- already 1. January that one stopped up again 😳. So I’m back on my neighbour’s internet again. And my own would not be fixed now before 7. January because its weekend and still holydays here in Spain. It’s the Three Holy Kings that’s are “on the way with the gifts” here South in Europe now 🤴🐫.

And then it was a bit changes too. The owner of this ( my) home needed some of the furniture in my bedroom,- lucky for me it was not the bed 😅.

I did make it all ready before I went to work, so it was just for them to drop by and pick it up yesterday 😊. It was just two bed tables and the headboard to the bed ( and two old fashioned TV we/ I didn’t use). I did though I could, of course, manage “to live” without that ones, the bed tables. For the first,- it’s the owner’s things, and I also had some other solution to use as bed tables instead 😊.

But when I come home from work yesterday, after a 10 hours shift, I did “meet” a very nice surprise in my livingroom 😊. A bit chaotic suprices,- but still nice 😊.

It felt a bit “chaotic” to come home yesterday,- but: Look what I “got” from the owner’s of this/my home 🥰. I was very happy and surprised 😊. “New” headboard to my bed, “new” bed tables and also a big “new” commode. Well,- it’s not new,- but it’s new for me 🥰. And yes ….then the “blocked off” internet did also meet me 😔. Still not a nice surprise 😔.

The internet. It makes me incredibly tired to be honest. And I did call the company …. again yesterday ….and a techniques was in my home just 30 minutes after,- in all the furniture chaotic in my livingroom 😊.

Really nice man/ techniques,- but it seems that he felt his “mission” was to teach me Spanish instead of fixing my internet, and I felt his “mission” was and should be to fix my internet 😅.

Anyway,- he couldn’t fix it 😳 ,- and told me someone else is coming to fix it on Tuesday. Monday is a Holyday here and today is a Holyday too 😳. So I just need to be patient, – but it starting to be a bit difficult 🙄. And, – yes,- it does stressing me a bit 😔. I’m a bit tired of that “challenge” now. “On- off, on- off”,- I can’t have it like this,- that’s for sure 🙄.

The techniques asked me out for a coffee or wine if I could and would, so I could practise my Spanish with him 😅. I told him I want my internet back first of all,- and maybe I can consider it after,- if I dont loose my internet anymore 😊. Like I told you,- its seems that he feel it’s his “mission” to teach me Spanish, – for he has starting texting too me….in Spanish 😅. As I said,- he was/ is areally nice man,- but at the moment my mind is more over to get my “online job” “back on track” first of all 😊.

I did reorganize my bedroom yesterday evening too. Put “all” the furniture from the livingroom into my bedroom. Two bed tables, and a very big commode, and a big mirror too. It became really nice,- and a new change in my home 😊. I did like it 😊.

I knew I wouldn’t have time to reorganize after work today, because I had promise my son in the middle to help him to move some furniture in his apartment 😊. And I’m a little bit tired,- I have been working 10 hours shift since 23.12.19 😊,- but of course, I have had the Norwegian Christmas-holydays off 😊.

I really like my new job,- but I still get tired after 10 hours at work. I think that’s “allowed” 😊.

And,- yes,- of course, my daughter manage to lock her self out from her apartment today,- “just in case” 😅. That’s a challenge,- to get back in without the keys. Lucky for her,- her boyfriend had the extra keys to her apartment 😊.

So,- yes,- it’s just 3 days in the new year. The challenge is still my internet, the changes are “new”, and I thought a bit cool too, furniture in my bedroom, and the nice surprises was the “new” furniture, – special because I haven’t expected that 😊.

Do you have had some nice surprises, small challenges or tiny changes in your life so fare in the new year? It doesn’t needs to be “big” things always, – it’s the “small” things that are the daily life 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

And ps- here you can take a tiny “look” at my “new” decorated” bedroom 😊.

A happy, but tired me after a some hours at work (read 10), a tiny “challenge”, a very nice suprice and a cool and pleasant change in my home 😊. A little bit of “this and that”,- something that’s very normal in the daily life 😊.

Welcome you dear and unknown 2020 🧡 🎊 🌟

Happy New Year,- I hope you had a marvellous start on 2020 🧡

Imagen that,- we have now turn into a new year, and the magic number is 2020 🎆,- and it is a lots of magic in front of us too 🎊.

The hours, days, weeks and months are in front of us like blank canvas – so let’s color it with happy colors to the best of our ability 🧡.

I have no idea what this year will bring me,- at the same time I actually do know a couple of things about 2020, and what I can except me from this bright new year 😊 ,- and I’m looking forward to meet 2020 🌞.

I know it will be some changes,- but I have no idea what kind of changes it will be. But what I do know it’s always a change or two in life 😊. And I hope this will be some good and positive once 💛.

I know it will be some challenges,- but I don’t know what kind of challenges that will shows up. The best is to just try to handle them as best as possible when they’re showing up. It will probably not always be easy,- but that’s a part of life too. So it’s a bit good to try to be an realistic optimist 😊. Challenges will come,- that’s also for sure 😊. But I hope there will be very few of them, and that they are a bit nice and kind too 😊.

There will be a lots of new knowledge as well 😊. I know I’m going to have more training in my new job in a couple of weeks,- learn more, get more knowledge and get more responsibility.

There will also be new knowledge to learn about myself, about my life, about the days, and different experiences I meet “on my way” 😊.

And probably there will be a bit more Spanish knowledge in my life too this year, – at least in the language area, I hope 📚.

There will comes a lots of different opportunities, as well as possibilities, together with new experiences 😊. I dont know what kind yet,- just know it will comes 😊. And there will shows up some nice surprises too,- even I have not a clue what they are at the moment 😊.

And there will be a lots of great moments and many good memories 🥰.

I also know there will come a couple of friends from Norway to visit me as we during this year 😊.

That’s what I know about 2020,- and that’s actually quite a bit, – at the same time so little and so secretively 💛.

There will be colours and new blank canvas. There will be tears and happiness, smile and laughter 😊.

There will be plans that are changing, – there will be dreams, hopes and wishes too. And there will be different kinds of goals to reach,- some small and some bigger one 🧡.

Yes, – 2020 is a year I’m looking forward to meet,- and it’s a bit to look forward too🥰. I think it will be a nice year 💛. A year with some unexpected changes and some different challenges. A year with new knowledge and some unopened opportunities and possibilities. A year with different plans and goals, dreams, wishes and hope, and different new experiences too. A year with many great moments and a lots of good memories 🧡. That’s what I know about 2020 😊.

Do you have anything special to look forward to in 2020? 😊

Maybe some special changes on the way, or challenges you know will drop by? Or new knowledge and exacting opportunities, new possibility in one or an other way, or some different plans you are going to do? 😊

I hope you are looking forward to meet 2020 with all the nice surprises the year will give you 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. I hope your first day in this year is amazing 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

I wish you all a Happy New Year with a touch of the colours from Spain the 1. January 2020 🧡. It’s a total blank canvas lying there in front of us here, – so let’s color it in happy colors to the best of our ability 🧡. I have no idea what colours that will be used in my life, but I know a bit what I can expect from 2020,- do your? 😊.

Thank you, and Good Bye 2019 🧡

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It’s soon time to say “Thank you and Goodbye” to #2019,- and make a big, great space to 2020 😊. And it’s feel good,- I’m ready to say “Thank you and Goodbye 2019”,- are you? 😊

I didn’t think I was going to say “Thank you”, – just “Goodbye” to this year,- but even it has been a #challenge year I still have so much to be Thankful for too 🧡. And it’s feel better to turn the #focus to the good things, and be #thankful for them, as well as see what the challenges also have has helped to make me be #grateful for this year that is soon over 😊.

It’s not many “topheadlines” to brag over this year 😅,- but there are “headlines” I’m still grateful for 🧡.

It’s not always easy to see “the #mission” to the different challenges we meet in #life,- and I need to admit that I don’t see some of the challenges I have met this year and what kind of “mission” they had or have. But probably they had and have a kind of mission 😊. Special if I choose to look at it in that way 😊.

I remember 1. January this year,- I was so ready to just “#embrace” “it all”,- and did actually “ask” the year and the #universe to” just bring it on”. I have regret that one a couple of times 😅. I didn’t mean it “that way” ,- sweetie 😅,- but okay,- I’m not going to be so #brave tomorrow that’s for sure. I’m going to take small steps, and just whisper easy and nicely “you are very #welcome #2020”,- and just start “moving slowly” and see what the year and life #brings me 😊. And then “embrace” “it” as best as I can 😊.

The first 6 months was very challenging when it comes to work and regular income. And I did a job I didn’t like very much at my home,- but I even like the thought of not have a home and food on the table less 😊. So I #manage to do “what I needed to do ” with a bit of help from the sideline 😊.

In April I was starting “to fall seriously apart”,- but Natasja and an other friend of my, independent from each other, but both lives in Spain, did put me and “glue” me “slowly” together again 🧡. Something I am very, very grateful for 🧡.

And I did starting #blogging #seriously and regular in April 😊. But not to much about “the falling apart”- part,- I did changed my focus as best as I could in my textes 😊. It was not always easy, – but I at least did try 😊. And I did manage to #expose my self more than I have #imagine I had the courage to do 😊.

ECCO Multi-Vent - 100% vanntett og pustende.

In July I got another job,- something I was very grateful for. I didn’t feel very comfortable in the new job,- but I was grateful for starting on and with something else then I did work with at my home 😊. And it was regular income and regular working hours. And this job gave me the possibility and the the #courage I needed to look for other and #new #opportunities, and also to send my resume to others companies again 😊. So the ice-cubes I did feel in my stomach every day and every time the phone ring at my last job slowly did melt and became to water,- and gave the possibility for something else to grow 😊.

This job teach me many things, both about my self, about different #possibility in life, making new #plans, and of course also about “the subject” I did work with, as a costumer support for 😊. I have already forgot a bit about that,- but that’s just because I was not interested in “the subject” at all,- I was just interested in a regular job with a regular income,a and get myself and my life “back on track” 😊. And I met some great people at this working place too,- and some are even become my #friends 😊.

ECCO Multi-Vent - 100% vanntett og pustende.

I actually did think that “this year- 2019” was the year I was going to #change my “#status” from “#single” to “have a boyfriend”, be in a “#relationship” 😅. But that didn’t happen, – and probably it should be that way too. I don’t have any expectations for a relationship and a boyfriend this year. Not yet at least. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to have a boyfriend, meet someone special and be in a relationship,- it just mean that I’m not going to “run” after someone. I’m not going to use my time one some that don’t want to use their time with or on me,- or don’t “see” the “concept” “me” 😊. But you never know what tomorrow will bring,- thing can change, – we all have been learned that after some years of #living 😊.

My daughter moved out this autumn, and suddenly I did live on my own for the first time for 25 years 😊. I’m not sure how to “embrace” that new concept in my life yet either,- but I will probably find my way,- little by little, step by step 😊. It’s still very, very new for me to just have the #responsibility for only and just me 😊.

We and I have had lots of great guests this year too, – but the “topheadline” here are when my #family did come in October 🥰. It was so incredible good and great to see my mammi again, my youngest sister and two of my nieces 🥰.

I got a new job this December, and have already been working in my new job for closely 2 weeks now. I have had the responsibility for “the line in Norway” totally on my own the last week. That feels a bit scary, but also very good that they, the #company Im working for actually see the #value in my and my #knowledge 😊. I’m not just grateful for this job, but Im also #happy in it 🥰.

“The bump” suddenly and surprising did contacted me after 6 years of “silence”. I’m not sure what “the bump” wanted, except from “to drink a coffee” together with me. I didn’t answer “the bump”. I don’t have anything to say to “the bump”,- special not good things. And I did try to remember some “bright lights” from that relationship,- it’s a couple of small ones,- but all in all,- I did find out that from now on I want to manage my life without to much “remembering” and “memorizing” the time with “the bump” anymore. It did #effect me,-yes,- but I don’t need to let it effects me anymore 😊. It is what it is,- it was what it was 😊.

#Health, is a “fresh product”, both #physical and #mental that’s for sure, and something I really have recognized in different forms, shapes and areas this year 😊. The health needs to be taken care of as a fresh product too,- both physical and mental. It’s not always easy, – but as older I get as more important it is to take care of the physical health with different kinds of exercises 😊. And the mental health too,- it’s not always easy “to turn the focus”,- but as more I do “exercise” on this one too, as better and brighter my mind becomes,- and my life as well 😊.

I’m not looking forward to start with the workout and exercises again. I have been a bit lazy the last 3 months. I know it will be hard 😳,- but I also know it will be worth it 🤸‍♀️ 😊. The health is a fresh product,- both physical and mental,- and needs to be taken care of like that too 😊. (Its good that most fresh product has a “best before date”, and just not an “expired on date” date,- then it’s always a possibility to use the fresh products wisely, you know 😊 )

I don’t take the chance to think, believe or say “this year” going to better then the last year,- I have done that a couple of times- it didn’t work out very well 😅. But I’m looking forward to a new year, new possibility, new opportunities and new experiences,- and get a bit more knowledge as well 🧡.

And I’m not going to eat this 12 grapes either- it didn’t help that one either for “a great new year”, like ” the best one so fare and ever” 😅. Besides, I just stuck the grapes to my throat 😅,- you have to swallow one and one grape so fast before the clock turns to 24.00, and a new year is starting 😅.

Im not going to ask you any questions about your 2019 today,- but I hope you can look back at 2019 with a lots new experiences, with thankfulness, happiness and joy 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. This last day in 2019 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

#Thankyou #2019 😊,- for the #good #times and for the different “#lessons in #life” 🧡. I still dont understand them all,- but they had and have probably a good #mission 😊. Goodbye 2019,- it was actually #great to #meet you,- but it’s also #good to #leave you #behind 😊.

My “headlines” in Spain 😊 (so fare 😊)

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Headlines in the news are often a bit dramatic so they get as much attention as possible 😊. A bit drama sells you know 😊.

My #headlines in #Spain are in general not very #dramatic at all,- and some of the dramatic headlines in my life from Spain you already do know 😊.

So today,- it will be more and less about “my good headlines in Spain” 😊. It is a bit important to focus on “the good headlines”,- for me at least, – because it’s more then enough “not to good headlines” to #choose by if we want 😊.

I feel I in a way have been #living to separate and different life,- one in #Norway and now another one in Spain. Then it’s also most natural for me to #focus on the life here in Spain in my #blog,- its here I’m now, also where my life is 😊.

In between this 2 life there’s a big, dark, heavy beam that separates them. The beam is the period with “the bump”.

“The bump” did effect my life very negative, both “the end” of my life in Norway as well as “the beginning” of my life in #Spain. The effects has been emotional, economic and challenged. But I don’t want “the bump” and “the bump”‘s acts and actions to effect me and my life anymore. It’s not easy,- but I hope I will #manage to do it when we now turn into a new year, even into a new 10 years 😊.

I did think I was going to be able to write and tell you a bit more about “the bump” and the time and the life with “the bump”, and how “it all” has effects me and my life,- but I’m not. And then it’s better “to let go”,- and hopefully I will #manage exactly that- “to let go” and “create” something new and good “out of it all” instead 😊. I need to admit that has been a bit #challenged,- but my goal is to change this now 😊.

So over to a “short cut” over my headlines in Spain (so fare 😊) :

Dropped of in Spain : (Aug 2013)

It was not a very pleasant experience to be just dropped off in Spain,- and it was, unfortunately, not just to take “a turn back to Norway ” either when I did “recognized” “the drop off”.

But,- I need to admit that is was probably the best to be just “dropped off here in Spain”,- because I’m not sure if I have managed to “move out” from that relationship from “the bump” on my own, if we had continue living in Norway. Not because it was so great,- but because of the totally opposite reasons. It was to difficult, and it was to difficult to manage the life, my life in that relationship 😔.


Sounds maybe strange,- because the life in Spain hasn’t actually been an easy “roadtrip” either,- but it has probably made me stronger 😊. And I have smile and laugh much more here then my last year in Norway,- that’s for sure 😊. And theres many different things I haven’t “experienced” if I haven’t been dropped off in Spain- that’s for sure too 😊.

The ECONOMI has been a #challenge,- for different #reasons,- and my toughest challenge indeed. The salary has, unfortunately, not been higher for every year I has been working here in Spain. It’s actually the opposite. The #salary and income has been lower and lower for every year,- even I have been working as much as I could. So the #economic has been my biggest challenge during this years here in Spain. “A negative headline”. And actually nothing to #brag about or put as a “good, big headline”,- but it has been a big part of the trip and travel in life so fare. But probably the “thing” I so fare can’t define as a “good and positive” thing. It is what it is,- and have on it’s own way #teach me a bit of and about the #life.

And when it comes to WORK I have done more different #work during the 6 years here in Spain then over the 20 gainfully employed I did in Norway. And I have #learned a lot,- by #working in different working- #situations as well as do different kind of work to “#survive”. Something that also means I have learned a bit about myself too 😊. And have a bit more to “put” on my resume, if I need that one day too 😊. And I have met so many great people in my different job- #relations,- both as a private teacher, in the homenursery, as a costumer consulent and as a writer, and a bit more 😊.

It was not the easiest thing in the world either, to find and build a HOME to my children and me in Spain either. The rental- situation is different here then from Norway. And the first year we did live in 3 different places before we find the fourth one,- the townhouse, the #home we are/ I’m #living in now 😊. So we has been #incredibly #lucky and been able to live in the same house and home for five years so fare 🥰. And I hope it can be a couple of more years too. This is and feels so much like my home 🏡.

New FRIENDSHIP has also been #growing up this years in Spain 😊. I have met some #great #people, and some of them are become very, very good #friends too 😊.

And then it is my “kinderegg”, “my person”, – I have never met Natasja if I haven’t been “dropped off in Spain” 🥰. Secretly I call her “my kinderegg”. Kinderegg, the real egg, the original ones with a in general a nice surprise inside, is one of my favourite chocolate 🍫. I did eat one kinderegg everyday when I was pregnant with my daughter 😅. I don’t eat so many here in Spain because they are a bit expensive,- but that’s not a problem, – there’s a lots of other good and tasty #chocolate I do eat instead 😊.

So why do I call Natasja for “my kinderegg”? Well,- like I told you,- kinderegg is one of my favourite chocolates. But only the original ones! 😊 She is very original- just one of a kind (like all of us actually are 😅). And she is sweet and mild as the with chocolate in the kinderegg, at the same time as she is totally honest and so directly as the dark chocolate in the kinderegg 😊. And, – she has always a nice surprise hidden somewhere,- it can be a physically or mentally surprise 😊. I’m not good to let people get to close “to me”,- bit she did.

So,- yes,- Natasja means something very #special for me 🥰. It’s actually a bit difficult to explain, – but it’s not to important to #explain either 😊. She knows, and that’s actually the most #important for me 😊.

When that’s said – all my “new” friends I have met during the years in Spain, the people and persons I feel I can call friends, feel #comfortable to be together with, and feel comfortable to call friends, means something special for me,- just in a bit other way 🧡. And I haven’t met anyone of them either if I haven’t been “dropped off in Spain” 😊.

Then it’s my CHILDREN, –well,they will always be “the top headline in my life” no matter if I’m living in Spain, Norway or an other country ❤. And I’m so incredibly lucky to have them all 3 around me here in Spain. At the moment – we never know what the future will bring 🧡.

And we have had a lots of nice and pleasant GUESTS from Norway during this years 🌞. Friends that I had closely lost all the #contact with when we did live in Norway, I now have even more and better contact with them then before 🥰. And some are coming once, twice or even three times for #visiting during a year 🧡. And my #FAMILY in Norway dropping by here in Spain now and then too,- and I really #love it when they do 🧡.

Writing, painting, blogging and work out/ exercising :

I did have a pleasant time with my #writing, #knitting and #painting before I met “the bump”. But the more and less 3 years we was together I closely didn’t use any time of my time on this things.

But after the time with “the bump” and “my life in Spain” started this has even given me more #joy and #happiness, a real “#timeout” then even before “the bump” “bumped” into my life 😊.

And,- the #blogging,- I can’t even #imagine that I should have done something like that before, in the relation with “the bump” 😊. Or have so much joy and happiness with exercising 🤸‍♀️. ( okay- the exercising has been a bit “low down” the 3 last months- but that’s going to change next year 😊. Then I’m “back on track” again😁).

So,- all in all I will and can say that it was probably the best for both me and my children to be “dropped off in Spain” 😊. #Life did #change a bit, and in a way to the better, but in a very strange way,- and there’s a lots of more place and space to many more pleasant, good, great and nice surprises and changes in life by choosing to moving forward 🧡.

I can and will not say that #moving to Spain, or be “dropped off in Spain” is the best that has happened to me and in my life so fare. I’m not there yet,- but maybe and hopefully I will be there and came there too one day 🥰. What I can say,- it was the best to be dropped off in Spain then continue in a relationship I haven’t had the guts to end on my own in Norway, – that’s for sure.

What I also can say,- all in all,- so fare I like my “good headlines in my life in Spain” 🥰. They have in their own way teach my a lot 😊.

What is yours favourite “headlines” in your life so fare? Is it a headline you never did excepted to come? 😊

I hope your headlines so fare are filled up with joy and happiness, and makes you smile when you think about them 🥰.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

To be “dropped off in Spain ” is still not my #best #headline in my #life,- at the same time,- probably the best that could had happen to me at that time in my life 😊. I’m still not there where I can say “it was the best that have #happen to my in my life”. But it has so far been a very #pleasant #experience and “travel in life” with some very “#good headlines in” too 😊.

Christmas- cakes and cookies “delivery” 🎄😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you,- this last day before Christmas 💝

All is fine here 😊. I’m more and less ready for tomorrow’s #celebration and I have also been “#delivered” Christmas cakes and cookies to my two youngest children today 🥰. And tomorrow it’s a #Christmas visit to my oldest one with some homemade Christmas cakes and cookies too, – and a couple of “elf- socks” to both,- my son and his fiance 🥰.

I’m actually so #lucky that I’m #working at the same place as my two youngest #children 🥰. So it was a bit easy to give them the cakes and cookies today. I just did put them on their working- desks before they came to #work today 😊.

It’s not sure my children feel their are as lucky as I’m feeling about working at the same place as them 😅. But they “allowed” me to hug them when I see them,- so #hopefully they dont mind it to much to have their #mammi around in the building 😊.

We are anyway not working for the same company,- and not even always at the same time, or in the same “office” areal,- we are just in the same building 😊. I don’t even see them every day, – but when I do,- I always need to #kiss them a bit and give them a #hug 😊. They are probably so use to it, my hugging and kissing, that maybe they don’t even give it to much thoughts at all 😊.

I feel very lucky so have this #opportunity to be able to be so much “around” my children and still be able to have “my life” as well as they live their own life in their own places 😊. It’s not for everyone to have it like this when their children are young adults and growing up and “out of the home” 😊.

But I have also #learned something about being a mammi to young adults children that’s starts their life on their own lately. Something I didn’t gave to many thoughts around and about when I was young adult and started to live my life on my own,- and what probably my mammi did felt as well (even maybe my daddy did felt it too… ) 🧡. This feeling of being “useless” for my children, and that they in away don’t need me anymore.

Now I do #understand my mammi,- and the #feeling she must have had when I should “do it all on my own” when I was a young adult growing up and out from the home 😊. And I did even more understood it when I did started to ask her for some #advice again,- and understood how happy she actually was just because of some questions and daily advice I needed from her,- like for example “how I should tine up the swine-rib to Christmas ? In the fridge or at the kitchen counter?” 🧡. Or when I did send her the photo of the Dronning Maud pudding I did made yesterday 😊. A tiny little question and a tiny little photo that still gave my mammi the feeling that I need her in my life, and wanted to share a bit from my life with her 🧡. And of course I need her in my life- she is my mammi 🧡.

It’s the same for me when my children ask me for help or advice, or share a tiny bit with me from their life ,- I feel useful for them. They still do need me a bit in their young adult life 🧡. And I really, really #love to hear them #call me “mammi” ,- even they have done it all their life, and actually never called me anything else then “mammi” ,- its still like #music 🎵🎶 in my ears when I hear they say “mammi” to me 🥰.

I think maybe I needed to be “there in my own life” as a mammi to young adults children who are starting their life on their own, before I do and did understand the “#mammiconcept” and different feelings about and around having grown up children.

And I also did get an other understanding for my mammi’s feelings too. It’s a bit different then having small children or teenagers in the home, then to have young adult children that not lives at home anymore. But it’s also difficult to understand “the concept” before you actually are there 😊.

I know that I’m going to “use” my mammi a bit more in my life- like ask her for different advice when I need it in my daily life 🧡. Or just tell her small daily happenings in my life with a photo or two. The “including” don’t even need to be “big and important”,- I just know that it still will give my mammi a feeling of being #involved and #included in my and our life 🧡. And I know that that’s a pretty good feeling to feel as a mammi,- because I know how it is for my self in the “mammi- concept” to young adults children now.

So a tiny easy advice to young adults children and to the parents to their parents too,- ask for a advice now and then, come with some questions, share a tiny bit of your life- it doesn’t take to much actually for a parent, a mammi and a daddy to feel included and involved in your life 😊. “We”/ the parents, just need a tiny bit of this feeling that we in a way are still “useful” and needed” in our children’s life, our grown up children 🧡. That makes us actually a bit happy as a parent to our adult children 😊.

I’m very #grateful for a lots of different things,- like be able to give and deliver Christmas cakes and cookies to my children, hug them and kiss them, and hear them call me “mammi” 🥰. And I’m also grateful for starting a tiny bit to understand the “mammi- concept” to my young adults children who are growing up and out, and into their own adult life 🧡.

Like I did #mention,- I just still need to feel a bit “#useful” in their life,- and that’s actually so very easy to be, it’s just some tiny questions and asking for some small advice ,- and yes,- also still be able to kiss and hug them even they are young adults. And maybe even make and bake some Christmas cakes and cookies to them as well 🥰.

Children or not, parents or not,- I hope you are looking forward to the Christmas- evening with #joy and #happiness 💖.

And,- I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my #blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

The Christmas cakes and cookies are ready for “delivering” to my #children 😊. And slowly I do #understand a bit more about this “#mammiconcept” to young adults #children and still feel a bit “useful” as a #mammi in their #life 😊. Good thoughts to you all- this evening before Christmas 💝.

“Mamma Mia”- me and my daughter’s movie 🥰

Hi ❣It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

In between #baking and #working this weekend I did have a longer break and #watch the movie “#MammaMia”. I really like this movie,- it makes me #smile 😊. I like the #story, I like the #actors and I like the #music 🎵🎶

This is me and my daughter’s movie 🥰 I’m not sure how many times we have watch it,- and we are probably going to watch it a couple of more times too together 😊. I was very close to give her a call and ask her to come “home” to me and watch it together with me,- but she is busy this weekend with her work. It was actually the first time I did watch it without out her,- and it was a bit strange,- but I did still have a great time with watching it 😊. And I did still smile and #enjoyed it 😊.

We did even bought the CD to the movie so we could listen to the music it in the car 🚗 🎶.

I have also a favourite together with my son in the middle, Fabian, – “Lilo and Stitch”,- and #Elvis. That was “our” music in the car, and “our movie together” at home,- and we did also have “our” own #CD in the car with music from the movie/ serie,- a CD with songs by Elvis The King 🚙 🎶.

Fabian also did like “The Teletubbies”,- and he like them so much that he had a teddy bear and a #costume he did wear as soon as he got the possibility. I don’t remember the name of his favourite at the moment, – but it was the red teletubbies that was his favourite. The Teletubbies he did watch at #home, and not always together with me.

Anyway,- “our” #cartoon together was “Lilo and Stitch”. It’s a tiny different between what he wanted to watch alone and what he really, really wanted to watch together with me. “Lilo and Stitch” was something that was very #important that the #mammi was watching too together with him 🥰. And I did like the music to the cartoons,- the cartoons was okay too,- but the music was best for me as an adult 🎶🎵.

My oldest favourite that I was watching together with him was “Tom and Jerry”. He did really like “Tom and Jerry”, he could wake up 03.00 in the night and ask me about watching “Tom and Jerry”😅. That didn’t happen- in the night we are sleeping. He was #laughing every time at the same things from the cartoons no matter how many times we did watch the #cartoons 😅. But there was not very much music to “#collect” from this cartoon- series 🐀 🐾. It was not so important for him any way. He was never “into” music either,- not in the same way me and the to youngest of my was and still are 😊. He just listen to what ever I was listen to 😊.

It’s so great to have this #memories, – with or without the music 🥰.

It’s 3 and 3, 5 years between my children,- and a lots of things in “the technology industry and world” has happen between every of my children. My oldest did watch more VHS when he was a young little boy. And him and me did watch “Tom and Jerry” at VHS together 🥰.

My son in the middle,- then it’s was very normal with the DVD. And we did watch DVD together,- but we was also at the #cinema and watch the movie “Lilo and Stitch”, but at that time it was my oldest, my son in the middle and me that was at the cinema together. The DVD at home was just my son in the middle and me. It was “our time” when we did watch “Lilo and Stitch” at home 🥰.

And when my daughter was in the same age they could watch cartoons all the day at the television on different channels. So it was not so “#special” anymore to watch a #specific cartoon together. Maybe mainly because I didn’t have a clue anymore what, when and where to watch a cartoon series together with my children? They had actually more “control” over the cartoons on the TV then me 😅.

That’s also one of the reason why the movie “Mamma Mia” became “our” movie, me and my daughter’s favourite movie together, because this was the first movie we did watch just us two together at the cinema. No big brothers wanted to join us at that time to this movie 😊. And of course we did buy the DVD so we could #enjoy it #together now and then at home too 🥰. Just us two,- like I had enjoyed “alone- movie- time” together with my sons when they was small children too 😊.

As some of you already know,- I was “dropped off in #Spain” something that also means that all our things, me and my children’s things, was back there in #Norway and in the house I/ we did live together with “the bump”. Also the movie “Mamma Mia” was in that house. And we had a good movie- collection me and my children 😊. Because as you also maybe know or do remember,- in the weekends we, me and my children, when we did live together on the Prairie, had one evening with a movie or two, and another evening with playing Buzz together 😊.

Most of our things “the bump” put out in a garage so my two brothers in law could pick them up there. As you know,- I was in Spain, and had no contact with “the bump”,- but one of my sister and her partner did live very close by,- and could help me with collecting our stuff. And my brother in law contact “the bump” about our stuff so they could pick them up for me 🥰. But “the bump” didn’t put it “all” in the garage ,- special not the things that had some kind of #value for me, and “the bump” knew what things that had some kind of value for me too 🙄. And one of those things was the DVD “Mamma Mia”. I got a lots of other movies back, but not this one. He couldn’t stand it when me and my daughter spent time together and watch the movie,- so just #imagine how happy I was on Friday- this Friday,- when I did find “Mamma Mia” on a DVD for #sale to 1,50 euro 🥰. And of course I did bought it too 😁.

This movie is a bit more then just a movie for me and for us,- it’s also about #memories 🥰. Good memories from our time at the Prairie 🥰.

It was a couple of other things “The bump” couldn’t stand,- like when I was taking in the phone with my oldest son. At that time my oldest son was living and studying in the north north of Norway very fare away from our hometown in Norway. So it was easiest to be in contact by the phone,- this was just an #reflection on the sidelines of today’s #content in my #post – but at the same time it #belongs in a way. Because for me this movie “Mamma Mia ” has a kind of #sentimental value as well. Sentimental value for good memories,- and then it’s a bit #natural that some not to good memories are “popping up” too.

Anyway,- I’m so #happy that I did find this movie on Friday 🥰. And it was so #great to watch it again too 😊.

Often when I watch a movie I can #recognize myself in the film’s content, action, #characters or other things, like maybe also ethic and moral too. This time,- I just enjoyed the movie, the music and all the good memories and #feelings it gave me 🥰.

Of course I can recognize myself in some of the characters,- like the character to Meryl Streep in the movie,- single mammi, lack of money, try her best to “survive” in an other country and raise her child on her own too 😊. But at the same time,- it’s a couple of differences between her character in the movie and my life too 😊. But like I mention, – this time I just did enjoy the movie and the great feeling the story and the music gave me 🥰.

So a movie can sometimes be a bit more then “just a movie”,- sometimes there are different memories and values around it too, from the daily life 😊. Like “Mamma Mia” has for me and my daughter, – it’s good memories, – it’s a bit “mammi and daughter- memories” 🥰. And then this memories brings out other memories as well,- and for me, this time, it was actually mostly good memories together with my children 🥰. And that feels and felt so #incredibly great 🧡. Special because not to good memories have a bad habit to drop by now and then too 😅.

Do you have any favourite movie or movies? A movie or movies that brings and gives you a bit more then just a good story? 😊

I have more then one, – but today for me it was and is “Mamma Mia”,- and I’m still #smiling after watching it, and I’m feeling great 😊. I did even find the CD so I can listen to the music later today when I’m making the dessert for the Christmas- evening 🥰.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my #blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

I really like this #movie, “#MammaMia”,- and it’s me and my daughter’s movie and one of our #favourite too 🥰. I like the #story, I like the #actors and I like the #music,- and this time I even more like the #good #memories and the #great #feeling to watch this movie this weekend did gave me 🥰. It makes and made me #smile 😊.