An amazing day I will remember for the rest of my life 🥰 💙

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Today it’s 23 year since I became a mammi for my son in the middle 💙. Imagine, – he is already 23 years old. A young and wonderful man 🥰. My son, my love, my proud, and one of my three most valuable treasures in my life ❤.

This year I have no possibility to celebrate his birthday together with him, and no possibility to bake his favourite chocolate cake 🎂. And this is actually “just” the second time in our life we are not together at his birthday.

This year he is in Norway, and he’s probably going to be there for a tiny little while too. The coronavirus is one of the main reason why we are not together this year. The coronavirus is one of the reasons for many not to good things in the world at the moment.

I really miss my son in the middle. I miss him every single day, but maybe a bit more today then other days 💙. And I have no idea when I’m going to see him again,- but I know it will not be this year 😔.

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I still remember the moment I got him at my stomach after giving birth to him. A lovely little boy, so sweet, so wonderful, and I couldn’t stop hugging him, and kissing him, and looking at him 🥰. My oldest son was so proud too, he was suddenly a big brother to a little brother. And those two boys became very good friends as well, when they did grow up 😊. And they did many different things together at the same time as they had different interests and areas where they had their own friends and hobbies 😊.

I was a bit worried that my son in the middle and my daughter never should be friends at all,- but they are the best friends now 🥰. All the time when we have been living in Spain he has looking after his little sister as the most precious treasure 😍. Even when it came to my daughter’s boyfriends he has been very critical for who was good enough for his little sister 😅. So critical that ny daughter not always wanted him meet her boyfriend 😅.

And for some weeks ago, when I did help my daughter to move to her own apartment (and her boyfriend’s apartment too), my daughter told me that my children have already created a tiny bit of “taking care and looking after mammi- plan”. A plan for who is going to do what and when, and take care of me and look after me when I’m going to be older, so old that I will need a bit more help from them. A plan that was my son in the middle’s idea 🥰. Imagine that, my amazing children have already thought about my “older days”.

I was so impressed and so filled up with even more love for my children at that moment ❤. And I think my daughter told me this when I was driving the car so I shouldn’t start crying. But I did start cry, at the same time I needed to be calm down,- because I had some very valuable with me in my car,- my daughter 🧡.

I’m always going to remember that day my son in the middle was born (as well as I’m always going to remember the two other days I became a mammi for my oldest son and my daughter.) There are some days in life, so incredibly special that it’s not possible to forget them. And this day, 23 years ago, is just a day like that 🥰. My son in the middle’s birthday 💙.

He was a lovely baby and a charming child. He has been an incredible easy teenager too. Of course he did a couple of things and stuffs he shouldn’t do, but who hasn’t done that? 😊

He is a young and fantastic man now, and he have some goals in life he want, wish and work for to reach. And I know he will reach them all, but in his own way 😊.

I have been so lucky that I have been living together with my son in the middle for some time this year,- and had the possibility and pleasure to see what a great young and responsible young man he is. He did help out as good as he could, at the same time as he did enjoy the time to have his mammi around him for taking care of him too. For a maybe last time.

We have even been working together at the same office this year, even had home office together for a while 😊. And we did drive together to work this summer, closely every day 🚗.

I have been so lucky, I have so much to be grateful for ❤. It’s not for all and every parent to spend time like this together with their young adults children 💙.

I wish him all the best for his 23 years birthday, and I hope he have an fantastic and fabulous time together with his friend and family “up there in the north ” 🎂🎁💙.

I wish him all the best in life, both in work and love, knowledge and experiences 🧡. And as his mammi I actually haven’t strong enough words to describe who much I love him,- unconditional ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊.

Me and my son in the middle at the airport in Malaga/ Spain the day he did travel to Norway- 07.09.2020. ( and yes I’m allowed to use the photo in my blog 😊).

Today it’s 23 year since I became a mammi for my son in the middle 💙. A day I’m going to remember “forever”, an amazing day 🥰. I’m so proud of him, and I’m so incredibly grateful for being his mammi, mammi to the best son in the middle in the world 🥰. My love to him is unconditional ❤. I wish him all the best, must all his good dreams and wishes be fulfilled 💙❤

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Being introverted does not mean loneliness or depression 🍀🧡

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

We all people have different personalities and are different personalities,- and it doesn’t mean that one is more correct or better then an other one. It just means different and differences 😊. And that is actually a very good thing, that we all are not similar 😊. I think it could be very boring if we all was similar 🥴.

I know I’m introvert, but I’m also a bit extrovert, but my personality is probably more introvert,- and it’s actually nothing wrong with that even some think so. For me it is a very good and positive thing,- it’s just a bit annoying when other people want to tell me how I am. Like for example that I’m afraid of people, questions about depression, wants to drag me out for parties or walks when I don’t want to, because they think it’s good for me, and so on. I think I know what’s best for me myself 😉.

I like my own company, and I boosting my energy when I use my time in my own company. And then I have also more energy to other people around me, and they actually give me even more energy when I spend time with them then. But not before I have boosted my energy with my own company first 😊.

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For me to be introverted means I need time alone. Be alone, and have no people around me for a while. I really need my time alone without any one around me. It doesn’t mean I’m lonely or feel lonesome, or have any kind of depression. For me it is the best way to actually get new energy. And to be honest, I really enjoying my own company,- did I mention that 😉. For how long time I need to be alone, it depends on the different settings and situations I have been in.

In general I’m not bored, I have different things and stuffs to do. Like write, paint, work, knit or watch a movie or series, or read a book. I’m a creative soul, so in general I normally find something to do 😊. I even like to exercise alone 🤸‍♀️.

For me, being introverted means that I get energy from my inner life, through thoughts, reflections and various decisions, as well as doing creative things.  I do not dig into negative thoughts, but try to make plans, find solutions. I think best in my own company, and I find the best solutions in my own company. It also give me the possibility to pay attention to other people’s feelings around when I have used some time just for me. And some I do care about, others I try to ignore. It depends on the energy the person is sending out.

For me, it feels and is experienced as disturbing with many people around me, – partly because there are so many different energies these people are sending out, and it is experienced as noise for me.  I also know that I’m sensitive to other people’s energies. It’s not all the energies people “sending out” that are good energies.

I have no problem to go to big parties at all, but Im not the first one that’s coming and not the last one that walks home. But that does not mean I am not present at larger gatherings, or having a good time while I am there.  It just means I do not spend much time at such gatherings and events.

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If I could choose between a big party and a glass of wine together with two or three close friends, I have choose the glass of wine with my friends, and deeper conversations.  Of course, I can talk to several people at the same time, and I also mostly like people, just not in large numbers, or for a long time.

I also do not like to be disturbed when I am immersed in work, plans, writing texts or painting, or thinking about things that are important for me to think about.

But I do like people, and I like to spend time with people too, help them, be there for them as best as I can. I’m not worried for speaking to other people, not either people I don’t know. I’m actually also a social person too 😊. It just this necessary time I need 😅.

Since February this year, I have more or less been surrounded by people.  My children and friends of them in my home.  And my home is my “free zone and comfort zone”. I have had little time alone, and I need some alone time.  Special after work, but also after having had the house “full of people” 😊. All and everyone are incredibly nice people,- but stil I need “my time” 😊. A time that has been very difficult to find this year. But okay,- that’s the way it is, and has been.

I remember around this time last year, when my daughter moved out for the first time,- I did write a post about “being in my cave for a while” 😊. And I feel it a bit like this now at days too. To be a cave woman for a tiny little while 🧘‍♀️. But I’m not going to spend so much time in my cave this time before I’m going to invite my friends for some food, drinks and pleasant conversations 🥰.

When my children was small children I could put them to bed, and then get this valuable alone time. When my children was growing up and became teenagers I couldn’t put them to bed and get “my valuable alone time”, so I did put myself to bed instead,- and did wake up early in the morning for catching up “my time” in that way. And it all function very well for me 😊,- and my children as well, because then I actually had more and less the energy for them that I needed 😊,- and all the other things and stuff during a day 😊.

I have knew this since I was teenager, that Im a introvert person, maybe even from my childhood, – but it is in adulthood I have understood the importance of being introverted, – and that it is not as bad as many think. At least not for me,- probably more for people around me that actually don’t understand how important this “me time” is for me, and for them when too when we spend time together 😊. Because I have so much more to offer my friends and the people around me if I get this valuable time alone 🧡.

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Another thing that describes introverted people is responsible, creative and analytical evener, and sensitive to other people’s different energies.  And that description also suits me well as the person and the woman I am 😊.

For me to be an introverted person means that I feel good in my own company, I am creative, I am neither lonely nor depressed.  I probably feel more lonely and depressed, and even frustrated if I do not get the time I need for just me. And now when I’m an adult I don’t care to much either what people think about me and this necessary alone time I need to have. This is just the way I am, in general a very happy introvert woman 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

This photo was taken 28. August this year,- a happy introvert me 😊

I’m a very happy introvert woman,- and I’m enjoying my valuable time on my own 😊. It’s nothing wrong to enjoy your own company,- and I have actually more to give to people around me if and when I get this important and valuable time on my own 🧡.

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Then my last babyduck is out of “the nest” 🍂🐣🍃 …. for this time 😄

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

And then my last babyduck has moved out…..again 🐣. It’s more and less one year since the first time she did moved out, and around a couple of months since she moved back home, and now she is out if “the nest” again 🧡. Probably for the last time, at the same time she will always be welcome home, and there will always be a bed and space and room for her if she need it for some reason.

It’s the world wide corona- situation that is mainly the reason why all my three children and even a couple of their friends has been living together with me during most of this year. But now I’m on my own again 😊.

I remember last year I did write a post about “a new era” in my life. Well,- that “era” didn’t last very long 😊. This time I think it’s more a new epoch in my life that’s slowly starts up now when all my three children have moved out 😊.

Of course I have mixed feelings after my last babyduckhss moved out. I do miss all three of them,- and I did miss my daughter in the moment I did leave her on “the street” together with her boyfriend, near by their new apartment 😊. And, yes,- I did literary leave her and all her things on the street, gave them both a big hug and drove back home 😄. Sounds a bit awful,- but it’s not so awful like it sounds 😊.

My daughter has moved to Malaga, an bigger city in South of Spain. And to be honest,- I seriously don’t like to drive in big cities. Really not 😳. At the same time I really wanted to help my daughter to move all her things and stuffs into their new home, and a new epoch in her and her boyfriend life too 😊. So then I did drive her, even I don’t like it.

My daughter know I don’t like to drive in cities like Malaga, so that I in a way just left her and her thing in the street was fine with her. She did and does understand. And I think she’s very happy she didn’t needed take the train with all her stuff and things, but was left on “the street” instead 🚂.

My children and me have been driving on different trips together, and as long as we don’t need to “drop by” a bigger city with the car our trips in general has been incredibly nice and cozy 🚗.

My daughter and me has also travel a bit “here and there” together in the car, and also together with “Ms. Google Maps” by our side 🌏.

In general we, my daughter and me, always drive a bit in the “wrong direction” 😄. And of course, my daughter and me are starting a tiny bit argue whose mistake it was that we did drive in the wrong direction. Her opinion is that it’s my mistake, and my opinion is that it’s her mistake. Probably it’s a tiny little mix of both 😅. Lucky for us this argue never last very long, and not with any harm feelings either. But it’s a bit overheated when we do have the argues, for some minutes, until we do find the correct direction again 😅.

We needed to have two trips with my car into Malaga this afternoon with my daughter’s things and stuffs. I have just a tiny little Kia, and not a big moving car, so that’s why it was necessary with two trips 🚗. After living in Spain for 7 years she has a bit things and stuffs. She has actually been living in Spain since she was 12,5 year, and next month she will be 20 🎉.

The first trip went superserly well. We did find the correct direction with out any kind of argues, or to many other challenges. The only challenge was to find a parking place, but that was closely impossible 😅. So we did park on the street and my daughter’s boyfriend, I felt so sorry for him, he got, I think, 5 or 6 big bags to carry up to their new apartment, alone 😳. Lucky for him they have an elevator, because they actually do live on the 4. floor.

Well,- we actually did think trip nr 2 should even go more “smoothly” then the first one 😅. But of course not, for some strang reasons, we was suddenly in the wrong direction and on top of that the gasoline starter to be very empty 😅. If we haven’t miss the correct direction to their new apartment I should have enough gasoline, both ways, but since we did drive in a very strange circle the gasoline also started to be empty. It’s us two in a “nut shell” when we are on a kind of driving trip together 😅. It’s incredibly cozy and nice, as well as “spiced” up with a touch of argues, and the directions.

Of course we started arguing about the direction and whose mistake it was that we suddenly was in the wrong direction. And of course I also did started to stress a bit about the soon empty gasoline 😅. And my daughter did stressed a bit because she knew her boyfriend was on the street and waiting for her, and me, to just “leave” her there.

Well,- it all went well as it normally does, and my daughter didn’t have any harm feelings to just be “left on the street” together with her last things and stuffs, and a big hug from me, and big kiss from her boyfriend 🥰. And I did find the way back home totally on my own too 😅.

We also did manage to have some nice conversation on our driving trips today to Malaga. And my daughter told me that my children have actually created a tiny little plan over whom and how they should share and care and take care of me when I got old 🥰. My heart went so soft, and filled up with even more unconditional love for my children. I was actually a bit surprised to that they have been thinking about things like that, and even talked about them 💙💙❤. I m so, so grateful for my three lovely and fabulous children ❤. And and of course I wanted to start crying too, but I couldn’t, then we absolutely haven’t found the correct direction into Malaga.

So,- now my daughter is starting on a new epoch in her life, and I’m starting on a new epoch in my life 🥰. And we have already planned a lunch date together in Malaga in a couple of weeks 😊. I’m already looking so much forward to this lunch together with my daughter 🥰.

SOMMERSALG på damesko

It’s actually just a 30 minute train trip from my home to Malaga …… or around 20 minute with my car from my home to my daughter’s new home. I’m probably going to use the train as I normally do when I take a trip to Malaga 🚂. It’s because it’s easier. I don’t get lost in the traffic, and I don’t drive in the wrong direction, and I don’t need to find a parking place to my car, or try to find my car back after not remember totally where I did park in “the big city” 🚗.

My home feel a bit empty now, and I really do miss my daughter’s energies around me 🥰. At the same time I need to admit it feels a bit good to be alone now, and it feels a bit good to actually start on a new epoch in my life 🥰.

I hope my daughter will be very happy in her new home together with her boyfriend, and just a 3 minutes walk to her job as well 😊. I hope the sun will shine on them both, and that their love for each other will grow strong and stable ❤.

And for me,- well,- I’m going to try to take one day at the time into my new and strange epoch in my life 😊. I have some plans, dreams, wishes and goals,- but one step at the time. We all have learned, special during this year, that things can change incredibly fast in life.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon,- I hope 😊

Me and my daughter, – and yes,- I have asked for permission to use this photo 😊

My daughter has just left “the nest” and is starting on a new epoch in her life 😊. I wish her all the best, experiences and knowledge, happiness and successfulness, joy and a lots of love too 🥰. And we did, as normal for us, had a tiny discussion about the wrong or correct direction to drive 😄. So I just left her on the street with all her things and stuff then 😉🚗. A truth with a tiny modification 😊.

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“Two off, one left … ” 💙💙 ❤

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

My son in the middle “has left the building”,- and I’m left with a bit mixed feelings 😊. I miss him, at the same time as I know this is the way it is. The children grows up and out from the home, start their own life. Go their own ways, get their own experiences in life. And that’s the way it works and should be 😊. In one way I have just “borrowed ” him, in an other way he will always be my son and be a very big part of my life,- even when we don’t live together anymore 💙.

It was strange and empty to travel to work today and not have him together with me in the car 🚗. Because I have actually been so lucky that I have not just been his mammi his whole life, but I have also been his teacher at the school the first year we was living in Spain, and during the last 9 months we have been working in the same company as well. So yes,- I’m a bit use to have him a bit around me, not just in our home for the last couple of months, but also at my work 😊.

Now he is on the way to Norway for some new adventures and experiences in life 😊. And all I want for him is to be happy with what his doing, and do the things he travel to Norway for to do 😊. Maybe he moves back to Spain one day, maybe not. Time will show 🍀.

When my oldest son moved out during this Spring the moving happen so suddenly. We knew he was going to move, many times 😅. The moving-day was just cancelled a lot because of the corona- situation,- but suddenly he got “green light” to move out, and then had three hours to prepare his things and stuff for the moving- process, – and of course I was working when he was moving so it all became a very short “Goodbye and see you soon- and remember I love you to the moon and back again and a bit more then that” 💙.

I didn’t had so much mixed feelings that day my oldest on moved out as I have with my son in the middle, – but I think it was because my oldest son “just” moved into the mountains and still lives in Spain. Its just around 50 minutes from me to him with th the car 🚗.

My son in the middle moves to Norway now,- and that’s a bit more then 50 minutes with my car to see him 😅. And I also don’t know when I will see him and meet him again. Hug him and kiss him. Probably not before next year, because of the corona- situation.

At the same time,- I know I have been very lucky this year,- it’s not for all and everyone to be able to spend so much time together with their young adults children in the world situation we are living in at the moment. I have friends that haven’t been able to meet their children or grandchildren this year, and it’s not even sure they will be able to meet them this year either 😔.

To be honest,- even when I do miss both of my sons it’s all very okay. I have mixed feelings, but that’s just because I’m a mammi and they are my children 💙. I’m actually ready to be a mammi in a new way now,- and I don’t think its something wrong to admit that 😊.

My children will always be my first priority in life, my love in life, and I will always be there for them,- and of course they are always very welcome in my home, to stay for a while, and help them out, but it doesn’t need to be a permanent solution anymore,- to live together 😊.

Like I mention,- the “Goodbye and see you soon” to my oldest son was not in the way I did had in mind. And the “Goodbye and see you soon” to my son in the middle was not in the way I had in mind either. Even that one I actually should been a bit prepared for, but I wasn’t.

Everything happen so fast at the airport too. In my mind I thought I should and could follow him to the security control, like I always has done before, and give him a long, long hug, and some kisses too,- but this time I could just follow him to the door, and that’s it 😳.

I wasn’t prepared for that,- even I should be,- we are actually living in this (stupid) corona- world. So it became a shorter “Goodbye” then I had in mind, and of course I did started crying too. The security lady felt a bit sorry for me,- when I did dryed my tears and told her “He is my son”. It sounds a bit dramatic 😅,- but it wasn’t. Even it was a short “Goodbye- see you soon”,- it was a goodbye with a lots of love ❤.

Well,- now both of my sons are on their own adventures in life,- and it’s just me and my daughter left. But not for to long,- she is actually moving out in around 3,5 weeks. And then it’s just me. Me and maybe some new experiences and “adventures” in my life too? I don’t know,- but I know it will be some new experiences and adventures in my daughter’s life,- and I’m very happy for her for that 🧡.

Two of my three children has started on new adventures in their life (again- but that’s because of the corona-situation),- it’s one child left in my home,- but not for to long. It feels strange, but also a bit okay 🥰.

I have chosen to focus on my children as best as I could during the time they have been living together with me during this year. I have told them many times how much I love them, how proud I’m, and kissed and hugged them a lot 🥰. I’m so so lucky that I got this opportunity one more time, and it was also probably the last time for being a mammi in that way too. I’m also more ready to be just me now, then I was just a year ago 😊.

So new changes and challenges, adventures and new experiences, new wisdom and new knowledge are “just around the corner” for all four of us, – just in different ways and settings 🥰. It is a new area and epoch in our life 🍀💚.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

Me and my son in the middle at the airport 7. Sept 2020- and yes I have permission to post the photo of us 🥰. And I really like this photo- it’s love,- it’s my son in the middle and me 💙.

See you soon my son in the middle,- and I wish you all the best for your new adventures and new experiences in life 💙. Do what you need to do, and be happy 💙. And remember,- I love you so much, more than any words can explain ❤💙❤.

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A reminiscent evening 🥰

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all

Imagine it is 7 years since me and my two youngest children moved to Spain 😳. And two or three years later my oldest son moved to Spain too 😊. Where has the time gone? 🤔

It was never my plan to stay so long in Spain,- but suddenly 7 years has passed by 😊. Imagen that.

My two youngest and me had a reminiscence evening some evenings ago about our time and life, experiences, changes and challenges in Spain during the lasts years. My oldest son was in his home at the mountains this evening, but all four of us had a family afternoon for around a week ago, and a marvellous time together like we always have 🥰.

I’m very grateful and very lucky,- I have three incredible and fantastic young adults children 🥰. Imagine that 💙💙❤. I just needed to mention it,- because I’m a bit proud of them all, and I do feel very lucky 💚.

During our reminiscence evening we choose to focus on our good memories and experiences during this 7 last years.

It’s more then enough not to good memories, challenges and experiences to focus on,- but what good will they bring into our life,- except from “lessons” and learning, and hopefully knowledge too 😊. And I choose to look at them at that way now,- as learning and knowledge. But I haven’t been there “all the time” during this last 7 years. It has been hard work, and for me the focus has mainly been to survive and support my children as best as I possible could.

I didn’t had in mind 7 years ago that I should work so much, so hard and live so little. And I didn’t had a clue about the different challenges and changes we was going to “meet on” or go through. But at the same time,- life is work in its own way, and life is changes and challenges too 😊.

But in my mind and my dreams I thought I should be able to do a bit more other things expect from working,- like travel a bit in the country, look around, learn to dance bachatta, learn Spanish a bit better, explore the culture and the traditions, the history a bit more, and a bit more different things and stuff too. But okay,- it is what it is 😊.

I was dropped off in Spain with two children in the suitcase 7 years ago,- and it was actually not very fun at all, it was incredibly scary, to be honest. A new country, a new culture and suddenly a lifesituation I was not prepared on at all, and I also should take care of my son and my daughter as well, following them up as good as possible in this new country and the different and new lifesituation. Rais them, be a mammi for them as best as I possible could, be there for them in this new lifesituation. But,- incredibly,- in some way I did, we did, manage “it all” together in its own way 😊. It hasn’t been easy at all,- but like I mention,- we did actually choose to focus on the more “bright side” off being dropped off in Spain this evening 😊.

But to be able to focus on the “bright side” we needed to “touch” the “not to bright side” too.

All of my children have great memories from our life in Spain, special during the 4 last years, and that’s so good to know, and hear from them 😊. They have been travelling a bit in the country, meet new friends, got a lots of new experiences, new knowledge and even great work experiences.

I have meet many interesting people as well as got some incredible good and fantastic friends during this years. Friends and family from Norway has been visiting us as much as possible 😊. And I have got actually a lots of various work experiences during this years, as well as I know I can manage things, changes, challenges and situations I never had in mind I could be able to manage 8 years ago 😊. That is a knowledge worth to remember on not to happy days.

During this 7 years a my three children has been living together with me, and all has moved out, and then moved back again. The reason for moving back home to me, is mainly because of the corona- situation. A situation that effect us all,- not just me and my children, but mainly, and unfortunately, more and less everybody,- and probably not in the best way either 😔.

The three first years here in Spain my focus was actually to move back to Norway. But it was not a easy thing to do. It cost a bit money to move back to Norway, it is an incredible expensive country, and special when I didn’t had any home to move back to either. I did try to save money for moving, but it was not easy with a Spanish salary and a couple of kids to support. Maybe also that’s why my children feel that the three first years here in Spain was a bit more robust than this four last has been?

After a while I in away just gave up to be able to move back to Norway, at the same time as I didn’t start “living” in Spain either. I was and has just “been” here, done the best of the situation. I have on it’s own way not thought about moving back to Norway, at the same time as I haven’t give it to much thoughts about staying in Spain either. I have just been here. Been in the days, weeks, months and the different situations life has brought.

I don’t know what the future will bring me,- but I have lately been more and more “comfortable” with the thoughts of just staying in Spain and start living in Spain too. Learn the language and be a bit more part of the Spanish society.

What scares me a bit with this thoughts is to be old and alone in Spain, on the other hand,- that can happen in Norway too. But in Norway I at least can the language 😊,- on the other hand,- it will probably be easier for me to learn the spanish language now when it just me left in the home, no kids to take care of, follow up, raise up, drive “here and there”, be there for, be available for. I will get a bit different time,- and be mammi in a different way, and have a bit more focus on me and myself, my things as well as “studies of the language”.

My plan is now to work for to get the rest of our different things and stuffs we have in Norway to Spain during the Spring 2021. And not the opposite- to move back to Norway,- then I take “the moving life” from there I think 😊. And of course, – tey my very best to learn the Spanish language, – it’s on time to be honest.

I could think “what if” about the past,- and to be honest,- I have been thinking that a lot too,- but not so much during the last years. “What if” belongs to the past,- and two things are for sure,- I can’t go back to the past and change any situations there,- and can’t live in the past either. The life is here and now,- and the the mainly focus should be here and now to. It’s not always easy to remember or do,- but it gets easier and easier,- step by step 😊.

And I have a lots of things to be grateful for during this last 7 years 🧡. Great time together with my children,- both in family situations, school situations and working situations. That’s not for all and everyone to have 😊. I have got some fantastic friends and I’m really looking forward to use more time together with them now 🥰. We have been living in a lovely home during the last 6 years, and I have got more and various working experiences here in Spain that I actually think I would got in Norway during this years. And,- I know I’m available to “survive” in situations I didn’t imagine I could manage to find solutions at, 8 years ago 💚. I have got experiences and knowledge about the life,- experiences and knowledge I’m starting to like 😊.

What and where I will be in 7 years, – I have no idea actually,- but I have at least some thoughts and ideas, and some goals, hopes, dreams and wishes I’m working on,- and then we see. As most of us know, and have been learning, special during this year, 2020,- plans and dreams, wishes, hopes goals very fast can change direction….and that because of a society situation we even can’t change or control.

What I can say is, – all in all during this 7 years,- they have created me to the one I m today, teach me, give me wisdom and knowledge, experiences and learning I’m very grateful for ❤. Of course there are different experiences and situations I could easily manage to live without,- but okay,- that’s the way it is 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon I hope 😘

18. March 2015,- its more then 5 years sgo this photo was taken. Its me and my gorgeous children in our patio, in the place that has been our home during the last 6 years 😊 And yes,- I have permission from all of my three children to post the photo of us 😊

Imagine we have been living in Spain for 7 years now 😊. It has been 7 great years with learning and wisdom, experiences and knowledge, changes and challenges, – and they all have created us in one or another way 😊. I feel I have a lot to be grateful for during this years 😊. If it will be 7 new years in Spain,- I don’t know,- but the thoughts it’s not so strange for me anymore 😊.

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