My dreamhome, my “spanish prairie” 🏡 -but it’s good to have dreams 😊

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Yesterday I did “found” my #spanish “#prairie” 😍. Well,- that’s not totally true,- I was actually not looking for or after anything special, just dropped by my Facebook page,- and there it was- “my spanish prairie” , my #dreamhome 😍. Just “popped” up by #coincidence 😊. And, yes,- I did “fall in love” with the place, the house, the area,- at least by the photos on the #property- page 😊.

It’s just a couple of tiny little #challenges,- I can’t buy it – there’s no room or capital for that 😊. Maybe one day, maybe never. But I can keep it in my #dreams- and my dreams no one can take away from me 😊.

And its was maybe a bit fare away from the #ocean. On the other hand,- maybe it was possible to see the sea from the #view up in the #mountains. I do not know. And I don’t know how the public- traffic are raither. But,- at this point it’s not important 😊. It’s not a #reality for me anyway. It’s just a very nice and cozy dream 😊. But its good to have dreams too 💛.

Do you want to take a look at the “spanish prairie”? My “dreamhome”? 😊. Here is the link:

Beautiful country cottage close to the coast of Mijas and Fuengirola

Im a #dreamer,- as you probably maybe already know 😊. And I m trying to #reach some of my dreams and #goals as best as I can. It’s not #easy,- it’s a lots of hard work, and learning by doing, and learning by doing mistakes “on the way” as well 😊. And I also need to have a regular income in the #process for reaching my dreams and goals too 😊.

It’s days where I just want to give it all up. My goals and my dreams. But then I m thinking “what can happen to everyone else also can happen to me” 😊. With that means,- there can and will be a tiny #possibility for me to reach some of my goals and dreams too, or even most of them. Its just to #continue working for them 😊. But yes, I get tired, very tired and I really hope its “worth the work”, “the struggling”- because its also a lots of “struggling”, and sacrificing too. Not just a lots of work behind “the scenes”.

Anyway,- “the spanish prairie” was so “#me” ,- at least at the photos I did see on the #webpage 😍. I could easily imagen myself making food in the small kitchen. Have my paitings outside in the sun, or upstairs when it was raining. Read a book in the livingroomarea, take a walk in the garden, planting flowers or have barbeque togheter with my friends and family 😊. It was so easy to imagen a life on this “spanish prairie” 😊.

Its not sure that’s the photos at the webpage tell the whole reality. I will probably never know- because I m not going to see it in the real life, the reality. But its nice to have something nice on the #mind, in the #imagenation, and to think about now and then, its good to feel and be able to create good imagenation anyway 😊.

Its good to have dreams and goals- even its hard work, struggling and sacrificing for try to reach them😊. And,- many times dreams comes through too 💛.

I hope you will reach every little and big dream and goal you have in your life- without to much hard work, struggling and sacrificing 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

Look at this,- “a #spanish #prairie” 😍. A “prairie” that’s looks a bit like “#me” 😊. I did fall a tiny bit “#inlove” with this place 💛. It’s good I can have my dreams and #imagenations- so maybe my #dreams and #goals also can and will be a #reality one day? 😊

It’s raining ☔

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

It’s raining today, a lot,- and it’s not my favorite weather, but absolutely necessary for both the people and the nature here in South of Spain,- as well as, of course other places around in the world too 🌏.

The good thing is that’s it’s not windy,- becasue then the rain comes in “everywhere” in the houses 🏡.

But since it’s brick house without any insulation it get a bit cold and damp inside anyway. But fortunately not wet 💧.

The water tanks here need to be filled up, nature needs water, and people need these vital drops as well. And I – I really want to be home, listen to the raindrops that fall and paint 🎨.

But, believe it or not, my income is just as important and vital to me (and to most of us) as the rain is to life to grow. So I probably have to get out in the rain anyway 😊 ☔.

I know I need to be early in the road today,- because the roads gets very slippery in the rain, – and the Spaniards are not very good at driving on slippery roads 🚗. So good time in traffic is important, as well as slow pace, so that I get to work, and not least home again. Without any kind damage 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. With sunshine, snow or rain ❄ ☀️ 🌧. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 😊.

See you soon 😊.

Water, rain,- these vital drops fall straight from the clouds here in southern Spain today. Wish you all a great day – with rain or sun, snow or wind 💛

Put my paintings out for sales? 🎨 ….or still continue to live by ” the rules” ? 🤔

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

I have wondering lately if I should take the #chance to put my paitings out for sales? For real ,- ” out there” in the “online world”? 😊

I like my paintings, it’s brings me #joy and #happiness, #timeout and a #relaxing space to #paint them, and I know there are some “souls” “out there” that also like my paitings too. Not everyone,- we all don’t like the same things, but supricely more likes my paitings then I was awarded of,- and that I have even thought about. I have got some good feedback on my paintings too. But …..

……in #Norway we have a bit, no- some very, very stupid rules actually 😔-, and thats- in short summary: “Dont think you are better, don’t brage if you do something good, don’t show of if you are proud of something you have done, don’t belive in your self, don’t be different “.

And, unfortunately and of course, this rules are in my mind when it comes to #my #paitings, as well as when I m writing in #my #blog 😔. Because I m #norwegian and has heard, growing up with and tryed my very best to live by “this rules” all my life. If not- it could give some troubles and challenges.

And I mean,- All the time I was living in Norway “don’t be different- don’t think different- don’t do different” – so its still a bit like “the rules” are “glued” into my #mind 😔.

Maybe this rules are in a lots of other countries too, probably,- but I don’t know- because I haven’t growing up in other countries then Norway 😊. But,- I m not living in Norway anymore (but yes Im still norwegian) 😊. So why not give it a try, both my paitings (as well as my blog- I m already giving my blog a try 😊) ,- and at the same time,- try my best to give a bit more shit in this rules, and try to remove both “the glue” and the thoughts about what “everyone else will think” 😊.

Its not easy to let a old rules just let go,- but I have lived by this #rules probably to long, way too long, and it has governed much of my #life too. Its stills governed my life,- I m careful to give even 100 % of myself into my blog- just because of this rules 🙄. Im careful with my words in my blog too- and the main fact is- its just because at the moment, still most of my readers are in or are from Norway. It is actually my original countrymen I fear. And that’s just because of this rules.

Something to think about 🤔. Its my original countrymen thats scares me. Hmm…

The thing is,- this rules don’t brings anything good in life- at all!!! Just a lots of stress and frustration actually- not any joy or happiness at all.

If my paintings can bring some of the same joy and happiness they brings me both under the #process as well as after when they are finish- why not try sell them? #Sell a bit of the joy and happiness Im feeling and having? Sell the berries I have to sell,– as a #business man from Norway says- and if he havent sold the berries he had, and had give a bit shit, he haven’t been able to be in the life posission he is now 😊. My berries are my paintings ( and maybe a couples of elf-socks too 😅 ….and my written words as well 😊).

So,- I m actually #thinking about to try to start to sell “my berries”/ my paintings…..and also a bit more “myself” into my blog too 😊. Its my berries- it’s something that Im actually a bit good at 😊. Special the paiting 🎨….. and maybe the writing too ,- and a bit more things as well 😊. Hopefully 😊.

It will be a bit work in the beginning to #organize it all in a good way. The paintings and selling- #process. And ,- special to organize awaythe glue and the rules” 😊. Thats actually maybe my biggest challenge 😊. But why not give it a try? 😊

The photos of my paitings needs to be good and bring out the #correct #colors and #details. I need to have a good and safe payment- plan for both the buyers as well as for me, and also a “sending- out- in- the- world-plan” to the buyers ,- so the paitings comes to the correct places and new owners. And I need to have a good online “#showcase” too.

Maybe my paintings can be “my brands”? Im a bit more “into” my paintings then make- up and fitness/ healthy powder 😊. But I see what can happen 😊.

So,- I have actually asked for two holidays off from my job thise days just to try to find a good process for me to do this,- how to promote and sell my paintings 😊.

So what do you think? Should I try to “sell my berries/ paintings “? And should I care about what you think, btw?😊

To be #honest, most of us do actually in some or another way do #care a tiny, tiny bit about what other thinks and means a tiny bit about our self. Most of us don’t like to be criticised to much- thats the way it is 😊. Specially not just critic,- #constructive #criticism are something else,- and something I can both handle and #learn by 😊.

Today it’s just some #thounghts about some of my plans- maybe I #manage to bring it out to life, and maybe I also can be able to sell a bit and bring some joy and happiness on the wall in someone else’s home? 😊 That could be nice 😊.

Anyway,- well all comes to all,- I’m just in my own way trying to find “my place” and how to just be “me” without my young adults children around in my home anymore 😊. So it can and would be a bit trying and mistakes “on the road” 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

One of my #paintings that I have given away 😊. Hopefully it brings #joy and #happiness on the #wall,- wherever in the world it is 😊. Its called “Warm feelings in my heart” – 20*20 cm 💛. Maybe I should #paint a bit more, and put some for #sales so they can be a #colourfull #joy on another wall? 😊

And a bit painting in between too this weekend 🎨

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Last weekend I was a bit #creative with the knit, yarn and knitting needles,- and did made a couple of “elf-socks” to my son in the middle. I have started on a couple to my oldest one too. I have actually just a 1/2 socks left. So at the moment he has 1 and 1/2 “elfsocks” 😊. And it seems that I soon need to make a couple to myself as well.

My slippers with duck- feathers inside said “bye-bye” this weekend. It actually looks like a small duck has been roaming around my home 😅. There are feathers everywhere 🦆.

I’ve tried sewing them, closing open holes, but now there was no more “patching” to do.

I did actually #manage to do a lots of things when I didn’t need to “run” after the time 😊,- or “sitting my butt flat as a pancake” for 9 hours 😅,- and holds 50 people with “company” on the phone 😊.

I have been #writing a bit this weekend ,watch a fun #movie, dropped by my lovely #daughter to her 19 years birthday, clean the home, did the dish-wash, washed some clothes, made some waffles, dropped by you a couple of times too 😊, and clean up my patios for the winter.

I need to admit that my patios did look a bit “sad” now without soft pillows and blankets in the chairs, the plants are been sat on #strategic places for all the wind that’s normally comes during the #winter 🌬 ,- and all the lights and candles are back in boxes for the winter-time ❄. Hopefully it’s just around 4 moths until I can take it all back out again 😊.

And I have been #painting too 😍. So I have been using my #creativity in different areas this weekend as well,- like last weekend 😊. Both with some textes for my, at the moment, “hobby- job”, my #jobby 😊,- and with #colors and painting, and a bit #knit to when I did watch the movie 😊.

I have some paintings I want to finish before I start on some new ones 😊. I have already an #imagenations about what I want to paint on my new, glossy and white #canvases. But first finish with what I have already started on 😊.

And….I m also wondering if I should #create a own page to my blog with just my #painting in for #selling 🤔? Im not sure, I have not a clue about #art, prices and things like that for a #armatures paintings. What I do know is that there are some people “out there” that actually are #enjoying my art, my paitings, like I do 😊.

This weekend I have been paiting a painting to a friend of my. Its soon finish too, it’s just a couple of “paint strokes” with the #brushes left, then some drying- and ready to give away 😊.

To be creative in different #areas give me so much #energy and #joy,- I should really #wish I had a bit more time to this “#creative #corner” in my #life 😊.

Do you have a hobby or interesset thats give you joy and happiness, #timeout and a #relaxing space in your life?

To write, knit, paint, make food, do workout, watch a movie, reead a book be with my friends and family are some of timeout “my areas” in my life, in different levels and with different kinds of joy and happiness 😊. I want to do this things a bit more then be on the phone “all day long” 😅,- but okay,- then its just to try to “#squeeze” a bit in “here and there” during the weeks, and a bit more in the weekends,- and just enjoy the time I have and can use to my “creative corner” in my life,- as well as friends, family and a bit workout, and other things too 💛.

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I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog 💛.

It has been a nice weekend filled up with a bit “#creative” stuff 😊. This are two of my paintings I have been working with this weekend 😊. They are still not finish,- but I m getting there 😊. Both is to a #friend of my,- just because I like my friend, and I know she did like this #paintings too 😊.

Older men- younger woman, younger men- older woman 😊

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

I did watch a #movie this weekend 🎥. By the way,- I like to watch movies in the weekends 😊,- and many times, I in one or another way, I do #recognize #myself in the movie too. It can be the #characters or the #setting, or #situations thats feels #familiar, or something else 😊. It can also be the #morale or #ethics I do like.

Many movies have some kind of morale or ethics that can be #useful in the “real life”. Its like with many old and #traditional #stories and fairytales ( maybe not so much this “princess-fairytales”- but even some of this can have a good point now and then 😊).

The old and traditional stories often was told for both #entertainment and for give the listener something to learn as well as to think about, and for giving some good “life-advice”/ #good #advice for the #life too 😊.

Anyway I do normally “use” a movie in the weekends as entertainment 😊. Like I did this weekend too,- but after a while I was starting thinking- “maybe Im looking in the wrong #direction when I’m “waiting/ looking” for this #boyfriend that’s miss a bit in my life”? 🤔 😊.

I actually did start to think about the “usefulness” with this movie already when it did start,- but then in a different #direction then the “#boyfriend- #subject” 😊. More about the #changes that’s happens in “the world”,- both when it comes to humans as well as what’s happen with the climate and nature. But that one we can take another day 😊.

The movie I did see this weekend was “I could never be your woman” with Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd. I do like both of the actors,- so I did think it should be a #good #movie too,- and it was- at least for me. It was #humour, funny and a bit #romantic, with a tiny “touch” for something to think about as well , for me 😉.

The content in the movie was an older woman, age 40, meet a younger man, age 29. Its sounds like a “big” age-different, but its “just” 11 years 😊. And why can’t the age-different between a woman and a man be that “way”, when it’s “normal” for a man at age 40 to have a girlfriend or wife at age 29? 😉

I know it are couples where the woman is older then the man, but its more and most couples the oposite way 😊. I have friends where the husband or boyfriend are 7 or 11 years younger then the woman 😊. I haven’t just never thought that was a possibility for me- for the long and serious term 😊. But maybe it is?

So maybe Im looking at the wrong “age- direction”? 😉

I have been in a #relation where the man was 15 years older then me, and after a while the age- difference felt huge, it was to big for me. I have also been in a relation where the man was 7 years younger then me, but there it was a bit #drama, to much drama for me 😅. But still it was a bit more #fun and “#action” with the younger one.

Age is often just a number,- I know. It can be young 60 years old people as well as very old 30 years old people.

But will a 10 years younger man find me #attractive? Things “here and there” are starting to work, sometimes to much, togheter with the #gravity 😥. The fine lines in my face are dropping by 😊. And I’m still a bit “there” where I want a man to feel attractive and attraction for me,- and of course the other way around too.

My issue is maybe “the attraction” combinat with the age ? 🤔 I know perfectly well how #old Im, my #age 😊,- even I feel a bit younger inside in my #soul,- and sometimes even do forget my age too 😊. But,- will actually a man 10 years younger then me find me attractive? My fine lines and “the work” the gravity are doing? 😊 I know it shouldn’t be important- but for me it is- this “attraction, and to be and feel attractive”.

I did change the #searching- age at my Tinder account to 10 years younger men down from my age, after watching the movie 😅. And it did also look a bit fun to have a younger boyfriend when I did watch the movie 😅.

BTW- my plan was actually to deactivate my Tinder-account after my tiny #Tinder experiment. But an earlier colleague of me told me that she had meet “the love of her life” at Tinder. They are actually #married now, but I didn’t knew they did meet at Tinder. I just knew she was and is very #happy together with her husband. So I thought “Okay, I can give it a try then” 😊. My oldest son also met his girlifriend and fiance at Tinder- so maybe there is a tiny hope for me as well? 😊

Its just one tiny little thing,- I get very fast borred at Tinder, and this “press buttons” “nope/like”. It’s not very much more that’s happens. And I don’t like to chat “forever” rather. For me it’s just more like a lots of photos Im pressing “nope/like” at,- and thats it. Most if the men don’t even have a couples of words at their profile. It doesnt “give me” anything in a way. Difficult to explain. But okay,- I can give it a try again. And try to be a bit #patient too, maybe 😅? It takes time to look for, and for finding “gold and diamantes” worth using a bit time on 😊. Its just not gold all that’s are shining in the sun 😉.

Im not sure why I haven’t thought there maybe was a possibility for me to meet a #younger #man to have a #serious #relation togheter with , but I think it’s a #combination of my own #experiences as well as the #society I did grow up in. But I m not there anymore, in the “society” I did grow up in, – so why not just try to “let go” of what the society means, as well as my own experiences 😊.

If an older man can have a long term and serious relation to a younger woman, an “older” woman, like me, maybe can have serious long term relation togheter with a younger man 😊?

My #focus in my daily life are not boyfriend- relationship- age, at the moment,- but, yes, it’s #dropping by know and then, of course 😊. But Im at the same time I m happy in my relation- the relation togheter with myself 😊. That’s very important too 😊.

I hope you are #happy in the relation you are in,- even its just a relation with your self, or a younger/ older/ same- age relation 😊. The most important is to be happy I think 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛 Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog 💛

See you soon 😊

Maybe I’m “#looking” in the “wrong #direction” when it comes to the #subject “#men, #boyfriend and serious relation” ? 😊 Maybe my “#focus” has been to much to meet someone at my age? If a older man can have a serious relation to younger woman,- there should be a tiny #possibility for me to have a #serious #relation togheter with #younger #man ? 😊

My little butterfly is already 19 years old ❤🦋

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Today it’s the #birthday to my #daughter. My youngest #child, my butterfly, my Mathilde 🦋. Its already 19 years ago since she was born. The days, weeks, months fly so fast 🦋. But still its feels like yesterday I did meet her for the first time 😍.

She was like a little doll,- so sweet, so tiny. And of course I did fall in love with her at once,- exactly the same way as I did with my sons, her two big brothers ❤.

When I did hold her in my arms for the first time,- that feeling was so incredibly big. It felt like my #heart was going to explode of #love and protection for this tiny, #sweet, little person ❤. And now she is a #young #woman that manage her life #perfect on her own 😊. But I still have this feeling for protect her as good as I can, but thats the way it is to be a parent,- no matter how old my are children getting, I think 😊 ,- and the love I feel for her is so totally and clean #unconditional #love. A love that will never disappear, its just growing for every day, week, month, year ❤.

Its just more and less one month since she did moved out, and for real did started her #independent #life as an young adult. She have also just started in a new job thats very close to her home,- and it seems that she both #enjoying her job as well as her new home 😊.

She have found her #paintings back again, her paints and her palette,- and also her #study- books are open 😊. She is starting to #creating her adult life 💛. Her #dream was ( and still is- but that can still #change 😊 ) to study mental #health in different areas in life, and also work with people and #mental health in different areas. I hope she will work for her dreams and reach them all no matter what her #dreams are or are going to be 💛.

Its a strange #feeling that all my 3 #children are now #young #adult, have their own life, and are now making their own #directions in their life 😊. Hopefully I did manage to put something useful in her “life-back-bag” , as well as to her brothers 💛.

She has always been my #butterfly, and are always going to be my butterfly 🦋. She moves and behaves like a butterfly, soft and strong at the same time, elegant and colorful, creative and silent. She is beautifully as a butterfly, and so brave too 😍.

She did start her athletic career in the #ballet studio, and stayed there a few years before her feet moved to the #football field, and eventually in goal as a keeper. And she was great in both athletic areas,- as a dancer as well as a keeper. As keeper she was so good that a spanish young lady- team did used her as a keeper in a bit matches,- even she was much younger then the rest of the team. Unfortunately she did destroy her foot, and needed to be more carefull on the football field.

I know she still dance a bit, and Im happy she does. Maybe she will start more serious exercises in that field again ?

She is a gentle and warm person with a big heart ❤. She really care for the people around her,- her friends, her brothers, her family.

She is one of the #bravest persons I know. It was not easy to be a keeper at a spanish young lady- team that really needed her, but at the same time didn’t like her. She was just 14, and most of the team-members was 20. The #fearness for #stranger and #foreinger are strong in #Spain too, like it’s are in #Norway, and in many other countries around the world as well.

I can also mention other examples for her braveness and strongness,- but today I just keep it to this one 😊.

Im going over to her home later today with the “mandatory” birthay chocolate cake, and a lots of #love and warm hugs,- but not to early even I really want 😊. She have celebrated her #birthday with her friends yesterday evening,- so I think the #celebration probably ended late or early,- it depends how we see it 😊.

5 years ago, to Mathilde’s 14 years birtday I did created a #suprice #party for her 🎉. And a friend of my did made a #gorgeous #cake to Mathilde. A cake with ballett- shoes and different #marvellous #details. It looked like a peace of #art. And it #tasted #fantastic 💛. His cakes are just art, marvellous art with a fantastic taste. If I get married again one day ( need to meet someine first 😅), and if it’s happen in Spain he is the one and only for making the wedding-cake, thats for sure 😊. Or maybe a cake to my 50- birthday insted 😊? But thats still a couple of years to 😁.

I did ask him if I could use the photos from Mathilde’s cake- just to show you the cake- art,- as well as if I could mention his name in my post ,- in case you want to order a cake of two from him one day 😊. All is okay,- so,- his name is Robbie McLennan and maybe you will find some of his marvellous cakes on Facebook 😊. And soon you will see Mathilde’s cake for her 14 years birthday 🎂.

Im looking forward to #hug my 19 years old daughter later today, and give her my best #congratulations to her birthday and #best #wishes too ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

Look at this #gorgeous #cake to Mathilde ‘s 14 years birtday 😍. 5 years ago the cake’s #art and #style still represents her so great in its own way 💛. Its #colour and #details, #dance and #beauty. And it did #taste #marvellous too 😊,- like I hope #my #daughter’s different experiences in her life will do as well ❤.

Dare to share 🌞

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

“To dare to share” is #fine and $scary at the same time,- but one thing did I find out its “to dare to share” get #attraction 😊. I actually have no words,- at the same time it was a very, very #good #experience for me to see.

So first of all Thank you all 💜 so much for #reading #my #post, and for #liking it too- it was a bit scary to post it, and open my “#suitcase” a tiny bit,- even I knew I just did share what I was #comfortable with #sharing. Because I can #promise you,- You feel pretty stupid, to be honest, to just be dropped off in Spain 😅. It was not the best feeling I have #experienced in my life.

I didnt “dare to share” my story because of the attraction,- I was not prepared for the attraction at all 😊. And all the attraction has been and was a bit scary too, at the same time it feels a bit great as well 😊.

I did #share my story because I need to, and needed to start emptying my “suitcases”. And I really do- do need to empty it. It has been a heavy suitcase to #carry around with me sometime, many times actually. And I don’t want to carry it all to much more and longer anymore,- it gets me a bit tired, and sometimes sad too 😊.

Im not the only one that has been tricked by another person, or experienced adultery, lies and false promises, even scam and fraud,- and a couple of more “not to good things”. And I know,- even my #stories maybe cant help you or give you any #advice,- its still a kind of “#comfort” to know you are actually not alone with your different and not the best experiences you have in your life. And look at me,- Im still here and Im still smiling- at least smiling most of the time 😁.

At least its like that for me,- to know Im not alone, Im not “the only one in the whole world” with my not to best experiences in life. But its very difficult to “open up” about different “not to good experience” too, and at the same time “deliver” what I feel comfortable with sharing.

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And I m very #surprised too. It was a very nice suprice to wake up and see how many thats actually had read my post and actually did liked it 😊. Or,- did my readers just liked the fact that I was #dropped off in Spain? 😉 Im just ‘kidding with you. Its 6 years ago now, life goes on, and I m getting better to talk about it “all” then I was just 2 years ago 😊. And also actually to make #joiks about that one, “a couple of kids in the suitcase” as well as a couple of other things thats happen before in the #relationship with Mr Ex. I should had “run for my life” long before I was dropped off in Spain- but thats so easy to say after, and even more easy to say from people that are #standing #on the “#sideline”. But maybe I can get some others “to run” a bit earlier then , well,- I didnt run as you know 😅, I was “dropped off” , but still, maby, just maybe, my stories can give someone the “guts” “to go”, before they get “dropped off” in a totally new #destination without making any choices by them self 😊. I dont know,- the only thing I know, its to try 😊.

I did told you the end of the story- the end of the relationship with Mr Ex,- and me and my children’s start in Spain. It was a “dropp off” end, and a really hard “drop on” start. But its two different stories. One is ending, and other one was starting.

Like I did #mention in an other post,- its endings and beginnings,- and normally at the same time. Its just not so easy to #recognize “it all” at the same time 😊. But in this story “dropped off in Spain” I should really wish I had have the #opportunity to made my own #choices- maybe, and probably, I still had #choose to #move to Spain at that time anyway- but then with a completely different starting point,- and its a big different and two totally different starting points to be able to make a #decision for yourself and #create the #journey on your own terms, than to travel on an illusion you don’t even know is an #illusion.

I know if I have got the #opportunity to choose the life has been a bit easier. Both if I has choose to be in #Norway or if I had chosen #Spain. But okay,- thats the past, I cant do anything with that one,- I can just do as best as I can with this today and all the days there are in front of me 😊.

And its going to be a great day today,- my day, a sunny day in #lovely Spain 😊.

Im going to “dare to share” more with you,- but one step at the time, and in a #tempo thats feels #correct and comfortable for me to dare to share 😊.

Today I just want to say Thank you all so much 💜,- you showed me that “dare to share” is not the stupidest thing to do 💛.

I wish you all a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛,- and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon,- I promise 😊.

Look at this #marvellous #sunrise from my patio, my home today 🌞. Its so easy to #share #good things in #life 😊,- but sometimes its also #important to dare to share a bit more too 😊. I did #learn that recently- from you- my readers. Thank you all so much 💜.