Did I move to Spain, or was I moved to Spain? 🤔

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

I don’t know what will happen in the work-area the next days,- its absolutely not sure Im getting any of the job-offer in Ireland,- what is fine for me if so happen 😊. Then I dont need to make any “big” #decisions.

Im not sure how ready Im to take a decision like that at the #moment. But what I do know,- are that if I m getting an job-offer somewhere else then in the area Im living in now, this time it will be #mine decision to either move to a new #destination and country, and not someone else decision. Only mine decision. And what ever happens,- thats actually a very #good #feeling 😊. To know its just my decision 😊.

Because I m actually not sure if I did move to Spain or was just moved to Spain. Im not sure if it was totally my decision to move to Spain.

And here can the #story, my story, maybe be a bit “too much” for some,- just as you know,- but at the same time,- I m actually not going to tell more than I m #comfortable with to #share 😊.

Like it’s written at my homepage,- “I was left in Spain with a couple of kids in the suitcase” (and yes,- so everything is clear,- my children knows the story- of course they do, – also that I m going to tell it ). And yes,- I have tried my very best to do the best of that “#experience” ,- to be left in a new country 😊. And,- well,- it has been “ups and downs”,- but in a strange way we have #manage it. Probably by great “#team-#work” as well as our #mantra “everything will be fine” 😊.

Before we did move to #Spain I did live together with Mr. Ex in #Norway. And we both did have a dream of trying to live and work in Spain somewhere in the future. Mr. Ex did had a job that made it possible for him to work and live other places then in Norway. And I actually did get an 10 months working-contract in Spain, with starts in August 2013.

So,- in the Spring in 2013 we, him and me did #travel a couple of weekends down to this area to find an apartment that would suit “all of us”.

And we did find an apartment. He did even find a finca a bit out of the city, that he actually did buy. Or at least I do think he did buy it. It was what he told me. But I m not sure. He told me that his plan for the finca was “the future”,- and a place we could be in, stay in, live in,- after the different renovations of the finca.

I have just seen pictures of this finca,- but that, I have learned, the really hard way,- its not everything that is what it looks like. So maybe its actually was just pictures ? No finca at all? What I do know,- that there was no “future”, not even at that time. But I didn’t know that at that time, but he did know,- I know that now.

Well,- the Spring went to Summer,- and it was soon time for order plane- tickets. I knew it was just me and my children that should travel first. He had some work thats needed to be done before he could come,- and the plan was then that he should come around in the beginning of September.

I was use to his work, and also that he did travel in his working-situation. Something many people do.

I need to mention that Mr.Ex is not my children’s dad. I have been divorced from their dad for about 17 years now,- and there will never come a text about him. My children’s dad. It doesn’t matter why I did choose a divorce with 3 small children ,- its not important at all. The most important is,- he is my children’s dad. And thats more than good enough reason for not write about that era 😊.

Well,- me and my children did fly to Spain 13. August 2013. And it was some busy days too, the first days in Spain,- special for me in a new job. And also things to fix like mobiles with spanish number, NIE- number, sosial securidad number, bank account ect. And in Spain its lines, long waiting-lines,- so things took a bit time.

I think I did talk with Mr. Ex 2 or 3 times during this 3 first weeks,- and then I didnt get any connection at all. And he should be coming to Spain soon 🤔.

In the beginning of September I did get an email from him where he ended our #relationship. What I didnt know was that there already was a new woman in his life, with a daughter at the same age as my son in the middle. Just #remeber this, this daughter, she will drop up more in my text 😊. This new woman had actually been in his life for a while too. Since January- February 2013.

At that point I didnt know what to do. That was not the plan. To be in Spain like this. I only knew for my children I really needed to do the best of it. #Easy? Oh no, #seriously not at all,- but I didnt had any #choices.

I knew I didnt have anything to come back to, not any home to move into in Norway. I had leave of absence from my job in Norway. I had lost most of the contact with both most of my family and friends (why I have lost the contact is a story for an other day,- one thing at the time 😊 ,-Mr Ex was a part of that one too ).

BTW,- I m not going to use a lost of posts and time on this man. But some parts of the story will give you a bit better understanding for why relationship scares me, and why I m worried for #meeting a new Mr Ex. Its also a #good #process for me to #write the “#story”, to write so much as I feel #comfortable with to tell, to share, and write my self away from it all,- at least as fare as possible 😊.

I didnt know how to ask for help,- the only thing I did knew was to just do the really seriously best of it. Everything was also knew for my children,- I couldn’t allowed my self to “fall apart”. Not because of him- he was not worth to “fall apart” for,- and special not for my children,- they did deserved a mammi that “stood in the floor as best as possible”. A mammi that was there for them as best as I did manage in this new world, new in suddenly so many more ways then I had imagen just weeks before.

I did have a job, we did have a place to live,- even that was a bit to much expensive for only my salary. But,- that was not the plan,- to pay for it all by my self. At least I did thought so when we/ or its probably me, did rent the apartment. It was just my name on the rental- contract. But, unfortunately, it didnt say any “bling-blong” in my head when I did write under that one with him by my side.

Two years ago I got a phone-call from a young, spanish girl. She had got my number from the norwegian consulate in the area,- and she wanted to learn #norwegian, and also take the Bergen-test/ B2 exam. Something I could, and still can, help her with. Of course she was very #welcome as my #student.

What I didnt know was that this young girl was Mr Ex ex-stepdaughter. The daughter to the woman he started to have an relationship with in January- February 2013. When we also still did had an relationship. Did live together.

She, my student, does probably not know anything about my relation to her ex- norwegian stepfather,- and I have chosen to also leave it that way. Im her #teacher- thats it.

But I have had a couple of “heavy” and emotional lessons together with her. Not because she is a bad student,- absolutely not 😊. And really not because Mr Ex did ended the relationship with me, or because I miss him. Because I dont miss him, and I have not any emotional feelings for him in any way. I actually don’t feel any hate any more rather. I just feel very, very sad sometimes about how a person can be and behave to another person. At the same time I m grateful for that all the things I have experienced during the lasts years in Spain,- even it has been some really though times too. And I m really grateful for not have him in my life- really #grateful.

The lessons has been heavy because I actually cant understand why I was treated like that. What had I done to deserved that kind of treatment? Why couldnt he just told me that he had meet an other woman? A bit before we, my and my children, did moved? An “actoin” like this does “something” with a person- thats why it has been a bit “heavy”. Heavy to “#discover” even more about this person, a person you have shared both bed and dreams with. Phu 🤤.

Its not heavy anymore, the lessons,- just so thats said 😊. If it still had been heavy for me I havent been able to share the story with you 😊.

But little by little I did understand the “#connection”,- and what I think, I dont know, but think what actually did happen when I did move to Spain. Then Mr Ex did move this woman and her daughter to Norway, from Spain, even from this area in Spain. Or,- I do know thats actually what did happen.

My student and her mam did move to Norway 19. September 2013. Six days after we left Norway.

So how do I know this ? Well,- its pretty easy for my to get some information about and from my students,- even when I tell them to just make up a story,- becasue I just want to have an #conversations in norwegian together with them 😊.

The questions Im asking stands actually in our teaching- book. Its different subjects and topic. The questions can be “When did you move to Norway?” “Why did you wanted to move to Norway?” “What did you do or want to do in Norway?” “For how long do you or did you stay in Norway?” “Do you have friends, family or other related in Norway?’ Ect. ect. ect. And all the questions stands in the book. So my student actually know Im asking from the book, for the subject we are studing.

What I dont understand is why didnt he end the relationship before? In April or May, June or July? Why didnt he give me the #chance and possibility to make my own #choice to move to Spain or not move to Spain? I dont know why, I can assume,- but I still dont know, and will probably never know. Something thats fine now,- but it have taken a bit time.

And what are the #chances for me to get this sweet young girl as my student? Im mean it’s a bit distance between South of Spain to the West Coast of Norway. And not to mention all the people there are in between this distance to choose from.

I don’t know why this happen,- that actually this young girl should be my student. But I do think its a kind of #reason to it,- I just don’t know the reason yet. And maybe I never will get to know it rather.

But one thing is for sure,- the #life, the #destiny is a very strange thing, and also full of #surprises 😊. The life has its own #mysterious ways to tell you a story – thats for sure 😊.

So know you know “the story” about “left in Spain with a couple of kids in the suitcase”.

I have not very much more to “say” today,- exept from Im a bit empty now,- but at the same time it was a bit important for me to share this story,- so ,-

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

The life has sometimes its own #mysterious ways to tell you a #story, or show you #different #directions in life 💛. I have open a “#suitcase” in my #life today,- and let you into it, at the same time as I did #emptied it a bit too 😊.

In “process ” 😊

Hi❣ its always nice to see you 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Do you feel you are in “process” in your life? Or just standing still?

I feel Im in “process” ,- even I dont know where the “process” is taken me 😊,- and even the steps is small and modt of the time in “turtle-speed” 🐢. But “process is process ” for me 😊.

Its allready August,- and what I can say is that July was not to bad, better then the first part of 2019,- but still not the way I want to live my life,- and thats a part of “my process” – to find good “solutions” to how I want to live my life 😊.

Its also the next last day in the 5-days Insta-challenge by Gry Sinding today, and I did suprice my self a bit yesterday, and special exposed my self. That’s a process too 😊. Today the “subject” is “a sales-post”, but still not “be a seller” 😊. Im actually not sure how to do that one 😊. Anyway,- I m actually happy with the “things” I have manage so fare in this “challenge” 😊.

Last time I was in this “challenge” I became more comfortable with “put” different pictures and photos of my self “online”,- and also to be a bit more “open” in my blogg 😊.

This time its to “deliver” even more “myself” ” out there “,- and for me,- also to learn to give a bit more “shit” about what other people can or will think about me 😅. Its not easy,- but normally most people are actually to busy with their own lifes ,- and normally people is nice 💛. Most of the time,- but there will always be someone that forget “their glass-houses”,- and this “what can happen with everyone else, can also happen to you“. In both good and bad ways .

This is a “subject” I m going to focus a bit on later in some other of my posts . Its a “subject” that is importen for me,- like some other “subjects” are 😊.

So,- I still have a lots to write about snd share a bit 😊.

This painting has also been onecof my favourites 😊 I did paint it in 2016, and its called “Heart with lifestones”. The size is 24*30 cm.

I think most of us have this feeling and this experience in life,- that sometimes the heart get some “heavy” lifestones to carry. But its a part of a “process” too, and life-experience to learn to handle this stones 💛. Its not easy, but on the other hand,- the lifestones also #create a #beautiful #heart.

Some of my lifestones in my heart has been incredibly heavy to carry,- but after a while I have learn to ser the “beauty” in some of them 💛. And that is also a part of being in “process” to learn to see the “beauty” in difficult “situations” and challenge situations in life 💛.

This painting is called “Soft relaxing spring-morning in blue”,- the size is 20*30 cm.

Sometimes we just need a morning or two,- a soft one, a relaxed one ,- to just “short out” some of the “lifestones in our heart”.

I did tell you that I did find a job as an translator and writer job that sounds very interesting, and something I actually want to do,- and I did send in my application and CV for it as well.

The job sounds still very interesting and I was also called in to an interview…..but I said no thank you.

At the moment I cant “gamble” to much. And the working- hours at that job is the same as I have now,- 9 hours pr day, 5 days a week. And the salary was, unfortunately, 200- 300 euro lower pr month then the salary I have where Im working now. So,- at this point, where I m in my life,- I need to just wait. If I haven’t had the “experience” from the first part if this year I have probably “went for the job “. But Im not “putting” myself or my child in that “situation” again. Other solutions will come.

But yes,- I need to edmite that the job sounds like something I really, really would enjoyed to work with.

Sometimes its about the #living, a living that maybe is not to much fun and joyful to do, for getting a “life” ,- and Im there at the moment 😊. And that is a part of my “process” too 😊.

I hope your “#process” in your life is working well for you,- even if it goes in “turtle-speed” 🐢 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening where ever in the world you are 💛. And Thank you so much for reading my blogg ❣

See you soon 💛.

This painting is called “Fun with balloons”, and it was also very fun to create it 😊🎈. The size is 40*30 cm,- and are one of my favourite paintings at the moment 😊. I think its because its also remind my about being “in process” in its own way 💛.

Just dropping by today😘😊

Hi,- so nice to see you 😊

Im just dropping by today,- I m a tiny bit tired to be honest- but in a good way 😊. So fare so good,- the happiness over this new job I m going to “feel very good” on hopefully in the beginning of October,- I dont take the chance to feel on “happiness” before 😊 ,- at the moment I just allow my self to feel a lots on the feeling “relief” 😊 💛.

It has been a lots of impressions the last two days. Of course,- its different new things to learn, new experience, things to “sort out”, and at the moment they all are like “flying around” in my head 😅. But it seems to be a great place to work- this new working-place for me, nice people, good working- areas,- but a tiny bit long days….9 hours from 8 to 17 😊💻….but I think its worth it,- people / my new colleagues, in general, seems very happy here. Its a good atmosphere. And its tasty breakfast and warm, tasty lunch, and even a snacks or two in the afternoon. Im not going to stay hungry here,- thats for sure 😅.

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Yesterday we “newbies”,- because its me and 3 young men, thats are new in the company at the moment, did see a funny and educational “fish-vidoe”. I did like it,- it made me think, smile and also wanted to share it with you😊. Its just a “short-cut” I have here,- we “newbies” did see around 20 min.of it … but this young ones didnt like it so much as I did. Maybe its the age and life-experience? 😊 Thats why I did see it a bit differently then them?

I hope you take a bit of your time to see this : FISH! Trailer

Its more trailers on YouTube,- I just did find one that “take it all in a general” summary 😊.

“Long story- short version” – its about our attitude. In life, in work, to other people- to “our customers”. Many of us meet “costumer” in one or an other way in our work-situations….and we meet people in our life,- and we have choices to choose between- how to meet “the customers” , the work, the life, the different challenges 😊.

Its not easy to always choose to “be happy”- I really know that-I can “write under on that one” 😅- but it makes lots of things a bit easier to try to be, or even just create a imagenation of happiness- and have a good and positive attitude 😊.

Im, like I told you in an other post , going to work with customer service now, in a bit different way then I m use too – and I hope I will be able to meet the customers with a kind of the same “happiness and good attitude” that the guys from the fish-marked in Seattle have 😊.

By the way,- I think I need to send this link to the Internett- and mobile-company Orange 🍊 – they have i bit to learn from this,- a bit much to learn, actually 😥.

And I actually used a bit of “the attitude ” from the Fish- vidoe , with out think about it, when I did create my own “research ” on the “costumers” in my “social-worker” job 😅. Just to make my days easier actually 😊…..not the “costumers” days- to be honest. I any way did make theier days easier, so I have no bad feelings for that one 😊.

It will be some busy days the next days. Tomorrow after work I actually need to go to Orange and “shake” them a bit 😥,- and also check up other companies like Movestar, Jazztell or Mazmovile and some more. We need to have a functional internett,- thats for sure 😊. Maybe I will be “off- line” a couple of days when I changing to an other company- I dont hope so,- but here in Spain- you never know 😅.

On Thursday I need to go to Malaga and get a new “criminale record” , and on Friday after work its time to pick up Emma at the airport. She had a short trip to Norway this week 😊.

My plan is,- and normally I m good to follow my plans – unfortunately there are outside events that make my plans change and not myself,- to post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday…so just keep reading “my blog ” – I will be here 😊…..but this week I will probably not follow my posting- plan 😅….thanks to Orange 🍊 😔 😥 📞. But I will try to do my best 😘.

So,- today,- just a tiny “dropping by ” with a little bit of “this and that” 😊.

A tiny bit tired me today 😊….and a very relifed me as well- so fare- so good 💛

Prepering our “Holiday Inn” for the Summer ☀️🏖

Dear Diary ☀️

The Summer is here, and is really time for “prepering” our home for our guestes🛫🛏,- and the first summerguestes is coming on Sunday- evening from Norway. This time its not guestes to me, but to my children 😊.

We have had some guestes since this Easter,- but it has been more like “drop-by-guestes” for a night or two. And we has been able to have “our normal daily rutines” in between😊,- because thats not always easy when its different guestes from week to week, or weekend to weekend during the summertime ☀️.


Emma’s guestes

Emma is now “young adult ” so she more or less take care of her guestes on her own. They don’t give me to much “work” at all. I just need to clean the guest-room, find clean towels, change the guest-bed, – and the bathroom Emma needs to take care of her self 😅. She and our guestes is sharing her bathroom,- but not her mess 😉😊.

Of course I buy in some extra food and snacks to the teenagers, and preper my mind to maybe be a bit more taxi-driver then “normal”🚕.

Emma and her friends does different activities without me “hanging around “. But we live a bit fare a way from the beach, so normally Im picking them up when they are finish at the beach. Its okay to walk down to the beach, but its a bit heavy to walk back and up home in the heat ☀️.

They find breakfast and luch on theier own, and maybe we eat dinner together,- if the teenagers not already are “fare away” for something else and a bit more fun then spending time with the “old” mammi 😉

The summer and the sun is ready for our summerguestes ☀️🏖

Its always great to get good friends over to visit us here in Spain 💛,- and during the last years we are been much better to also say “no” to some “guestes” as well. Unfortunately its always some one that just want to have a free “holiday inn” to stay in,- and actually abuses our hospitality,- but its not so many of them any more than it was the first years we did live in Spain.

We are very hospitality,- we want our friends and family to feel very welcome to our home,- and we try to do our best so they feel welcome,- and want to come back- just because its “us” 😊,- not just because we live in Spain 😉.

“Drive-rules ” 😉🚗

We, or I did needed to create different “drive-rules ” to our guestes during the last years,- if not we, special me, was going to be exhausted.

I cant take out holiday for 10-12 weeks during the year,- its economic impossible. (if I have the possibility to have holiday, I have holiday when the “guest-session” is over- I probably need a holiday more then….😊). That means,- I need to work, do my job, earn my salary. I try to change my working-time as best as I can,- so I m avable to spend some “quality time” with my friends when they are here.

But I cant be a “chef” and preper breakfasts and lunches every day, I cant be a “cleaning-lady”, or a “guide” or “entertainer”. They are not living in a hotel,- but in a home 😊. They are visiting me,- but I need to work now and then,- and cant be a “hotel” during the summer-session for over 12 weeks.

Normally my friends do understand this and are “self-propelled”,- that means they are able to do things on theier own. Like go to the pool, go for shopping, take day-trips to different places like Gibraltar, Ronda, Sevilla, Granada ect. Or visit the beach. Go to the zoo or the water-park, or other “activities” 😊. Its not because I dont want to,- but I cant effort it and I dont have time for it- 12 weeks is a bit😊😉.

Of course I m joining my friends now and then as well ,- but I cant do this things week after week, weekend after weekend. 24/7 for 12 weeks. We also need to try to keep our “daily life and rutines” ss best we can when we have guestes.

Normally my friends do understand this,- but of course there also are some “souls ” that think I m “rude” that dont “priority” my time “correctly” when I have guestes. This people are, sorry to say this,- not to welcome,- and they dont see “our situation”…..and had probably not manage to do the same for us anyway- if the situation was opposite 😉. Its not for “everyone” to live like this 😊😉.

I really do understand it is “exciting” to visit us in Spain-and we really like to have guestes- that understand “our life-situation” during the summertime☀️ 😉.

Its nice, and fun, and great to see my friends again. But also a bit busy 😊,- and I want to distribute all my good and positive energies💛💚 to all my guests and friends, and not spend it on just one or two 💛.

And we cant trun our life up-side-down for 12 weeks ☀️.

The beaches is ready to welcome our good, good friends from Norway 💛

During this soon 6 years in Spain I have actually thrown out one guest 😩😨. It was 4 years ago. I did think I did knew this person during 15 years, but I forgot that it was a man- and that was my mistake!!!! I just saw a friend 🙄. He did try to visit my bedroom, uninvited!!!! and misused my hospitality. And didnt show me any respect as a friend- he just saw an opportunity for some “goodies”- he didnt get 😅 !! And he needed to find an other place to stay the rest of his holiday. That is not going to happen again!!! That’s life,- we learn as ling as we live 😊.

I have also got questions from friends that havent been here yet, but want to visit me, and the question is:” if they can come?”,- and I have told them “yes,- of course! But be aware and prepared for this,- I m working, I dont drink alcohol if Im going to work next day, its not a “party-party”, I cant go out for dinner every evening, I cant be your guide every day, Im not going to prepare breakfast or lunch- this you need to do on your own, Im only prepering dinner in the evenings. You need to find different “activities” to do during the days, you cant just wait for me to “entertainment” you when I m finish at work- but I will do my very best so you feel welcome, and also “entertain” you with my friendship and some small visits in our area ect.when Im not working. Im not on holiday- I have my daily life here.”

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Normally I dont hear anything more from thise friends 😊. I dont tell them this things to be rude- this is just the way it is 😊. And people that havent visit us yet have a totally other imagination of “living in Spain”☀️. But I m still 46 years old, not a “norwegian rich bitch”, and not retired yet 😉. So I still need to work on daily basis like more or less everyone else in my age 😊. Many forget that 😅😊,- and needs a “rude” reminder of it,- if not they get a negative “suprice ” about “living in Spain ” and how it is to visit us, what it mean to visit us😊…..and to be honest,- the people that actually want to see me, visit me- also respect our life and life- situation during the summer ☀️💛. And they are coming to visit us anyway 💛.

I also know its friends in Norway, friends that has been good friends for many, many years when I was living in Norway I probably and unfortunately not going to see again- thats sad😔,- but thats the way it is. Something just happen with the contact and friendship when we moved- and lifes changes. Friendship changes.

Friends comes in different from and shapes as well as many other things in life 💛

Me- getting ready to preper our “Holiday Inn” for this Summer,- for all of our lovely friends ☀️

We are really looking forward to see our different friends again during this Summer 😍💛😍. You are all very welcome 💛☀️💛.

An evening with a clairvoyance 🌠

Dear Diary!

Some weeks ago I was together with Natasja on an evening “event” with a clairvoyance🔮. I do belive its more “between heaven and earth”, and “this” had also facinerende me for many years. (In my “way” I belive in the “spiritual” – but Im not going to have a “lesson” about that “……😊). But I was i bit courius on this “event” for this evening.

I didnt know what to expect for the evening,- so I went there with an “open mind”.

The “session” was at an bar in a little town called La Cala, and the “mission” for the evening was to “get in touch” with deceased, close family or friends to some of the guestes at the bar.⚱ The atmosphere in the bar was “strange”, not scary or spooky, just “strange”. It was a lots of candles “everywhere”, and it was around 20-30 people at the bar. I only knew Natasja, all the rest was not familiar for me. The clairvoyance was a nice lady in her middle age ( that means she was at least 10-15 years older than me….😅…I m a bit middleage too…😅).

She is a International Medium and Healer🔮, and she also do spirituel ceremonies like weddings and baby naming.

It was actually a very nice, cosy and “relaxed” atmosphere at the bar,- I think thats the best way to explain it- because the atmosphere was also, like I told you, “strange”. You could in a way “feel” the “exitment” among the guestes.

Some “details” from “the event”

An/a clairvoyance 🔮⏳

An/a clairvoyance is a person who can “see” the past, the “present” and the future, and also have “contact ” with souls that has “left this world”, but “lives on the other side”. An/ a clairvoyance can “see” things that are fare away, they have “contact” with “things” that are “hidden” for our five “normal” senses like sight, hearing, smell, taste and emotions……I have some thoughts about this “emotions and feelings ” as an it in a way are a personally relation, at the same time its also scientifically proven in the brain with different technique and technical equipment that there are emotional reaction that can be proven in the brain.( tgat ess a very li g sentence 😅) Enough about that😅 Feelings, emotions and thoughts can be a bit “tricky”😊

Some people belives in clairvoyance other don’t, some belives in science and things that are scientifically proven (I do that as well together with the spiritual part), and some belive in different religion, and some are in theierown way “open minded”.

Any way ,- this evenings “event” was about “getting in touch” with some deceased to the guestes at the bar, get some “advices ” or importen messeges from close relation (dead souls) in one or anothet way. The clairvoyance couldn’t get in “touch” with deceased to all the guestes at the bar, but many. ( she didnt have thectime to get in “touch” with everyone ).

“Souls in touch”

The clairvoyance “event”

I did had mixed “feelings” about “if and who ” of mine “deceased”/ close relations I wanted to get in “touch” with, or,- more correct,- that maybe “got in touch” with me…..or even if I wanted some of them to “get in touch” with me at all 🤔.

The clairvoyance did get in a “touch” with a lots of “souls”, and different people at the bar got differents advice and messeges. Some became very happy, other started crying, some was very suprised, some seems to be relifed, and the once that didn’t “belive” at all, was also a bit suprised over “the setting” and also the advice they got.

The session last for atound 60- 90 minutes, but the clairvoyance didnt have time to all the guestes deceased souls.

No one deceased from Natasja did get in “touch” for with example her.😔

And I did feel a bit disappointed when the session was going to an end and no one of mine deceased familiy or friends had been in “touch” with me….😔

Coca cola for me this the evening- I wanted to be sure to get “everything thing” with me

And then it was me……

Supriserly and for some reason my grandmam suddenly got in “touch” with me….my mammis mammi…..one of the person I havent even think about had something “to tell” me. She was not one if my deceased familiy or friends I did had in mind.

My grandmammi was a christian beliver, and the way I did know her, she didn’t belive in “nonsense” like this. And I have never an imagenation that she was going to “come back” to give some “advice” to me. No bad feelings for my grandmammi, we had a good realtions, it was not close, but it was not distended rather.

I was also suprised because my grandmammi didnt spoke english, she didnt understood english or any other languages- only norwegian. So- how could the clairvoyance and grandmammi “talk ” to eathother? The clairvoyance did speak english. I don’t think she could speak norwegian…..or do “they” have a totally different kind of languages “over there”? “On the other side”?

The clairvoyance did ask me some “confirm”- questions,- just for checking it was me, my grandmammi and a connection “between” us. She asked things like “did your granddad did eat bread with butter and a lots of sugar on for breakfast? ( yes he did). “Did your granddad remove his marriage- ring and put it in his hand when he had his siesta?” (yes, he did). She also told me how “my” bedroom in my grandparents house was? ( how could she knew that?)

After some questions the “advice”and messege from my grandmammi came to me- but to be honset- I still ,actullay, dont know what she ment.

My grandmammi told me that is was good I didnt got the job last monthz the job I “lost ” after just a month 😔. She told me my “mission” was my “work with words” – “I neede to start to use my words more effectively- get them out, it will be helpfull for many people”. And thats it- suddenly she was gone….and , unfortunately, this was not a “session” for questions…..unfortunately for me….

AND : hey!!! grandmam! we needed that salary!!! seriously!!! and- what did you actually mean????about words, work, helpfull??? What do you mean I mm going to do????

Im still a bit confused.

But,- last week I did write about bicycling, and maybe my texts are helpfull for someone? I also did write about chains for cars, and some really, really old casinogames in Asia. And,- yes I did some chatte- work….and I did have two students – teacing in norwegian- in other words -I did write and worked about different kind of things and words last week…..snd hopefully they will or can help someone….???

But was it this my grandmammi ment?

I should really wish she had been a bit (much) more concrete, told me a bit more and more specific. The textes Im writing in and working at the moment give us food for a couple of weeks in May…..I actually need more work….😅

Should I contact this clairvoyance and see if she can get in “touch” with my grandmammi again? So I can ask some questions this time…..about what she ment in this workcase and my worksituation? So she can be very specific about what she ment! And- also maybe ask a couple of questions about my “lovelife” when I had her “on the line”?😅📞

Well- Im not sure what Im gonig to. I have meet clairvoyance that had been very correct in different things in my life, but I have also meet clairvoyance that did take so very, very wrong about things in my life- and in a way “destroy ” a lots of things for me in my life- at the same time- maybe I did destroy them my self,- because I did “belive” her????? So to be honest I m actually a bit sceptical, but at the same time I m a bit courius – but if I do this- contact a clairvoyance – I promise to tell you…..and then we take it from there……if I do it….

This will any way- if I go or not go to a clairvoyance in the future- not be my last post about this kind of “subject/tema/topic”.

……and a tiny little comments on the sidelines- ancient Egyptians belived in a world “on the other side”. The vikings in Scandinavia too…..and the Easter celebrations is about Jesus Christ and the emphasis on the Christian faith and resurrection……I just mention it….when it comes to “belives ” and a life after the dead….😊😉….

Some of mine “things” – based on some spiritual “belives “😉