“The best age … what kind of age is that?” 🤔

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I hear and read that “the age” I’m getting closer to,- pluss/minus a couple of years is “the best age”. More and less around the 50’s. But what does that mean? What does it mean to be in “the best age”? Because I don’t quite feel I’m closer to “my best age” in my life,- and the 40′ so fare has not been “the best years in my life” to be honest 😅. So,- can it, hopefully, be better? 🤔 Maybe things changing a bit when you have turned the 50’s, and then are closer into “the best age”? 🤔 Or it this “saying” just a kind of “comfort” because in the 50’s you are more and less “in the middle in your the life”? Halfway of the life … in away …

And how can the 50’s be better, or “the best age”? In the 50’s when the hormones really are starting “a rollercoaster” for both men and women in their bodies and minds. Because, in this period in life, is when “the midlife crisis” and “the menopause” are dropping by. So,- What so good about that? 🤔 It doesn’t sounds very “best” to have a hormones rollercoaster running around in the body and mind, to be honest 😊.

“Every age has it’s own charm” is a sweet saying we use in general to children and teenagers,- but I think this saying can be used to every age, period and fases we humane are going through in life 😊. All ages has it’s own charm,- I have just no experiences to the charming ages I have in front of me,- like the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s😅.

The children has their own charm, the teenagers too, and the 20’s,- yes, a charming age that as well,- even it seems that many people in the 20’s actually think they have “all the wisdom in the world”😅,- but still don’t have live through the 30’s or 40’s yet 😉.

The 30’s are more relaxed with their own charm, but still a bit “besserwisser” 😉. Then it’s the 40’s and “all” the thinking about “the life” is starting. Like “What have I achieved, and different expectations of my own life and life situation?” Because I’m actually not the only one in the “end of” 40’s that have this thoughts. There are some “souls of us out” there with thoughts like this 😊. And this thoughts are not always charming, or feels good to have. They don’t feel like “the best” always 😊.

In the 50’s the life should be more simple, relaxing and a bit “easy going”,- and the life situation should been in away “solved”. Or at least the society expectations can feel, be and experience like that. I know- because I feel exactly like that,- just in the really “opposite direction” 😅. There’s not much “solved” out or “easy going”,- that’s for sure 😅.

The children, if you have some, are getting young adults and manage their life more and less own their own. The house is closely payed down, your job is safe, the economy is stable and also the partnership or relationship are maybe stable and joyful too. And maybe there also are some grandchildren as well in the family? The life is yours in a way now,- in the 50’s. You have more and less just the responsibility for your self and your life, and the life situation should be a bit “comfortable” too. And that’s why I think “the 50’s” is been referred to as “the best age”. But – for many this is not the way it is, it’s not the best age,- it can be challenging to not have manage “the society expectations” when you have turned 50. And then it doesn’t feels like the “best age”. You feel a bit more like an “failure”. And on top of that,- the challenge menopause and different things that happens in life around the “midlife crisis”. Sounds not like “the best age” if I put it that way.

The 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s,- well, like I did mention,- I haven’t been there yet 😅- so I can’t write to much about this ages with my own personal and private experiences. I can only use the different impressions I have of these age groups,- by conversations and by my own meeting of this “age- groups”, and by working for and with people in this ages, as well as be together with family and friends in this ages 😊. Most of them seems very relaxed about their ages, even a bit happy too,- and in away it seems that they are in their “best age” in their own way 😊. In general 😊.

I think every age is “the best” in it’s own way, and that it also depends on the different persons different expertations in life and their life situations. Also their own definition and understanding of “the best” and “age” 😊.

My own experience is that I enjoyed being 10 years old and playing in the forest with my friends, or fishing in the ocean together with my daddy 🎏. St that point it felt that to be 10 years old was the best thin ever 😅. But I really enjoyed to be in the 20’s too. I became a mammi and also got my second education 📚. It was not to bad that either 😊. It was not to bad in the 30’s either, busy, but not to bad at all. A lost of new experiences and knowledge in life and about my self 😊. I have “struggled” a bit with the 40’s – as some of you know 😅,- but there’s still a couple of more years left to be in the 40’s for me,- so maybe this “age- period” still can be “not to bad” after all? Who knows – I don’t. But I’m “on the case” and working on it 😊. Then we see in a couple of years “there in the future” somewhere 😊. Life can have and give some nice surprises now and then 🥰.

Every age has it’s own challenges that we need to live and learn through and by. It’s charming to be 10 years old and a lots of good thing in that age, as well as someone in the 90’s can be really charming as well, in their own way 😊. And I think someone in the 90’s feel lucky too, special if they are healthy too😊.

I don’t know what the best age is 😊. The 50’s can be a good ages if you feel comfortable and happy in your life and life situation. At the same time its different challenged changes that’s happen in the body and the mind in this age. And those seems not “to good”,- but it’s probably a part of “turning 50” 😊.

I think the reference to the best age in the 50’s is used because of the expectation from your self as well as the society around you and this “where you should be in life” in this age. At the same time it seems like a “comfy” thing to say – because the 50’s is halfway to 100 😳. I also think the 50’s is reference to “the best age” because you have more and different life experiences than when you was 20 or 30 or 40 😊. Hopefully a bit wiser, and eith a bit more knowledge, and it’s easier to “give a bit more shit” in not to important things and stuff 😊. But what do I know? This is just my thoughts and questions about “what is the best age?” , “what does it mean to be in the best age?” and “why is the 50’s in many situations referenced as the best age”? 🤔 😊

What do you think? What does “the best age” actually mean? For you, or your general understanding of the “saying”. Is it a kind of “comfort” because we are getting older? So fare,- I don’t know what “my best age” is or would be 😊. I think every age has something “best” in it in it’s own way 🥰.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊.

What is “the best age”? Haven’t every “age” it’s own charm and own way “to be best” in? 😊

What is the best age? What kind of age is that? How define “the best age”? Or have every age something “best” in it? I just wonder …. 😊

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A bit mixed feelings today … about this day … 🎁 🎀

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡 I’m fine,- but I have a bit mixed feelings today, about this day 😊. That’s life- and I m not going to whine too much about, just a little bit 😊.

Early in the morning around 07.00, the 27. January many years ago I was born. So today is actually my birthday 🎁. I’m not going to celebrate it,- and it’s a couple of years since I actually did celebrate my birthday too.

I did have a kind of celebration when I became 40. “The bump” gave me and “the bump” a hotel- weekend in one of the bigger city in Norway. And my two sisters did visit me in our home. The only time they actually did visit me when I was living together with “the bump”. And,- that was not their mistake, – it was just not easy to visit me when I did live together with “the bump”😔. But when I became 40 it was okay to have a tiny bit visit / guests 🎁. The years I did live together with “the bump” I had totally 3 guests all in all. At my 40 years birthday it was my two sisters, and one time a friend of me did visit me. That’s it 🙄. And my birthdays after that I have been living in Spain,- and there hasn’t been any celebration 😊.

Well,- in away I had a tiny celebration last year at my birthday 😊. Fabian, my son in the middle, and Millie, his ex- girlfriend visit me and did bring cakes with them 🥰. And in the afternoon I was visiting Natasja, and she did make dinner to me. It was a nice day, a nice celebration of my birthday 🎁.

So why do I have this mixed feelings today? Well,- it’s a couple of different thoughts that “jumps” into my head,- about the life, the age, expectations, dreams, wishes, goals, experiences in life, what have I manage- what can I manage- what will I manage? “Where does the road goes further” ? I’m in “my age”, but still not “come” any longer in life …. single, renting a home, always empty bank account, working as best as I can … So it is my age and my lifesituation together that’s bother me most today.

I have in one way been able to “put” a lots of different things in my life so fare,- so many different experiences, education, work, children, marriage, divorce, travels, relationship, friendship,- and Spain 🌞.

It’s more and less the last 6 years that’s feels like has been “stomped” ,- there has somehow been no development – or has it?🤔

I have many nice, great and good experiences during this years 🧡. At the same time as it all can be “cut down to”- surviving, to working, to pay the bills 💰. It has not been to much various in my life here in Spain,- and in some way that’s good, I don’t like to much challenge variation either 😅. But in an other way, – I should wish I had have the possibility to travel a bit more in the area, as well as visiting both Norway and other countries too, go to a concert or at the cinema, out for a dinner and a bit more then that too😊. Actually “do a bit more things” 😊. But in general it cost a tiny bit 😊.

At the same time, – I have learn different things about myself as well as the life. I have met a lots of great people. Got some incredible good friends too during this years 🧡.

If I start thinking to much, special about my age, and my life/ lifesituation I don’t feel very okay 😔. I feel a bit old and “out of fashion “, “out of order”, kind of “gone out of date”, or something like that,- to be honest 😳. And then my focus get over to this in general a bit “scary” “getting older,- process”, wrinkles, grey hair, where did the life went, the scary menopause, what have I manage in my life, my singl- status, “am I going to be single for the rest of my life?”, my bank- account- status, “will that one always end in zero when the bills are payed and the food are bought in, will there never be any extra left?, my livingsituation, and so on 😳.

And what can I do myself with the different things I don’t like in my life, my life situation, and the getting older process? 🤔. I feel I have tried so much, and are still trying my best to “turn the situations” around, the situations I’m not to happy with in my life. But it changes soooooo slowly that I closely can’t even see or feel it 😳. But maybe this is the way my life should be? 🤔 I know I need to work and focus on my thoughts too 😅. But that one is not easy when there’s a couple of mixed feelings “rumbling” around in my “system” 😅.

I think most about “what have I manage in my life so fare” and “what’s in front of me”? The “same” at has been for the last 6 years? Is that what I can “expect” in the future too? Work to survive? And that’s it? Get more different kinds of experiences in life for what? How to use them? What to use them for? Or will I be able to actually “do a bit more things” to? Travelling? And a couple of other things? 🤔

But,- I’m on my way to change somethings in my life,- like my working situation and my income 😊. I have got some regular online shift for some kind of support, a kind of health support. I have got 4 hours shift 6 days a week during all February 😁. That means regular work at the office as well as regular work at home 😁. I’m very grateful for that 🧡. I know February will be hard, really hard, – and March as well. In April the online company can be more flexible with my hours,- but now I need to “show off” and show the company that I can work, accept the hours I get, even it’s late evening shifts, and do a good job too during the next two months before I can ask for “better” shifts 😊. As well as I also need to “show off” at my great office job too😊. Because I really want to keep that job as well. Any way,- it’s makes thing so much easier to have regular working hours online as well as at the office,- a kind of regular working schedule,- even I have 10 and 12 hours working days to look forward too in February 😅.

But I think and believe it’s worth it, all this hard, long working days I have in front of me,- and I will also see some results after the hard working too 🤩. At least I hope so. And that’s feels actually good 💚. It’s going to be busy with so many hours and also keep my blog “up and running “,- but it doesn’t matter as long as I’m one step closer to one of my goals 🥰.

When it comes to this nice wrinkles and the grey hair that’s slowly “shows up”, and “all” the other physical changes to be older, I’m going to put the focus on “all that” little by little, post by post when I’m starting writing more about “getting older” 😊. Not today,- today it’s more then enough for me to just think about my lifesituation I’m in, in my age 😬 😳.

Some says that getting older is “the best age”,- I’m still not so sure about that one. But I can try to do it my best age? 😊

From 0- 10, and from 11 to 20 – it’s my childhood and teenagers,- and in general I will say these 10 years are pretty much full of good memories. As a child as well as a teenager 😊. From 21 to 30 I did manage to get 3 children, be married and also divorced 😅. And even started on my last education, as a teacher 😊. My 30’s was not to bad either,- very busy, but not to bad at all. It was work and studies, children and football, karate and ballet. And even some “secret” and funny “relations” that was more and less just “my” relations 😁 😉. It was travels, family and friends,- it was some celebration and parties too, and even a bit it cinema and concerts,- it was incredible busy,- at the same time a good time 😊. Until I met “the bump” in the end of my 30′ s 🙄 …. that’s actually 9 years ago 😳.

Then it was the 40’s,- and I’m still “there” actually in the 40′ s,- and have more then a couple of year left to “stay” in the 40’s 😊. But this “10” years has so fare been hard. Like I have already mention,- it has been a lot of “work to survive”,- and that’s it. Of course “spiced up” with many nice holiday guests, and friends, and a kind of relationship with my neighbour for some years. And some very mistaken dates 😅 and different changes in work- situations 😊. And new great friendships too 😊. But there has been a lots focus on work, earn enough money to pay the normal expenses as rent food, electricity and water. I hope that can change a bit,- and that my more then 10 hours working days / working shift now will “pay off” and with that I mean literary pay off too 😊.

And, yes,- a very nice and sweet boyfriend hasn’t been to bad either 🥰. Maybe there’s one around “the corner” in close future? 🥰

I know this year will be fine,- I just need to work very much,- not just physically working, but also with my brain, my mind, my head, my thoughts. Because I have a tiny little ( much more then little to be honest) believe in “thoughts becomes things” 🧡. So it is “mindset therapy” and focus on “Law of attractions” for me too 🧡. Then it is very important to have a positive focus and a positive imagination as well,- that’s for sure 💛 – even that’s not always easy to do 😊.

So, yes it is my birthday today,- and it will be “celebrate” more and less like most of my normal days, and my last birthdays during the last years has been celebrated, – not at all 🎁. Or I can say it will be celebrated with work 😊.

You have probably manage to find out how old I’m to day? I know I haven’t mention my age in my post, just different numbers 😊. Well,- I have done that on purpose, – not mention my age,- I’m not use to that number yet,- and I still don’t like “the number” either 😅.

Anyway,- I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

It’s my birthday today 🎁. And I don’t feel very comfortable with my “new” age yet,- it will probably come after a while ,- “the comfortably ” 😅. Ps- photo was taken 11. January 2020.

Well,- it’s my birthday today,- and, honestly, I have a bit mixed feelings about that today 🎁. About “getting older”. In general it doesn’t bother me,- but this year, this time, this birthday has actually bother me a bit 🎀. It’s not so much my ages that’s bothers me, just a tiny little bit 😅. It’s more my age together with my life situation,- but maybe that will take a new turn this year? 😊💚💛🧡.

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I just wonder a bit about …”the plastic fantastic” and the recycling ♻️ 🤔

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Our environment is changing a bit, and we do what we can do for “go down” various polluting areas – such as the use of plastic, and the recycling of plastic too ♻️. But,- I just wonder 🤔 … what about the plastic “fantastic” …. abd all this different kinds of Plastic Surgery ….

All this different kinds of plastic surgery who is being operated on in people’s with free will?  Into tits, butts and cheeks.  And what about those plastic muscles that have also become so popular to operate in the stomach as a six-pack, or arms, thighs and legs? Just so they could “look” a bit “fantastic” and a bit “cool” 👑.

What happens to those who have operated in some plastic “here and there and everywhere” when they die?What happen with “the plastic” ?🤔 

How is all that plastic been recycled when they die?  For it does not rot like the rest of the body does if it is buried.  And if the body of the deceased is to be cremated?  Aren’t there different toxic gases from all that plastic? 🤔

I know some use their own body fat for various such beauty operations.  And that recycling goes by itself when a person dies – whether he / she is buried or cremated.  My question is only plastic surgery- how is it recycled? ♻️ Special after someone has died? Will there be different plastic balls with different shapes, forms and fashion underground after the decay process then? ⚾️ 🏀 🏈 🧶 And what if someone choose to be cremated,- what do they do with the gases from the plastic under a under such a “circumstance” ? 🤔. What do they do? How do they do it? How does this kind of plastic been recycling? I just wonder because I dont know.

Maybe its stupid questions, – but,- yes I do wonder a bit about this. Do you? Or do you msybe have any answers to my questions? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡,- even today it’s was just some questions I have actually been wondering and thinking about for a tiny while, – special after all the focus on all the plastic we use and the recycling process with that kind of plastic 😊.

Anyway,- See you soon 😊

Just my plastic recycling bag in my home,- I did had any better photo to use 😅

I just wonder,- what happens to the “plastic fantastic” plastic surgery plastic that are used in beauty operations? ♻️ How does that kind of plastic been recycling after a person with that kind of things in the body dies? 🤔 😊

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I’m not ready for this at all, – to be honest 💙

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

My oldest son is going to move in to me for a couple of weeks, – and to be honest, – I’m not ready for this- at all 😅.

I have been living on my own for around 3 1/2 month now,- and not even close to find my life routines yet , or even close to the lifestyle I wish and want to have in my life 😅. And I have starting to actually be very fine and comfortable with living on my own too 😊. And I like to have no one else to take care of, have any responsibility for or take or pay some attention to then myself at the moment 😊. And that doesn’t feels to bad at all any longer 😊. But of course that will change when he is moving in,- and of course I do say yes to him as well, he is my child, my son, he is my first child. actually the one who in a way “made” me to a mammi, gave me my first experience as a mammi 🧡 – but still I’m not a tiny little bit of ready for this “change” in my life. Live together with my oldest son for a while.

And if you think I’m “delivering” my son now,- I don’t do that at all 😊. He knows I’m like “zero” ready for this 😅. Probably he is not to much ready either for moving in back to his mammi in the age of 25 😊. But as mammi you do what you can and need to do for your children 💙. Ready or not 😊.

And of course I will help him to have a place to stay and live, sleep and eat when he is looking for something else 😊. The plan is that he and a friend of him are going to find something together,- but that’s not done in a “zip”. I know that 😊.

They also did mention another plan for me to day too,- and I was not to much “trilled” over that one either 😅. Oh my,- I’m a very difficult mammi 😳.

But he is an young adult man and it is his life 💛. And he need to find his “way” in life,- even that’s not sure is the way I wanted or do wish for him. At the same time,- I want him to be happy in his life 💚. And hopefully,- his “backpack” are filled up with a bit of “good stuff”, good “raising”- stuff from me. Like taking care of him self, survive, be honest, work, pay the different expenses, make food, be happy, be nice, be gentle and hopefully a bit more then that too 😊.

Their plan, my son and his friend, is to build one Van each,- or not built it, but buy one Van each and decorate them as a kind of a home,- and drive around “here and there and every where” on an kind of life- adventure 😳. “Gulp”,- said the mammi heart then 😳. Oh my,- I didn’t like that though very much either.

At the same time,- I know he is an “entertainer”,- and I know he likes to travel and drive. I know he is an “adventurer” as well, and also an “explorer” too. And maybe this is something that he needs to do,- for him self together with a friend? What do I know? I just know my heart skipped a beat and two with worries. But that’s also because I know him,- he can be a bit “thoughtless” and a bit “clumsy” too. And not always think everything very good through before he handles 🙄. He is a very clever young man, and have some good and wise knowledge up there in his brain,- but sometimes he forgot to use it 🙄. At the same time,- don’t we all do that now and then? And my heart also skipped a beat and two because I’m a mammi, his mammi,- and I’m just worried something not to good can happen to him “there on the roads”. And I’m not there.

He has the “streaming” and he has some other online work from home, so he can actually work more and less “wherever” in the world he want as long as he have internet,- and I know it will probably be fine. It will probably go well,- but still there’s a “gulp” inside me 😳 just a bit like this 😳. And it’s just this,- “I’m just a mammi, and I’m his mammi” 💙.

On the other hand, – it’s not sure anything of this “roadtrip” will happen,- even I actually do think so. When he had got something on his mind,- he goes for it. But, – that means it can be a bit more then a “couple of weeks” living with me. Special if they are going to decorate this cars to in a decent, safe, practical and good way too 😳. I think that will take a bit much more than a couple of weeks to be honest 🙄.

At the same time,- I get the possibility to use the “mammi- tactics” and maybe get him away from that Van- though, travel and adventure trips idea. On the other hand,- will that be correct for me to do? Wouldn’t that actually be a bit selfish? Because if I do,- I actually just do it more and less for myself to just “know” where he is, and that all is okay with him. Have a kind of “control” over him, – and that’s not correct either.

Because, – yes,- of course I’m worried, worried something not to good can happen to him on this trip and on this adventure. At the same time, – I can’t protect him for and from “the life”,- and I think this is important for him too,- this planned Van- adventure. At least to just have the dream. Maybe it will happen, – this adventure and travel in a Van,- maybe not. But when it all comes down to the end,- it’s his life, his choices , his dream,- all I can to is to be here for him. Love him, and support him as best as I can 💙. Give him some advice,- and hope he will listen to them and use them as well 😊.

On the other hand, – I did actually raise this “entertainer, explorer and adventurer”- young man. He was just 6 weeks old when he was on his first travel together with me. And I have travel with this 3 children in my car with a tent in the bagasje “here and there” in Norway on holiday- trips. As well as we have travel around in Europe too, visit different countries, met different cultures. So in on way, I did “teach” him “adventure” and the journey and fun with travelling and “exploring”.

Anyway,- one thing at the time,- my son is moving in to me next week,- and I’m not ready for that at all,- and will probably not be it either 😅. That’s a part of me “growing up” as a parent, and a part of getting ready to learn to live my life 😅. It will probably be okay,- good to have him a bit around me,- at the same time,- not the possibility to use the “time out button” when I want 😊.

What have you done in a situation like this, – used your “mammi or daddy tactic”,- and worked for another solution then travel around in a self- build Van? Or,- just wish your child the best and crossed fingers for the best too? 😊 And motivated your child to “go for his/ hers dreams”?

I know what I’m going to do,- even my mammi heart skipping a beat and two ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Me – a mammi for 3 great young adult children, – but even they are young adults and are living their own life it’s not “everything” I’m ready for 😊. At the same time,- I’m not “ready” to go back an be not just me anymore either 😅.

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Trying to find a balance sheet in the everyday life 😊⏳

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It’s not always so easy to find a #balance sheet in the #everyday life,- and it’s not always as easy as it may sound either😊. One thing is the written word or the plans and #imagination about how things and #plans should be working out, an other thing is to do it in practice 😊.

Even it’s just me now at days,- and not like just for some few years ago,- when I should try to find a balance sheet in the everyday life with three children as well, that’s also in their own way had a everyday life with school, friends and different interests on their “time off” 😊. I did manage that one in a #mysterious way when we was four in the home,- so I will probably #manage it this time too,- to find a balance in my daily life and my #routines when it’s just me 😅.

I haven’t been able to find “my routines and #rhythm” in my everyday life yet 😅. It’s obviously not just so easy to “trun off” to be a mammi and to “turn on” to just be me 😅. But like I have mention before, – the person I’m not very patient with is my self. So I also need a doze of #patience with my self,- at least try to learn to be patient with my self 😊.

It’s also this,- thing in life can #change in one second,- but it takes a bit more then one second to be able to #learn to live with the different changes in life 😊. Like for me now at days,’ to learn to just be me 😊.

At the moment I need find an balance between #working at the office and do my different work tasks at my home. And also do some workout and exercises as well as “squeeze” in a bit #socializing 😊. Sounds very easy? 😅 There should also be time for blogging as well as painting, and a bit baking or making some food too,- and even maybe a bit dating- if I’m lucky to meet someone that worth using any dating- time on,- and to learn Spanish- that’s also one of my “goals” this year 😊.

It’s actually not to bad, I do think I have a plan, idea and an #imagination about how I want it “all” to be, and how to get it “all” to work together 😊. And when I in general #enjoying what I’m doing both when it comes to the work at the office as well as in my home,- it’s not the biggest “#challenge” in the world to “put the rest” together as well,- it just take a bit time 😅. I’m just a tiny bit “delated” with “all and everything”,- but I’m getting use to it,- I at least choose to think and believe so 😅.

It’s just that I’m, – as you probably already know, – I am very late with my work from my home (very) – because my internet has been to much “on- off” during December and also a bit in January. So,- this month I just need to find a balance between my work at the office and my work at my home so I in one or another way will manage to at least reach my economic minimum goals for January 😊.

My focus actually just need to be home “fishing” for income,- just a bit more hours then my plan was in December for January 😅. And it will also mostly be that this month the main focus will be working and writing, painting, – and maybe a tiny, tiny bit space for socializing – but just maybe and just a tiny bit 😊.

So,- then the balance sheet for “the rest of my stuff, things and plans” just need to wait until February 😊. I need to admit I’m not to happy about that – but it’s better to just except “the #situation” and do the very best of it 😊.

It’s not going to be to bad to find the balance sheet in my daily life and routines when I have, hopefully, reach my working- goals and income for January 😊. I know that the 31. January at around 24.00 in the evening 😊.

I’m working every second week from the morning and every second week in the afternoon at the office. And there will be “place and space” when we turns to February for more of my others plans,- like working out and socializing, and hopefully studies too 😊. Plans are “#created” to be able to change,- and changes, – well they will always “shows up” small or big. It’s just to “learn to handle them ” in some or another way” 😊.

Salget er i gang! Mengder av sko til reduserte priser!

I just know that I need to have an #functional balance sheet between my work at the office and my work at my home, and in my life in general, – and special have “it”, the balance “up and running” as good as possible before the holiday guests are coming from Norway during the Spring, Summer and Autumn 😊.

Salget er i gang! Mengder av sko til reduserte priser.

The daily routines and the daily rhythms have a habit to change a bit when it’s guests here,- and then it’s a bit important for me to have them in a so good balance that I will come easily back into my own routines when the guests travels back to Norway again 😊.

And I like to have routines in my life too, my working- life as well as a bit in my everyday life too. It’s easier for me to “handle” changes then, as well as have changes and get back in good routines again 😊. Things has also been a bit to much “out of balance” in my life for a while,- I’m a bit more relaxed when I have a balance sheet to keep up with, – but that’s also are changeable 😊. And,- it’s sound probably strange,- but I’m actually also a bit more spontaneous when I have a balance sheet in my life 😊.

I don’t know about you – do you like to have routines in your working- situations, and your everyday life? A balance sheet that have place and space for changes? 😊 Or it’s not that so important for you? In case,- why or why not? 😊

We are all different, – and what suits for some, don’t suits others 😊. But,- my “needs” for a kind of balance sheets is a bit important for me both in my work as well in my everyday life 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by #myblog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

I like to have a kind of #balance sheet in my #working- #situation as well as my #everyday #life 😊. For me its easier to “handle” different #changes if there are a kind of balance as well 😊. What about you? Do you like balance, – or just “take it all as it comes”? 😊

What to choose? 💃 What to ware? 👗👠

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Today, this evening, I’m going to a #Wintergalla at my job 👗❄. I’m really looking forward to that,- and I also feel very #lucky,- because it’s just 6 weeks since I was on an #elegant Christmas party with my last job 🎄.

#Imagen that,- two elegant parties in so short time is not “normal” for me,- so this going to be fun 😊.

But as most #women when we are going “to dress up” I’m wondering a bit about what to wear this evening 👗.

Not because I’m going to buy any new dresses, or because I have no dresses to #choose between. It’s actually just because I have some very nice and elegant dresses to choose between 🥰. And I m not sure with one to choose 😊.

Oh,- I really like dresses,- and in general I have one nice dress from closely every country I have been visiting 😊. I did write closely ☺️,- so it’s not from all the countries I have been visiting 😊. And I also have a couple of dresses I did get when I was “walking down on the #catwalk” at different places in Norway some (many) years ago 😊.

Oh,- I did really like that, – to walk on the catwalk 😍. Just because I could ware beautiful wedding dresses, elegant galla dresses, sexy party dresses and very nice prome dresses 🥰.

So,- that’s why I’m not going to buy any new dress for this evening, I have enough to choose between in my own closet 😊.

I have always like to be dressed up in nice and elegant #dresses 👗. My mammi always said that I was born in the wrong #century 😅,- and in the wrong family too 😅. I should probably been born into an “#environment” where I could have been using dresses a bit more often then I was “able” to and wanted to do in Norway 😊.

But one thing is for sure,- I’m not born into the wrong family 🥰. My family up there in Norway are very #perfect just the way they are 🧡. It was and still are a great family, and a perfectly fine place to grow up in 🥰. So in that “case” my mammi was a bit wrong,- but when it comes to the century she ment I should been born in,- I actually don’t know if she was wrong or correct 😅.

I think she ment I should have been living at a castle in the 1700 or something like that. Probably in the #Baroque period or something 😅. And who knows,- maybe I even did 😉.

Anyway,- I’m really looking forward to the Winter Galla this evening,- and I’m really looking forward to “dress myself up” in a nice and #elegant #dress too 🥰. And I’m really looking forward to meet my colleagues “outside” from the office as well 😊. I like my colleagues at work, so I think it be really nice to meet the “outside” too 😊.

But witch one of my dresses should I choose to this party 🤔? It’s actually one of my few #luxury “problems” 😅,- and in one way, I do #enjoy to have this luxury “problem” 😊. It’s good to have one of them in between the daily life 🥰.

It’s also days like this I miss to live together with my daughter 🥰,- and of course other days too 😊. But it was a very good help to ask her for some “dress- advice” now and then 😊.

I know I need to have closed shoes this evening,- and that one is already “chosen” 👠. And I know I can’t have a to much summer dress,- it’s cold, and it’s going to be cold,- and even we are going to be inside at the Winter Galla,- the hotel where the #galla is, is close, very close to the beach. So it can be a bit “fresh” 😊.

I have already found four different dresses I’m going to try on,- and then just see witch one I do feel most #comfortable and at the same time elegant in 😊.

Maybe I show you a photo tomorrow? Witch dress it became? I’m still not “best friends” with this photo- stick or what the name was again,- and I’m not the best one to take this “selfies” either 😅. But I’m at least going to try 😊.

I hope you have something nice and fun to look forward to this Saturday,- even it maybe are not a Winter Galla, – but hopefully something else fun 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by #myblog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

It’s #WinterGalla at my job this evening ❄, – and I’m just a woman with closely the same “what to ware- #challenge” many women have when it comes to “dressing up” 👗. And in this “case” it’s one of my very few “#luxury problems” in my daily life,- I have a lots of #nice and #elegant #dresses to #choose between 🥰. “#Feelinglucky” 🥰.

The night’s are so “hot” at the moment 🌛🌟🌡

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

This morning ( at 06.30) it was 10 #degrees (Celsius) outside🌡,- and probably it has been more and less the same temperature during the night. It’s not very #warm, and compare to what it can be during this time of the year in #Norway,- not very cold either here in #Spain in the #wintertime. And it’s “winter- time” in South of Spain now,- and it will probably “winter” for the next 3 months ❄.

Wintertime here is not snow and ice, but rain and wind, and when the rain and the wind are coming this time of the year it comes a lot 🌬. At the moment is just cold,- not windy, not rainy- just sunny, but cold.

So why I’m I so “#hot” during the night at the moment? 🤔

When I’m waking up, I’m not just warm, but obviously I have been sweats a lot through the night, because the duvet, pillow and sheets are #damp,- and yes, my #body too 😳.

Lucky for me I can dry my duvet, pillow and sheets in the sun, and my body- well,- that one I “put” in the shower 🚿 😊. But,- I still need to change the bedsheets more often then I even need to do during the warm summernigths here in Spain when it’s 30 degree ( Celsius) during the night time 🌡.

It hasn’t been like this for so many days yet,- maybe it started about a week or so, maybe a bit longer. But it’s strange,- because I should not be so warm during the night at this time of the year,- and I do #sleep with my balcony door a bit open too, and under my big, down-filled Norwegian winter duvet. I need to feel the fresh air, but still be warm in my bed 😊.


I’m sleeping very well during the night. I don’t wake up before my wake-up call is “plinging” in the morning ⏰. And its then I #recognize how warm I has been during the night 😳. How “damped warm” 🙄.

I did had this “hot” “#experience”/ “periode” in Norway for around 7 years ago. I don’t remember how long it last at that time. But the “#conclusion” I did made for my self at that time was a) #stress – I was living with “the bump” at that time,- and b) the body, on it’s own way “renews”, or in it’s on way “restarte/ recover” all the cells in the body around every 7. year.

Well,- it’s not a totally “renewed”/”recovery”/” renovation”, that’s a bit wrong words,- because them we had never been older 😅. But our different cells in our body does dies, and new are coming,- during a 7. years period. I’m not going to have a long “lecture” in that subject today 😅. It was just a tiny little explanation 😊.

For 7 years ago,- yes,- I think that “sweaty and hot” nights at that time was stress and well,- #changings in my body too.

And I actually think that’s the what’s happen with my #body at the moment as well.

I have been stressing very much with this internet in my home,- special after we turned into 2020. Now it’s more important “then ever” that the internet is stable and in function then it has been before,- special since I’m going to do a job there, on my interne, in my home, and my “plans” and “goals” are to work 25- 30 % from my home. And for me now,- no internet is no work, and as we all know,- no work- no income 💰💶.

And I also think that this “hot and damped” nights I have at the moment is “a step” into the menopause 😳. Something that is very normal and natural, – but also feels a bit scary too. I feel I’m not “ready” for this “jumping #hormones trips” 😅. And I actually don’t feel “old” enough to be in the #menopause 😅. But I don’t think must of us, in general, feel “old enough” when we are in the age of 45- 55, and the different body- changins are “showing up”,- at the same time as we in a strang way “know” “that’s life”,- we are getting older 😊.

And,- apropos the menopause, – Thank you so much for the emails I have got 🧡. I really precede them all,- and I m very sorry I haven’t been able to answer you yet,- it’s just because I haven’t been able online at the way I want and need to be 😊. Unfortunately I can’t have to many Apps on my phone- with that means- I don’t have my .MSN.com email on my phone- just on my laptop. But,- I am going to answer you,- as well as use the different and good information and advices I have got about menopause (and even some of the “midlife crisis”) 😊. Thank you so much 🥀.

I know “dr. Google” is not the “best” doctor to “use” when it becomes to find a “diagnos” on something,- but I need to admit that I’m using “dr. Google” now and then anyway. And I did “google” “night sweat” today. Just to “#confirm” my “suspicion” about what the #reasons for why I’m so “hot and dampened” during the nights, and what it could be.

And I did find some “good” answers that I “feel” and think are more and less correct for me. Stress and hormones changes 😊. I don’t think it’s diabetes, and I don’t feel very sick,- so it’s probably my hormones that’s changing a bit, and the stress with my online work I haven’t been able to do 😊.

Well,- that’s life,- I’m #getting #older,- my #body is #changing, – even if I like it or not 😊.

Do you have any thoughts about getting older? Good ones? Or some “not to good”? 😊

I have different thoughts about “getting older”,- and little by little, step by step, I’m going to share them with you 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by #myblog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

I’m “#daming away” during the #nights at the #moment 🌛. Like the cloud are “damping” the water 💧. I still #sleep very well 💤,- I think it’s just a bit of my #hormones that’s #changing a bit 😊. Probably a #normal and #natural part of “growing up” and becoming “#mature and #adult” 😉😊.