A dry month,- “a month for healthy “drying out” ” 😊 🍷

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊. I hope all is fine with you 🧡

First time I did heard about “a dry month” or like they call it in Norway, – “a white month” ,- I actually didn’t know what is was 😅. A month with snow or what? 😅

I actually needed to ask a friend of my what it was 😅. And, of course, I did get a good explanation too 😊. And I knew what it was,- the “name” was just “knew” for me at that time. It’s just a periode without any kind, or as little as possible, alcohol, so the body can get a break as well as a bit time to recover a bit 😊.

I’m reading a bit about “a dry/ white” month in the media now at days. It’s special a bit focus on and in the media, at least in the Norwegian media, and in different contexts after the Christmas- season 🎄.

For some strange reasons its not so much about “dry or white months” after the Easter or after a long summer holiday 🤔. I think the alcohol consum for some people is/can be a bit “high” in those seasons too 🍸.

But in the Christmas- time, at least in Norway, the food can be a bit more “heavy” with calories and different kinds of fat, then maybe it is during the Easter and summer- season? And,- it’s a bit “heavy combination” for a body to “consume and take care of” all this food as well as the alcohol at the same time.

The combination of both can be a bit “heavy work” for the body’s different organs as well. That’s not a secret. And it’s not a secret that alcohol contains a very good doze of calories too. And as older we get as more “work and time” need our body to consume all the calories it gets,- that’s in the alcohol as well. (Its one of this “bad habits” with getting older,- some things getting slower,- and other things are “speeding up”- like the kilos 🙄 ).

During the Easter and summer holiday maybe it’s not “consumed” so much food with a lots of “fat and calories” as in the Christmas- time? 🤔 But,- at the same time,- the body should probably had a “timeout” from alcohol after a Easter and Summer holiday season too 😊. Because it’s still a good doze of a calories that’s been “consumed” in the drinking- process during this seasons.

In some periods in my life I’m losing weight,- and I don’t like losing weight 🙄. And I did find out that one of the “fastest” way for me to put on weight again ( as well as regular exercises does for me), or try to keep the weight a bit “stable” is to drink a bit of alcohol. I have always struggled with putting on weight,- and unfortunately for me, not the opposite- loose weight,- it is a very easy process for me to loose weight 😔.

I do drink a box, glass or a small bottle of beer now and then in this periods where I’m losing weight, just because I know I get a good “doze” of calories then, and I don’t loose to much weight either 🍺. It’s calories my body need. But,- I often take a beer without any alcohol in,- it’s still good enough with the calories my body need in a “stressing” situations ( and of course I do eat food too) 😊. I don’t like to lose weight,- not yet …. but I have no idea how that will be when I’m a bit older then I’m now (understand it as menopause 😳).

Because one thing is for sure, the menopause and “the midlife crisis”,- the different changes in both a woman’s and a man’s body are changing after turned 45,- and so does the “weight- and kilo” – process too. The hormones slows down, the kilos speeds up.

I haven’t been focus very much on “a dry or white” month for my body or health (or mind) very much. Because I have both weeks and months without drinking any alcohol 😊. It’s different reasons why I’m not drinking to much alcohol,- not every evening, every weekend or every month,- and I’m going come back to that in some other textes where the subject is “alcohol” 😊.

With that means,- I have this “dry or white” weeks or months a bit “now and then” during a year 😊. But I really do understand the focus in the media about why it’s important with “dry or white” months, for the health and body focus,- and also when it comes to losing weight. It’s a bit like “drying out” both the different dioxide from the body after a while with a lots of alcohol, as well as “drying out” some kilos for those who want to loose some weight.

The body actually need a break, “a timeout” now and then too, to actually just recover a bit,- even it can be “fun”, “relaxing”, “social”, “because I deserve a glass of wine” and so on to drink and enjoy alcohol. But maybe the body and the organs also just need a bit “relaxing and resting- time”, “deserve” a “timeout” from the calories-consum that’s are in the alcohol? The “heavy work”? 😊

I think it’s “relaxing” and cozy with a glass of wine or three now and then, and I like the taste of a good glass of wine as well, – so don’t misunderstand me 😊. This is not a text about “teaching” in health and alcohol, – just some small thoughts about health and alcohol, losing weight and don’t consume calories someone don’t want to have 😊. And just let the body have a bit “recovery time” now and then. It’s just my thoughts and opinions.

That’s also why I did mention that I actually drink a glass of beer when I’m losing weight,- because then the kilos “still stays on a bit” 😊. Alcohol is calories. A lots of calories. So,- if someone want to loose a bit weight it can be a good idea to drop the glass of wine or three for a tiny while. And at the same time give the body a possibility to recover a bit too after a Christmas- time ( or Easter or summer holiday) with a lots of good food and some extra glasses of alcohol as well 😊.

A “dry/ white” week or month now and then have a very good effect on the health, the body’s different organs and the “losing-weight” process too 😊. As older we get, special when we have turned 45 and up,- the calories, the weight get a bit more heavy to remove from the body, and it’s actually doesn’t help to “just” eat healthy if there’s no healthy drinking too 😊. Some can say that a glass of wine during the day is healthy, – and yes,- absolutely, – a glass of wine,- but not three, special if we are counting calories too 😊. And thinking a bit about the health and the different organs in our body.

It’s actually doesn’t help to loose weight with just to eat an apple and then drink two glasses of wine at the same time. The calories are then still there,- in the two glasses of wine. So if someone really want to loose weight,- then also take a tiny look at the calories that’s been drinking 😊. Just a suggestion to loose weight a bit faster then eating an apple and still drink two glasses of wine 😊. And yes,- also,- a “dry” week or two, or even a month will not just change the weight, but also the health 😊. And of course, – exercises too,- but that was not the “main” subject today 😊.

So,- all in all,- I think this focus on a “dry/ white” week or two or even a month is a good idea,- for the health in general as well as for those who want to loose a bit weight too 😊.

Or what do you think about this? A “dry periode” from alcohol for some weeks or a month? Do you think it will have a healthy effect? Also in the “losing weight process” ?

I just let it be with this,- and wish all the ones that are “going” for “a dry/ white ” periode all the best- it’s for the best- for the body- for a while 😊.

And say as I normally say,- I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

A #colourful basket full of empty #calories, and in this #context it’s literally a #basket full of empty calories/ bottles 😊. But the #bottles has at the same time, one time, been filled up with a lots of calories 😊. A “dry/ white period” can be a #good #idea for the #health as well as when it comes to the #focus of #losing #weight 😊. And as older we get,- something slows down and other things speeds up 😊.

When the hormones take a “rollercoaster- trip” 🤯 🛣

Hi ❣It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

We human goes through different levels and stages in our life, and when we do think the body and the hormones have taken a bit “holiday”- then a new “rollercoaster-trip” starts in the body again 🤯. Or at least it can feels like that.

Women in general are a bit more “used” to this “rollercoaster- trips” then men, because most of us have actually in a tiny “touch” of this “jumping” hormones- trips every month for years. The men “just” needs to learn to deal with this trips,- something I think can’t be very easy for them to do always 😅. But they do, they are “hanging around” even when the woman can be both a bit “touchy” and unreasonable. Because yes, we women, can be both “touchy” and unreasonable around our periods 😉. It’s not always easy to admit it,- but we get a bit more “sensitive” before or around the period- week. Many of us, most of us. But don’t even try to tell us that,- that the period are “troubling” around in our body,- then we can get even more unreasonable 😅.

I do remember one day this summer when my daughter and me was at the pool and I was going for a swim. I had my period and used tampons because my plan was to swim, not just be at the pool and in the sun 🌞.

I did ask my daughter if the thread from the tampon was not visible, and did “hung and slung” on the back of my bikini panty. It was a bit difficult for me to check that, and I’m not very interested that “all and everyone” should know I had “my week” 😊. Its my week, not everyone else’s week 😉, or at least we can choose to believe so. But “our week” can effect them around us…..so much that it becomes “everyone’s ” week 😅.

Anyway,- Then my daughter answered me: “Oh, that explains everything!” 😳 What?? Hmm 🤔….and I thought I had been so nice and “smoothly” this time 😅. Obviously not 😅.

I do think every time when I have my period that I need to remember to the next time why I get “suddenly” so “touchy”, so I can at least be “prepared”,- but for some strange reason I often forget that , this one,- “Hey, it’s the period that it’s on the way- relax!” 🙄,- and of course then do understand “everything” when I get the period. Then I do understand why I did react so “strange” and sometimes unreasonable in settings and situations that was not necessary to react like that at all 😊.

In the teenagers and when the puberty starts the hormones also starts to “dance”. They starts their own “rollercoaster- trip” that’s not easy for both the teenagers or the parents to follow. The puberty starts a place between the age of 11 year and 14 year.

When it “ends”? A place between 17 and 22 years. This can various from child to child, and also between girls and boys. The girls get into the puberty a bit earlier then the boys. But one thing is for sure,- the whole body and brain are doing a totally “renovation” for both boys and girls. As a parent it feels like the teenagers brain are on a serious big, long holiday 🏝. And the teenagers, – well they “know everything about everything” 😉.

BTW,- I’m not sure if the puberty stops at 22 anymore. Its seems that for some it last much longer and at least over the age of 25 now at days 😉. At least for some “souls” in the “sosial media” 😉. Some can still behave like they are still in the puberty and their hormones are a bit to much “jumping Jack flash” 🙄.

Anyway,- after the puberty it comes some “silent” years for the body, the mind and the hormones for both men and women. The hormones are “relaxing” a bit, and don’t take this to much “turns and jumps” for a longer period 😊. Except from the monthly “periods- system” for girls/ women, and also if/ when the woman get pregnant. Then the hormones are “dancing” a bit more then “normal”, as well as after given birth 🎁.

And then we think this “hormones rollercoaster trip” is over 😊. We are not teenagers anymore, not in the puberty and all “the giving birth” is over too. It’s actullay just the monthly period left, but that’s fine. We,- both women and men are a bit use to this monthly “turns”, probably special the men that’s lives around and with a woman 😊. He is probably more use to the monthly period turns then the woman 😅. He needs to deal and handle them too, and that’s also in a bit different way then the unreasonable and “touchy” woman needs to do 😊.

Sometimes I think it can’t be easy to be a man and “handle” this monthly “ups and downs”, even they just last for a very few days.

Anyway,- its comes to a “Phuha”- we can relax a bit,- we think and believe 😉. All this different “hormones- dancing” are a bit over 😊.

But,- nope,- then is the “menopause” and “the midlife crisis” are waiting “just around the corner”. For both men and women. And a new “hormones dance” are showing up, even more a “challenged ” “rollercoaster- trip” then the puberty was, then the pregnancy was, then the birth was and then the monthly period was 😳.

I’m not in the menopause yet,- or that’s actually a truth with modifications. Because my body have probably already very secretly started on the/ my menopause, but I, my head, my mind and a bit of my body just don’t know it yet 😊. But the egg- factory is slowly closing down, even I still have the period regular every month 🐣.

Menopause for women starts in general a place between the age of 45 and 55. For some before and for others later. And it can last in about 4 to 5 years, but the different and difficult symptoms and challenges in menopause don’t last for so long. They have their “tops” before they slowly gets down and in a way disappears. And life gets a bit easier again 😊.

One of the first sign for menopause is the period that slowly disappears. It means it’s not regular anymore, and after a while it’s stops.

So,- that’s why I know I’m still not straight with my head into the menopause yet,- because I still have the period regular. But of course this is also a bit different from woman to woman for different reasons.

Like I have mention before I’m a bit curious when it comes to both menopause and the midlife crisis. And I want to learn more about this and be able to write about it and share as well 😊. Because I know I’m going to be in this “hormones- dancing trip” too one day,- and I want to know what’s going “there”,- in my body and mind when I’m “there”, and also hopefully be able to share it with my readers too 😊.

I have done some research both on menopause and the midlife crisis,- and I have also asked some friends of my about this “fase”. Some are very “secretly” about this “fase and stage in their life” and dont tell me anything, others are a bit more willing to share 😊.

I have learned a bit, and still do learning a lot when I do my research,- but it helps even more to talk with someone that’s has been or are in the menopause. And now a couple of my female friends obviously have got their head, mind, body and hormones straight into the menopause, and they want to tell me, try to explain for me this for me,- “how this hormones- dance” are in different levels,- what’s happen when it comes to thoughts about the life, the body, the different changes and so on.

So I have in away got my own “research- objects” 😊,- before my head, mind, body and hormones are going to start the same terrible and very difficult “hormones dance” with my mind and body, a rollercoaster trip they haven’t imagine in their body/life/mind/ head/ mood 😳🤯. If I did understand them correctly 🤔. And it’s sounds actually a bit scary the whole thing,- this menopause and midlife crisis 😳.

Well, well,- I’m not going to continue with this today- the “mysterious” menopause and midlife crisis. The “new hormones dance” when it was actually time for a hormones break 😊. And it will probably be a bit more posts and textes about “The hormones- dancing” and hormones on a “rollercoaster- ride” ,- for both men and women over the age of 45 in the future 😊. I think it’s a bit important to write and share a bit about this subject actually 😊. Its different changes and challenges in this “hormones- age” too 😊. And some very strange behaviour in between 😅. Like an overribe teenage at puberty 🙄 😅.

And I’m “on my way with my head” straight into it myself, this “menopause” and strange, new “hormones dance” in life 😳. I have just not a clue when it is,- yet 😊. If I like it,- no not at all,- but I better be use to it,- the menopause will come even if I want or not 😊.

If you want to tell me or share a bit about yours experiences about menopause and/ or the midlife crisis for women or men,- you are very welcome to send me an email at:


I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Ready for some more “hormones dancing” in life after the puberty with teenagers, pregnancy and so on 😊? Well,- I m actually not ready for a new “hormones- dance” in my life 😊. But I try to learn a couple of the “new” “dancesteps in the new” ” hormones- dance” that’s are probably just “around the corner”,- so I can be a tiny bit prepared 😊.

It’s like a knife being twisted around 😳

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m fine too,- today, and most of the days 😊. But sometimes, not very often anymore, I got an terribly #migraine 😳. And that’s feels like a sharpe knife being twisted around in my brain and head and down in my neck, – but only on the right side.

When I get this migraine I just know the day will be a bit destroyed…..sometimes a bit much destroyed, actually.

I can’t move my head, then it feels like the knife is twisted around even more. If I move my body, it’s the same, and I get really nausea too, and want to vomit. Fortunately, though, I am fortunately not throwing up. Because it’s one of the worst things I do – it almost feels like I’m dying. Vomiting and having migraines is like choosing between “two evils”.

With migraine the light is painful, the sounds are painful- it’s just best to be in bed, with the dark and silent and a couple of “painkillers” (tablets). And wait to it all goes away.

I was much bothered with migraine before, now I have it maybe 3 or 5 times a year. So I’m not going to #complain, just #explain 😊.

I got the migraine after the car-accident I was in when I was 18 years old. It was a bit serious car- accident, – the #seatbelt did actually #save my #life 🧡.

After the injuries, some nerves were cut off and then germinated a little wrong together, and then the cartilage has settled over them again which squeezes on it, therefore it also feels like a sharp knife twisted around the head, and down the neck.

And because I know why it is like this, I m not worried. I know it’s nothing #serious, its just incredible painful, but I know it will “past away”, and I know I will be fine again- the next day 😊.

I was on many #medical exams because of the pain, different scanning, and also different medical cures. Because, a few years after the car accident, I had migraines almost every single day 😳.

After a special medical cure, the pain subsides a lot, then I may have migraines only one to four times a month. And over time it has become less – in a way 😊.

When I did meet “the bump” I did still have migraine a couple of times every month, or maybe 4 times. Something that was and felt like “nothing” after have it twice or more a week 😊.

I’m also #allergic to dogs and cats,- btw. But that has never been a problem or challenge for me. My children had cats, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs when we lived on the prairie in Norway 😊. I know what to do when I’m around this animals so my face don’t swell up like a balloon 😅.

But “the bump” had a dog, and this dog should “live” inside in our home like a human, also be with the food-table together with us. Well,- that became actually a #challenge with my allergy ( and my balloon- face ) 😅.

“The bump” sent me to a #homeopath,- so this one should #fix a couple of things “inside” me. One thing was the allergy for his dog, an other thing was my #understanding for #relationships, and the third thing was my #heart 🙄.

“The bump” ment I didn’t understand how a relationship should be,- because I haven’t been in to many relationships after the divorce with my children’s dad, and I didn’t behave “lovely” enough for and to “the bump”.

I’m actually not sure what “the bump” ment,- but I did believe “the bump”, because it was a bit difficult to “please” “the bump”, so I thought it was because of me and my “behaver”, and that it actually was true- I didn’t understood what it ment to be in a relationship.

What I see and understand now is that I didn’t understood what it ment to be in a relationship with “the bump”. That’s a very big different 😅.

I did a lots of mistakes in the relationship,- after “the bumps” opinion. And yes,- it was true,- I haven’t been in many relationships after the divorce. So I did think “the bump” was probably correct.

When it comes to my heart “the bump” ment I didn’t understand “love”, special not unconditional love (to “the bump”). “The bump” really did deserved “unconditional love”. And “the bump” was not even sure if I had a heart, and if I was so #lucky that I had a heart, it was felt up with a lots of black, empty hole 😔.

This needed also to be fixed- and the solution was hours and hours to an homeopath. Every Friday, after work and before the (my ) long shopping- round, for “the bump”, to get the correct food for the weekend – and that shopping- round was not just done in one store, that’s for sure 🙄,- I went to a homeopath. To be fixed !

Well,- the allergy didn’t go away, and about my understanding for relationships- obviously not since “the bump” just #dropped me off in Spain 😅.

When it comes the unconditional love- well I think actually I do understand that “#concept” very well 😉. The relation together with “the bump” did learn my that, and how and what unconditional love actually not are like– that’s for sure.

And I love my children unconditional ,- so yes- I know what #unconditionallove is and how it works- also in a #relationship 😊. And about my heart- I actually think my heart is #perfectly fine, and has been quite good all the time – but I didn’t know that at that time.

What the #homeopath actually did #fixed was my #migraine 😊.

One Friday when I was to the homeopath I had a terrible migraine. The homeopath used #acupuncture in my ear,- right ear. A lots of #needles,- well,- I’m not sure how many needles, but it felt like a lot 😅.

Then the upcoming week I thought my head was going to #explode every single day. I have so much pain. I actually really did closely hate the homeopath that week. But still I went back for some more needles the week after. And suddenly the migraine in a way did “#disappeared”.

After that I have just had migraines a couple of times during the year, and not during the week or month any more 😊.

So the homeopath did fixed something- but the hours there, and the small pills under my pillow and also the pills I should take probably didn’t have any effect- on my understanding for relationships or the holes in my heart,- properly because it was not very much to fix in my heart or my understanding for relationships 😅. But the homeopath did “fixed” my migraine 😊.

The allergy- well it’s still there. But the needles and the acupuncture did really help me with my migraine- that’s for sure 😊. So something #good came out of all the homeopath’s hours 😊.

I believe in #alternative #medicine, and I use it too,- but I also have a tiny believe in the placebo- effect,- and I also use chemical medicine 😊. I use the nature, as well as chemical medicine. Sometimes it’s necessary to compensate with both, – sometimes the medicine from the nature is good enough 😊.

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Do you believe in alternative medicine? And have you tried #acupuncture? Or homeopathy? Or something else you can #reccomend? 😊

I have tried different things in different situations- sometimes with #good #effects other times not so good 😊. But acupuncture I do recommend to try for migraine 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my #blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

I wasn’t quite sure which photo would fit my #text today 😊. Since it is “interwoven” /( “brainds“) in both #migraine and #acupuncture, #relationship and holes in the #heart , and a couple of more things- “brainds” into the text…. intertwine to a kind of whole…. and somthing in a way also got “#fixed” too 😊. But not the “things” I actually went to the #homeopath for 😅. So then it became me with “#braids” then 😅 …. and a Santa hat since it’s Christmas time 🎄.

Too little or too much? 😊 📝

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Too little or too much can be about so many different things ,- and how #different #perceives things can be in and understand as for example when we are #reading something or watching something 😊.

Sometimes the #reader will feel I m going to, and probably already have doing,- ” #deliver” a bit to little by, from and of my self in my #textes. Other times the reader may feel and get the #experience of that Im “#delivering” to much of, from and by my self,- and even about my children in my textes 😊.

If I m “delivering” too little its my #choice,- and its actually not much more for me to “deliver” in the text 😅. Or it can be not much more I want to “deliver” or write about, or even have more #knowledge to write about 😊,- and its not sure it doesn’t feel important for me to either to “deliver” more in a #subject and text.

Its also the readers “experience” of me about the “delevering” 😊. Maybe my text is just the way it should be for me,- the write ,- but the reader still miss something, or wanted to know more 😊? Maybe my text also was a bit #boring for my reader because I did write about something the reader are not very much #interest in, but for other my text did “deliver” just enough 😊. It depends a bit on the readers and also about what kind if #expectations you have to the text you are reading 😊.

It can also be that I m actually very tried when Im writing my text and post and then “deliver” too little, and Im #writing for just to “keep the wheels going” ,- because I know its more or less the only way to get #forward. Then Im #moving in one or another #direction at least, insted of not moving at all,- even its just a tiny bit of (boring 😉) #movement. But a tiny bit step is still a step. Maybe sometimes a step back, but most of the times a step #forward 😊.

But to “deliver” too little is not “dangerous”,- it can just be a bit boring for some readers, my textes dont get the #attention and interest. And then the reader are going to loose the interest for reading my posts,- and to be honest,- I dont want that to happen 😊. But when and why are a text actually “too little”? I think its more about the the #content of the text whether it was of interest or not for the reader 😊. We like to read about different things 😊.

I like to write (about many different things), and when I know my reades like to read my textes and posts its give me even more #energy to want to write more, to in a way “#entertain” my #readers, as well as my self 😊. For thats what it is a bit about,- a kind of “#entertainment” to both the write and read,- even if its books or magazines, manuscripts or newspaper, or a #blog 😊. Its about entertainment in one or another way,- and its nothing wrong with that. We all like to be entertained in one or an other way 😊. And “entertainment” can be a lots of things as well 😊.

Its also about #knowledge to both be writing and reading. To give #advices and knowledge as well as get adivces and knowledge in and about all kind of different #areas in life, the #social #specter around us, the world. Small things or big things. Make- up or food, animals or sports, clothes or movies,- health and safety, politic or culture, history and traditions, – the area are so big and its so much to read about, learn about and get more knowledge about, as well as there are to write about 😊.

I m still finding “my way to write”,- as well as my things I do like to write about 😊. And Im really #enjoying this “#writing-trip” Im on with my blog,- special when I left the #focus to find “my #topic”, and just #discovers step by step to do this in “my way” insted 😊.

Other times the readers will feel I m going to “deliver” to much about myself, my life, my different #experiences in life and my thoughts,- and even my children,- but Im not going to “deliver” to much for me ,- it can just feel that way for the reader😊.

And to “deliver” too much can be a bit “dangerous”,- but sometimes thats #necessary too, but its a different to “deliver” and be personal. Im going let the readers “meet me” in my textes,- as well as my experiences in my life that have #created me a bit to me and the #person I have become,- but Im still not going to “deliver” more then I m #comfortable of “#delivering” from my life 😊.

If some readers feel I m “delivering” to much I think maybe that tells a bit more about the reader then me 😊. Why does the reader get this #feeling of “to much”? By own life-experience, ( that may still be in one or another way be painful ) or by the experience to not have any experience in the subject the text was about? Or just not the interest for the content ? 😊

Of course a text or post can be to much sometimes,- even I think that now and then when Im reading some textes or someones textes,- but we all read and #understand the text differently,- and its also a bit a about what #mood the reader are in when he/she reads the text too, and how the reader #understand the text 😊.

If I think a text Im reading is “too much” for me I normally take a “step back”, “dive a bit into” myself,- and do ask myself why did I think the text was “too much” ( for me) ? It can be me, my mood, my experiences or opinions, or my understanding of the text that gave me this feeling, or my interest 😊. Normally its me, and not the ” too much”- text. Many times its about different experience and opinions for and in a subject or area thats give me this “too much” – feeling 😊. Im actually just not #agree with the content in the text, or the writer of the text. Then I also can get this “too much” feeling for a text.

In this #influencer online world “too much” its many times about be or give “not the best influence-“adivce”” for a group of people in different areas and stages in life. Im don’t think I m in that area as an “influencer” and blog-writer,- but you never know,- someone else may still think or have that opinion about bith me and my textes.

Like I did mention,- I m not going to give out neither myself nor my children in my texts and posts. But I’m going to bid on myself and be #personal. Delivering and being personal are two different things – at the same time they may seem the same. It depends a bit on which eyes read my text, and how the reader #perceives my text, including from their own point of view in life as well as their own and different experiences in life 😊. Remember,- we are all different 😊.

I m going to write about personal experience in my life, but still not deliver myself and be too private. Im going to write about my children,- but only when they know about it and also give me “green signal” for a post and text that are about them 😊. Im going to continue be me and personal in a way I m comfortable with.

Too little or to much,- it depends on different things 😊. The writer, the reader, the mood, experience in life, different opinions in different areas and how the reader do understand the text, as well as different interests, and different perspectives and wives, the content 😊.

So I m really looking forward to continue write a lot to my readers about different things and areas in life,- and it will be too little for someone sometime, and probably even boring,- (like this post/text probably are for many readers 😊), and it will be too much for other readers other times ,- thats just the way it is 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. And Thank you so much for dropping by today too (even the text was a bit boring and “informative”- and not to much “personal” ),- and thank you for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊.

For some this can be a bit too much, for others a bit too little 😊. For me,- exactly #enough so I do feel #comfortable 😊. My #post and #textes will probably be the same,- for some “too little, for other too much ” 😊. But thats the way it is,- and Im just going to “#deliver” textes I feel comfortable with writing,- even can too much or to little 😊.

A tiny celebration just for me 😍

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛.

This evening I have a tiny little #celebration just for me 😊. Its nothing #serious at all, but for me its still a bit “big” 💛,- its about that Im actually going to have 6 #lovely days off from work 😍. 6 days there are just #mine, and I can use them #closely to whatever I #want 😊.

I have already some #plans, but its plans “made by me” and “made for me” 😊. Maybe you think I m a bit selfish now, that its a bit “me-#focus”,- but Im not 😊. All the days I have asked for days off from my work during the last 5 years has been to use #together with #friends and #family that has #visits me and mine here in #Spain 😊. And of course that are days off for me too, because I wanted to #spend some #time $together with them all 💛. And of course the 5 days I had in #Norway in October in 2014 also was for me and my #children- and to #move our things 😊. But it was not “off” ,- it was a bit boxes to move to be honest 😅. That I did $manage to do with very #good #help from some #good #friends in Norway 💛.

The different this time is that this days off is my #choice for just me, and no one else 😊. I can make my plans in my #tempo, and dont need to pay #attention to others. I #really #like to pay attention to my family and friends, so dont #misunderstand me,- but sometimes its also #important to just take attention to #myself ,- without being #selfish 😊. Its like, I have it mention before, in a plan-crash. You need to use the #oxygen-mask first before you can help others. And now its a bit time for me to use the “oxygen-mask” to get a bit “re-fill” of #energy to my self 😊.

I know about the #expression “you have always some time to offer to the once you really want to spend time together with” 😊. And that’s #true,- but still it’s #necessary with a “time-#re-fill” just for your self without being selfish 😊.

I have plans for the next days, and Im looking forward to both #orginazing them and do them 😊. I have actually a couple of #exacting #meetings,- and Im going to try to make some smart working-plans that maybe and hopefully can “#grow” and be to “my work” 😊. A working-situation where I will be totally #comfortable in 😍.

Im probably going to meet Natasja tomorrow,- something I m looking forward too 😊. I havent seen her for 3 months even we just live more or less a drive-trip on about 15-20 minutes from each other 😊. It has been busy days and weeks for both of us.

Sunday I have an #exacting Skype-meeting. On Monday I have a couple of phone-#meetings. And Im going to pick up Fabian at the airport too. He is in Brussel toghether with a friend at an concert this weekend 🎵🎶. And I hope I will reach an #Scandinavia shop and order a some norwegian #traditional #Christmas- food too 😊. And maybe I will meet some other friends too this days? But most of them are at work,- and thats the way it is 😊. But,- when my working-situation are #changing 😉 the time to my friends will also change 😍.

And,- even its 1.November its still really nice “#norwegian” #summerdays here in South of Spain 🌞. I cant #complaint when its 26 lovely degrees, blue sky and sun 🌞. So maybe it even will be a couple of days at the #beach with a #good #book or two 📚.

And,- of course Im going to drop by to you as well 💛. And do some #writing-work too 📝,- just because I want to 😊.

But this evening- its a tiny #celebration with no other plans that me, the tv and try to #knitting some socks to Fabian, something #fresh to #drink and some easy food 😊. An totally #relaxing #evening #created by me for me 😊.

I hope you are looking forward to your weekend as much as Im looking forward to both this weekend as well as some #holiday 😍.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

A #tasty, #cold #fresh #drink for my #relaxing Friday-#evening,- #water with “#bobbles” and some #blueberris and #grapes to #fresh it up a bit 😊. One of my #favourite #drinks 😊. Its time for a bit “#my-time”,- my #holiday #created #by #me and #for just #me 😊. I hope you #enjoying your #Friday as much as Im #enjoying mine 💛.

Whats correct for you, is not sure is correct for me 😊

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 💛

I’m a bit in the #philosophical #corner today, but I’m still in my “#cavedweller and #hermit” #period – and “use” it for what it’s #worth 😊.

We are all #different,- and most of the time thats its a #good thing 😊. That means also that we make different #choices too,- and that one choice dont #necessary needs to be more #good or #correct then a other #choice. Of course we all do #wrong choices as well. #Mistakes happens, unfortunately, all the time. And we also have #different #understanding about and around different words and #expressions,- like for example “what is a good life”,- and how to get and reach that kind of life thats good for you. It can be a goal, or severals goals in life 😊.

“What is #correct for you is not sure is correct for me” 😊. Its a big “#area”, and somethings thats also take a tiny bit “space” in my #brain too 😊 ,- and I could probably write a bit “#forever” about “this” 😅 ,- but I m not going to do that. Just “#dropping by” as short and #generally as I can 😊.

“A good life” is just an example. It can also be something like a car, or a job, or clothes, or even belives (like religion) in life. One car can be correct for me, an other is more correct for you and your needs . One job is #perfect for you, but the same job can be totally wrong for me. One #belive in life is good for you, but the same belive doesnt feel correct for me. It doesn’t mean that one is more correct than the other one 😊. It just mean we are different with different #possibilities and choices in life 😊.

To reach our goals, or “the good life” we have different “tools” ( tools can be different kind of work or money, or other things) to use, and also different possibilities too – it #depends a bit where in “the world” we are. Both where we are living as well as whats around us of different possibilities to use, and whats “#stage and #levels” we are at and in, in our #life.

We are all different from each other, which also means we are going to #choose different #direction,- even when the #goals can be more or less the same,- as for example to have a good life. ( its just an example).

What is a good life for me its not sure is the same as a good life for you. To find my way and directions to my good life, is not sure is the same as for you. We are different, we choose differently, we have different experiences in life, and we also have different possibilities to choose from as well as different “#tools” to use,- to create “our good life”. But that doesn’t mean that one is more correct than the other one.

A good life for me its not sure are the same as a good life for you. But the goal is still the same,- to get or have a good life 😊. And of course “the way” to find it, to get it or to have the good life, will also be a bit different from person to person too 😊.

I need to find “my #way” in my life as you need to find yours,- and we will probably do it #differently. Will my way be wrong? No, thats not sure,- but maybe it will be wrong for you to do it “in my way”. And of course also the #oposite 😊.

Its not even sure I have the same #possibility to #choose from, the same things in life as you have to use for “#reaching the goals”. Its not sure the same possibility you have #exist where or there I am in my life. Then I need to use other “tools” and also other #possibility I have avable to get “on the road” in the way thats best for me to use them, and for reaching my goals. It doesn’t make me #better or #worse then you , its not more or less “correct”, just different, and with different possibilities and choices.

For some a good life is to live in a cabin in the forest, for other it can be a good life to live in an apartment in a big town, and for some one else a good life is to live in a castle. No one is more correct than the other one,- its just different.

For some a job or a special kind of job/ work can be the definition for a good life, for other to use their time on a hobby can be the definition for a good life. Others #prefer to #define a good life with focus on family and friends, or just travel around the world.

Some maybe want to live in a castle, but need to do different kinds of work to reach that goal, other is just born into the castle. For both a life in the castle feels and are correct,- they just reached the goal in different ways and with different “tools” and possibilities. One is not more correct then the other one,- its just different. The last one is probably a bit more easier to reach then first one 😊. So its just a different then, not a “correct” or “wrong” way.

If two persons are drifting one cafe each, and both cafes are doing well, but just in different ways and areas. Will one person be better to drift the cafe than the other one? Will one way be more correct? Or, maybe both are correct? Just in different ways? One way is correct for one cafe-owner, and another way more correct for the other one? Probably both ways are correct, just different,- because both have cafes thats are very well functional for each.

Its the same in life,- we are different, we “#drifting” our life differently, and whats correct for me is not sure is correct for you. And at the same time maybe we both have the same #understanding and definition for a what a good life is, but we still need to reach the goal with different tools and #possibilities that are #avable ?

For example,- maybe I need to work 6 or 7 days a week to reach some of my different goals. But maybe you just need to work 5 days a week for reaching exactly the same goals? The difference can be the salary or just the working- hours pr day. The difference doesn’t need to be so big, but at the same time they are.

Or the goal can even just be to #fix the teeth and get a dentist- appointment. Maybe you need to save money to be able to go to the dentis, but I have a friend thast fix my teeth for free? The goal is to fix the teeth, but we get to the goal different. One way is not better or more correct, or even wrong, than the other one. Its just different. One is a bit easier, the other one can take a bit more time.

My point is: 😊

We are #different so we also will #choose #differently. One choose can be #correct for you, a other choice can be correct for me,- but still the #choices can be good and correct, just different.

We can have the same #goals, but different #understanding, #definitions and #believes for ” the goal”, for example, for what a good life is,- or

,- maybe we have the same understanding, definitions and believes what a good life is,- but we still have different #experiences, #possibilities and “tools” to reach the same goal.

Its the difference between us that “colour up the life”. One #colour is not more correct to use, or better, but one suits maybe you better then me, or are more correct for you to use ? 😊

I hope you will have a #perfect weekend thats feel #totally #correct for you, filled up with all the correct things,- thats correct just for you 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛 and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛

See you soon 😊

I’m a bit in the #philosophical #corner today, but I’m still in my “#cavedweller and #hermit” #periode – and “use” it for what it’s #worth 😊. And to be in a “cave dweller and hermit” periode can be #correct for me, but its not sure its correct for you 😊. We use what we have in #life #differently 😊.

On time … later or sooner? ⌚🤔⏰

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

The spanish time, or for to be more “#precise” ,- the spanish #watch and #clock have a bit different “#time- table” then I m use to 😊. Its more or less called “not to be on time” ,- but when thats said – its many spanish people that use the same watch and “time- #perspective” Im use to use 😊.

I think its just a part of the #culture, a kind of long “#tradition” to be “to late” here in this country 😊 . But it can still a bit annoying when I m used to “be on time” 😉. Not two hours later, or even an other day later, but “in time” 😊.

And then its this “#later” and “#sooner” that some use for #describe “the time” for when they are #arriving to a place, for example.

Thats not just the spanish ones that use,- its seems that that one is used by many.

The thing is just I have no #idea what time it is when its “late” / “later” or “soon” / “sooner” 😉. Where are the “#clock-hands” on the watch then? What #numbe are they standing on when its “soon”/ “sooner” and what number are “late” / “later” ? ⏰ I m just asking,- because I haven’t learned what time-#persperspective no one of these are ⏳.

I have learned that “Im 10 minutes to late” or “5 mintues to #early”. Something that at least for me give a bit more precise time to #relate to. I normally prefer to be “to early”,- but it depends a bit in the #situation.

Im #raised to “be on time”, or most #preferably, if possible, be a little ahead of time,- and also #respect other peoples time too. And I have try to do my best to raised my children to be and do the same. Be on time, respect other peoples time, as well as #enjoy your own time.

But for some #reason I dont know,- my oldest son had a bit “#challenge” with this “to be on time” when he was a child. He forgot the time all the time 🕰. It was actually a bit annoying,- so annoying that he had a tiny little bag on his back when he was out and played in the forest , and “#experienced” the #world around him. And in this bag it was a #good #old #fashion #alarmclock ⏰. I did turn it to the time he should come home,- and when the alarm went off he actually did come home 😊. A #happy and hungry, #exacted boy after his owns “#adventures” in the forest, in his own time 😊.

Some will probably not be #agree with me for doing this, for raising him to learn “to be on time” this way. But,- hey! It did #worked out for us,- and he is “on time” now. Mostly never “to early”,-but to be “on time” is a bit better then to “be to late” in my #mind 😊. It was very #functional and #prefect #solution for both my son and me to put an alarm-clock in his back-bag ⏰.

I dont like it when people “use” my time to for example be to late for a #meeting. And some have this bad #habit to “always” be to late. Why? Because,- when it is “the other way around” they actually get irritated if someone are coming “to late” to or for them 🤔.

I like to use my time the way its best for me,- and I like to #share my time with others too.

I know Im not using my time totally the way I want, should do, whats #best for me and the way I need at the #moment. ( Im in a way in a “#fluffy” #bubble at the moment). Im not using my time the way “the time” is most “functional” and wisely for me at the moment ,- but sometimes in life is importen to use a bit of the time a bit “different” for then be able to use it more “functional” and #wisely after ⏳. Its still not “waist” of time 😊.

Time! Time is so much more then just the numbers on the watch. Its so many #definitions,- long time, short time, all the time, any time, no time. I could #probably “#discuss” the #perspective on the word and “#expression” “time” so much more,- but I m not going to be boring you with that 😊.

Clearance Event

But one thing is for sure,- #respect other peoples time- and “be on time” 😊.

Its to #easy this days to not respect someone elses time,- its just to send a #text if you are to late. Before,- before the mobile- time,- most of us was “on time”,- because we didn’t have an “easy” ” #solution and #excuses” to “not be on time”. We couldn’t just send an “#relaxing text” with “Im a bit to late”. Something Im actually very happy for 😊. I actually did #learn to respect both other peoples time as well as my own time, and also to “be on time”⏳. It doesn’t mean Im always “on time” , but mostly Im actually “at the time” 😉 ⌚.

What is “time” for you? The number on the clock? Or something more, different and else? No matter what it is,- I hope you are #enjoying your time and use it the way its most functional, best and wisely for you 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛 and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛

See you soon 😊

The #time! Is it “to #early” or “to #late”? What time is “#soon” and what time is “late”? 😊 Time- both a #relative #concept and an #abstract #concept too ⏳. A #specific concept and as a #description of #various #events ⌚. A #precise and #inaccurate concept ⏰ . I wish you a #great time for this Monday 😊 .