Too little or too much? 😊 📝

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Too little or too much can be about so many different things ,- and how #different #perceives things can be in and understand as for example when we are #reading something or watching something 😊.

Sometimes the #reader will feel I m going to, and probably already have doing,- ” #deliver” a bit to little by, from and of my self in my #textes. Other times the reader may feel and get the #experience of that Im “#delivering” to much of, from and by my self,- and even about my children in my textes 😊.

If I m “delivering” too little its my #choice,- and its actually not much more for me to “deliver” in the text 😅. Or it can be not much more I want to “deliver” or write about, or even have more #knowledge to write about 😊,- and its not sure it doesn’t feel important for me to either to “deliver” more in a #subject and text.

Its also the readers “experience” of me about the “delevering” 😊. Maybe my text is just the way it should be for me,- the write ,- but the reader still miss something, or wanted to know more 😊? Maybe my text also was a bit #boring for my reader because I did write about something the reader are not very much #interest in, but for other my text did “deliver” just enough 😊. It depends a bit on the readers and also about what kind if #expectations you have to the text you are reading 😊.

It can also be that I m actually very tried when Im writing my text and post and then “deliver” too little, and Im #writing for just to “keep the wheels going” ,- because I know its more or less the only way to get #forward. Then Im #moving in one or another #direction at least, insted of not moving at all,- even its just a tiny bit of (boring 😉) #movement. But a tiny bit step is still a step. Maybe sometimes a step back, but most of the times a step #forward 😊.

But to “deliver” too little is not “dangerous”,- it can just be a bit boring for some readers, my textes dont get the #attention and interest. And then the reader are going to loose the interest for reading my posts,- and to be honest,- I dont want that to happen 😊. But when and why are a text actually “too little”? I think its more about the the #content of the text whether it was of interest or not for the reader 😊. We like to read about different things 😊.

I like to write (about many different things), and when I know my reades like to read my textes and posts its give me even more #energy to want to write more, to in a way “#entertain” my #readers, as well as my self 😊. For thats what it is a bit about,- a kind of “#entertainment” to both the write and read,- even if its books or magazines, manuscripts or newspaper, or a #blog 😊. Its about entertainment in one or another way,- and its nothing wrong with that. We all like to be entertained in one or an other way 😊. And “entertainment” can be a lots of things as well 😊.

Its also about #knowledge to both be writing and reading. To give #advices and knowledge as well as get adivces and knowledge in and about all kind of different #areas in life, the #social #specter around us, the world. Small things or big things. Make- up or food, animals or sports, clothes or movies,- health and safety, politic or culture, history and traditions, – the area are so big and its so much to read about, learn about and get more knowledge about, as well as there are to write about 😊.

I m still finding “my way to write”,- as well as my things I do like to write about 😊. And Im really #enjoying this “#writing-trip” Im on with my blog,- special when I left the #focus to find “my #topic”, and just #discovers step by step to do this in “my way” insted 😊.

Other times the readers will feel I m going to “deliver” to much about myself, my life, my different #experiences in life and my thoughts,- and even my children,- but Im not going to “deliver” to much for me ,- it can just feel that way for the reader😊.

And to “deliver” too much can be a bit “dangerous”,- but sometimes thats #necessary too, but its a different to “deliver” and be personal. Im going let the readers “meet me” in my textes,- as well as my experiences in my life that have #created me a bit to me and the #person I have become,- but Im still not going to “deliver” more then I m #comfortable of “#delivering” from my life 😊.

If some readers feel I m “delivering” to much I think maybe that tells a bit more about the reader then me 😊. Why does the reader get this #feeling of “to much”? By own life-experience, ( that may still be in one or another way be painful ) or by the experience to not have any experience in the subject the text was about? Or just not the interest for the content ? 😊

Of course a text or post can be to much sometimes,- even I think that now and then when Im reading some textes or someones textes,- but we all read and #understand the text differently,- and its also a bit a about what #mood the reader are in when he/she reads the text too, and how the reader #understand the text 😊.

If I think a text Im reading is “too much” for me I normally take a “step back”, “dive a bit into” myself,- and do ask myself why did I think the text was “too much” ( for me) ? It can be me, my mood, my experiences or opinions, or my understanding of the text that gave me this feeling, or my interest 😊. Normally its me, and not the ” too much”- text. Many times its about different experience and opinions for and in a subject or area thats give me this “too much” – feeling 😊. Im actually just not #agree with the content in the text, or the writer of the text. Then I also can get this “too much” feeling for a text.

In this #influencer online world “too much” its many times about be or give “not the best influence-“adivce”” for a group of people in different areas and stages in life. Im don’t think I m in that area as an “influencer” and blog-writer,- but you never know,- someone else may still think or have that opinion about bith me and my textes.

Like I did mention,- I m not going to give out neither myself nor my children in my texts and posts. But I’m going to bid on myself and be #personal. Delivering and being personal are two different things – at the same time they may seem the same. It depends a bit on which eyes read my text, and how the reader #perceives my text, including from their own point of view in life as well as their own and different experiences in life 😊. Remember,- we are all different 😊.

I m going to write about personal experience in my life, but still not deliver myself and be too private. Im going to write about my children,- but only when they know about it and also give me “green signal” for a post and text that are about them 😊. Im going to continue be me and personal in a way I m comfortable with.

Too little or to much,- it depends on different things 😊. The writer, the reader, the mood, experience in life, different opinions in different areas and how the reader do understand the text, as well as different interests, and different perspectives and wives, the content 😊.

So I m really looking forward to continue write a lot to my readers about different things and areas in life,- and it will be too little for someone sometime, and probably even boring,- (like this post/text probably are for many readers 😊), and it will be too much for other readers other times ,- thats just the way it is 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. And Thank you so much for dropping by today too (even the text was a bit boring and “informative”- and not to much “personal” ),- and thank you for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊.

For some this can be a bit too much, for others a bit too little 😊. For me,- exactly #enough so I do feel #comfortable 😊. My #post and #textes will probably be the same,- for some “too little, for other too much ” 😊. But thats the way it is,- and Im just going to “#deliver” textes I feel comfortable with writing,- even can too much or to little 😊.

A tiny celebration just for me 😍

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛.

This evening I have a tiny little #celebration just for me 😊. Its nothing #serious at all, but for me its still a bit “big” 💛,- its about that Im actually going to have 6 #lovely days off from work 😍. 6 days there are just #mine, and I can use them #closely to whatever I #want 😊.

I have already some #plans, but its plans “made by me” and “made for me” 😊. Maybe you think I m a bit selfish now, that its a bit “me-#focus”,- but Im not 😊. All the days I have asked for days off from my work during the last 5 years has been to use #together with #friends and #family that has #visits me and mine here in #Spain 😊. And of course that are days off for me too, because I wanted to #spend some #time $together with them all 💛. And of course the 5 days I had in #Norway in October in 2014 also was for me and my #children- and to #move our things 😊. But it was not “off” ,- it was a bit boxes to move to be honest 😅. That I did $manage to do with very #good #help from some #good #friends in Norway 💛.

The different this time is that this days off is my #choice for just me, and no one else 😊. I can make my plans in my #tempo, and dont need to pay #attention to others. I #really #like to pay attention to my family and friends, so dont #misunderstand me,- but sometimes its also #important to just take attention to #myself ,- without being #selfish 😊. Its like, I have it mention before, in a plan-crash. You need to use the #oxygen-mask first before you can help others. And now its a bit time for me to use the “oxygen-mask” to get a bit “re-fill” of #energy to my self 😊.

I know about the #expression “you have always some time to offer to the once you really want to spend time together with” 😊. And that’s #true,- but still it’s #necessary with a “time-#re-fill” just for your self without being selfish 😊.

I have plans for the next days, and Im looking forward to both #orginazing them and do them 😊. I have actually a couple of #exacting #meetings,- and Im going to try to make some smart working-plans that maybe and hopefully can “#grow” and be to “my work” 😊. A working-situation where I will be totally #comfortable in 😍.

Im probably going to meet Natasja tomorrow,- something I m looking forward too 😊. I havent seen her for 3 months even we just live more or less a drive-trip on about 15-20 minutes from each other 😊. It has been busy days and weeks for both of us.

Sunday I have an #exacting Skype-meeting. On Monday I have a couple of phone-#meetings. And Im going to pick up Fabian at the airport too. He is in Brussel toghether with a friend at an concert this weekend 🎵🎶. And I hope I will reach an #Scandinavia shop and order a some norwegian #traditional #Christmas- food too 😊. And maybe I will meet some other friends too this days? But most of them are at work,- and thats the way it is 😊. But,- when my working-situation are #changing 😉 the time to my friends will also change 😍.

And,- even its 1.November its still really nice “#norwegian” #summerdays here in South of Spain 🌞. I cant #complaint when its 26 lovely degrees, blue sky and sun 🌞. So maybe it even will be a couple of days at the #beach with a #good #book or two 📚.

And,- of course Im going to drop by to you as well 💛. And do some #writing-work too 📝,- just because I want to 😊.

But this evening- its a tiny #celebration with no other plans that me, the tv and try to #knitting some socks to Fabian, something #fresh to #drink and some easy food 😊. An totally #relaxing #evening #created by me for me 😊.

I hope you are looking forward to your weekend as much as Im looking forward to both this weekend as well as some #holiday 😍.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

A #tasty, #cold #fresh #drink for my #relaxing Friday-#evening,- #water with “#bobbles” and some #blueberris and #grapes to #fresh it up a bit 😊. One of my #favourite #drinks 😊. Its time for a bit “#my-time”,- my #holiday #created #by #me and #for just #me 😊. I hope you #enjoying your #Friday as much as Im #enjoying mine 💛.

Whats correct for you, is not sure is correct for me 😊

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 💛

I’m a bit in the #philosophical #corner today, but I’m still in my “#cavedweller and #hermit” #period – and “use” it for what it’s #worth 😊.

We are all #different,- and most of the time thats its a #good thing 😊. That means also that we make different #choices too,- and that one choice dont #necessary needs to be more #good or #correct then a other #choice. Of course we all do #wrong choices as well. #Mistakes happens, unfortunately, all the time. And we also have #different #understanding about and around different words and #expressions,- like for example “what is a good life”,- and how to get and reach that kind of life thats good for you. It can be a goal, or severals goals in life 😊.

“What is #correct for you is not sure is correct for me” 😊. Its a big “#area”, and somethings thats also take a tiny bit “space” in my #brain too 😊 ,- and I could probably write a bit “#forever” about “this” 😅 ,- but I m not going to do that. Just “#dropping by” as short and #generally as I can 😊.

“A good life” is just an example. It can also be something like a car, or a job, or clothes, or even belives (like religion) in life. One car can be correct for me, an other is more correct for you and your needs . One job is #perfect for you, but the same job can be totally wrong for me. One #belive in life is good for you, but the same belive doesnt feel correct for me. It doesn’t mean that one is more correct than the other one 😊. It just mean we are different with different #possibilities and choices in life 😊.

To reach our goals, or “the good life” we have different “tools” ( tools can be different kind of work or money, or other things) to use, and also different possibilities too – it #depends a bit where in “the world” we are. Both where we are living as well as whats around us of different possibilities to use, and whats “#stage and #levels” we are at and in, in our #life.

We are all different from each other, which also means we are going to #choose different #direction,- even when the #goals can be more or less the same,- as for example to have a good life. ( its just an example).

What is a good life for me its not sure is the same as a good life for you. To find my way and directions to my good life, is not sure is the same as for you. We are different, we choose differently, we have different experiences in life, and we also have different possibilities to choose from as well as different “#tools” to use,- to create “our good life”. But that doesn’t mean that one is more correct than the other one.

A good life for me its not sure are the same as a good life for you. But the goal is still the same,- to get or have a good life 😊. And of course “the way” to find it, to get it or to have the good life, will also be a bit different from person to person too 😊.

I need to find “my #way” in my life as you need to find yours,- and we will probably do it #differently. Will my way be wrong? No, thats not sure,- but maybe it will be wrong for you to do it “in my way”. And of course also the #oposite 😊.

Its not even sure I have the same #possibility to #choose from, the same things in life as you have to use for “#reaching the goals”. Its not sure the same possibility you have #exist where or there I am in my life. Then I need to use other “tools” and also other #possibility I have avable to get “on the road” in the way thats best for me to use them, and for reaching my goals. It doesn’t make me #better or #worse then you , its not more or less “correct”, just different, and with different possibilities and choices.

For some a good life is to live in a cabin in the forest, for other it can be a good life to live in an apartment in a big town, and for some one else a good life is to live in a castle. No one is more correct than the other one,- its just different.

For some a job or a special kind of job/ work can be the definition for a good life, for other to use their time on a hobby can be the definition for a good life. Others #prefer to #define a good life with focus on family and friends, or just travel around the world.

Some maybe want to live in a castle, but need to do different kinds of work to reach that goal, other is just born into the castle. For both a life in the castle feels and are correct,- they just reached the goal in different ways and with different “tools” and possibilities. One is not more correct then the other one,- its just different. The last one is probably a bit more easier to reach then first one 😊. So its just a different then, not a “correct” or “wrong” way.

If two persons are drifting one cafe each, and both cafes are doing well, but just in different ways and areas. Will one person be better to drift the cafe than the other one? Will one way be more correct? Or, maybe both are correct? Just in different ways? One way is correct for one cafe-owner, and another way more correct for the other one? Probably both ways are correct, just different,- because both have cafes thats are very well functional for each.

Its the same in life,- we are different, we “#drifting” our life differently, and whats correct for me is not sure is correct for you. And at the same time maybe we both have the same #understanding and definition for a what a good life is, but we still need to reach the goal with different tools and #possibilities that are #avable ?

For example,- maybe I need to work 6 or 7 days a week to reach some of my different goals. But maybe you just need to work 5 days a week for reaching exactly the same goals? The difference can be the salary or just the working- hours pr day. The difference doesn’t need to be so big, but at the same time they are.

Or the goal can even just be to #fix the teeth and get a dentist- appointment. Maybe you need to save money to be able to go to the dentis, but I have a friend thast fix my teeth for free? The goal is to fix the teeth, but we get to the goal different. One way is not better or more correct, or even wrong, than the other one. Its just different. One is a bit easier, the other one can take a bit more time.

My point is: 😊

We are #different so we also will #choose #differently. One choose can be #correct for you, a other choice can be correct for me,- but still the #choices can be good and correct, just different.

We can have the same #goals, but different #understanding, #definitions and #believes for ” the goal”, for example, for what a good life is,- or

,- maybe we have the same understanding, definitions and believes what a good life is,- but we still have different #experiences, #possibilities and “tools” to reach the same goal.

Its the difference between us that “colour up the life”. One #colour is not more correct to use, or better, but one suits maybe you better then me, or are more correct for you to use ? 😊

I hope you will have a #perfect weekend thats feel #totally #correct for you, filled up with all the correct things,- thats correct just for you 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛 and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛

See you soon 😊

I’m a bit in the #philosophical #corner today, but I’m still in my “#cavedweller and #hermit” #periode – and “use” it for what it’s #worth 😊. And to be in a “cave dweller and hermit” periode can be #correct for me, but its not sure its correct for you 😊. We use what we have in #life #differently 😊.

On time … later or sooner? ⌚🤔⏰

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

The spanish time, or for to be more “#precise” ,- the spanish #watch and #clock have a bit different “#time- table” then I m use to 😊. Its more or less called “not to be on time” ,- but when thats said – its many spanish people that use the same watch and “time- #perspective” Im use to use 😊.

I think its just a part of the #culture, a kind of long “#tradition” to be “to late” here in this country 😊 . But it can still a bit annoying when I m used to “be on time” 😉. Not two hours later, or even an other day later, but “in time” 😊.

And then its this “#later” and “#sooner” that some use for #describe “the time” for when they are #arriving to a place, for example.

Thats not just the spanish ones that use,- its seems that that one is used by many.

The thing is just I have no #idea what time it is when its “late” / “later” or “soon” / “sooner” 😉. Where are the “#clock-hands” on the watch then? What #numbe are they standing on when its “soon”/ “sooner” and what number are “late” / “later” ? ⏰ I m just asking,- because I haven’t learned what time-#persperspective no one of these are ⏳.

I have learned that “Im 10 minutes to late” or “5 mintues to #early”. Something that at least for me give a bit more precise time to #relate to. I normally prefer to be “to early”,- but it depends a bit in the #situation.

Im #raised to “be on time”, or most #preferably, if possible, be a little ahead of time,- and also #respect other peoples time too. And I have try to do my best to raised my children to be and do the same. Be on time, respect other peoples time, as well as #enjoy your own time.

But for some #reason I dont know,- my oldest son had a bit “#challenge” with this “to be on time” when he was a child. He forgot the time all the time 🕰. It was actually a bit annoying,- so annoying that he had a tiny little bag on his back when he was out and played in the forest , and “#experienced” the #world around him. And in this bag it was a #good #old #fashion #alarmclock ⏰. I did turn it to the time he should come home,- and when the alarm went off he actually did come home 😊. A #happy and hungry, #exacted boy after his owns “#adventures” in the forest, in his own time 😊.

Some will probably not be #agree with me for doing this, for raising him to learn “to be on time” this way. But,- hey! It did #worked out for us,- and he is “on time” now. Mostly never “to early”,-but to be “on time” is a bit better then to “be to late” in my #mind 😊. It was very #functional and #prefect #solution for both my son and me to put an alarm-clock in his back-bag ⏰.

I dont like it when people “use” my time to for example be to late for a #meeting. And some have this bad #habit to “always” be to late. Why? Because,- when it is “the other way around” they actually get irritated if someone are coming “to late” to or for them 🤔.

I like to use my time the way its best for me,- and I like to #share my time with others too.

I know Im not using my time totally the way I want, should do, whats #best for me and the way I need at the #moment. ( Im in a way in a “#fluffy” #bubble at the moment). Im not using my time the way “the time” is most “functional” and wisely for me at the moment ,- but sometimes in life is importen to use a bit of the time a bit “different” for then be able to use it more “functional” and #wisely after ⏳. Its still not “waist” of time 😊.

Time! Time is so much more then just the numbers on the watch. Its so many #definitions,- long time, short time, all the time, any time, no time. I could #probably “#discuss” the #perspective on the word and “#expression” “time” so much more,- but I m not going to be boring you with that 😊.

Clearance Event

But one thing is for sure,- #respect other peoples time- and “be on time” 😊.

Its to #easy this days to not respect someone elses time,- its just to send a #text if you are to late. Before,- before the mobile- time,- most of us was “on time”,- because we didn’t have an “easy” ” #solution and #excuses” to “not be on time”. We couldn’t just send an “#relaxing text” with “Im a bit to late”. Something Im actually very happy for 😊. I actually did #learn to respect both other peoples time as well as my own time, and also to “be on time”⏳. It doesn’t mean Im always “on time” , but mostly Im actually “at the time” 😉 ⌚.

What is “time” for you? The number on the clock? Or something more, different and else? No matter what it is,- I hope you are #enjoying your time and use it the way its most functional, best and wisely for you 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛 and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛

See you soon 😊

The #time! Is it “to #early” or “to #late”? What time is “#soon” and what time is “late”? 😊 Time- both a #relative #concept and an #abstract #concept too ⏳. A #specific concept and as a #description of #various #events ⌚. A #precise and #inaccurate concept ⏰ . I wish you a #great time for this Monday 😊 .

And then it was Autumn 🍃🍂🍁

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Today is the first “real” #Autumn-day here in South of Spain,- with that means,- its the first day it has #really been #raining for a while ☔. But the #sun has also dropped by, and #scattered #sunshine on #colorful #leaves 🍁🍂🍃.

I should had checked the weather-channel yesterday,- because I have some clothes outside for trying ….. and it can take a couple of days before they are dry now 🙄. I m so used to not checking the weather-channel during so many months with just sun, that I do forget to do it in the Autumn, special like after a #sunny day like #yesterday 😊.

I like the Autumn, but mostly when its not raining, and also are #windy at the same time 🌬 . The first days with rain here in South of Spain can actually be a bit #cozy,- special if its not windy 😊. Its cozy to be inside with #candles, #read a #book and #listen to #music like James Blunt, or watch a #movie ( I did watch the Groundhog Day today 😊) and listen to the rain thats falls down.

I like the #Spring and #Summer too,- every #season have its own #sharm, and the #nature “#offers” the #possibility for different #experiences. The winter in South of Spain is not my #favourite- time. Its normally #cold, #weet and very #windy,- and the houses are not made for #weather like that. Sometimes its colder inside then outside. And naturally enough the houses are like they are,- because most of the time is sunny, warm and try.

The nature in its own way start to #rest during the autumn and winter, and are #preparing for a new #growing season, preparing for a #continuation, at the same time something for something new,- the #Spring 🥀.

Its #fantastic how the nature its #created. The nature dont dies during the winter, even the #leaves falls off, the #birds stops #singing, the different bugs and the animals “hide”, the #colorful #flowers “falls to rest”. Its more the opposite, its “resting”, and on its own way “#prepering” for growing up to a new season. The plants, trees, flowers has still the #roots under the grown. And the bugs and animals are “just around the corner”, they have just gone to sleep for a while.

The Autumn ( and winter too) is a good time for #resting, “prepring” and #reflections, even maybe a time for some #personal #growing too? And maybe also make some new plans and preper them for “growing” during the nexts seasons as well?

A person’s #life is sometimes compared to the different seasons. I think we go through the different seasons several times in our lives. We are at different #stages and #levels in our life,- where something grows, while other things are put to sleep, or on its own way “#removed” from our life. We #develop, #grow, #acquire new #knowledge at and through different levels of life. Like the different seasons does.

I like the thought that the #autumn and the #winter are not “the end”,- but insted just a #new #process in life. “Its” not “dying”, its just resting and preparing for maybe something even better and “bigger” in life 😊.

Do you have a favourite season? My favourite seasons are the spring, the summer and the autumn. I like the winter too, just not the winter- weather.

For me all four seasons has something #different, #beautiful and #new to #bring and #give on its own way …… like the different “seasons” in the life have to give and bring on its own way 💛.

For me the different seasons are like the life,- every level and stage has something new and good to bring and give, to learn and teach me 🍁🍃❄☄🍂. At least,- I #choose to look at the seasons and stages in life at this way- like the different seasons with different #experiences and a #possibility for both resting and growing at the same time 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛 and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog 💛.

See you soon 😊.

The #autumn is a #colourful #season,- and I like the thought that the #nature just fall to #sleep during the autumn and #wintertime 🍃❄. Its #resting and #preparing for a new season, for #growing and for new #experiences. The seaons are like the #life,- its #sunshine and #rain, its #cold and #warm, its #colorful and #adventurous with and in different #levels and #stages 💛.

I think I need to learn a bit more about “today’s” make-up 😊💄

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

I do like #make-up, and I have a kind of #interest for make-up too,- even I need to admit that I both could and knew much more about make-up for 10- 15 years ago, then I do know now 🙂. At the same time I should probably could and know more now,- when, and maby also just because, I m (getting) older 😊. But I dont know very much , and I have some #skills to prepare a bit in thise area (too) 😊.

Things has #changed, also in the make-up world, during the lasts years 😊.

Im #fascinated how much #different types and kinds of make-up there are now, and also how different a persons #look can be with and without make-up 💄. Really different. Make-up can do “#magic”, and make #magical #changes in a persons look 😊.

I normally use my #mascara daily,- and thats more and less it,- except from a good #day-cream ( or #night-cream in the night…..because I do try to “slow” down the “speed” for my fine lines and wrinkles a bit 😅 ). So my use of “make-up” is not very much “magic” to brag about at the moment when it comes to my look 😅.

But if Im going to a #party or a kind of #celebration Im using a bit more make-up like #eye-liner, #eye-shadow, and even sometimes a bit #powder “here and there” in my face 😊. Lately I have even try to use #lip-stick,- and thats actually new for me. Normally Im just use a #lip-gloss with a “touch” of #color in.

Im getting older and thats not a “secret” ,- and I have lately thought about maybe try to #learn to use a bit more make-up, like what they call “day make-up”, so I can feel a bit “fresher” during my days and the #aging-process 😊. Its not because I m a shamed about getting older. Im getting older,- thats the #facts, thats the way it is and thats a part of the #life. But for me its more about #feeling a bit “#fresher” and “#comfortable” during my #aging-process 😊.

But I have some tiny bit “new” things to learn about make-up,- thats for sure,- some “old” skills to prepare 😊. For example,- I did think I could use “#primer” in all of my #face as an ‘fancy and “fresh” face-cream,- but insted of “looking fresher” I did actually looked a bit ill 😅. Thats not what a “primer” are for,- so now I know that one 😊.

An other thing,- I did thought that “‘foundation” was a kind of “#organisation”. Its not 😅. Its more or less a kind of cream thats in its own way is similar with the good old “brown-cream”, but just in a new and fancy “#style” 😅.

Im not sure why I haven’t “follow up” this different #changes in the make-up world. #Life, maybe?

But I actullay want to try to learn how to use daily make-up in a good and effective way to look and feel both fresh and comfortable, because,- one thing its for sure, the make-up “#process” cant take to much of my morning-time either 😊.

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Maybe that should be a goal for the next year? #Learn to use make-up in a daily #magical way thats make me feel “fresh” and comfortable during the aging-process ? 😊. Its not impossible,- its a bit up to me,- and I think I have found a #brand I think I want to try out,- but not before next #year 😊. I have a couple of other things I need to use my time and #focus on first, and to learn a bit more about, during the last part of this year 😊.

But I m #enjoying to learn new skills and things ( thats are in and of my #interests), – and I do looking forward to try to learn a bit more about what magic make-up can #create in a look, my look 😊. Its probably not one of the most #challenging goals I have for next year,- but its a #creative and #colourful #goal with a touch of #fun to do and learn as well, and a bit different from what Im normally doing 😊. And thats importen too 😊. So why not just at least try? 💄

Do you have some kind of goals for the next year? Or skills to prepare? In case,- I hope you are looking forward to start with yours as I do with mine 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛 and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊.

I have a bit to #learn in the #makeup #world,- thats for sure 😊. But it can be #fun to learn something #new,- next #year too 😊. Prepare some “lost” #skills, and learn the different between “#foundation” and #organisations too 😉 😊

A hermit and cave dweller 😉 😊

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛.

A #friend of my in #Norway did ask me for not to be and became a #hermit and #cave dweller when I did write that Im going to use a bit time on #myself now the next weeks 😊.

Im not going to be a hermit and cave dweller 😅. But I really feel for some #time #alone now, and use a bit time on just “myself”. And I do like my “#cave” very much too 😅, to spend time in my #home 😊.

Every day at #work its “noises and voices” around me,- and I get around 40- 50 of this voices “straight into my ear” , 5 days a week 🎧. Then its actually a bit good with some #silent and #peace in my time off from work, and to use it in my home, and at my self , at my “things” 😊. But I m a “#social #creation”,- so #no #worries 😉. Its just sometimes in life its okay to also use a bit time “in the cave” and to “sort things out” with out to much “noise” around me 😊. Take a tiny “#time-out”.
And I m a bit “there” at the #moment 😊.

Its in a way “my kind of” “time-out” now, time for some #reflections in my #life, find “#my way” to #live “my life” now, and find “#me”,- not just the #mammi-me anymore,- even that one probably will be a big part of my life always, and “forever” 😊.

And its not to bad at all to use this time on my self,- so fare Im actually #enjoying it 😊. But of course its also a bit #strange, and very #different from what I m use to 😊.

If I feel a bit #selfish too? Yes,- I do, a tiny bit. But then I try to #remind my self that in a plan-crash you are recommended to take and use the #oxygen #first, before you can help any one else. So I m probably a bit “there ” at the moment,- I haven’t to much to give other people around me before I can give a bit to my self first now 😊.

My #hobbies and #interests like my #painting, #knitting, $reading, #writing, #work-out and some other things is also a ķind of “time-outs” in my life,- and I m using my time on some of these things too during the #days. I just dont want to “#run” after the #watch for #reaching to much, and I dont feel for #socialising to much these days. Its enough “socialising” at work. And it has also been a bit in the #private area the last months 😊. Something that’s really nice,- but its not easy to find “peace in the #soul” with beeing socially “all the time” 😊. And I m at a point now where I need a bit “#peace in my soul”, and also around me 😊.

Its actually a bit difficult to #explain 😊. But thats the way it is 💛. Peace, silent, #relaxing in between from one #era to an other in #life 😊. Sort things out in my life , in my #mind, and also in my own way 😊. Try to find and #meet this “#me” and not just only this mammi-me 😊. What do I want to do now? What’s #importen for me in my life now? How to do it? The life, in my own way? What do I want in my life? In my #future? How to “get it” and “get there” ? 😊 Im in a kind of “#philosophical corner” of my life at the moment 😅. And its #fine to be here,- but just for a tiny little #while😊.

But if you miss me,- you are very #welcome to drop by and visit me in my “cave”, in my home 😊. Im very #easy to find 😊. Because I m not going to fare away from my “cave” these nexts days or weeks ( except from move my body to work- because I have to 😅).

Have you ever been in a in a kind of “philosophical corner” of your life? Taken a “time-out” for a tiny little while? Did you #find the #solutions you did look for? 😊 Any way,- I hope you are #happy in your life 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening whereverin the world you are 💛 and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊.

Im fine in my new “#life-situation” at the #moment,- just need a tiny “#time-out” to think a bit about what I want to do with #my #life now when its more and less just “#me”, and what I want to do in my #future 😊. And even if I #choose to be a bit like “a hermit and cave dweller” for a tiny little #while,- Im a #social #creation 😊. So no #worries,- I m not going to be in my “#cave” “#forever” 😉.