No sexual feelings 🥀

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Since I write a little bit about menopause and a little about my own experiences, changes and challenges in this new period and the phase I enter into my life now at days, – I choose to touch on a tender area that many women experience in menopause, but few talk about.  Understandably.  Decreased sex drive.

In the start of menopause this is not a very big challenge or problem for most women, but when the menstruation stops the estrogen level drops a lot in a woman’s body,- and for some reasons also many women experience decreased sex drive or no sexual feelings in this phase in menopause, or life.

Menopause goes through different “phases” in a woman’s body during a period for 4- 5 years from start to stop. The hormones are changing, the mood are changing, the body are changing, the life are changing in different ways and forms. Thoughts and feelings too. It’s new wrinkles and new hair colour, it’s “nervous” bladder and some other different changes and challenges, like hot flashes and depression, and a bit more too.

I’m in the beginning of the menopause, and I haven’t lost my menstruation yet, it comes still every month, but I’m bleeding less then before and my period last less days then before too. And I haven’t lost my “sexual feelings” yet either,- but I have been thinking a bit about this. Special because I know this also can happen to me. I’m not “excluded” from this challenge in any way during the menopause, and I know that.

Some will probably think and mean that I can’t write about something I have no experiences from,- and that is in a way true. But for me, as the woman and person I’m, this challenge will be easier for me to “meet” and write about if or when I’m standing there “with both of my feet”. And I can also imagine how it can feel to loose the sexual feelings. Something I actually don’t want to loose, but I have no guarantee for that.

No sexual feeling or ecreased sex drive is called dysfunction, and it can be lust problems, arousal problems, orgasm problems, pain problems during intercourse, dry mucous membranes / dry vagina. And to be honest,- non of this sounds very “fun” or good,- and of course also does something with the mind and the psyche to a woman.

There is still a lot of uncertainty about what is the reason for this happening in a woman in menopause, but a possible cause is the estrogen level which decreases after the last menstruation.

If a woman lives in a relationship, there are certain expectations for sexual activity.  And when the woman does not make it, even if the head wants, but the whole physical sexual desire does not happen to the body, frustration, shame and embarrassment arise.  A feeling of failure and not reaching out to her partner. Not even reaching out for her self,- simething that’s even more important then for her partner.

In addition to this, the body changes physically in other ways, as I have been written about, hair colour changes and new wrinkles, and also weight gain. Even thoughts and the mental changes and can be a challenges on it’s own. So it’s a bit to “handle” for a woman during the menopause.

It is possible to get various hormonal treatments from a doctor in relation to reduced sex drive, and several have been shown to work satisfactorily.  But, – there are also side effects with the various treatments.  Side effects that may worsen with age.  Like both heart attack and stroke, and some more.

As woman my self with still the sexual feelings I actually can imagine how difficult and challenging, shamefull and frustrated this must be and feel to closely suddenly have no sexual feelings. And also this “experiences” that the mind want to have sex, but the body just doesn’t want, in its own way doesn’t function sexually anymore.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do if I’m going to have non sexual feelings in my menopause. If I’m going to try to use some kind of hormonal treatments or not. But to be honest,- I think I’m going to give it a try, the hormonal treatments, – and instead going to try to be as healthy as I can by eating and drinking healthy, as well as exercise. Actually try to take as good care of myself, body and health as I can.

So why did I write about this subject today? One reason,- for myself so I can be prepared for what I can expect. An other reason,- also because I actually don’t want to be shameful or frustrated because my body and mind are living two different “life” when it comes to the sexuality during the menopause. But that can still happen even I did write this text today. I don’t know that yet, maybe I will feel shame and frustration? Maybe not. But I know it will be easier for me to write and talk about this tender area if or when I’m in this touchy “this situation” myself one day.

Sexuality and a sexual life are important for most of us, – both women and men. I think it is important to know that changes and challenges like this in the sexual area in life can “shows up” during the menopause,- and there can be some kind of help to get to make this a bit easier. And in general the woman are not the only one that can have challenges like this during the menopause. It’s not a shame to ask for help and advice during a new phase and period in life. I know I’m going to ask for help and advice during this new phase and period in my life when I feel I need some help and advice to handle the different changes and challenges, also the sexual changes and challenges if or when they are dropping by.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

No sexual feeling or ecreased sex drive can be a problem and challenge for a woman during and after the menopause,- but its a very sensitive, tender and touchy subject to talk about. It’s shameful, and it’s create frustration 🥀. There can be different treatments to get for this, but many treatments have also different side effects for the health 🥀. So it’s a bit to “handle” for a woman during the menopause 🥀.

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It’s wrinkles- time too, or maybe it’s wrinkles -age? 🥴😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

With the age there also some new wrinkles in my face 🥴. I need to admit that I actually don’t wish them very welcome, but obviously they like to stay in my face anyway 😅. So then I try to start to like them instead, not always the easiest thing to do when I don’t want to have them, but after a while I in my own way just accept them then 😊…..and also do what I need to do to minimize my wrinkles 😊.

I have been reading about and heard about this “to love your new fine lines and wrinkles”. Because the lines and wrinkles in the face shows life. And I can be agree about that, because it’s not for all and everyone to actually get the possibility to be older. But still,- I’m not there yet, where I do love my new wrinkles. I accept them and that they are a part of this “getting older” process. I think that should be enough at the moment 😊.

Some says they are proud over their fine lines and wrinkles too,- but I’m not there either. At the same time as I think and believe I’m actually can be there one day. Because they will be a part of me, my age, my life, my experiences in life, a natural part of me 😊. But for me,- this getting older- process, and this turn into a strange menopause phase, and new wrinkles too takes a bit time to learn to live with, and also accept the “getting older process and situation”. That is not just done in a turn. At least not for me.

It’s not a secret that with the age new wrinkles shows up because the skin is changing, and the gravity also does a nice part of the job. Like dragging “everything” down 😅.

To much sun and without using the correct sun protection can create wrinkles in the face, as well as how you have your face when you are sleeping. Unhealthy food and drink helps too to create some new wrinkles, and of course the genes and heredity are a sort of how much wrinkles that “shows up” 🧬. And if you using different muscles in the face very much this can create wrinkles too, like for example smiling 😊. And I really do like to smile, so I actually have a couple of new lines around my eyes and mouth just because of that 😅.

It’s different things and stuffs you can do to “prevent” and slow down the “wrinkle- time”. Face- yoga is one thing, and I actually do believe that face- yoga does help, but I forget to do it 😳. I don’t think it helps very much if I do face yoga two times a week. The best effect will probably be more on a daily face- yoga routines 😊.

There are also a “big ocean” of different cosmetics products to choose between. I do use face- and eye cream in the morning and the evening, but not expensive or any “famous” products. Just very ordinary creams of different kinds. And I do use some “face wash” products, and now and then face mask.

I use a bit of natural products too, like aloe vera and honey, coconut oil and almonds too.

Collagen can also be very helpful to slow down this “wrinkle- time” as well as antioxidants, and healthy food. I take collagen every morning, and I do eat some kind of antioxidants closely every day too, and I try to eat nd drink as healthy as possible 🍵.

And why do I do this things? Very easy answer,- I want to slow down this wrinkle- time as best as I can. I’m lying if I say I like to get new lines and wrinkles in my face, even I know they are coming. So then I do my best to slow them down a bit.

Of course there’s also different kinds cosmetics surgery and treatment you can do and use,- but in this are I really need to admit I have not a clue what kind and types there are to choose between and for what. I know about botox, fsce- lift and filler, I think 😅,- but I haven’t using to much of my time and energy to read very much about this kind and types of “wrinkles- treatments”.

I know many are going through different treatments in this “area” because they want to look younger, and because they want to feel well and happy during the “getting older” process. Something I can understand.

I can’t afford any kind of this “preventing wrinkles” treatments, so I m not using to much of my energy at this, not even to get some knowledge 😊. And if I could afford some of this cosmetics surgery and treatments I m not sure if I would take that chance to do it. But I don’t know.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one that is not to happy with new lines and wrinkles in the face, but I assume I’m not since so many women use so many and different things, stuffs and treatments for preventing and slow down the wrinkles 😊. Even the ones that says they love their wrinkles use different cosmetics products in their face, and for what reason ? To feel better, to slow down the wrinkles as bet as they can 😊.

I know I can be able to probably both like and love my new lines and wrinkles one day, but I don’t know what day yet😅. At the moment I’m just doing my very best to accepting the fact that I’m getting older 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

If I try to do my very best to not smile my new lines and wrinkles are not to bad- but it’s difficult for me to not smile 😊.

If I try to do my very best to not smile, my new lines and wrinkles are not to bad- but it’s difficult for me to not smile 😊. And I find it a bit difficult to love and like my new lines and wrinkles too 🥴. I’m still “learning” to accept that they are in my face,- even when I try my very best to use different products to make my lines and wrinkles as less and small as possible 🥴.

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A slightly irritated bladder 🤯 and some ginger tea ☕😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

With the age there’s some “small” different challenges for us women, like for example a slightly irritated bladder 💧. It’s not just the hormones that changes their behaviour, but also some other “small” things and stuffs in the “here and there “🤸‍♀️.

I need to admit that I didn’t knew that repeated cystitis and urinary tract infection were actually a part of this “famous” menopause, but apparently it is also something that comes with this “age” 🙄. And why do I know that? Because I have actually been reading about this, not just in information about the menopause, but also in different articles, as well as the wife to the earlier president in USA, Mrs. Obama, has told about this challenge when she went through the menopause.

And yes it is a challenge 🙄. If you never have had cystitis or urinary tract infection you maybe don’t quite understand the challenge, but it’s like you need to go to the toilet “all the time” for peeing, but there just a couple of drops that “shows up/out” , and it’s a painful process to pee. And the pee smells too, a bit not to good 😳. Even those 3 drops you manage to do smells💧.

It’s not all women that goes through menopause that have this challenge. Like it is with the most changes we go through in life also menopause are different from woman to woman.

I had my “first” cystitis or urinary tract infection, in this “period and phase” in my life for maybe three or four months ago. At that time I didn’t connect it to menopause at all. I thought it was to much “fun under the duvet” that was the reason. Because that can happen too, to get cystitis or urinary tract infection if there’s to much “activity” under “the duvet” 😅. So I got an antibiotic cure, and it helped a lot.

But then this cystitis or urinary tract infection “shows up” again, and again, also when there hasn’t been any kind of “duvet activity”, only sleeping 😳. I m not use to that, to this “urine- challenges” so I started reading a bit about it,- and I assume this repeated cystitis or urinary tract infection I have is connected together with menopause.

I don’t like to much to go to the doctor, and now at days even less then before. It’s actually very difficult to go to the doctor, get an appointment for just “normal” things now at days. Now at this corona- days 😳. Not to private doctors, but that costs money, a bit of money too. And I have my own public doctor I normally use if I have some questions about my health and body. And an other thing,- to get a sick leave you need to visit your public doctor- always. At least it’s like this here in Spain. But now at days you stand in line 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️for a very long time to even just get a appointment, and then you get an phone appointment too, before you actually can visit your doctor live. It’s of course not like this if it’s an emergency situation.

An other thing,- I don’t like to use to much antibiotic cure either. To much of that will not do any good, special because I can actually be resistant to antibiotics, and I really don’t want to be that. But what to do, what to do when you have repeated cystitis or urinary tract infection? 🤔 I can’t stand in line for hours to get an new antibiotic cure all the time, and I don’t want to use antibiotics all the time either.

So I did try, and I still do, drink a litre or two closely daily now at days with ginger tea 🍵. Ginger helps to “clean up ” inside the body,- so why not givr it a try, was my thoughts 😊. And in it’s own way it actually does help 🥰. I’m not sure this can help “all and everyone” with this annoying repeated cystitis or urinary tract infection,- but it helps me 😊.

Ginger tea is easy to make.  I use ginger root, not whole, but cut up approx 0.1 dl with root, boil this in about a liter of water, or two.  Two liters of water, 0.2 liters of ginger root.  I let the water with the root soak for 5-10 minutes before I take it off the hob, strain the water, cool at room temperature, and drink a glass and two of ginger tea. But I drink it all during a day, one or 2 liter.  Sometimes I stir a teaspoon of honey in the glass as well, then the tea tastes sweeter, and I also gets some antioxidants from the honey as well 🌻🐝.

I don’t know if I should give this ginger tea as an good advice and as help to keep the irritated, menopause bladder calm,- but it does helps me and my irritated bladder at the moment, and during this new “period and phase” I have just started on in my life 😊. And so fare I have manage to keep this annoying cystitis and urinary tract “away”. Well, not totally, but as long as I make the ginger tea and drink the ginger tea. The “urin- challenges” can “pop up” if I take to many days “break” from drinking the ginger tea. And I think I probably need to visit a doctor now and then if this continues “forever”. But at least the ginger tea minimises my “urine challenges” very much 😊.

By the way, – there is a slight difference between cystitis and urinary tract infection, -, one is in the lower part of the “urinary system”, and the other in the upper part. I do mix these two, – but it hurts to pee anyway. But the ginger tea does help my bladder to get rid of the pain, and smell and this feeling of need to go to the toilet “all the time” for just 2- 3 drops of urine 💧.

I’m actually not sure if it is the cystitis I have or had, or if it is the urinary tract infection. I’m not prof in this or the menopause 😊. But do I try to remember to drink my ginger tea every day 🍵.

If this was a good advice or bad advice, I don’t know, but I don’t think it will do any harm if you try ginger tea if you have some challenges with the “urine- system” 😊. It’s good for the body anyway, but probably not to much- like it is with “all and everything”. It’s a general a balance between to much and to little 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

Ginger tea 🍵

It’s some tiny different challenges we meet when we as adults turn into a new phase and period in our life 🥀. And a slightly irritated bladder can be one of them 🙄. For me ginger tea has helped a bit to calm down some tiny “challenges” with this “situation” 🍵😊.

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My moody eggs 😅🥚

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡.

Like I mention in one of my last posts,- my hair colour is changing. And it is a part of “this getting older changes”. My hair colour is “suddenly” strawberry blond” 🍓. How “suddenly” this hair colour changes actually did happen I’m not sure about because I have been colouring my hair for many years. But now at days I am trying to like and accept my new hair colour 😊. It’s not to bad this new colour, just s bit lighter than Im and was use to 😊. But to be honest,- I still don’t like this name of my hair colour,- “strawberry blond” 😅.

Another change is my eggs, it’s less and less left for every month. But I still don’t know for how many more months of eggs I have left 🥚.

What I do know and has started to recognize is that I have started to be grumpy and moody when I have my ovulation now, and not when I have my period 😳.

I think it’s maybe three or four months since I registered this, and I don’t think this “grumpy ovulation” has last longer then three or four months either. Because first time I actually needed to “put myself together” a bit. To think “why” am I so grumpy today? I knew I didn’t had my period, but I didn’t understand why I was so “touchy” 🙄.

I was moody because my daughter was on her mobile “all the time”,- something I actually are use too. I was moody because my daughter did overturned her glass of coca cola, which was perhaps not so strange with a moody and grumpy mammi 🤯. It’s not normal for her that I “grumpy- ing” away for “nothing”. I was moody because my fling did drink beer in the middle of the week. That is even actually not my problem what he does in the middle of the week. He is an adult man, and can do what ever he wants to do in his own time and in his own home. And this is just some very few, simple and stupid examples actually. I have probably more but I don’t remember at the moment,- and it will probably come some more stupid examples too 😅. Because it’s just actually for stupid and totally unnecessary things and stuffs I get grumpy and moody over at the moment, for around a couple of days every month,- at the moment.

I was moody and grumpy for “nothing”,- and that was a very strange feeling for me. I’m in general not so moody, not even when I have my period. But suddenly I actually was unfairly grumpy and moody 😳. Uff,- that was not a very good experience 😳. I don’t and didn’t like this new and ” bad habit” in my self 🙄. So now at days when I recognize that I’m starting on this unfair and totally unnecessary and meaningless moodiness and grumpiness I put myself together as good as I can,- and if I can’t do that, I choose to be on my own until it’s over.

The moodiness and grumpiness just last a couple of days every month, but still,- it’s not fair for people I care about to be sourrende by me and this “moody behaviour”.

I’m starting to be “grumpy and moody” just a couple of weeks after I have had my period, and not when I have it. And I get actually moody and grumpy over stupid and totally unnecessary things and stuff to be grumpy and moody for 😳. I’m not use to that 😳. I’m not use to that every tiny little thing is irritating me for a couple of days 😔. And to be honest,- that is not the best feeling.

I even got pimples and such impurities in the skin that I used to get when I got my period.  Now they come “jumping” when I have the ovulation.  Even in the middle of the nose like a luminous lighthouse 💡 😅. And believe me,- I’m not getting in a better mood with a luminous lighthouse in the middle of my nose 😅.

I’m not sure why it is like this, or why my “grumpiness” and “moodiness” has changed, but it has. In my mind I’m thinking it’s because my eggs are starting to be grumpy and moody. They “know” they are not going to be used anymore, and it gets less and less of them too. Maybe they starting to feel more and more lonely? And that creates them so moody? They know their “period” and “mission” are soon finish, and that’s make my eggs and me so grumpy?  They just can’t handle “all this”, and therefore put their “grumpiness” on my moods when I have the ovulation 🐣?

I have not a clue if this is correct. That my eggs are grumpy because they are getting less and less, and because I’m in the start of the menopause. Their “time” and “mission” in my body is soon finish. This is just my thoughts around and about what’s happen in my body, and with my mood at the moment,- and in my own way I choose to believe that’s the reason why my mood and grumpiness has changed from being around my period to suddenly “jump up” when I have the ovulation instead, is because  of the menopause 🥚. I m in the beginning of the menopause. And also even more unreasonable grumpy and moody then when I’m in my period.

I don’t know if anyone else has or have this grumpy and moody ovulate experience in the menopause,- but this is my experience. It’s not the worst one experience I have so fare, special not when I’m more prepared for and “know” why I do act totally unnecessary grumpy and moody. I also know I can put myself together and behave, think through the reasons why I “behave” the way I do, and try my very best to behave well and good, say sorry if I’m unfair, and actually just keep myself for myself if it’s a “problem” for me to “behave” 😊. Be alone for a day and two until I’m not moody and grumpy anymore 😊.

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Do you have any experiences like this in your menopause? Or more correctly, under your last eggs period, your ovulating?

Well,- for me it’s more and less one month to next time I’m going to be unnecessary and unfair grumpy and moody for a couple of days- phu! I’m happy for that 😅. And I’m going to enjoy the next days and weeks without to much unnecessary moodiness and grumpiness, – that’s for sure 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

My grumpy and moody eggs 🥚🤯

I think my eggs are starting to be a bit grumpy and moody because they know they’re “mission” soon is over. But why create me as a grumpy and moody furie because of that ? 😅

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With age come also some various changes 😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m getting older, no doubt about that 😊. And with the age there’s also some different changes and maybe even some challenges, both outside and inside in my body, and probably some changes (and challenges) in my mind too 😊. The changes are not just that the kids grows up, gets older and are moving out,- there’s some tiny other changes as well 😄.

Its changes we for some reasons don’t talk to much about, or write about or even can find to much literature, fact or information about online or in books.

I’m not sure why it’s like that, because we can find a lots of different information about the puberty and teenagers age, pregnancy and the different changes and challenges from when a baby is newborn and up to 3 or 4 years old. But information about “what’s happen” when we turn into the age in a place from 40 to 60 it’s not so easy to find. And some people are even denied that they have been through or are going through this phase and period in life 🙄. But they are….

I’m not sure why it is like this, but for me it seems like a tiny bit of shame to get older and get and have this different changes, challenges and experiences we go through when we get older. Or is it more like a secret what’s happen with the body and mind when we have turned a certain age?  From the age between 40 and 60? 🤔

When we get older we meet a new phase and in our life, it is this menopause, the middle crisis and the middle age “changes”. It seems like the same thing, but obviously there’s some tiny difference between this. And believe it or not,- both men and women are going through this period and phase in life.

I know my body are changing, I’m getting older. I’m going into the menopause, but I don’t know quite where in the menopause I’m. Probably in the beginning. And I’m not either sure how long the menopause last, but I have been reading about it, and in general the menopause last for around 4 years, maybe 5.

I’m a bit fascinated about this “scary”, “shameful” and “secret” age, phase and period in life. The menopause, the middle age and the midlife crisis. Probably because I don’t know to much about this, I don’t have very much knowledge about this, we don’t talk or write to much about this either, and probably because I know Im going into this period and phase myself. So I’m actually a bit curious about “it all”.

The only thing I know is that I’m “there” myself, in some or another way. I can only use my own experiences put together with the knowledge and information I can find online or in books when I write about this period in my life. Or use the very little information other people has told me about for example menopause.

I’m going to write some texts about this new and strange period in my life, because it’s not just the change, challenge and new experiences that my children are growing up and moving out. Something more are happening,- like I mention, with the body, the health and the mind as well. And why not share it? Maybe it can be useful for some readers my experiences during this period and phase in my life? Even I don’t have to much to share at the moment, I can share the experiences I have so fare.

I’m not going to say or tell that my experiences during the menopause, middle age or midlife crisis are correct or wrong, or like a kind of “manual” for “all and everyone”, because they are just my own experiences. I have more and less just my own experiences to share with you, put a bit together with some knowledge I have been reading about, or maybe some information (and own experiences) someone has shared with me. But in general people are, for some reasons like I mention, not to happy with sharing their own experiences during this period and phase in life.

The hair colour is changing, and suddenly theres some new lines in the face and they won’t even move 🙄. Thoughts and mind are changing a bit as well, strong opinions can suddenly change, because of the age, because of life experiences. Focus on the health, thoughts about what you have completed in your life, and the life in general, – because suddenly you are in the middle of the life.

The body is changing, both outside and inside. Hormones are dancing and jumping suddenly more, strange and different. For women the period are stopping, there’s suddenly one day no more eggs left and for men this tiny belly get more difficult to keep inside the belt, its hanging more outside.

Menopause is in general about the hormones changes for a woman, as well as for the man, but in different forms and different speed.

Middle age,- well the name says more and less “it all”. You are in the middle of the life,- hopefully. You are around 40- 45 and have hopefully 40- 45 years left in life too. And of course there’s thoughts about this. Thoughts like “what have I manage, what have I done, what’s left, did I manage what I wanted to manage in this age, am I in the place in my life where I wanted to be?”

The middle crisis is in a way the same, but a crisis is a crisis,- and thoughts can have a more negative effect. Dreams you had is not completed, lost youth, and many feel this lack of happiness. It’s stress and depression. many make up a status in and over life, and are not to happy with the result.

Of course this thoughts and feelings are not the same for all and everyone, but many. The changes are there any way,- even for them whose actually denied that they are in “the middle age” period and phase in their life.

Many feel a kind of loneliness because the children are growing up and moving out. Their life and focus has been their children,- and what to do when the children are not living there anymore?

I have felt a bit on this loneliness feeling my self, and the same time as I can say I don’t regret one tiny little second I did choose to use on and for my children ❤.

I’m 47 years old, so I know I’m in this period and phase in life,- the menopause, the mid age and the midlife crisis. And like I mention,- I will try my very best to share my experiences and knowledge, thoughts and feelings around and in this period in my life.

My experiences will not be correct and not be wrong,- they will just be my own experiences, nothing more, nothing less.

If you want to share some of your own experiences about this period and phase in your life you are very welcome, – you can even send me an email to: if you want 😊.

This was more and less an just a kind of “information post” about what you can “expect” from me in my next textes, but it will not be to much yet,- because I have in nature’s own way just started on this “new period and phase” in my life 😊. And as we know,- every age has it’s own charm, probably and hopefully also this “middle age” phase and period in life too 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

A colourful sunset high up in the mountains in Andalucia 🌞

A colourful sunset high up in the mountains in Andalucia/ Spain 🌞. A sunset that on it’s own way reflects the colourful changes and challenges we meet in menopause, midlife and during the midlife crisis. Positive colours as well as a bit darker colours. Like life on its own way is during the different periods and phases we all goes through 🧡. Every age has it’s own charm, hopefully this “mid age” too 😊.

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