Ice blue or sky blue? ❄💧

Hi ❣It’s so nice to see you,- like always easy 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

In between I try to take a break from all the different news about coronavirus and what’s happen in Norway, Spain and Italy, and all the other countries around in the world. It’s not easy,- because it is everywhere. The virus is everywhere, and I do think about it. Not that I’m going to be I’ll,- but what if someone close to me get ill? And die? Because as many others I also have family and friends that actually can die if they get the virus 😔.

Today I have been working at the office,- it takes time to move 300 computers to more then 200 homes. I’m not sure how long I’m going to be at the office and work, but it’s actually fine to get out of the home for a tiny little while too during this quarantine time, – even I actually did felt I did something illegal when I did drive to my job today.

My plan was actually to walk to my job, but I didn’t took the chance. The police are stopping closely everyone that’s out for a walk. The exception are people that walking their dog. And I need to have my passport, my NIE, Spanish resident card and also a paper from my job with me,- in case the police are going to stop me. In the paper from my work is a confirm that I actually work where I’m working and need to go to my job.

I’m not worried to be sick from the virus, because I think if I get sick it will probably be more and less like a kind of flue for me. But I’m worried that I can get the virus and infect someone else around me where the body and immune system don’t can handle the virus very well. And I seriously don’t understand why not more people are worried about that? It seems for me that to many take this to easy,- this coronavirus and the consequences the virus can and have for so many others around us.

Like I mention, in between I try to take a “timeout” from the virus,- so I have knit a bit. A friend of my wanted scarf, hat, elf-socks in sky blue colour for the next winter. And onr evening, a while ago, we also was joking a bit about kintted bading suits, bikinis, shorts and speedos 😅. My friend, he is a male, did promise me that if I did knit a speedo to him in the colour sky blue, he was going to use it in the beach one day this spring, and also be my model for a photoshoot 📷.

Well,- the beaches are closed down at the moment, but the speedo is finish, and the shorts too, and very ready to be used 😊. And hopefully we will be able to have a really fun photoshoot at the beach in a couple of weeks then.

Free shiping over 69$

But,- my friend wanted the colour sky blue at all the items. Both the hat, scarf and elf- socks, as well as the shorts and the speedo. I did ask him what kind of sky blue he wanted because the sky can actually have different blue colours during a day 😊. And some of this colours are also very close to ice blue. I didn’t get a very good and concrete answer, – so I did made the hat, scarf and elf- socks in the colour ice blue. At least I feel it’s the colour ice blue. And I did think ice blue was a nice colour for winter items as well ❄. But at the same time this colour can be very close to sky blue too. …. in case he is not to happy with my choice of the blue colours on the different items I have been knitting to him 😊.

The speedo and shorts I think is more sky blue, and I did made that choice just because it is summer items, and summer items suits the colour sky blue a tiny touch better then winter items, – at least in this simple and not very complicated “situation” …. and in my mind as well 🌞💧. And, yes, I also did knit a cover for his nose and mouth. We are in the days we are in,- so why not 😊.

Some knit winter- and summer items to a good friend of my here in Spain ❄🌞

What do you think? Is the scarf, hat and elf socks ice blue or sky blue? And what kind of blue colours are the speedo and shorts after your mind and opinion ? Ocean blue or sky blue? 🌊 Its so many lovely and different blue colours,- and we also see the different colours combination in different forms, shapes and settings in different ways 😊. I think maybe it can be because we all have different “colour experiences” ? Different good memories to the different colours? 😊But I don’t know, it’s just a thought 😊. For me the winter items are ice blue, and the summer items are sky blue. What do you think? 😊

It is actually really good to have some other things to focus on now and then, like knitting a bit, and then have a timeout and a relaxing moment in the mind and soul for a while 🧶😊. And to be honest, – I really hope he is showing up in the speedo, and let me take some photos,- and hopefully I will be allowed to share them with you too? 😊 That could be fun too 😊.

I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts during this strange and surreal time we all are going through 🧡. I hope you also have something to do to take a tiny break and timeout from all the coronavirus news, a relaxing moment for your soul and mind 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

All the knit summer- and winter items made in sky blue or ice blue? 🌞❄

In between I need to have a tiny “timeout” from the different news during this days 😊. So I did knit both some summer items as well as winter items to a friend of my,- but are the colours ice blue or sky blue? ❄🌞 Need to take a better look? It’s possible in my post 😊.

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In distress, the naked woman learns to spin / weave wool 🧶😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I was actually not sure what headline I should use or choose today because it was two headlines that could fit my text, and probably more too 😊.

I did choose this headline “In distress, the naked woman learns to spin / weave wool”. It is actually en expression we use in Norway, and on it’s own way it tells that when it’s hard time you find a solution on different things. Like a naked woman don’t want to be naked she learns to weave wool so she can get clothes on her naked body, and don’t be cold 😊. And since I like to knit and I like to be creative, and in a way we all live in a “distress” at the moment, this headline was best for me and my text today 😊.

There’s empty for face maskes in the stores and farmacia now. Face maskes to cover the nose and mouth. But there’s a recommendation that you can use a old t-shirt to cover it if you haven’t get or got any facemask.  At least it will have about 60% more efficiency than nothing in front of your mouth and nose.  An old t-shirt is basically cotton-lined, so I thought “why not knit a mask for my nose and mouth with cotton yarn then?” 😊 🧶 And yes, of course I have already knit a face mask too. It’s finish and ready for use 😊.

And of course I did tell someone about my “clever idea”, becauseI actually thoughtit was clever, – and some of them was actually just laughing about my idea 🙄. And they also said “You can’t knit everything”,,- but “yes, I think I can knit many different things”,- so I did try to knit a face mask and it went very well too 😊. So here my other choice for my headline comes in,- “Whoever laughs last laughs best”,- because I have actually got questions about knitting masks to cover the nose and mouth after, from others 😊. And to be honest,- my idea is not to bad at all 😊. I’m going to tell you and show you as best as I can how to knit a face mask 😊.

I’m not good to make, create or write knit recipes at all, it all are in my head when I’m knitting 😅,- so I hope you will be able to understand how to knit a face mask, if you also want to have one for to cover your mouth and nose 😊.

Knit recipe for face mask 🧶

What you need is: left over yarn in 100% cotton, not to thick yarn, and you don’t use very much yarn either for a face mask. Use yarn that’s normally use to knitting needles size 2 or 3.

Cast on 36 stitches, knit back and forth in garter at for 4 rounds.  Bead stitch is like this: a straight, a purl, a straight, a purl.  Knit out the needle, then knit the other way.  Knit the purl stitch over the straight stitch. When you have dome this 4 times, keep 4 stitches in every end of the knitting needle. Here you continue knit purl knitting, with switch every second. In the middle you continue knit straight, back and forward until you have the size you want. Then you do the same as in the beginning, – kit purl all over 4 times 🧶. When it’s all finished I did sew the strings into for keeping the mask on my face 😊.

🙄 I hope you got “something” out of this ? 😳 One thing is that I’m not good to write, explain or make knit recipes,- and other thing is to also then try to explain it all in English as well 🙄😳. Anyway, – I’m going to show you some photos, and hopefully you will be a bit “wiser” 😅. But, yeah,- I know I m not good to explain this at all 😔.

This is a finish knit face mask for covering the nose and mouth 😊. Size is : 11 cm * 20 cm

You can wash cotton at high temperature.  But I also bought panty linings that I glue on the inside of the bandage.  This can be changed, and of course it is possible to glue in two if you wish, or feel it is safer. But I personally recommend you to just use one psnty linings in.

Panty linings inside the face mask for extra protection, and then its not necessary to wash it all the time either 😊

So, yes,- I did my face mask this way. I’m going to knit some more as well, my son in the middle, two of his friends, and my daughter and her boyfriend have also asked me to knit face mask for them. And of course that’s fine for me to do. The challenge is how to deliver the face masks to them? We are in quarantine for the next two weeks, and are not allowed to go outside except from in very few and special cases like buy food, go to the farmacia, the gas- station for gasoline or gas to the hot- water, to the hospital or be an assistant for someone that needs help. Or let your dog ho to the toilet outside in the park. Or go to work if you can’t work from your home. But,- I’m still going to knit some fancy face mask for them anyway,- and will probably find a solution for how to deliver them. You know,- the military are also watching over us so we do as we are told. The helicopters are actually flying over us to watch after us, as well as take a look that all and everyone are doing as they are told. Staying in their home.

What did you think about my knit face mask idea? Not so stupid after all? 😊 Is it something that you could be able to use, or knit ? At the moment it’s safety before fashion, style and vanity for me,- but still I can try to knit some fancy, fashion and stylish face mask 😊🧶

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Homemade knit face mask knit by me, and created for safety and not fashion 😊

Homemade knit face mask, knit in cotton. Made by me, and made for safety, not fashion 😊. It’s safe, soft, clean and easy to both make, wear and use 😊. I have tried to explain how in my post,- but how well I did it is an other “case” 😅.

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A cozy memory: Snowflakes and a glassbottle with cocoa cola ❄🥤

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Yesterday evening I was finish with the first “bottle- challenge” I got from my daughter some weeks ago,- and it became a kind of memory, as well as a kind of art 🎨. Even my oldest son told me he got a “flashback” to our time at our Prairie when he did see my painted coca cola glass bottle,- and for me that was a really nice compliment 🥰.

Like I told you,- when I got the “bottle- challenge” from my daughter, I did “saw” snowflakes, wintertime, Christmas, Santa Claus and just sweet memories together with my children at the bottles, – and it was a bit difficult to just let that kind of memories “go” 🥰.

The “bottle challenge” from my daughter was to try to paint something on 3 coca cola glass bottles. Three different motives, one on each bottle. And for us, to drink coca cola from glass bottles was and still is a tiny little luxury 😊. Coca cola from glass bottles are more expensive, and taste a tiny bit different and better then from a plastic bottle. It is a different tast between coca cola from glassbottles and from plastic bottles or metal boxes. That’s just the way it is 😊.

My memory, when I did paint this coca cola glass bottle yesterday, did take me back in time to the first time my children “meet” Santa Claus at a shopping centre close by our Prairie in Norway 😊. It was snow, wintertime and close to Christmas. The coca cola Santa Claus with his big long coca cola trailer was visiting the shopping centre, and had both sales on coca cola at glass bottles as well as there was a possibility for the children to sit on his knee, get a photo together with Santa Claus and maybe even whisper a tiny little Christmas wish in his ear 🎅.

We did buy this coca cola luxury for the Christmas-time, and my children did sit on Santa’s knee. My oldest son was very brave and just a big smile, my son in the middle was a bit worried, and my daughter didn’t want to go to Santa Claus at all in the beginning. She hardly did take a look at him,- but at the same tim she was very curious on this strange man 😊. So after a while she also took the chance to sit at Santa’s knee with her yellow tuck well placed in the mouth 😊. I think my children could has been around 9, 6 and 3 years old at that time.

I got three so nice and sweet photos of my children together with Santa Claus,- and the boys talked about it for a long time after 😊. I remember I did use that photos as Christmas card that year 😊. I still have the photos,- but they are, unfortunately, like many of our things and stuff, still in Norway. I hope I can show them to you one day. My oldest son was just a big, big smile, my son in the middle a bit sceptical and didn’t smile very much, and my daughter,- it is just her big eyes and a yellow tuck that shows on the photo 😊.

It’s actually a very “daily” memorie,- a memory with not to much “happenings” in, but still a memory we all do remember with joy and happiness 🥰. It is our memory,- and I m so grateful for having a lots of different memories like this together with my children ❤.

My painted cocoa cola glass bottle- that brought a very nice and cozy memory back for both me and my oldest son 🎅

I hope you have memories like this with your close one, even it’s children, sisters and brothers, parents or grandparents, or good friends 💛. Small daily memories without to much “happenings” in,- but still so much joy and happiness 🧡. It’s so good to carry memories like this I the heart ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

My coca cola glass bottle covered with snowflakes and memories 🥰 – you can find a bit more info about the bottle or other kinds of my art at my Instagram @artbylailas_

One of the coca cola glass bottles I got as a “painting challenge” from my daughter is finish 😊. And on it’s own way did remind me about snowflakes, my children, Christmas and Santa Claus,- as well as the painted glassbottle gave my oldest son a good “flashback” memory too 🥰.

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Art in process, and “flow on hold” 😊 🎨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m not finish with any kind of art this week, but I have some different art- products that are under production and process 🎨. It’s not always easy to make time for “all and everything” during a week,- special when I’m also sharing my time in my home with two young men. My oldest son and his friend 😊. And it has also been some busy weeks at work lately,- but my colleague is coming back to work tomorrow, on Monday, after mostly three weeks away 😊. It will be great to have her back, and good to see her again too 😊 And, – then I also don’t need to “work for two”, like I have done more and less the three last weeks now 😊.

I have also my 25 % online job from my home,- and two young men that’s run in and out, up and down during the days 😊…. and nights as well 🙄. I actually haven’t had very much time on my own the last three weeks 😊. It’s someone around me nearly all the time when I home 😊. But everything works out for a while, and as long as I know its just for a while as well. This is not a situation that will be “forever”, just maybe a couple of more weeks 😊. And that’s good 😊.

I need “my time” when I both are painting and writing. With that means,- I don’t like to be interrupted when I’m painting or writing 🎨. Even my children are one of my biggest inspiration source 🥰 when it comes to painting as well as working with and for to reach my different goals, I actually like to have this “inspiration source” a bit on a distance too 😊. Sound maybe strange,- but that’s the way it is for me 😊. I don’t like to be interrupted to much when I’m in “the colours” or “letters”, in my “imagination and inspiration”. It’s like “the flow” I’m in, just disappears with different kinds of interruptions, and it’s not always easy to “get it back”, get “the flow” back again after being interrupted a couple of times “on the road”. I know it can be difficult for others to understand this “in the flow” thing ,- but “the flow is what the flow is”. And I like to use and be in “my flow” in peace when I’m in “my flow” and not to be interrupted to much 🥰. And to “be in the flow” is also a process and a part of my process for creating something 😊.

I’m not sure if my different products will be finish next week or in two weeks. But it’s doesn’t matter,- it’s not a rush to be finish actually,- it’s just good to use the “creativity, flow, inspiration and imagination ” when it’s “there” 😊. And I do miss more “my own time” then I miss to be finish with some of my “art- products” now 😊. On the other hand,- my time is when I’m “flowing” away in the colours or letters 😊.

What I’m very sure of is that when the “boy’s” has moved out I’m going to be alone with out any other kind of interruptions or be at sosial settings, except from when I’m job at the office, for a week 😅. I’m going to be a little hermit and cave dweller a little week then 🥰. To just get my own energies back, get my own routines and my own daily rhythm back on track again, and find “my flow” again too 😊. I actually get a bit irritating when I have no time on my own,- but I’m trying as best as I can to just keep the irritation for myself ( just share a bit with you 😊). Because I know why I get irritated,- I miss “my own time” and at the moment there’s not very much space for that, that’s just the way it is 😊.

As long as I can remember I have had this “need” for some time on my own. Some time just for myself. When I became a mammi and my children was small children I did get “my time” in the evenings after I had put them to bed 🛏. And when they became older and did stayed up longer in the evenings I did take “my time” early in the mornings when they was sleeping 😴. Some time on my own, is so important for me, that I easily did get up at 05.00 in the morning to just have one hour for just myself before the children did wake up 🥰.

After my children has been growing up and moving out I have got “my time” whenever I wanted and needed it,- and that was a “luxury” I was not use to, but it was one of my first “routines” I did learn to live with and really enjoy after starting to live on my own without any children to have the responsibility for- just the responsibility for me and myself 🥰. I really started to enjoy this luxury, to use my time whenever I wanted to enjoy “my time” this autumn 2019 when my last child, my daughter did moved out 🥰. Well, well,- it’s just a couple of more weeks and I have that “luxury” back in my life again, and can be in “my own flow” again too 🥰.

Do you have it like that sometimes? A need to just be alone? Do your own stuff and things without any kind of interruptions? “Fuel up” with your own energies on your own way and in your own time? In case,- what do you do then? 😊 I m just going to be home when “my time” is back again, and do whatever I want to do,- and turn of the sound on my phone 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Different kinds of art under “production and process” this week 🎨😊

It’s not very much time I have “on my own” in my home at the moment 😊. So to be in “the flow” is not a very easy “process” when there is different kinds of interruptions around me 😊. But there’s still some kind of art that’s under “production and process” 🎨,- but just not finish yet 😊. And, soon I will get “my flow” back again too, my own “time- luxury” or “luxury- time” 😊.

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My “umbrella- art” is not art anymore 🌂 😅

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It’s actually still more and less like summertime here in South of Spain 🌞. But the few weeks when the winter was ” blowing and snowing” “around the corners” it was still strong enough to “blow away my umbrella-art” at my roof on my at my patio 😅. So today I did get some help from my oldest son and his friend to remove all the umbrellas, or more correctly, what was left from the umbrellas on the roof outside at my patio 🌂.

It was actually pretty cool before the winter- storms got a big “grip” on the umbrellas 🌬 ☂️. And then, now, after the winter- storms, it was not been very cool at all 😅. It’s looked a bit like a kind of garbage on the roof instead of “umbrella- art” covering for the sun,- and they didn’t manage to cover very much for the sun any more either 🌞.

My oldest son and his friend are removing what’s left from the umbrellas on the “roof” 😊.

I need to find another solution for to cover for the sun,- and this time it will be a very easy solution too 😅. Not something that takes a lots of work, to put up or take down, or to let my “creativety, inspiration and imagination” “run away” with me 😅,- but something easy to put up, but that still both covers for the sun as well as creating a cozy and nice atmosphere outside in my patio 😊. I’m using the patio so much during the summertime that I like to have a cozy and relaxing atmosphere around me outside there as well as other places where I’m spending a lots of my time 😊.

After the short, but hard winter- storm this winter my umbrella art on the roof are not art any more 😊

I have two patios,- one for more like a eating- area, and the other one for more like a outside livingroom- area. I use the first one to eat my breakfast outside, or other meal during the summertime, as well as barbecue together with my children, family and friends. And I have a cozy atmosphere there too 😊. But I’m using the other patio more,-the one that was my “umbrellas- art” patio. That one is more and less like a outside livingroom 9- 10 months during the year, and then it needs to have a good solution for covering for the sun😊. And even the sun is so nice it’s important to have a kind of cover over the patio. If not,- there will be no possibility for staying outside, it will be to hot 🌞. And I have already stayed inside so many years during a summertime when I was living in Norway,- now I will use the summertime outside as much as possible 😊. I like to be outdoors and outside during the summer, – and all my family and friends that’s visiting me during the summertime like to be outside as well 😊

So this year it will be something so easy a pavilion ⛺,- and I think that will be a nice, good and cozy solution 😊. I will show you when it’s on place in a couple of weeks 😊.

It’s felt good to remove the destroyed umbrellas today, and it was a perfect timing to use to young men for helping me as well. So they could be useful for something when they are staying here 😊. By the way,- my son and his friend are going on a viewing at a finca far out in the countryside, on Wednesday.  I hope they can rent it.  It will be a perfect place for their animals to stay there, and a perfect place for them to build on their motorhome plans. And,- I’m perfectly fine for me to get my home back again,- and my life too 😊.

Anyway,- today has been a bit practical working day at home, for making my out places/ patio more ready for the summertime 😊. I’m looking forward to its finish in a couple of weeks 😊.

I hope your weekend so fare had been nice,- with or without any practical work 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

A sunny working day today, outside in my patio with good help from my son and his friend 😊.

This Saturday has been a practical working-day with removing my destroyed “umbrellas art” at my patio 😊. And with good help from my oldest son and his friend the patio sloely again getting ready for enjoying the summertime 🌞.

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“Sunset in it’s own swinging harmony” 🎨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m not sure what I like best about a soft and colorful sunrise or sunset in their own colorful splendor after a beautiful day 🌞. I think I like them both on it’s own way. A beautiful sunrise is in away like a welcome to a new and lovely day, and a wonderful sunset its like and thank you for a great day 🧡.

Like I have mention before it’s a bit strange winter here in South of Spain at the moment ❄. It’s more like a lovely Norwegian summer 🌞,- with both marvellous sunrises and beautiful sunset 🌞. Even the flowers are swinging in their own harmony in the sun 🥀. I like the weather when it is like it is at the moment,- but at the same time I do hope we will get some weeks with rain soon.

It can be a bit “challenging” with the rain if it comes to much at the same time,- because of the dry earth are not available to “take all the water”, so instead all the water is lying on the ground.  There is also a challenge with the brick houses that are not insulated here, because ferries get a lot of moisture inside the houses.  Walls, floors, furniture – everything gets damp. But I think this “challenges” is a bit better to “handle” for some weeks, instead of need to handle almost empty water reservoirs, and ration the water for many months, especially in summer and at 40 degrees.

In the meantime when I’m waiting for some days and weeks with rain I’m enjoying the sunshine, sunrises and sunsets, and use the inspiration both the sunset and sunrise gives me 🌞.

I’m just finish with a painting I have called “Sunset in it’s own swinging harmony”. It’s flowers that’s in a way are swinging in the sunset, like they have their own symphonies and rhythm 🥀. How that happen, I’m actually not sure, because my plan was to paint a bit more “nature life” in the painting, and instead it became a bit like a swinging harmony symphony 🎶🎵. Its like I can hear the soft music from both the sunset and the flowers, and the leads too, that’s smoothly are swinging in the sunset 🎶🎵 . Can you hear it? Or feel it? 😊

I have more of my painting in my Instagram account @artbylailas_ and you are very welcome to take a look 😊. I hope some of my paintings can bring others the same joy and harmony, happiness and peacefulness as they give me when I’m painting them 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 an I hope this day will bring you harmony and peace too 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

“Sunset in it’s own swinging harmony ” , 20*50 cm,- you can find more of my paintings and art at my Instagram account @artbylailas_ 😊

“Sunset in it’s own swinging harmony” is finish, and I feel I can closely hear the music from both the sunset, the flowers and the leafs that are moving in their on rhythm 🧡.

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A tiny “art challenge” from my daughter 😊 🎨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Some days ago I did ask my daughter if she had some empty winebottles,- because I haven’t anyone left 😊. I did use my empty winebottles to paint on some weeks ago, and it hasn’t been very much wine in the home after that 😊. And I want to try to paint a bit more on winebottles,- it was difficult, but also very fun 😊.

I did think that maybe my daughter did have a couple of empty winebottles,- she is a bit younger then me, and it is a bit more “party” in her home than mine 😊. Here it is job, work, goals to reach, – and then … soon it is time to use some good quality time on great friends and maybe share a bottle of wine or two 😊.

My daughter didn’t have any empty winebottles either, but she gave me a tiny “art bottle challenge” instead, – and gave me a couple of coca cola glassbottles to paint on 🥃. I’m not sure how to do that, or what to paint 😅. When I think about coca cola glassbottles I think about a tiny bit “luxury” in the daily life to drink coca cola from a glassbottle, and the tasty drink coca cola, and of all the things to think about when I think about coca cola in a glassbottle,- I actually think about Santa Claus 🎅. But I’m not in the “mood” for painting any Christmas- things or snow. But you never know,- maybe it’s a bit snow that will decorate this bottles after all? 😊 ❄

But challenge is recived and taken, I just need to let the imagination and inspiration “come over” me before I start painting 🎨. Hopefully it doesn’t takes to long time,- it’s a bit boring to just watch this empty glassbottles from coca cola standing there and waiting for something creative to happen 😅.

My daughter is also painting,- and I really like her paintings. She paint differently from me, like I do paint differently from my dad 🎨 😊. And the difference are a good thing is 😊. I can’t paint like either my dad or my daughter, – I can only paint like “me”. So we are actually three generations with mini amateurs painters and artists from the same family (of course,- since there was 3 generations of “artists” 😊), that use the colours, canvas, brushes, inspiration and imagination differently, at the same time it’s art, our private and personal art, with our own touch, one of a kind art 🎨.

My daughter did paint this 4 years ago and she did gave it to me 🥰. It is in our livingroom, on the wall where I have my creative corner 😊.

My oldest son have also painted a pretty cool painting to me many years ago. It’s, unfortunately, in Norway,- but I did also had that painting on my wall in the livingroomwhen we did live in Norway 😊. And hopefully I can have it on my wall again one day 🥰. I just need to get our things and stuff from Norway and down here to Spain first 😊. He did paint a copy, his own “understandig” of famous painting “Scream” /”Skrik” by Edward Munch 😱. It so cool,- Im looking forward to both put it on my wall again and also show it to you one day 😊.

And my dad’s paintings,- I think most of them are gorgeous. It is special on kind of painting he did paint I really did and still does like. It’s something with the atmosphere in those paintings, the colours, and they are in away both powerful and peaceful at the same time 😊. A bit like my dad in a way 😊.

My dad paint this in 1989,- and he has different kinds of paintings with this atmosphere in,- but with different colours and motives. This kinds of paintings are one of my favourite paintings to my dad 😊.

Well,- I have a challenge to work with at the moment,- in the meantime I can finish some of my other paintings on my canvas first,- and wait for the imagination and inspiration to “take me on a flow” over this coca cola glass bottles 😊. I did have an imagination and inspiration for some paintings on winebottles, but I can’t use them on this glassbottles 😊. So that inspiration I can “hide away” for a tiny little while 😊. At least until I have shared one of my own winebottles I have in my home with someone, and get a empty winebottles or two to paint on 😊. Suddenly a winebottle give me a nice and fun time two times or more,- not just to drink the wine together with some good friends,- but also to create something fun on after 😊.

Have you got any nice, small challenges this day? Challenges that are fun to do? Like my daughter’s challenge to me? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Challenge “received” and “taken” from my daughter,- I just need to find the imagination and inspiration for some paintings on coca cola glassbottles 😊. And in the meantime, – Do you want to take a tiny look at a painting my daughter has created? Or my dad? They are both in my post 💚.

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