This was not my colour 🧶👗

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

I’m knitting, but I haven’t very much colours and yarn to choose between anymore 🧶. I have what I have in my home, in my “yarn- corner”. I know I can order more yarn on an norwegian online yarn shop. The shop is actually just not online, it’s based in a town very close to where I live. It’s possible to order yarn from this shop online during this quarantine and curfew time, and get the yarn delivered on my door, but it’s not possible to go to the shop and take a look at the yarn and different colours at the moment.

This yarn- shop has photos and images I can take a look at, but for me it’s not the same, special when I don’t know what I’m going to knit 😊🧶. And I also like to take a look at the yarn for real, so I can get a better impression and imagination of the different colours. Because colours changes a bit during different ligth- settings.

Normally I buy yarn in a China- store, or get “leftover” yarn from my friends and family in Norway when they are visiting me here in Spain. I can forget about getting both “leftovers” yarn from Norway this year as well as visits from my friends and family from Norway. At the moment it seems that Spain is not going to open the border for tourists before in October. And my friends and family are in general not travel to Spain after October. Maybe it will be different this year, but I don’t think so.

The yarn in the China- store is cheaper then the yarn in the Norwegian online store, at the same time the Norwegian yarn is much better then the Spanish yarn. It’s better hold in it, and better quality. But leftover yarn my friends and family are giving me are cheaper, because I get it 😅, but also because Norwegian yarn are cheaper to buy in Norway then buy it here in Spain.

Anyway,- I did try to knit a a tunic with tank top to my self during the last weeks. Or maybe it was more like a shirt with tank top? In my imagination it was very cool, and it also did look cool after I have been knitting more then over half of the top/ tunic too, except from one thing. The colours are not my colours 🧶. I know I’m never going to use the top/ tunic, just because of the colours. I was happy with the design, but the colours didn’t match me at all. So I pulled up my entire tunic top.

The tunic top I did try to knit to my self with some “leftover” yarn 🧶

It’s absolutely nothing wrong with the colours they just don’t match me and my colours. Most of the colours are colours I’m in general are not using, – and I’m not going to feel comfortable in this colours either, or the colour match and mix. It’s different pink and violet colours, because,- well I haven’t very much yarn left to choose between in my “yarn- corner” in my home, so I use what I have and try to be creative 🧶. And I actually needed to knit as much as possible before I could get my imagination about how this tunic tank top would look like on me. The design was good, but the colours was not the best choice for me. I think I can use the yarn to elf- socks to my self instead, or knit something to someone else that match and like this colours better then me 😊.

But colours are a bit different in different light- settings as well as with different mix and match of colours. That’s also why I prefer the take a look at the yarn and colours before I buy it. I like to put together different yarn and colours and see how good or not good they “fit” together, and I can’t do that in a online store 😊.

The same colours just with different backgrounds and a bit different light- setting.

In general I use white background when I’m trying to find colours as well as mix different colours combination together. I also use white background when I take photos of my paintings, because the correct colours shows better with a white background then with a black background, or a background with other colours 🎨.

I actually have a tank top in very light pink colour, and I’m use that tank top too during the summertime, but the it’s less pink then it was in my knit tunic top, and I feel okay with that. It is the combination of colours, how much it is from the different colours and also the design on the clothes that wasn’t a very good mix for me.

I like to use different colours combination together, at the same time it is important for me to feel comfortable with the colours combination I’m using. And I didn’t feel very comfortable with the colours combination in my knit tunic top, but this colour combination could be a perfect mix of colours for someone else 😊.

I have started on an other knit project now,- a combination of tunic and jacket to my self in a dark blue colour with a touch of grey. So fare it also seems to be something I’m going to use when I’m finish knitting the tunic/ jacket. The design is fine, of course 😅, I did create it on my own, like I did with the tunic top, and this dark blue colours feels better for me.

Do you have any favourite colours on your clothes? Some colours and combinations you prefer to use? And do you have some colours and colours combination you absolutely don’t use because you don’t feel comfortable with the colours and the mix?

I like a lots of different colours and colours combination, and I do use different colours and colours combination too on different outfits. But I also have colours I don’t use, or I don’t feel comfortable in 🎨.

Well,- I have at the moment some different pink coloured yarn I can knit some elf- socks to my self, or create something to someone who like the colour mix I have left in my “yarn- corner “. Time will show, first of all I’m going to finish knit my tunic- jacket, and then we see. Maybe even the China- store is open again when I finish with my tunic- jacket so I can buy some more yarn in different forms, shapes and colours, and start on a totally new knit- project 🧶😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

This sweet colour mix and combination was not correct for me 🧶. I did try to knit a kind of, or a combination of a “tunic tank top” to my self with this colours combination, and I actually did I pulled up my entire “tunic top” when I was closely finish with it 😊. You will find the “tunic tank top” in my post, like it was before I started pull it up 🧶😊.

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Look at these magical feathers 🌾🍂🌿

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

I have been painting a bit during the last weeks, and I had an imagination about painting three magical feathers. Three magical feathers for good luck, and good wishes for the future. One feather for peace. One feather for hope, and one feather for a good future for all of us 💛.

This is my first “feather- painting, and I’m happy with it at the same time it didn’t became totally the way I wanted it to be 😊. At the same time in a very magical way the colours in the painting are changing a bit during the different directions and the different lighting. Its fascinating to look at,- and I have try my very best to show you this strange and magical colour effect with taking different photos from different directions and with a bit different lights. But of course,- the best and most correct effect will always be “in the real life” 😊.

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Feathers are fascinating me,- and I want to try to paint more paintings where the feathers are the design. And there’s a saying ” Exercise Makes Master”. So I just get to practice and practice drawing and painting feathers,- and then they hopefully will be better and better, little by little by practicing 😊.

Feathers are a strong symbol, and widely used as a symbol in various religions, faiths and beliefs.  Feathers are also a strong symbol if they appear in your dreams, and feathers adorn a dream catcher.

Feathers are a symbol of bird and freedom.  It is the strongest symbol of the air, at the same time so light, and hovers so softly and elegantly in its own way.  At the same time so powerful and vigorous in its hover.


Feathers symbolize both change and protection, freedom and hope.

The colors I used when painting the feathers are white, brown and gray.  Each color has different symbolism, while simultaneously symbolizing hope, purity, spirit, protection, peace, joy and happiness.  They also symbolize health and balance, of banishing the old and receiving the new in life.

And it was exactly what I wanted this painting, the design and the colours to represent 🧡. Special when we all are in this strange and new time we all are in, and the new time we are going to meet.

It’s the same painting,- just from different directions and in a bit different lights.

You can see the different colours I have been using in this painting, at the same time it depends what light and direction you are looking at, and what colours that’s shows. Very fascinating, and I even didn’t know I could create something like that 😊. So I’m a bit proud too, even the feathers could be painted better. I just need to exercise, and hopefully they will be better after some exercising 😊.

I have also painted two other paintings where the design are a bit like angel- wings, and some of the colours are the same as in this painting. I will show you them another day 😊.

This is a painting I did started on when Spain went in “lock down”,- and we got quarantine and curfew all of us. And the numbers of sick people went higher and higher as well as the numbers on people that pasted away because of the illness Covid19 also got extremely high 💛. I did think about them all,- the sick ones, and the people that lost some of their loved ones,- without even got the possibility to say goodbye 💔. And all the people that have lost their jobs, their safety net in life here in Spain 😔.

I know,- how hard life can be, how difficult it can be to see and find, feel and believe that things in life will and can be better again after som really heavy life experiences. I know it’s so difficult to believe that the lights will shine in life again after a really hard and tough time. And that’s why I did paint this painting, “This three magical feathers”,- because I hope so much that all the people who are in a tough time now, that are having a hard time to believe “in better days” hopefully will get this believe back, and that there will fly magical feathers into their life, and give them hope, peace, protection and happiness for the future 💚.

And,- of course I really do wish the same for you as well 🧡.

And I also wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

The three magical feathers- one for peace, one for hope, and one for a good future 🧡. Size in the painting is 18*24 cm

This painting is actually a kind of magical on it’s own,- and if you reading my post you will maybe be able to see how the colours in the feathers are changing – it’s more photos in my post 🥰. My “Three Magical Feathers”,- one feather for peace, one feather for hope, and one feather for a good future 🧡.

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My painting become a bit different then my imagination 😊🎨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days, weeks and months we all are going through,- together 🧡

I have actually been painting a bit more then I was aware 😅. Suddenly I have 4 different paintings that was finish,- and I have even stated on my fifth 😊. I’m not even sure how I have manage that,- and I have even been “whining” a bit about that I haven’t been able to paint the way I want to “use” my painting- time now when this two young men are living together with me 😅. That “whining” was obviously not quite necessary 😅.

I will show you my paintings little by little, one at the time, one in different post during the next days and weeks 😊. But let’s start with the painting that’s actually did “surprised” me a bit 😊. It’s suprice me in that way that I did had something very different in my mind when I did started with the painting 😊.

In my imagination I should paint three feather. One for hope, one for peace and one for happiness,- but that became a imagine in an other painting,- not this 😊.

I have told you before that I have an imagination in my mind about what and how my painting is going to be and look like when I’m starting on a new painting. In general it never became totally what I first did imagine 😊. It’s like my brushes and colours are in a bit living their own life on the canvas 🎨. It’s difficult to explain,- so this is more and less my best “explanation” about why my paintings become a bit different then my first imagination about how it actually should be 😊.

And of course my mind, feelings and thoughts are “playing” together with my brushes and colours over my canvas as well 🎨.

This painting didn’t even became close to the three feather I did have in my imagination 🌿. It became more like the sky together with the sun, at the same time as the darkness in the night is there, but it is still sparkling in the night and the darkness too 🌟.

I have called the painting for “The shaky shiny day, in the sparkling dark night” 🖼.

It reminds me about that in some and on other way there closely always will be a kind of light in life,- even when it can be and feel really difficult to see it. Special when “it all” feels difficult, dark and hopeless. Something I know so many people around in the world are feeling at the moment. Not just feeling, but actually having a difficult time, see a very dark future and can’t find or see any kind of hope anywhere.

My painting is about a difficult time, a dark future, hopelessness over the situation we are in, at the same time it is about sunny days, hope and sparkling darkness, happiness and joy, a lighter future after a dark present 🍀.

The reality are also difficult, dark and hopeless for so many. But hopefully in on or another way there will, after a while, show up some shiny and sparkling moments that’s create hope for their future, for their dreams and wishes in life,- and they will feel joy and happiness in some or another way 🌟.

When I look at my painting I feel hope, peace and joy, at the same time as it remains my about that all days and nights are not shiny and sparkling. Some can be pretty dark, but there’s still a tiny, light shaky, shiny hope for better days and nights, for new and better times 🍀.

I don’t know if you will feel the same when you see my painting. It’s not even sure you see the same as me. We see, feel and understand things differently 💛. But in some or another way I hope my painting still will bring you a kind of joy and happiness, hope and sparkling 🌟.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

“The shaky, shiny day, in the sparkling dark night ” size 18*24 cm. You will find more of my art and paintings at my Instagram account @artbylailas_

My imagination with this painting should be with another image….🌿….but for some reason feather became sun and stars, light and dark, day and night 🎨.

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A couple of more knit hats, scarf and elf- socks 😊🧶

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧡

It’s not easy to stay indoors “all the time” like we are doing in Spain at the moment,- but it’s really important to follow the rules and restrictions we are given 😊.

I’m not bored to be indoors and inside “all day long”,- but I need to admit it has been really nice with just a tiny little walk in the park or just around in the area where I’m living in. At the same time, most of the time we have been in quarantine and curfew here in the area I’m living in Spain it has actually been raining…. a lot ☔. Hopefully there will be a possibility for a tiny walk in a couple of weeks, and then without to much rain as well 😊. I don’t mind to take a walk in the rain either now,- a tiny little walk had been a bit “luxury” mo matter what 😊.

But Im not bored to be “locked down” and inside my home “all day long” 😊. I’m very lucky that’s have a couple of things to do 😊.

I have my jobs, and a working- and time schedule I need to follow. I need to be on time to my work even I’m working from my home 😊. It’s actually not to difficult to manage 😊. I have my workout as well, and a TV and a lots of movies I can watch. To watch TV in my home when it’s raining it’s a “lost case”. The television want work 🙄. And I have also different books I can read too 📚. And Spanish to study as well 😊.

I’m also a tiny bit creative soul, so I have been knitting a bit during the last weeks 🧶. I also like to paint, and I have two canvas I have started to paint on, and two empty. But because I’m not sure when I can buy some new canvas I’m just waiting a bit with my painting at the moment 😊. Just so I have something to do for maybe more rainy and curfew days 😊.

Lucky for me, I did get a lots of “left over yarn” from my mammi when she was visiting me in October 2019, and I have still a bit left from that 🧶. And I also had some yarn left from differents “project” I have been knitting to family and friends during the last months 🧶. My last “knitting- project” is now finish, and I’m already started on a new one,- and this time it is some knitting just for me and myself. That’s haven’t happened very often,- most of the time I knit to other people 😊. I have knit a couple of elf- socks to my self last Autumn, but that’s it. And they are very well used too 😊.

My last knitting project was to a student of my and his norwegian girlfriend 😊. He was, or maybe still is, my student because his plan was to move to Norway to his girlfriend in the end of April 2020. He also got a job in Norway, and the plan was to start in his new job in the beginning of May. So he wants and wanted to learn more Norwegian before he moved to Norway and started in his new job up there, in the North 😊.

Like the world situation is at the moment I’m not sure their plans will be realistic in April/May, but hopefully after some months at least 😊. I can see my student is so in love with his Norwegian girlfriend, it’s like his eyes are shining when he talks about her 😊. It’s a joy to see and listen to him as well 😊.

So I wanted to give them both something for their love, and for their living plans in Norway, and also because I like my student, and I like to give ❄. I started to knot to them before I did nee about the “lock down” in Spain. My pmsn was to give it all to my student on his last Norwegian lesson 🎁.

So I have been knitting a pink/ rosa sett with a hat, scarf and elf- sock to his girlfriend, and a blue, purple, grey sett with hat, scarf and elf- sock to him, my student ❄. The wintertime in Norway can be cold, and their plan is/ was to live on the West coast of Norway as well 😊. So some nice, warm, knit items can be good to have 😊.

Pink/ rosa knit sett to a Norwegian girl living in Norway 🧶

I didn’t had enough yarn to this Norwegian girlfriend so I need to be a bit creative and use some of the left over yarn I got from my mam. When I bought yarn to knit this to her I didn’t knew the stores was going to close down, or Spain at all. So that’s why it’s a bit mixed pink/rosa colours in the different items 🧶.

A knit hat, scarf and elf- socks to my student,- with plans for living in Norway ❄

I did had the same “challenge” with the yarn and colours for the different knit items to my student. I did bought some different blue coloured yarns, but really not enough. My plan was first to try and see the different blue colours combination before I started knit to him. But then the “lock down” “entered” Spain, and I just tried to be creative with the different yarns I had in my home 🧶.

To knit something to my self by leftover yarns it’s fine, because then it is just to me, and my use 😊. I can be creative in a bit different way to myself and my different knit items 🧶.

Anyway,- I hope ,- it’s also “the thoughts behind the act” that counts 😊. And it wasn’t to bad I think,- my students different knit items? Or what do you think? Should I just wait until the stores open again and knit in some other colours to him? 🧶

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Take care 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Knit hat, scarf and elf- sock to a couple that are hopefully “on the way to Norway” in a couple of months 😊

To be in quarantine and curfew, and have not the possibility to go outside can create some long days in between 😊☔,- then it’s good to have some knitting needles, different types of yarn and a bit creative mind 🧶. You find also this knit items in my post,- but no knit recipe, just some few photos 🧶😊.

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Literally, – “mouth bindings” 😷

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days we all are in 🧡

In Norway we call menstrual binding just for binding, – so when I create and knit cover for the nose and mouth, and also using panty line in the knit mouth cover I’m making,- it’s actually literally “mouth binding” 😷. I don’t think it can be more literally then that 😊. I do use panty lines inside the face mask as extra protection, and this is possible to change too.

Of course this homemade, handmade knit mouth cover doesn’t cover as good as a P95 mask does, but it doesn’t cover less than a wipe or then a very ordinary facemaske either. Actually it’s cover more then a wipe, that’s for sure. And I did see a video online how you can make a face mask from wipes. Then I prefer my own knit mouth and nose cover instead of wipes, mine are made of 100 % cotton not wet paper 😉. And I also know my mask is better then not using anything to cover your mouth and nose at all, and also better then a old t-shirt to do cover 👕.

Two of the face mask I did made for some of my colleagues 😷

Something to cover the mouth and nose is much better then nothing 😷. And here in Spain the government prefer that we cover our mouths and noses with something when we are outside, or in the food store, or farmacia. We also need to keep 1 meter distance from all around us, as well as there are people/ safety guards that’s looking after us that this is followed up as good as possible. So, yes, I do use my knit, homemade, handmade face mask when I’m outside or in the store, or drive my car or walk to the office 😷. I did find out that the police don’t stop me if I’m alone and also using cover for my mouth and nose 😊. And I really don’t want the police to stop me,- even I have all my papers in order. I think the Spanish police are actually a bit scary with their guns and batons 😳. I’m not used to that from Norway.

Some think it’s a stupid idea with knit mouth and nose cover, others did like it so much that they have “order” knit mouth and nose cover from me 🧶. So during the lasts days I have actually knit totally 17 face mask like this. I have one myself, and my son in the middle and two of his friends have also got one each, as well as my daughter and her boyfriend too 😷. The rest of the knit face masks is “delivered” to other friends of my children as well as some of my colleagues 🧶. I have given them all away,- I don’t want to charge or take payment for this. This is something that is necessary to use this days, weeks, even maybe months as a health care protection. My oldest son and his friend has their own face mask, and they have even order some special face mask online 😊. So that’s why they don’t have a knit, homemade and handmade face mask, made by mammi 😊.

My daughter and her boyfriend with their face masks 😷

Some also think I have created “my” face mask for fashion 😷. Something I in away can understand why they do think do, but I haven’t. All the face mask are knit in the same way, just with different colours. The reason why it’s different colours is just because I’m using leftover yarn. I actually don’t have more yarn of the same colours left anymore, and it’s a bit important that the face mask are made by 100 % cotton of any kind. And if I have made it for fashion, I have been a bit more creative,- that’s for sure 😊. Mixed a bit more with both colours, style and pattern 🧶. An other thing,- I felt I didn’t have any time to be creative. I just needed to knit as many as possible as fast as possible to give as fast I could to the ones that have asked me for a knit, cotton face mask 😊.

My son in the middle, – the one to the left,- and his two friends with their face masks 😷

I know it’s not so “popular” in Norway to use face masks as much as we do in Spain, but I should really wish they did. That’s also for many other countries too. It is a healthy protection for both you and the people around you, and the people you meet,- even when we need to keep one meter distance from each other. And health is the main factor and main focus this days 💚. To not be exposed or exposing with the coronavirus.

So,- that’s what I have been doing during the last days, knit face masks, been at my office job and done my online job in my home as well 😊. So,- I’m still not being bored by being in quarantine,- also because I’m still so lucky that I actually can go to y work at the office and still have a bit normal routines in my daily life 😊. I’m thankful for that 💛. Special because I know for every day I m also closer to just be able to work from my home, get all my screens and my computer from my office job installed in my home. And I like this “freedom” to be able to go to my job at the office 😊. A freedom I have never given so many thoughts before now 😊. But yes,- it is a freedom to be able to go to work when a whole country actually are in quarantine 😊.

My oldest son and his friend ordinary face masks,- they are hanging them outside after use every day 😷

I hope your life and days are nice to you,- and I hope you have some kind of freedom in your life too 💛. Take care, and use common sense, use protection so the coronavirus doesn’t expose you and you are not exposing other people either 💚.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Some of the face masks I have been knitting during the last days to my children, their friends and to some colleagues too 😷 with panty lines inside for extra protection 😊

My knit face mask doesn’t give the same protection as a P95 mask, but it gives more protection then no face mask at all 😷. During the last days I have been knitting face masks to my children, some of their friends, and even some colleagues too. Want to take a better look? There’s a couple of more photos in my post 😷😊🧶.

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