“The GoldenBlue Inspiration” is finish 🎨 😊

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine and you 🧡

All is fine with me,- my paint- collection are slowly “growing”, and I can add an other new painting to my Instagram account @artbylailas_ today 😊. I try to sample my art here/there. It’s easier for me, and hopefully easier for you and others that’s maybe are interesting to take a look, or even maybe want to buy something 😊.

I have paint a bit more painting then I have at @artbylailas_, – but they are given away or I wasn’t to happy with the product so it doesn’t exist anymore 😊.

Today I’m also are going to deliver the two paintings that someone did order from me to paint for him/ her 🎨. Hopefully the new owner will be happy with the “products”, the paintings 🖼 ,- and feel the joy and happiness I did felt when I did paint the paintings 🥰.

Actually I’m pretty sure he/she will be happy with the paintings. The new owner has already told me so,- and if I wasn’t so sure, I haven’t probably told you I was going to deliver them 😊. And if I’m wrong, – well then they are coming for sale at @artbylailas_ 😊. Because I like them 😊, and I think they can bring joy and happiness for someone else then. But,- they will probably not be for sale 😊.

“Magic Dreamcatcher” 40*40 ( the orange/yellow/red one) is ready to be delivered today, as well as “A joyful Spring” 40*40 (the blue/green one) is ready to get a new home 🖼

And my last product to my “collection” is “The Golden Blue Inspiration” 🥰. It’s like a blue and golden heart flying in a blue and golden sky ☁️ 💙. And it’s not painted in the “normal” A4,- just because it’s flying.

And as I normally feel when I’m painting I also with this painting felt peace and joy, at the same time as the painting also gives me a nice reminder about the stability in life and good feelings in life. It’s a heart that’s fly in a blue and golden sky, it’s optimism and happiness.

This painting gives me an inspiration for warm and good feelings for the life like it is, and a believe in the important stability in life as well. At the same time it’s important to spread the wings and let different experiences in life give and bring joy and happiness, peace in the heart and the life, and embrace them ( the different experiences) with optimism and hope 💙. And even stability in life is important it’s also important to get new experiences. Stability and what it means is also very different from person to person 🧡.

So “The Golde Blue Inspiration” is about life, it’s about to fly a bit in life, but try to be stable as well. Get new experiences, feel the warm and good feelings in the colours and in the heart, feel joy and happiness, feel peace in the heart, and be optimistic 😊. And I hope other will feel a bit the same when they see the painting, – peace and joy, happiness, optimism and hope 😊. Maybe they will, maybe not,- because we all feel and see a photo, picture and painting differently,- but I hope my painting will give a good feeling in the heart, a bit peace in the soul and some joy for the eyes at least 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

“The Golden Blue Inspiration” , 20*20 cm- you will also find my painting at Instagram @artbylailas_ 🎨

“The Golden Blue Inspiration” is joy and peace, hope and optimism, and about to try to “fly” a bit in life at the same time as be a bit stable, get new experiences, and live and learn from the different experiences in life as well. Embrace the colours with good feelings 💙. I hope my painting will give a good feeling in the heart, a bit peace in the soul and some joy for the eyes at least 😊.

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“Embrace the colours in life” 🎨 🖼

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with me 🧡

I’m finish with an other painting and I have give it the name “Embrace the colours in life”,- something that’s actually not always very easy to do 😊.

It’s a painting with colours, joy and happiness 💚 At least for me 😊. And our life has a lots of different colours during a day, a week, a month, a year,- but it’s not always easy to just “embrace” them,- special not the “dark” colours 😊. And for me the colours in this painting are also representing different situations in life 🧡. Good and a bit less good put together to a colourful, happy and joyful heart 💜. The life ❤.

And on purpose it’s painting the way it has been painted too, there is a reason why the canvas is like it is,- just because our life in general are not A4,- even many of us think so,- and of course it also feels like a life is A4 when you go to work at the same time, the same days every week and not always see the tiny small differences between the different days. Because in general not one day is the same, even it can feel like that 😊.

I feel like that myself,- that there’s to many “similar A4 days” in my life,- and I forget to look after the small differences from day to day. It doesn’t need to be very much or “big” things that “happen”,- but just a hug from someone or a smile, or a nice text are changing the colours on a day 😊. And suddenly the day became a bit more different and a bit more joyful than another day 😊. And it’s this “small” colours that’s so important to learn to “embrace” as well as the darker colours in a life 💛.

The darker colours are in way “teachers in life” that teach and learn you and me,- something about the life or something about myself / yourself 😊. It’s not always fun to meet this dark colours or “teachers”,- at least I don’t think so 😅. I prefer to have as less as possible of them in my life,- but they will drop by now and then anyway. And,- jepp,- then it’s try to “embrace” them as best as we can 😊. And try to put “it all” together to a colourful, happy and joyful heart 💛. The life ❤.

I hope you will feel a bit happiness and joy, maybe even a tiny smile when you take a look at my last painting “Embrace the colours in life” 💜. I did feel all of that when I did paint this painting 😊. For me this is : colours, and it’s joy, it’s happiness, and it’s (the irritated 😅) “teachers” that unnecessary have a habit to also drop by, – it is The life ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

Ps- you will find more practical information about “Embrace the colours in life” at my Instagram account: @artbylailas_

Embrace the colours in the life” 🎨. An other new painting is finish and ready to join my paintings “collection”, and is also ready for sale 😊. For me this painting is : colours, and it’s joy, it’s happiness, and it’s (the irritated 😅) “teachers” that unnecessary have a habit to also drop by 😉, – it is The life ❤.

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A tiny diving into some few colours again 🎨

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I need to learn this new “writing-system” at #myblog,- but I don’t feel I have time for that at the moment 😅. It’s probably not so #difficult that it’s seems,- and I can “#exercise” with some small and short textes in between my work😊.

The next days, and probably the rest of this month,- it’s actually what I need to do anyway, – write small and short textes in my blog,- and use most of my focus on my #work from home,- and of course my work at the office too 😊. But the focus need to be work now,- mainly work for the rest of this month 😊. No time for anything else if I should be able to get in zero 😊. The bill from the internet company was a bit to big and a chock to be honest- I really didn’t expected that,- and I need to get distance to it 😊. It will be payed- but to be payed I need more income 😊. More income at the moment means- just work- no time for not very much more 😊. But okay,- I have at least the possibility for earning some money even I have lost 3 weeks of work/ income and on top of that need to pay for my lost too 😅. Like I did mention in my last post,- that’s a part of “living in Spain” 😅. And not the good part. There are a quite few bad parts of living in Spain.

So,- just to get a bit of my breath back again one more time 😅,- I did took one more and short “diving into the #colours”. And just played with the colours and the #imagination of the #Spring 🍃🍂. The Spring where my imagination is about “something #new is #growing up ” 😊. I really need something new and just #joyful in my life now,- not anymore small or big #challenges, or any #unexpected either 😅. But that’s obviously the life,- it’s “spiced” up changes and challenges that doesn’t feel very #necessary to get or have all the time 😅.

One of my small “diving painting” paintings 🎨. “Playing with the imagination of the Spring “. Nr LSA 080 A 😊

Another one of my small “diving painting” paintings 🎨 “Playing with the imagination of the Spring” . Nr: LSA 080 B
And the third and last one,- just painted because I just needed to get out some “steam” 😅. “Playing with the imagination of the Spring” . Nr LSA 080 C

#Not my best painting at all,- but not in my best “#mood” either 😅. Any way, – my goal is to come through January with my head up on my shoulders and my feet on the ground, – and all the bills payed to the 10. February and also have some money for food left after that as well 😊.

Sounds probably very #dramatic for some,- but this is actually an #reality,- and not just an reality for me. It has just been an reality for to long now as well as for me, and probably for others too 😔.

I’m glad I have my colours and #painting,- so I can “#brush” away a bit of “the bad feelings” and #continue as best as I can 😊. I’m not “#created” for “#givingup”,- even I want to do that sometimes,- and it’s also seems a bit #easier to just give up hopes, wishes, imagination and dreams for a bit. And just except that an other kind of “#lifestyle” that I actually want to have and Im trying to work for to get maybe isn’t for me to have 😊.

I’m not going to #complain to much to you,- all in all I’m very #lucky too,- in so many ways 💛. It’s just sometimes a bit #difficult to find it and see it all,- all the good and positive things in life 😊. So then I try to “brush” them and bring them forth with my colours ( and a bit writing too ) 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡, – and even manage to read a bit about my complainings 🧡. (…. sometimes it’s just a bit necessary to get the “steam out” in more then one way- then just with my paintings 😊 🎨.

See you soon 😊.

All three of my “#deep #breath and deep #diving” into the #colours”- #paintings 🎨. “Playing with the #imagination of the #Spring ” 🍃🥀🍂. The Spring- as an #new and #fresh #start build on “old” #experiences in #life 😊. I wish you all a fantastic Friday 🧡.

A tiny “deep dive” into the winebottles and colours today 🎨 🍾 🍷

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I just needed a “#timeout” today,- from my work at home and from my self and my #thoughts too – it’s a bit “going on in my #mind” at the moment 😅. And then it’s a bit necessary now and then to just take a really good #breath  and “timeout”,- that’s for sure 😊. So I did finish my #winebottles today 😊🍷🍾.

It’s just “a #project under #process”, – I have no #idea if I’m going to #continue painting on winebottles or not,- but what I can say is that I  did like it, it was fun,- even it was a bit challenging and a bit difficult to do too 😊.
But that’s in general very normal when we try something new ,- isn’t 😊 ?

I did “lost it” a bit today 😔. I’m just so #tired sometimes and some days to try my very best to #create a #life and a #living- to live,- and not just work for #surviving. But in some way that’s seems to be “#impossible” for me to do. I’m not sure why it is like that. Do I try to hard to create a life 🤔? What am I doing wrong 🤔?

I did get my internet and mobile bill today  – and of course they haven’t removed the 3 weeks I was without internet and without the possibility to do my work from my home,- even they told me that they was going to do exactly that. And the bill was high too 😔.

That’s #Spain in a “#nutshell”, – and some wonder why there is so much black money in circulation and money under the table her in Spain 🤔.  Well, that’s the only way to not only survive – but it adds a bit of #flexibility.  To actually live and create a life.  Not just survive. That’s the way it is 😔. I have try my very best to live an #honest life here,- but it didn’t help very much 😔.

Of course I did call the company today, – and they told me that I should have been creating a complain before I did got the bill 😳. I have already done that too 😥.
And,- of course the blog- company I’m using also had change the “use” today too,- just in case 🙄. How to put in brands, photos, videos 🙄.

Well,- it’s just not very much to do with that,- it will cost me even more to take “the #complain” to a lawyer 😔. 
I’m just so tired sometimes of trying,- so much, so hard- and I’m in away not getting “anywhere”.

Well,- enough #heartfailure – it doesn’t help either.  To be honest, I no longer know what helps ,- even more hard work? How to do that? 🤔 It does not appear to offer any “dividend” either,- so sometimes and some days I just feel for give it all up.

But,- I did finish my winebottles today instead  of giving “it all up” 😊. It did helped a bit,- to just “dive into the #colours” for a while 🎨.

And they didn’t become to bad either 😊,- I will show you ,- but, please have in mind,- it’s my first winebottles with my art/ painting and it’s all “a project under process”, – and maybe I create some more,- maybe not,- we see 😊

You can see more of my art at my Instagram account: artbylailas_   😊

So,- we see if there will comes more or not 😊. I need first of all to have more empty winebottles to work on,- and I don’t have that at the moment 😊. And I have no idea when I’m going “to empty” a winebottle in my home 😅 ,- or share one with some one. Probably not this month, – that’s for sure 😊.

What do you do when you need a “timeout” from yourself and your thoughts? What to you do when you just need to breathe a bit when the days are a bit “heavy”? And there’s a bit going on in your mind?

I try to “dive into” something else ,- like for example my colours and painting, and try to create “a happy mind” with my colours. Sometimes its work very well, – and another times “my mind” goes back to the “a bit moody feeling” again 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by #myblog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Today I just needed to take a ” #deep #dive into the #colours”,- take a deep #breath and a  tiny “#timeout” with my #paintings, – and I did finish my 3 first #winebottles with my #art 🎨. What do you do when you need to take a “deep breath” and a “timeout” before you in a way can continue with your daily life 😊? Ps- do you want to see my winebottles goes around and around? Then just drop by my text,- or my Instagram account: artbylailas_ 😊

My first winebottle with my art 😊
My second winebottle with my art 😊
My third winebottle with my art 😊

“A joyful Spring in a sparkling night” 🖼

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m finish with the next, and the last one so fare, #painting on a order 🎨. And I have given the painting the name “A joyful #Spring in a #sparkling #night”. Just because it was #joy to paint it, and because I like the Spring,- and also because I wish the new owner will get a joyful Spring as well 😊.

I like every #season, – but it is something with the Spring when “everything” in the nature starts #growing up again after #resting during the #wintertime 🥀.

And I’m also #fascinated about the Spring too. We often thinks that “the nature” are “dying” during the wintertime, – but it’s just resting,- and preparing for a new season, – the Spring, and then the Summer, and then the Autumn 🌞🍂🍃.

It’s a new life at the same time as it is a lots of the life from “last year” that’s grows up again 💚. The Spring give me on it’s own way,- #hope,- hope for something #new #build on something “#old”. It’s a bit like new #experiences in life are showing up together with the old ones from the life,- and together they “#create” something new during the Spring 😊.

Most of the #flowers and #plants has just been “sleeping”, and the same flowers and even more are growing up where you did plant the seeds or the roots last year 🥀.

And I like the idea that the leaves just hide in the branches of the trees through the winter and then sprout fresh and green again in the spring 🍃.

The Spring gives a fresh and new start, at the same time it’s still so lots of life from the last year there 😊.

I also like the sounds of the birds that’s starts sing again in the Spring 🐦. And I like the idea of a new start with a lots of hope coloured up with fresh #colours from the Spring, the flowers, the plants, the nature 💚.

And maybe, – even it can be a bit “love in the air” in the Spring 🧡 ? As the #sunlight becomes stronger and the days are lighter and longer, the hormone in the body also begins to wake up. Body and soul, even the hormones, become a little “Spring dizzy” after a tiny rest during the wintertime 🥰. And then it can be a tiny little “love in the air” ,- maybe for the life and maybe for someone else too 🥰.

Do you have any #favourite season? Or do you see the different beauty in all the 4 seasons during the year 😊 ?

I’m #enjoying every season,- for me all 4 seasons has it’s own #charm 🥰. But,- yes,- I do like the Spring and what the Spring in it’s own way stands for light, a new start, life and hope 💚.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by #myblog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Ps- the #painting is 40*40 cm,- and you will also find it at my Instagram account #artbylailas_ – where I have some more paintings for sale 😊

A joyful Spring in a sparkling night” is finish and soon ready for delivery to the owner 💚. I like the #Spring and that though of a new and #fresh start, at the same time as the #experiences from last year are been #connected together with #joy and #colours, #hope and #life 💚.

An other painting is finish 🖼 (“Even in the darkest the lights are “sharpest” “🕯)

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡.

When I’m #painting, or “work with something #creative”,- I’m not just painting/ working on one painting, or work with one product at the same time. Normally I work with two, three or even maybe four or five different “creative things” in the same period. One of the mainly reasons for this is because I’m in general use #oil-based painting, and it takes a bit time for the painting to dry 🎨. And I can’t just wait,- I’m a bit impatient …. I’m a bit #impatient when it comes to myself in general …. 😅,- and I like and “need” to have a couple of “#art- products” to work with so I can work with one when I’m waiting for the next one to be ready “to work a bit more with” 😊.

Also if, or more correctly,- when I want to “make” different #structures and use different #colours #combinations as in a way “goes a bit into each other”,- the oil-based painting needs to be not to wet and not to dry either 😊. And then I need to have something else to do in the meantime when I’m waiting 🎨.

Let me put it this way,- in general I’m not bored that much or so often 😅. Its closely “always” something to do,- or something I can do 😊. Paint, knit, clean the home 😅, wash some clothes, make som food or bake some cakes, or write a text and three 😊 ….and probably a bit more I don’t remember at the moment 😊.

In general I don’t paint “#dark” paintings. The painting can be “dark” when I’m #starting at the painting, the #colours too,- because I’m in a “dark corner, moody or don’t have the best day in my life” when I’m starting at the painting, – but little by little it’s closely like my #paintbrushes brush away “the darkness”, my “not to good mood”,- and the colours slowly changes to more #brighter colours 🎨.

But during the time between Christmas and the New Year evening I did started on a bit “dark” painting. The reason was probably because of a Norwegian artists and writer that choose to end his life during this time. I don’t know how he had “it inside himself, in the soul, his thoughts or challenges in life”,- but I do know how it feels “when the life gets a bit to much, and it’s fells to difficult to find solutions and to just move on and continue”.

So then this painting “Even in the darkest the lights are “sharpest” ” was created🕯. Because for some reasons, – no matter how dark it is,- it’s just needs a tiny little light to bright up the darkness,- and even the tiny little light can shine so clear with all the darkness around,- and it’s still the light you hopefully will see best. At least that was in away my “feelings” and imagination when this painting became a painting 😊. Difficult to explain, – but hopefully you do understand a bit of what I mean ? 😊 At least,- maybe when you take a tiny look at the painting 😊.

I have created a #Instagramaccount where I’m putting out my different paintings, and some other creative things,- and you are very welcome to drop by and take a look if you want 😊

The account name is : ArtByLailaS_

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. I hope there’s a lots of brightness in your life 🕯. And ,- Thank you so much for dropping by my #blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

“Even in the darkest the lights are “sharpest” ” ,- my last #painting are finish to my #creative #collection at #Instagram 🎨. You will find more “#art by me” and with more #information about the paintings at my Instagram account: ArtByLailaS_ 😊. I wish you a #bright and #joyful #weekend 😊🧡.

A magic dreamchatcher 🍂💮🍃

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m fine,- I’m #painting and #enjoying playing with the #colours 🎨. And my first painting for 2020 is finish 😊.

I’m actually finish with one of two #oilpaintings on a #order. And so fare I’m very #happy with the #product and #results,- and so fare “the new owner” of the painting is happy too. The owner will not get the paintings before I’m finish with both paintings, and both paintings needs to be dry as well before delivering. It’s oil painting, so it’s dry a bit slow 😊. But I wanted to show you “my last work” anyway 😊. The “new owner” of the painting has already take a tiny look,- so I can show it to you now 😊. It felt a bit more correct that the owner, the one that has order the painting, did take a tiny look before I did show it to you 😊.

It’s not easy to paint “on order”, it’s more difficult then when I’m going to paint something “for myself”. Because when I sit there with the canvas, the paint brushes and the colours, – and my #imagination about how this painting is going to be,- its still like the brushes and painting “live their own #colorful life” on the #canvas 😅. It’s difficult to explain 😊.

I do have a #sketch, a picture and #images in my #mind, and this time the one that order those two paintings also had an imagination what the #illustration, the painting should contain of both colors and object. The theme became mine,- or more correctly, – the theme and tittle on a painting normally and in general doesn’t comes before after the painting is finish. Before that I still just have a kind if illustrations in my mind about the “#feelings” that the painting will contain 💚. Still hanging there with me? 😅

I’m not going to boring you with a lots of “explanation” about “my paintings- process” more deeply,- it is what it is,- and it became what it became. The most important for me is that “the feelings, illustrations, theme and colours” in a painting “hangs together” in the ways that’s “feels” correctly for me, and that “the expression” in the painting also is correct for me 😊.

This time the painting became “A magic dreamchatcher” 🍂💮🍃.

A #dreamcatcher is a beautiful and artistic ornament, which is an #aesthetic work of #art in itself, and which originally comes from the American indigenous people 🍂. It was to capture evil dreams, hold them, and release them at the first sunlight of the morning, so that they disappeared like dew disappearing into the sun’s rays 💧.

At the same time, the dream catcher should release all the good #dreams, let them have positive leeway 💛.

In today’s society, dream chatcher are used both as decorations and aesthetic work of art in the home, and also in some context in connection with “old view tales” / “a kind beliefs in spirits with different missions in life” 🍂💛.

I hope this “Magic dreamchatcher” will bring the new owner both #happiness and #joy as art and an aesthetic decorations in the home,- as well as bring the owner magical and good dreams in life 😊.

I hope all your good wishes and good dreams will flow and come through, like the dreamcatcher let good dreams flow and have a positive leeway for the ones who believes in a “Magic dreamcatcher”.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soo 😊.

(The size of this painting is 40*40 cm. In case you wonder) 😊. ….(and yes,- you can find some more of my paintings at my Insta- account: ArtByLailaS _ if you are interested 😊).

My first #painting in 2020 are finish 🎨. It’s a “#Magic #dreamchatcher” 🍂. It’s #colours and #power, it’s #feelings, #magic and #dreams. It’s a “Magic Dreamchatcher” 💛.