…and suddenly “everything” just happen so fast 🏡🛍

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡.

And there this two young men I have been living together with during the last 12 weeks “just left the building” 😊. Everything happen very fast when it first happen, this moving- day we all three of us has been waiting for 😊. We just didn’t know it was today, this afternoon 😊.

The moving- company did texted my son at daytime today, and could be ready to help my son and his friend with the moving- process already 2 hours later, and of course at that time when I did started at my schedule working hours in my home,- so I wasn’t even able to help them out, put things and stuffs into the cars 🙄.

And I really did get mixed feelings about it all,- I actually felt a kind of sadness at the same time as I felt a bit “relieved”, and also so very happy for my son and his friend too 🧡.

Sadness because I was not able to help them or give them a good “good bye- see you soon”. I was working and couldn’t leave the line. And also sad because I don’t know when Im going to see him again. And sad because, yes, I do miss my son already, – even I know this are the best living situation for both of us,- to not live together 😊.

I felt relive because now they will get the space and place they need, their own home, and they can for real starting to live their own life, and start working for real with their dreams 😊. And I felt a bit relieved to be able to get my home “back again”, my life back again, and have not boxes and bags “everywhere”, and also be a bit just me, not a mammi for awhile. Because I very easily “falling” into my mammi- role when I live together with my children, even when they are become young adults 😊. And I’m so happy they don’t need to wait anymore for moving, it has been a tiny exhausting situation for them also to wait.

I should wish one thing during this 12 weeks, and that is that I had have a bit more time, alone- time together with my oldest son. Just me and him 💙. I didn’t have that during this weeks. But maybe, one day, an other day, we can spend some time together, just him and me? I hope so 💙.

I’m not sure when I see my son or them both again, hopefully it would be not to long. He is borrowing my car now, so he needs to come back with that one day,- and I’m also going to visit them “up there in the mountains” one day 😊. Something I really looking forward to do 🥰.

I was a bit nervous for their driving trip up to the mountains this afternoon. Not because I thought anything could happen with them in the car, but because I, unfortunately, know the police can be a bit “crazy” even when you have your paper in order. So,- it was actually the police I was worried about,- but all went well. Their trip went well,- and my son did exactly what he did promise me to do,- called me up when they was got to their new home 🏡.

I’m very, very happy for them. And it was suddenly so very quiet in my home 😊. A kind of quietness that was a tiny bit strange and also a bit “scary” in the beginning,- but very nice and relaxing after a couple of hours, and when I did started to re- organize my home back to “normal” again 😊.

I’m so grateful for this “living together time” I have had together with my oldest son during this 12 last weeks 💙. We have been tired of each other, we have really wanted and wished for an other living situation, and we have been waiting for this day to come all three of us,- and it wasn’t the most ideal or best living situation we had, but still good enough under the circumstances. And I’m so happy and grateful for every second he was here, my son, in my home ❤.

If we had knew it would been 12 weeks and not 3- 4 as we thought, I had probably organize my home differently for this two young men 😊. But okay,- it became the way it became 😊. And even we has been tired of this living together situation, and tired of each other I’m still so, so grateful for this time, this weeks together with him, my oldest son ❤. I actually can’t find big enough words for how grateful I m for this time with him, this weeks ❤.

And I know when my daughter as well as my son in the middle are moving back home, there will be days where both them and me wish that we wasn’t living together 24/7. And that’s normal when my children are young adults and I’m a mature woman 😊. But I also know I will be so grateful for every second I’m going to live together with them both as well,- even both them and me also are going to be a bit tired of each other and the living together situation ❤.

I really love my children so much, I can’t actually explain it with words ❤. And I love to have them all three around me,- but I don’t want to live together with them “forever” ❤.

Now I’m going to live alone for some weeks, and try to enjoy that time, before my daughter and my son in the middle are moving back home during the summer,- and are going live together with me for some months 🌞.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

A tiny bit of my son and his friend things and stuff,- ready for moving ot from my home and into their new home 😊. And my car in my son’s new home, and a tiny part of their house, up there in the mountains 🧡

The moving-day we have been waiting for just suddenly did “showed up” this afternoon 🏡🛍. And my oldest son and his friend are now putting things in order in their new home 🏡. I’m very grateful for this 12 weeks together with my oldest son 💙.

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Yesterday was yesterday … 🙄

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

During this last 6 weeks with living in quarantine and with curfew I have actually manage it quite well. We are inside our home more and less 24/7 with some few exceptions like go to the food store or farmacia, walk your dog if you have a dog, or go to the doctor or hospital. So as you probably understand we are inside a lot during a day, week and yes, month, soon months.

I have a creative mind and soul, and manage to do different couples of things, keep myself active, even when I need to live with more and less 24/7 with curfew. I also have my scheduled working hours, so even when I’m home and working from my home, I need to “be at work on time”, and do my work well, as well 😊. So there are some schedule hours too in my daily life, scheduled for work.

I have my painting and knitting I can do. I have a lots of movies I can watch, something I have actually done too 🎞. And still some movies left to watch. Our television channels are a joke at the moment. They are not in very good function, so there’s not very much television to watch anymore. And I’m probably one of the few that haven’t invested my time, money and energy in Netflix. But still I have manage to “survive” without any Netflix 😊. ( but I need to admit I have started to consider Netflix now……we see what I do...). And I have a lots of books I can and do read as well, as well as my work out and exercises. I can “fix” my plants and flowers outside in my patios too. And food needs to be made, clothes need to be washed, and also trying to keep our home in a good “shape” in between the moving- boxes to my oldest son and his friend 😊. So the days goes by, actually a bit fast too 😊.

The 3- 4 weeks my son and his friend should be living here are at the moment become to 12 weeks 😳.

My days goes, I haven’t been struggling to much with being in 24/7 quarantine and curfew during the last6 weeks so fare. Of course I miss to have the possibility and opportunity to just go out for a nice walk. And I miss my children, my son in the middle and my daughter. I miss meeting up with my friends too, and yes,- to be honest it had been nice to meet this Italian (married) internet technician too….but that’s an other story.

And I need to admit I’m a bit jealous at my family and friends in Norway at the moment. They are allowed to be together in groups on max five people, but with distance between, but anyway, – they can actually meet their friends and family. They are also allowed to walk as many walks and trips they want to do during a day, in the mountains or to the beach, in the forest or just a long the road. They can go to the food store and just buy some few “unnecessary” food and they will not get any fee for that, or the police or going to check their recipe after the shopping. And a couple of more things. The hairdressers are going to open in Norway too, slowly and with restrictions, but wow,- it would be nice with a tiny little visit to the hairdresser now 😅.

Anyway,- I have manage the days and weeks with quarantine and curfew quite well so fare until yesterday 😳.

Yesterday was my first really “down- day” during this quarantine and curfew time. I was actually not depressed, I just felt like “a accordion that was compressed and all air was squeezed out” 🎼. And I know exactly why I did felt it like that. All three of us in my home felt like that yesterday 😅. And we know why.

On Friday my oldest son was at the hospital….again….and he have at least two more visits left at the hospital before he will be well. We thought that Friday was the next last time at the hospital, but it wasn’t. It’s very, very good that the doctors use time on his “condition” and take care of the different nerves that’s are around his two “bumps”,- but it felt a bit like a kind of a “disappointment” too, because we really think he was soon finish with all this hospital visits for a while now. I know we shouldn’t be disappointed at all,- it means that the doctors does what they need to do in a very careful way so his nerves are not going to be destroyed. But still it felt a bit like a kind of disappointment to know there will be more long days at the hospital. Stupid feeling, I know, but still it did “come up” because we did had another imagination for this hospital visit then it become.

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The next “disappointment” was this longed for the move of these two young men. That one should been yesterday 😅 ….again a new day. But it was re- schedule, again, because of the bad weather in the mountains 🏔. We all three was, again, so prepared for the moving 😅,- but it didn’t happen…this time either. So that’s actually the other reasons why I did felt a bit like a “accordion that was pressed together and all air was squeezed out”. And the young men as well. We all three fall a tiny bit apart yesterday 😅. No fighting or anything like that, we just felt a bit “squeezed” I think. Our imagination for this weekend was a bit different then it became.

I know I’m very lucky. I haven’t been struggling to much during this 6 weeks, and yesterday’s “squeezed” feelings are actually a “luxury problem” considering to what so many people are going through during this days 😔. But still it’s allowed to feel a bit “squeezed” this days even when we are in a “lucky situation”. With “lucky situation” I mean we have a place to live, we have our jobs, we have food, we are more and less healthy, it least from Covid19 and the coronavirus, and a couple of more things, as fare as we know 😊. Yes, my son has a healthy challenge in his groin and with two bumps, one infected.  But the doctors are doing what they can to help him out, and also with removing both the bumps, they just need to do it a bit step by step. So all in all,- we have no reasons to complain, to “be down” or fell like a “accordion that was pressed together and all air was squeezed out”. But yesterday we all did feel a bit like that. And I think that’s okay to have one day like that during a period for 6 weeks with no possibility for doing “what ever you want to do”,- like for example just take a tiny little walk outside. Yesterday I really needed a walk outside, just to breath bit. Instead I didn’t do very much. I felt a bit “empty”.

I did my schedule working hours yesterday, I did eat, but I was on my sofa must of the time, just watching movies. I think I did watch one movie three times yesterday because I felt at sleep “all the time” 😅. I didn’t knit or paint yesterday, I didnt write, actually didn’t do very much more then what I really needed to do, like my job and eat food, and watching movies. And felt really “squeezed” and empty.

I’m not complaining, because like I mention, this was actually my really first “down day” during this 6 last weeks. And me, my son and his friend are, after all, in a “lucky situation”. I know there’s people around me that have much more and bigger challenges then me and we in my home have. But still I think we can have, allowed us too and feel on a “one down day” now and then. Like yesterday was,- even we all fall down because of something that’s actually are a “luxury problem” too during this time we all are going through. But that’s the way it is. We are just human.

Today is a new day, I feel much, much better 😊. “The air is back in the accordion” , and I’m ready to use this day for a little more than I did yesterday 😊. We still have not a clue when the young men are going to move out and into their own home, and we still don’t know when my oldest son are going to be finish with the different hospital visits,- but “the air is back”, the smiles are back, and I m ready for using this lovely Sunday….at home to paint, write, knit, my patio and also some schedule working hours too, and what ever that’s “drops into my mind” today, and I can do at and in my home as well. Today I feel lucky, and happy, and ready to use my day, my time, be creative, be “me” 😊.

I hope your days in general are good during this time we all are going through 🧡. But it’s also important to allowed your self to feel a bit like a “accordion that was pressed together and all air was squeezed out” now and then. It can even be a tiny little challenge in your daily life that squeeze out the air, a challenge that for two months ago you even haven’t felt squeezed for, or felt “down” for at all. But that’s fine, we are living in a very strange and different situation then we did for just two and a half months ago. It’s fine, it’s okay to be and feel “down a bit” even when you are in a “lucky situation” considering the time we are living in, and even the “challenge” that’s put you down are a “luxury problem”. Its still okay to feel a bit “squeezed” and “down”. But I hope you are doing well most of your days 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

I felt a bit “squeezed” yesterday,- and its okay to have a “down day” now and then during this time we all are going through.

Yesterday I felt more and less like ” a accordion that was pressed together and all air was squeezed out”. And it was “just” over a “luxury problem” too, that made me feel like that. But considering the situation we are living in, this more and less 24/7 during 6 weeks curfew, think it’s okay to feel a bit “squeezed” even just because of a “luxury problem”.

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A meeting without breaking any curfew rules 🥰

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is ok with you during this days, weeks and months we all are going through,- together 🧡

I have broken the curfew rules two times, or actually three times, during the quarantine and curfew we are living with here in Spain 🏡

I’m not “proud” of breaking the curfew rules, but I did break a couple anyway, and the first time I did break the curfew rules I felt was necessary to do it,- for my oldest son. He had forgotten his medicine in my daughter’s apartment, and was empty for medicine in my home. I did drive to my daughter’s apartment, she did dropped off the medicine through the car window when I was driving very slowly,- and I also got the possibility to give her a hug 🥰. That was not to allowed to do.

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The second time I did break the curfew rules was actually not very necessary. I should actually just give our Playstation and different Playstation games to my daughter so she had something to do during this “inside” days, weeks and months. She is also working, and she is living together with her boyfriend at the moment,- but it can still be very long days to just be inside.

The “procedure” was more and less like the first time. I had all packed in a bag, I did drive very slowly so she could pick the bag up through the car door this time, – and it was also given a quick hug this time too. This was either not to allowed to do, not either to necessary. But for a mammi- heart it was.

My third time I did break the curfew rules was when I did walk my oldest son’s dog. Not because I did walked his dog. He was at the hospital so I did walked the dog “legal”,- but I did take a 30 minutes walk instead of the legal 15 minutes. And to be honest,- I did enjoy every second of the walk,- even my mind was with a bit mixed feelings because my son was at the hospital 💙.


Today I did meet my son in the middle 🥰,- without breaking any curfew rules 😊. He needed to go to the hospital for a check, and I needed to drive him. We did everything “correct”. All the paper we needed to have with us was in order, and he did sit back in the car, on the opposite side then mye- the driver. As he should do after the curfew rules. And we both had gloves and also cover over our nose and mouth 😊. The not to “legal” thing we actually did was give each other a big hug when I was driving him back to his apartment 🥰. And he did got his cake as well. The Princess- cake/ Prince- cake I made to him on Sunday/ yesterday 🎂.

It was so incredibly good to see him again, talk with him, just be with him, spends tiny little hour together with him 🥰. I haven’t met him since 20. March when I did drive 2 computer screens to him, and also gave him and his friends knit cover for their noses and mouths 😷.

We manage to have a good chat the little hour we was together today 😊. And he is also going to move back to me….in the end of June. Suprice 😅. I was not to supriced,- I know their rental contract for the apartment they are renting ends in the end of June. So I did have this in my mind that maybe he also was coming back home for a tiny little while 😊.

So,- “my time” is obviously not quite “there” yet 😅. I will probably live on my own one month before my daughter is moving in in the end of May, and then my son in the middle are coming the month after 😊.

His plan is to live here for some months, do his work and job, save up some money and move back to Norway 😳. I did felt it a bit in my heart and stomach when he told me this today, about his moving- plans back to Norway. At the same time I can totally understand him and why he wants to move back to Norway now. He is ready and motivated for new changes and challenges in his life,- and this changes and challenges are best for him to do in Norway at the moment 😊.

I also have a tiny little feeling that it’s a just matter of time before my daughter also will get some “moving back to Norway” plans. And that’s the life, a part of growing up, live on their own, be adults 💚. I just need to get use to this things and thoughts, – one thing is to not want to live together with my children anymore just because they are actually young adults 😊. An other thing is to still have them around me, in a way “just around the corner”, but just in their own apartments, and still with the possibility to see them and meet them “anytime”. When they’re moving back to Norway I can’t meet them “all the time” anymore 😊. When all that’s said,- I have actually been really lucky so have had, and at the moment still have, the possibility to live so close to my young adults children ❤. That’s not for everyone to have, or has that possibility. I just need to get use to the feelings and thoughts that some of my children, or even maybe all 3 of them, are going to move to other places then South of Spain. And there’s “a bigger ocean” “out there” for them to follow their dreams and wishes in and for their own lifes then it is for them here in South of Spain at the moment ❤ 💙. That’s just the way it is 😊,- and this is also “the life” 💚.

And my oldest son ( and his friend) are, after the plan, going to move to the mountains, around one hour driving trip from here. There they are going to live on a tiny little finca togetherwith two cats and a dog, and their dream is to start building on their own caravans. Or more correctly, – pay one caravan each, build it up the way they want it, and travel/ drive around “in the world” 🚌 🌏. I hope they will manage to follow their dreams, and I’m happy they didn’t started on “the building- process” when they was living here. That would been a very big challenge for them during this Corona- and Covid19 time.

And what am I going to do? Move back to Norway too? I have no idea at the moment 😊. I have no idea what will happen in my future 😊. At the moment I’m going to be and stay here I’m,- and then we see what life brings me 😊.

Anyway,- it was lovely to see and meet my son in the middle today 🥰 ,- and also in a legal way 💚.

Have you broken any quarantine- or curfew rules during this time we all are living in? In case what? And why?

Hopefully our quarantine and curfew time will soon be over 😊 ,- and we can live by some more easier rules and more legal socializing together with family and friends 💛. To say our life will go back to “normal” after this, well,- that’s not going to happen. There will be a new “normal” after this Corona- crisis, a new “normal” we don’t know to much about at the moment 💜.

I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts 🧡. I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

From the Benalmadena Hospital today 😊 A plant is growing, for strong and health 💚.

I did have a legal and lovely meeting today 🥰. And I’m looking forward to our quarantine and curfew rules will be a bit “easier” and give us a bit more possibility to meet up with family and friends 😊. To say our life will go back to “normal” after this, well,- that’s not going to happen. There will be a new “normal” after this Corona- crisis, a new “normal” we don’t know to much about at the moment 💜

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It wasn’t “the moving-day” today either 🏡😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days, weeks and months we all are going through,- together 🧡

The plan was that my oldest son and his friend should been moving out from my home today and into their own home 🏡. But that didn’t happen this time either 😊. It’s feels a bit like they are glued into my home 😅. Just kidding,- but I need to admit, – with or without any quarantine and curfew, I m seriously ready for them to move out now 😊. But it’s not going to happen this week, either 😊. At the same time I know I’m one of the lucky mature parents during this quarantine and curfew time that’s actually are available to see, talk to and hug one of my children every day 💙. But I’m also allowed to be tired of living together with my oldest son as well 😊. And to be honest, – I think he is a bit tired of living together with his mammi too 😊.

This time is not the quarantine and curfew that’s stopped their moving- plans, but my oldest son’s visits to the hospital this week. I’m not sure how many times he have been at the hospital in just some few days now, or how many tests he has taken. The good thing is that the doctors are following him up, and he will be treated for the infected bump he has. But we don’t know just what day they are going to move the bump, do the surgery. Hopefully it’s soon 😊.

In Spain the children lives together with their parents a bit longer then we are used to in Norway. But they live together differently then us from Norway, and it is more a part of their culture and traditions too,- to live together in generations. We are not used to that in Norway, and it’s not so big part of our traditions and cultures either.

I remember I did write a post this Autumn (October 2019) about a new area in my life 😅. About “my children moving out”, and about “finding myself”,- just be me, living in my own and just have the responsibility for me,- more and less 😊. And at that time I had a bit mixed feelings about to be and live alone, because that is something I actually haven’t done very much since I became a mammi in 1994. At the same time as I was really looking forward to just be me. Well,- that “new area” didn’t last very long. My daughter moved out in the beginning of October 2019, and my oldest son and his friend started moving into my home in the end of January,- and they are still living here 😅.

I was actually starting to get very used to live on my own, and actually also enjoying it as well,- and felt my “freedom” slowly was entered into my life 😊. But not for to long 😅.

The plan was that my son and his friend should starting moving out around 12. March,- but then Spain did closed down for two weeks, and then for two more weeks, and so on. The “closing down” feels like it never will stop,- but “soon” it will. We all actually know that, even it doesn’t feels like that 😊.

The boys have now fixed all the paper they need to have, so they can move legal in the quarantine and curfew time. So that part is fine. They can actually move out today,- if it hasn’t been for the different appointments my son have at the hospital this week.

The hospital will be more then one hour driving from their new home, and from my home it’s more and less 15- 20 minutes to drive. And when my son has two appointments during a day, one in the mornings and one in the afternoons it’s easier for them to just stay here until he get a “ready-signal” from the doctors to move as well. And of course be done with the surgery he is waiting for. Hopefully that one will be done soon 😊.

But “soon” is a word with different “definitions” or maybe its more correctly to write “understanding”,- so what’s “soon” for me, or us, are probably not the same “soon” for the doctors? I don’t know. What I do know,- is that my son hasn’t been at the hospital in general every day, twice a day if they haven’t taken this infected bump he has, seriously. So in this “case” I think both me, the two young men in my home and the doctors at the hospital have more and less the same understanding for “soon” 😊.

I need to admit,- even and no matter how much quarantine and curfew it is,- I’m very, very ready to live on my own for a tiny little while now 😊. I know my daughter is probably going to stand outside my door with her suitcases in the end if May or beginning of June 🛍. I have knew this for a while, but it would be nice to just have some weeks on my own before my next child is moving back home 😊. I actually don’t mind to live a bit on my own now, even its still quarantine and curfew. I don’t mind at all 😊. The quarantine and curfew will not last “forever” anyway, one day it’s over, and maybe that’s “already” 10. May? 😊

I really love my children, to the moon and back again, and even a bit more then that too ❤. And I don’t mind to help them out a bit with staying in my, and also in away their home, for a while to help them out 😊. But I’m at the same time finish with “raising up”, and this “daily taking care of” and the responsibility it is to live together with my children (or some one else). Yiu know,- the animals don’t either live together with their children “forever”. So I think it is a part of “the life wheel”,- to move out, live on your own, get your young adults lifes, at the same time as we parents get our mature lifes when the children are “out of the house”. I don’t think I’m “the exception” that’s want to be on my own when the children are young adults 😊.

I don’t think I’m going to get a living together boyfriend for a long time either, – if I do meet a boyfriend 😊. I did had something “going on” before Spain “closed down” 15. March. I haven’t told you very much about that,- but I will one day 😊. And Im not sure anything is “going on” on that “area” anymore, either 😊. It’s a bit difficult when you’re not allowed to go out from your home to meet and see someone, and this “going on” is, or was, actually also very new 😊. Then it is also this “out of sight out of mind” is dropping by,- at least it is a bit like that for me 😊.

But I have also learned that we should never say never,- because we don’t know 😊. And it’s maybe and probably also a bit different to live together with a boyfriend then together with your young adults children, and also someone you never had choose to live together with if it wasn’t for the quarantine and curfew? 😊 But at the moment I’m a bit “hungry” for just live on my own,- with or without quarantine and curfew,, and hopefully start to “fling” a bit again too 😊. And I also know my oldest son and his friend are very ready to live on their own as well 😊. So,- maybe next week I will start living on my own again for a tiny little while? I actually don’t know anymore 😅. First of all,- I hope my oldest son will get well very soon 💙,- and then we take it from there 😊.

I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts 🧡. I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

My oldest son and me are both very ready for “a moving out” session 😊

Today was a new “moving- out” and “moving- in” day for my oldest son and his friend 😊. But that didn’t happen this time either 😅. I think they had glued their butt in the home here 😅. No,- just kidding 😊. Things happens, and plans changes,- something most of us know and had hopefully also have learned during this quarantine and curfew time we are living in 😊.

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A lovely walk, but with mixed feelings 🐕 💙

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days,weeks and months we all are going through, – together 🧡

Today I did have my first real walk outside since 14. March. Actually a walk, a closely 30 minutes walking trip, outside, in our area, along the sidewalk. With exemption for my weekly food shopping trips, this is my first real walk outside…today 😊. The “shopping- trips” are just more and less to my car, in my car, out of my car, stand in line outside the store, then walk into the store, shop the food I need, go back to my car, and maybe run a very few couple of other errands when Im “on the run”. It’s not very much of a walk, to be honest 😊. It’s more and less a tiny trip with a bit of “rush” for just to do what I need to do, and not very much for enjoying. With a tiny exception,- I try to shop food in turtle speed 🐢.

But today I did have my first walking trip for 4, 5 weeks, and it was lovely 🥰, and a bit difficult to explain actually. I felt in a way a bit “free” in a strange way, and at the same time it was a trip with very mixed feelings. Because,- my oldest son are at the hospital, and because he is at the hospital I’m allowed to walk his dog outside to “the toilet” 🐕. So it was a walk with mixed feelings. I really enjoyed the trip with his dog, at the same time my mammi heart is worried for my child, my son 💙.

I did told you this Autumn that one of my children was at the hospital, and I did told you I had an “illegal” trip to my daughter’s apartment for picking up some of my son’s medicines for just some weeks ago.

My son has two bumps in the left side of the groin, and today, this morning, he was going to a check and control at the hospital. But,- it didn’t went quite the way we did imagine. There has been an infection in one bump, and the doctors wanted him back at the hospital already this afternoon. He was allowed to return home after the investigation this morning, but was told to return back this afternoon for further control and possible emergency surgery.

So,- that’s why I was so lucky to be able to have a nice walk this afternoon, and I really did enjoy the trip and the walk with his dog for all it was worth,- I even double my 15 minutes walk ( so I actually had a 30 minutes walk instead of 15 minutes) 🐕,- at the same time it was a walk with very mixed feelings, and a list of thoughts in my mind. I’m thinking about my son, how he is, what is going to happen, will he come back home this evening/ night, or are they going to take a surgery at him this evening or night ? Is the bullet “just” infected or is it more? 😔

He had have more pain during this weekend than “normal”, and he has been very tired too. I’m very grateful for that he is at the hospital now, because I know he will get the help he needs 💙. At the same time,- I should really wish I could be there together with him 💙. But it is not so easy when it is quarantine and curfew. Luckily his friend was allowed to be together with my son as his assistance because they have the same address.

Well,- they are living with me at my adress at the moment, they haven’t been able or allowed to move into their own home and adress yet, it’s just the same adresse on the paper at the moment 😊. But,- I know he, my son, is not alone there at the hospital and his friend is very good to update me too, (tell me about the different testes they are taking like x-ra, blood ect.) ,– but I’m the mammi, and I m just a mammi, and he is my child, – no matter how I turns it- even he is a young adult man and in just bit more then a week he will be 26 years old,- he is still my child, and my heart is still a mammi heart for him 💙 ❤.

In case you wonder, – my son and his friend are just friends. Very good friends. My sons friend has a Spanish girlfriend, and my son have a “fling” or something like that going on with a girl from South America, but she is living in Spain.

This young people haven’t been able to see each other since 13. March, and are probably not going to be able to see each other before after 10. May. But,- there’s a lots of texting going on 😅. How and where they manage to meet this two girls I have no idea,- but they did manage it in between work, and after my sons break up with his fiance and, maybe lucky for them, before the quarantine and curfew in Spain 😊.

Well,- I’m not sure what will happen during this night,- I think my son is going to be at the hospital during this night. And I think I’m not going to sleep very well,- just because I’m his mammi and just because I’m waiting for some more information about what’s happening and going on with my son at the hospital 💙. Maybe I will bake a cake? Just so I have something to do when I’m waiting 😊. My feelings in my stomach and heart tells me that all will be fine with my son, and I really hope that feelings are correct 💙.

So,- that was just a tiny “up-date” from our life here in Spain, the quarantine and curfew, and a really lovely walk with very mixed feelings ,- the life 🧡. Because that’s actually possible, – to enjoy something at the same time there’s mixed feelings 🧡. And I did allowed myself to enjoy the walk with my son’s dog this afternoon 🐕,- a walk I maybe need to do around 03.00 this night too 😳. Not because I want to take a walk in the middle of the night,- but because my son’s dog does live after my son’s “daily routine” , or maybe I should say “nightly routine” 😅. Like I told you, my son work afternoon, evenings and nights,- and he take his dog for a trip before he goes to bed around 03.00 in the night 🌙. I can promise you I’m not going to enjoy that night walk as much as I did enjoy this afternoon walk 😅. But that’s the way it is 😊. The dog is my responsibility at the moment, and I did promise my son to take care of his dog when he was at the hospital 💙. A promise I’m going to keep 💙 🐕.

Im sending you a lots of good thoughts 🧡. I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Zorro, – my oldest son’s dog 💙

This afternoon I did have a lovely walk with my son’s dog, Zorro 🐕. A walk I did allowed myself to enjoy, at the same time it was a walk with very mixed feelings, and different thoughts in my mind 💙. My first real walk for closely 4,5 week 💚.

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