A nice walk to and back from my work today has at least two missions for me 😊👟🤸‍♀️

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡.

It’s getting a bit more wintertime here in Southern of Spain now,- and with that means it’s bit more weet 💧, a bit more windy 🌬 , a bit colder,- even the degrees shows more and less the same temperature as last week,- around 8- 10 degrees ( Celsius) it feels colder,- and the sun is hiding behind the clouds 🌥.

So fare we had a nice winter with no wind and a lots of sun,- but it is necessary with some rain too ☔, like it or not,- to the people and for the nature, and for the upcoming tourists season as well. The tourists – special the Scandinavian ones, like to use a lots of water and don’t think to much about that it actually cost a bit here in southern of Spain for us that’s lives here 😅. And as less water it is in the water tanks, as more cost it for us that lives here to use the water 💧.

I did consider to take and use the car to my job today,- but I did choose to use my feet instead,- even it’s not the nicest weather at the moment for a morning walk or afternoon walk either 🌬🍂. It’s,- like I mention,- wet, windy and cold,- and in the mornings it’s a bit dark to some places where I walk 👣. But I did choose to use my feet for a couple of reasons anyway 😊. And I’m going to do that tomorrow as well,- even it’s going to be more rain then today ☔💧

And,- ps- to you my Norwegian and Scandinavian readers, – “up there in north” we are use to use reflex west,- well,- there’s not very much of that here,- that’s for sure. But absolutely something that could be used a bit more in the darkness here 😊 🧨

Early in the morning on my way to work,- with my feet 👣,- and if feels like the whole towns are sleeping 😊. It’s a bit cold, dark and a kind of Norwegian Autumn feeling 🍂🍃

I did think “exercises” and moving my body. I did think saving gasoline. And I did think “support” my son in the middle and his friends because I know they also have a tiny walk to the job from their home. But the main reasons is “the exercise”- reason 🤸‍♀️ and not using gasoline ⛽.

At the moment I need to use a bit more focus on my work from home then my original plan was,- well,- because as you know,- 3 weeks without to much functional internet in my home. That means I don’t have the time to do the “exercises” I normally do. My “exercises- plan” takes in general more then one hour pr time. At the same time I use around 20- 25 minutes one way walking to my job from my home, and around20- 25 minutes back to then 😊. That means more and less 1 hour with a bit “walking- exercise” at least 😊 🤸‍♀️. Yepsi,- so I did “pressed” a bit “exercises” in my life that way then 😊. Not the ultimate,- but absolutely much better then not very much “moving my body” around at all 😊.

And,- well,- I’m not “a rich bitch”,- even many think so because I’m from Norway 😳. Well,- about Norway and the economy, – one thing is the good, fine and nice “impression” you get from “the new”,- and other thing is the the reality. And,- my reality is, – I need to save money as best as I can, and earn money as best as I can to. So that’s my other reason why I did/ do walk to and back home from my job. To save gasoline ⛽ . And save money 💰. I do even plan my driving- trips, like shopping food or other things, and how to use as less gasoline as possible 😊.

I could also said that I let my car stay in the garage because I’m thinking about the environment. But that’s not true at all. To be honest I didn’t offer the environment one tiny little thought when I choose to walk to my job 😊 🍂. It was all about me, my self my health, my economi and my life 💛. That’s it,- and also a tiny “comfort and a kind of company” to my son in the middle,- even we don’t live together anymore. But can he walk to his job, then I also can 😊.

On my way back home from my job,- a bit lighter then in the morning, – but still a bit “grey”- it’s wintertime in Spain 🍃💧🍂

And,- I also did find out that I have even the correct “fashion” shoes to walk in 👟. I don’t remember where I did read about this new fashion shoes,- but somewhere I did find out that mountain shoes are “on the way” in again, and a bit “hip” 😊. So I even felt a bit “fashion and hip” there on the road to my job in my old Norwegian mountain shoes ⛰🥾. And I actually have another pair too 😁. Not similar – but still fashion style mountain shoes 😊.

Do you think I did feel very fashion and stylish when I did walk to and back from my job today? In my Norwegian mountain shoes? 😅. Nope,- I did just felt very practical 😊.

Do you use any small or big “daily tricks” to save money or do exercises? ⛽ 🤸‍♀️ 💰

I need to keep my body in “moving” (as older get as more important is it😊) ,- so at the moment to walk to my job and back home is an good “exercise” solution for me. And I do need to save money where I can,- and I do when I use my feet, – they still do work perfectly fine for free 😁.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Look at my fashion, fancy and stylish ( and even old) Norwegian mountain shoes ⛰. Very useful and practical to use when I walk to and back home from my job in the wintertime here in Spain 🥾. But do you think I did felt very “fashion and stylish”? 😉 I do walk to my job for two other reasons then be fancy and stylish 😊.

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Rome was not build in one day ⛲ 😊,- just a reminder to my self 😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like that 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m following different kinds of blogs with different topics, subjects and themes around the whole world 😊. It’s food and family, it’s photos and travelling, it’s makeup and different kinds of art, its work and it’s religion, it’s spirituality, it’s relationship, it’s about music,- or even how to write a blog – but most of all it’s all about the life, – when it comes to the end,- the daily life in some or another way to the different bloggers I’m following ( or influencers,- if you prefer to call it that 😊).

I do learn a lot about writing a blog when I’m following others writers,- as well as I also do learn a lot about different other things and stuff too 😊. I like that,- and in a strange way the writers I’m following in a way became my friends, – friends without communication, – if you do understand what I mean? In one way I get to know then,- in an other not 😊.

But it takes time to build up an blog the way I want my blog to be 😊. In the beginning I did stressed a lot about finding a topic, a subject or a theme. But I’m a bit more “compact” then just one theme, subject or topic 😊. I have different kinds of subjects I want to write about,- and now I need to learn how to “sew them together into a kind of whole”,- the way it suits me 😊,- and of course my readers too 😊.

And I’m not quite there anymore, where I’m stressing around to find a my specific topic, theme and subject. I see and learn step by step, little by little both with my own writing process as well as to read other writers/ bloggers textes 😊. And little by little, step by step “my blog” is “growing up” the way I wanted it to be 😊. And to be “me and my life” with the different “topics, subjects and themes” that are important for me 😊. So little by little, step by step I’m trying to build up my blog, in my way with ,- well,- my topics that’s best for me, the subjects that’s interesting me and the themes that’s important for me, – in my life 😊.

Today it’s 9 months since I took the chance to really “put” myself and my post “out there” online for “all and everyone”. It has been a process and at are still a process and a project to build. I’m still fare away from where I want to be in the “blogging- world”,- at the same time I’m very surprised over how long I actually also in a way have become 😊.

But it is like I mention in the beginning of this post,- “Rome was not build in one day”,- and a blog is not either just build in one day ,- or mostly like a lots of things in life,- it’s not build in one day- it takes a bit time to learn and to build, – and to learn how to build 😊.

I need to do this blogging in my way, find my way to “deliver” my themes, my thoughts, my subjects, my experiences, my topics and my life 😊. It’s a lots of good advice to follow how to be a good blogger. But what is a good blogger? Is it about likes? Comments? Followers? Or readers? Is it about sales? Or is it about how I do feel with my product? My blog? 😊

It’s probably a combination, and its probably also a bit about what the writers want to achieve with their blog. And I think different writers want different things with their blog,- it’s not “all” that want to be an “influencer”. And, unfortunately, in my ears the word “influencer” sounds a bit negative, – but I think that’s probably because what I have see/ read in this “blogging- world”. That an “influencer” in many situations are an not to good influencer for their, often, young readers. And with that in my mind,- I don’t have a very big wish to be an influencer, – I just want to be an online writer on my own platform with readers who like my textes and the content in my posts 😊.

For me,- it’s about writing because I do like to write. But it’s also about “stuff and things” in life and in the world,- as well as about my interests, hobbies, my life 😊. But why do I want to share it “online”? Still because I like to write, and for a writer it’s a compliment to have readers, someone that want to read your texts. And, yes,- it’s because I think I have something “to tell” now and then too,- not always, but still sometimes 😊. And yes,- again,- of course I also wish and want to earn some money on my brands, the brands I have in my blog 😊.

But like I said, – “Rome was not build in one day”,- my blog will not be built in 9 months,- I have still a bit to go to be where I want to be in “the blog- world” 😊. It’s not always just about the posts and texts either, – but also to learn the different new systems. And,- the blog-platform I’m using has just changed some “settings”,- and now I need to try to learn a bit about them too 😅. I should wish I had my own IT- guy at the moment. One that just could fix “everything” technology in my blog for me, the way I want it to be. But unfortunately I don’t have that – or maybe it’s a good thing? Then I learn a bit more 😊. But,- I did manage to delete half of my post today just because I’m not sure how things are in function at the moment 😅.

But like it take me a bit time to learn how to use the new system at my blog-platform, – it’s more and less with most of the things in life,- we need to learn and we need to in some or another way also build 😊. And both takes time,- sometimes less time, other times a bit longer time 😊. It’s like with Rome, – it didn’t became a so marvellous place in just one day 😊. It was step by step, stone by stone ⛲.

I’m not just “building” my blog,- I’m also trying to build a new life, in a “new” country, and a new lifestyle, and get to know my self,- without having a daily responsibility for anyone else then my self ,- and it all takes a bit time 😊.

Are you “building” something special in your life at the moment? In case,- what? And how do you do it? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Like a blank canvas needs to get the colours for creating a picture and painting, it still takes a bit time to create the picture. We also need to use time when we ate building something in our lifes, and colours it all up with our different experiences too 🎨.

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An elegant and fun Wintergalla ❄👠

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Yesterday it was The Wintergalla at my job,- and that was a great and elegant party with great people, good and tasty food at a nice place at a hotel very close to the beach 😊.

It’s still winter here in South of Spain,- but in the sun it can be still very warm, – but then also a bit cold in the shadow 🌞.

We was lucky with the weather yesterday, – it was a sunny day 🌞. And very nice in the sun too,- before the sun went down 😊.

The party did started early in the afternoon and also ended before midnight. Perfect timing 😊. I like to be not to late to bed,- I’m getting older 😅. And then the next day is also not “lost” in away then 😊. I had probably went home at that time anyway, around midnight, – I like to not be to tired the next day,- and also be able to “use” my “days off” from work to “my” things like the painting or other things 😊. A nice walk or actually do some necessary “homethings” 😊.

I’m going to both write and paint to day,- and also drive a tiny trip to the airport and pick up Amir,- Fabian’s friend. He has been in Norway at holiday and visit his family 😊. And then,- I’m just going to be home I think, and relax- do what’s “dropping” into my mind. Use my day in my tempo to my things 😊.

The party yesterday started with some “mingling” and also with the possibility to take some photos 📷. Me and my daughter took a nice photo together, – but it’s in her handbag since her handbag was a bit bigger then my 👛. So maybe I show you the photo another day 😊.

After the “mingling” it was an “awards ceremony” in some different work categories 😊. I don’t remember the different categories,- and since I have just been working for this company for a month I haven’t been given any vote either 😊.

And then it was the dinner,- three-course dinner 🍲🍸. Tasty food, and well decorated at the plates too 😊.

From the tabel and three-course dinner at the Winter Galla yesterday 😊.

When the dinner was finish it was more time to mingling and chat up with colleagues and friends 😊. And also time for some dancing as well. The music was actually great,- a good mix between music from “today” as well as music from “my time” 😅. With that means, – when I was young and a bit more at parties then I’m now 😊.

I like to go party, I like to dress up,- but I actually did like it more and better when I was younger 😊. I’m very pleasant with this two parties I have been at during the last weeks 😊. I’m in away finish with parties for a while now 😊.

I need to admit that yesterdays party was a bit better then the Christmas- party I was at in the end of November 2019 (sounds like forever,- but it’s just 6 weeks ago 😊). And I don’t feel for going on a new party for a while now 😊. I’m very happy with the parties I have been at during the last weeks 😊 ,- and it’s actually enough for me for a while 😊. I’m getting older and prefer “homeevenings” 😅.

Like I did write, – it was a great party yesterday and absolutely worth to be at 😊. But I do prefer smaller “event” together with some few friends 😊. Maybe that also have something with “the age” to do? 😊 I’m getting older and prefer a different kinds of “social events” now then when I was younger 😊.

And the dress,- well I did choose a black one. A black dress is always classic, elegant and a safe choice 😊.

What about you and parties? Do you prefer big parties or smaller parties with just some few and close friends? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

A #black #dress is in general both safe, #elegant and a #classic #style and #choice 😊. So my #choice became a black dress for yesterdays event, party and #Wintergalla 😊. And it was a great party with #tasty #food, #good #colleagues and good music too 😊.

What to choose? 💃 What to ware? 👗👠

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Today, this evening, I’m going to a #Wintergalla at my job 👗❄. I’m really looking forward to that,- and I also feel very #lucky,- because it’s just 6 weeks since I was on an #elegant Christmas party with my last job 🎄.

#Imagen that,- two elegant parties in so short time is not “normal” for me,- so this going to be fun 😊.

But as most #women when we are going “to dress up” I’m wondering a bit about what to wear this evening 👗.

Not because I’m going to buy any new dresses, or because I have no dresses to #choose between. It’s actually just because I have some very nice and elegant dresses to choose between 🥰. And I m not sure with one to choose 😊.

Oh,- I really like dresses,- and in general I have one nice dress from closely every country I have been visiting 😊. I did write closely ☺️,- so it’s not from all the countries I have been visiting 😊. And I also have a couple of dresses I did get when I was “walking down on the #catwalk” at different places in Norway some (many) years ago 😊.

Oh,- I did really like that, – to walk on the catwalk 😍. Just because I could ware beautiful wedding dresses, elegant galla dresses, sexy party dresses and very nice prome dresses 🥰.

So,- that’s why I’m not going to buy any new dress for this evening, I have enough to choose between in my own closet 😊.

I have always like to be dressed up in nice and elegant #dresses 👗. My mammi always said that I was born in the wrong #century 😅,- and in the wrong family too 😅. I should probably been born into an “#environment” where I could have been using dresses a bit more often then I was “able” to and wanted to do in Norway 😊.

But one thing is for sure,- I’m not born into the wrong family 🥰. My family up there in Norway are very #perfect just the way they are 🧡. It was and still are a great family, and a perfectly fine place to grow up in 🥰. So in that “case” my mammi was a bit wrong,- but when it comes to the century she ment I should been born in,- I actually don’t know if she was wrong or correct 😅.

I think she ment I should have been living at a castle in the 1700 or something like that. Probably in the #Baroque period or something 😅. And who knows,- maybe I even did 😉.

Anyway,- I’m really looking forward to the Winter Galla this evening,- and I’m really looking forward to “dress myself up” in a nice and #elegant #dress too 🥰. And I’m really looking forward to meet my colleagues “outside” from the office as well 😊. I like my colleagues at work, so I think it be really nice to meet the “outside” too 😊.

But witch one of my dresses should I choose to this party 🤔? It’s actually one of my few #luxury “problems” 😅,- and in one way, I do #enjoy to have this luxury “problem” 😊. It’s good to have one of them in between the daily life 🥰.

It’s also days like this I miss to live together with my daughter 🥰,- and of course other days too 😊. But it was a very good help to ask her for some “dress- advice” now and then 😊.

I know I need to have closed shoes this evening,- and that one is already “chosen” 👠. And I know I can’t have a to much summer dress,- it’s cold, and it’s going to be cold,- and even we are going to be inside at the Winter Galla,- the hotel where the #galla is, is close, very close to the beach. So it can be a bit “fresh” 😊.

I have already found four different dresses I’m going to try on,- and then just see witch one I do feel most #comfortable and at the same time elegant in 😊.

Maybe I show you a photo tomorrow? Witch dress it became? I’m still not “best friends” with this photo- stick or what the name was again,- and I’m not the best one to take this “selfies” either 😅. But I’m at least going to try 😊.

I hope you have something nice and fun to look forward to this Saturday,- even it maybe are not a Winter Galla, – but hopefully something else fun 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by #myblog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

It’s #WinterGalla at my job this evening ❄, – and I’m just a woman with closely the same “what to ware- #challenge” many women have when it comes to “dressing up” 👗. And in this “case” it’s one of my very few “#luxury problems” in my daily life,- I have a lots of #nice and #elegant #dresses to #choose between 🥰. “#Feelinglucky” 🥰.

Just one day left 😊

Hi ❣ it’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Its actually just one day left at my job. The job I have done for the last 5 months, and it’s feels not to bad at all that it’s just one day left 😊.

It has been an new experience in my life, something I can use on my resume, and I have also learned a couple of things about my self. I have met some great people, even got a friend and two 😊. I’m grateful for this opportunity 🧡.

But I don’t mind to start with something new next week 🥰. I’m really looking forward to the new job and new opportunities I’m starting on at Tuesday 🧡. I have been working for that company before, 2 years actually, and it feels a bit like “coming home” to be back again 😊.


It’s a big international company with different departments, and I’m going to start in a totally new department. The department first day are on Tuesday, – so it’s a bit exciting 😊.

Last time I did work there was for a travel agency in this company,- and it was travels mainly to Turkey. So when IS started to “troubling” around in the world the sales of travels to Turkey became a lot less, and there was no job to me after a while. Then I did started to work in the homenursery for a English and a Scandinavian company 😊.

So I have been working with a couple of things here in Spain the last 6 years 😊.

I have less and less focus at my job, the work I’m doing at the moment, where my last day is tomorrow. But I’m doing my job. I like to quite innately good way 😊.

It has been strange to use so much time and so much hours on something I have never felt in a way a part of. In a way not “me”. It has been days where I needed to remember my self about to go to work 😅. Special the days when I did started at 10.00, and also days when I haven been off from my job.


It’s one man I have a “good eye on” at my job,- but……I have not any idea how to tell him 😅. I know he is single, but how to show or tell him or ask him that it could be nice to meet him…..for a coffee or a glass of wine, or orange juice 😅. I don’t drink coffee, but it’s a innocent question about asking “to have a cup of coffee together one day”. But I m not sure if I have the “guts” to ask, and tomorrow is my last chance 😊. It is not even sure he “know who Im” . I mean,- it’s over 200 people there 😊. Well,- we see,- maybe I get the guts tomorrow 😅. Or I might be a bit cowardly and send him a text message tomorrow when I come home from work 😅.

Any suggestions what I should do? Like I mention, – it’s not even sure he have recognized me 😅,- and haven’t any idea who I am ☺️.

It’s a couple of things I’m looking forward to not “be a part of” at my job anymore. That’s over 50 phonecalls straight into my head every single day, and all the noise. It’s incredibly noisy to work at a callcenter/ costumecenter with open landscape 🙄. And I looking forward to not be at work 10 hours 5 days a week 😊. Even I still need to have “the workhours” during a week,- now I can do the rest at home 😊.


I’m also looking forward to not have a “babysitter” around me, who is in his/her mid-20s and believes he/she has all the wisdom of life in the world 🙄. But that’s the way it is, – some people are just like that- and I feel really relieved to not have this person around me during the day anymore- just one more day now 😊.

There are also some persons I’m going to miss. I think some of them I’m going to meet again, because they feel a bit like friends, and some has become my friends, and some I will probably never meet again. That’s life 😊.

Anyway,- I have a good feeling in my stomach about the new job, and I don’t regret my choice so fare. It will be shorter between my home and my job, a bit shorter days too. I know I need to compensate that with doing more work from my home- but that’s also a part of what I want, and a part of my plan 😊. Step by step, little by little 😊.

If I have or get “the guts” to ask for this “coffee- meeting” tomorrow I’m going to tell you ☺️. But it’s not sure I take the chance 😅.

Are you enjoying your work? Or do you feel it’s not “you” ? And do you trust your “stomach- feelings”?

I do, more and more as older I get 😊. And, like I mention, I have a good feeling for this new job 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

It’s just one day left,- and in a couple of days I m starting in a new job 😊. This time with not so much mixed feelings as I had 5 months ago- I’m looking forward to my new job 😊.

It was a elegant Christmas party 🍷🎄

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊. I hope all is fine with you 🧡

The Christmas-party at my job was very elegant and nice. Everyone was dressed up nice and stylish, and the place where the event was arranged was really great 🏰.

A tasty 3 course dinner was served, which consisted of appetizer, dinner and dessert with drinks 🥗


I didn’t have to much time to dress up and fix myself before the event- but tried my very best 😊. The time runs fast after work sometimes 😊. But a classic, black dress is normally safe to use.

In general I don’t feel very comfortable at big parties, or events with a lots of people around me, but as long as I can join someone I know it feels a bit “safe” 😅. It’s because I don’t feel very comfortable with a lots of people around me, special people I don’t know. I’m not sure why it is like this, and actually it doesn’t bother me to have this “habit” 😊. In general I don’t go at big events anyway 😊. And I do know a tiny bit the people I’m working together with in the department I work for. So I did knew some “souls” yesterday 😊. They’re great people, and I’m going to miss some of them when I stop working there.

Some I’m going to keep in touch with, and some I will probably never see again. But that’s the way it is. I have also got a good friend there, so her I will probably see a bit more then the rest 😊. And….to be honest….its one more from my work it had been nice to see/meet / kept in touch with, – a bit more when Im finish working for this company ,- but I have no idea how 🤭.

I don’t know how many we was at the party yesterday, but I know there’s over 200 employees at the company I’m working for, and then from 5 different countries 😊. So it was a bit of people. All very nice dressed up.

I did join my friend from work to the party. She did drive so I arrived with her both to and back home from the event. It’s good to not be to late home,- then the next day is a bit useful 😊. I like that😊.

And there was, maybe unfortunately, not to much flirting 😅. I have not a clue how to do that anymore 😅. But I had a really nice time with good friends, good colleagues and tasty food 😊. It was an elegant party with not to much of the “Viking- style” in 😊. That’s good 😊.


This day, and this weekend are going to be used to work from home, make some cakes and try to prepare a bit for Christmas in my home 🎄.

It feels great to have so much time to use- after being at a party the day before 😊. I know some of my colleagues went out “to do the city a bit unsafe” after the party, and I did consider to join them yesterday,- but now I’m very happy I didnt 😊. It has probably been very fun, but then maybe this day hasn’t been so much fun, and maybe not very useful either 😅. Now I have 2 fun and useful days- yesterday and this day infront of me 😊.

I hope your day will be both useful and fun for you,- no matter what you are going to do or use it to 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Me,- dressed up as best as I could and had the time for before the Christmas-party yesterday 😊. It was a great party, with tasty food, at an elegant place and it was fun,- and not with to munch of the “Viking-style” into either 😊. I wish you a great and useful day today ☀️.

A bit teaching and a bit writing too 📝📚

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Today,- or more correctly, this afternoon, after my ordinary work, I did work a bit more with both have a #student and #manage to #write three #textes. Not here,- or,- yes,- here too, but just this one 😊,- but I also did get a couple of written tasks sent to me as a #job 😊.

And it #feels so #great to be able to do a bit of this kind of jobs too . I feel a bit “#alive” then 😊. Just get the possibility to use myself and my #brain a bit feels good . I like that 😊. Special because it’s jobs I like to do 😊.

Busy day,- yes 😊. Long day,- yes 😊. #Nice day,- absolutely 🌞. But its not difficult to work long days when you are #enjoying the #work 😊. At least not for me.

And I did send my #resume to a couple of “real” jobs this afternoon as well. I know they are real because I know where the companies are 😊. With that means,- I know this are not scam jobs.

I m looking for a job where it’s possibility to for me to also work with textes and teaching. At the moment it’s a tiny, tiny possibility for me to do that in my #ordenary #job,- but just for a very short term. If not,- I m going to be executed- and that’s not good rather 😊. I m already tried, ( all the noises and voices makes my sooooo tired at my job) , and there are not very much time to do ” all and everything” I want to do after Im finish at my ordinary job.

I do #regret I did say “no, thank you” to a job- offer I got 2 weeks ago here in the area. At the same time I don’t regret it. I did like more and less everything about the job,- exept from the #working- #schedule. The #shifts- hour was a bit ….. difficult in a way. Special the night- shift. “Dormant night watch”,- something means you can sleep all night when you are at work,- or maybe not, you never now,- but you still needed to be at the office from 11.00 to 16.00 at daytime, after a nightshift. Can be a #challenge to do when you have no idea how busy the night will be 😊. I know,- I have been working some night- shift in my life so I know 😊. And I knew that this one could be a challenge for me to do. Have 5 night- shift and also day-shift at the same time. Would not work out very well for me, unfortunately. And I could also really put my #goals and #dreams on the #working- #area a bit more “on hold”,- and I don’t want to do that rather 😊.

Anyway,- at the moment there are a bit payed written tasks I can do the nexts weeks from my home in the evenings . Something I also are going to do as best as I can 😊. Because it’s that working- area I want back too ,- and of course a bit more students too 😊. Then I need to try to do my best in between my ordenary job 😊.

Im looking forward to some busy weeks with jobs and taskes Im enjoying to do 😊. Even it at the moment mean long and busy days 😊.

I hope you’re enjoying your workingdays as I enjoying my working- evenings at my home at the moment 😊.

I whis you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

I want to #change some of this #working- #equipment a tiny bit with #books and #research, #textes and #creativity 😊. But to reach goals and dreams also means #hard #work 😊. Im on “the #case” , trying my best,- and then I hopefully will see some kind of #positive #results to reach my #dreams and #goals 😊.