A bit teaching and a bit writing too 📝📚

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Today,- or more correctly, this afternoon, after my ordinary work, I did work a bit more with both have a #student and #manage to #write three #textes. Not here,- or,- yes,- here too, but just this one 😊,- but I also did get a couple of written tasks sent to me as a #job 😊.

And it #feels so #great to be able to do a bit of this kind of jobs too . I feel a bit “#alive” then 😊. Just get the possibility to use myself and my #brain a bit feels good . I like that 😊. Special because it’s jobs I like to do 😊.

Busy day,- yes 😊. Long day,- yes 😊. #Nice day,- absolutely 🌞. But its not difficult to work long days when you are #enjoying the #work 😊. At least not for me.

And I did send my #resume to a couple of “real” jobs this afternoon as well. I know they are real because I know where the companies are 😊. With that means,- I know this are not scam jobs.

I m looking for a job where it’s possibility to for me to also work with textes and teaching. At the moment it’s a tiny, tiny possibility for me to do that in my #ordenary #job,- but just for a very short term. If not,- I m going to be executed- and that’s not good rather 😊. I m already tried, ( all the noises and voices makes my sooooo tired at my job) , and there are not very much time to do ” all and everything” I want to do after Im finish at my ordinary job.

I do #regret I did say “no, thank you” to a job- offer I got 2 weeks ago here in the area. At the same time I don’t regret it. I did like more and less everything about the job,- exept from the #working- #schedule. The #shifts- hour was a bit ….. difficult in a way. Special the night- shift. “Dormant night watch”,- something means you can sleep all night when you are at work,- or maybe not, you never now,- but you still needed to be at the office from 11.00 to 16.00 at daytime, after a nightshift. Can be a #challenge to do when you have no idea how busy the night will be 😊. I know,- I have been working some night- shift in my life so I know 😊. And I knew that this one could be a challenge for me to do. Have 5 night- shift and also day-shift at the same time. Would not work out very well for me, unfortunately. And I could also really put my #goals and #dreams on the #working- #area a bit more “on hold”,- and I don’t want to do that rather 😊.

Anyway,- at the moment there are a bit payed written tasks I can do the nexts weeks from my home in the evenings . Something I also are going to do as best as I can 😊. Because it’s that working- area I want back too ,- and of course a bit more students too 😊. Then I need to try to do my best in between my ordenary job 😊.

Im looking forward to some busy weeks with jobs and taskes Im enjoying to do 😊. Even it at the moment mean long and busy days 😊.

I hope you’re enjoying your workingdays as I enjoying my working- evenings at my home at the moment 😊.

I whis you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my #blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

I want to #change some of this #working- #equipment a tiny bit with #books and #research, #textes and #creativity 😊. But to reach goals and dreams also means #hard #work 😊. Im on “the #case” , trying my best,- and then I hopefully will see some kind of #positive #results to reach my #dreams and #goals 😊.

Suddenly both in UK and Russia 🤔

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

This weekend someone did try to log in to my email- account in both UK and Russia with just a couple of hours in between 🤔. And,- of course it was not me. Maybe I do things fast sometimes,- but not soooo fast 😅. It’s a bit difficult to be in both those places with just a couple of hours between, at the same time as Im in Spain. I didn’t say it was impossible,- but very difficult. At least for me,- I don’t have that kind of “speed” in my butt 😅.

Of course I know what it was ,- someone tried to #hack into my #account, what also mean someone want to do one or another kind of #scam against me- for what? The money I don’t have? 🤔

Well,-and a tiny little tips is- don’t try to hack into the same account at more or less the same time then, and from two different #countries too 😉. Then the warning- lamps glow pretty red in the #security #system 😊.

It’s so so sad that some people do this,- do or try to make an #economic #scam in one or another way against other innocent people they don’t even know. Don’t get me wrong now – it is not ethical or moral (or political for that matter) correct to commit an economic scam against anyone at all 😔. But why be so incredibly mean against someone you don’t even know? Someone you have never seen, talked to or met? #Destroy someone’s #economic $life for what? And why?

( Yes I know about wars and all that, the children in Syria and Africa- the topic to day are jusy not in that area. But yes, belive me, I do really know there are a lots of innocent people around in the world that really bad things and situations happen to,- and they really don’t deserve it at all 😢).

Unfortunately its more and more economic scam around in the world,- and as more as the #technology and the online area too, are growing, the possibility for an economic scam are growing as well,- and with a very fast “speed” too. Even different kinds of security system also are growing and try the best to protect us againt this, it’s not easy,- the scammers can be, unfortunately, very #creative 😔.

It was a security system that “helped me” to stop the hacking into my email account this weekend.

I’m not sure why someone in Russia wanted to hack into my account. Im not so special at all. No fan- emails or any donations of any economic kind to find in my area,- sorry 😉.

What I only can assume is that it could be Mr Ex miserable ex- mistress he did have in Russia for maybe 9 years ago- before he met me, did try do “exposure” her self again 🤔? But like I did write,- I can just assume- something that means that I have actually no idea. Its just my thoughts and #imagenations.

But she was not to happy when he didn’t picked her up from Russia and “moved” her to Norway 😣. Something I did get payed for- so bad it was burning far into my soul, and my life- maybe for the rest of my life too 😔. If she had have the possibility to kill me she had probably done it,- at the same time she did,- in her own way. A story I’m, by the way, are not comfortable to tell- so I just let that one be as it is at this point 😔. But yes,- that was my first thought- this miserable ex- mistress in Russia trying again to get out a bit “harm and steam” , and did try to hack my account. But it’s not sure it was her.

The hacking from the UK I, unfortunately, think it’s a #job I did send my CV/ resume to,- a “$work- from- home” job thats probably don’t exist 🤔. And there are a lots of scam in the working- area too 😔. A lots of work that doesn’t exict,- but still “looks” real, also when you do #reseeach about the company online.

Sad, sad, sad 😔. People send their CV/ #resume with presonal information, and necessary #informstion, like the name, email-adress, adress, birth-date, phonenumber, and a bit more.

People send their resume because they want a job, they need a job, they need a income,- and they do really not need an economic scam on top of that. Normally and in general it’s a reason why people send they’r resume to a job- , just repit my self now,- but they do it because they need a job, and they need a job because they need a #income.

I don’t know how it is with scam- jobs in Norway,- but it’s a bit of them “out there in the world”. I know,- becasue the first part of this year I did send my CV, my resume, to more jobs then I have ever done in my life. And unfortunately, maybe 50 % of them was just scam- jobs. Unfortunately for the scammers, ther was not very much more to get from me then my resume. But still I have send some of my personal information to people that can use this information in a not very good way. So fare, so good,- at least as I know,- my resume and my information hasn’t been used.

This is also one of the reasons why I m so sceptical to pyramid- jobs.

A vacant job ad looks like a regular, any job ad many times, with different and important information about the company. Even when doing various research about the simple business on the internet. I did even send my resume to a nursery- company that I did find out, after a while, didn’t exist. And also to a teaching- job that wasn’t “the real deal”, and some more.

Sometimes you can see this “fake-jobs” very fast, other times it can take a while because everything seems so “real”.

Just an remider- everything that can happens to everyone else can actually happens to you too! In all area in life,- also economic scam of any kind. Because there are so much and different ways a scammer can do “this job” in today’s society. No one are “protected”. Not rich, not poor. No reason to be to fast with any kind of jugdments ! You never know when it can be you!

I have a job now, with a income that at least cover most of the expenses. Im more lucky then a lots of other people are,- I know that, and Im greatful for that, and relived,- Even I don’t feel comfortable with the job. I still need a income.

There are so many areas a economic scam can be done on and in. Job application, ATM, telephone, facebook, e-mail account, fake loans, false information of various kinds, online dating ( I have already told you about scam on online- dating in an eralier post), false investment, falsification of various documents, and so much, much more. I don’t even remember all the areas. Most of us, at least them over the age of 50- 60, have heard about “Nigeria- scam”. But that one is “easy” to descover now,- it’s so much other kind of scam thats not so easy to descover before it is to late, just because of the way it’s created, the fals “imagenation” it gives in an, unfortunately, so correct way , – and a economic life for a person or family are totally ruined, maybe forever.

I seriously don’t understand why someone have any kind of “pleasure” to do this, destroy someone elses life like this. And I will probably never understand it rather.

My economic life in Norway is destroyed because of an economic scam. That’s one of my biggest “bumps” in my life,- and I don’t know if I ever will be able to remove it from my life. I don’t know if it ever will be fixed, or even any #possibility to fix it.

That’s my ghost in my corner, that’s my skeleton in my closet, that’s my shame in my life. How and what happen Im not going to tell. I don’t feel comfortable to tell. I live with a constant reminder about it everyday, anyway 😔. I did went to the police with the case, but thing takes time, long time,- and there are so many different kinds of economic scam all over the world. The police have more then enough cases to work with, and choose between.

So when I did got this hack information this weekend I didn’t feel any kind of worries, just incredibly sad 😔.

So then you know ,- too much for some to know, to little for others to know. The content in this post is anyway what Im comfortable to tell,- even its a heavy reminder in my life for me.

I really hope you never will get this or any kind of this #experience in your life with economic scam- you really do not deserve it 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

It’s not gold everything thats sparkling. And an economic scammer can destroy even the tiny little “spark” you did have 😔.

…but a bit “drama” and stories does actually “sells”….. that’s the way it is 😊

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Of course I get some different questions about living in Spain. Like why, when, how, and a bit more. In general my answers are truth ,- but with modifications.

But its not just like that for just me,- ” a truth answare with modifications”.

I was supriced over how many different (and honest) “stories” there are to, for example, the question “Why did you move to Spain?” Special when the person are closer to the age of 30 or older, and before the retirement. In between those ages there are some sad life- stories about why the person did choose to moved to Spain,- or an to other country in the world. A place fare away from Norway.

I did write honest stories, because in general “we all” answare with a nice answare, a answare thats not “dangerous” to tell or say, a answare that can’t hurt you, or be “used against you” an other time. A answare most people actually expect and, just also want to hear…..at the same time as they are also a bit couriers to know just a tiny bit more 😊.

Im just like that too,- whant to know a tiny bit more as well as answare a question with a nice answare 😊. For example,- if I get the question “How are you?” I more and less always answare “I’m fine thank you. I hope all are fine with you too”. Or “….and how are you?”. Even when I’m not feeling very fine. If I have a cold I can tell, but if I feel miserable inside me I’m not telling to much. And most of us are like that 😊. We just, maybe, tell our closest that we don’t feel very well “in a situation or in our life”.

And my answer to why I did move to Spain are not the story about being “dropped off in Spain”. I normally tell bit “nicer” one 😊.

Why is it like that I’m not sure,- I can more and less only answare for myself. Why I do reply many questions I get back with a “nice” answare 😊. Thats because I don’t want “all and everyone” to know how I’m actually are, or to jugd me, or the situation I’m in, or was in. Special this “judgement” is difficult, I think,- at least for me.

When that’s said, or in this case written, I’m writing a bit about “how I’m” in different settings and areas in my life in my blog and posts ,- and with that means share it too 😊. Also not “the best days, or experiences or feelings or thoughts in my life“.

It’s still a bit different to dare and share in a blog then “face to face ” in many settings ,- at least for me 😊. And I’m just sharing what I feel comfortable with sharing 😊. But I also know someone are feeling a bit uncomfortable if I’m sharing something they self feels familiar with. At the sametime as it gives a kind of comfort.

There are a ghost and two in every persons corner as well as there are a skeleton or two in mostly everyone’s closet. But that doesn’t mean they want, or need to share their story, not the ghost or skeleton,- somethings that are perfectly fine 😊. We all have our stories in life,- some pretty good one, and some not to good . And for me that’s gives me a kind of comfort to know when I’m writing some of my stories 😊.

I’m not always comfortable with everything I’m sharing,- but it’s in general not because of the story Im sharing, it’s more about the readers.

I’m comfortable to share my stories online to you I don’t know as well as to my closets one. My closets one probably already did know the most of the story anyway 😊.

What I’m uncomfortable with sometimes are the one how think they know me and my life, and my different experiences, and the one who are just somehow acquainted with me as well. Thise people “scares” me a bit,- but here I really need to learn to just “give a bit more shit” about what “someone else” are thinking. Its not easy, so I have something to work with here 😊.

We like in general to tell others our nice story, its normally for to protect our self from actually being “jugd” by others. But at the same time we do like to hear and read about stories with a bit drama in. “Drama”, a bit actoin of different kinds and “stories” does actually sells.

If we read a book or a story, watch a movie or a series,- we do like it when it’s “spiced up” with some kind of action. Also even the news sells more if there are any kind of action and a bit drama into it.

I’m not going to share the different stories people have shared with me about why they did choose to move from Norway. It’s not my story to tell 😊. At least not before they want me to tell it.

And I have already told you a bit about why I did moved to Spain, or was dropped off in Spain, if you prefer 😊. And that story did sell 😊. As well as my posts with different recipes, or other posts where people does feels familiar with in the daily life too, posts with the daily lifes “ups and downs” as most of us meets, does sells as well 😊.

So if one of my goals is to be able to get a bit income by my textes I actually need to sell….”sell” posts that gives me reeaders and the possibility to grow 😊. Sell a bit drama and action 😅. Would I be able to do that? I don’t know,- but I’m going to give it a try 😊. ( ….and yes,- learn to give a bit more shit about what everyone else will think too 😊 ). I don’t have to much “drama” or action in my life at the moment,- but there always a story to tell in one or an another way 😊.

So what do I want with this text today ? To be honest,- just to comfort my self to continue to “sell”, to write,- even I know some stories can be boring, some will get more attention then others, and some text will maybe make some readers uncomfortable too 😊. And also comfort my self to remember “all and everyone” has a story and two to tell,- so the “jugdment” line should be a bit low 😊.

We all have a story to tell 😊. With a bit drama and action into as well 😊 But it’s perfectly fine to just read and listen to others stories too- and keep your story just for your self 😊. It can make its own comfort to just know sometimes too 😊

Ehm,- what just happen? 🤔😊

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Normally its very #peaceful and #silent here where I #live,- but for some reason did my neighbour choose to start renovating their apartment today 😥. Of course,- today- when I have #holiday,- and also really was looking forward to some days with silent 🤤. I live in a townhouse, as mean the houses are side by side, the walls are side by side. And everything are made of brick blocks and cement, and of course it’s not insulated (natural enough since we live in South of Spain) – which makes the sound sound like all the renovation is happening inside at my place.

Its really, seriously disturbing 😥. Its actually more then enough #noise at my work 🤤. I dont want it to be in my #home too 😭. Special not when I have holiday AND need to #think a bit,- actually a bit more then a bit too 😊. ( and just to “top it all” I got my periode to day and had migrain- terrible . So guess what? My #mood was not on the top 😅).

So,- why do I need to think a bit? I m not sure what #happen on Halloween, 31.October, in the morning,- but something “#special” did happen,- and I really need to “sort things” out now- in peace and silent 😊. Not noise, noise, noise. I dont know about you,- but I cant have noise and #sounds around me that I don’t like when I need to find out a bit about maybe #important things and #decision in my life. But thats anyway, the way Im created. Not everyone are #created like me 😊.

So,- the “special” things and decisions are not so “special” for some, but for me its a bit “special”. Im actually not sure if the word “special” is correct to use rather. But on the morning around 06.30, “early-bird” in the morning , before I went to #work , at 31. October, I put my CV on a #webpage- just my #CV, not a photo, not very much #information, – or well,- thats not true,- my CV have a lots of information about me 😅. But I did mention that I wanted to #work with #textes, and #online,- and I did thought I did mention I wanted to work from my home. But obviously not 😅. Because that day I got 5 different job-offer. Seriously. But not any “work-from-home”,- or thats not true,- one job is actually to work from my home.

I got phone-calls at my #job,- but didnt take the #chance to #answare. Its busy at work,- I have around 50 phone-calls during a day,- so I dont need #private one too 😅. And I was also #seriously #supriced, and a bit #confused too. I actually didnt know what to #respond 😊. But I did answare the emails they send my after. And ,- have also spoken on the phone with most of them,- exept from one.

Its different #work-#offer,- and #interest work-offer too, for me at least 😊. But I havent got any of them yet,- its offers to interviews to jobs- need to do an #interview first, before I can get a job 😊. But this different #companies want to have interview with me,- without me have sending any #application to them first. Thats new for me 😊.

Oh,- yes,- I did actually got one job- offer, like I mention,- but I didt say “no-thank you” to that job today,- because it was a #shift-job,- and I m a bit finish with working night-shift. Its absolutely nothing wrong with the job,- but after working night-shift “on-off” during around 20- 25 years Im not quite into that anymore. The job was fine,- really,- so I have #recommended others to send their CV to it 😊.

Then its a job in Portugal,- I don’t know very much about that one yet. And its two jobs in Ireland. One in Dublin and one in Belfast. Both of my interest,- so absolutely,- but if I get one of these I need to #move,- to Ireland.

I have had phone-#conversation with both. The one in Dublin Im going to have a Skype-conversation with on Wednesday too.

And then there is also an interesting job I can do from my home,- I m going to have a Skype-conversation about that one this evening 😊.

So,- its actually nothing so “special” that did happen 31. October,- but for me it is. Even I havent got any of the jobs yet. Yes,- one,- but I didnt take that one. I have never in my life got so much #interest for my CV at the same day ever in my #life 😊. So for me it felt and still feels very special 😊. And I m not sure whats happen that day, 31. October,- because I have put my CV online before,- but there hasn’t been very much interest,- and suddenly it was a tiny “#rush” 😊. Well,- for me it feels like a “rush” 😊.

Like I did mention,- I haven’t got any of this jobs yet,- but, not to #brage or be #selfish,- I can have a good #chance to get 3 of this 4 jobs. What to do then? 😊. What to #choose? How to choose? 😊 I have some #thoughts in my head,- I can promise you that 😅. It goes a bit like a centrifuge on the washing-mashine “up there” at the #moment 😅. And of course I already have #discussed this with my #children 💛.

But,- I dont need to take any #decision at the moment at all. I haven’t got any of this jobs I have been in phone-contact with. Im just in a interview- round 😊.

But,- I m a person that like to have a “#back-up” #plan. Probably because I have raise my 3 children more and less alone,- and it hasn’t always been easy,- special not in the economic- area. And I see that maybe that area slowly can be a bit better now,- step by step, little by little, from next year. So I dont want to take chances where I can loose to much rather.

And I like to know what I have to relate too 😊. I like to have an “just in case” plan 😊.

And to be honest,- I have actually thought,- maybe “the love of my life” is in Ireland? 🤗 I do miss a boyfriend. At the same time boyfriend and relationship scares me very much. Im so worried to meet a new Mr.Ex,- and I m not sure if I can handle that one one more time,- but thats a story and text for another day 😊. ( it can be a text with “too much” for some,- but not with more then I m #comfortable to share 😊).

Anyway,- it was a bit on the #sidelines of today’s #topic, – boyfriend and relationship. Today it is jobs, works and thoughts around that #area. A area I actually just need to see whats happen the next days and if I get any of the job-offer BTW ,- I did also send in my CV to another job today, a 50 % #posission here in Spain 😊. Just in case 😅.

I do have a job,- but like I already have mention a couple of times before,- I m not comfortable in my job,- its not “me”, but a income is necessary 😊. So let me just clarify again, it’s a good job. It’s not the job it’s something wrong with, it’s me. I just feel I slowly withers like a flower a tiny bit every day. But when thats said,- I still try to do a good job everyday, and keep me over the “#magic” 90 % #limit if costumer #satfiction 😊. So just #imagine how good job I can do in a job thats a bit more “#me” 😊.

Anyway,- I dont know what will happen in this week, my holiday- week, at the job-area 😊. I think I will try my best to just “#flow #with the #waves” ,- and see what the #destiny and the #life #gives me 😊. At this point I have no #idea 😊. Maybe a new #destination in life, or maybe Im just are going to be where I m for a while 😊. I dont know 😊.

Have you ever try to “flow with the waves ” and just see whats happen? What life and destiny brings you? I have probably done it a couple of times in my life, probably more than a couple of times too 😅 . Its a bit scary, but it also brings a lots of new experiences “on the wave-trip” 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. And Thank you so much for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛

See you soon 😊

Im not sure where “the #waves ” will take me the next days,- maybe just #here where Im, or maybe to an other #destination in #life 😊. I just know Im going to try my best to “follow the waves” and see whats #happen 😊. Its not #easy when I m not sure what #direction the waves takes 😊. Maybe not any big dicertion at all- whats fine too, for a #moment,- actually 😊.

The pyramids ⛰( jobs) 😊

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Its not a #secret that I dont feel 100 % #comfortable in my job. That doesn’t mean its a bad job,- not at all 😊. Its a #good #job 😊. We are all just #different,- and some like some kind of work, when others #prefer another kind of job 😊. Thats the way it is,- and thats good. We cant do the same job all of us any way. And sometimes in life its also #necessary to do a job just to get the income for the bills too 😊.

Some of us need and like to take care of the nursery in different areas, and other like to work in a cafe, bar, resturant or hotel. Some like to work with clothes in different areas, other prefer cars. And so on,- and thats makes ” the #wheels #goes #around” in the #society,- that we have different kind of #jobs, #knowledge and #interests, and also prefer to work differently 😊.

My wish is to be able to work more from my #home again, and be able to #create it as an #living. Be able to pay my bills and create a #lifestyle,- a #lifestyle thats #correct for me 😊. If I #manage to do it,- I dont know,- but Im working on it,- Im on “the #case” 😊. Not every day, unfortunately I dont have time for that, but every week.

With that means I m also “sniff around” a bit, special online to see if there are any #possibility for getting some work I can do from my home as well as get an #income thats #possibility to live for and by, and a job I do feel I “fit” into 😊.

And there are different kinds of jobs thats gives a possibility to work from your home, but many of these are whats called “#pyramid-jobs”. Its nothing wrong with that either, and there are a lots of #greats #products to choose from and between 😊.

Its clothes, make-up, cosmetic- products and different types of diets and engery powder ect., food-products and other kind of health- products. In general most of this products are good, and I could probably both used them, #promoted them and even maybe sold them. My #challenge is this “pyramid-job” and the “#building” , and to do the #selling. Im not a good seller, or good to “get” people to #buy something 😊.

The #consept is in general fine, and for many its a #great #opportunity to both work from home and earn good money. But its not the best opportunity for me. Im not the best “team-builder” either. I dont want to recruit new “once”, and have a kind of #responsibility for others.

I should wish I just could just #promote #products like this in my #blog 😊. But okay,- thats not the way its working,- so thats why I m #considering to learn more about for example make-up and about how to use make-up ….. but not before next year 😊. I need to have find time and how to do it as well as #learn it, and try to #save a bit money to buy the start-kit first too, and also how to “built” it 😊.

I can try to sell products I “belive” in,- but to find new sellers and building up an “#pyrimad” is not very much “me”. I know Im not good in either #build a pyramid or sell different kinds of products. Thats the way it is 😊. We can’t all be #professional in the same #area 😊. But okay,- I can try and see how it goes 😊. I see next year what I do 😊.

I know its it takes time, a lots if work and #energy to build such a concept. Pyramid-consept. And I #admire those who makes it, and #manage to make it to a #livelihood. They #deserve to be “on the top”,- many of them have been #working #hard to get there 😊⛰.

Its in a way the same way like when they build this real pyramids, the big once like the once that are in Egypt for example. You #start on the #grownd and build it up,- stone for stone 😊. You also need a #good #team around you to manage build the pyramid. And often you need to invest a bit more then time and enery- like money. Probably thats where the name is from? #Pyramid? 😊

Of course I know its a bit more then that behind a pyramid- consept, and not just all are #positive. But thats in many other jobs too. I think “pyramid-job” often get a little more negative #reputation than they #deserves.

Of course I know you also in many of thise concept need to invest a bit money in some kind of “start-kit” too. How should you else be able to “knew” the different products so well that you are available to sell them? 😊.

I know #I #can #build up “#something” ,- but Im probably better to build up something other then a pyramid 😊. Maybe a #cozy #cave? 😉 #Just #kidding 😅. But I m trying to look for something else to build 😊. Something thats #suits #me and my #personality a bit better then a pyramid 😊. Because we are also #different #types of #builders, and we #built #differently.

Some can #create a big pyramid other a cozy cave, some can create a house, other a town. Some #create #experience “on the road” and #hopefully #good #memories too. And its a bit important, I think, to #enjoy what you are building, to feel you are building something thats “#fits” you. No matter what you are building or doing 😊.

Are you building up something at the #moment ? Do you enjoy your work and the way you are buliding? 😊 I hope you get a fantastic “building” no matter what are you building or doing 😊. Because when you are building you are also creating. It can be a job, or it can be experience, or even great memories 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛. Thank you so much for dropping by today,- and for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊.

The #pyramids in Egypt/ Cairo from a #travel #my #children and #me had in February 2009,- soon 11 years ago 😊⛰. We did #built #marvellous #experience #together, and #great and #funny #memories too 💛. Its many times about “#building” in #life,- even its #good #consept, #different #experiences or #great #memories 😊.

6 moths and still a fresh and happy “newbie” in this “online- world” 🐝 😊

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Today its actually 6 months since I did really started to #blog and “put” #myself and my #posts “out there” for “all and everyone” 😊. But I did start a bit before that,- I think its around 1 1/2 year since I did $created my blog and started with my first posts.

They was also in a way “#online” at that time, but I didnt “#published” them the way I did started to do 6 moths ago.

It was a bit scary, but also a bit #excited 😊. And its still are 😍,- but not in the same way anymore 😊. I have #exposed my self a lot, but I have still a lots more to $expose 😊. Something I like, even that also is a bit “spooky” too 😊.

I have been #learning a lot, also about my self, and I have much more to learn,- specially if Im going to try to #reach my #goals 😊 📝.

My “goals” for the 6 first months as an “#blogger” was not very much. And I did start for different #reasons.

One of the reasons was to be able to expose my self more, learn to give a bit of “myself” into my #textes 😊. And I also did started to blog because there wasn’t very much textes to #write for me as an #freelancer/ #freelancewriter,- and as I have mention before,- I really $enjoy to write, work from my home and #create, color up, #color down 😍.

An other thing was I needed to #changed my #focus a bit at that time on the #daily basis,- and then to write postes to my blog became my kind of “#timeout” or more like an “jobby”, but with out any #income, as well as do #research and #use my #brain a bit. Something I do like,- to use my brain in and at things thats #interest me, and #teach me more as well as something new 😊.

I didnt have a very “good” job at that moment either,- even it was a job to do and work from my home.

But it was online chatting,- and not just about “all and everything”,- but more in the “intime area” with the opposite sex. And it was also a bit “#contaminated in to my brain ” 😅. Do I need to tell you more? I dont hope so,- but I do and I did what I needed to do to earn money for me and my daughter’s living. But as that said,- I also did #learn a bit in that “job” about my self as well as about other people (mostly then about men 😅).

I needed to have my #focus on something else,- and then my #posts and my blog became my “place” and #area to not “contaminated” my brain to much 😊.

Its not a “job” I tell “all and everyone” about,- Im not to #proud of it,- but I did what I needed to do at that time so I was able to pay for our expense. At the same time I know I should be proud of what I did,- because its actually shows that Im #willing to do and “go” fare to support my children and my self, even out of my #comfort-zone. But at the same time I m thinking about how “good” people are to #jugde other people 😔,- and then I fell on a kind of “#shame” 😔.

I still do some chatting now and then for trying to earn a bit #extra money,- but I need to be $honest,- its very, very #difficult to find the #motivation to do it 😅. But then I think about my children, and my dreams and goals in life,- and try my very best for a tiny little time to earn a bit extra,- because I actually need some extra income 😊. But its hard,- in different areas 😅. (did you get it? 😉).

I did have only two “goals” I wanted to #reach for my first 6 months as an “blogger”,- and that was to have 5 different “#brands” to be able to use into my posts and blog around August 😊. I have now 16 different “brands” to use ,- and that was even before August 😊. I still don’t earn any money,- but Im still a ” “#newbie” in this “online” blogging and #influencers “#world” 🐝. I have still a lots to learn and a lots to do 😊. And my second “goals” was to try write 4- 5 posts pr. week, something I also has been able to reach,- more or less 😊.

In the beginning I did use both Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter and Instagram as my “online” area. But that was way to much for a very fresh newbie as me 😅. So I just continue to used Facebook and Instagram. The last weeks I have more or less just used Facebook. I have been a bit tired, the energy- level havent been to high 😊. But I m going to go “back” to Instagram,- and little by little #expand my online horizons 😊. But for me, in my mind, I do #belive its better to use a bit more time to work and make good plans, and hopefully create something #stable slowly ,- then “#rush” into it and just be a “#mayfly” 😊.

Maybe I will reach my goals, maybe not. Its just to try to do my best, and see whats #happens 😊.

Im a bit #impressed over my self, to be #honest 😊. I didnt think I was able to put so much photos of my self “online”,- and at least not be able to write around 4- 5 posts pr. week 😊.

Something that’s mean I has been “working” between around 12 hours around 4- 5 days a week 😊. Because I m at my ordinary work 9 hours ( 10 hours including driving) 5 days a week 😊. And I m not fluent in English,- so it takes a bit time to write a post as correctly as possible 😊.

The last months I have learned a bit more about what kind of posts and #subjects thats gets most of the #interesting and #intentions from you,- my #readers 😊. And to be honest, – you all really makes my days,- every day 💛. Thank you so much for doing that, for #reading my #blog, for starting #following my blog, for your likes and comments 💖. Its means so much 💖. And its give me even more “guts” to #continue writing, continue working to reach my goals 😍. I really do #appreciate it and you all so much 💖.

I have now readers in all 5 continents,- and from 53 differents countries in the world 💖. Im so #impressed,- I didn’t #imagen that 6 months ago 😊.

So,- lets see what the next 6 months “brings” ,- I have no #idea,- but I know I m going to do my best to write as “#interesting” as possible , and try to “#entertains” you a best as I possible can with my textes and my blog 😊. And I have a #plan, but I also know “Rome was not build in one day 😉 ,- thing takes time 😊.

Im really looking forward to the next 6 months (to take 6 months at the time is a good “#timeline” for me at the moment) 😍. And I m still a “newbie”,- and I m still learning, and have a lots of #improvement work to do,- bit-but little by little, step by step Im slowly going to find”my #topic” in “this online #influencer- world” 🐝 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛 and Thank you for so much for dropping by today too 💛 ,- and for reading my blog 💛.

Im still a “#newbie” in this #online #blogging/ #influencer- #world, but I m in “#process” 🐝. I have #learned a lots the last 6 months in different #areas,- but its still a lots more to learn 😊📝. And Im looking forward to “#grow” in different areas as well as #learn so much more 😊. So its just to try and “#fly”, and do #my #best to #reach my #goals 😊.

“The Goundhog Day” 😉 (the #movie)

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 💛

Have you seen the movie “The Groundhog Day”? Its not quite one of the #newest #movies (its from 1993),- but its still have a good “#touch” of #entertainment as well as a “touch” of #afterthought,- and of course some #humour 😊.

The Groundhog Day is a #cultural day thats #celebrates 2nd of February every year, in Canada and USA,- and then specially in #Pennsylvania 😊.

The #celebrations is actually about the #weather and how its going to be the nexts weeks. Is it gong to be early #Spring or even more #winter for 6 more weeks? Its depends how the #groundhog #behaves when it comes out from its #cave 😊. Well,- thats not totally true,- its more a #truth with #modification, its #history, #culture and a tiny bit a #myth 😊. But its a nice celebration any way 🎉.

And the movie is about this celebration, and how a TV-team gets a bit “stucked” in Pennsylvania, and #live the same #day over and over and over again. Well,- its more the main-carater thats lives the same day over and over again 😊.

I need to #edmite that I in a way #feel a bit like “Phil Connors”, the main- carater in the movie at the moment 😅. Not because I m waking up to the same Groundhog Day over and over and over again 🐿. But I in a way still do feel I #wake up to “the same” every day, and do the same over and over and over again at my job, and not “#moving” “#anywhere”, and don’t have to much #progression. I have of course some progression at my work, and learn something new every day,- but not on the “#level” I want to #learn or in the #subject I #prefers 😊.

But at the same time I did more or less the same every day when I did #work as an #writer in my #home last year too,- but still I didnt had this same “#repainting- #feeling” of doing the same over and over and over again like I have now,- even I actually did the same every day 😊. But then I did #enjoyed my #work a bit more then I do know. I did felt a bit more “#useful”, and #comfortable, and I also did learn a lot during #different #researching to the different textes that I did write 📝. And for me it felt a bit #various to write different textes, and to learn something new, and also use my #knowledge, my head, my #mind 😊. (Be #creative, use “#colors” in the textes too 🎨)

But we all like and feel comfortable with differents things 😊. And we all do like to work with different things too,- something thats actually are a good thing 😊. And sometimes in life a job is a job, and #necessary to have and do 😊……even its a bit like “The Groundhog Day” 😉.

Its normally some kind of #moral, #ethics or afterthought in most of the movies, and series too thats made. Its not just for #entertainment, and tell a kind of #story,- but many times its also to give us a tiny bit to think about too 💭 😊 .

And the movie “The Groundhog Day ” has given me a bit to #think about the last weeks. Not because I #recently did watch the movie,- because I didnt- its a long time since I did see that movie. But this “#feeling” I have about do the same thing over and over and over again, as a kind of the same #repitation about the same thing,- and dont “move” “any way or any where” I have #started to think about this movie. Am I “#stucked” in these working-rutines “#forever”? Am I not going to do anything else then answer the phone? Like “forever”? Or is there something “else” for me “out there”? 😊. My work is okay,- its just I like to do a bit more, #various and different things,- and also #use my #head, #mind and #knowledge a bit more 😊.

Maybe Im going to see “The Groundhog Day” again this #weekend? Why not? Its a good movie, and it can probably give me one or two #ideas how to get out of these #feeling of being in the “over and over and over again”- ” #sircel” I feel Im in at the moment, and has been in for a tiny while? 😊

If I do #remember #correctly Phil Connors became able to “turn out” from the #experience of #living the same day over and over and over again 😊. And I think I have a bit to learn from the movie and how to #turn “the #sircel” a bit around 😊.

Have you ever felt like you do live and do the same thing over and over and over again,- and didnt feel very comfortable in the #situation? In case,- what or how did you #change “the sircel”? 😊 Any #edvice will be received with #great #thanks 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 💛 and Thank you for dropping by today too,- and for reading my blog 💛.

See you soon 😊

To #feel your #living the same day over and over and over again can give a bit #mixed #feelings 😊. I think its a bit about if you are #enjoying what your are #doing and feel “#useful” you can do the same thing over and over again for a very long #time 😊.