No specific topic, niche or genre yet,- just the life, my life, me,- and I m totally fine with that 💛 😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

I have been blogging and posting for over a year now,- and I have also been reading more from others blogs then I have done before 😊. I’m following different kinds of people and blogs with different kinds of niche, topic and genre,- and it’s very interesting to read about so many different things 😊. I do learn a lot about many things and people, cultures and traditions, something I like 😊. And many bloggers I’m following haven’t either a very specific topic, niche or genre,- at the same time they have,- because they write about their life 😊.

In the beginning when I did started to post my blog I did stress my self up very much with special one thing,- to find a special niche, topic or genre for my blog 😊. Because “everywhere” I did read about blogging I did also read about how important this topic, niche and genre for a blog was. Of course it’s important for some, I can see that,- but at the same time we are all different,- and I think for me, I just need to do this blogging in my way,- because then it’s “me”, it’s more “correct” for me to do it this way,- a bit like “step by step”, and actually let the readers just be a part of my very normal life ….well,- normal for me because this is the life I know, and it’s on its own way a normal life for me.😊.

I can’t follow “a blogging manual” for how to do “my blogging and my writing”,- but I can use some tips and advice now and then for how to try to do the best out of my writing ,- but still do it in my own way and tempo 😊.

I haven’t find any special niche, topic or genre to my blog yet,- except it’s about myself and my life ,- and that should probably be more then enough “topic, niche, genre and theme”,- and it will maybe just be that way too, without any very specific niche, topic, genre or theme, at the same time it is,- it’s me and my life 😊.

Because in my life I have different things and stuffs that’s important for me, just important in different directions 😊. I can’t choose one over another. I can’t choose to say to paint is more important for me then to knit, because both is important for me to do 🎨🧶. Food is important for me to eat, and also I like to make food, and I do eat every day 😊. And,- work out is important for me and my health 🤸‍♀️,- both my body and my mind 😊. I like to do my workout in general, but not always. There are days I just do my work out just because I know it’s necessary for my body and my mind, not because I want to do it. So my “soul” is not so much “into” workout and exercises that I actually can use that as a specific genre for my blog.

My children,- well they are the most important “ingredients” in my life, and to be a mammi has been my “identity” for over 26 years, and even they are growing up and moving out, Im still a mammi. And my children still have a habit to move back home again now and then too 😅. But I don’t want to and I can’t use my children as a topic for my blog. But when that’s written,- to be a mammi for my three children has created me to the person I’m today 😊.

My jobs are important for me, and my friends as well, but both in very different directions 💛. And I have and also are going to continue to write about job, work and education,- but not so much that I can use it as a topic for my blog 😊. And my friends,- they are a part of my life and will be mention in my blog when it’s natural for mention them in different settings and situations 😊.

So I have decided that I leave it this way for a while,- without any specific niche, topic or genre,- the theme will be “my life” in general 😊. Im not going to stress my self up to find “the specific topic, niche or genre”. I’m obviously creating “the way, my way” when Im writing my posts 📝. My blog is me,- even I also know I still don’t let my readers take part in every little things that’s happen in my life or in my mind,- I m going to “come there” as well, but one step at the time, and in my own tempo 😊.

My blog it’s about me and my life,- a Norwegian mature woman that lives and works in Spain, my children are growing up, starting their own life, and I need to find “my life as a mammi not living together with my children any more”. And I think that’s more then enough topic, niche and genre 😊. Its many different things, like the life it’s self is filled up with 🧡.

I could write about makeup, and I also considered that seriously last Autumn, but I’m actually not very interested in make- up. Im most interesting in my mascara,- and a tiny bit interesting to learn a bit about how to use foundation for the skin ( if its called foundation? 😅) 😊. I could also write about skincare, but I do my skincare in my own way at the moment, and I haven’t very much to share in that area either. I take care of my skin as best as I can with the different products I have 😊. It’s very easy 😅. I have already share what I can share both about makeup as well as about skincare 😊.

I could write about hair, and I also do, but not very often. And at the moment I have “quarantine and curfew” hair anyway, so it’s not very much to write about 😅. Im a bit couriers what my natural hair colour actually is at the moment, and is trying to find out of that. I also like to go the the hairdresser two times a year. Imagine that 😊. So I haven’t to many “subjects” to write about in that area either 😊. Just some few,- so I leave it to that 😊.

Of course I could write about clothes, fashion and style too, because I use clothes and in general I actually like my own fashion and style. But,- I have what I have of clothes, shoes and fashion,- and I’m not sure it’s very interesting for other to read to much about 😊.

I can write more about menopause, but I’m obviously still not quite “there”. My menstruation is still very regular. But of course there are different changes in my body because I’m getting older, my body as well as my mind are in a “aging process” – something that’s actually are very natural. It doesn’t matter if you are 10 years, 25 or 47, – we are all getting older 😊. And there’s changes in every “age- category”. You know,- ” every age has its own charm” 😊. Also my age 😅.

Repeat my self mow,- I know 😅. But,- What I know I m going to write about is my life, different happenings and “events”, – it’s not to many of them at the moment because we are still in quarantine and curfew here in Spain, but now with the possibility for a walk outside in the morning and evening 😊.

I’m going to write about my children,- but just when they allowed me to do that, and accept my textes and photos about them. Something they actually so fare has done,-approved both text I have written about them and me, and images I have used of them 😊.

I’m going to write about painting and knitting, and probably about my work now and then too 😊.

And I’m going to write about different things and stuffs that’s happens in my daily life and my life in general, as well as what’s in my mind now and then 😊. Its very easy, but still complex 😊. And for me this are more then enough “niche, topic and genre” 😊. It’s a theme,- the life, my life and different things that’s in one or another way are dropping by in my life 😊. Then I don’t need to stress myself up for finding a specific niche, topic or genre, and actually more just enjoy the writing and writing process as well as sharing my textes with my readers 😊.

As there are so many different people around in the world there will also be so many different bloggers, blogs and textes,- and that’s actually a good thing,- to not create to many “copies” 😊. So I hope my readers around in the world still will enjoy my textes, even I just have a theme, – “the life, my life”💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Me,- LailaS,- the writer behind this blog without any specific niche, topic or genre,- just the theme “The life, my life” 😊( updated photo as well,- taken today 09.05.2020).

I did started with publish my textes and blog for around a year ago,- and so fare I’m very happy for the way it has worked out and been, and hopefully will continue to be 😊. And I m also so grateful for my readers and followers 🧡. I did stressed my self up a bit when I started to write and post, because I couldn’t find any specific topic, niche or genre for my blog 📝. Now I m not stressed up any more, just very happy with the theme for my blog instead, and in general with my blog as well 🥰. It is what it is,- it’s my blog 🥰.

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What is a “decent” job,- and why are some professions defined with “just a …” ? 🤔🍀

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days, weeks and months we all are going through,- together 🧡

I have asked this question “What is a decent job ” a couple of times, and I did also write a post about it last Autumn 😊. I have heard from others around me tell me to “get a decent job”. My kids have heard it too, not from me, but from others around them,- “get education and get a decent job”. Even my students parents, when I was a teacher at high school in Norway, did ask me “will my child get a decent job with this school grades?”

So,- what is a decent education and a decent job? 🤔 I have a tiny bit impression that it can be about “title, how much you earn, how long education, what kind of education”,- but this is just my impression……and an impression I have got by listening to other people around me when they have been talking about “decent” jobs. But I may be wrong.

But is a decent job a “title”? Or how much money you earn? How long you have been studying? Your education? Or what? How happy you are in your job? That you do a job you like and enjoy to do? Or a job that makes other people (understand as parents or close family/ friends) proud of you? Is a decent job to be a doctor of any kind, or type in the items in the food store? Roll up toilet paper on the roll? Or make different kinds of soaps? Pick up the garbage, or be a lawyer? Work as a teacher or nurse? Or fix the cars? Be a gardener or be a taxi driver? Be a writer, artist or entertainment of any kind? Work at a callsenter with costumer service and support of different kinds? Be a cleaner or a bartender? Take care of older people, children, and take care of animals? The list is long 😊. But are just “some” jobs in our society more “decent” then others? Are some professions more important then others in our society? And in case,- why? 🤔

The impression I have from other people around me is that to work in a food store, put the differents items in the correct shelf so its easier for the costumers to find the items, or take paid for the different items,- with other words, – work in a food store is not the most “decent” job you can have. Or create toilet paper, or make soaps. It hasn’t been very “decent” to work in a callsenter either,- even most people actually are calling a callsenter because they are costumer and need advice, service or help with their different products. That can be the plane ticket, or mobile phone, it can be the alarm system or the internet and so on 😊. To be a taxi- driver hasn’t been the most “lucrative” work either, or cleaning up after others, for example at the hospitals. There are actually a tiny bit of a list over “not the most lucrative jobs to have”, or “not a decent” job or profession to do 😔.

Have you heard someone say “I’m just a…..” and then mention what they are working with? I really don’t like this “just”! Most of us are not just in our work and working situations, in our profession. And why do they say “just”? They have heard and learn it from somewhere, from someone, from some place,- that they are “just a taxi- driver”, or “just working in the food store”, or ” are just a cleaner in the hospital”, or “just working at a callsenter”, or “just roll toilet paper on rolls”, and so on. Because this “just” doesn’t dropping by, totally on it’s own in a sentence !!! It comes from a place,- and in most situations it comes from people who think and mean that their job and profession are much more important then others.

You don’t hear many say “I’m just a lawyer”, or “I’m just a businessman/ woman”, or “I’m just a police “, or “I’m just the prime minister or president” 😉. And a couple of more professions.

So why does some groups of profession define their work with “just” and others profession don’t even think about using the word “just” about their profession? 🤔

Just repeat my self now,- I know 😉. But they have learned it from someone else, and from somewhere that their profession are “just”, and in general they have, unfortunately, learned this from people and persons that think, feel and mean that their job and jobs are more “decent” then the taxi- driver or the cleaner, the employee in the food store or the customer service agent at the call centre, and so on.

But let’s take a tiny little look at what kind of professions that’s actually are working now during the quarantine and curfew? Who do we really need to be at work now during this time? It’s “just” the taxi- driver who drives people to and from the hospital. It’s “just” the employees in the food store, it’s “just” the costumer service agent at the call centre, it’s “just” the cleaner and of course a couple of more. This is just some examples!

Of course all the professions in the health sector like nurses, doctors, porters and carers and some more,- always will do an important job, and always will be necessary in our society 💛. And the police in their own way, as well as teachers and some others professions. It’s not this professions I have in my mind today. My focus today is what is actually “a decent job”, and why define so many great and necessary people their necessary job in our society as “just”? 🤔

In my mind mostly all kind of professions in our society are decent jobs and not a “just” job. There’s also exceptions here as well as there are in every “subject” in the world and univers. No rules without exception! But one thing is for sure,- we really do need the different people and their different professions in our society to get “the society wheels goes around” 🎡. And now, during quarantine and curfew, I really hope most people around us have learn and see that 💛.

I hope that all the people that have been using “just” about their professions stop using that word. I hope all the people who think their job are more “decent” then someone else job, stop thinking that as well. I hope that during this coronavirus and Covid19 time we have learned that we all need each other differences and the different professions that are around us. I hope we have learned that the employees in the food store are just as important as the nurses, and that taxi drivers are just as important as the doctors, and that the garbage- driver is just as important as the police.

What should we have done without them who “just” create the toilet paper? The toilet paper was one of the first thing that it was empty for in most of the stores in most of the different countries during the lock down. What should we have done without those who “just” are mixing the soap? The soap we are using several of times during a day, and even more now at days then before.

Hopefully the imagination and impression for what “a decent job” is,- and “I’m just a……” will change a bit now….it’s on time…. 🍀.

I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts 🧡. Be proud of you self and your profession 🧡. I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

Me at work from my home during the quarantine and curfew time 😊

Some will say my job as a costumer service agent on the phone is not “a decent” job 🙄. And some costumer service agents will also say they are “just” a costumer service agent on the phone 😔. Why are some professions and jobs more “decent” then others?🤔 And why define some employees their professions and job as “I’m just a…”? 🤔

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I really do like my job 😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I feel so lucky because I really do like my job 🥰. My job is not my life, I’m working for my living, but it’s feels so good to really like my job, and what I’m doing for my living ☎️. It’s not for everyone to have it like this, – and I know,- because it’s just a couple of months ago I, in my own way, did struggle with not enjoying my job,- even I was grateful for having a job at that time, and was starting again to be able to pay my expenses, I was not happy, just grateful 💰.

I’m still working on a customer service senter, and I’m still receiving phonecalls from customers,- but it’s still so different. The atmosphere in the office in general is more different, more lighter 🌞, and like I did mention in an other post,- the atmosphere around you, or at least for me, is important for feeling good 😊. It’s important for me to have a light, a bit relaxed and happy atmosphere 🌞. And I feel I have it like that where Im working now.

The customer I’m dealing with are different and more happy too, and my colleagues are also a bit “lighter”and more “easy going”,- maybe because of the atmosphere and environment we are working in? One thing take and gives the other 😊.

The products I’m working with are also different, and I also have a totally different interest for this products too 👗. The products really interesting me,- and I like the products too 😊. Of course,- because I’m just a woman 👗😊. And,- last but not at least,- I feel my knowledge are useful, I feel I’m useful in my job, and I also learning something new every day, and I do different takes every day. Not the same over and over again 😊. It is not like feeling being in the movie “The Groundhog day” 😊. It’s various work, and various working days, at the same time stable and in it’s on way predictably as well 😊.

It’s different “acceptance and concept” that’s create an atmosphere as well as the job and the people who are doing the job 😊. It was a lots of great people at my other job too,- but the atmosphere was a bit more “darker in the mood” and a bit more “gloomy”,- if I can use that word. Some of my colleagues at the other office I still do miss a bit, and some I’m so lucky that I still have contact with too 😊. They was not “dark” or “gloomy”,- it was the working environment and atmosphere that felt a bit like that “over there” in the other job. And I really did feel grateful for that job, but I didn’t feel happy and lucky in my job. That’s a different for me,- now I feel both happy, lucky and grateful for my job 😊. Even on busy days it’s great to be at my job and do my work 😊.

It has been some busy weeks lately both home and in my job, and I has been very tired,- but still felt well in away and in general 😊. That’s a good feeling to have 😊.

I also feel lucky with my new online job I do from my home now 😊. Its different from what I have done before, and what I actually needed to do for being able to have a place to live and have food on the table. Now I don’t need to “sexting” anymore to get the “wheels goes around”. “Sexting” is actually a word I did find up,- it’s “chatting” online, its actually just texting about sex …. with men …. 🙄. I didn’t like that job, but I did need an income. And in life we sometimes needs to do things we don’t like to get what we need, like and want in life. And the ones that needs to judge me for doing a job like that, because I know there’s some souls that have a tiny need for that,- I hope they think two and three times about why they feel for judging me, and also think two and three times about what they have done in my livingsituation, the economic situation and lifesituation to get money for paying for the different expenses there are in life. Like food and a place to live, and for me at that time, also supporting my youngest child. In my mind there’s no room or space for judging me,- but I know there always will be some “besserwisser souls” and some with a bit “smaller” sight on things and stuffs in life 😊. All in all,- its probably tells more about them then me 😊.

In my online job now, my new one, I work together with a team that does different kinds of healthcare support. It’s still chatting online, but the questions I get are more about different accpect health in different areas in life,- then both issues dealing with mental, social, physical and metal health at various levels.  And I have a fixed work schedule, fixed hours, even a fixed salary. The working hours have been a little hard in February for me, because I have evening shifts until 24.00 or 01.00, – and I’m starting to get a little too old to have such late bedtime 5 nights a week 😅. In March my working- schedule will be a bit better for me and my bedtime 😅,- and I’m looking forward to that 😊. But the job I’m doing online is fine,- I feel both grateful and lucky for that one too 😊. But my favourite job is still at the office in the phone with the customer and with different tasks to do during the days,- and my dream job,- I’m still working to “get and have” that one 🥰. And I still do some writing, but it has been a bit difficult to focus on that when my son and his friend are living here,- I need a bit more “silent” around me for doing the writing 😊.

When that’s said,- the first job I hope I can quite after a while, when I’m a couple of more steps closer to my dream job and a couple of more steps closer to having the economy the way I want is my online job 😊.

I also still have some students,- so I can keep up my teaching too 📚. I like that as well 😊. My students have some goals with the language, and they are working hard, and I see progress with their studying both before and after every lessons 😊.

So yes, I do like what I’m doing and working with at the moment, even I hope I can and will be able to cut a bit down in some works after a while 😊. And,- yes,- I’m “on my way” to reach some of my goals in life,- step by step, slowly, – and in the meantime I’m so lucky that I have some jobs and works that both gives me happiness, joy and I’m feeling grateful for 🥰. Its hard work to reach goals,- but its also a saying/ expression that says “Easy comes, easy goes”,- and I actually do believe in that 😊. It’s better to work hard for a while and try to build up something stronger and stable 😊. Then loose it all in a “swipp” for lazy work and fast solutions 😔. I choose to believe I will manage my “goals” but it’s not always easy to keep up the “belive”, but I’m trying my best,- and can’t do so much more then that 😊.

Yes,- I feel really lucky, happy and grateful in my working- situations, even I get tired and even it’s busy and long days 🥰. My job is still not my life,- I’m working with that one,- but it’s a so great feeling to like what I’m doing for my living 🥰.

I really hope you are feeling the same for your job and your work in life 😊. I hope you feel happy, lucky and grateful for the job you have and the job you are doing 🥰.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

My private products- but still an illusion and illustration of my job, and the products I’m working with 😊.

I like my job, even my job is not my life 😊. I’m very happy, lucky and feeling grateful for my job,- and my jobs as well 😊. I’m working with customers and products that I like to work with, as well as products that’s interesting me too, and I like the company and the concept I’m working for 😊. I’m lucky, happy and grateful 😊.

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It was “a bom trip” to Malaga today 🙄

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊. I hope all is fine and you 🧡

I’m okay,- like you know it’s some busy days around me at the moment 😊 ,- and today I was on a “bom trop” to Malaga before my job 🙄. It’s not very fun when that’s happen,- special when you are “running after the watch ” and also was early to just reach the appointment 😅 for exactly avoid “running after the watch”🕛⏳. But okay,- that’s life 😊.

Today and during this week I have the afternoon shift at my job,- or … it can look like I need to take the mornings shifts this week instead, because one of my colleagues can’t work at the moment. I’m not not quite ready for that,- I have already made my teaching classes for this week and my online shifts out from my normal job 😅. Well,- I may need to change them now. Remember I told you,- I don’t know what this 2020 will brings, but I know there will be changes and challenges and different new experiences too 😊.

So what did I do on a “bom trip” to Malaga early this morning? To be honest, – I don’t understand it myself 😅.

I’m trying to close down my autonomo. I have tried it for a while now and that’s not a easy case- that’s for sure 🙄. An autonomo is the same as self employed. I did registered me as an self employed the summer of 2018. Reason was to work as a freelancer writer and teacher, and to do an honest work and pay my taxes. And it all went very well until January 2019. At that point there was not very much writing job to get, or students to teach, unfortunately. I had 2 students pr week. Two hour pr week. Not enough to pay the bills.

Now I have a working contract and pay my taxes through my job,- and I don’t want to pay also taxes as an self employed anymore, special when I don’t need to do it. It’s to much for my salary “to handle with” 💰. And I don’t need it anymore, to pay my sos.sec on my own to “safety” my health and pension 😊.

To be an autonomo or self employed in Spain is a bit different then from Norway. It’s very easy to start, but a shit to close down 🙄. And it’s taxes and expenses “here and there and every where” 🙄. And no one seems to know exactly what and how or where I should go to close down my autonomo either. You can say I’m being send a bit around 😅. I have been in Fuengerola and Benalmadena, and today, early this morning to Malaga. Next time it should be to the tax office in Torremollinos they told me, and then back again to the sos.sec office in Benalmadena 🙄. I’m shown from office to office, but its always the wrong offices- of course. Or more correctly,- in general I just get the half correct and half wrong information.

I can really understand why people “put money under the table” , get paid in black money here in Spain. It’s actually more expensive to be honest. It’s a bit “corruption” here,- something the government in Spain are trying to change, but then the government needs to change more different things. I’m not going to go into that today, to use my time on politician,- that’s for sure 😊. BTW it’s “corruption” in Norway too. But its “hidden” a bit better and differently then here in Spain. I think it’s a bit “corruption” in most countries in one or another way 💱.

My day today started with that I was waiting for my car. My oldest son and his friend, for some reasons I don’t understand, did decided to start moving the rest of their stuff in the middle of the night 🙄. I needed my car 07.30, sharp, this morning so I could reach the train and the appointment in Malaga,- and also with a bit good time. Because I was also not quite sure where the office was. I had my Google maps ready too. “Mrs. Google maps” has been good to have here in Spain, special when I was working in the home nursery and did try to find the patients 😊. But “she” was not very useful today, that’s for sure too 🙄. Well,- I did get my car back 07.00,- phu. I was a bit nervous when the time was close by 07 00, even I knew my son still had 30 minutes left 😅. But I have told you before, long time ago in another post, that my oldest has a bit challenge to come on the correct time now and then, but, when that’s said,- it was much worse when he was a child.

I did reach the train 😊,- but of course the train got technical problems this morning 😅. So it didn’t went very fare,- and then it was to wait for a new train, a train without any technical problems 🚞. My 45 minutes for avoid “running after the watch” in Malaga suddenly became to just 5 minutes when I did arrived to Malaga 🕰. I did have a tiny bit clue where the office I should visit was,- but in case and because of the time I put on “Mrs. Google maps “. It’s good to have “her” telling me the “wrong direction” or “right direction”. And in general “she” is nearly always correct about the directions too,- except from today,- of course 🙄. I have seriously no idea why “she” did tell me a so totally not correct direction today, of all the days she could choose 🤔. But she did for some reasons send me in the opposite direction today. Me and “Mrs. Google maps” are not very good friends today. Well,- I’m not a very good friend with “her” at least 🙄.

I should have followed the maps and my instincts from the beginning of today instead. Of course, again,- I didn’t reach my appointment, 5 minutes can go really fast sometimes😅 ,- even I did find the office on my own to the end ! And even the Spanish ones are totally find with “being to late” (you know mañana mañana) it’s obviously not so much okay for them that I was to late to my appointment today 🙄. And I was actually not me that was “to late” either, – it was the train and Mrs. Google maps ” that put me in this “to late” situation today 😊. Well, well,- now I need to “struggle” through this online page again, in Spanish, and find a new appointment. Obviously this time in Torremollinos 😅. And I thought I was going to be finish with that today 😅.

I have no idea why “someone” over my, over there in the sky or something like that wanted me to not reach my appointment today 🤔. I did “everything” correct. Had all my papers with me, had put in one extra hour to have time enough, had prepared and readed the map and put “Mrs. Google maps ” ready….but still I didn’t manage it,- and it was in a way not because of me, myself and a bad planning 😊. I can promise you I felt a bit “confused” then 😅. In away,- what was the point of this trip to Malaga today? What just happen today in a way? Because”Mission was not completed”,- and if I have knew I could have slept a bit longer this morning too 😊. I was working to 01 00 last night and up with the birds today at 06 15 😅.

But,- I really did reach my job today 😅, I normally do. But today I had more then enough time 😊. I don’t like to be to late to work or any other appointments 😊. And I’m very happy for that I had more then enough time today at my job, because it has been a busy day. Lots of phone calls, emails and banners that’s needed to be translate to Norwegian 😊. The day went fast 😊. It was all in all a good day,- even with a “bom- trip” to Malaga and with the “mission close down my autonomo” is still “not complete yet” 😊. Now it’s just time for “timeout” and relax, and prepare my self for a new “close down my autonomo” appointment to another day 😊. So I let this “bluemonday” be coloured with some other colours in this evening 😊.

I’m going to manage to close down my autonomo, I just don’t know when. Hopefully as soon as possible. Because in general I do manage what I have “put” into my mind and made differents decisions to do,- it just takes a bit time…. very ofte to much time after my mind to get things done when I want them to be done 😅… and for some reasons I’m not sure why it is like that. But I do manage it more and less most of what I have decided to do, and my goals to reach, it just not happen at that time I want to have it “done” 😊. If you understand what I mean?

I hope you have had an excellent day and an great start on this week 😊. But not with to much “bom- trips” in one or another way 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

A statue close to the train station in Malaga,- and a very good description of what I did feel this morning 😅.

I felt a bit like this statue early this morning when I was in Malaga, and my trip was a “bom trip”, and my “mission is still not completed” 😊. The statue is a very good description of me this morning 😅. A bit confused 😅. What just happen and why? 😊

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A nice walk to and back from my work today has at least two missions for me 😊👟🤸‍♀️

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡.

It’s getting a bit more wintertime here in Southern of Spain now,- and with that means it’s bit more weet 💧, a bit more windy 🌬 , a bit colder,- even the degrees shows more and less the same temperature as last week,- around 8- 10 degrees ( Celsius) it feels colder,- and the sun is hiding behind the clouds 🌥.

So fare we had a nice winter with no wind and a lots of sun,- but it is necessary with some rain too ☔, like it or not,- to the people and for the nature, and for the upcoming tourists season as well. The tourists – special the Scandinavian ones, like to use a lots of water and don’t think to much about that it actually cost a bit here in southern of Spain for us that’s lives here 😅. And as less water it is in the water tanks, as more cost it for us that lives here to use the water 💧.

I did consider to take and use the car to my job today,- but I did choose to use my feet instead,- even it’s not the nicest weather at the moment for a morning walk or afternoon walk either 🌬🍂. It’s,- like I mention,- wet, windy and cold,- and in the mornings it’s a bit dark to some places where I walk 👣. But I did choose to use my feet for a couple of reasons anyway 😊. And I’m going to do that tomorrow as well,- even it’s going to be more rain then today ☔💧

And,- ps- to you my Norwegian and Scandinavian readers, – “up there in north” we are use to use reflex west,- well,- there’s not very much of that here,- that’s for sure. But absolutely something that could be used a bit more in the darkness here 😊 🧨

Early in the morning on my way to work,- with my feet 👣,- and if feels like the whole towns are sleeping 😊. It’s a bit cold, dark and a kind of Norwegian Autumn feeling 🍂🍃

I did think “exercises” and moving my body. I did think saving gasoline. And I did think “support” my son in the middle and his friends because I know they also have a tiny walk to the job from their home. But the main reasons is “the exercise”- reason 🤸‍♀️ and not using gasoline ⛽.

At the moment I need to use a bit more focus on my work from home then my original plan was,- well,- because as you know,- 3 weeks without to much functional internet in my home. That means I don’t have the time to do the “exercises” I normally do. My “exercises- plan” takes in general more then one hour pr time. At the same time I use around 20- 25 minutes one way walking to my job from my home, and around20- 25 minutes back to then 😊. That means more and less 1 hour with a bit “walking- exercise” at least 😊 🤸‍♀️. Yepsi,- so I did “pressed” a bit “exercises” in my life that way then 😊. Not the ultimate,- but absolutely much better then not very much “moving my body” around at all 😊.

And,- well,- I’m not “a rich bitch”,- even many think so because I’m from Norway 😳. Well,- about Norway and the economy, – one thing is the good, fine and nice “impression” you get from “the new”,- and other thing is the the reality. And,- my reality is, – I need to save money as best as I can, and earn money as best as I can to. So that’s my other reason why I did/ do walk to and back home from my job. To save gasoline ⛽ . And save money 💰. I do even plan my driving- trips, like shopping food or other things, and how to use as less gasoline as possible 😊.

I could also said that I let my car stay in the garage because I’m thinking about the environment. But that’s not true at all. To be honest I didn’t offer the environment one tiny little thought when I choose to walk to my job 😊 🍂. It was all about me, my self my health, my economi and my life 💛. That’s it,- and also a tiny “comfort and a kind of company” to my son in the middle,- even we don’t live together anymore. But can he walk to his job, then I also can 😊.

On my way back home from my job,- a bit lighter then in the morning, – but still a bit “grey”- it’s wintertime in Spain 🍃💧🍂

And,- I also did find out that I have even the correct “fashion” shoes to walk in 👟. I don’t remember where I did read about this new fashion shoes,- but somewhere I did find out that mountain shoes are “on the way” in again, and a bit “hip” 😊. So I even felt a bit “fashion and hip” there on the road to my job in my old Norwegian mountain shoes ⛰🥾. And I actually have another pair too 😁. Not similar – but still fashion style mountain shoes 😊.

Do you think I did feel very fashion and stylish when I did walk to and back from my job today? In my Norwegian mountain shoes? 😅. Nope,- I did just felt very practical 😊.

Do you use any small or big “daily tricks” to save money or do exercises? ⛽ 🤸‍♀️ 💰

I need to keep my body in “moving” (as older get as more important is it😊) ,- so at the moment to walk to my job and back home is an good “exercise” solution for me. And I do need to save money where I can,- and I do when I use my feet, – they still do work perfectly fine for free 😁.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Look at my fashion, fancy and stylish ( and even old) Norwegian mountain shoes ⛰. Very useful and practical to use when I walk to and back home from my job in the wintertime here in Spain 🥾. But do you think I did felt very “fashion and stylish”? 😉 I do walk to my job for two other reasons then be fancy and stylish 😊.

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