New restrictions for the mask use in Spain 😷

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

From the 15. July 2020 there is some new restrictions for using the mouth and nose cover here in Spain. Some restrictions I have a tiny challenge to understand or see the point with 😳. But this new restrictions are for prevent and protect that there will not come a second “wave” with the coronavirus and Covid19, and prevent and protect that the virus will not be spread.

I don’t know how long this new restrictions will last. Until there is a vaccine for the coronavirus?

Well,- it’s a lots of things I don’t understand with the whole corona- situation to be honest 😳. It’s “just” a virus, and yes it can kills like many other diseases, bacteria and viruses can do,- and yes the virus can spread very fast. And yes,- the illness Covid19 can be a horrible disease to get for some people, and some people can die too from the disease,- but in general most people with the coronavirus survive. All in all,- “this is” like many other diseases and illnesses are. At the same time it is defined as an pandemi.

The new restrictions in Spain are that we need to use masks to cover our mouth and nose more and less 24/7 🙄. The “exceptions” to not use masks are in our home, at the beach (but the distance needs to be kept at the beach 🏖), when you’re doing workout or swimming in the pool, when you are eating and drinking at an restaurant, cafe or bar, or walking down the street with a cigarette between your lips 🚬. But even if you are totally alone outside in “the public room” you need the wear the mask 😷. (I’m actually not sure how you can spread or “give” the virus to anyone else when you are totally alone, or even get the virus, but obviously you can 🙄).

It’s seems that as long as you put something in your mouth, between your lips, (when you are away from your home like at an restauranter or a cafe) you actually can’t spread the virus or get the virus, for some strange reasons 🤔. It can be food, a drink or a cigarette,- then you can remove the mask, and enjoy the food, the drink or the cigarette as long as you will 😉 without getting any virus. Or if you have the virus, you will not give the virus to someone else either, as long as you put something in your mouth. But as long as you are not putting something in your mouth and between your lips the virus “goes bananas” and spreads “all over”, and you need to wear the mask 😷.

To keep a virus in “quarantine” don’t and doesn’t prevent it protect people from getting the virus. We just keep the virus here instead, and let it really “grow up”, actually multiply it “big time”. Let’s just take an very easy and very stupid example with two cockroaches – and let’s just say its an male and a female too (it’s because I don’t like cockroach I’m using this as an example 😅). But if I have those two cockroaches in my home and just actually put them in quarantine so they can die, and so my neighbours don’t get them too. What will happen?

I just keep them in my home, alive, so they would not spreads “all over”, just stay there in my home and hopefully die. What will probably happen is that I will get more cockroaches in my home instead 😳. And then for real can spread them over to my neighbours as well, and then maybe my neighbours try to keep the cockroaches in quarantine too. And the same will happen there. Do you see my point? I told you,- it was a stupid example,– but it’s still a useful example.

Some will be agree with me, some will not be agree with me. That’s the way it is,- like in most “cases” in the world,- we see and understand things differently. Also when it comes to the coronavirus, corona- situation and Covid19.

Some will probably argue with arguments like if I had let this to cockroaches out from my home they still would be able to multiply,- and yes,- but not in the same way, or speed as in my home. Because the chances for that the cockroaches would be running in different directions is big. Maybe the female cockroach was “pregnant” and got some new cockroaches a new place too,- but the male cockroach would not be spreading very much. Like I told you,- it’s a stupid and simple example,- but it’s still an example. And of course I could “argue”, “discuss” and use more examples around this,- but for today I think this is enough 😊. Hopefully some see my point 😊.

The cockroaches will be spread, of course, and also in different directions, but still less. It’s the same with the virus. There will always be some kind of virus sourrende around us, as well as different kinds of bugs. But how we “act” with them around us also affects how much there will be.

It’s still allowed to use the head, the brain and some logic sence.

I have a lots of thoughts about this coronavirus- situation,- and I’m probably going to share some of them now and then with you too. I don’t say my thoughts are correct, or wrong,- they are just my thoughts.

If we don’t cover our mouth and nose with mask when and where we should, we will get a fee here in Spain. The thing is,- I’m more worried about the police and the fee then the virus,- so I’m using my mask not to avoid the virus, but to avoid the police and the fee. And them some will, of course, argue with “as long as I use the mask” I’m not going to get the virus or give the virus to anyone else. That’s true and correct,- but my mind is not in that “direction”, not my act either, even it’s looks like it is. I use the mask to avoid the fee. Do I sound cynical? Yes,- probably, but at least honest.

And I should really know why the virus don’t spread when I putting something like food or a drink in my mouth when I’m at a restaurant or cafe, or for a walk with a cigarette hanging out from my lips? Or a walk totally alone where there no one around me? But at that moment I’m stopping putting something in my mouth and between my lips I need to use the mask in a cafe or restaurant or outside in the public room because suddenly then the virus will spreads 🤔. For me and in my mind this is not logic.

These new restrictions in relation to the use of masks have been introduced for several reasons.  To prevent the virus from spreading again, especially since there has been an increase in infections in a few places in Spain recently.  Why has there been an increase?  There can actually be several different reasons for this, and not just one.  It can often be an advantage to find out what is the cause behind what is happening, but it does not seem to be taken into account. In my mind I think if you can find the reason behind then it should be easier to find a kind of solution too. I don’t think the “longterm solution” will be this new mask use restrictions.

Another reason for the new mask-use restrictions is because it is now open to tourism in Spain, and then tourists coming in from other countries.  When using a mask, this should prevent tourists from spreading the virus, if they have it with them in their “suitcase”, while at the same time preventing tourists from taking the virus back to their home country when their holiday is over.

Another thing is that’s the use of plastic gloves in the food stores is now removed. We don’t need to use plastic gloves anymore for shopping food. It’s just antibacterial infront of the door to the store you can use if you want 🙄. And I see people skip to use the antibacterial now when no one are “looking after them” anymore. So did we learn anything about to wash and clean our hands just some weeks and months ago? 😉🤔

My opinion is that the restrictions we did have before the 15. July was more then good enough,- and that this new ones will not do the protection and prevention people think/ believe. But like I mention,- it’s my opinion. It’s not sure I’m correct, it’s not sure I’m wrong. It’s actually just to watch, wait and see what’s happen.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡. Stay safe 🧡.

See you soon,- hopefully 😊.

I’m still using my homemade, knit mask- and I have 3 different to use and choose between, change and wash after use 😷

It’s new mask restrictions in Spain at the moment 😷. And for some strang reasons the coronavirus will not spread when you eat, drink or smoke “outside” in the public room, or at an restaurant, cafe or bar 🤔. If I do believe in the new restrictions,- well,- I’m at least following them 😷.

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When sweet orange creates a sour lemon 🍊🍋

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

It’s a long time, no see. This has probably been the longest time between my posts since I started with my blogging 😔,- and I need to admit that I don’t like that to much 😔. But what to do? I have been helping my son and his friend to move into my home as well as my daughter,- and then it is this “fantastic” internet 🙄. I haven’t been online for at least a week. My internet is not in function 😳. So I haven’t been able to write very much either, or even “worse”, be able to do my online work 😳. Lucky for me I could do most of my work as a costumer service agent at the office,- even it’s not the “moving- time” back to the office yet. And,- yes,- new restrictions are “popping up” here in Spain too at the moment.

The office is actually not finish,- but I needed to do some work so I got the promotion to at least do my costumer service agent job there. But all the other things, stuff and online work Im using my internet daily to, I haven’t been able to do,- not even write my blog 😔. And we do use internet daily, most of us.

My internet in my home is, again, not in function. It’s around 7 months since last time I did had this “online- challenge” in my home. The company I’m using have the same name as this sweet, orange- colour fruit 🍊,- but at the moment it feels a bit more like a sour, squeezed lemon 🍋😅.

It’s an expression that say “If life gives you lemon, then make lemonade” 🥤. But if the lemonade should taste a bit sweet and fresh, not sour, there needs a touch of sugar in it 😅. And at the moment I obviously have forgot the sugar 😅. Because it doesn’t feels like a fresh and tasty lemonade, that’s for sure 🙄.

It’s sounds maybe strange that to be without an internet and don’t be able to be online can feels like a sour lemon, but the thing is, unfortunately, that our “life” are based more and more around internet and to be able to be online. Maybe scary, but still true.

To get in touch with other people we in general use internet and then maybe messenger or WhatsUp, or maybe Snapchat or maybe even Skype or Teams. To check our bank account we do this online and our email. To read the news or even for order a appointment to the doctor we do more and more online. Or do our job and earn a salary happens for many people online this days.

So when my “sweet orange” is not in function I’m not able to do some of my work from my home, and to get income or check my bank account, or get in touch with my children, or even read the news. And some of this things has become some of my daily routines. To work online from my home, or text or even call my children by messenger and WhatsUp. Even to see the television we more and more do online. Or for just to check how much money I have in my bank account, or even be able to pay the bills…

I need to admit that in my home we do feel a bit “lost” now without any internet at the moment, and yes I’m also a bit irritated at the internet company I’m using,- because so fare it has taken the company over a week to fix my internet connection in my home,- and it’s still not in function.

Or I actually don’t know if anyone has tried to fix my internet connection yet at all. I just know I’m calling my internet company every day by the “old” and ordinary phone- line and asking them “what’s happen?”, “when do I have my internet connection back”. In general I get answers like “soon” or “today” or in 72 hours 😳. But so fare, not very much has been done. And yes it is a bit frustrating, special because I need my internet connection for different reasons and things during a day. And my children need it to, to be able to get in contact with me, or even more important their jobs, and their friends.

So yes,- it feels like this sweet orange that has been in so nice and good in function for the last 7 months are more like a sour lemon at the moment 🍋.

So for be able to try to do some work, earn some money, get some income I was so lucky to borrow my friend, Natasja’s internet, and did drive to her home for staying there a couple of days for just working and working ⌨. But, “of course” my laptop stopped up, the screen went in black, and the “motor” did run “highlight and hot” 😳. I could not work on or even use my laptop 😔. My friend did then borrow me her laptop, but for some strang reasons I can’t be able to log in to my working- page 😳. I contacted the company I’m working for and they tried to help me out,- but it’s still not in function. My working- page is in function when the company I’m working for try it, even my username and password is in function, but for some very strange reason when I try to login, nothing is happening 😭.

So here I’m, in my friend’s home and writing to you instead from my tiny little mobile phone that I, of course, did logged into my friend’s internet too 😊. I thought I at least could use this opportunity to do something useful then ,- and write one post or two 😊. Try to make some sweet lemonade 😅.

But yes,- at the moment I feel a tiny little bit that the sweet orange became a sour lemon,- and the days has been a tiny bit challenginged. And that just because of the internet and be able to be online. I feel my last days, the last week has been challenging just because I’m, we are, off- line in my home. Most of all because I’m not able to do any work at all from my home, and earn a tiny bit of money, and get in touch with my children, friends or even write one post or three in my blog.

And,- yes, it did “topped” it “all” a bit when my laptop went “into black”, and I not even was able to use my friend’s laptop to be working either.

So my sour lemon then became to at least try to squeeze out some “tasty” post instead as my own tasty lemonade 🥤.

Hopefully I will be able to write post to my blog a bit more often from my own home very soon 😊. And then with a nice touch of sweet and relaxed orange instead of a sour and squeezed lemon 🍊🍋.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for your using your time to drop by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon,- hopefully 😊

Sometimes “the life” or things that happen in the life can feels like a very sour and squeezed lemon 🍋. It doesn’t even need to be serous or big things, it can just be an lazy internet out of function ⌨. But our life is very much built around the daily use of internet and to be online.

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The swimming pool is open 🏊‍♀️ 😊 ….with a lock 🗝.

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

The swimming pool in the community I’m living in is open now,- and that feels so good 😊. It’s getting warmer and warmer every day,- and it’s not impossible to enjoy the sun at my balcony anymore. Well, – not at daytime at least. It feels like it is at least 50 degrees up there when the sun is shining 😅.

Normally the swimming pool is open up in April, but this April has been a bit different then earlier April’s 😊. This April we was in quarantine and curfew in Spain, but slowly, slowly got our “freedom” back during the lasts weeks 😊. And one of those “freedoms” is be able to use the swimming pool 🏊‍♀️.

There are some few restrictions when it comes to use the pool,- but not to many, and not very difficult to be able to follow either 😊.

We are not allowed to use the toilets that are in the pool area, but that’s not a problem. We live very close to the pool and will manage to use our toilet in the home,- if it should be necessary 🧻. And this 2 metre distance is important to keep, except from the people you are living together with. There’s no sun chairs or umbrellas either this year, so it looks a bit empty the pool area 🏖. But I have my own beach chairs and beach umbrella we can bring with us to the pool 🏖.

It looks a bit empty and naked our pool area without the sun beds and the umbrellas 🏖

And then there is this lock I actually don’t see the point with 🗝. In general the pool is locked down from November to April, but when the gate to the pool is open it’s in general open “all the time”. Except from now.

We have all in this community got an key to this lock. I can’t reach mine in the mailbox, but I got the possibility to copy the key from one of my neighbour. And the copy key is working,- I can lock me in and out from the pool now in “legal” way 🗝🏊‍♀️.

But theres is a is a path at the back of the pool, with stone steps up and a small opening that allows full access to the pool area without having to unlock a lock using a key. I have use this path many times during the Spring time before the swimming pool is open,- and no one have ever said a thing about me using that “road” to go to the pool. But now we need to have our own key to the gate so we can open and lock it again when we are finished using the pool 🤔. But what about the open path to the pool? That’s still there and still open.

Anyone who wants to take a swim in the pool can do this without this “magic” key 🗝. So I actually quite don’t understand the point with the key and the lock.

The first photo from the left is the pool, and the photo is taken from my home. So it’s not fare to walk down to the pool, or run back home for a tiny toilet visit, in case that’s necessary. “Behind” the pool it is two paths, one goes directly up to the pool. The other one also go to the pool, but as well to the houses in our community.

The next 3 photos are the path up to the pool, and the fifth photo the opening to the pool. And the last one is just a tiny photo over the pool area. I actually could show you this better with a move, but I did think about that a bit to late. So next time if I have something I want to show and explain, I will make a move to you instead 😊.

Well,- our pool is open and available for use with some restrictions,- and one of the is to remember to lock the gate with a key so no one else can use the pool. The tiny little thing is that there’s a path on the opposite side of the pool area with free exit to the pool. So I’m actually not sure what the point with this lock and key is 🤔🗝😊. Why it’s so important to remember to lock down something that is open in the opposite side 😊.

Anyway,- it’s great to be able to “cool down” in the pool the next days, weeks and months 🏊‍♀️☀️. Even the pool area looks a tiny bit empty without the sun chairs and umbrellas 🏖.

So I’m very happy for this “magic” key to the pool, at least it gives me the feeling of using the pool “legal” 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

The lock to our pool, so we can unlock it and use the pool 🏊‍♀️. So our pool is open now, with a lock. At the same time there’s an open exit on the opposite side of the pool with full possibility to use the pool when ever you want without having any “magical” key 🗝😊.

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Thank you June 🧡 Welcome July 💚☀️

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

June is soon already over, and this month went incredibly fast 😊. I’m not sure why this month went so fast, or more correctly feels it went so much faster then some other months. June has 30 days like 3 other months during a year have, but still it feels like this mont went faster 😊. June just “rushed away”. And we are actually half in 2020. This very strange year, with so many different changes and challenges because of a tiny little virus. A bit different year then I did had in mind and did “expected” 1. January 2020.

The time can feel it goes faster when theres a lots of things that’s happen in life, but to be honest, there hasn’t been a lot that has happen in my June 😊. Mainly work to be honest, but not just work 😊.


A bit other things has happen during June, I have manage a couple of other things then just work 😊.

I have been enjoying the sun, so my skin looks a bit “fresher” then this sweet light in a kind of pink colour 😊. I manage to save up money and could by a pavilion and some pillows for my furniture outside. And together with my daughter we did create a very cozy outside living room and area with lights and space for sweet summer days as well as soft summer evenings for enjoying together with family and friends 😊.

I still don’t go out very much, for cafe-, bars-, or restaurant visit yet. There’s two reasons for that. I have been working a lot, and I still take a some precautions when it comes to minimizing possible vectors to be infected by coronavirus.  Although I have many different thoughts in relation to both the virus itself, the disease Covid19, the risk of infection, and also whether it is man-made or not and a little more thoughts.  I’m not entirely sure if the information we get in the media is always correct.

Also,- Spain hasn’t been in phase 4 very long so “the new normal life” hasn’t been an “reality” either for so many weeks 😊. But all through I’m not visiting restaurants or cafes very much yet, I have been socializing more in June then in April and May.

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I have been visiting a college of my. He moved into a new apartment in June. A nice apartment close to the beach. It was a very nice and cozy visit with sushi to eat and some sangria to drink 😊. I brought the food and drink with me as a “congratulation- gift” together with some aloe vera plants, because he haven’t been to careful in the sun and was a bit sunburned as well ☀️.

I have also had visit in my home “under” my new pavilion ⛱. A good friend of me from Norway did visit me one evening. She is living and working here in Spain, and since I’m so much in the “creative corner” now at days when it comes to food I also served sushi, but instead of sangria to drink it was a sparkling apple juice. A very fresh and tasty sparkling apple juice 🍎🍏. And a very cozy and nice visit too. I haven’t seen my friend since the end of January because of the quarantine and curfew we have been through here in Spain, so it was so great to see her again 😊.

And yes,- I really like sushi, but I don’t make it my self. It cost to much and take to much time for me to prepare a homemade sushi meal 😊. Sushi is my daughter and me favourite meal for our “daughter and mammi” evenings ❤.

I have also got my car back after two months without. My oldest son has borrowed it. He did borrow my car so he and his friend got the possibility to move to their own home, and also so he got the possibility to save money to buy his own car. “Both things in box” now 😊. They have moved out and my oldest son has been able to buy his own car as well 🚘.

My oldest son and his girlfriend and my son and his girlfriend visited me one day, delivered my car back and we had a nice “chat up” before all four of them went back to the mountains, to their home 🏠. It was good to see my oldest son again, and so good to ses him health and well too 😊. And of course it was nice to see his friend as well as meet the girlfriends to the young men I have been living together with for three months this Spring 🧡.

I have also been a bit of a “moving company” the last week 😅. Because my son in the middle and a friend of him are moving into my home. They have already been here two nights now and,- well I think this “living together situation ” also will go well, like it went with my oldest son and his friend,- special because we are able to use more space outside during the summertime, as well as we are not “locked in” with an more and less 24 hour quarantine 🏠. And they are both “easy going”,- persons, my son in the middle and his friend 😊.

My daughter is moving in as well, but during the upcoming weekend,- and then it is July ☀️.

June hasn’t been a very challenging month. I think the “biggest” challenge this month has been to get an copy for the key to the swimming pool, and to manage the moving- process in between my work as well as my son’s work and his friend’ work as well.

The pool to the community I’m living in has been closed until now, but for a couple of days ago we all got our key to the pool so we can start using it, but with restrictions,- of course. And the key to the pool has been delivered in our mailbox.

My challenge has been,- I have lost the key to our mailbox, but still managed to get my mail out of the box with sticking my hand into the tiny little opening (it’sgood to have small hands sometimes 😉),- except from this key. For some reason I can’t manage to get it, and I have been trying every day during the last 3 days.

The owner of the house I’m renting wanted to have a copy of the key to the pool so they also can use the pool now and then during the next two months. It is actually their daughter that want to have the possibility to use the pool. She has got a job in the area here for the two next months and maybe want to use to pool. The our of this house don’t live in this area, but in Africa/ Morocco, a place called Cueta.

So I did asked my neighbour if I could borrow his key to the pool and take a copy,- and lucky for me he said “yes, of course”. I didn’t just take one copy, but three 😉. One for me, one for the owner of the house I’m renting, and one to have “just in case”. The thing is,- we actually don’t need a key to be able to use the pool, but I will tell you about that in another post 😊.

There hasn’t been very much changes either during June. I have actually starting socializing a bit more, my home is “turned up side down” again, and will be like that for a couple of months, because there’s a couple of more people living here again.

I have got my car back, and it was a nice “change” to be able to get a bit more “around”,- even it was nice to be walking “here and there” too for different errands 😊.

And yes,- my patio in the front of the house is also changed to a cozy and nice outside livingroom and area 😊.

And of course I needed to re- organize my own plans a bit, my own routine and daily rhymes, change them so they fit a bit better in a daily life where 4 different people lives together.

I have nothing to complain about. June was a busy, gentle and nice month 🧡.

I’m not sure what July will bring me of changes and challenges, nice surprises, events, joy and happiness. I know there will be a bit of it all in some or another way 😊. It will be a change and a challenge to live together with 3 people, but not because they are very challenged and difficult to live together with, just because there are 3 young adults that has lived a bit their own life for a while. Something that also has created their own routines and rhythm in their daily life. And when you move back to mammi there’s some invisible mammi expectations too from my kids 😊. But that’s just because I’m their mammi, they are my children, and we have been living together so many years that there are things they are “use to” that I’m doing. Like for example have the dinner ready, and actually be creative enough to make tasty and delicious dinners too 😊. Well, – we will manage to find solutions I think 😊.

I’m going to have 2 weeks of holiday in July, something I’m really looking forward too 😊. And I’m going to meet Natasja again 😊. I haven’t seen her either since the beginning of January this year. She did travel to Denmark fir working at a hospital there during the quarantine and curfew here in Spain, and she come back to Spain a couple of weeks ago 😊.

All I can say in this last day in June is Thank you June for your busyness, gentleness and sweetness 🧡. Welcome sweet July, I’m looking forward to meet you with happiness and joy 💚.

I wish you all a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Thank you June for your busyness and gentleness, your sweetness and happiness 🧡. I wish you welcome, sunny July ☀️ I’m looking forward to meet you with happiness and joy 💚.

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Police violence, racism, discrimination 🚓📣🌍

Hi ❣It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

Police violence and racism are two words that has been used a lots together in the news lately, but not so much the word discrimination. I’m not sure why discrimination is a bit “behind” in the different “discussions” in the news, but it is.

There’s a lots of focus what’s happen in the USA now at days, and how the police “over there” are using unnecessary violence in different situations, and then special when it comes to people with a darker skin. When and why did the focus become “police violence and skin color”? And special who let the focus be in this kind of direction in the news? Police violence happen just not between to different skin color,- a white policeman and a darker person. Police violence happen with all kind of people, even the white ones. White against white. Colour against colour.

In this “case” I want to mention an america white, rich man, Tony Timpa, that was killed by the police 10. August 2016. It was not very much about that case in the news. Why not? But it was police violence at the same level as in the case of George Floyd. The different is that Tony Timpa’s “case” was never shared “all over the world”,- and why wasn’t it? Because he was white and rich?

My point is, – police violence happen no matter what kind of colours the skin have.

And like I did mention in one of my posts about the quarantine and curfew time here in Spain. It was not the virus I was afraid of, but the police. They behaved so badly, and used violence if some one crossed the quarantine and curfew line. Spanish police against Spanish people. White against white.

I could mention more “cases” like this,- but choose to not use more time around that. I just wanted to mention that it’s a difference between police violence and racism. It’s more about that the police are misusing their “power” in “upheated” situations, and it is about discriminating.

In my mind the police are going to create peace and order, maintain security and catch the “bad guys” ……. I thought.  But it is not quite so experienced anymore.  The police create fear because they behave terribly, many places, not all the places in the world, but many places, also in Spain, even in Norway too.

In short, police violence is when the police use violence against certain individuals or groups without any need to deal with a situation involving violent interventions. But unfortunately it has been a bit situations during the last where the police for some very strange reason choose to use violence unnecessary.

And then it is this words “racist” and “racism”. If we are agree about the fact that human are human no matter what colour the skin are,- why do we still split human into race- groups? In away “accept” the fact that we are actually from different “rases”?

In one “setting” it’s “correct” that we belong to different “groups”,- but are we different rases?

I’m a Scandinavian woman, and I can’t never be anything else. I look like an Scandinavian woman too. I can’t be an Spanish woman or an Asian woman, or an African woman either. I “belong” to the Scandinavian “group”,- but I’m not a different race. We have the same number of chromosomes, chromosomes that create us for women, for humans, but with genes that just put together a slightly different custom that we look different on the outside, and have different characteristics. At least in my mind I do think this way.

I have use the words “racist” and “racism” my self, but lately I have been thinking more and more about what the words in it’s own way stands for,- and if I look closely it “tells” me that as long as I use those words I also choose to split human into different races. And that’s not correct, is it?

If I just choose to use the words “racist” and “racism” one more time I want to say that “racist” and “racism” is not white against colours. There are people with dark skin that’s are “racist” too. There are Spanish people who are not very “happy” for people like my skin color. And both of my two youngest children has felt that “on their body” that they had a lighter skin, and the lighter colour was not very popular.

If I, with my light skin had moved, and I mean moved, not travel on a holiday, to Jamaica, I haven’t been very much welcomed, because of my skin color. Isn’t that racism too? Or is “racist” and racism” just for the one with darker colour skin then me?

Colours doesn’t matter,- we are all just different humans in different forms, sizes, shapes and colours. And racism doesn’t “belongs” to just a specific kind of colours either, racism happens all over the world no matter what colour you have.

Maybe it’s actually about xenophobia?  Fear of the stranger, the unknown, the “different” than we are used to?

And then it is “discrimination”,- isn’t actually that what it “all” is about? Discrimination because of the differences?

For example a person in a wheelchair will maybe not experience “racism”, but discrimination. And there’s a lots of discrimination everywhere in different way, level and “categories” . The young girl I told you about in my text “13 years of exclusion” what “word” can she use? A bully victim? She can’t use “racism”, because it was white against white. But still her experience has created scares on her soul at the same way as a person who experiences “discrimination” because of the wheelchair, or “racism” because of the skin color.

I think we people, we human have a “habit” to react in a negative way when we meet something new, something different and something we can feel threatened in some way, or that makes us insecure about ourselves and our own worth. And then we reacts with unreasonable actions, with fear, and fear many times cause bad actions. Bad actions like bullying, racism and discrimination.

My point today is,- police violence happen “all over the world” and has not very much with the colours to do, more about the police that’s does the violence, and about discriminating.

And when we choose to use words like “racism” and “racist”, we accept in a way that human are split into different “races”. Also “racism” it’s something that happens “all over the world”, no matter what kind of colours the skin are,- the focus is just a bit more on “white against colours” in the news, not the opposite. And to the end,- discrimination. I think that’s a good word to use,- it’s very much about discriminating, and xenophobia. This fear of what we do not have as much knowledge of, whether it is another skin color, disease, various disabilities, sexual orientation or it may be culture and traditions that are unknown. Something that makes us in one or another way feel insecure or threatened, because we don’t know, because we don’t have the knowledge.

This is just my thoughts, they can be wrong, they can be correct. It’s just my thoughts about “something” that’s happening around in the word at the moment, and also has happen for a while.

I just think we have to get a little bit better at separating some words and expressions from each other now and then, and not just putting them, and seeing them, as “selling” contexts.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

We humans are like sequins.  We come in slightly different colors and shapes, some with a little “crap” even.  And all are useful in one or another way 😊. The differences doesn’t give us the right to carry out various forms of discrimination, or even to use unnecessary police force. Xenophobia, fear of what makes one uncertain often creates conflicts between people of different kinds. Unnecessary conflicts because we don’t have the knowledge, and because we in one or another way feel threatened by “the unknown”.

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