This was not my colour 🧶👗

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

I’m knitting, but I haven’t very much colours and yarn to choose between anymore 🧶. I have what I have in my home, in my “yarn- corner”. I know I can order more yarn on an norwegian online yarn shop. The shop is actually just not online, it’s based in a town very close to where I live. It’s possible to order yarn from this shop online during this quarantine and curfew time, and get the yarn delivered on my door, but it’s not possible to go to the shop and take a look at the yarn and different colours at the moment.

This yarn- shop has photos and images I can take a look at, but for me it’s not the same, special when I don’t know what I’m going to knit 😊🧶. And I also like to take a look at the yarn for real, so I can get a better impression and imagination of the different colours. Because colours changes a bit during different ligth- settings.

Normally I buy yarn in a China- store, or get “leftover” yarn from my friends and family in Norway when they are visiting me here in Spain. I can forget about getting both “leftovers” yarn from Norway this year as well as visits from my friends and family from Norway. At the moment it seems that Spain is not going to open the border for tourists before in October. And my friends and family are in general not travel to Spain after October. Maybe it will be different this year, but I don’t think so.

The yarn in the China- store is cheaper then the yarn in the Norwegian online store, at the same time the Norwegian yarn is much better then the Spanish yarn. It’s better hold in it, and better quality. But leftover yarn my friends and family are giving me are cheaper, because I get it 😅, but also because Norwegian yarn are cheaper to buy in Norway then buy it here in Spain.

Anyway,- I did try to knit a a tunic with tank top to my self during the last weeks. Or maybe it was more like a shirt with tank top? In my imagination it was very cool, and it also did look cool after I have been knitting more then over half of the top/ tunic too, except from one thing. The colours are not my colours 🧶. I know I’m never going to use the top/ tunic, just because of the colours. I was happy with the design, but the colours didn’t match me at all. So I pulled up my entire tunic top.

The tunic top I did try to knit to my self with some “leftover” yarn 🧶

It’s absolutely nothing wrong with the colours they just don’t match me and my colours. Most of the colours are colours I’m in general are not using, – and I’m not going to feel comfortable in this colours either, or the colour match and mix. It’s different pink and violet colours, because,- well I haven’t very much yarn left to choose between in my “yarn- corner” in my home, so I use what I have and try to be creative 🧶. And I actually needed to knit as much as possible before I could get my imagination about how this tunic tank top would look like on me. The design was good, but the colours was not the best choice for me. I think I can use the yarn to elf- socks to my self instead, or knit something to someone else that match and like this colours better then me 😊.

But colours are a bit different in different light- settings as well as with different mix and match of colours. That’s also why I prefer the take a look at the yarn and colours before I buy it. I like to put together different yarn and colours and see how good or not good they “fit” together, and I can’t do that in a online store 😊.

The same colours just with different backgrounds and a bit different light- setting.

In general I use white background when I’m trying to find colours as well as mix different colours combination together. I also use white background when I take photos of my paintings, because the correct colours shows better with a white background then with a black background, or a background with other colours 🎨.

I actually have a tank top in very light pink colour, and I’m use that tank top too during the summertime, but the it’s less pink then it was in my knit tunic top, and I feel okay with that. It is the combination of colours, how much it is from the different colours and also the design on the clothes that wasn’t a very good mix for me.

I like to use different colours combination together, at the same time it is important for me to feel comfortable with the colours combination I’m using. And I didn’t feel very comfortable with the colours combination in my knit tunic top, but this colour combination could be a perfect mix of colours for someone else 😊.

I have started on an other knit project now,- a combination of tunic and jacket to my self in a dark blue colour with a touch of grey. So fare it also seems to be something I’m going to use when I’m finish knitting the tunic/ jacket. The design is fine, of course 😅, I did create it on my own, like I did with the tunic top, and this dark blue colours feels better for me.

Do you have any favourite colours on your clothes? Some colours and combinations you prefer to use? And do you have some colours and colours combination you absolutely don’t use because you don’t feel comfortable with the colours and the mix?

I like a lots of different colours and colours combination, and I do use different colours and colours combination too on different outfits. But I also have colours I don’t use, or I don’t feel comfortable in 🎨.

Well,- I have at the moment some different pink coloured yarn I can knit some elf- socks to my self, or create something to someone who like the colour mix I have left in my “yarn- corner “. Time will show, first of all I’m going to finish knit my tunic- jacket, and then we see. Maybe even the China- store is open again when I finish with my tunic- jacket so I can buy some more yarn in different forms, shapes and colours, and start on a totally new knit- project 🧶😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

This sweet colour mix and combination was not correct for me 🧶. I did try to knit a kind of, or a combination of a “tunic tank top” to my self with this colours combination, and I actually did I pulled up my entire “tunic top” when I was closely finish with it 😊. You will find the “tunic tank top” in my post, like it was before I started pull it up 🧶😊.

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Eating carrots daily did not worked as I wished – but still it’s a healthy vegetable 🥕💚

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

I’m in general eating healthy and with that I mean I’m eating different food and meals every day, as well as fruits and vegetables. But I’m not a “health- guru”. I eat the food I want to eat, I eat because I’m hungry and because I like food in general 😊. At the same time there are a couple of things I do eat more and less daily because of healthy reasons 😊.

I eat my daily blueberries because they taste so good and because they have a lots of antioxidants. I drink my fresh lemon shot with honey every morning because it’s antibacterial. I drink ginger tea now and then because the ginger helps my system to get rid of different waste materials in the body. I could probably drink this tea every morning too, but I don’t. I also drink ginger when I’m nauseous because it actually helps to get rid of the nausea 🍵.

I eat paprika, tomato, cauliflower and broccoli too, as well as potatoes, onions and carrots, advocate and more, but not every day because I vary between different vegetables and what I eat for example for dinner.  Some vegetables are suitable for meat, while others are perfect for chicken or fish.  And the sauce, I love the sauce at my dinner, different, tasty and sauces with a tiny little touch or two with cream mixed into 🍛.

I also eat oatmeal soup or oatmeal mixed in my yogurt, closely every morning, with a tiny touch of honey and cinnamon 🥣.

And now and then I do really enjoy to eat chips and snacks, drink coca cola, eat chocolate and icecream with the best conscience in the world 😊. And I eat icecream more then one time during the week 😊.

Different food, fruits and vegetables contains various vitamins, minerals and various trace elements needed by the body. Some food, fruits and vegetables can be a good idea for the body to eat every day, other a few times during the week.

I have been even bothered to get sun eczema the first time I spend in the sun after a winter without letting the sun shine on my body.  To avoid sun eczema, I started taking betacarotena tablets a few weeks before the sun season began, and it has helped tremendously.  Since I started taking beta-carotene tablets, I have not had sun eczema for the first few days or the first time in the sun after the wintertime. But then I did read that the betacarotena tablets can be a bit “heavy stuff” for my liver. And I actually don’t want that either. I don’t want to get sun eczema or that my liver “struggling” a bit because of the betacarotena tablets.

So I did started reading about betacarotena and did find out that carrots could be a very good replacement for the betacarotena tablets. I did knew that’s there are a lot of betacarotena in carrots, but it’s good to have a “refreshment” too what else the carrots could be good for 🥕,- and that’s different things,- its actually also good for the eyes and eyesight.

Anyway,- last Spring I did started to eat a fresh carrot every day, not just for dinner but more as a snacks too, and of course with the “purpose” of give my skin enough betacarotena to handle the first the sunbeams that shine on my winter white body lubricated with factor 30 this Spring. (I always use factor 30 in the sun and in the summer, both on my face and on my body during all the summer, all the time I’m in the sun). And hopefully I would not get any sun eczema this Spring and summer the first time and days I did spent in the sun 🌞.

But that didn’t happen, unfortunately 😔. Last Saturday I did spent a couple of hours, it was less then 2 hours ( half time on my front and halftime on my back) in the sun, and had also factor 30 both in my face and my body,- but the sun eczema did “popped up” this year😔. So my daily carrots snacks consume during this last year didn’t have any special effects for the betacarotena, my skin and the sun eczema 😔. But still it has been good for my health to eat carrots, just not with the “mission” I had in my mind 😊🌞🥕.

This is sun eczema under my breast- but I have already also starting “scratching” on the eczema before I did take this photo, – so it looks even worse because of the “scratching” too.

But I actually did recognized an other positive effect with eating this daily carrot snacks during the last year,- and that’s I for some reasons don’t need to use my glasses in so many situations as I did a year ago. I still need to use my glasses when I’m writing at my computer or my phone, but I actually don’t need to use them when I’m doing my work as a costumer service agent any more. And not either when I’m reading books. I’m not sure if it’s the “daily carrot eating” that’s the reason for this,- but I know carrots can be,- as I mention, good for the eyes and eyesight. So in my imagination I think the carrots snacks did have a tiny good effect on my eyes and eyesight 🤓.

An other good things,- I didn’t became a rabbit or a carrot 🐇. Someone told me “you became what you eat”, – so when I did carrot snacks every day I maybe could been a rabbit or a carrot? 😳 Just kidding, – I didn’t believe that 😅,- but it’s true someone actually told me that I was going to be a rabbit if I continue eating so much carrots every day 🥕.

Anyway,- my daily carrot snacks during the last year didn’t had the effect I did eat it for,- to protect my skin for sun eczema. But I still think it was healthy to eat a carrot a day for my body, and I’m going to continue with my carrot snacks, maybe not daily, but very often. 😊. And,- yes,- even my liver is not to happy with betacarotena tablets I did went to the farmacia and bought some. I’m going to use betacarotena tablets some weeks before the sun starts shining just to avoid to get the sun eczema. I think my liver will handle some weeks with this tablets, special if I try to drink more ginger tea every day, special during the betacarotena tablets periode 😊.

This was my experience with the betacarotena and carrots, but it’s not sure others will have the same experience that I had 😊. We are different and we and our body and mind react differently 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

Me and my carrots, and some advocates too 😊

I have been eating carrots as snacks every day during the last year, because I wanted to try out the betacarotena effect from the carrots and if it could help a bit for sun eczema 🌞. But it didn’t had the effect I wanted this daily carrots snacks during the last year 🥕. But,- I’m still going to eat carrots as snacks, maybe not just every day 😊.

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No specific topic, niche or genre yet,- just the life, my life, me,- and I m totally fine with that 💛 😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

I have been blogging and posting for over a year now,- and I have also been reading more from others blogs then I have done before 😊. I’m following different kinds of people and blogs with different kinds of niche, topic and genre,- and it’s very interesting to read about so many different things 😊. I do learn a lot about many things and people, cultures and traditions, something I like 😊. And many bloggers I’m following haven’t either a very specific topic, niche or genre,- at the same time they have,- because they write about their life 😊.

In the beginning when I did started to post my blog I did stress my self up very much with special one thing,- to find a special niche, topic or genre for my blog 😊. Because “everywhere” I did read about blogging I did also read about how important this topic, niche and genre for a blog was. Of course it’s important for some, I can see that,- but at the same time we are all different,- and I think for me, I just need to do this blogging in my way,- because then it’s “me”, it’s more “correct” for me to do it this way,- a bit like “step by step”, and actually let the readers just be a part of my very normal life ….well,- normal for me because this is the life I know, and it’s on its own way a normal life for me.😊.

I can’t follow “a blogging manual” for how to do “my blogging and my writing”,- but I can use some tips and advice now and then for how to try to do the best out of my writing ,- but still do it in my own way and tempo 😊.

I haven’t find any special niche, topic or genre to my blog yet,- except it’s about myself and my life ,- and that should probably be more then enough “topic, niche, genre and theme”,- and it will maybe just be that way too, without any very specific niche, topic, genre or theme, at the same time it is,- it’s me and my life 😊.

Because in my life I have different things and stuffs that’s important for me, just important in different directions 😊. I can’t choose one over another. I can’t choose to say to paint is more important for me then to knit, because both is important for me to do 🎨🧶. Food is important for me to eat, and also I like to make food, and I do eat every day 😊. And,- work out is important for me and my health 🤸‍♀️,- both my body and my mind 😊. I like to do my workout in general, but not always. There are days I just do my work out just because I know it’s necessary for my body and my mind, not because I want to do it. So my “soul” is not so much “into” workout and exercises that I actually can use that as a specific genre for my blog.

My children,- well they are the most important “ingredients” in my life, and to be a mammi has been my “identity” for over 26 years, and even they are growing up and moving out, Im still a mammi. And my children still have a habit to move back home again now and then too 😅. But I don’t want to and I can’t use my children as a topic for my blog. But when that’s written,- to be a mammi for my three children has created me to the person I’m today 😊.

My jobs are important for me, and my friends as well, but both in very different directions 💛. And I have and also are going to continue to write about job, work and education,- but not so much that I can use it as a topic for my blog 😊. And my friends,- they are a part of my life and will be mention in my blog when it’s natural for mention them in different settings and situations 😊.

So I have decided that I leave it this way for a while,- without any specific niche, topic or genre,- the theme will be “my life” in general 😊. Im not going to stress my self up to find “the specific topic, niche or genre”. I’m obviously creating “the way, my way” when Im writing my posts 📝. My blog is me,- even I also know I still don’t let my readers take part in every little things that’s happen in my life or in my mind,- I m going to “come there” as well, but one step at the time, and in my own tempo 😊.

My blog it’s about me and my life,- a Norwegian mature woman that lives and works in Spain, my children are growing up, starting their own life, and I need to find “my life as a mammi not living together with my children any more”. And I think that’s more then enough topic, niche and genre 😊. Its many different things, like the life it’s self is filled up with 🧡.

I could write about makeup, and I also considered that seriously last Autumn, but I’m actually not very interested in make- up. Im most interesting in my mascara,- and a tiny bit interesting to learn a bit about how to use foundation for the skin ( if its called foundation? 😅) 😊. I could also write about skincare, but I do my skincare in my own way at the moment, and I haven’t very much to share in that area either. I take care of my skin as best as I can with the different products I have 😊. It’s very easy 😅. I have already share what I can share both about makeup as well as about skincare 😊.

I could write about hair, and I also do, but not very often. And at the moment I have “quarantine and curfew” hair anyway, so it’s not very much to write about 😅. Im a bit couriers what my natural hair colour actually is at the moment, and is trying to find out of that. I also like to go the the hairdresser two times a year. Imagine that 😊. So I haven’t to many “subjects” to write about in that area either 😊. Just some few,- so I leave it to that 😊.

Of course I could write about clothes, fashion and style too, because I use clothes and in general I actually like my own fashion and style. But,- I have what I have of clothes, shoes and fashion,- and I’m not sure it’s very interesting for other to read to much about 😊.

I can write more about menopause, but I’m obviously still not quite “there”. My menstruation is still very regular. But of course there are different changes in my body because I’m getting older, my body as well as my mind are in a “aging process” – something that’s actually are very natural. It doesn’t matter if you are 10 years, 25 or 47, – we are all getting older 😊. And there’s changes in every “age- category”. You know,- ” every age has its own charm” 😊. Also my age 😅.

Repeat my self mow,- I know 😅. But,- What I know I m going to write about is my life, different happenings and “events”, – it’s not to many of them at the moment because we are still in quarantine and curfew here in Spain, but now with the possibility for a walk outside in the morning and evening 😊.

I’m going to write about my children,- but just when they allowed me to do that, and accept my textes and photos about them. Something they actually so fare has done,-approved both text I have written about them and me, and images I have used of them 😊.

I’m going to write about painting and knitting, and probably about my work now and then too 😊.

And I’m going to write about different things and stuffs that’s happens in my daily life and my life in general, as well as what’s in my mind now and then 😊. Its very easy, but still complex 😊. And for me this are more then enough “niche, topic and genre” 😊. It’s a theme,- the life, my life and different things that’s in one or another way are dropping by in my life 😊. Then I don’t need to stress myself up for finding a specific niche, topic or genre, and actually more just enjoy the writing and writing process as well as sharing my textes with my readers 😊.

As there are so many different people around in the world there will also be so many different bloggers, blogs and textes,- and that’s actually a good thing,- to not create to many “copies” 😊. So I hope my readers around in the world still will enjoy my textes, even I just have a theme, – “the life, my life”💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Me,- LailaS,- the writer behind this blog without any specific niche, topic or genre,- just the theme “The life, my life” 😊( updated photo as well,- taken today 09.05.2020).

I did started with publish my textes and blog for around a year ago,- and so fare I’m very happy for the way it has worked out and been, and hopefully will continue to be 😊. And I m also so grateful for my readers and followers 🧡. I did stressed my self up a bit when I started to write and post, because I couldn’t find any specific topic, niche or genre for my blog 📝. Now I m not stressed up any more, just very happy with the theme for my blog instead, and in general with my blog as well 🥰. It is what it is,- it’s my blog 🥰.

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Look at these magical feathers 🌾🍂🌿

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

I have been painting a bit during the last weeks, and I had an imagination about painting three magical feathers. Three magical feathers for good luck, and good wishes for the future. One feather for peace. One feather for hope, and one feather for a good future for all of us 💛.

This is my first “feather- painting, and I’m happy with it at the same time it didn’t became totally the way I wanted it to be 😊. At the same time in a very magical way the colours in the painting are changing a bit during the different directions and the different lighting. Its fascinating to look at,- and I have try my very best to show you this strange and magical colour effect with taking different photos from different directions and with a bit different lights. But of course,- the best and most correct effect will always be “in the real life” 😊.

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Feathers are fascinating me,- and I want to try to paint more paintings where the feathers are the design. And there’s a saying ” Exercise Makes Master”. So I just get to practice and practice drawing and painting feathers,- and then they hopefully will be better and better, little by little by practicing 😊.

Feathers are a strong symbol, and widely used as a symbol in various religions, faiths and beliefs.  Feathers are also a strong symbol if they appear in your dreams, and feathers adorn a dream catcher.

Feathers are a symbol of bird and freedom.  It is the strongest symbol of the air, at the same time so light, and hovers so softly and elegantly in its own way.  At the same time so powerful and vigorous in its hover.


Feathers symbolize both change and protection, freedom and hope.

The colors I used when painting the feathers are white, brown and gray.  Each color has different symbolism, while simultaneously symbolizing hope, purity, spirit, protection, peace, joy and happiness.  They also symbolize health and balance, of banishing the old and receiving the new in life.

And it was exactly what I wanted this painting, the design and the colours to represent 🧡. Special when we all are in this strange and new time we all are in, and the new time we are going to meet.

It’s the same painting,- just from different directions and in a bit different lights.

You can see the different colours I have been using in this painting, at the same time it depends what light and direction you are looking at, and what colours that’s shows. Very fascinating, and I even didn’t know I could create something like that 😊. So I’m a bit proud too, even the feathers could be painted better. I just need to exercise, and hopefully they will be better after some exercising 😊.

I have also painted two other paintings where the design are a bit like angel- wings, and some of the colours are the same as in this painting. I will show you them another day 😊.

This is a painting I did started on when Spain went in “lock down”,- and we got quarantine and curfew all of us. And the numbers of sick people went higher and higher as well as the numbers on people that pasted away because of the illness Covid19 also got extremely high 💛. I did think about them all,- the sick ones, and the people that lost some of their loved ones,- without even got the possibility to say goodbye 💔. And all the people that have lost their jobs, their safety net in life here in Spain 😔.

I know,- how hard life can be, how difficult it can be to see and find, feel and believe that things in life will and can be better again after som really heavy life experiences. I know it’s so difficult to believe that the lights will shine in life again after a really hard and tough time. And that’s why I did paint this painting, “This three magical feathers”,- because I hope so much that all the people who are in a tough time now, that are having a hard time to believe “in better days” hopefully will get this believe back, and that there will fly magical feathers into their life, and give them hope, peace, protection and happiness for the future 💚.

And,- of course I really do wish the same for you as well 🧡.

And I also wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

The three magical feathers- one for peace, one for hope, and one for a good future 🧡. Size in the painting is 18*24 cm

This painting is actually a kind of magical on it’s own,- and if you reading my post you will maybe be able to see how the colours in the feathers are changing – it’s more photos in my post 🥰. My “Three Magical Feathers”,- one feather for peace, one feather for hope, and one feather for a good future 🧡.

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Some champagne and macarons in Paris, or afternoon tea in London? 🗼🎡

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

We, adults, here in Spain, are allowed to go out for a tiny little walk two times a day now, one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening 🚶‍♀️☀️. The first day for this luxury was yesterday and I really enjoyed my walk yesterday morning 🌞. The sun is also shining and the sky is blue, it’s warm, it’s a lovely touch of summer 🌞.

I was working in the evening yesterday and hadn’t the possibility for a walk then, but I still manage to take some “travelling” in my imagination during the day as a good replacement for the walk I did miss in the evening 😊. And I will any way have the possibility for this evenings walks when I’m not at work 😊🚶‍♀️.

But yesterday I did take a tiny trip to #Paris and enjoyed a glass of champagne, a croissant and some macarons when I did enjoy the view to #EiffelTower, in my patio, instead of the evening trip outside 🗼😊.

Later, before I was going to start working, I did take a tiny trip to #London and enjoyed a tasty afternoon tea there, in my patio, as well 🎡 🍵. It was really nice and cozy, both my tiny trips. Actually so nice that my daughter asked me if we could take this trips one day together, in my patio, when she is allowed to visit me again 🥰.

Afternoon tea in London at my patio yesterday 🥰

I has been visiting London a couple of times, and also enjoyed the atmosphere and afternoon tea there,- and if I get the possibility to travel to London again I’m going to have a tasty afternoon tea there again 😊. I like this tiny, tasty cakes and different bread- slices, and scones they do serves for the afternoon tea, and Ilike the atmosphere that’s around afternoon tea. At least the atmosphere have explored. I didn’t have any scones yesterday, but it was still a really nice and tasty afternoon tea, in my patio, with a nice and cozy atmosphere 🍵.

During this quarantine and curfew time, that for us here in Spain was for 49 days before we was allowed to go out for a tiny little legal walk, not just a walk for doing some necessary errands, I have also create a kind of imagination in my mind in my home. A kind of “outside life” inside in my home 😊. I know other people around has done more and less the same, maybe? When they have spent their weekends in “las kitchen” or “el bathroom” or “la livingroom” and so on. I have also done different things, and been at different “events” in my home as well 😅.

I have been at the cinema, and the “book- store”, and the yarn- corner too. It’s not very much yarn to choose between anymore, but still there are some left to create something 🧶.

The “cinema” and some different “movie” choices. The “book- store” and the yarn- corner 😊.

I have been to the beauty- saloon, actually more then before the quarantine and curfew 😅. I have actually been very good to “take care” of my skin during this quarantine and curfew time 😊. I have probably a bit more time now. I have also been at the workout “studio” and actually been doing different exercises on regular basis too, and I have even visited my cozy and nice cafe very regularly as well. The menu can be a bit “comsi- comsa”, but there’s always some kind of food to find on “the menu” 😊.

The three first photos are from my “cafe”, in my kitchen 😊. Then the “beauty- saloon” in my bathroom, and my “workout- studio” in a corner in my bedroom 🤸‍♀️.

I have been at both of my works as well as “turned around” to my “creative corner” for a tiny “time out” after my jobs was finish 🎨. I haven’t been very much to the “hairdresser”. I did try the “hairdresser” in my home a couple of times, but I think I need to change hairdresser 😅. Not even washing my hair with coca cola was the best “success” for my hair 😅. At the moment I actually need to wait a bit with visiting my ordinary hairdresser. For just to save up a bit money for next the real- deal hairdresser- visit 😊. I know some hairdressers are allowed to slowly open up again here in Spain very soon, maybe even the one I’m normally using 😊, but the electricity and water bills got a bit more higher when my oldest son and his friend has been living here for 3 months, so I need to save a bit money before I actually can visit the hairdresser for real 😊. But I will manage to “survive” to wait one more month to fix my “quarantine and curfew” hair for real ✂️🧴😊.

One desk to one job, another desk to an other job 😊. My creative corner too, just “a turn” away 🎨. And the hairdressers,, not the best visit, and there will not be to many visits either yo the “home hairdresser” 😅. It wasn’t the best “cut”, not the “hair- cut” of the year at all,- or maybe actually it was? 😅

So I actually, more and less, have what I need in my home, if I just use my imagination, my mind, my inspiration and my creativity 😊. At the same time,- I can’t invited my friends or my children to join me to my “cafe” or the “home- cinema”, or just to have some nice and cozy conversations in my patio 😊. Or for a nice imagination “trip” to Paris for just enjoying the view to The Eiffel Tower together 🗼. At the same time I m happy I have the possibility for doing this different things in my home during this quarantine and curfew time 🧡. And I’m actually grateful for my imagination, inspiration and creativity,- it makes the days a bit easier and also much more fun during a quarantine and curfew time 😊. And also when “the normal” days are a bit more back, the “normal” days that’s not going to be “normal” any more, at the same time they will, but just different “normal” from what we was used to just 4 months ago, I still will be able to use my imagination, inspiration and creativity to create fun, cozy and nice days for myself, for my children and friends as well 💜. And I’m really looking forward to create nice and cozy days in my home to my children and friends, as well as meeting them outside for real in an other “cafe” for tiny meal and some drinks, then just my “cafe” 😊.

I’m grateful for my mind and imagination, and for the possibility to be creative, it makes the days a bit more fun and easier too 😊. And I really enjoyed my trip to Paris and London yesterday 🥰.

What about you? Do you have “created” a “outside- life” in your “stay at home 24/7 inside- life” during this quarantine and curfew time ? 😊 In case what have you done differently then when you had the possibility to be “outside”? What did you do in “las kitchen” or “el bathroom” or “la livingroom” when you spent your “time off” and your tiny trip or travel there?

Today I’m going to spend a bit time “the creative corner” for a while, and maybe create a new “trip or travel” that can use as an imagination “trip and travel” at my patio, before I’m going to be working later this evening 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

A tiny trip in my imagination to Paris, outside in my patio🗼🥐 😊

Yesterday I did have a very nice “trip” to Paris and enjoyed the view over The Eiffel Tower, a croissant and some macarons 🥰. Later I went to London for some afternoon tea 🍵🎡. Do you want to join me? I have been to the cinema and work as well, even to the yarn- shop- corner, and my creative corner too 🎨. You are welcome to join me for a short “trip” and imagination in my post, an imagination about the “outside-life” “inside” in my home 😊.

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Thank you easy April 🧡 ,- and Welcome sweet May 💚

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

April is suddenly over, and the month went supricely fast, mush faster then I had in my mind with the thought that we has been in quarantine and curfew all month, all weeks, all days,- no exception. Ah,- that’s not totally true,- it’s always exceptions , always 😊. Also in quarantine and curfew 😊.

April gave me my first child 26 years ago, something I’m very grateful for 💙. But it was not very much of a birthday- party for my oldest son this year, but he did got his chocolate cake, and I did made some tasty canapes to him and his friend so they had some snacks during their working day 😊. And I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be together with my oldest son on his birthday 💙.

April gave us a lots of rain, something that’s good for the plants, earth, animals and, of course, us, the human 🌧. And the weather did made it easier to be in quarantine and curfew. In a way it has been the “perfect” quarantine and curfew weather when you first need to stay indoors and home closely 24/ 7 ☔. I’m Thankful for the rain, both because the water- tanks in the area are more filled up with water for the summer, the plants and flowers are growing, and I didn’t had to biggest “needs” to be outside, it became easier to live with quarantine and curfew when its raining “all day long” 😊.

I’m Thankful for the small walks I did have to the food store, once a week during April. And I’m Thankful for the tiny trip I got with my son’s dog one day in April 🐕.

I’m Thankful for that my son also, and at least, got the surgery in the end of this April,- and hopefully will slowly be and get better now 💙. And I m also Thankful for that my son and his friend got the possibility to move to their own home in April 🏡. Its good for both the two young men and their animals 🐕🐈. And it’s good for me too, even I do miss my oldest son, and his dog, even his friend I do miss a bit. At the same time, its good to be a bit on my own now 😊.

I’m Thankful for the possibility and opportunity to live together with my oldest son one more time 💙, maybe for the last time, I don’t know, no one knows what the future will bring. But I m very grateful for the 3 months we did live together now, even there was a couple of days we all was a bit tired of each other 😊.

I’m very grateful for both my jobs, even my “social and health service online job” did cut the salary a bit more for the next upcoming month, May. But that, unfortunately, is the way it is during this very special time we all are going through. I’m still very grateful for having both of my jobs, as well as the possibility to work in some extra money on a couple of other online jobs as a freelance chatter and as a freelance writer 💜.

I’m grateful for the sun that’s has been showing up the last days in April 🌞, and I’m grateful for my home and the possibility to enjoy the sun outside in the pato.

April wasn’t so challenge, it has more and less being about staying home, do my jobs, wash the clothes and clean the home, make and eat food, do my work out, and socializing together with my oldest son and his friend 😊. And it has been chatting up with my family and friends 😊.

There has been a couple of “ice cubes in my stomach” when I think about the future, because I know there will be changes and challenges, and I don’t know what kind of changes and challenges there will be in the future. Can they be worse and more difficult then I already have been through and experiencing during the last 6- 7 years? Or ? 🤔 And will I manage even bigger changes and challenges then I already have been through during the last 6- 7 years? 😔 I don’t know,- so I try my best to shake the ice cubes out of my stomach, and just let the sun defrost the ice cubes, and instead provide water and nourishment for good thoughts and feelings so that they can grow instead 🌷🌾💚. It’s not always easy, but most of the time it’s working in a positive way 💚.

So Thank you, April for the small and daily experiences you have given me 💚. Not the biggest changes and challenges this month, it has been more challenges in my mind then it what in the reality,- and I’m grateful for that, that the different challenges just have been in my mind 💜. I’m grateful for my children, my family and friends. I’m grateful for my jobs, my home and the possibility to pay the rent, the bills and expenses, and have food “on the table” 🧡. Thank you April,- you was so much easier to live through this year than last year,- something I’m incredibly grateful for ❣

Welcome sweet and soft May 🧡. I don’t know what you will teach me or show me. I don’t know what kind of changes and challenges you will give me, but I know you will bring me some kind of changes and challenges, and I know I will also teach and learn me something new, maybe about myself, or maybe about something else 😊. I know you will give me some new experiences in life too, hopefully not to big 😊.

I also know May will give me the opportunity and possibility to go for a tiny little walk, because the restrictions in Spain will allow us to go for a walk soon 😊. Something I’m really looking forward too 😍. I also think I will get the opportunity and possibility to meet my children a bit more during May, and my friends here in Spain as well. Something I really are looking forward to 🥰.

I actually also know I can date a bit, if I want. I have actually been invited for a couple of dates during April with the opportunity and possibility to meet in May,- but we see what’s happen 😊. At the moment I just need to be “with me and myself”, fill up a bit with energy so I’m available to give a bit more from my self to other people around me 🧡.

So,- Welcome sweet and soft May, I don’t know what you will bring into my life,- I just wish you Welcome with the different good opportunities and possibilities you will bring and give me in my life 💚. I’m looking forward to meet you, sweet and soft May, you’re very welcome with your kindness, sweetness and goodness 🧡.

I hope you too have some things you can be grateful for during April even I know this year April has been a bit more challenging for many people around in the world then maybe last years April was 🧡. For me last years April was hard, really thought,- so I’m incredibly Thankful for how this years April has been and has given me ❤. And I hope you have something good to look forward to in May, and that you can welcome May with joy and happiness 💚.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Thank you April for being so nice and soft this year. Thank you April for the different, not to big, experiences you gave me, and for the opportunity to live together with my oldest son as well 💙. Welcome sweet and soft May, I m looking forward to meet you with your kindness, sweetness and goodness you can and will bring into my life 🧡,- and the also the possibility for a tiny “legal” walk outside during the days in May 😊.

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Creamy, homemade cauliflower soup with advocate as lunch, dinner or something to eat in the evening 🥑🥦🥣

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧡

Suddenly I’m on my own after living together with my oldest son and a friend of him for 3 months. It feels good to be alone, but also a tiny bit empty. Maybe it’s empty because all their bags and boxes are moved away? 😊 And maybe it’s empty because I have started moving my different things and stuff back into where they normally are, and suddenly got a bit more space and room “here and there” ? 😊

I have been re- organize my home back “to normal” the last days, and I feel closely like its echo in my home 😅. Suddenly the rooms was a bit bigger then just a week ago 😊.

But yes,- it’s empty in my home, I do miss both my son and his dog,- even his friend a bit 😊. I like to have my children around me,- but I prefer not to live together with them to long. Its best for both them and me to start living on our own, start our own lifes 😊. At the same time I’m very grateful for this weeks together with my oldest son,- and Im feeling lucky that also will get the opportunity to live together with my two youngest children for a while, during this summer 😊.

When I have been trying to get my home “back in business” again in between my work, I also need to eat,- and I really like cauliflower soup. It’s so easy to make, it’s very tasty and I can also cook so much that I can freeze the soup in portions so I have soup for lunch or dinner, or even something for the evening, for several days. I can’t eat cauliflower soup all day long,- but one meal during a day or every second day it’s not a problem,- it’s a good and tasty meal, that’s also fills my stomach and makes me feel full.

I have also planned to do some extra work with some extra online job during the next weeks. So easy and prepared food is good to have 😊 . Hopefully I will manage to earn “in a bit” what I have lost of my regular income during this corona- crisis and period. And maybe and hopefully try to study a bit Spanish as well. Somethings are easier to do when it’s just me around in the house 😊. And then its good to have some easy going food that is both tasty and fills up my stomach 😊. I hope I will manage my extra working plan the way I have planned,- but as most of us have experienced, many times things are not going as planned. And things can change very fast.

I have very good experience in that plans and things do not go as planned. Actually many years of experience with it, at the same time I know that for many people this became a whole new experience in life, that things do not always go as planned.  Many have now had to learn through the time we live in – that things do not always go as planned. A new and probably, challenged and difficult experience for many.

But the was actually not the point in my text today,- I’m writing myself away here 😊. I was actually going to share my recipe for my homemade, Norwegian cauliflower soup with you 😊. This soup is very easy to make and tasty as well. And like I mention, the soup can be use as a lunch or dinner, or even as a meal for the afternoon 😊.

Norwegian homemade and creamy cauliflower soup 🥣 (for 4 person)

1 cauliflower, 1/2 finely chopped onion, 8 dl.  water, 2 pcs.  broth cubes, 2 dl.  milk or cream.

Clean the cauliflower, divide it.  Put cauliflower, onion, water, broth cubes and milk / cream in a saucepan / saucepan.  Bring to a boil and cook until the vegetables are tender.  Flavor slowly and pepper.

It can’t be easier to make a tasty and delicious homemade soup 🥣.

This time I did double the recipe, and also used one broccoli as well. When the soup was finished I had some advocate in it too this time 😊.

The rest of the soup I have put in my freezer is without advocate, just plane soup. Something that’s give me the opportunity to use bacon or asparagus if I want, or maybe even some potatoes just to make it more “filling”. A tiny bit variation is possible even with the same soup 😊.

I normally serve bread or baguette, and butter together with the soup too 😊.

You can use both regular onions or red onions, spring onions or leeks.  The choice is yours.  I vary, and sometimes I mix a little of each of the different onions as well.

I hope you will enjoy this homemade Norwegian cauliflower soup as much as I do,- and maybe also try the different “taste”- opportunity as well? A bit mixing with some different tastes 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

Norwegian homemade cauliflower soup topped with advocate 🥑😊

In between my work I have tried to re- organize my home “back to normal” again, after my oldest son moved out 😊. And in between work and re- organizing it’s necessary with some tasty food too 🥑🥦. I have made some homemade cauliflower soup from a Norwegian recipe, and I did made some extra too, so I have for several days 🥣. If you want to try this soup, you will find the recipe in my post 😊.

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