A reminiscent evening 🥰

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all

Imagine it is 7 years since me and my two youngest children moved to Spain 😳. And two or three years later my oldest son moved to Spain too 😊. Where has the time gone? 🤔

It was never my plan to stay so long in Spain,- but suddenly 7 years has passed by 😊. Imagen that.

My two youngest and me had a reminiscence evening some evenings ago about our time and life, experiences, changes and challenges in Spain during the lasts years. My oldest son was in his home at the mountains this evening, but all four of us had a family afternoon for around a week ago, and a marvellous time together like we always have 🥰.

I’m very grateful and very lucky,- I have three incredible and fantastic young adults children 🥰. Imagine that 💙💙❤. I just needed to mention it,- because I’m a bit proud of them all, and I do feel very lucky 💚.

During our reminiscence evening we choose to focus on our good memories and experiences during this 7 last years.

It’s more then enough not to good memories, challenges and experiences to focus on,- but what good will they bring into our life,- except from “lessons” and learning, and hopefully knowledge too 😊. And I choose to look at them at that way now,- as learning and knowledge. But I haven’t been there “all the time” during this last 7 years. It has been hard work, and for me the focus has mainly been to survive and support my children as best as I possible could.

I didn’t had in mind 7 years ago that I should work so much, so hard and live so little. And I didn’t had a clue about the different challenges and changes we was going to “meet on” or go through. But at the same time,- life is work in its own way, and life is changes and challenges too 😊.

But in my mind and my dreams I thought I should be able to do a bit more other things expect from working,- like travel a bit in the country, look around, learn to dance bachatta, learn Spanish a bit better, explore the culture and the traditions, the history a bit more, and a bit more different things and stuff too. But okay,- it is what it is 😊.

I was dropped off in Spain with two children in the suitcase 7 years ago,- and it was actually not very fun at all, it was incredibly scary, to be honest. A new country, a new culture and suddenly a lifesituation I was not prepared on at all, and I also should take care of my son and my daughter as well, following them up as good as possible in this new country and the different and new lifesituation. Rais them, be a mammi for them as best as I possible could, be there for them in this new lifesituation. But,- incredibly,- in some way I did, we did, manage “it all” together in its own way 😊. It hasn’t been easy at all,- but like I mention,- we did actually choose to focus on the more “bright side” off being dropped off in Spain this evening 😊.

But to be able to focus on the “bright side” we needed to “touch” the “not to bright side” too.

All of my children have great memories from our life in Spain, special during the 4 last years, and that’s so good to know, and hear from them 😊. They have been travelling a bit in the country, meet new friends, got a lots of new experiences, new knowledge and even great work experiences.

I have meet many interesting people as well as got some incredible good and fantastic friends during this years. Friends and family from Norway has been visiting us as much as possible 😊. And I have got actually a lots of various work experiences during this years, as well as I know I can manage things, changes, challenges and situations I never had in mind I could be able to manage 8 years ago 😊. That is a knowledge worth to remember on not to happy days.

During this 7 years a my three children has been living together with me, and all has moved out, and then moved back again. The reason for moving back home to me, is mainly because of the corona- situation. A situation that effect us all,- not just me and my children, but mainly, and unfortunately, more and less everybody,- and probably not in the best way either 😔.

The three first years here in Spain my focus was actually to move back to Norway. But it was not a easy thing to do. It cost a bit money to move back to Norway, it is an incredible expensive country, and special when I didn’t had any home to move back to either. I did try to save money for moving, but it was not easy with a Spanish salary and a couple of kids to support. Maybe also that’s why my children feel that the three first years here in Spain was a bit more robust than this four last has been?

After a while I in away just gave up to be able to move back to Norway, at the same time as I didn’t start “living” in Spain either. I was and has just “been” here, done the best of the situation. I have on it’s own way not thought about moving back to Norway, at the same time as I haven’t give it to much thoughts about staying in Spain either. I have just been here. Been in the days, weeks, months and the different situations life has brought.

I don’t know what the future will bring me,- but I have lately been more and more “comfortable” with the thoughts of just staying in Spain and start living in Spain too. Learn the language and be a bit more part of the Spanish society.

What scares me a bit with this thoughts is to be old and alone in Spain, on the other hand,- that can happen in Norway too. But in Norway I at least can the language 😊,- on the other hand,- it will probably be easier for me to learn the spanish language now when it just me left in the home, no kids to take care of, follow up, raise up, drive “here and there”, be there for, be available for. I will get a bit different time,- and be mammi in a different way, and have a bit more focus on me and myself, my things as well as “studies of the language”.

My plan is now to work for to get the rest of our different things and stuffs we have in Norway to Spain during the Spring 2021. And not the opposite- to move back to Norway,- then I take “the moving life” from there I think 😊. And of course, – tey my very best to learn the Spanish language, – it’s on time to be honest.

I could think “what if” about the past,- and to be honest,- I have been thinking that a lot too,- but not so much during the last years. “What if” belongs to the past,- and two things are for sure,- I can’t go back to the past and change any situations there,- and can’t live in the past either. The life is here and now,- and the the mainly focus should be here and now to. It’s not always easy to remember or do,- but it gets easier and easier,- step by step 😊.

And I have a lots of things to be grateful for during this last 7 years 🧡. Great time together with my children,- both in family situations, school situations and working situations. That’s not for all and everyone to have 😊. I have got some fantastic friends and I’m really looking forward to use more time together with them now 🥰. We have been living in a lovely home during the last 6 years, and I have got more and various working experiences here in Spain that I actually think I would got in Norway during this years. And,- I know I’m available to “survive” in situations I didn’t imagine I could manage to find solutions at, 8 years ago 💚. I have got experiences and knowledge about the life,- experiences and knowledge I’m starting to like 😊.

What and where I will be in 7 years, – I have no idea actually,- but I have at least some thoughts and ideas, and some goals, hopes, dreams and wishes I’m working on,- and then we see. As most of us know, and have been learning, special during this year, 2020,- plans and dreams, wishes, hopes goals very fast can change direction….and that because of a society situation we even can’t change or control.

What I can say is, – all in all during this 7 years,- they have created me to the one I m today, teach me, give me wisdom and knowledge, experiences and learning I’m very grateful for ❤. Of course there are different experiences and situations I could easily manage to live without,- but okay,- that’s the way it is 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon I hope 😘

18. March 2015,- its more then 5 years sgo this photo was taken. Its me and my gorgeous children in our patio, in the place that has been our home during the last 6 years 😊 And yes,- I have permission from all of my three children to post the photo of us 😊

Imagine we have been living in Spain for 7 years now 😊. It has been 7 great years with learning and wisdom, experiences and knowledge, changes and challenges, – and they all have created us in one or another way 😊. I feel I have a lot to be grateful for during this years 😊. If it will be 7 new years in Spain,- I don’t know,- but the thoughts it’s not so strange for me anymore 😊.

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A sweet taste of Norwegian late summer 🌞, and I did not share with anyone 😅

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

I remember when I was a child my mam, and my grandmother too, made a delicious dessert made from currants. I did try to make it myself to my children too, but for some reason they didn’t like this dessert as much as I did, and still does,- so I haven’t made it very much.

An other thing,- there’s not so much currants here in the area, at least I haven’t found to much, and the ones I have found has been a bit expensive.

But my mammi did send me a photo one day when she was making this dessert, and I did decided that I wanted to try to make one too 😊.

My plan was actually to make the dessert to “my fling”. I had promise homemade mushroom soup, and thought I could “top it all” with this delicious homemade dessert then 😅.

Like I mention, – the dessert is made from currants,- its fresh and sweet at the same time, and I really like it a lot. It’s not even difficult to make, or “expensive”,- except from the a bit expensive currants here in South of Spain 🍒.

The dessert is called “Trollkrem” in Norwegian,- and if I try to translate it into English it will be maybe “Troll cream”? Maybe the trolls in Norway did love this dessert too, or maybe you became a bit like a troll after eating it? 😅

Well,- I did feel a tiny bit like a troll after making it,- but okay,- maybe I’m allowed to be a tiny little troll now and then? 😊

The recipe for the Norwegian dessert, – Troll cream (for two persons):

1 large cup of currants (cleaned).  1 slightly smaller cup of sugar.  1 egg yolk.

Whisk everything together to a stiff cream / mousse.  Can be cooled slightly in the refrigerator if you wish.  Can also be served with cold custard.

And if the cream does not become stiff and like a mousse it may be because the currants are too ripe.  Then you can try whisking in another egg yolk into the cream.

How big the cup should be? I did use a normal tea cup 🍵.

Anyway,- the dessert is served. A tasty, fresh and sweet dessert that tast like late Norwegian summer 🌞.

I did mention that I became like a tiny little troll after making this Trollkrem,- and that’s because I didn’t share it with anyone 😅. I did eat up all by myself. I didn’t served any dessert to the mushroom soup 😅. And I enjoyed every tiny little spoon with no regrets totally alone 😊. Snd I didn’t tell anyone either that I had made “Trollkrem”,- I just kept it all for myself 😊. So it didn’t became any homemade dessert after the homemade mushroom soup 😅. I didn’t “top it all”, instead I did eat it all 😊.

But maybe I try to make a new one another day, and even share with someone? 😊

I hope you will enjoy this dessert as much as I do,- but hopefully you will share a bit more then I did 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon, – I hope 😊

Norwegian homemade dessert with a fresh taste of late Norwegian summer 🌞

I like dessert, and in general I also like to share. But this time I did eat it all. I didn’t share the taste of late Norwegian summer with anyone,- and I enjoyed every little spoon 🥰. Norwegian tasty homemade “Trollkrem” with currants 😊. Fresh and sweet 🌞.

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A chronic disorders is in general invisible 😴🤕

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

I have a chronic disorders, but most people I’m sourrende by don’t know that,- because in general I’m actually fine and it doesn’t “shows” outside at my body that I have a chronic disorders either. And in general I actually don’t talk or tell to much about the disease, and the disease doesn’t bother me to much, in general.

You can’t see the disease on me on daily basis, and in general it doesn’t effect me to much on daily basis either, so in it’s own way it is “invisibl”, except from when Im not very well. And,- when I’m “sick” I’m actually home in my bed. Because it’s “knock me” totally out. Natural enough.

An other thing is that I don’t want to be the illness, I just have it and for me that’s quite a bit different. Many people have this tiny bad habit to not be able to see the difference between be and have. I’m not the disease, I have it,- and in general I’m actually not very sick anymore,- but there are days and periods I still do struggle with the disease. Like I have done in July and August this year. I can “brag” about that I have priority my children, and that’s also true,- but I have also priority my children because I can’t priority “everything” at the moment. I’m actually not to well at the moment, but I’m trying my best to be well 😊.

In general I manage my work and my daily life, but then sometimes,- like I mention,- it’s totally knocks me out 🙄. And lately it has knocked me very much out, but I have still managed my work,- but that’s more and less what I actually have manage too. And I do feel like I’m a squeezed orange now, and soon it’s not very much juice to squeeze out anymore. I don’t like that feeling to be honest 😔.

Many call the illness I have for ME/CFS, also called for PEM. And for 14 years ago it I was probably in that category. I was in my bed for “just” 6 months, something that’s not to bad with this kind of disease. And last time the disease “knocked me” totally out was for about 6 years ago, and I “enjoyed” my bed for around 3 months. In general I have been very well, and had just bad days or shorter periods, and very good years, lately 😊.

I can quickly become very exhausted and burnt out, but I often know what is causing it to happen. Mostly I manage to be in control so that I do not get tired of fatigue and burnout, but not always. 

As most of us know, we can not always control external events.  And this year there have been various outside events that I have not been able to control, which in turn has led to me having a very low energy level now, – or “flat battery” as I call it. Or maybe like an empty ballon 🎈 .

And it’s low, my battery, very low, but lucky for me, still not empty…….yet. But it can soon be empty now, so I’m very careful with what I’m using my energy and “body battery” on at the moment. I need to do some priority so I don’t get totally empty. Because if I come there where I’m totally empty, there’s no battery left it will takes a bit longer time to “refill” it,- if I can explain it that way. And I don’t want that.

It can actually take months, maybe even years to “refill” up my battery and energy level,- and I don’t want that. I really like my bed 😊,- but for more normal sleep and maybe some other fun activities 😉. But not to stay there, in my bed, like “forever”.

I have enough “battery” to manage my work at the office, and also a bit in my home, and also be a taxi driver for my young adults children at the moment. And do the most important things in our home. My children are helping me, because they know how it “all is” when I m on a “low level”.

But,- that’s more and less what I have manage the, maybe, two last months now. And I know I need to be very careful now,- if not, if I m not careful now, I can’t be able to work, but be on a sick leave,- and in bed with pain. I really don’t want that to happen. I have been there,- and that was not very fun at all.

A chronic disorders sounds very serious,- and of course it in general is. But at the same time,- it’s completely possible to live a “normal” life with a chronic disorders. It’s not like you are sick all the time. It depends on what kind of disease it is. I’m in general not sick anymore, but then it comes days or periods where I’m struggling. Like now.

Its pain in my body, all over, and I feel like I’m burning under my skin, or like I have fever, but I still don’t have any fever. I’m very, very tired and I can’t manage to much or to many things. Noises and sounds is not very good, and the light from lights can be “a pain in the ass” too 😅. For some strang reasons are not the light from the sun to bad.

It’s feels like I have “the day after” without drinking any alcohol and without the headache, or hangover. Just feel like my body has been “knocked down”. And sometimes even to go to the toilet can be a bit of a “travel” 😅.

It’s so much better to explain how it “all” feels when I’m “not on top”,- but when I’m not “on top”, I haven’t very much energy to write or talk. So,- then it’s difficult to explain it at that time too 😊. But I’m trying my best here to explain,- because I know in general you can’t see I’m not feel very well. And I know that. (…. and I’m vain too 😅, so I try my best to look okay even at not my best days. Of course I can forget to be vain on my worst days, but I have some days that are a bit comsi comsa,, and that days I do my best to “believe” I’m okay and be as vain as I can 😊. )

I’m not sure why I got this chronic disease, but probably I did pressed my body, my brain, my limit fare over the limit 14- 15 years ago, and then I got an pneumonia,- and that’s was probably enough for my body and my immune system. It couldn’t handle anything more and put me on a big break and timeout.

In general the doctors and other health professionals do not fully agree on the cause of the disease.  It is researched, written, documented.  For me it is no longer important to know why I got sick, for me it is important to know how I can avoid getting so sick again that I stay in bed for weeks and months.

I know like shopping centre is not a very good thing for me to stay to long, or at big parties and events with a lots of people and noises and sounds. To much alcohol is not good either, so I don’t drink alcohol very ofte or to much,- but yes I take a glass of wine now and then, even more if I have a good period 😊.

I need to have in general about 8 hours sleep, but can manage less for a couple of days. I need to eat regularly, and I also need to do some kind of workout regularly too.

Today it’s one of the better days during this “not to good period”,- and that’s why I’m able to write too 😊.

I think I m not “on top” at the moment because of the situation we are living in. It has been people in my home since February,- and then not just my kids. It has been different kinds of changes and challenges, small as well as big during this corona- situation.

I have helped to move out and in many times during this last months,- and just not into my home, but also helped other people with their moving.

It’s not “silent” in my home anymore,- and I’m in general never alone 😊. At the office it’s a lots of music and different noises and sounds,- something that really are a “energy eater”. Well for me at least 😊.

I have asked the company about working from my home again for a while, just until Im a bit better, because it was a bit better for me to work from my home, special when it comes to all the different sounds and noises as are the office at the moment. I don’t know if the company will allowed it, but I hope so. Because I know it will help me to be better sooner 😊.

And at the moment I need to priority what I can do and can’t do/ can use my energy on/ can not use it on. And I don’t like that to much.

For example I don’t priority my friends now, not in Spain, not in Norway, – and that’s not just because it’s a lots of traffic in my home, and my priority is my children,- but also because I have no energy to do it. Chat up or meet up, or even texting.

But okay that’s the way it is,- I know that if I’m not going to empty my battery totally now,- this is, unfortunately, one if the things I can’t use my energy on. One of several things I can’t priority if I want to be better. It doesn’t feels very well, but that’s the way it is. Hopefully I have some few friends left when I have a bit more energy and battery then I have at the moment.

It’s so much more I could and probably should “explain” about this disease and how it is when I have this “not to good days at all”. But like I mention,- it’s not so easy to explain it “all” when I do feel okay, because then I feel fine and in some strange way can’t (or just don’t want) to remember the not to good days.

So,- that’s also why I haven’t been writing to much lately,- it’s not just because of the priority to my children, but also because I haven’t been feeling very well,- and needed to choose to not use any energy on my blog too, unfortunately.

Hopefully I will be better day by day,- and “chat up” with my readers as well as my friends 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon, – I hope 😊.

Me,- not on my best day, but not on my worst either with a “low battery level”.

I’m not complaining, but trying to explaing how it is when I’m on a flat battery level 😊. I know I’m actually very lucky and have in general most “normal” days with a “flat battery disease ” 🥰. But lately it has been very low power 😅, but I’m trying to “refresh” my bodymotor as best as I can 😊.

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Thank you August 🌹,- and Welcome September 🍀

Hi 😊 It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

August went fast like many other months this year,- but it’s maybe not so strange when the days are filled up with work and people? 😊

I want to write more in my blog, but it’s not easy to put “all and everything” I want to do in a day or a week at the moment. And believe it or not,- but it takes a bit of time to live together with young adults people,- even when it is my own children 💙💙❤. It’s a bit “traffic” in my/ our home,- and not the best “writing silent” I need and prefer to have when I write 📝.

So I made a choice for August so I shouldn’t press my self to much, and that was to priority my children, my jobs and not so much myself and my stuff and things, hobbies, interests, my life. The only “my thing” I have choose to do during August is to “fling” every Saturday evening, to use some hours on myself and an other person. Jepp,- a male 😉. But that’s another “story” for another day 😊.

I know I’m very lucky that have this opportunity to live and spend time with my young adults children, but it takes time and energy. And to be honest,- I miss to be with my friends, and I miss to paint and to take care of just me, myself 😊 It’s not easy to combinate “it all” together. Different things, different lifes, different routines. It’s to much “traffic” in the home at the moment 😊. And I know it’s not easy to understand this “combination” of time, children, work, friends, own time, hobbies and so on when you haven’t been there,- to split your self a bit “here and there and everwhere”.

I can’t actually press or split myself to much either, because then I can be sick,- and be in bed for a while,- something I really don’t want to happen 😳. And I know Im a bit “on the edge” to be sick at the moment. I can feel it in my body 😔. So, yes,- it has been a bit about priority in July and August, for a couple of reasons.

We, me and ny children, lives a bit different too, work in different times and have actually different daily habits as well. All my 3 children has been living on their own for a while, and created their own habits. Good or bad,- it doesn’t matter, – because we all have good and bad habits. But it’s not the easiest thing in the world to “sew” together different habits to a nice and smoothly balanced in the daily life and routines. Special when we all know this “living together” part is just for a while.

I’m tired now,- I need to admit that 😴. I love my children unconditional 💙💙❤,- but I’m very ready to just live my life. Be a parent, a mammi in a new way and form then I have been doing during the last 26 years.

I know I m lucky that have this opportunity to be so much together with my young adults children. I have friends that don’t even have the possibility to see or meet their children this year. Not be able to spend any time at all together with them. The reason is all the strange things this coronavirus has done to our society.

So yes,- even if I’m tired, a bit empty of energy and really miss to be just me with my habits, hobbies and interests,- I try my very best to enjoy the time I have together with my two youngest children at the moment. As I did tried to enjoy the time together with my oldest son when he was living together with me for 3 months during this Spring.

I’m making food, keeping the home okay, shopping, looking after that we have enough of “everything”, looking after my children that they are okay, and I’m a taxi driver for them too. A lot 😅. But I want them to know,- I’m here for them. I’m available for them ❤. Some will probably have the opinion that I’m spoiling my kids with be so available for them as I’m, – but in my mind I’m not. I’m there for them.

My children do the dishes and they wash their own clothes,- so yes they do help a bit. But it’s still busy, and so very different to live together with young adults children then when they was younger and less independent then now.

My son in the middle are travelling to Norway next week, and I’m not sure when I see him again. Because I dont know what “the next step” in this coronavirus situation in our society will be. So Im trying to be an available mammi for him as much as I can now. And,- of course I also have some mixed feelings about this travel to Norway for different reasons,- but I think this is a trip that needs to be done for him. A trip that’s important for him to do.

The plan is that my daughter is moving out in October. She is trying to find an apartment close to her work. Something that will make her working days a bit easier. At the moment she is using one hour each way to her job, that’s 2 hours “on the road”, 5- 6 days a week. 2 hours she can use to a bit better thing then be on the train 😊.

So what can I say about August 🌞? At least Thank you so much for all the time together with my two youngest children 💙❤,- even I’m a bit tired now,- I really presage every minute, every day, every week together with them 🥰. And Thank you for the sun and lovely ( sometimes very hot 🔥) summerdays too 🌞.

And I do Welcome September 🍀🌞. I don’t know to much about you yet, or what kind of changes or challenges, happiness and joy, or new experiences you will bring me, except from the fact that my son in the middle are going to Norway for a while 💙. And hopefully my daughter will find a good apartment too 🏠. And maybe I will find more time to myself again this month, and time to do my things and stuff, paint, meet some of my friends? 🥰 I hope so 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

August is over,- and September has already started 🍀. I’m very grateful for the time I have together with my children during this summer, at the same time as I’m very ready to be a mammi in a new way now 🥰.

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I’m tired of some long pointing fingers during this corona- situation ☝️😴

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

It seems that this corona- situation gives some people “permission” to wave and point a lot with their pointing finger, and be moralists in an already vulnerable society 🙄. At the same time they forget to use the same pointing finger a tiny bit on them self. Because “of course” they are perfect, has never done a mistake or anything wrong in their whole life, or during this world wide situation we, actually all , are living in. They behave perfectly. They are following every tiny little restrictions that are given. So they are allowed to point out, wave heavily with their very long pointing fingers, and even post in social media, and let “everyone” know how “perfect” they behave at the same time as they are pointing out the ones who obviously not behave so “good and perfect” as they should 🙄.

I’m from Norway something that also means I’m following the different news in and from Norway. And “natural” enough Im also following the corona- situation in Norway as well as in Spain. And yes, the coronavirus has spread, and yes the Covid19 too. And yes we are in a new “wave”, on a new “corona- topp”, both in Norway as well as in Spain. Natural enough actually, because the virus has been in the society for a while now, actually more then a half year. The virus was not gone when the boarders open here in Spain in June, and the virus was not gone in Norway either when they open the schools again ….or the bars, the restaurants, all their parties or the shopping centre,- that by the way has been open all the time in Norway during this period, this corona- time. And the coronavirus was not gone when “all and everyone” in Norway “entered” into July, the big holiday month in Norway. And “all and everyone” also was tourists in their own country.

Spain is a bit bigger country than Norway, there’s a bit more people in Spain than in Norway too. But there’s still not so many Spanish people that use their pointing fingers as in Norway. But yes, that’s a bit typical Norwegian to “point out”, use the pointing finger, be a moralist, and it has “always ” been a bit like that too. That’s one of the reasons why I have doubts about moving back to Norway. Because “no one” does anything wrong or a tiny little mistake, except from everyone else up there in Norway. Of course not them self, it’s always everyone else’s mistakes 🙄. And during this lasts weeks that has really “showed up” during the media as well as social media channels. That “all and everyone” except from “me” are the reasons why the coronavirus and Covid19 situation are like it is at the moment in Norway.

Okay, – the Norwegian cruise ship “Hurtigruta” had a tiny little “boomer” when it comes to the corona- situation. But what has happen in the East of Norway? Why does the virus spreads so much there at the moment? And in the West coast of Norway as well? 🤔

Oh yes,- that’s because in the East of Norway “all and everyone” are travelling to Sweden for some shopping and at the same time “shop” a bit virus to bring back to Norway, “just for fun”. So let’s point out wirh our long pointing fingers at the ones who travel to Sweden. Let’s just forget a couple of other things. Like for example that the virus has been in the norwegina society “all the time”, and all this parties or restaurant visits has nothing to do with the situation at all. Or that there are actually a lot’s of Norwegian tourists that has travelled “here and there and everywhere” in Norway during this summer. Its only the travelling to Sweden that is the general reason why there’s a new “flow” of coronavirus and Covid19 at the East of Norway at the moment.

And it’s the same at the West Coast of Norway as well. There’s now a “flow” of infection with the coronavirus,- and then let’s just put out a tiny little “Thank you letter” on Facebook to “all and everyone” that has travelled outside the Norwegian borders this summer,- because of course that’s the mainly reason why there’s a new flow of coronavirus and Covid19 🙄. And let’s put out a tiny little movie too on Facebook about a patient with heavy breathing problems as an “reminder” about what will happen if you travel out from the Norwegian borders, because this could never happen if you stay in Norway, then you can’t get the coronavirus or Covid19 🙄.

Or let’s write a not to nice text about some bar and restaurant employees that was working to serve you a beer and five last Saturday night 🍺. And that actually didn’t know they had the virus. Some people get very sick because of the coronavirus, but many people don’t even know they have the virus, they don’t even get sick. That’s just the way it is!

Of course this are the mainly reasons why there’s a new flow of the coronavirus and Covid19 situation in Norway at the moment. It’s just the people who take this shopping travel to Sweden and just the people who did travel out from the Norwegian borders that can have the coronavirus and spread the virus like the wind in Norway. There can’t be any other reasons or explanations for why there’s a new and bigger “flow” with coronavirus and Covid19 in Norway at the moment 🙄☝️.

The new flow of the coronavirus and Covid19 situation in Norway has absolutely nothing to do with the big Norwegian holiday month- July! When “all and everyone” was tourists in their own country this year. Nothing at all! No one could get the virus on a trip to the South of Norway this summer and no one could get the virus when they did stand in a line with no space and no distance in a activity park in Norway, or eating on a restaurant or a cafe. The only way the Norwegian people can get the coronavirus and Covid19 is because some souls did travel to Sweden or to the sun in South of Europe during July month on holiday 🌞. The holiday trip “here and there” in Norway can’t spread any coronavirus 🙄. Obviously….

And of course the not use of mask during the big holiday season, July, in Norway, and the “non exiting” distance in lines in different activity parks has absolutely nothing to do with the new coronavirus and Covid19 situation in Norway at the moment. It’s just the tiny souls that did take the trip to Sweden or the travel to South of Europe during July that are the reason why a new and bigger flow of the coronavirus and Covid19 are happening in Norway during this days. That thousands of Norwegian tourists did travel around in Norway during July with out any kind of masks or keeping distance has absolutely nothing to do with the new coronavirus and Covid19 situation in Norway.

In my mind that’s a bit strange, because the coronavirus and the Covid19 did not “leave” Norway in the beginning of June as fare as I know. The virus was and has been around in the Norwegian society as fare as I know during the whole time since it “showed up” in the beginning of 2020. So why is it then just the ones who traveled to Sweden or South of Europe that are the mainly reason why the coronavirus and Covid19 situation is like it is in Norway at the moment? 🤔 Why point so much with the long pointing finger? When the virus has been in Norway during most of the time in 2020? Isn’t that the main reason why the coronavirus is spreading? Because it’s still in the society? 🤔

I m just asking…..

See you as soon as possible 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog 🧡.

I don’t have the coronavirus so I just needed to “create” a kind of “creative spreading” situation of the virus 😊

The coronavirus and Covid19 situation in Norway are changing, and the reason it’s obviously because some souls choose to take a tiny trip to Sweden or a holiday travel to South of Europe. That July is the big holiday month in Norway, and “all and everyone” in Norway was tourists in their own country this year has obviously nothing to do with the new coronavirus and Covid19 situation “up there in north” 😉.

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