I didn’t get any “instruction manual” when I became a mammi 💙💙❤

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

When I became a #mammi there was no “instruction manual” how to do this “mammi- thing” 🙄. How to became a mammi was not very difficult at all,- we all know how that’s done 😉. But to be a mammi? A good mammi? A mammi that can #raise up #children wisely? A mammi that feels “safe and secure”?

There was no “#instructionmanual” for that. Not with the first child, not with the second one and either not with the third one 💚. So I did try just to do my best,- with the knowledge I had from my mammi and my parents, to raise my two sons and my daughter , and “squeezed” together with a bit how it “all” felt #correct for me as a mammi to raise them too 😊.

It’s was not “everything” I was I agree with how I was raised by my parents- so some of that I didn’t use when I did raise my three children.  And there was a lot I agreed with from how my parents did raise me – and I have use much of that when I did raise my children 😊. But ,- I was a girl,- so how to raise two sons on my own? The daughter felt a bit easier, – both because I’m a female my self,- but also ….. I had a tiny bit “#experiences” after trying my best to raise my two sons first before my daughter did “entered” the world 😊. But to be honest, – I actually did never think to much about that one “how to raise two sons as a single mammi”. For me it was not to much difference between raising my sons or my daughter, – in general. I did raise my #children.

I was also more and less alone with raising this three sweet and, for me, unique children 😊. Because during a month they spent in general 26 days with me, and the rest with their dad. So all in all,- they was my responsibility more and less closely 80- 100 % 😊. And the children was also just in age 8 year, 5 year and 2 year when I was divorced from their dad.

Most of us that are parents also knows that a child is not born with a “instruction manual” either,- and if you have more then one child, you know your children can be very different and have different personalities, and also be raised both similar at the same time individual can be a challenge. Their individual needs also to be “seen” as well as “learned”, and also be teaching how to raise 😊.

I’m not sure if I have raised my children “correctly”,- what I do know is that I tried to do my best with the “knowledge” I had,- and I also know that my children are raised with unconditional love from me,- and they know I love them higher than any word can describe ❤.

But how to raise two sons on your own? And a daughter too? How to learn them about relationship between a woman and a man when you are a single mammi your self? And they are not growing up in a relationship between two adults? How to learn my boys, my sons to treat a woman? And how to learn my daughter how to treat a man, a boyfriend?

That one hasn’t been very easy. But I also did tried my very best in this area,- and did try to teach them how to treat people around them, around me. I did use the famous motto “the way you want to be treated is the way you should treat the people around you too”. Hopefully they will remember this for the rest of their life. And hopefully they also will live by it as best as they can too 😊.

And then it was those “normal” things like learn to eat on their own, get dressed, brush the teeth, learn to jump into the shower, bicycling, reading, listen ect.ect,- the list is long, as parents in general know 😊. But we did manage that once,- little by little, step by step 💛.

And then it was to learn “to believe in them self” ❤. That they are more than good enough,- and that they are perfect the way they are, and we are all good in different areas in life 💚. That one was easy to do at home, but a bit more difficult “out there in the world” with so many different arenas of influence such as friends, family, acquaintances, various social media, interests and hobbies, the school. Self-esteem, and belief in oneself could quickly disappear in the “ocean” of other influences. And that one was not always easy to build “up and back” again at home.

And they also did had a very tired mammi too sometimes. A mammi that had sometimes three different jobs that was necessary to have and to manage to do for both be able to pay for the different expenses in a daily family life, and also for trying to do “the best of it” so my children shouldn’t be “left out” or miss to much in this material world. So they shouldn’t be to “different” just because they was growing up with just a mammi. And a tired mammi can take some “short cutes” now and then when it comes to raising a child.

I have done my mistakes as a mammi and with raising my children. Not to many, I hope,- but there are some. I’m, unfortunately, not “the perfect mammi” at all. I’m not eve sure if I’m a good mammi. All I know is that those three people are the most beautiful I know ❤. And those three people means more for me then anything else in my life ❤. It was this “missing instruction manual” how to be a good mammi, and how to raise my children,- I really should had one of that when I did raise them,- but okay,- in some way it became “people” of my children too 😊.

Now when my children are young adults and more and less don’t live with me any longer I can see a bit about their growing up in the distance, and seeing a “little here and there” that I should have done things a little differently. I don’t think it’s very much I can do with that now,- except from have “a chat and two” with them about a couple of things,- and maybe show them a bit about “the cooking” 😊.

My biggest mistake was “the bump”. There is no doubt about that one 😔. And that one feels very selfish and very unnecessary. But I can’t “go back in time” either, – but I know that the relationship with “the bump” was a very big failure in many areas, also when it comes to “raising my children”. They didn’t actually learn to much good from that one, or having a mammi that just “hide in the corner” for some years.

Hopefully will they have learn that that’s NOT the way a healthy relationship is 🧡. But I’m not sure, – because that’s the relationship they had been living “closest to” and they do remember best 😔. That’s the relationship they have been seeing and watching. And it was really not the best “teaching area ” when it comes to how to have a loving relationship to another person.

If I had the “instruction manual” when I became a mammi I should wish it stood “be careful with having a living together partner”, a boyfriend is fine,- but think three times or even more before moving together with someone, – special when the kids are in the teenagers. That one should really had stood in “the non existent instruction manual” for how to be a mammi,- a good and safe mammi for my children.

I should also hope it had stood,- teach your children a bit more about saving money (well this one was a bit difficult to teach them because it was not very much to put some savings of from 😊), and my daughter is actually very good to use and save money 😊. I should wish I had teach them a bit more how to cook and make food. But at the same time,- it was difficult to “catch” their interest for making food. Even they needed to make dinner at home a couple of times during the week.

I know they all 3 are good in their work, and I know all 3 of them are more and less good to clean up, wash up and have it not to messy in their home 😊. I know all 3 can say Thank you and mean it,- and they are there for both their friends and family 😊. I know one prefer gaming on the computer more then the other two, and one prefer football more than the other two, and one prefer painting more then the other two 😊. And then I also know there are some more differences between them too, in different ways and areas, also a couple of “habits” I’m not to happy with,- but I’m just the mammi 😅. – and all in all- it is probably a combination between their personality and how I did raise them, and what they have been learning in life on their own 😊.

What I can say,- all in all,- imagine how it is to raise three children on your own without to much “instruction manual” ? It’s actually not very easy, so the results for me, are actually not to bad at all- in this raising- process, – even it, of course, also probably could have been done better too 🧡. And hopefully they also will get rid of some habits I don’t like to much,- step by step, little by little as more as they are growing up and see “the world” with “new eyes” as older they get 😊.

To the end,- to be honest, – I’m actually not sure if I should wish there was a “instruction manual” for being a mammi,- because for being a mammi has also teach me so incredibly much about myself, the life and about living,- a lots of more things and stuff too I probably never had learn if there was an perfect “instruction manual” 😊 ❤.

And another tiny little thing,- there are actually made a lots of different “instructions manual” for being a good parent, – BUT,- every child is, as well as every parents is different, and a “instruction manual” will never be totally complete for you as parent or for your child or children’s different personalities 😊. So,- when all comes to all,- one more time 😉,- there will probably be impossible to create a totally “instruction manual” for being a mammi and daddy just because of all the great differences there are as a mammi, daddy and the children 😊.

What do you think, – should there been a “perfect and complete ” “instruction manual” for how to be a mammi and daddy? Should you,- when it all comes to all,- wish you knew exactly what to do in every tiny situation about how to be a mammi or daddy for your child or children? 😊

For me,- I can say it’s just a couple of things I should wish I did knew infront as a mammi, and how to handle those situations, – but in general, – it didn’t went to bad either 💛. Actually 😊,- and it’s actually just my kids that are the correct once to have any opinions about me as a mammi 🧡. Because I’m their mammi, and no one else 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

I’m a mammi for three amazing young adults children 💙💙❤. If I have raised them “correctly “,- I don’t know- no one of them was born with an “instruction manual”,- so I did my best,- and all in all,- and so fare,- it didn’t went to bad either 😊 ….actually 🧡

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A nice walk to and back from my work today has at least two missions for me 😊👟🤸‍♀️

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡.

It’s getting a bit more wintertime here in Southern of Spain now,- and with that means it’s bit more weet 💧, a bit more windy 🌬 , a bit colder,- even the degrees shows more and less the same temperature as last week,- around 8- 10 degrees ( Celsius) it feels colder,- and the sun is hiding behind the clouds 🌥.

So fare we had a nice winter with no wind and a lots of sun,- but it is necessary with some rain too ☔, like it or not,- to the people and for the nature, and for the upcoming tourists season as well. The tourists – special the Scandinavian ones, like to use a lots of water and don’t think to much about that it actually cost a bit here in southern of Spain for us that’s lives here 😅. And as less water it is in the water tanks, as more cost it for us that lives here to use the water 💧.

I did consider to take and use the car to my job today,- but I did choose to use my feet instead,- even it’s not the nicest weather at the moment for a morning walk or afternoon walk either 🌬🍂. It’s,- like I mention,- wet, windy and cold,- and in the mornings it’s a bit dark to some places where I walk 👣. But I did choose to use my feet for a couple of reasons anyway 😊. And I’m going to do that tomorrow as well,- even it’s going to be more rain then today ☔💧

And,- ps- to you my Norwegian and Scandinavian readers, – “up there in north” we are use to use reflex west,- well,- there’s not very much of that here,- that’s for sure. But absolutely something that could be used a bit more in the darkness here 😊 🧨

Early in the morning on my way to work,- with my feet 👣,- and if feels like the whole towns are sleeping 😊. It’s a bit cold, dark and a kind of Norwegian Autumn feeling 🍂🍃

I did think “exercises” and moving my body. I did think saving gasoline. And I did think “support” my son in the middle and his friends because I know they also have a tiny walk to the job from their home. But the main reasons is “the exercise”- reason 🤸‍♀️ and not using gasoline ⛽.

At the moment I need to use a bit more focus on my work from home then my original plan was,- well,- because as you know,- 3 weeks without to much functional internet in my home. That means I don’t have the time to do the “exercises” I normally do. My “exercises- plan” takes in general more then one hour pr time. At the same time I use around 20- 25 minutes one way walking to my job from my home, and around20- 25 minutes back to then 😊. That means more and less 1 hour with a bit “walking- exercise” at least 😊 🤸‍♀️. Yepsi,- so I did “pressed” a bit “exercises” in my life that way then 😊. Not the ultimate,- but absolutely much better then not very much “moving my body” around at all 😊.

And,- well,- I’m not “a rich bitch”,- even many think so because I’m from Norway 😳. Well,- about Norway and the economy, – one thing is the good, fine and nice “impression” you get from “the new”,- and other thing is the the reality. And,- my reality is, – I need to save money as best as I can, and earn money as best as I can to. So that’s my other reason why I did/ do walk to and back home from my job. To save gasoline ⛽ . And save money 💰. I do even plan my driving- trips, like shopping food or other things, and how to use as less gasoline as possible 😊.

I could also said that I let my car stay in the garage because I’m thinking about the environment. But that’s not true at all. To be honest I didn’t offer the environment one tiny little thought when I choose to walk to my job 😊 🍂. It was all about me, my self my health, my economi and my life 💛. That’s it,- and also a tiny “comfort and a kind of company” to my son in the middle,- even we don’t live together anymore. But can he walk to his job, then I also can 😊.

On my way back home from my job,- a bit lighter then in the morning, – but still a bit “grey”- it’s wintertime in Spain 🍃💧🍂

And,- I also did find out that I have even the correct “fashion” shoes to walk in 👟. I don’t remember where I did read about this new fashion shoes,- but somewhere I did find out that mountain shoes are “on the way” in again, and a bit “hip” 😊. So I even felt a bit “fashion and hip” there on the road to my job in my old Norwegian mountain shoes ⛰🥾. And I actually have another pair too 😁. Not similar – but still fashion style mountain shoes 😊.

Do you think I did feel very fashion and stylish when I did walk to and back from my job today? In my Norwegian mountain shoes? 😅. Nope,- I did just felt very practical 😊.

Do you use any small or big “daily tricks” to save money or do exercises? ⛽ 🤸‍♀️ 💰

I need to keep my body in “moving” (as older get as more important is it😊) ,- so at the moment to walk to my job and back home is an good “exercise” solution for me. And I do need to save money where I can,- and I do when I use my feet, – they still do work perfectly fine for free 😁.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Look at my fashion, fancy and stylish ( and even old) Norwegian mountain shoes ⛰. Very useful and practical to use when I walk to and back home from my job in the wintertime here in Spain 🥾. But do you think I did felt very “fashion and stylish”? 😉 I do walk to my job for two other reasons then be fancy and stylish 😊.

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Rome was not build in one day ⛲ 😊,- just a reminder to my self 😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like that 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m following different kinds of blogs with different topics, subjects and themes around the whole world 😊. It’s food and family, it’s photos and travelling, it’s makeup and different kinds of art, its work and it’s religion, it’s spirituality, it’s relationship, it’s about music,- or even how to write a blog – but most of all it’s all about the life, – when it comes to the end,- the daily life in some or another way to the different bloggers I’m following ( or influencers,- if you prefer to call it that 😊).

I do learn a lot about writing a blog when I’m following others writers,- as well as I also do learn a lot about different other things and stuff too 😊. I like that,- and in a strange way the writers I’m following in a way became my friends, – friends without communication, – if you do understand what I mean? In one way I get to know then,- in an other not 😊.

But it takes time to build up an blog the way I want my blog to be 😊. In the beginning I did stressed a lot about finding a topic, a subject or a theme. But I’m a bit more “compact” then just one theme, subject or topic 😊. I have different kinds of subjects I want to write about,- and now I need to learn how to “sew them together into a kind of whole”,- the way it suits me 😊,- and of course my readers too 😊.

And I’m not quite there anymore, where I’m stressing around to find a my specific topic, theme and subject. I see and learn step by step, little by little both with my own writing process as well as to read other writers/ bloggers textes 😊. And little by little, step by step “my blog” is “growing up” the way I wanted it to be 😊. And to be “me and my life” with the different “topics, subjects and themes” that are important for me 😊. So little by little, step by step I’m trying to build up my blog, in my way with ,- well,- my topics that’s best for me, the subjects that’s interesting me and the themes that’s important for me, – in my life 😊.

Today it’s 9 months since I took the chance to really “put” myself and my post “out there” online for “all and everyone”. It has been a process and at are still a process and a project to build. I’m still fare away from where I want to be in the “blogging- world”,- at the same time I’m very surprised over how long I actually also in a way have become 😊.

But it is like I mention in the beginning of this post,- “Rome was not build in one day”,- and a blog is not either just build in one day ,- or mostly like a lots of things in life,- it’s not build in one day- it takes a bit time to learn and to build, – and to learn how to build 😊.

I need to do this blogging in my way, find my way to “deliver” my themes, my thoughts, my subjects, my experiences, my topics and my life 😊. It’s a lots of good advice to follow how to be a good blogger. But what is a good blogger? Is it about likes? Comments? Followers? Or readers? Is it about sales? Or is it about how I do feel with my product? My blog? 😊

It’s probably a combination, and its probably also a bit about what the writers want to achieve with their blog. And I think different writers want different things with their blog,- it’s not “all” that want to be an “influencer”. And, unfortunately, in my ears the word “influencer” sounds a bit negative, – but I think that’s probably because what I have see/ read in this “blogging- world”. That an “influencer” in many situations are an not to good influencer for their, often, young readers. And with that in my mind,- I don’t have a very big wish to be an influencer, – I just want to be an online writer on my own platform with readers who like my textes and the content in my posts 😊.

For me,- it’s about writing because I do like to write. But it’s also about “stuff and things” in life and in the world,- as well as about my interests, hobbies, my life 😊. But why do I want to share it “online”? Still because I like to write, and for a writer it’s a compliment to have readers, someone that want to read your texts. And, yes,- it’s because I think I have something “to tell” now and then too,- not always, but still sometimes 😊. And yes,- again,- of course I also wish and want to earn some money on my brands, the brands I have in my blog 😊.

But like I said, – “Rome was not build in one day”,- my blog will not be built in 9 months,- I have still a bit to go to be where I want to be in “the blog- world” 😊. It’s not always just about the posts and texts either, – but also to learn the different new systems. And,- the blog-platform I’m using has just changed some “settings”,- and now I need to try to learn a bit about them too 😅. I should wish I had my own IT- guy at the moment. One that just could fix “everything” technology in my blog for me, the way I want it to be. But unfortunately I don’t have that – or maybe it’s a good thing? Then I learn a bit more 😊. But,- I did manage to delete half of my post today just because I’m not sure how things are in function at the moment 😅.

But like it take me a bit time to learn how to use the new system at my blog-platform, – it’s more and less with most of the things in life,- we need to learn and we need to in some or another way also build 😊. And both takes time,- sometimes less time, other times a bit longer time 😊. It’s like with Rome, – it didn’t became a so marvellous place in just one day 😊. It was step by step, stone by stone ⛲.

I’m not just “building” my blog,- I’m also trying to build a new life, in a “new” country, and a new lifestyle, and get to know my self,- without having a daily responsibility for anyone else then my self ,- and it all takes a bit time 😊.

Are you “building” something special in your life at the moment? In case,- what? And how do you do it? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Like a blank canvas needs to get the colours for creating a picture and painting, it still takes a bit time to create the picture. We also need to use time when we ate building something in our lifes, and colours it all up with our different experiences too 🎨.

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What about some homemade Norwegian “lapper” for the Sunday breakfast? 🥞😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

When the children was living home I did made breakfast to them in the weekends, – and just not breakfast, but breakfast in bed 😊.

They did wake up a bit later then me,- so instead of waiting for them to wake up I did eat,- and then made something homemade pastries to them. It could be waffles or pancakes, muffins or the traditional Norwegian “lapper”. And a directly and not to correct translation in English for “lapper” will be “patches”. I prefer to call it “lapper” ,- and I’m not sure why this ones has got this name in Norwegian,- because in a way they can remind a bit about the big, thick American pancakes 🥞.

The recipe for Norwegian homemade “lapper” is:

3 cups flour , 1 cup sugar, 2 cups sour milk (or skim milk). I use mostly sour milk.  1 1/2 tsp baking soda, 3 eggs and margarine for frying. (And I also use 1 tsp vanilla sugar too).

Mix everything together and make a regular stir.  Use a big soup spoon to take the stir and fry “lapper” in a small frying pan.  Bake one and a piece at a time, such as when making pancakes.  The “lapper” will blow up a little.  Turn and fry golden on each side.  The number of “lapper” depends on how big you make them on the frying pan, and how much stir you have in the soup spoon.

It’s not very difficult to make and they tast good too 😊.

It’s just me for breakfast now at days, also to the breakfast. But,- Mathilde, my daughter, is probably moving back to me in May/ June this year, for some months. Someone else are going to take over the apartment she is renting now,- and it’s difficult to find a apartment with also a good price during the summertime here in South of Spain. Most people want to rent their apartments out for tourists this time of the year, and the prices is high. What we in general pays for month rent now it’s often the week- price during the summertime here in Spain 🌞.

So,- maybe I’m going to make and bake some more “lapper” for my daughter during this summer as I did for her last summer 😊. Or maybe for my summerguestes? 😊

Today it’s just “lapper” for me to breakfast,- and if there are someone left I’m probably going to share them with my kids. But at the moment they are just “made for me” 😊. Something I actually not do very often,- make and bake something just for me 🥞.

Do you want to try to bake some homemade Norwegian “lapper”? It’s not difficult at all,- just look after them so they don’t get burned,- but a golden, light brown colour instead 🥞.

I hope you will enjoy this homemade Norwegian “lapper” for your breakfast or maybe to your Sunday coffee or tea? 😊

On the “lapper” we normally use butter and some kind of jam, or the Norwegian “brunost”, or my children actually prefer butter, sugar and cinnamon. We all prefer different things and tastes, – so maybe you even prefer to have something else on the top of the “lapper” ,- like for example syrupy or honey 🥞. Any way, – I hope you will enjoy this “lapper” for your breakfast or your afternoon coffee or tea ☕ 🍵.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Homemade Norwegian “lapper” made with love 🥰. You can see the little heart in them 🥞. I don’t know how that happen to be honest,- but it looks nice anyway 😊.

Do you want to try to make some homemade Norwegian “lapper” for your breakfast, or maybe to your afternoon coffee or tea? 🥞 The recipe you will find in my post. Easy to make and easy to taste 😊.

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I wish … my kids happiness in love 💚🍃🍀

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Mille did visit me today,- and it was so great to see her again 🥰. Really good,- and really good to see how good she is too 🥰. She did travel to Sweden in September 2019 and I haven’t seen her after that, but kept a tiny bit of the contact by chatting up now and then by Facebook 😊.

Millie is my son in the middle’ s, Fabian, exgirl friend. A really great, young girl I just wish all the best for 💚.

I did like, and still do like Millie,- and for a long time I did hope that this two young people would and should be back together again 😊. But that’s not going to happen,- and that’s actually fine too 🥰. As long as both are happy in their life,- that’s the most important thing 🧡.

I know Millie is happy now,- and that’s so good to see 😊. And I know my Fabian is happy in his place in life as well 🥰.

In general parents wish all the best for their children, also when it comes to boyfriend or girlfriend,- maybe probably special when it comes to choice of a partner? Because in a love- relationship you live so close to each other, share different things and are intimate with each other in a totally different way then what you, in general, are in a friendship or in a work related situation 😊. And when I write “intimate” I don’t just mean the sexual relation,- it’s a bit more then that between a boyfriend and a girlfriend,- hopefully 😊.

Parents want their children to be happy in their life,- and if a boyfriend or girlfriend makes one of my kids happy I’m happy too 🥰. But if my children or their partner are not very happy in the relationship it’s the best to choose different way, split apart and move on in an other direction. Happiness is more important than a halfway good relationship 🙄,- or a relationship that’s not are in function at all. But it’s not for me to tell my children how a relationship should be working,- because a relationship works differently from relationship to relationship, from person to person, – the most important thing is happiness for both partners,- and of course the respect and the accept for the difference between two people 💕. Short summary, – the the unconditional love put together respect and acceptance for one another 💕. Sounds easy and should be easy, – but if it’s not I don’t think it is “the correct” relationship, – but that’s just my opinion. And,- all in all it is a bit more in a relationship then just this 😊.

I’m seriously not an expert on relationship, – but I know what I do want and don’t want to have in a relationship where I’m hopefully are going to be one day or some day 🥰. And I do believe in the unconditional love put together respect and acceptance for one another, as well as the boyfriend brings out the best off me, as well as I actually do the same for him 🧡.

I did wish they did find back together again, Millie and Fabian, because I did felt Millie became “a bit mine”,- so “I should wish” became a bit selfish wish and act actually. Special because I know they both have it a bit better in their life now, like it is now,- apart from each other 😊.

BTW,- my oldest son, Johan, and his fiance have also split up. And to be honest, – I think and have thought that for a long time that is the best solution for both of them. (ps- I don’t “deliver” my oldest son now,- he knows my “opinion” about this, about their relation 😊).

Of course I feel and think my son is a great man, and I also did like his girlfriend, Sally,- but I also did see, as a mammi, that those two people was not good for each other 😔. Sally was a wonderful young woman that really did tried to be a good girlfriend, and my son wanted to give her “all what she deserved”. But,- unfortunately they didn’t always bring out the best in each other, many times it was to much of the opposite 😔. But,- sometimes it’s the only way to learn about “love, be in love, the unconditional love, the respect, the accept and bring out the best in each other, a relationship” to have a relationship,- and unfortunatel also a break up too 💔. Then you know a bit more how and what you want and wish in and for a relationship,- and what kind of person you want to be in the relationship,- hopefully just yourself,- and be respected just for that 🥰.

And,- BTW nr.2,- 😊,- my daughter, Mathilde is together with a very sweet, young Norwegian man. And it seems that they are enjoying each other’s company 💕.

And me,- well 😅. Obviously not a proff on relationship at all 😅. One divorce behind me, and one destroying relationship with “a bump” behind me,- and, jepp,- still single 😅. I don’t have any special “on my mind”, I still do think a bit about this American man now and then. And of course there’s a lots of great and good men “out there”,- it’s just not always easy to find the “correct conection” that makes both want to continue meeting up ,- again and again and again 😊.

So,Yes,- I should and do wish all my 3 children will meet a boyfriend/ girlfriend that’s make them happy (both ways, of course), and a relationship that brings out the good things, the best, from both of them as well 💕. And when it comes to myself, – we see,- not anymore “bumps” ,- that’s for sure 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. I hope your day or evening is filled up with love and joy 🧡. And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

I do wish that my children will have relationship filled up with unconditional love, respect and accept for them self and their partner 💕. And I do hope that a good relationship “brings the best out” from both my children as well as their partner 🧡.

I’m not a proff in relationship at all 😅,- but I believe in love, the unconditional love, happiness and to bring out the best from each other in a relationship 🧡. And I wish for my kids to find happiness and joy in a relationship 🧡.

A tiny diving into some few colours again 🎨

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I need to learn this new “writing-system” at #myblog,- but I don’t feel I have time for that at the moment 😅. It’s probably not so #difficult that it’s seems,- and I can “#exercise” with some small and short textes in between my work😊.

The next days, and probably the rest of this month,- it’s actually what I need to do anyway, – write small and short textes in my blog,- and use most of my focus on my #work from home,- and of course my work at the office too 😊. But the focus need to be work now,- mainly work for the rest of this month 😊. No time for anything else if I should be able to get in zero 😊. The bill from the internet company was a bit to big and a chock to be honest- I really didn’t expected that,- and I need to get distance to it 😊. It will be payed- but to be payed I need more income 😊. More income at the moment means- just work- no time for not very much more 😊. But okay,- I have at least the possibility for earning some money even I have lost 3 weeks of work/ income and on top of that need to pay for my lost too 😅. Like I did mention in my last post,- that’s a part of “living in Spain” 😅. And not the good part. There are a quite few bad parts of living in Spain.

So,- just to get a bit of my breath back again one more time 😅,- I did took one more and short “diving into the #colours”. And just played with the colours and the #imagination of the #Spring 🍃🍂. The Spring where my imagination is about “something #new is #growing up ” 😊. I really need something new and just #joyful in my life now,- not anymore small or big #challenges, or any #unexpected either 😅. But that’s obviously the life,- it’s “spiced” up changes and challenges that doesn’t feel very #necessary to get or have all the time 😅.

One of my small “diving painting” paintings 🎨. “Playing with the imagination of the Spring “. Nr LSA 080 A 😊

Another one of my small “diving painting” paintings 🎨 “Playing with the imagination of the Spring” . Nr: LSA 080 B
And the third and last one,- just painted because I just needed to get out some “steam” 😅. “Playing with the imagination of the Spring” . Nr LSA 080 C

#Not my best painting at all,- but not in my best “#mood” either 😅. Any way, – my goal is to come through January with my head up on my shoulders and my feet on the ground, – and all the bills payed to the 10. February and also have some money for food left after that as well 😊.

Sounds probably very #dramatic for some,- but this is actually an #reality,- and not just an reality for me. It has just been an reality for to long now as well as for me, and probably for others too 😔.

I’m glad I have my colours and #painting,- so I can “#brush” away a bit of “the bad feelings” and #continue as best as I can 😊. I’m not “#created” for “#givingup”,- even I want to do that sometimes,- and it’s also seems a bit #easier to just give up hopes, wishes, imagination and dreams for a bit. And just except that an other kind of “#lifestyle” that I actually want to have and Im trying to work for to get maybe isn’t for me to have 😊.

I’m not going to #complain to much to you,- all in all I’m very #lucky too,- in so many ways 💛. It’s just sometimes a bit #difficult to find it and see it all,- all the good and positive things in life 😊. So then I try to “brush” them and bring them forth with my colours ( and a bit writing too ) 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡, – and even manage to read a bit about my complainings 🧡. (…. sometimes it’s just a bit necessary to get the “steam out” in more then one way- then just with my paintings 😊 🎨.

See you soon 😊.

All three of my “#deep #breath and deep #diving” into the #colours”- #paintings 🎨. “Playing with the #imagination of the #Spring ” 🍃🥀🍂. The Spring- as an #new and #fresh #start build on “old” #experiences in #life 😊. I wish you all a fantastic Friday 🧡.

A tiny “deep dive” into the winebottles and colours today 🎨 🍾 🍷

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I just needed a “#timeout” today,- from my work at home and from my self and my #thoughts too – it’s a bit “going on in my #mind” at the moment 😅. And then it’s a bit necessary now and then to just take a really good #breath  and “timeout”,- that’s for sure 😊. So I did finish my #winebottles today 😊🍷🍾.

It’s just “a #project under #process”, – I have no #idea if I’m going to #continue painting on winebottles or not,- but what I can say is that I  did like it, it was fun,- even it was a bit challenging and a bit difficult to do too 😊.
But that’s in general very normal when we try something new ,- isn’t 😊 ?

I did “lost it” a bit today 😔. I’m just so #tired sometimes and some days to try my very best to #create a #life and a #living- to live,- and not just work for #surviving. But in some way that’s seems to be “#impossible” for me to do. I’m not sure why it is like that. Do I try to hard to create a life 🤔? What am I doing wrong 🤔?

I did get my internet and mobile bill today  – and of course they haven’t removed the 3 weeks I was without internet and without the possibility to do my work from my home,- even they told me that they was going to do exactly that. And the bill was high too 😔.

That’s #Spain in a “#nutshell”, – and some wonder why there is so much black money in circulation and money under the table her in Spain 🤔.  Well, that’s the only way to not only survive – but it adds a bit of #flexibility.  To actually live and create a life.  Not just survive. That’s the way it is 😔. I have try my very best to live an #honest life here,- but it didn’t help very much 😔.

Of course I did call the company today, – and they told me that I should have been creating a complain before I did got the bill 😳. I have already done that too 😥.
And,- of course the blog- company I’m using also had change the “use” today too,- just in case 🙄. How to put in brands, photos, videos 🙄.

Well,- it’s just not very much to do with that,- it will cost me even more to take “the #complain” to a lawyer 😔. 
I’m just so tired sometimes of trying,- so much, so hard- and I’m in away not getting “anywhere”.

Well,- enough #heartfailure – it doesn’t help either.  To be honest, I no longer know what helps ,- even more hard work? How to do that? 🤔 It does not appear to offer any “dividend” either,- so sometimes and some days I just feel for give it all up.

But,- I did finish my winebottles today instead  of giving “it all up” 😊. It did helped a bit,- to just “dive into the #colours” for a while 🎨.

And they didn’t become to bad either 😊,- I will show you ,- but, please have in mind,- it’s my first winebottles with my art/ painting and it’s all “a project under process”, – and maybe I create some more,- maybe not,- we see 😊

You can see more of my art at my Instagram account: artbylailas_   😊

So,- we see if there will comes more or not 😊. I need first of all to have more empty winebottles to work on,- and I don’t have that at the moment 😊. And I have no idea when I’m going “to empty” a winebottle in my home 😅 ,- or share one with some one. Probably not this month, – that’s for sure 😊.

What do you do when you need a “timeout” from yourself and your thoughts? What to you do when you just need to breathe a bit when the days are a bit “heavy”? And there’s a bit going on in your mind?

I try to “dive into” something else ,- like for example my colours and painting, and try to create “a happy mind” with my colours. Sometimes its work very well, – and another times “my mind” goes back to the “a bit moody feeling” again 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by #myblog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Today I just needed to take a ” #deep #dive into the #colours”,- take a deep #breath and a  tiny “#timeout” with my #paintings, – and I did finish my 3 first #winebottles with my #art 🎨. What do you do when you need to take a “deep breath” and a “timeout” before you in a way can continue with your daily life 😊? Ps- do you want to see my winebottles goes around and around? Then just drop by my text,- or my Instagram account: artbylailas_ 😊

My first winebottle with my art 😊
My second winebottle with my art 😊
My third winebottle with my art 😊