It’s weekend and time for baking some homemade cinnamon spins 🥯

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It is weekend and time for some homemade food baked with a traditional Norwegian recipe,- so what about some cinnamon spins this time? 🥯

They take a bit time to bake, but that’s just because they need to raised twice at room temperature before frying. Except from that, this homemade cinnamon spins are easy to bake and so easy to “tast”,- eat, and really worth waiting for 😊. And you can also have them in the freezer and take up a couple now and then when you want something baked, tasty and sweet, or have something sweet to your lunch, or to just serve your guests 😊.

The recipe for Norwegian homemade cinnamon spins: (ca 40- 50 pieces)

5 dl milk, 50 g yeast, 200 g melted butter, 1 teaspoon slowly, 3 tbsp sugar, 4 eggs, 2 teaspoons cardamom, 18 dl wheat flour (and some wheat flour for baking).

Have butter, cinnamon and sugar ready to sprinkle with dough after first raising.

Stir the yeast into lukewarm milk, add salt, sugar, eggs and cooled butter.  Mix cardamom into the flour and knead everything into a smooth dough.  Set the dough rise for about 45 minutes, take the towel over the dough.

After the dough is raised, real dough, divide it in half, and roll out a surface of about 50 * 30 cm. Spread soft butter over the surface, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.  Roll the dough together and divide into pieces.  About.  20-25 from each roll.  Let the dough rise for about 20 min.  covered with kitchen towel.  Brush the dough with eggs and place in the oven for frying.  Fry in the middle of the oven at 250 degrees for about 10- 12 minutes until the cinnamon spins are golden.

I’m going to “deliver” some to my son in the middle and his friends later today, and I hope they will be happy 😊.

I hope you will enjoy this homemade cinnamon spins also 😊. Made from a traditional Norwegian recipe 🥯.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Homemade cinnamon spins made from a Norwegian traditional recipe 😊

It’s weekend and time for some homemade food, and today I’m going to bake some cinnamon spins made from a traditional Norwegian recipe 😊. They are tasty and worth waiting for 😊. Do you want to try to bake some? The recipe is in my post 😊.

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Dumped on Valentine’s day 🌹🙄

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Today it’s Valentine’s day 💞,- and I hope you are luckier with your Valentine’s day and also your Valentine’s date, if you have some, that I was with mine last year 😅.

My Valentine’s day in general was okay last year, it was more and less like a normal day, but I was invited out to a Valentine’s date for the evening 😊. I think it has to be one of the very few Valentine’s date invitations I have had in my life so fare, so I was a bit excited and also a bit happy. It’s not normal for me to be invited out by a man on Valentine’s Day itself 😊.

I had been meeting this man for some weeks and we did have a easy tone between us, the talking went easy and we in general had a nice time when we did met up. Sometimes we just went for a walk, other time out for a tiny meal and we had also been meeting in his apartment a couple of times. And sometimes he did cxl the meetings too, because his alzheimers sick mam needed him.

I didn’t had any big “crush” on him, but he was nice to be together with and spend some time together with as well. My interest for him was, in the beginning, just as a friend, but after spending some time together with him, I did think there maybe could be some potential for me to “fall for him”. Maybe….

So when he did invited me home to his house at Valentine’s day on a Valentine’s date last year I did I appreciated that gesture, and did say “yes, thank you”. I also did buy some “sweet valentine’s gifts ” to him,- but still not to sweet since my feelings for him was quite not there, still not sweet. But a nice gesture also need to get some nice attention.

I did work some night shift on a private hospital in this period, and then for an English family, and I did look after and did take care off a sick familymember for them during the nights, – and I was going to be at night shift the 14. February too. At this time this night shift was an very welcome and necessary income for me. But since it’s rarity that I get a lot of attention or even more rarely, is invited out on date on Valentine’s day I did ask for changing my night shift. I’m a tiny bit romantic soul,- and I also did feel a bit lucky that actually got some attention for this Valentine’s day, or at least a Valentine’s date , and wanted to use my time on my date 😊.

I was lucky and managed to change my shift as well. In general I don’t like to change shifts or anything like that, I’m trying to make my private plans in my private time. But of course there are days and times that’s necessary to change, or switch shifts. This evening, the 14. February, was not any “necessary” private plans,- but like I did mention, – I m a tiny romantic soul, and I really appreciated to be invited on a Valentine’s date 😊.

And like I did mention, I also had bought a tiny little attention, not to sweet, but still with a sweet touch 😊. And I did “prepare” my self as well, as best as I could. Did try to make myself “pretty” for the evening with using some face masks, take a hair- cure, did my nails, and also did find some nice clothes to put on, and started to get my self ready for a nice Valentine’s date 💄👗. I’m just a woman and I like to feel a bit pretty on a date 😊.

Just a couple of hours before we should meet he did texted me and cxl the Valentine’s date 🙄. This time with not to many reasons, he just didn’t felt very well, and that’s it. In general when he did cxl is was because his alzheimers sick mam “was on the run”,- but this time without to many reasons or explanations. Well,- what to do? I had even switched my shift for him, for using my time to meet him.

It wasn’t much to do with that, but yes I need to admit I was a bit disappointed, and also a bit angry about myself that had changed my shift for a man who did cxl the Valentine’s date 🙄. Someone that was obviously even not worth losing my really needed income for 😅. Valentine’s day in general don’t mean to much to me, but at the same time it does. It’s a bit difficult to explain actually 😊. But it’s probably because I’m a romantic soul, and then I in away do like Valentine’s day 💞🌹.

But and because, – The next day after the Valentine’s day, he did actually texted me and told me he did regret the cxl of our Valentine’s date with out any good explanation for why,- and asked me if we could meet up for an new date an other day 🙄. He did write he “regret” the cxl 🙄. Well,- I did meet him an other day and gave him the Valentine’s gift, did ask him again why he did regret and why he cxl’ed 😅. I didn’t get any good explanations or answers. And then I just went back home again. I do think he had another and maybe more “excited” date that Valentine’s day,- so he cxl me. Obviously that date didn’t went to well, since he did “regret” the cxl, wanted to meet me again, and also because he hadn’t any good “explanation” for the cxl when I did ask him again why he did cxl, except from this “didn’t feel very well” in the cxl- messenge he did sent me some hours before the Valentine’s date. But I can be wrong, it’s just my thoughts and feelings. Well, well,- that’s life. I’m not using to much of my time on men like that, that’s for sure 😊.

This Valentine’s day I have more and less just Valentine’s plans for my self 🥰. I haven’t bought any sweet gifts or created any sweet attentions to anyone this year. I could done it to my children and some very close friends, or someone else I do have in my mind 😉,- but my children are young adults now, and I think it’s more fun for them to get an Valentine’s gifts from someone a bit more special then the mammi 😊. It was a bit different when they was younger 😊. My friends, – I can show them how much I care for them another day then this day 🥰. And this “someone else” I have in my mind,- is just maybe “someone” else at the moment, and maybe not worth using to much attention to either, – I don’t know 😊. And at this point it’s not important either 😊. We see what the future brings 😊.

Maybe I’m going to meet a colleague of mine for a glass of wine this afternoon 🍷. That would be very nice and cozy 😊. We see,- it can be cxl as well,- you never know 😁. But still I feeling happy, lucky and grateful ,- this day will be an excellent day off from work and just to speel and spend on myself 🧡. My own Valentine’s day for just taking care of myself 🥰.

I wish you a great Valentine’s day, and maybe even with a sweet and romantic Valentine’s date too🍷💞. I hope you will be more lucky with your Valentine’s date then I was with mine last year,- if you have a Valentine’s date 😊.

And,- I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡,- with or without any Valentine’s plans at all 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

My Valentine’s gift to my Valentine’s date last year,- not to sweet, but still with a touch of sweetness…..but not given with very much “sweetness” some days after the Valentine’s day 😅.

I wish you a great Valentine’s day today, – with or without any Valentine’s plans or Valentine’s date 💞. And if you have a Valentine’s date, – I hope you are a bit luckier with your date, then I was with mine last year 😊 🧡. Enjoy this day,- the day of love, hearts and sweet feelings, – and maybe with some tiny bit sweet attentions too,- attentions just to and for your self, or for someone that’s a bit special for you in one or another way 💞.

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What is it about this sweet Valentine’s day ? 🌹

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine and I 🧡

Soon it’s time for some romantic,- it’s the Valentine’s Day just around the corner 🧡. This sweet day that’s celebrate love and romance 🌹. The day is also called “the love day” and “all the hearts day” 💞. And I’m not growing up with to celebrate this day in Norway,- but in way I like this day. In Norway this celebration comes from USA as some other different “traditions” does.

The custom of celebrating Valentine’s day started in full force at the turn of the 16th century, and then in English-taking countries such as the UK and the US, but also a bit from France.  There are various legends and stories about how this custom and tradition started 📖. At that time, it was a popular belief that the birds mated on February 14, which led to the celebration of fertility and love 🕊💕.

But it is also possible that this sweet and romantic custom has Roman origins based on the goddess Juno who represented women, fertility and marriage. where the celebration in a way did started the 14. February, and the celebrated did continue on February 15. Almost like Christmas Eve and Easter Eve, and the holy 1st days.

I like both this stories about Valentine’s Day celebrations 💞 🕊.

The most famous legend of the origin of the celebration of Valentine’s day is the legend of the Roman priest Valentin who lived about 270 according to our time.  He was imprisoned for devoting soldiers and did not devote himself to Christianity as was desired in the then church faith and tradition.  Before hsn was retrieved, he wrote a love letter to his dear Julia which he signed “from your Valentine”.  It is also said that Valentine healed the guardian, Asterius, her daughter 📜 💕.

Today, Valentine’s day is marked in both ecclesiastical and popular contexts.  Little gifts are given to “the dear ones of their heart” or a man they like very well.  There are gifts such as flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, small hearts, and sweet little gifts sim an inspired by romance, sweet feelings and love ❤🌹.

After my divorce I did gave my children sweet valentine’s gifts. They will in their own way always be my Valentine’s in the name of “the unconditional love ” as a mammi feel for her children 💙💙❤.

I have, now and then, got some flowers or some chocolate from some sweet souls. And I have also given some flowers or chocolate back,- to very good friends or maybe even a man if there was a man one place there in “the horizon” in my life 🥰. But I haven’t “celebrate” Valentine’s day very much more than that yet 😊.

I like the idea of Valentine’s day, and I need to admit that I like the two first stories and legends I did tell you about the origin about Valentine’s day. For me, as the person I’m, I think they are more romantic than one about the bishop 😊. But that’s me 🥰.


I like the idea of Valentine’s day, a own celebration for love, romantic and sweet feelings 🥰. But,- I like even much more and much better to be able “celebrate” love, romance, sweet feelings in the daily life ❤. I’m not sure how my Valentine’s day will be this year,- maybe very normal as a normal day 🥰. No,- that’s not totally true, – tomorrow is my only day off from work this month 😍. I’m not going to be working at the office and I haven’t any online shift either 😊. I like both my jobs,- so don’t misunderstand me,- but it’s nice to have a day totally off, a day to use to whatever I want to use it too 🥰. So tomorrow is “my day”, maybe a bit “taking care of my self day”? We see what tomorrow brings 😊.

Are you going to celebrate valentine’s day or give some one special in your life and heart some sweet attentions this day? ❤ I hope you do, and I hope you also will get some sweet attentions back too 💞.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Valentine’s day is a kind of celebration for the love and the romance in life 🌹. There are some various legends and stories about how this custom and tradition started 💞. My favourite is actually not the most famous story and legend about how the celebration of Valentine’s day started 🥰. What’s your favourite legend about valentine’s day? 💕

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A tiny “art challenge” from my daughter 😊 🎨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Some days ago I did ask my daughter if she had some empty winebottles,- because I haven’t anyone left 😊. I did use my empty winebottles to paint on some weeks ago, and it hasn’t been very much wine in the home after that 😊. And I want to try to paint a bit more on winebottles,- it was difficult, but also very fun 😊.

I did think that maybe my daughter did have a couple of empty winebottles,- she is a bit younger then me, and it is a bit more “party” in her home than mine 😊. Here it is job, work, goals to reach, – and then … soon it is time to use some good quality time on great friends and maybe share a bottle of wine or two 😊.

My daughter didn’t have any empty winebottles either, but she gave me a tiny “art bottle challenge” instead, – and gave me a couple of coca cola glassbottles to paint on 🥃. I’m not sure how to do that, or what to paint 😅. When I think about coca cola glassbottles I think about a tiny bit “luxury” in the daily life to drink coca cola from a glassbottle, and the tasty drink coca cola, and of all the things to think about when I think about coca cola in a glassbottle,- I actually think about Santa Claus 🎅. But I’m not in the “mood” for painting any Christmas- things or snow. But you never know,- maybe it’s a bit snow that will decorate this bottles after all? 😊 ❄

But challenge is recived and taken, I just need to let the imagination and inspiration “come over” me before I start painting 🎨. Hopefully it doesn’t takes to long time,- it’s a bit boring to just watch this empty glassbottles from coca cola standing there and waiting for something creative to happen 😅.

My daughter is also painting,- and I really like her paintings. She paint differently from me, like I do paint differently from my dad 🎨 😊. And the difference are a good thing is 😊. I can’t paint like either my dad or my daughter, – I can only paint like “me”. So we are actually three generations with mini amateurs painters and artists from the same family (of course,- since there was 3 generations of “artists” 😊), that use the colours, canvas, brushes, inspiration and imagination differently, at the same time it’s art, our private and personal art, with our own touch, one of a kind art 🎨.

My daughter did paint this 4 years ago and she did gave it to me 🥰. It is in our livingroom, on the wall where I have my creative corner 😊.

My oldest son have also painted a pretty cool painting to me many years ago. It’s, unfortunately, in Norway,- but I did also had that painting on my wall in the livingroomwhen we did live in Norway 😊. And hopefully I can have it on my wall again one day 🥰. I just need to get our things and stuff from Norway and down here to Spain first 😊. He did paint a copy, his own “understandig” of famous painting “Scream” /”Skrik” by Edward Munch 😱. It so cool,- Im looking forward to both put it on my wall again and also show it to you one day 😊.

And my dad’s paintings,- I think most of them are gorgeous. It is special on kind of painting he did paint I really did and still does like. It’s something with the atmosphere in those paintings, the colours, and they are in away both powerful and peaceful at the same time 😊. A bit like my dad in a way 😊.

My dad paint this in 1989,- and he has different kinds of paintings with this atmosphere in,- but with different colours and motives. This kinds of paintings are one of my favourite paintings to my dad 😊.

Well,- I have a challenge to work with at the moment,- in the meantime I can finish some of my other paintings on my canvas first,- and wait for the imagination and inspiration to “take me on a flow” over this coca cola glass bottles 😊. I did have an imagination and inspiration for some paintings on winebottles, but I can’t use them on this glassbottles 😊. So that inspiration I can “hide away” for a tiny little while 😊. At least until I have shared one of my own winebottles I have in my home with someone, and get a empty winebottles or two to paint on 😊. Suddenly a winebottle give me a nice and fun time two times or more,- not just to drink the wine together with some good friends,- but also to create something fun on after 😊.

Have you got any nice, small challenges this day? Challenges that are fun to do? Like my daughter’s challenge to me? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Challenge “received” and “taken” from my daughter,- I just need to find the imagination and inspiration for some paintings on coca cola glassbottles 😊. And in the meantime, – Do you want to take a tiny look at a painting my daughter has created? Or my dad? They are both in my post 💚.

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It was “a bom trip” to Malaga today 🙄

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊. I hope all is fine and you 🧡

I’m okay,- like you know it’s some busy days around me at the moment 😊 ,- and today I was on a “bom trop” to Malaga before my job 🙄. It’s not very fun when that’s happen,- special when you are “running after the watch ” and also was early to just reach the appointment 😅 for exactly avoid “running after the watch”🕛⏳. But okay,- that’s life 😊.

Today and during this week I have the afternoon shift at my job,- or … it can look like I need to take the mornings shifts this week instead, because one of my colleagues can’t work at the moment. I’m not not quite ready for that,- I have already made my teaching classes for this week and my online shifts out from my normal job 😅. Well,- I may need to change them now. Remember I told you,- I don’t know what this 2020 will brings, but I know there will be changes and challenges and different new experiences too 😊.

So what did I do on a “bom trip” to Malaga early this morning? To be honest, – I don’t understand it myself 😅.

I’m trying to close down my autonomo. I have tried it for a while now and that’s not a easy case- that’s for sure 🙄. An autonomo is the same as self employed. I did registered me as an self employed the summer of 2018. Reason was to work as a freelancer writer and teacher, and to do an honest work and pay my taxes. And it all went very well until January 2019. At that point there was not very much writing job to get, or students to teach, unfortunately. I had 2 students pr week. Two hour pr week. Not enough to pay the bills.

Now I have a working contract and pay my taxes through my job,- and I don’t want to pay also taxes as an self employed anymore, special when I don’t need to do it. It’s to much for my salary “to handle with” 💰. And I don’t need it anymore, to pay my sos.sec on my own to “safety” my health and pension 😊.

To be an autonomo or self employed in Spain is a bit different then from Norway. It’s very easy to start, but a shit to close down 🙄. And it’s taxes and expenses “here and there and every where” 🙄. And no one seems to know exactly what and how or where I should go to close down my autonomo either. You can say I’m being send a bit around 😅. I have been in Fuengerola and Benalmadena, and today, early this morning to Malaga. Next time it should be to the tax office in Torremollinos they told me, and then back again to the sos.sec office in Benalmadena 🙄. I’m shown from office to office, but its always the wrong offices- of course. Or more correctly,- in general I just get the half correct and half wrong information.

I can really understand why people “put money under the table” , get paid in black money here in Spain. It’s actually more expensive to be honest. It’s a bit “corruption” here,- something the government in Spain are trying to change, but then the government needs to change more different things. I’m not going to go into that today, to use my time on politician,- that’s for sure 😊. BTW it’s “corruption” in Norway too. But its “hidden” a bit better and differently then here in Spain. I think it’s a bit “corruption” in most countries in one or another way 💱.

My day today started with that I was waiting for my car. My oldest son and his friend, for some reasons I don’t understand, did decided to start moving the rest of their stuff in the middle of the night 🙄. I needed my car 07.30, sharp, this morning so I could reach the train and the appointment in Malaga,- and also with a bit good time. Because I was also not quite sure where the office was. I had my Google maps ready too. “Mrs. Google maps” has been good to have here in Spain, special when I was working in the home nursery and did try to find the patients 😊. But “she” was not very useful today, that’s for sure too 🙄. Well,- I did get my car back 07.00,- phu. I was a bit nervous when the time was close by 07 00, even I knew my son still had 30 minutes left 😅. But I have told you before, long time ago in another post, that my oldest has a bit challenge to come on the correct time now and then, but, when that’s said,- it was much worse when he was a child.

I did reach the train 😊,- but of course the train got technical problems this morning 😅. So it didn’t went very fare,- and then it was to wait for a new train, a train without any technical problems 🚞. My 45 minutes for avoid “running after the watch” in Malaga suddenly became to just 5 minutes when I did arrived to Malaga 🕰. I did have a tiny bit clue where the office I should visit was,- but in case and because of the time I put on “Mrs. Google maps “. It’s good to have “her” telling me the “wrong direction” or “right direction”. And in general “she” is nearly always correct about the directions too,- except from today,- of course 🙄. I have seriously no idea why “she” did tell me a so totally not correct direction today, of all the days she could choose 🤔. But she did for some reasons send me in the opposite direction today. Me and “Mrs. Google maps” are not very good friends today. Well,- I’m not a very good friend with “her” at least 🙄.

I should have followed the maps and my instincts from the beginning of today instead. Of course, again,- I didn’t reach my appointment, 5 minutes can go really fast sometimes😅 ,- even I did find the office on my own to the end ! And even the Spanish ones are totally find with “being to late” (you know mañana mañana) it’s obviously not so much okay for them that I was to late to my appointment today 🙄. And I was actually not me that was “to late” either, – it was the train and Mrs. Google maps ” that put me in this “to late” situation today 😊. Well, well,- now I need to “struggle” through this online page again, in Spanish, and find a new appointment. Obviously this time in Torremollinos 😅. And I thought I was going to be finish with that today 😅.

I have no idea why “someone” over my, over there in the sky or something like that wanted me to not reach my appointment today 🤔. I did “everything” correct. Had all my papers with me, had put in one extra hour to have time enough, had prepared and readed the map and put “Mrs. Google maps ” ready….but still I didn’t manage it,- and it was in a way not because of me, myself and a bad planning 😊. I can promise you I felt a bit “confused” then 😅. In away,- what was the point of this trip to Malaga today? What just happen today in a way? Because”Mission was not completed”,- and if I have knew I could have slept a bit longer this morning too 😊. I was working to 01 00 last night and up with the birds today at 06 15 😅.

But,- I really did reach my job today 😅, I normally do. But today I had more then enough time 😊. I don’t like to be to late to work or any other appointments 😊. And I’m very happy for that I had more then enough time today at my job, because it has been a busy day. Lots of phone calls, emails and banners that’s needed to be translate to Norwegian 😊. The day went fast 😊. It was all in all a good day,- even with a “bom- trip” to Malaga and with the “mission close down my autonomo” is still “not complete yet” 😊. Now it’s just time for “timeout” and relax, and prepare my self for a new “close down my autonomo” appointment to another day 😊. So I let this “bluemonday” be coloured with some other colours in this evening 😊.

I’m going to manage to close down my autonomo, I just don’t know when. Hopefully as soon as possible. Because in general I do manage what I have “put” into my mind and made differents decisions to do,- it just takes a bit time…. very ofte to much time after my mind to get things done when I want them to be done 😅… and for some reasons I’m not sure why it is like that. But I do manage it more and less most of what I have decided to do, and my goals to reach, it just not happen at that time I want to have it “done” 😊. If you understand what I mean?

I hope you have had an excellent day and an great start on this week 😊. But not with to much “bom- trips” in one or another way 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

A statue close to the train station in Malaga,- and a very good description of what I did feel this morning 😅.

I felt a bit like this statue early this morning when I was in Malaga, and my trip was a “bom trip”, and my “mission is still not completed” 😊. The statue is a very good description of me this morning 😅. A bit confused 😅. What just happen and why? 😊

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“Peaceful morning full of life” 🎨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Here in Spain it’s beautiful Spring days at the moment, closely like a Norwegian summer day. That’s not very typical for this time of the year,- but it is a very lovely feeling 💚. At the same time,- I hope there will come more rain. If not it can be a very dry summer with even water rations for us residents here.  Tourists do not have to think about water rationing, but we who live here must probably ration cann in relation to the use of shower and toilet, washing up, laundry and watering of flowers and plants.  So some luscious raindrops had made us avoid rationing so much 💙.

This Springlight and this Spring feeling in the wintertime gave me some inspiration to paint a painting and two inspired of the Spring 🌾🌱. The first painting is now finish, and I called “Peaceful morning full of life”,- because the blue flowers both gives life and peace at the same time. And of course I did think a bit about the rain we need so the nature both can grow, live and give us peace 💙💚.

Like always I did enjoy to paint this painting,- and have my own “timeout” and some relaxing moments when my brushes played with the colours.

I hope my painting, “Peaceful morning full of life ” will be and feel exactly like that for others too,- peaceful at the same time as there is a lots of life growing 🧡.

You will find more fact about “Peaceful morning full of life ” at my Instagram account @artbylailas_ if you are interested. And most of the paintings you find there are also for sale,- if you should find something of interest 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you 🧡. I hope there’s both peace and life around you 💚. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

“Peaceful morning full of life ” – you are very welcome to check out my Instagram account @artbylailas_ for more art made by me 😊

It’s Springfeeling in the wintertime here in South of Spain,- and this feeling gave me the inspiration to a new painting “Peaceful morning full of life ” 💚💙. I hope it will give you too both the feeling of peace as well as the feeling of the life 🧡.

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Mother’s Day in Norway 💖

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine and you 🧡

Today is The Mother’s Day in Norway. The day that was created for celebration all the good mammi’s 🧡. It’s different days in different countries, and it hasn’t always been easy to follow up when the Norwegian Mother’s Day was after we did move to Spain. Not because my mammi doesn’t deserve to be celebrated or remember- because she does- so absolutely 💖. But because in Spain the Mother’s day is celebrated the first Sunday in May, and in UK it’s celebrated around the 3. Sunday in March.

In the stores it’s there are advertising and offers on various gifts that you can buy for Mother’s Day.  But these commercials show up in March and the end of May, not in February as I’m used to from Norway. Why the advertising “shows up” in March and May it’s very natural. We live in Spain and there are also lots of people from UK that’s lives here. Well,- at the moment. What will happen after Brexit I don’t know. So,- then it’s very natural that the advertising shows up around the celebration of this mother’s day.

The first time I did see this in the stores I was a bit confused, – because, to be honest, I thought “everyone” did celebrate mother’s day in February. I haven’t put to much energy to learn about the Mother’s day. It was just in away a natural part of my Norwegian traditions,- and I didn’t think it was different in other countries. And I’m not sure why there are different dates to celebrate Mother’s day in different countries. But okay,- that’s the way it is. It’s not a Holyday of any kind,- it is more like a yearly event and familyday. And in Norway this event and familyday is the second Sunday in February,- and when we did live in Norway we visit my mammi and did bring with some flowers or chocolate. And when I was a child I created cards to my mammi 🎁.

Now at days it’s more and more people in Norway that are not celebrating the Mother’s day, – and the reasons are the different family- situations in our society. But still there is a mammi somewhere ? If not they haven’t been born 🤔. But on the other hand,- it’s not every mammi (or daddy either) that deserves a celebration from their kids either. But,- My mammi does deserve a kind of celebration 💖. So I’m going send her a nice text later today 😊. It is a bit difficult to just “drop by” with a hug and some flowers when we live in Spain and she lives in Norway 😊.

I am the first born child of my mom, and after me two daughters came along 🥰. My two sisters 😍. My dad was travelling very much with his work in period, and then she had the daily responsibilities for us,- first “just” two daughters for a while, because my youngest sister was born when I was 7 years and my sister was 5.

My mammi have teach my a lot 💖. She did teach me to be a mammi, even also my oldest son has “teach” me a bit about that, since he in his own way “made” me a mammi when he was born 💙.

I haven’t use all the things my mammi did raise me up with, because I needed to find my own way to be a mammi for my children 🥰. But she did teach me and raised me with a lots of “good stuff” so I have used when I became a mammi myself and raised my children. We are all different,- and a child is not born with any “recipe”,- unfortunately,- so there will be a bit “mistakes” under the “raising- process”. A bit “trying and” doing” to find the best way for your child and the best way for you to be a mammi for your child as well 😊. And how to be a mammi ? I think my way to be a mammi for my children are not necessarily correct for an other mammi to be a mammi for her’s children 😊. But some good advices on the “mammi- road” is always good to get,- and then use them in the way that’s best for both the mammi and the child 😊. But one thing is for sure in the raising process, – love, – the unconditional love ❤.

My mammi has teach me ethic and moral, distinguish between right and wrong, both in life, in social contexts and in society. She did sing good night songs to me, songs that I continued to sing to my children when it was bedtime 🎵🎶. She did teach me how to cook and bake, and knit too 😊. Some very useful knowledge to have, and a knowledge I enjoy to be able to do and use 😊. And she hold my hand when I gave birth to my first child, her first grandchild,- my oldest son 💖. So she was actually the first one who welcome him to the world, before I got him in my arms 🥰.

I’m raised up with the Christian religion, in the Lutheran church. My mammi was raised up with that one too. And I have found very much comfort in the religion even I don’t practices it like my mammi does. And also even I did choose to not raise my children in the same religious way I was raised. But I have use a lot from my religion when I did raise my children, at the same time I have let them choose their own beliefs ❤.

To be a mammi, and to have a mammi, – it’s two different “concepts” at the same time so familiar 😊. In general it’s all about the unconditional love in different ways and forms ❤. It is not all and everyone that are so lucky as I’m, – I both have a great mammi, and I’m a mammi myself- how great I’m as a mammi it’s up to my children to decide 😊. No one else 😊. I’m not anyone else mammi then theirs 🥰.

Me and my children doesn’t “celebrate” mother’s day (or father’s day),- and the reason are very simple. We actually forget it,- not because its worth to forget,- but we just forget it. It’s not any other reasons. And to be honest,- as a mammi I actually don’t care very much about this Mother’s day, – because I feel my children during the whole year shows me that they care about me, like me, even love me a bit 🥰. I get hugs and kisses, nice words and different kinds of good attention through everyday life and year 🧡 so I as a mammi for my 3 children I actually don’t need one Mother’s day during the year, – becauseI have so many already 🥰. And I really hope my mammi knows that too,- that I care about her every day during the year, and that she actually deserves more than just one day to know she has done a perfect job as my mammi ❤. Because when it comes to my mammi it’s up to me to “decide” how good mammi she has been for me,- and I couldn’t have any other mammi then her. I’m very grateful for that my mammi became my mammi ❤🌹.

I know I’m very lucky to both have my mammi and to be a mammi myself ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by the blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

A red rose to every good mammi and for her unconditional love for her child or children ❤

Today it’s Mother’s Day in Norway 🌹. And I know I’m very lucky to both have my mammi and to be a mammi myself ❤. I have a lot to be grateful for ❤🌹❤. For My mammi and for my children that’s “created” me to a mammi 🌹.

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