My “freedom”= a nice walk to the food store 😊 …and some few more 💚

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧡

Last week my one of my “freedoms” in my life was to be able to go to work and work from the office together with some few others colleagues 😊. And I did really enjoyed my freedom to be able to do that. I enjoyed every day I didn’t had any “home- office” with this job,- even I actually do have my own home- office as well as my own work from home too 😊. But that’s because I have 2 different jobs,- just the way I want to have it. One in my home, for to be able, in my own way, to “built” up my dreams, and one job at the office so I get both being socializing a bit as well as have an regular income, and also a job I like to do 😊. That also a freedom for me,- to be able to work in both this ways 😊. Have my two jobs, one from my home and one at the office 😊.

That kind of freedom is over for me for a while now, – to be able to go to the office, – and it will be like this for at least to 12. April 2020 😊. That’s the way it is here in Spain at the moment. My last “freedom” in this “be able to go to work” changed this Friday afternoon when I got my working computer and screens installed in my home. But that’s fine, – I have been lucky for a week, and also more lucky than many other people in Spain 😊. And I’m very grateful for having this one week of this kind of freedom in my life at the moment 💛.

Freedom and the feeling of freedom is different from person to person, and what kind of different situations we have been living through, and the different experiences we have in life.

Also my freedom is like that- different from different life situations and life experiences. And I still feel I have my freedom, it has just been changed a bit during the last week and days 😊. Now I just need to find and focus on others kind of freedoms in my life 😊. And now one of my freedom is to be able to go to the food store. Last week I did have two “freedoms”,- go to the office and work from there, and go to the food store as well. Now it’s the food store that will be my kind of freedom 🍑. Or the gas station or the farmacia 😊.

Today its Sunday, so my new freedom is a tiny bit different from yesterday and for tomorrow 😊. Because all the food stores are closed today 😅. If I really want to go out for a tiny trip today I can drive my car to the gas station and fuel a bit gasoline on my car 🚗. That will also give me some time on my own, away from the two young men in my home 😅 It can give me maybe 10 or 15 minutes on my own, because the gas station is a bit close to my home.

Or I can drive to a gas station that is a bit fare away from my home,- but then I can get some challenges with the police and I don’t want that, that’s for sure 😊. If they are stopping me and asking me what I doing, and I tell them I’m just going to fuel my car …… 50 km from my home …. 😅… I will get some tiny troubles. What am I doing 50 km away from my home, when it’s a gas station 5 minutes away from my home? 🤔 Taking a “timeout” from my oldest son and his friend? 😇 The police are not going “buy” that one, and I can get arrested or get a big fee too 😳. So I’m not going to do that 😊. But still I have this tiny, nice little freedom to fuel my car, and have around 15 minutes on my own 😊. The thing is, my car actually don’t need fuel at the moment 😅. I don’t need to use my car at the moment. But I can change one of my gas bottles, I have one that’s empty,- but I’m going to wait a bit, until a day where I really do need 15 minutes on my own, or really need to change the gas bottle 😊. I can’t use up my freedom either 😊. I need to save some of it 😊.

Or I can take a walk to the farmacia, but “the challenge” here is just that I actually don’t need any medicine of any kind at the moment. I can buy some allergy pills, but I already have enough, and I can say I needed the allergy pills because I’m allergic to dogs,- something that’s actually true. And at the moment I do live together with a dog as well, my oldest son’s dog. But “the challenge” here can be,- I’m not allowed to have any kind of animals in my apartment. I have it written very clear in my rental contract. ( … the moment it’s the way it is,- I can’t put the dog on the street either, and the plan was that my son should have been moved out last Sunday…..but Spain did stopped up a bit last Sunday…… ). So I leave that trip to the farmacia to an other day too 😊. A day when I actually really need the farmacia, and a nice, long walk 😊.

I also can walk my son’s dog, but it’s actually not allowed to walk other peoples dogs at the moment. Let me put it this way,- people have tried it out, and it’s not allowed at the moment. It’s just the owner of the dog that can take a tiny trip with the dog, and then the tiny little trip it’s just so the dog can go to the toilet 🐶. But…… I can say to the police that my son is sick, that’s why I’m walking the dog for him. But I’m not sure what kind of sickness he should have. One thing is for sure,- I can’t say it’s fever and headaches, – then they maybe are picking up my healthy son and put him at the hospital 😳.

So mainly at the moment my freedom will be to able to go to the food store and buy some food- and that feels great too,- because I can do that a couple of times during the day 😊. Special if I m clever and make a good plan 😊.

I can choose a food store a bit fare away from my home,- but then the “gas station situation” can “pop- up”. Why do I shop food in a food store that’s kilometres away from my home…… when it’s actually some different food store very close to my home? 😅

But what I can do,- is to take a couple of trips to the food store during the day 😊. I can take one trip around 10.00 and just buy some eggs and milk, and then a new trip around 16.00 for buying some meat and potatoes, and a last trip around 20.00 because I did forget to buy water and bread 😊. And I can actually do that 6 days a week, several times a day, – and it’s a nice opportunity and a good freedom to have during this lock down and quarantine here in Spain 😊.

Here you can see our restrictions in Spain, in a short summary 😊.

Except from this freedoms I have actually some more and other ones freedoms too, in my home 😊. I can be outside in my back patio, and I can be outside at my balcony 😊. I can walk around in my pyjamas all day long and still do both of my jobs 😊. It’s just the young men in my home that’s see me anyway 😊. But….. I m not going to “use” that kind of “freedom” to much. It’s very important to have routines, even more important now when its “lock down” and most of our life are actually in our homes. More and less 24/7.

I can read, watch TV, well, when its raining it’s a bit difficult to watch the TV. It’s no function at all, but I can watch a movie then. I can knit as long as I still have enough yarn to knit with, and I can paint as long as I still have something to paint on, like glass bottles or canvas, and of course painting too 😊. I can do some work out as well… my bedroom, because we did moved out my work out things from the guests room yesterday so I at least can try to do some kind of work out during this quarantine time we have in front of us. A happy and healthy body is a happy and healthy mind too 🤸‍♀️.

And I can do couple of more things as well. Like for example learn more Spanish 📚,- be my own teacher for my self 😊. And I have my jobs,- my working- time and schedules I need to follow up too 😊. That’s a freedom also, to have a job 💚. And my 3 lovely children are healthy, that’s also a very important freedom for me to have ❤.

So,- actually to be able to do all this things during the quarantine, and the days and weeks we are going through are also a kind of freedom,- at least for me 💚. I just need to find the freedom in the days we are going through 😊. But,- the most important freedom of all,- is to get rid of this coronavirus and get our normal days and lifes back on track again ❤.

Freedom is so many different things, and it is also various from person to person. But this is my kind of freedom at the moment 💚. And I’m very grateful for having all this freedoms in my life 🧡. I choose Positive Focus,- and I choose to focus on the different freedoms I actually have. I have more freedoms in my life then many other people have. I’m lucky and I’m grateful ❤.

What kind of freedoms do you have during this days and weeks, during this coronavirus time and Covid19- time? I really hope you will be able to find some kind of freedoms in your days and life,- even it can be a bit difficult to see the freedom 💚.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

One of my freedoms is to be able to enjoy this lovely start on a new day 🧡

We have a different understanding and experiences about what freedom is 💚. It’s depends about what we have been through in our life 💛. One of my freedoms at the moment is to be able to enjoy a lovely start on a new day 🌞. But I’m very lucky 🍀, because I have actually a couple of more freedoms in my life as well,- even we have some restrictions to follow here Spain 😊. Do you want to know a bit about both my freedoms and the different restrictions? You are very welcome to read my post 😊.

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Literally, – “mouth bindings” 😷

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days we all are in 🧡

In Norway we call menstrual binding just for binding, – so when I create and knit cover for the nose and mouth, and also using panty line in the knit mouth cover I’m making,- it’s actually literally “mouth binding” 😷. I don’t think it can be more literally then that 😊. I do use panty lines inside the face mask as extra protection, and this is possible to change too.

Of course this homemade, handmade knit mouth cover doesn’t cover as good as a P95 mask does, but it doesn’t cover less than a wipe or then a very ordinary facemaske either. Actually it’s cover more then a wipe, that’s for sure. And I did see a video online how you can make a face mask from wipes. Then I prefer my own knit mouth and nose cover instead of wipes, mine are made of 100 % cotton not wet paper 😉. And I also know my mask is better then not using anything to cover your mouth and nose at all, and also better then a old t-shirt to do cover 👕.

Two of the face mask I did made for some of my colleagues 😷

Something to cover the mouth and nose is much better then nothing 😷. And here in Spain the government prefer that we cover our mouths and noses with something when we are outside, or in the food store, or farmacia. We also need to keep 1 meter distance from all around us, as well as there are people/ safety guards that’s looking after us that this is followed up as good as possible. So, yes, I do use my knit, homemade, handmade face mask when I’m outside or in the store, or drive my car or walk to the office 😷. I did find out that the police don’t stop me if I’m alone and also using cover for my mouth and nose 😊. And I really don’t want the police to stop me,- even I have all my papers in order. I think the Spanish police are actually a bit scary with their guns and batons 😳. I’m not used to that from Norway.

Some think it’s a stupid idea with knit mouth and nose cover, others did like it so much that they have “order” knit mouth and nose cover from me 🧶. So during the lasts days I have actually knit totally 17 face mask like this. I have one myself, and my son in the middle and two of his friends have also got one each, as well as my daughter and her boyfriend too 😷. The rest of the knit face masks is “delivered” to other friends of my children as well as some of my colleagues 🧶. I have given them all away,- I don’t want to charge or take payment for this. This is something that is necessary to use this days, weeks, even maybe months as a health care protection. My oldest son and his friend has their own face mask, and they have even order some special face mask online 😊. So that’s why they don’t have a knit, homemade and handmade face mask, made by mammi 😊.

My daughter and her boyfriend with their face masks 😷

Some also think I have created “my” face mask for fashion 😷. Something I in away can understand why they do think do, but I haven’t. All the face mask are knit in the same way, just with different colours. The reason why it’s different colours is just because I’m using leftover yarn. I actually don’t have more yarn of the same colours left anymore, and it’s a bit important that the face mask are made by 100 % cotton of any kind. And if I have made it for fashion, I have been a bit more creative,- that’s for sure 😊. Mixed a bit more with both colours, style and pattern 🧶. An other thing,- I felt I didn’t have any time to be creative. I just needed to knit as many as possible as fast as possible to give as fast I could to the ones that have asked me for a knit, cotton face mask 😊.

My son in the middle, – the one to the left,- and his two friends with their face masks 😷

I know it’s not so “popular” in Norway to use face masks as much as we do in Spain, but I should really wish they did. That’s also for many other countries too. It is a healthy protection for both you and the people around you, and the people you meet,- even when we need to keep one meter distance from each other. And health is the main factor and main focus this days 💚. To not be exposed or exposing with the coronavirus.

So,- that’s what I have been doing during the last days, knit face masks, been at my office job and done my online job in my home as well 😊. So,- I’m still not being bored by being in quarantine,- also because I’m still so lucky that I actually can go to y work at the office and still have a bit normal routines in my daily life 😊. I’m thankful for that 💛. Special because I know for every day I m also closer to just be able to work from my home, get all my screens and my computer from my office job installed in my home. And I like this “freedom” to be able to go to my job at the office 😊. A freedom I have never given so many thoughts before now 😊. But yes,- it is a freedom to be able to go to work when a whole country actually are in quarantine 😊.

My oldest son and his friend ordinary face masks,- they are hanging them outside after use every day 😷

I hope your life and days are nice to you,- and I hope you have some kind of freedom in your life too 💛. Take care, and use common sense, use protection so the coronavirus doesn’t expose you and you are not exposing other people either 💚.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Some of the face masks I have been knitting during the last days to my children, their friends and to some colleagues too 😷 with panty lines inside for extra protection 😊

My knit face mask doesn’t give the same protection as a P95 mask, but it gives more protection then no face mask at all 😷. During the last days I have been knitting face masks to my children, some of their friends, and even some colleagues too. Want to take a better look? There’s a couple of more photos in my post 😷😊🧶.

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With all honor and respect 🧡

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days we all are into 🧡.

I’m fine, still healthy as fare as I know,- and I am still go to the office to do most of my work there 😊. I’m one of the few left in the office now,- but I think it’s just a matter of time before I get my office computer installed in my home. To be honest,- I feel a bit lucky that have the opportunity to go to the office and not have all my work at home. Then I getting outside a bit during the days 😊.

We are not allowed to go or move around very much from our home here in Spain,- so it feels a bit like a kind of freedom to be able to still go to my job 😊. It’s police everywhere and the military are helping out as well. Over us there’s flying drones to watch that no one does what they should not be doing, – walk out. It’s just in very specific errands we are allowed to go out from our home. And then one by one, not in groups at two or more people together, and with at least one meter distance between the people.

We can go to the food store, but in many foodstores there are guards that looks after us that we use gloves and cover our nose and mouth. We can go to the farmacia and the hospital, gas station and tobacco stores. And of course out with the dogs, but just so the dog can go to the toilet. Not any long walks of any kind 🐕. And we need to have all our identification documents with us like passport, NIE- number, residential paper, and if you go to work, also document from your job. And when you are out with your dog, also remember the paper on your dog as well 📜.

It’s good the weather is a bit unstable at the moment, then it’s easier to stay indoors and inside, at the same time I have been reading somewhere that the coronavirus is not to happy in + 28 degrees or more…. 🌡

Every evening at 20.00 we all, or probably not all, but many are out on our balconies and clapping for the doctors, nurses and all other kind of health professionals that’s doing an amazing, fantastic job this days ❤. A job we even actually can’t imagine how hard it is to do ❤. The clapping, the songs, the music is to honor and respect for the great and amazing job they all are doing for all of us ❤. I think it’s a very nice act to do. A act with honor and respect for the job they all are doing …. for us ❤.

From our place and balcony, – music, clapping, songs to honor and respect for all the health professionals ❤….. but I hope we at the same time can give some good thoughts to the ones that also works in the different stores, the police and military too ❤.

But let’s not forget all the people that’s working in all the different stores where all and everywhere also are doing an incredible amazing job to just “keep the wheels going” in our society this days and weeks ❤. They are there in the stores so we can go there get and buy food and other things we need this days. And they can be infected by the virus every, every time they are dealing with a costumer 🧡. So let’s not forget them either when we are clapping, singing and playing music on our balconies at 20.00 in the evenings ❤. They doing the same great job for us, but just a different job ❤. They actually “keep the wheels going around” in our society this days ❤.

I know they also have starting with the clapping in Norway now one of the last days, but in Norway the clapping start at 18.00 in the afternoon 🧡. And I hope you all up there in Norway don’t forget all the people in the different stores when you are clapping this evening ❤. It’s because of them you can buy all the toilet paper you need 😉. And of course all the food and drinks too ❤.

And then we have all the police, safety guards and military that also are doing a great job during this days to just keep us all safe. Safe from getting the virus, safe from being infected, safe from infected other people around us ,- and also keep the new law we are dealing with “up and running” ❤. Let’s not forget about them either when we all are clapping this evening,- even it’s st 18.00 or 20.00 this evening ❤. There’s a couple of colourful souls out there that really need all our honor and respect from all the rest of us during this days and weeks, during this time we all are going through together ❤.

They all do different kinds of jobs,- but at the same time,- it all goes down to save our lives in one or another way and direction. Our health at the hospitals, our hunger at the stores, our safety in the society ❤. With honor and respect I’m going to clap for each and one of you, this evening ❤ to all the colourful souls out there that using all their energies, and their time, to make us all safe in one or another way during the time we all a living in 🧡.

If you are clapping this evening for all the amazing health professionals we have this evening, – please do some clapping for all the ones in our food stores too, and farmacia as well, and to the police, safety guards and military that also doing a great job for just to keep us all healthy and safe, but just in different ways and directions ❤.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Let’s remember all the colourful souls out there that doing an amazing job every day just to keep us all safe and healthy ❤

In Spain we are clapping at our balconies at 20.00 evenings with honor and respect for all the amazing health professionals who are doing a fantastic job ❤. But let’s not forget that there are also some other professional groups that also need our honor and respect this days ❤. Let’s remember all the amazing colourful souls that’s doing what they doing every day for just to keep us healthy and safety ❤.

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Ice blue or sky blue? ❄💧

Hi ❣It’s so nice to see you,- like always easy 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

In between I try to take a break from all the different news about coronavirus and what’s happen in Norway, Spain and Italy, and all the other countries around in the world. It’s not easy,- because it is everywhere. The virus is everywhere, and I do think about it. Not that I’m going to be I’ll,- but what if someone close to me get ill? And die? Because as many others I also have family and friends that actually can die if they get the virus 😔.

Today I have been working at the office,- it takes time to move 300 computers to more then 200 homes. I’m not sure how long I’m going to be at the office and work, but it’s actually fine to get out of the home for a tiny little while too during this quarantine time, – even I actually did felt I did something illegal when I did drive to my job today.

My plan was actually to walk to my job, but I didn’t took the chance. The police are stopping closely everyone that’s out for a walk. The exception are people that walking their dog. And I need to have my passport, my NIE, Spanish resident card and also a paper from my job with me,- in case the police are going to stop me. In the paper from my work is a confirm that I actually work where I’m working and need to go to my job.

I’m not worried to be sick from the virus, because I think if I get sick it will probably be more and less like a kind of flue for me. But I’m worried that I can get the virus and infect someone else around me where the body and immune system don’t can handle the virus very well. And I seriously don’t understand why not more people are worried about that? It seems for me that to many take this to easy,- this coronavirus and the consequences the virus can and have for so many others around us.

Like I mention, in between I try to take a “timeout” from the virus,- so I have knit a bit. A friend of my wanted scarf, hat, elf-socks in sky blue colour for the next winter. And onr evening, a while ago, we also was joking a bit about kintted bading suits, bikinis, shorts and speedos 😅. My friend, he is a male, did promise me that if I did knit a speedo to him in the colour sky blue, he was going to use it in the beach one day this spring, and also be my model for a photoshoot 📷.

Well,- the beaches are closed down at the moment, but the speedo is finish, and the shorts too, and very ready to be used 😊. And hopefully we will be able to have a really fun photoshoot at the beach in a couple of weeks then.

Free shiping over 69$

But,- my friend wanted the colour sky blue at all the items. Both the hat, scarf and elf- socks, as well as the shorts and the speedo. I did ask him what kind of sky blue he wanted because the sky can actually have different blue colours during a day 😊. And some of this colours are also very close to ice blue. I didn’t get a very good and concrete answer, – so I did made the hat, scarf and elf- socks in the colour ice blue. At least I feel it’s the colour ice blue. And I did think ice blue was a nice colour for winter items as well ❄. But at the same time this colour can be very close to sky blue too. …. in case he is not to happy with my choice of the blue colours on the different items I have been knitting to him 😊.

The speedo and shorts I think is more sky blue, and I did made that choice just because it is summer items, and summer items suits the colour sky blue a tiny touch better then winter items, – at least in this simple and not very complicated “situation” …. and in my mind as well 🌞💧. And, yes, I also did knit a cover for his nose and mouth. We are in the days we are in,- so why not 😊.

Some knit winter- and summer items to a good friend of my here in Spain ❄🌞

What do you think? Is the scarf, hat and elf socks ice blue or sky blue? And what kind of blue colours are the speedo and shorts after your mind and opinion ? Ocean blue or sky blue? 🌊 Its so many lovely and different blue colours,- and we also see the different colours combination in different forms, shapes and settings in different ways 😊. I think maybe it can be because we all have different “colour experiences” ? Different good memories to the different colours? 😊But I don’t know, it’s just a thought 😊. For me the winter items are ice blue, and the summer items are sky blue. What do you think? 😊

It is actually really good to have some other things to focus on now and then, like knitting a bit, and then have a timeout and a relaxing moment in the mind and soul for a while 🧶😊. And to be honest, – I really hope he is showing up in the speedo, and let me take some photos,- and hopefully I will be allowed to share them with you too? 😊 That could be fun too 😊.

I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts during this strange and surreal time we all are going through 🧡. I hope you also have something to do to take a tiny break and timeout from all the coronavirus news, a relaxing moment for your soul and mind 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

All the knit summer- and winter items made in sky blue or ice blue? 🌞❄

In between I need to have a tiny “timeout” from the different news during this days 😊. So I did knit both some summer items as well as winter items to a friend of my,- but are the colours ice blue or sky blue? ❄🌞 Need to take a better look? It’s possible in my post 😊.

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In distress, the naked woman learns to spin / weave wool 🧶😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I was actually not sure what headline I should use or choose today because it was two headlines that could fit my text, and probably more too 😊.

I did choose this headline “In distress, the naked woman learns to spin / weave wool”. It is actually en expression we use in Norway, and on it’s own way it tells that when it’s hard time you find a solution on different things. Like a naked woman don’t want to be naked she learns to weave wool so she can get clothes on her naked body, and don’t be cold 😊. And since I like to knit and I like to be creative, and in a way we all live in a “distress” at the moment, this headline was best for me and my text today 😊.

There’s empty for face maskes in the stores and farmacia now. Face maskes to cover the nose and mouth. But there’s a recommendation that you can use a old t-shirt to cover it if you haven’t get or got any facemask.  At least it will have about 60% more efficiency than nothing in front of your mouth and nose.  An old t-shirt is basically cotton-lined, so I thought “why not knit a mask for my nose and mouth with cotton yarn then?” 😊 🧶 And yes, of course I have already knit a face mask too. It’s finish and ready for use 😊.

And of course I did tell someone about my “clever idea”, becauseI actually thoughtit was clever, – and some of them was actually just laughing about my idea 🙄. And they also said “You can’t knit everything”,,- but “yes, I think I can knit many different things”,- so I did try to knit a face mask and it went very well too 😊. So here my other choice for my headline comes in,- “Whoever laughs last laughs best”,- because I have actually got questions about knitting masks to cover the nose and mouth after, from others 😊. And to be honest,- my idea is not to bad at all 😊. I’m going to tell you and show you as best as I can how to knit a face mask 😊.

I’m not good to make, create or write knit recipes at all, it all are in my head when I’m knitting 😅,- so I hope you will be able to understand how to knit a face mask, if you also want to have one for to cover your mouth and nose 😊.

Knit recipe for face mask 🧶

What you need is: left over yarn in 100% cotton, not to thick yarn, and you don’t use very much yarn either for a face mask. Use yarn that’s normally use to knitting needles size 2 or 3.

Cast on 36 stitches, knit back and forth in garter at for 4 rounds.  Bead stitch is like this: a straight, a purl, a straight, a purl.  Knit out the needle, then knit the other way.  Knit the purl stitch over the straight stitch. When you have dome this 4 times, keep 4 stitches in every end of the knitting needle. Here you continue knit purl knitting, with switch every second. In the middle you continue knit straight, back and forward until you have the size you want. Then you do the same as in the beginning, – kit purl all over 4 times 🧶. When it’s all finished I did sew the strings into for keeping the mask on my face 😊.

🙄 I hope you got “something” out of this ? 😳 One thing is that I’m not good to write, explain or make knit recipes,- and other thing is to also then try to explain it all in English as well 🙄😳. Anyway, – I’m going to show you some photos, and hopefully you will be a bit “wiser” 😅. But, yeah,- I know I m not good to explain this at all 😔.

This is a finish knit face mask for covering the nose and mouth 😊. Size is : 11 cm * 20 cm

You can wash cotton at high temperature.  But I also bought panty linings that I glue on the inside of the bandage.  This can be changed, and of course it is possible to glue in two if you wish, or feel it is safer. But I personally recommend you to just use one psnty linings in.

Panty linings inside the face mask for extra protection, and then its not necessary to wash it all the time either 😊

So, yes,- I did my face mask this way. I’m going to knit some more as well, my son in the middle, two of his friends, and my daughter and her boyfriend have also asked me to knit face mask for them. And of course that’s fine for me to do. The challenge is how to deliver the face masks to them? We are in quarantine for the next two weeks, and are not allowed to go outside except from in very few and special cases like buy food, go to the farmacia, the gas- station for gasoline or gas to the hot- water, to the hospital or be an assistant for someone that needs help. Or let your dog ho to the toilet outside in the park. Or go to work if you can’t work from your home. But,- I’m still going to knit some fancy face mask for them anyway,- and will probably find a solution for how to deliver them. You know,- the military are also watching over us so we do as we are told. The helicopters are actually flying over us to watch after us, as well as take a look that all and everyone are doing as they are told. Staying in their home.

What did you think about my knit face mask idea? Not so stupid after all? 😊 Is it something that you could be able to use, or knit ? At the moment it’s safety before fashion, style and vanity for me,- but still I can try to knit some fancy, fashion and stylish face mask 😊🧶

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Homemade knit face mask knit by me, and created for safety and not fashion 😊

Homemade knit face mask, knit in cotton. Made by me, and made for safety, not fashion 😊. It’s safe, soft, clean and easy to both make, wear and use 😊. I have tried to explain how in my post,- but how well I did it is an other “case” 😅.

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My 3 most important ingredients in my kitchen at the moment 🌻🐝🍃

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊. I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

Normally I have been sharing homemade baking or cooking from Norwegian classic and traditional recipes with you during the weekends,- except from last weekend,- and I’m not going to share anything this weekend either 😊. It’s not because I don’t want to make or bake or share,- but I think it’s better to save the different ingredients I have to “just in case- days” at the moment ,- and wait a bit with cozy baking and cooking 😊. Of course, if I’m make or bake something worth sharing I will share it with you 😊.

Spain is now in quarantine. It’s a very, very strange feeling. We are only allowed to go to the food- store, farmacia, hospital, gas- station and, if we can’t do our work from our home, we can go to our jobs, and short walk with the dogs, so the dog can go to the toilet. We have been home today, closely all day. Both the boys and me has been working online, and they have also helped me a bit with cleaning the home with disinfectant on door handles, light switches and other things. And I also did help my son in the middle a bit early this morning.

This is standing in my hall at the moment. The alcohol is mixed with water in the little bottle for use on door handles, light switches and hands after being outside, – even with use of gloves.

We have also listen and watching the news this afternoon. And,- well, we are not in shock,- but still all is very, very strange and surreal. It’s like living in a movie,- and that all this is not real. But it’s so very, very real. And we are in quarantine and live our life that way from now.

Serious news this afternoon.

Well,- it was actually a tiny little bit about food I was going to write about 😊. I was a bit carried away,- something that’s not very strange in this days.

I’m so lucky that I have several aloe vera plants in my patio, and aloe vera is good to have for different reasons and for different things. It’s good to use if you are sunburned and it’s good to use for the teeth. I have it for my teeth at the moment. I still have a lots of tooth paste, but in case I get empty, I can use aloe vera to brush my teeth with 🧹. And I actually use it at the moment as a kind of protection for any infection and something like that for my teeth.

The plant is also good for the skin, circulation, digestive system, liver, bone structure and respiratory system.  So these days I am even more fond of my aleo vera plants than ever.  In its own way it is a small “medicine cabinet” 🥰. And I use it every day as well, – not just for my teeth, but also drink the water in the glass from my aleo vera plant that’s stands in my bathroom 🍃.

My aleo vera leaf in my bathroom 😊. Ready for use every day, and also been used every day too 💚.

Except from my lovely aloe vera plants I also have three other things in my household/ food- hold that’s for me are important to have during this days we are in. And, except from water- that’s the fourth 😊,- but the three other are honey, tea- bags and oatmeal.

I have mint tea for a variety of reasons.  First, the tea works antibacterial when mixed with honey (or sugar), it prevents and reduces respiratory tract pains, helps against mouth ulcers, is good for digestion and prevents dehydration.  I have bought mint tea for all these reasons, but most of all for dehydration.  If I run out of bottled water, I can boil water from the tap and use some mint tea to give it a little better taste on the water.  Tap water here contains a lot of calcium and does not taste so good either.  But tap water is better than no water after all.

There are several different types of honey, which also works a little differently so I only write a little general information about honey.  Honey is a natural medicine and acts as a healing wound.  There are antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in honey, and honey has an antiseptic function.  Honey seems relaxing and provides better sleep – and it may look like we may need some relaxation and better sleep these days.  In addition, honey gives a good taste on both bread slice, dinner and oatmeal.  And, – I usually eat about 10 blueberries every day, but now I can’t get blueberries anywhere, and then honey is a good substitute – at least for me.

And finally, the valuable oatmeal.  Oatmeal contains much of what the body needs from vitamins, minerals, healthy fatty acids, carbohydrates and vitamins.  I can use it in bread, make porridge or juice.  I remember when I had been through the births of my three children I always got red oatmeal soup.  And it tasted so amazing.  Fortunately, I got the recipe for this from my mom, and will make myself some soup one of these days.  I can also mix oatmeal with fruit and berries and have it in the yogurt.  So there are many different, varied and tasty ways to be saturated with oatmeal.

So in a crisis like this, like we are in this days,- my three most important ingredients in my kitchen are mint tea, honey and oatmeal 😊. But I have more various food than this. This is the food I really prefer to not be empty for, and of course, also prefer to have some extra of as well. And it’s not expensive either or take a lots of space 😊.

Do you have any special ingredients in your kitchen you prefer to have a bit extra of during this corona time? In case, – what and why? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

My three most important things in my kitchen st the moment 😊

My three most important ingredients in my kitchen during this days and weeks are mint tea, honey and oatmeal 😊. They all thred will give my body and my mind what I need, and it’s tasty and healthy too 😊

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What is it with all this toilet paper ? 🧻😊

Hi ❣It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this strange time we all are living in 🧡.

I’m a bit fascinated over this toilet paper panic both in Norway and in Spain 🧻😊. I can’t say anything about how it is in other countries because I actually don’t know,- but I know in both Norway and in Spain some of the things people really did empty the store shelves for now at days was toilet paper 🧻. And the Norwegian ones was a tiny bit worse then the Spanish ones 😊. Imagine to fight over toilet paper? 😅 It’s crazy.

Toilet paper is in many ways an old “invention” as well as actually a fairly new and modern invention.  In Scandinavia, it was not common to use toilet paper until after World War II.  Before that “we” actually used newspapers to dry us in our sweet little butt, and before the newspapers made the “impression” on the population, we actually used our left hands and fingers to clean our little butt- hole.  And after we did wash and clean our hand and fingers as very well, and as good as possible 💦. So why all this Scandinavian panic for getting empty for toilet paper? And in Spain they already have bidet in more and less every toilet in the houses and homes,- so on need to stress out here either 🧻.


No one knows exactly when the very first toilet paper was invented, but it was by the Chinese and it was after the year 105, after the paper was invented.  The first written reference to toilet paper is from the year 589 when Officer Yan Zhituo wrote that he never used paper from “the first 4 and 5 classics” after toilet visits.  This is a collection of Confucian texts 📜.

China was also the first country to produce the first toilet paper on behalf of the “Empire Supply Agency”.  This happened in 1391, and 720,000 toilet paper was made a year at that time.  Each paper was two feet three feet, and only reserved for emperors 🤴.

In 1857, an American tried to make toilet paper, but the paper was no success.  Then an Englishman tried to produce toilet paper on a roll, but also that was a bad success.  On the other hand, some years later, 3 men with the same last name, Scott, managed to get a good start on the toilet paper cases in 1867. Even produced on rolls 🧻. And then the toilet paper on a roll was slightly and slowly “rolling” into our lifes and our toilet visits 😊. And obviously we really do like this toilet paper so much that that’s actually one of the first things that gets empty in the stores in a situation like we are in now at days. Its even some souls that’s manage to fight over the last toilet paper roll in the store 🙄.

On the sideline,- I need to admit that I’m still not sure which way the roll should hang on the roll.  Should the paper be out or against the wall?  To me it feels most natural for the paper to hang out, but to be honest I have no toilet roll holder on the wall. The roll stands close by the toilet or are lying in the bidet 😊🧻.

In many countries it is quite common to use a bidet that is used to wash the feet, buttocks and genitals.  I myself have a bidet in my bathroom which I use for toilet paper holder 😅.  But I’m no longer a stranger to using it to wash both my butt and my vagina in it if I run out of toilet paper.  I should be so honest that I am not very used to using it, but one day maybe have to be the first? 😊 And maybe that day will be one of the days in this “lock down”- situation? I choose to use my money on food instead of toilet paper, that’s for sure. It’s many different solutions to get my butt clean any way 😊.

When my kids were little I washed their butt in the sink, and I did until they were so big that their butt couldn’t fit in the sink anymore.  Of course I washed the sink well afterwards.  Their kids’ buttocks became faster clean when I washed them in the sink than to dry them with toilet paper. With toilet paper I could dry them “forever”, something both not me or my kids did have the time to do 😅. So a butt wash in the sink was so much easier, faster and cleaner 😊.

I will admit that I do not like to run out of toilet paper myself, but I do not hoard.  I just make sure there is always more than enough, always 😊.  And there are two reasons for that.  Two “own experiences” that I would prefer to avoid. And in this “experiences” it’s not even me that run out of toilet paper either 🧻.

In both experiences of running out of toilet paper, others are running out, not me – but I learned something about being a “spectator” and “involved” – if you can say it that way 😊.

The first story is about my teenage boyfriend.  He sat in the toilet and had done po, and then he ran out of toilet paper, and asked me to go buy more.  The store wasn’t exactly around the corner, it was a long walk, and it took some time before I was back with toilet paper.  He sat on the toilet all the time, and was quite weird and exhausted when I came back with toilet paper to him 😳.  I decided then that I would not experience such a thing if I could avoid it 🧻. I was just 17 or 18 years old at that time.  And after that experience I have always made sure that there is enough toilet paper in my toilet or bathroom. 

The second experience was when my ex-husband and I were on holiday in Greece.  On an outing, he got acute diarrhea, and there was no ordinary toilet nearby, only these fine holes in the ground, and a pitcher of water to wipe the stump with.  Well, let me say it wasn’t enough, so I had to run in the forest and try to find leaves for him to use.  He did walked very strange for several days afterwards 😅.  I think I found some hard and uncomfortable leaves to do the “cleaning job” -😅 – but not on purpose, I was just a little stressed.  After that “experience”, I also always have some antibacterial and small napkins with me in my handbag, or wipes 😊.

None of these experiences were critical or serious, or scary, and only unpleasant to others, not me.  Still, it is these two experiences that make me not want to run out of toilet paper.  I still have lots of toilet paper in my home, and I didn’t stock toilet paper yesterday.  I have just make sure that there is enough toilet paper in my home long before yesterday,- like I already have done for many years 😊.  Now, I might run out if toilet paper in these times of crisis we all are living in,- but I still have the bid I can use.  So my butt will be both clean, pretty and smell good ,- even with no toilet paper to use 😊.

And when I was a child and together with my family on different outings in the woods and fields my dad picked soft leaves for me that I could wipe myself in the stump with 🍀🍃. So,- there’s an other “solution ” too if I run out of toilet paper 😊.

But still,- what is it with all this toilet paper? The shopping and the fighting over it? I think there need to be some kind of “stories” behind all this panic shopping of toilet paper,- but I have no idea what kind of stories 🧻😊. Maybe you have a story why toilet paper is so important to buy so much of when there’s a cirices going on? Even fighting for 😊. Then you are very welcome to share it,- you want 😊. My stories are not very much to brag about,- but that’s why I don’t like to get out of toilet paper 🧻. At the same time,- I’m not worried about finding a solution to get my butt nice and clean if so happen 🧻🍃😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 ….with or without toilet paper (ps- leafs also do the cleaning job as well as water 😉). And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

My toilet paper in my bidet,- “lined” up for the photo 😅🧻

Why all this panic over getting empty for toilet paper? 🧻 What’s the different stories behind? The reasons for this panic ? 😳 I need to admit I don’t like to be empty for toilet paper either, – but okay,- if it happens there’s other solutions to make my butt my nice and clean 😊.

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