What about some homemade Norwegian tomato soup for lunch? 🍅🥣

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Even at busy days some food is necessary, and some homemade food is to prefer 😊. Homemade food don’t need to take a very long time to make, and it still tast good 😊. My homemade Norwegian tomato soup is easy to make, tasty and “feed up the stomach” too 😊. I have a very traditional recipe from Norway I’m using to make my tomato soup. But I need to admit that I “spice” up the soup with both ham pieces, some oregano, pepper, some chopped onions and other vegetables that I have in my fridge and that needs to be used, and chop them into pieces.  Then the soup becomes even more filling.

My traditional Norwegian recipe for homemade tomato soup 🍅🥣

2 tablespoons margarine, 1/2 cup wheat flour, 1 liter water, 1 broth cube, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 cup milk, 4 tablespoons tomato puree.

Boil broth in water, melt the butter in a pan.  Put in sifted flour, stir well so that it does not become lumps.  Spray on the broth of broth water.  Pour in salt, tomato paste and milk, bring to a boil while stirring.

Serve with boiled macaroni and boiled eggs in the soup, fresh baguettes. Enjoy 🥖🥣

This was not to bad to make for lunch one day? 😊 I’m going to have some traditional homemade Norwegian tomato soup for lunch today, – and maybe if there something left I also can have some with me for lunch at my job next week? 😊 The soup can be frozen, but without eggs and macaroni, or other accessories.  It thins out the soup when it is thawed, and egg should not be frozen either with or without the soup 🥣🍅🥖.

This is a basic recipe for a very traditional homemade Norwegian tomato soup,- and it’s tasty even without the different things I have in the soup to “spice” it up a bit. In general I do this to use different vegetables that’s needs to be used soon, and also because it’s a bit more “food” in the soup then too 😊.

Enjoy 🍅🥣 ,- a very traditional homemade recipe for a Norwegian tomato soup 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Homemade tomato soup made from a very traditional Norwegian recipe 🍅🥣

A homemade tomato soup made from a traditional Norwegian and basic recipe can be a very good and tasty lunch 🍅🥣. Easy to make, tasty and with the possibilities for “spice up” a bit with some other ingredients and vegetables too 🥕🍅. Enjoy 😊.

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Welcome February 😊❄ ,- and Thank you January 🧡.

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡,- and that January was a good month for you in many different ways 🧡

I can’t complain about how my January has been at all 😊. Special when I do take a tiny “look” back on the days, weeks and the month ❄. It has been a little bit of “this and that”, and in general in good ways 😊. In general I like to focus on the positive things in life,- but it’s not always easy. Special when you feel you stand to over your knees in old shit 😅. Well,- then it’s to start to cleaning up, – but it can take a bit time now and then,- to clean up,- fresh up the mind, change the focus 😊. But it absolutely helps a lot to change the focus in a positive direction 🧡. So I will try to “refresh” my mind in the end of every month this year,- and take a tiny look at the good things the life, the month did “give” me 🧡.

I think January actually, all in all, was very nice to me. It hasn’t been “to bad at all”,- even I became a year older, and a bit closer to both menopause and the midlife 😅. But I’m also closer to reach some different goals in my life, some dreams and wishes too 😊.

I got a banana, the fruit, to my birthday from my daughter, the best banana ever 🥰 ,- and I also got the “opportunity” to “eliminate” “away” a couple of men that wasn’t worth using to much time on 😊. Then it’s a bit more “space” to use time on someone that’s worth it, – but until he is “shows up” I’m going to use a bit of my time to focus on my work and working 💻 👗 🎧. And who knows, – maybe “he” is at my work too? 😉

I was so lucky that I got a new online-job in January. With regular shifts and fixed salary per hour I’m online 😊. Its so much easier to work with regular shifts and regular income. Its no to much payed per hour, but still more than nothing and absolutely still much, much better then be on “the other chat” 🍌 😳. The shifts are a bit to late for me, in the nights, at the moment, – but that I can change in April 😊. And I really do like my job at the office 🥰, – that’s also why I don’t write to much about it 😊. I don’t need to “comfort” myself in a text about my job, or “steam out” in away. I enjoy every day at the office, I enjoy the work, I like the company I’m working for, and I enjoy the company to my colleagues 😊. I have nothing to complain about 😊.

I was on a very nice and fun Winter Galla with my job as well ❄ 👠. And I also got a nice surprise one evening I came home from my job, and was “met” by some new furniture to my bedroom, standing straight there in my livingroom 😊. And I have a nice visit from Millie too one day last month 😊.

I have been painting,- something that is a good timeout and relaxing “area” for me 🎨. And I have started to walk to my job. Not every day, but most days. I don’t walk if I have a student after I’m finish at the office, or if it’s very windy 🌬, or to much rain ☔. My job it’s not very fare from my home, it’s 2,1 km one way, and takes around 20 minutes to walk per way. So it’s a nice “exercise” for my body and good for my mind too 😊. And in a bit, when my “exercise- room” in my home is available again, I’m very ready to do some more exercises 🤸‍♀️. At the moment that room is filled up with boxes and bags to my oldest son and his friend 😊.

I’m a bit closer to have the days, the life and the lifestyle I want, at least I hope so,- but Rome was not build on one day either 😊. And my oldest son is moving in next week, and a friend of him too, but just for a period. So there will still be a tiny “stop” in some of my plans the period they are living here. I’m not to ready to live together with him 😅,- and I don’t think he is to ready to live with me either 😅. But it will be fine,- for a period 😊. It’s good to have the opportunity to help him and his friend a bit with the possibilities I have to help him and them 😊.

And I actually did get over 1000 readers to my blog in just January 🥰. And even some new followers and a couple of likes too 🥰. That feels a bit good to be honest 😊. So Thank you all that’s dropping by my blog now and then 🧡. I really appreciate it 🧡.

I still have a bit to do with my blog,- but step by step, little by little,- the best thing for me is to keep up writing and don’t stress to much with a lots of other things. My different brands will be placed in my blog again very soon I hope 😊.

All in all, what I can say is ,- Thank you, January for nice surprises, new possibilities, new experiences and a good feeling in the end of this month ❄ 🧡. And a good start on February as well,- so Welcome cold, fresh winter February,- I’m looking forward to “meet” you 🧡 ❄.

I hope your January was a good month for you too 🧡,- and that you’re ready to meet February and the different suprices this month will bring as well,- the good ones and the not to good ones too 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡,- and I wish you a great start on February too ❄. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Thank you, January for new experiences, new opportunities, for nice surprises and for a good feeling 🧡. Welcome February- I’m looking forward to meet you 🧡.

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“The best age … what kind of age is that?” 🤔

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I hear and read that “the age” I’m getting closer to,- pluss/minus a couple of years is “the best age”. More and less around the 50’s. But what does that mean? What does it mean to be in “the best age”? Because I don’t quite feel I’m closer to “my best age” in my life,- and the 40′ so fare has not been “the best years in my life” to be honest 😅. So,- can it, hopefully, be better? 🤔 Maybe things changing a bit when you have turned the 50’s, and then are closer into “the best age”? 🤔 Or it this “saying” just a kind of “comfort” because in the 50’s you are more and less “in the middle in your the life”? Halfway of the life … in away …

And how can the 50’s be better, or “the best age”? In the 50’s when the hormones really are starting “a rollercoaster” for both men and women in their bodies and minds. Because, in this period in life, is when “the midlife crisis” and “the menopause” are dropping by. So,- What so good about that? 🤔 It doesn’t sounds very “best” to have a hormones rollercoaster running around in the body and mind, to be honest 😊.

“Every age has it’s own charm” is a sweet saying we use in general to children and teenagers,- but I think this saying can be used to every age, period and fases we humane are going through in life 😊. All ages has it’s own charm,- I have just no experiences to the charming ages I have in front of me,- like the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s😅.

The children has their own charm, the teenagers too, and the 20’s,- yes, a charming age that as well,- even it seems that many people in the 20’s actually think they have “all the wisdom in the world”😅,- but still don’t have live through the 30’s or 40’s yet 😉.

The 30’s are more relaxed with their own charm, but still a bit “besserwisser” 😉. Then it’s the 40’s and “all” the thinking about “the life” is starting. Like “What have I achieved, and different expectations of my own life and life situation?” Because I’m actually not the only one in the “end of” 40’s that have this thoughts. There are some “souls of us out” there with thoughts like this 😊. And this thoughts are not always charming, or feels good to have. They don’t feel like “the best” always 😊.

In the 50’s the life should be more simple, relaxing and a bit “easy going”,- and the life situation should been in away “solved”. Or at least the society expectations can feel, be and experience like that. I know- because I feel exactly like that,- just in the really “opposite direction” 😅. There’s not much “solved” out or “easy going”,- that’s for sure 😅.

The children, if you have some, are getting young adults and manage their life more and less own their own. The house is closely payed down, your job is safe, the economy is stable and also the partnership or relationship are maybe stable and joyful too. And maybe there also are some grandchildren as well in the family? The life is yours in a way now,- in the 50’s. You have more and less just the responsibility for your self and your life, and the life situation should be a bit “comfortable” too. And that’s why I think “the 50’s” is been referred to as “the best age”. But – for many this is not the way it is, it’s not the best age,- it can be challenging to not have manage “the society expectations” when you have turned 50. And then it doesn’t feels like the “best age”. You feel a bit more like an “failure”. And on top of that,- the challenge menopause and different things that happens in life around the “midlife crisis”. Sounds not like “the best age” if I put it that way.

The 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s,- well, like I did mention,- I haven’t been there yet 😅- so I can’t write to much about this ages with my own personal and private experiences. I can only use the different impressions I have of these age groups,- by conversations and by my own meeting of this “age- groups”, and by working for and with people in this ages, as well as be together with family and friends in this ages 😊. Most of them seems very relaxed about their ages, even a bit happy too,- and in away it seems that they are in their “best age” in their own way 😊. In general 😊.

I think every age is “the best” in it’s own way, and that it also depends on the different persons different expertations in life and their life situations. Also their own definition and understanding of “the best” and “age” 😊.

My own experience is that I enjoyed being 10 years old and playing in the forest with my friends, or fishing in the ocean together with my daddy 🎏. St that point it felt that to be 10 years old was the best thin ever 😅. But I really enjoyed to be in the 20’s too. I became a mammi and also got my second education 📚. It was not to bad that either 😊. It was not to bad in the 30’s either, busy, but not to bad at all. A lost of new experiences and knowledge in life and about my self 😊. I have “struggled” a bit with the 40’s – as some of you know 😅,- but there’s still a couple of more years left to be in the 40’s for me,- so maybe this “age- period” still can be “not to bad” after all? Who knows – I don’t. But I’m “on the case” and working on it 😊. Then we see in a couple of years “there in the future” somewhere 😊. Life can have and give some nice surprises now and then 🥰.

Every age has it’s own challenges that we need to live and learn through and by. It’s charming to be 10 years old and a lots of good thing in that age, as well as someone in the 90’s can be really charming as well, in their own way 😊. And I think someone in the 90’s feel lucky too, special if they are healthy too😊.

I don’t know what the best age is 😊. The 50’s can be a good ages if you feel comfortable and happy in your life and life situation. At the same time its different challenged changes that’s happen in the body and the mind in this age. And those seems not “to good”,- but it’s probably a part of “turning 50” 😊.

I think the reference to the best age in the 50’s is used because of the expectation from your self as well as the society around you and this “where you should be in life” in this age. At the same time it seems like a “comfy” thing to say – because the 50’s is halfway to 100 😳. I also think the 50’s is reference to “the best age” because you have more and different life experiences than when you was 20 or 30 or 40 😊. Hopefully a bit wiser, and eith a bit more knowledge, and it’s easier to “give a bit more shit” in not to important things and stuff 😊. But what do I know? This is just my thoughts and questions about “what is the best age?” , “what does it mean to be in the best age?” and “why is the 50’s in many situations referenced as the best age”? 🤔 😊

What do you think? What does “the best age” actually mean? For you, or your general understanding of the “saying”. Is it a kind of “comfort” because we are getting older? So fare,- I don’t know what “my best age” is or would be 😊. I think every age has something “best” in it in it’s own way 🥰.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊.

What is “the best age”? Haven’t every “age” it’s own charm and own way “to be best” in? 😊

What is the best age? What kind of age is that? How define “the best age”? Or have every age something “best” in it? I just wonder …. 😊

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Suddenly a couple of “real-deal banana-offers” 🍌,- but not any good one 😅.

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Yesterday and today I actually did got a couple of “real- deal” “banana- offers” 😅🍌. I’m just kidding, or in away I actually do not 😅. But it felt a bit like someone did felt a bit sorry for me and for the banana- present my daughter gave to me to my birthday,- and wanted to give me “the real-deal banana” instead,- and with that means,- not the banana fruit 😅🍌. Well,- here I’m just kidding a bit. I don’t think they felt sorry for me and the birthday- present. I think it’s just a accident that I get this kinds of “banana- offers” after my birthday 😊.

Yesterday morning I did get a text on my What’s Up: “Hello! Long time!!! I hope you are fine 😊 just wanted to say that i wish you a very good year, that the 2020 bring us many good things, joy, happines and prosperity. Kisses! ☀🍀😜👍🏻😘”. The number was totally unknown for me,- so I did texted back to the number,- because obviously this person did knew me in some or another way to 🤔. So I just answer this: “Well, Thank you.
It has obviously been so long that I’m not sure who you are anymore 🙄
Wish you all the best for 2020″.

During a bit texting I did find out that this was a student from 3 years back in time, a man 😅. And, yes, I did remember him, but not the way he probably think I did. And, yes, at that time I also was a bit attracted to him, and obviously he was attracted to me to at that time too 😉. Because he actually did kiss me after a norwegian lesson, and,- well we did “jumped” under my duvet, twice, under that “teaching- period” too, after that kiss. Not after that lesson and that kiss, – but a bit after that again 😅. The nexts “Norwegian lessons” 😅.

Anyway,- at that time, we in a way did had a tiny thing “going on” for a very short time, until he suddenly texted me and told me that he was back together with his ex- girlfriend and “the real love in his life” 🙄. Well,- not to much to do with that – I didn’t make any drama of it. Just wished him all the best, and that’s it. All contact stopped, and of course also the teaching- lessons 😅. And of course I also did stopped thinking about him,- there was obviously not to much to think about or to miss 😅. But I still do remember him, when he did “refreshed up my mind” yesterday,- but I didn’t remember him the way he think or wanted me to remember him,- and we did remember “things” a bit differently,- obviously 😅.

Well,- after texting a bit back and forward I did find out that he was single and I did ask him what he actually wanted, why he texted me after 3 years,- and the answer was: ” …. Being ar your bed with your beautiful body on top of me, moringa so sensual, so sexy, sooo good!!! And as i remembering i’m starting to have the need of doing it again.” I did write back:” So that’s why you contacted me again because you need a mistress?” The answer from him was then:” i don’t NEED, but id love too. We are adults, that’s our pleasure, that’s our right, that’s our freedom to choose it. What do you think? What do you feel … ? Would you like that?” PS- this is the short version of his text, he did put a bit more “description and details” into it,- and I think that’s probably because he did think that it would “fresh up my mind a bit” as well as “turn me on”. He did “fresh up my mind”, but not “turn me on” 😅. I didn’t remember “those two acts” the same way as he 😅. I did just answer: “ I’m sorry to say that I haven’t give you to many thoughts during the last 3 years. When you went back to your ex- girlfriend, – you was a bit a lots case then, and it didn’t gave any meaning for me to think very much about you anymore 😊. Sorry,- I don’t mean to be rude.”

After this text I haven’t heard anything more from him 😅. And I’m probably not going to hear anything more either. Of course I could and should have answer differently,- used my “freedom and right as an adult” and so on 😉 to tell him the truth, that his “banana” and the duvet- sessions with him was not very “tempting” to do again – and I didn’t quite remember it the same way as him.

But to be honest,- yes I do remember the two times we did “went to bed” 😅 – but not because it was an incredibly fantastic experience to remember 😅. I do remember it just because it was “not to much to remember” 😅. Do you understand what I mean?

What I do remember is that there was so much “banana peel”, and so much “work” with the banana, or actually it was so much “banana peel” to peel away, and then when I “arrived” to the banana, it was empty 🙄. Finish. Done.

So why should I want to have this “banana- experience” again? 🍌 It didn’t gave me very much “pleasure” and “joy” to remember 😅. But yes, I do remember – but in “the opposite direction” than obviously he did 😅. I’m not the only one that remember “intime acts” just because they was not very much to much to remember,- and that’s why we do remember them sometimes 😊. So no “banana” for me there, in “that garden”,- not to much “to taste”,- but “thanks for the offer, but no thank you” 🍌. I used my “freedom” as an “adult” to “choose” something else 😊. This “pleasure” is nothing for me.

And,- Do you remember this techniques that visit me in the beginning of January for fixing my internet? I told you that he was more “busy” with trying to teaching me Spanish, then fix my internet? 😅 And,- Oh 😉,- he was a good looking man, and yes,- the more and less 30 minutes with him, as an internet technician, (or a hard working Spanish teacher 😅) I need to admit that I was very attracted to him 😊. And he was probably a bit attracted to me as well, because he has texted me know and then in Spanish, English and even Norwegian too after his visit in my home 😅. Sweet textes, nice nature photos,- all in all very sweet and charming. So fare I have got a very positive and pleasant impression of him 🥰 …until today…. And I haven’t met him again, the plan was a coffee one day, but I haven’t had time for that yet. And I’m very happy for that now 😊.

I got a text from him this morning: “ Buenos dias!! Sometimes I want you …. and this worries me. You must know that I am married. I feel very attracted to you. You are a beautiful and charming woman. There is a strong physical attraction. The first day I see you … I want to hug and kiss you. I think it’s not fair to have to crack down on something one wants to do. Even if married it does not mean that it is owned by anyone. It is the same as wanting to eat a candy and you cannot … What is worse? Eat or want to eat?”

Wow! I need to admit that I did feel the same attraction to him, this strong physical attraction, and I wanted to kiss him too the first and only time we have met. But we didn’t even take this “Spanish hugging session” when he left 😅. I think no one of us did even take the chance for even that kind of hugging this evening in the beginning of January. And I’m so happy for that today 😊.

I’m very happy he told me he was married, before we even was close to get this coffee together,- and all the attraction I did feel for this man disappeared after this text. I don’t need to use my energy at him anyway, or ⁷to think about him anymore. And I’m never going to hear anything from him again either. I just answered :” Thank you for being honest, and tell me that you are married. It is not fair for your wife, family or fair for me “to crack down something one wants to do” . I wish you all the best. Regards L.”

I did really like him,- but after this text I also did see it was “all about him”, his “needs”, his “banana”. And you know,- I’m not a candy in a csndy- store either 😅, and there’s also some kind of “bananas” I don’t share, or do take from someone else. His wife don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve this. But he didn’t think very much about that 😅. Only him- his needs. And where his “banana” wanted “to be”.

To be honest,- if I should have a “real- deal banana-offer” I don’t want to share “the banana” with anyone else, or “steal” “the banana” from someone else either, – and I want to “enjoy” and feel a bit “pleasure” too when I’m “starting on a banana- session” 😉 🍌.

So the best banana so fare was absolutely the birthday- present from my daughter 🥰. And she did bought it because she knew I was going to write something about it, but it could also been an apple she had bought,- the banana was just an accident,- and I have probably manage to write a bit about an apple too 😊. And she didn’t knew what I going was to write, – just something 😊 ,- and she also knows I like banana, – the fruit, to eat 😅. And the candles,- they was to just “cheer me up” a bit 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 …. with or without any kind of “banana deals or offers” 😊 😉,- and Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

The best banana is absolutely the birthday- present from my daughter 🥰. A “real- deal banana- offers” “to share” is nothing for me,- and as an “adult” it is my “right” and my “freedom” to choose a banana offer worth to enjoy 😉 🍌 😊. And I do choose “the real- deal” banana fruit 🥰.

I’m not sure how to understand or interpret “this” present 😅 🎁 🍌

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

My birthday was fine, a bit normal, to be honest, – but also a bit unormal “spieced” up with some really nice regards and congratulations from family, friends and acquaintances 🥰. I even got an dinner- invitation (from Natasja), but because of work I needed to say “no, thank you” 😊. I didn’t had any imagination about being invited for dinner,- maybe I had planned my work a bit different then? 😊. And I got a great birthday present from my mam and dad into my account 🥰. And a sweet one from my daughter too, or I’m not sure,- because I’m not quite sure how to understand or to interpret that one, the present from my daughter 🤔 😅. But it was sweet of her, of course 💛.

I did get a banana with birthday candles on from my daughter to my birthday 😅. How to to interpret or understand this birthday present? 🤔 😊 …I’m not even sure if I take the chance to ask her 😅.

I actually did get a banana with birthday candles on 😅. I have try to understand the gift,- but I’m not sure if I should take the chance to ask her 😅.

I’m getting older, so the number the candles show can be as an encouraging gift.  Either I don’t look like more than 36, but even I knows that it is not true.  Or as a kind of comfort ? Or if I eat a lots of bananas then I will almost be and feel like 36 years again? 🤔 😊

And then it is this banana 🤔 . How to understand that one? 😅 A banana contains various vitamins and minerals that are important for the body, and not least potassium that is important for the bone structure, and a good dose of carbohydrates 🍌.  I need both.  Calcium because I am a woman and is getting older, and carbohydrates I need, among other things, because I use some energy for the time, and it burns up quickly.  And my daughter knows that then I crave a lot of carbs. So then it is a nice gest 😊. And bananas are healthy so if I eat a bit of them, then maybe I will feel a bit more like 36 again? 😁 He also know I like to eat bananas 🍌. So maybe she did give me the banana for healthy reasons? And because she knows I like banana? 😊

Or,- did she ment something else with this banana 😅🍌? That now it’s about time for me to “get a man” ? 😅 I have been single “to long” and “a kind of banana” will do me well? 😉 And that “I’m not 36 anymore, I’m getting older, and can not “choose between the in the shelves” like I could when I was 36 years old? 🤔 But I know that, “this choose between the shelves”, and really don’t need a reminder about that one 😅. I have a mirror, actually more than one 🔍🔎, and get a tiny reminder now and then during a day about that 😅 ,- and I can also see I’m getting older and are not quite like 36 anymore 😅. I don’t even need a magnifying glass for it, to see it 😅.

She did gave me this gift at work, but I didn’t took the chance to eat the banana there, just because I was not sure what she ment 😅. I couldn’t start eating a banana there, like a “hungry and malnourished woman”, and tempt these poor men at my work 😅. You can imagine it? 😅 Me eating and enjoying a banana, slowly? 😉 I’m just kidding about this- and I hope you got it 😊.

Anyway,- what do you think was my daughter intention with this gift? A banana with candles and the number 36? 🎁

I think I know her intention,- because I know my daughter 🥰. Do you want to know her intentions behind this gift? Maybe I tell you one day ? 😊

Before I’m “leaving” you today I just want to say,- my birthday was not to bad at all,- even it was very similar with other days. The exception was all this nice congratulations and regards from family, friends and acquaintances 🥰. And all this regards and congratulations made my day, made me happy 🥰.

And then I just want to say, I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Me,- at my birthday yesterday 🎁,- on my way to work,- and I didn’t think I should “chicken out” with not any photos yesterday, even I’m getting older and even I still don’t like to take “selfies” or feel very comfortable with this “selfie-stick” 😊…. ,- so here I’m 😊

I did get a present from my daughter yesterday that I’m not sure how to understand or “interpret” 🍌. I’m not even sure if I take the chance to ask her what she ment with this present 😅. Do you want to know what she gave me? It’s in my post, it’s even a photo of the gift 😉 🎁 😁. And – what do you think the meaning or intention behind this present was? 😊

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A bit mixed feelings today … about this day … 🎁 🎀

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡 I’m fine,- but I have a bit mixed feelings today, about this day 😊. That’s life- and I m not going to whine too much about, just a little bit 😊.

Early in the morning around 07.00, the 27. January many years ago I was born. So today is actually my birthday 🎁. I’m not going to celebrate it,- and it’s a couple of years since I actually did celebrate my birthday too.

I did have a kind of celebration when I became 40. “The bump” gave me and “the bump” a hotel- weekend in one of the bigger city in Norway. And my two sisters did visit me in our home. The only time they actually did visit me when I was living together with “the bump”. And,- that was not their mistake, – it was just not easy to visit me when I did live together with “the bump”😔. But when I became 40 it was okay to have a tiny bit visit / guests 🎁. The years I did live together with “the bump” I had totally 3 guests all in all. At my 40 years birthday it was my two sisters, and one time a friend of me did visit me. That’s it 🙄. And my birthdays after that I have been living in Spain,- and there hasn’t been any celebration 😊.

Well,- in away I had a tiny celebration last year at my birthday 😊. Fabian, my son in the middle, and Millie, his ex- girlfriend visit me and did bring cakes with them 🥰. And in the afternoon I was visiting Natasja, and she did make dinner to me. It was a nice day, a nice celebration of my birthday 🎁.

So why do I have this mixed feelings today? Well,- it’s a couple of different thoughts that “jumps” into my head,- about the life, the age, expectations, dreams, wishes, goals, experiences in life, what have I manage- what can I manage- what will I manage? “Where does the road goes further” ? I’m in “my age”, but still not “come” any longer in life …. single, renting a home, always empty bank account, working as best as I can … So it is my age and my lifesituation together that’s bother me most today.

I have in one way been able to “put” a lots of different things in my life so fare,- so many different experiences, education, work, children, marriage, divorce, travels, relationship, friendship,- and Spain 🌞.

It’s more and less the last 6 years that’s feels like has been “stomped” ,- there has somehow been no development – or has it?🤔

I have many nice, great and good experiences during this years 🧡. At the same time as it all can be “cut down to”- surviving, to working, to pay the bills 💰. It has not been to much various in my life here in Spain,- and in some way that’s good, I don’t like to much challenge variation either 😅. But in an other way, – I should wish I had have the possibility to travel a bit more in the area, as well as visiting both Norway and other countries too, go to a concert or at the cinema, out for a dinner and a bit more then that too😊. Actually “do a bit more things” 😊. But in general it cost a tiny bit 😊.

At the same time, – I have learn different things about myself as well as the life. I have met a lots of great people. Got some incredible good friends too during this years 🧡.

If I start thinking to much, special about my age, and my life/ lifesituation I don’t feel very okay 😔. I feel a bit old and “out of fashion “, “out of order”, kind of “gone out of date”, or something like that,- to be honest 😳. And then my focus get over to this in general a bit “scary” “getting older,- process”, wrinkles, grey hair, where did the life went, the scary menopause, what have I manage in my life, my singl- status, “am I going to be single for the rest of my life?”, my bank- account- status, “will that one always end in zero when the bills are payed and the food are bought in, will there never be any extra left?, my livingsituation, and so on 😳.

And what can I do myself with the different things I don’t like in my life, my life situation, and the getting older process? 🤔. I feel I have tried so much, and are still trying my best to “turn the situations” around, the situations I’m not to happy with in my life. But it changes soooooo slowly that I closely can’t even see or feel it 😳. But maybe this is the way my life should be? 🤔 I know I need to work and focus on my thoughts too 😅. But that one is not easy when there’s a couple of mixed feelings “rumbling” around in my “system” 😅.

I think most about “what have I manage in my life so fare” and “what’s in front of me”? The “same” at has been for the last 6 years? Is that what I can “expect” in the future too? Work to survive? And that’s it? Get more different kinds of experiences in life for what? How to use them? What to use them for? Or will I be able to actually “do a bit more things” to? Travelling? And a couple of other things? 🤔

But,- I’m on my way to change somethings in my life,- like my working situation and my income 😊. I have got some regular online shift for some kind of support, a kind of health support. I have got 4 hours shift 6 days a week during all February 😁. That means regular work at the office as well as regular work at home 😁. I’m very grateful for that 🧡. I know February will be hard, really hard, – and March as well. In April the online company can be more flexible with my hours,- but now I need to “show off” and show the company that I can work, accept the hours I get, even it’s late evening shifts, and do a good job too during the next two months before I can ask for “better” shifts 😊. As well as I also need to “show off” at my great office job too😊. Because I really want to keep that job as well. Any way,- it’s makes thing so much easier to have regular working hours online as well as at the office,- a kind of regular working schedule,- even I have 10 and 12 hours working days to look forward too in February 😅.

But I think and believe it’s worth it, all this hard, long working days I have in front of me,- and I will also see some results after the hard working too 🤩. At least I hope so. And that’s feels actually good 💚. It’s going to be busy with so many hours and also keep my blog “up and running “,- but it doesn’t matter as long as I’m one step closer to one of my goals 🥰.

When it comes to this nice wrinkles and the grey hair that’s slowly “shows up”, and “all” the other physical changes to be older, I’m going to put the focus on “all that” little by little, post by post when I’m starting writing more about “getting older” 😊. Not today,- today it’s more then enough for me to just think about my lifesituation I’m in, in my age 😬 😳.

Some says that getting older is “the best age”,- I’m still not so sure about that one. But I can try to do it my best age? 😊

From 0- 10, and from 11 to 20 – it’s my childhood and teenagers,- and in general I will say these 10 years are pretty much full of good memories. As a child as well as a teenager 😊. From 21 to 30 I did manage to get 3 children, be married and also divorced 😅. And even started on my last education, as a teacher 😊. My 30’s was not to bad either,- very busy, but not to bad at all. It was work and studies, children and football, karate and ballet. And even some “secret” and funny “relations” that was more and less just “my” relations 😁 😉. It was travels, family and friends,- it was some celebration and parties too, and even a bit it cinema and concerts,- it was incredible busy,- at the same time a good time 😊. Until I met “the bump” in the end of my 30′ s 🙄 …. that’s actually 9 years ago 😳.

Then it was the 40’s,- and I’m still “there” actually in the 40′ s,- and have more then a couple of year left to “stay” in the 40’s 😊. But this “10” years has so fare been hard. Like I have already mention,- it has been a lot of “work to survive”,- and that’s it. Of course “spiced up” with many nice holiday guests, and friends, and a kind of relationship with my neighbour for some years. And some very mistaken dates 😅 and different changes in work- situations 😊. And new great friendships too 😊. But there has been a lots focus on work, earn enough money to pay the normal expenses as rent food, electricity and water. I hope that can change a bit,- and that my more then 10 hours working days / working shift now will “pay off” and with that I mean literary pay off too 😊.

And, yes,- a very nice and sweet boyfriend hasn’t been to bad either 🥰. Maybe there’s one around “the corner” in close future? 🥰

I know this year will be fine,- I just need to work very much,- not just physically working, but also with my brain, my mind, my head, my thoughts. Because I have a tiny little ( much more then little to be honest) believe in “thoughts becomes things” 🧡. So it is “mindset therapy” and focus on “Law of attractions” for me too 🧡. Then it is very important to have a positive focus and a positive imagination as well,- that’s for sure 💛 – even that’s not always easy to do 😊.

So, yes it is my birthday today,- and it will be “celebrate” more and less like most of my normal days, and my last birthdays during the last years has been celebrated, – not at all 🎁. Or I can say it will be celebrated with work 😊.

You have probably manage to find out how old I’m to day? I know I haven’t mention my age in my post, just different numbers 😊. Well,- I have done that on purpose, – not mention my age,- I’m not use to that number yet,- and I still don’t like “the number” either 😅.

Anyway,- I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

It’s my birthday today 🎁. And I don’t feel very comfortable with my “new” age yet,- it will probably come after a while ,- “the comfortably ” 😅. Ps- photo was taken 11. January 2020.

Well,- it’s my birthday today,- and, honestly, I have a bit mixed feelings about that today 🎁. About “getting older”. In general it doesn’t bother me,- but this year, this time, this birthday has actually bother me a bit 🎀. It’s not so much my ages that’s bothers me, just a tiny little bit 😅. It’s more my age together with my life situation,- but maybe that will take a new turn this year? 😊💚💛🧡.

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“The GoldenBlue Inspiration” is finish 🎨 😊

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine and you 🧡

All is fine with me,- my paint- collection are slowly “growing”, and I can add an other new painting to my Instagram account @artbylailas_ today 😊. I try to sample my art here/there. It’s easier for me, and hopefully easier for you and others that’s maybe are interesting to take a look, or even maybe want to buy something 😊.

I have paint a bit more painting then I have at @artbylailas_, – but they are given away or I wasn’t to happy with the product so it doesn’t exist anymore 😊.

Today I’m also are going to deliver the two paintings that someone did order from me to paint for him/ her 🎨. Hopefully the new owner will be happy with the “products”, the paintings 🖼 ,- and feel the joy and happiness I did felt when I did paint the paintings 🥰.

Actually I’m pretty sure he/she will be happy with the paintings. The new owner has already told me so,- and if I wasn’t so sure, I haven’t probably told you I was going to deliver them 😊. And if I’m wrong, – well then they are coming for sale at @artbylailas_ 😊. Because I like them 😊, and I think they can bring joy and happiness for someone else then. But,- they will probably not be for sale 😊.

“Magic Dreamcatcher” 40*40 ( the orange/yellow/red one) is ready to be delivered today, as well as “A joyful Spring” 40*40 (the blue/green one) is ready to get a new home 🖼

And my last product to my “collection” is “The Golden Blue Inspiration” 🥰. It’s like a blue and golden heart flying in a blue and golden sky ☁️ 💙. And it’s not painted in the “normal” A4,- just because it’s flying.

And as I normally feel when I’m painting I also with this painting felt peace and joy, at the same time as the painting also gives me a nice reminder about the stability in life and good feelings in life. It’s a heart that’s fly in a blue and golden sky, it’s optimism and happiness.

This painting gives me an inspiration for warm and good feelings for the life like it is, and a believe in the important stability in life as well. At the same time it’s important to spread the wings and let different experiences in life give and bring joy and happiness, peace in the heart and the life, and embrace them ( the different experiences) with optimism and hope 💙. And even stability in life is important it’s also important to get new experiences. Stability and what it means is also very different from person to person 🧡.

So “The Golde Blue Inspiration” is about life, it’s about to fly a bit in life, but try to be stable as well. Get new experiences, feel the warm and good feelings in the colours and in the heart, feel joy and happiness, feel peace in the heart, and be optimistic 😊. And I hope other will feel a bit the same when they see the painting, – peace and joy, happiness, optimism and hope 😊. Maybe they will, maybe not,- because we all feel and see a photo, picture and painting differently,- but I hope my painting will give a good feeling in the heart, a bit peace in the soul and some joy for the eyes at least 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

“The Golden Blue Inspiration” , 20*20 cm- you will also find my painting at Instagram @artbylailas_ 🎨

“The Golden Blue Inspiration” is joy and peace, hope and optimism, and about to try to “fly” a bit in life at the same time as be a bit stable, get new experiences, and live and learn from the different experiences in life as well. Embrace the colours with good feelings 💙. I hope my painting will give a good feeling in the heart, a bit peace in the soul and some joy for the eyes at least 😊.

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