A past life? 🤔💚

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

We humans are just different and therefore we also think differently and practice differently. We have different religions and beliefs, and different ways of practicing our faith.  One is not more correct than the other.  We humans are just different and therefore we also think and belive differently and practice differently as well.

Some don’t believe in “anything”, others a lot, and in a lots of things too. (I’m probably in the last category here…😊).

Religion and beliefs are also often associated with different cultures and traditions, and have their development based on both culture and traditions.

For me, my religion and what I believe in is in general a very private matter.  That means I do not share so much neither here in my blog nor with others about what I believe in, how I believe or how I practice my faith.  But something I do share because it sometimes belongs to the action in the text I write. Or it is a subject I do discuss with close friends, or my children.

I believe in different forms, and ways, and I can practice my believe with pray and actions. I do believe there’s something bigger then me, and I do believe there’s more between heaven and earth then we human can understand. I do believe there’s something we just can’t explain, it jis “are there”. I’m not sure if I believe in a past life,- but I’m going to tell you a story about “past life”, because I have been thinking more and more about this story lately.

Before I did travel (or moved ) to Spain I did visit a clairvoyant, or actually it was not me that visit this clairvoyant at all, it was “the ex”, “the bump”, the man that just dropped me off in Spain. I was just with him to this clairvoyant. I don’t know what he was asking this clairvoyant about, not either what advice or “answer” he got. I know he did visit this clairvoyant now and the for getting some business advice. “The ex”/”the bump” was a business man. And not a good one….maybe I tell you that story an other day….if or when I’m more ready for that.

I got an offer to “be read for” when he was there, and I said “yes, why not”. I have a believe that some people are wiser on a different level then others. That they actually can “see and read, talk with someone in an other universe”. Not all and everyone that say they can do this can do it, not all and everyone that say they is a clairvoyant is a real clairvoyant, some are just using clairvoyant as business, not for helping or giving advice, just earning money.

Why I do believe that some have an other contact with the universe then “the rest of us” is because I have my own experiences from this, and even in the Bible there are prophets. And different traditions and cultures also are using a kind of clairvoyant to getting different advice, it can be an shaman or it can be a witch. I don’t think they have this different kinds of clairvoyant if it was just “nothing in it”. I think they are there in the different religions and beliefs for a reason. I think it is a reason why there are some real clairvoyant in our world.

And a prophet is just a religious name for a clairvoyant,- but is still someone who could look into the future, one who received his warnings from a divine power. So in it’s own way a prophet is a kind of a clairvoyant, just in the religious perspective.

My story today feel actually very private to tell, but since the story has dropped into my mind much more lately I have chosen to tell you about this “experience”, this story. But before I continue I want to tell you that my children knows the story. They have heard the story long time before you, because in a strange way it is about them too. And we do talk about and discuss different things,- me and my young adults children, also about religion and beliefs. And I also need to say there’s actually nothing private in the story, non very private or personal “happenings” at all. Actually it is a very ordinary and boring story. But it still feels for me very private and personal to share this story.

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This clairvoyant I did meet 7 years ago could tell me that I had been living in Spain in two different lifes. To be honest, I don’t remember very much about the conversation, except from this story about a past life in Spain. Because it made an impression, and I was on my way to Spain with two of my three children at that time too.

The clairvoyant could tell me that my children has been with me both time, but in different “concept”. And that me and my children has always been and still was very connected and close to each other. ( …well I do know we are very close, he didn’t need to tell me that 😊). I don’t remember anymore what “life” I did live first or last form a past life in Spain, just that in some or another way my children was together with me. And they still are in this life ❤.

In both life we has been living close to the cost where I m living now, even more and less in the same area. In one of my past life my two youngest children, my son in the middle and my daughter was my children there as well, and my son was older and my daughter younger. I was a widow, we did live a normal life, not rich, not poor, we just lived in South of Spain. Non big happenings, no big events, just a normal, quiet life, lived until I was around 70- 80, and died of ages.

In my other life here in Spain, my oldest son was my big brother. We was very close. We did also lived more and less in the same area as we/me are living now. But he did help me and my love to escape from my dad and into Seville, and he did stay with us in Seville. My love was a poor man, and my dad was a very rich man, so our love at that time was not good, it was forbidden. Me and my love didn’t became very rich, and I did die of a disease when I was around 40 years old.

The clairvoyant told me that because of my past lifes it was the reason why I was so “attracted” to Spain, and it would not be a problem for me to learn Spanish either, because it was already “in me”. Well, – so fare that was not correct about the language , – but I think I know why it’s difficult for me to “connect” with the Spanish language.

Like I told you,- I don’t remember what past “life” was first and last. And that does irritated me a bit now, that I don’t remember 😊. Did I first live here with my oldest son/ big brother or with my two younger children? The clairvoyant did tell me, but I can’t remember.

I have been thinking a bit about this story lately. Not because I’m believe, because I’m actually not sure what I do, if I believe I have been living here before, in a past life, in two past life, or not. Since I’m not sure I probably have a kind if tiny believe, and because this story has “popped up” more and more lately I maybe do believe in my own way?

So why have I been thinking about this story lately? It is because of what’s happen in my life. All my three children has lived together with me here in Spain, during this period for soon 7 year. First it was me and my two youngest children, then my son in the middle moved to Norway for a while and my oldest son and my daughter lived together with me. Then there has been some mixing, who has lived here, but never all three together, and never just my sons together with me either. This year I have been living together with my oldest son for a while, and soon I’m going to live together with my two youngest children again.

Sometimes I feel there’s a kind of “connection I don’t get” with this moving in/ moving out/ moving in again. I know it is very natural reason why my oldest son did live together with me for three months this year, and it is a very natural reason why my two youngest children are going to live with me now. Normal reasons under a “new normal life” because of the different changes and challenges the coronavirus and Covid19 have done to our society. Covid19 is a disease…..and my oldest son has been very worried for me when it comes to this disease. He can’t explain why he is so worried, because I actually do live very carefully when it comes to do my best to avoid coronavirus. And he knows that. All he can say is that he is worried because I’m his mammi.

I did think a tiny bit about this story about a past life in Spain before I did move to Spain, but life, “the planned life” here in Spain did changed so fast that my focus on this story has slept my mind, until now. The focus has been to survive and do the best if a living situation I was not aware of should happen.

Like I said,- I feel there’s “something here” I don’t get, but should have got. The connection has something to do with the story this clairvoyant told me about my past life. Difficult to explain, and special for me in English too, my second language, not my first. And it is also difficult to explain for my self “what it is” this “something”.

I feel I do live in “a kind of a spiral” at the moment, or have actually been living in a kind of a spiral during the last years, but just after I did moved to Spain. And slowly I’m getting closer to the end of this spiral, closer to something new I have not a clue what is, and at the same time, I’m not sure if I’m in the middle of the spiral at the moment, or closer to the end.

I haven’t been visiting Seville. The clairvoyant told me that when I did visit this town I would “recognize and remember”. And to be honest,- that’s actually one of the reasons why I haven’t visited Seville, because I’m a bit “scared” for what can be “popping up” into my mind if I visit this town.

And my Spanish is not good at all, so the language hasn’t come “easy” for me like the clairvoyant told me. I’m not “connected” to the Spanish language. At the same time, I think the language can come easy to me if I give it a try, give it time and offer, choose to work a bit more with the language then I have been doing. Maybe it is “in me” if I take a bette look? I think I’m just a bit worried, to be honest, like I’m when it comes to visit Seville. But this “worriedness” has dropped to my mind just during the last days. It can be the reason why I’m actually struggling with the Spanish language, because I’m worried.

I don’t know if my text did make any sense for you today. But this is something that is on my mind very often lately, this story about a past life in Spain, this feeling of “something I have in front of me” but I can’t “catch” it or get it, what this “something” is, even I in a strange way know it is “there” in front of me, some kind of changes, and even some kind of “answers” to questions I don’t know I have.

I don’t think or feel it is something bad, actually, I feel it will be more like a kind of “solution”. A kind of a “relief” from or of something. I do feel it is something good that’s “on the way in the end of this spiral”. But I have no idea what “all this is about”. Not a clue.

What I did write about today feels very private and personal, like I in a strange way did “let you into my life” without actually doing it at the same time. At the same time,- there’s actually nothing special with this text, not any big events or happenings, just a story that has given me many thoughts lately, and a very strange feeling.

This is my thoughts, my feelings at the moment, and I don’t have any natural explanations why I feel like I do. But in some or another way,- I hope my text did give you some kind of sense. At least for me to just write it down, tell you, share, did gave me and does give me a strange kind of “peace”. A peace I also can’t explain 😊.

So I just want to wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡,- and read my a private and personal sharing,- without any big “events” in, without any special happenings 😊

See you soon 😊

My plan was actually to have a photo of me and my three children to this text, but in a strange way that didn’t felt correct today 😊. Even my children gave me a permission for a photo I could use 😊

It’s not “all and everything” we can explain, not in our life, not in our beliefs 💚. Someone told me 7 years ago that I have been living in Spain in two past life. I’m not sure what to believe, but what I do know,- there’s a lots of things in life that’s difficult to give any good and understandable explanation too. Special when you can’t see it, not touch it, hear it or smell it. Just feel it inside you 💚. My text today feels very private and personal to share, at the same time there’s not very much private and personal information about me in it 🧡 .

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I feel I’m socializing “all day long” 🎧💻😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 🧡 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

I like my jobs, both of them 🎧💻. And I’m grateful and feeling so lucky that I have a job in this days 💚. That’s not any of course in today’s society, as a result and a consequence of the coronavirus and the pandemic. Many people have lots their jobs, also two of my children. Both my son in the middle and my daughter got the messenge in May that they will lose their jobs during this summer 😔. That’s also one if the reason why they are moving into me during the next days and week. It will be cheaper for them to stay here together with me for a while 😊.

My daughter has been incredibly lucky, because she already got an new job, and have already started up in that one too. But still she moving in together with me, so she can save some money under this strange circumstance we all are living in.

My son in the middle had a plan, and that was to have between 6 to 12 months leave without pay from his job here in Spain, travel to Norway, live together with his dad, and take the driver license in Norway, and then travel back and continue his job here in Spain. That plan did change a bit. He is still going to Norway, he is still going to live with his dad, he is still going to take the driving licence, but it’s not sure he will come back to Spain, at least not for a while, and maybe not for living, but at least on holiday 🧡. He will have his work until the end of July, and then there’s not any more job left for him here….at the moment. But as we all know,- thing can change very fast.

I have no reason to complain at all, I like my jobs, and I have work to do every day, 7 days a week 💚, I have a fixed contract as a costumer service agent, and I like my customer service agent job too. The customers in general are very pleasant and happy. I also do like my ” online health care and social care” job, but I haven’t any fixed contract there. And there I can meet many different personal- and private situations of more and less any kind. The clients are different, and I got a lots of different questions during a shift, both about health as well as in different social cases.

I have also the possibility to take some freelance writing work, and at the moment I take as much as I can and have the possibility to do 😊. And there’s some students that have asked me about Norwegian lessons during this Autumn, so I see if I starts up again with some students.

I have nothing to complain about at all,- I feel very lucky and grateful 💚. It is just one year ago I was without work and without any regular income,- so I know very well how it is to not have a job, to not have a regular salary, to not know how to manage to pay the next bill.

If I should mention one tiny little negative thing with my costumer service agent job and “online health care job” it is that I feel I’m socializing “all day long” when I’m at work. I speak with costumer on the phone, and do I chatt with clients online 😊.

So, unfortunately, when I’m finish with my work during a day I’m not the best chatter or texter online with my friends, or to take a phonecall for a talk to some of my friends or family. Because I have already been doing that for some hours in my job.

And I don’t like to be sourrende by to many people either, “all the time”. I’m a person that needs some time on my own. Be just alone for a tiny little while.

But that’s after I have been working, and it’s because I feel I have I have been socializing “all day long” already and need this time on my own after finish a working day 😊.

Because even if I don’t see the costumer or clients I talk with them in one or another way, we are in contact, we are in a way socializing. And that’s one of the way the social life works to now at days, through different social media communication channels.

I like to be sourrende by my friends and family, but I like to feel I have the energy and something “to give” when I’m sourrende by them,- and then I need to “fill up” my “energy- storage” with using some time just on me, to just be alone 😊. Sounds selfish? I do feel like that sometimes, that I’m selfish when I just spend time on my own, on my self, but I know it is important for me to do it. If not I haven’t very much to “offer” and “give” to my family and friends. So, unfortunately, I can be a bit a- social now and then, and it’s not everyone who understands that. But it is because I feel I have been socializing “all day long” at my job, and just need a timeout before I can socializing again 😊.

Do you have it like that, like me? You need some time on your own now and then? Or do you need to be sourrende by people to feel you get the energy level up again? We are all different, and we get our energy level up in different ways too 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

My online chat job- and the the queue is empty for a moment, and me,- need a timeout after socializing “all day long” at work 😊

I’m very lucky, and I feel very grateful for my jobs 💚. I have nothing to complain about, but I do feel like I’m socializing “all day long” when I’m working, even when I don’t see the costumers or clients, just listen to them during the phone 🎧, or chatting/ texting with them online 💻 😊.

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Different Social Media takes time use 📲💻😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

I have different social media and communication channels like Facebook and Messager, Snapchat and two different Instagram accounts, I have even an Twitter App, and I have What’s Up too. And I have my WordPress App to my blog. And I even have a couple of emails as well 😅.

I was good to use my different social media channels,- was. I’m not at the moment. Not at all!

Somewhere during the quarantine and curfew I started to use most of my social media channels less and less. Under the quarantine and curfew I was more and less home 24 hours closely 7 days a week. But still I started to use them less then “ever” 🤔. And I’m actually not sure why,- but I know it takes time to use all this different social media and communication channels.

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In general I’m using my Facebook to just post my textes from my blog at the moment. But before I also did “take a look” “around” and watched what my Facebook friends did post, what’s happen their life. Now I’m maybe scrolling a bit down, maybe two or three times a week, not even so much.

Facebook in it’s own way did “updated” me about what’s happen in my Facebook friends life, and even more important, helped me to remember birthdays 🎊. Now I have not a clue when people have birthdays, just because Im closely “never” is dropping by my Facebook page anymore. The birthdays I do remember are to my closets one, like my children, family and closets friends.

So,- if you read this and are a Facebook friend of my and I have forgot to Congratulate you with your birthday I’m very, very sorry for that 😔. It has been an very honest mistake just because I probably wasn’t scrolling into Facebook that day, at your birthday.

I’m using Messenger to communicate with my daughter and my son in the middle, and now and then some close friends. And I use What’s Up for the same reasons, communicating with my oldest son and my friends too 😊.

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I have two Instagram accounts. One is more like “my creative corner” account where I just posting my paintings and creative stuff I have been making. But during the last months I have forgot to post anything at that account 😳. And when I remember I should do it, but decide to do it a bit later because I haven’t “the time” at the moment,- and of course forget to do it later too 😳. I think I have four or five paintings that are finish and I should be posting there, on this “creative corner” Instagram account. But haven’t used time to do it, yet.

The other Instagram account I have, I have in general just used for posting some stuff/ photo and a tiny texts from my blog. But my last “post” there was from the Easter 😳. Also here,- because I forget, and think I can do it later, and then forget again 😅. And an other thing is,- I’m not sure what Instagram is used for? What is the purpose of the text, image, record?  Tell what happens in life?  Or “sell” a product? I think it is a combination of both, but mostly for “selling”. And the photos at Instagram is also a bit different, in a way more “styled up” 😊📸.

And Twitter,- what do we actually use Twitter for? 🤔 Some years ago I did have an Twitter account too, now I just have the App 😅,- and I think I posted two or three things on my Twitter account at that time. I don’t understand “the concept” so I just leave it to that. But it is probably about “selling” here as well, I haven’t just find “the correct way to sell” on Twitter yet. And I have also understood it all this way, that Twitter is a bit about “sharing opinions” in different cases and situations. If I have understood it correctly?

Snapchat,- I actually use that to my family in Norway as a communication channel, and my mam, my sisters and my nieces are incredibly good to update me on Snapchat. Sending movies and photos, and we have a chat now and then too 😊. I’m not so good at all, to use my Snapchat for sharing anything, just for chatting with my family and some friends 😊

WordPress I’m using as much as I can to post my textes 😊. Because it is the platform I’m using to my blog 😊.

The different social media and communication channels I have, but at the moment I’m not using Twitter at all.

There’s a lots of different social media channels. TikTok is a new one, and if I do understand that one correctly it’s more and less for small “movies”. To watch and to share. To “sell”. And YouTube too, but still not in the same way as TikTok. It’s not easy to understand all this different social media channels concept and how to use them 😅. They are similar, but still not.

Most of the social media channels are about “to sell”. It can be a product, it can be your self, your life, tell about different happenings in your life,- and in general the good ones. The bad ons we don’t share to much.

But in one or another way it is about “selling”. And most of “it all” takes time too, to share, tell, sell and be updated on. Time to use, time to create any kind of a post or a text together with a good photo, and good photos don’t create themselves,- that’s for sure. But photos are one of the most important “issue” in a post,- no matter where you post it, on what kind of social media channels you are using. And it takes time to create a good photo that sells you, your text, your product 📸.

softies home pajamas

It takes time to find a good text too, even when it’s just three words, because the text sells as well. And then it is about to find the “correct” social media channel to use for the “mission” you had in mind. Why, what, where and how to “sell” your product.

It takes time to read through other peoples posts, texts and stories as well,- to “like”, and maybe even give a comment too. It takes time,- time to use social media channels. It takes time to post, and to keep your self “updated” about your own “followers” as well. And as more social media channels you are using as more time it goes on social media.

And yes,- I forgot all this “stories” on the different social media channels 😊. That’s also something to use time on 😊. It’s many different and nice “stories” “out there”,- but it takes time to post them, as well as look through them. And “the stories” are used a bit differently then when it comes to “just posting” 😊.

I know I need to be better to use some of my social media channels, special when it comes to my blog as well as trying to follow up my friends,- but it takes time,- special when some are using Snapchat more then Facebook, other using mostly stories to “inform about happenings” in their life, and some again are using Instagram or even Twitter. It’s not easy to “follow up” all this, and it’s take a bit time too 😊.

I’m not sure why I’m using my social media channels so little as I do, but I think it is about “the time”. Another reason is the different social media channels are different “concept”, used in a bit different way, at the same time as they are the same.

I have a tiny bit challenging to “follow up” how to use the different concept that’s in one way are used for the same reason (to sell) but still used differently.

Well,- my points today are, as I have mention a couple of times in my text,- different social media channels takes time to use, and even when “the concept” behind the different social media channels are the same,- to “update happenings in yourlife” or “to sell” in one or another way, it’s used differently, it takes time to use them in the “correct” way 😊. So I think for me it is about “the time”, and that’s the reason why I’m not very good to use my own different social media channels I have at the moment.

What about you? Do you feel social media use a lot of your time?

Anyway,- I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using for time today to drop by my blog 🧡

See you soon 😊

Me at my Snapchat account 😊

I’m using less time in different social media channels and accounts then I did before,- and for me the main reason is that it actually takes a bit time to use it, post, write, update 😊. But I can try to be better to use some of my social media channels and accounts 💻😊.

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Space and place to enjoy the summertime outside for all of us 😊☀️💚

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

It’s soon time for my two youngest children and a friend of my son in the middle to move into my home, a home that also has been my children’s home during the 6 last years 😊. I should actually start for real to learn to live on my own in 2020, but for the reason called “coronavirus and the different consequences this brought” in my life, my children’s life as well as many, many others life, thing has changed a bit, plans has changed a bit. And I will probably live more together with my children then alone in 2020. But that’s fine,- it’s my children 💙❤.

For three months this year I did live together with my oldest son and a friend of him. Three- four weeks was the plan, but because of quarantine and curfew this weeks became 3 months instead. And it was more and less 3 months with rain too, so it was not very much possibility for spending time outside like it is now. This time there will be a lots of possibilities to be outside more and less all the time, so I have created space and place for all of us to be outside. Also so the young adults can have space and place to be together with their friends if they want 😊.

Our back patio with barbeque and place to eat 😊

I have two good patios, and together with the space and place inside the house there will be space and place for all four of us during this next months.


This time I have a bit more “experiences” to live together with my young adults children as well as their friends 😊. I know there will be days where I will be “tired” of my children, and I know there will be days where they will be tired of me. I know there will be days where I will be irritated over mess, clothes and dish wash, and I know my children will be irritated over me because they have created their own routines and rhythm during the period they have been living alone as young adults. But as long as we know about this we will manage this 😊.

I have a patio in the front of my home too, and that’s the patio we are using most of the time. It’s more open, and we can look at the ocean too. But it’s very sunny and can get extremely warm, so last year me and my daughter put a lots of umbrellas over the roof for covering for the sun. It was pretty cool during the summertime, but the winterstoroms destroyed my “umbrella art” as well as the function for covering for the sun.

My oldest son and his friend did helped me this Spring to remove all the broken and destroyed umbrellas,- so it was in it’s own way “ready for something new” 😊.

Our patio in the front, and as you can see it’s a lots of sun….and during the summertime when the sun is higher it will be even more ☀️.

And like I told you,- I have been saving money for be able to buy both some new pillows for the sofa- groups as well as an pavilion. Nothing expensive, fancy or fashion, but nice and good to sit on as well as great cover for the sun 😊. And last week I got it all delivered to my home 🏡.

Look at this,- cozy, comfortable and good cover for the sun during the next summer months ☀️.

I already had some different lights settings and my daughter did help me to put it up, and decorate it “here and there”. So it so nice and cozy during the evenings too. I’m very pleasant with the results, and I’m looking forward to both spend time with my children as well as my friends here. And I’m looking forward for my children to use it together with their friends too 😊.

Look at this,- this is how it looks like during the evenings 😊.

I’m so grateful for be able to do this, have this place and space, this home for me and for my children 😊. And I’m looking forward for many cozy days and evenings here, outside in our patio during warm summer days as well as soft summer evenings 😊. And both my son in the middle and my daughter are very happy with the results too 😊.


So,- now I’m more and less ready for living together with my children again, spend some quality time together with them, as well as they can and will have the possibility to use the different patios just together with their friends if they want, and no mammi “hanging around” them 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊

Our patio is ready for warm summer days and soft summer evenings ☀️😊

The summertime is long in Spain and we use a lots of time outside, and then it’s good to have space and place for enjoying the summer too ☀️. Your very welcome to “visit” our patios, you will find more photos in my post 😊. They are both ready for warm summer days as well as soft summer evenings together with my children as well as my friends, and my children’s friends too 🧡.

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Both cats and guinea pigs, fish and rabbits have lived in our home 🐶🐱🏡

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧡

My children has had different animals both when we was living in Norway as well as in Spain, and my personal opinion is that children in general have positive benefits from being surrounded by some kind of animals.  It has various positive effects, also in relation to responsibility and positive emotions and realities.

I haven’t grown up with animals myself, but I think I did well anyway, even though I think animals have different positive effects on children.  I looked after our neighbour’s children instead, rolled the children in a stroller, and babysit, and sometimes I went for a walk with my neighbors’ dogs too.  But at that time, as now, I liked taking care of the children and people better than taking care animals. I’m probably more a “people person” than a “animal person”,- except when it comes to my oldest son’s dog, Zorro. He have really “stolen my heart”. After lived together with Zorro for 3 months I need to admit that I miss that dog 🐶 💙. And he is the first animal I can say I have missed. Lucky for me I can visit him (and my son too) when I get my car back 😊.

Anyway,- my children have had animals in different shapes, sizes and forms. And it was fine for me, even a lots of the responsibility was mine for two reasons. My kids was kids, and this “responsibility- feeling” for another living creature doesn’t just comes during the night when you are a child. So they needed to learn to take care of and learn the responsibility.

In Norway we did live on a farm, our own Prairie. At the farm there was both cows, sheeps and horses, and after a tiny little while two cats too 😊. My sons cats,- Anna and Perry. A male and a female,- just not in the “direction” we thought. Anna was the male and Perry the female. Anyway,- I did manage to avoid to get more cats. Phu 😊.

All my three children loved this two cats, and why daughter didn’t got any cat on her own at that moment was because she was just 3 years old. In my mind a bit to young to learn about the responsibility of taking care for an other living creature, but not to young to hug the cats, play with them and enjoying their company 🐱

After a while there also moved in two guinea pigs. We got the “messenge” that it was two female, something that obviously was very correct. But the people from the animal store just forgot to mention that this guinea pigs was pregnant 🐹.

So one morning there was a bit more then two guinea pigs in our home 😳. I was a student for became a teacher at that moment, and gave away guinea pigs to other students at my school 😅. But after a while I just needed to deliver the guinea pigs back to the store. It became to many of them and to much responsibility for me 😅. Three children, studies and work and a “bunch” of guinea pigs was a bit to much for me 😅. And I think it became a bit overwhelming for my children with the “big production” of guinea pigs too, so they in a way lost the interest.

But then my daughter’s two rabbits moved in instead, or more correctly, outside in their own “cabin” 🐇. And she was at that time big enough to take care of her two rabbits with some help from me. Unfortunately they did died after a while. I’m not sure why, but we did had a nice funeral for them both. And her grandad, my dad, created a tree cross for them too.


We even had two big sal water aquariums at the Prairie, something I did really enjoyed. It was a exam and research project I had when I was studying science. And I manage a pretty good grade for it too 😊.

After we moved to Spain the first animals we got was a small aquarium with fishes. But I’m obviously better to take care of sal water aquariums then fresh water, because the fishes did died and died and died 😳.

I’m using the aquarium in my kitchen now as a kind of decorating 😊,- and I still have the different assortment to the aquarium too 😊….in case….one day someone need it 😊

Then two small hamsters did moved in to our home. My daughter wanted a cat, but for me it was easier to have two hamsters. So she got two hamsters for her 15 year old birthday 🐭. She did take very good care of them, but unfortunately they did died during the hot summer even we did try to find places for them where it was not to warm for them to stay and live.

I also still have the different assortment to the hamsters,- and using some as decorations too 😊

And then a tiny little cat moved in for a while. My daughter named him Pizza. But he was not very healthy and moved out to a friend of us, before it actually was just necessary to go to the veterinary with him.

In my mind I think and believe that this animals have brought something good and positive into my childrens life, in one or another way. They like to be surrounded by animals, and I see they give the animals love, hugs and attention. And I think to be sourrende by animals has learned my children respect and responsibility, emotions for other living creatures.

My oldest son has his own dog now, and I know my daughter is going to get a cat as soon as she have the possibility for that.

Me and my son in the middle are more “people person” ,- we both take care of the animals as best as we can,- but we are much better with humans both of us. I’m not sure he is going to get an animal, but I never know 😊.

It’s good we are all different,- and it’s nothing wrong to be a “people person” or a “animal person”,- we need both in our society 💚. Or what do you think?

I’m very grateful for the possibility to let my children have this different animals during the years they had been growing up. I think it has been a positive experience for all three of them in different levels in life.


I’m not going to have any new animal, I already have one, and some “buddies” of him too. He is very shy so I need to borrow a photo from internet. He doesn’t want me to take any photos of him, then he runs away 😊. But I have a geggo/ lizard in my patio, and some friends of him too. And that’s enough animals for me to take care of 🦎.

Since the lizard that lives in my patio is a bit shy,- I borrow this photo from internet 🦎

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are, – with our without any animals in your home 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

Zorro,- my oldest son’s dog 😊. The sweetest dog I know 🥰

There are “people persons” and “animal persons”. I’m a “people person”,- but still my children have had different kinds of animals in our home when they did grow up. Because I think to grow up with animals are a good thing and give different positive values and effects for a person 😊. And even I’m a “people person” I’m so “in love” with my oldest son’s dog,- Zorro 🥰.

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