What is it with all this toilet paper ? 🧻😊

Hi ❣It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this strange time we all are living in 🧡.

I’m a bit fascinated over this toilet paper panic both in Norway and in Spain 🧻😊. I can’t say anything about how it is in other countries because I actually don’t know,- but I know in both Norway and in Spain some of the things people really did empty the store shelves for now at days was toilet paper 🧻. And the Norwegian ones was a tiny bit worse then the Spanish ones 😊. Imagine to fight over toilet paper? 😅 It’s crazy.

Toilet paper is in many ways an old “invention” as well as actually a fairly new and modern invention.  In Scandinavia, it was not common to use toilet paper until after World War II.  Before that “we” actually used newspapers to dry us in our sweet little butt, and before the newspapers made the “impression” on the population, we actually used our left hands and fingers to clean our little butt- hole.  And after we did wash and clean our hand and fingers as very well, and as good as possible 💦. So why all this Scandinavian panic for getting empty for toilet paper? And in Spain they already have bidet in more and less every toilet in the houses and homes,- so on need to stress out here either 🧻.


No one knows exactly when the very first toilet paper was invented, but it was by the Chinese and it was after the year 105, after the paper was invented.  The first written reference to toilet paper is from the year 589 when Officer Yan Zhituo wrote that he never used paper from “the first 4 and 5 classics” after toilet visits.  This is a collection of Confucian texts 📜.

China was also the first country to produce the first toilet paper on behalf of the “Empire Supply Agency”.  This happened in 1391, and 720,000 toilet paper was made a year at that time.  Each paper was two feet three feet, and only reserved for emperors 🤴.

In 1857, an American tried to make toilet paper, but the paper was no success.  Then an Englishman tried to produce toilet paper on a roll, but also that was a bad success.  On the other hand, some years later, 3 men with the same last name, Scott, managed to get a good start on the toilet paper cases in 1867. Even produced on rolls 🧻. And then the toilet paper on a roll was slightly and slowly “rolling” into our lifes and our toilet visits 😊. And obviously we really do like this toilet paper so much that that’s actually one of the first things that gets empty in the stores in a situation like we are in now at days. Its even some souls that’s manage to fight over the last toilet paper roll in the store 🙄.

On the sideline,- I need to admit that I’m still not sure which way the roll should hang on the roll.  Should the paper be out or against the wall?  To me it feels most natural for the paper to hang out, but to be honest I have no toilet roll holder on the wall. The roll stands close by the toilet or are lying in the bidet 😊🧻.

In many countries it is quite common to use a bidet that is used to wash the feet, buttocks and genitals.  I myself have a bidet in my bathroom which I use for toilet paper holder 😅.  But I’m no longer a stranger to using it to wash both my butt and my vagina in it if I run out of toilet paper.  I should be so honest that I am not very used to using it, but one day maybe have to be the first? 😊 And maybe that day will be one of the days in this “lock down”- situation? I choose to use my money on food instead of toilet paper, that’s for sure. It’s many different solutions to get my butt clean any way 😊.

When my kids were little I washed their butt in the sink, and I did until they were so big that their butt couldn’t fit in the sink anymore.  Of course I washed the sink well afterwards.  Their kids’ buttocks became faster clean when I washed them in the sink than to dry them with toilet paper. With toilet paper I could dry them “forever”, something both not me or my kids did have the time to do 😅. So a butt wash in the sink was so much easier, faster and cleaner 😊.

I will admit that I do not like to run out of toilet paper myself, but I do not hoard.  I just make sure there is always more than enough, always 😊.  And there are two reasons for that.  Two “own experiences” that I would prefer to avoid. And in this “experiences” it’s not even me that run out of toilet paper either 🧻.

In both experiences of running out of toilet paper, others are running out, not me – but I learned something about being a “spectator” and “involved” – if you can say it that way 😊.

The first story is about my teenage boyfriend.  He sat in the toilet and had done po, and then he ran out of toilet paper, and asked me to go buy more.  The store wasn’t exactly around the corner, it was a long walk, and it took some time before I was back with toilet paper.  He sat on the toilet all the time, and was quite weird and exhausted when I came back with toilet paper to him 😳.  I decided then that I would not experience such a thing if I could avoid it 🧻. I was just 17 or 18 years old at that time.  And after that experience I have always made sure that there is enough toilet paper in my toilet or bathroom. 

The second experience was when my ex-husband and I were on holiday in Greece.  On an outing, he got acute diarrhea, and there was no ordinary toilet nearby, only these fine holes in the ground, and a pitcher of water to wipe the stump with.  Well, let me say it wasn’t enough, so I had to run in the forest and try to find leaves for him to use.  He did walked very strange for several days afterwards 😅.  I think I found some hard and uncomfortable leaves to do the “cleaning job” -😅 – but not on purpose, I was just a little stressed.  After that “experience”, I also always have some antibacterial and small napkins with me in my handbag, or wipes 😊.

None of these experiences were critical or serious, or scary, and only unpleasant to others, not me.  Still, it is these two experiences that make me not want to run out of toilet paper.  I still have lots of toilet paper in my home, and I didn’t stock toilet paper yesterday.  I have just make sure that there is enough toilet paper in my home long before yesterday,- like I already have done for many years 😊.  Now, I might run out if toilet paper in these times of crisis we all are living in,- but I still have the bid I can use.  So my butt will be both clean, pretty and smell good ,- even with no toilet paper to use 😊.

And when I was a child and together with my family on different outings in the woods and fields my dad picked soft leaves for me that I could wipe myself in the stump with 🍀🍃. So,- there’s an other “solution ” too if I run out of toilet paper 😊.

But still,- what is it with all this toilet paper? The shopping and the fighting over it? I think there need to be some kind of “stories” behind all this panic shopping of toilet paper,- but I have no idea what kind of stories 🧻😊. Maybe you have a story why toilet paper is so important to buy so much of when there’s a cirices going on? Even fighting for 😊. Then you are very welcome to share it,- you want 😊. My stories are not very much to brag about,- but that’s why I don’t like to get out of toilet paper 🧻. At the same time,- I’m not worried about finding a solution to get my butt nice and clean if so happen 🧻🍃😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 ….with or without toilet paper (ps- leafs also do the cleaning job as well as water 😉). And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

My toilet paper in my bidet,- “lined” up for the photo 😅🧻

Why all this panic over getting empty for toilet paper? 🧻 What’s the different stories behind? The reasons for this panic ? 😳 I need to admit I don’t like to be empty for toilet paper either, – but okay,- if it happens there’s other solutions to make my butt my nice and clean 😊.

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And then it was Spain…. “closing down” … 🌞

Hi ❣It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊, – even the world- situation is a bit strong at the moment 🌏 and I really hope all is fine with you all 🧡

This morning before I went to work I did write about Norway and the “lock down” that happen there yesterday. And I also did write about that we did still live very normal in Spain ,- I was on my way to work as normal …. the life was “normal” until today. And then things did happen very fast. So from midnight Spain will be closed for 15 days.

I did work to 18.00 this afternoon and my plan was to do the necessary food- shopping after, and so I did. But the differents from the food shop yesterday and today was quite very big. It was so many empty shelves in the store this afternoon. It was not like that yesterday. I did some shopping this afternoon, but not what I had planned.  I couldn’t find the food I had planned to buy. We anyway, still have food and drinks for the next days. I just need to be creative when I’m making the food 😊. And that can actually be both tasty and fun 😊.

The church- bells are ringing when I’m writing, and the whole atmosphere is very strange here, and in its own way also so silent. It’s actually eco between the buildings and walls outside when people around are talking,- and that’s not usual here.

I’m not sure if I’m going to do my work at my office from my home next week or at the office,- but I’m prepared for that I maybe need to pick up my job computer,- and install it all in my home for the next 15 days. The plan was that the whole office and all the different departments and companies are going to move into a new building in the beginning of April, next month, – but I don’t think that will happen now.

I was also in Torremollinos this morning for trying to close down my autonomo,- but that was not easy to do. They didn’t even let me into the tax- office building. They probably already at that point did knew a tiny bit about “the closing down” of Spain was on the “timetable”, but I didn’t know. I knew about this “closing down” around 17.00 this afternoon. One hour before I was finish at work. And my oldest son and his friend was going to the airport for picking up a rental car for their moving- plans. That didn’t happen either. They didn’t get the car,- and probably because the people at the airport also knew it was “something in the air”.

It is Friday the 13. today, – and today it did feel really like Friday the 13. too…..

I don’t know if the boys are moving out on Wednesday or not now. I do hope so, because they are going to move up to the mountains, fare away from people, and it felt a bit safe to have them there in this “time” we are going through now. There in the mountains in their own isolation. And even we are in “this time” we are in,- the patient for both them and me are in a tiny thread now. We do live very close up to each other, and we do live very different life as well,- both them and me need a tiny break from each other now. But that may not be happening before in 15 days. I don’t know. Anyway,- we have had a good chat all three of us how to do the best of this strange situation we all are living in, and how to manage two more weeks together if they can’t move to the mountains on Wednesday 😊. And to be honest,- in this situation we all are in,- this “livingsituation” in my home is actually a “big luxury problem” at the moment. We are very lucky, we have a home, a place to stay, eat, sleep, work 😊.

So,- that was a tiny bit from Spain today,- we are “locked down” for 15 days now. And it’s just to try to do the best of it all, and special following the instructions that the government gives us. I really hope people around her will do that, so the virus “calms down”.

I’m thinking so much about every one of you,- and I’m sending you all good thoughts during this special time we all are living in 🧡. I wish you all a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon, – and all the best from me to you all 🧡

My oldest son and his friend on the way to the airport today,- and my hands covered with plastic gloves because I was going to take the train today (13.03.2020)

Spain is closing down during this midnight. It all changed very fast here from “more and less normal” to “lock down”. It’s a strange situations for all of us now. And my children do as they been told,- using masks and gloves 🧡.

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It is a surreal experience to see Norway from the outside these days ….

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡,- special during this days we all in our own different ways are going through 🧡.

So fare here in Spain, in the area where I m living, we still live very normal. At least as normal as possible. But there’s restrictions different places like in different stores and at my job.

We need to wash our hands with antibacterial “all the time”,- something that should be natural in a situation like this. I have also a bottle of antibacterial on my desk, and in my home as well, and I m using it too. And in some of the stores there’s antibacterial for use before and after you have been in the store as well as plastic gloves to put on your hands. To be honest, – I actually feel stupid if I don’t use plastic gloves in the stores at the moment. And I should wish more people used them, but hopefully they do will very soon.

There’s still no panic and not to much panic shopping like “stockpile” shoppong for foods. At last not where I’m living. But it may be just around the corner, – so I m going to have an clever food shopping tomorrow 😊. That’s actually a good thing to not have to much money during to many years. I know how to shop food and make food when there’s not to much to make food from, and still not be hungry 😊. So,- in general it comes something good from most of the situations we are living through in our life, – like for me,- to be able to live by very little money.

I have been living on cauliflower soup and chicken every second day, or tomato soup and bread for over two months when there was not to much money to use at food…..and that’s not many months since either. But okay,- I got a bit tired of both cauliflower soup, tomato soup, bread and chicken for a while 😅,- but I was at least not hungry 😊. So it will probably be a bit more chicken, cauliflower soup, bread and tomato soup again for a while. But that’s still so much better then not eat at all 😊. It is cheap food, and a bit healthy too 😊.

But it was very strang to sit here in Spain, do my job, living my life and look at the news from Norway and see all the changes in Norway yesterday. See the country I’m from and was born in “closing down” and go into a “cirices”. It felt very surreal and unreal, but I know that’s the way it is.

I have been in contact with some of my family and friends in Norway,- and they I have been in contact with are just fine,- but feel of course that “all and everything” are suddenly “put on a big break” there in Norway,- as well as in other countries in the world.

It’s a strange feeling to go to my job, do my things, go home or go to the shop,- live my life,- and know that this is not “normal” for my friends and family in Norway to do these days. And it may just be a matter of time before it maybe is like that here as well. Not normal to go to work, to the store or visit friends. They are closing down a bit in the area every day around in Spain too,- but still not so much as in Norway or Italy. Fare away from so much …. yet. I know there’s some schools and kindergarten in the area that was closed down yesterday. So it is “closer” here too, every day. And in Madrid,- well there’s a lots of closing down at the moment.

I know many norwegians have travel back to Norway just the last days. The airplanes was filled up in just some hours. I’m not sure why they are travel back to Norway in a hurry. They will any way be in a home- quarantine for at least 2 weeks. All the people that are coming from outside from Norway need to be in a home- quarantine for two weeks now. But I think many travel back to Norway became they think the health- system is better in Norway…..but at the moment it’s not.

And maybe those people don’t work here? Just visiting Spain? I don’t know. I could not travel back to Norway now like that. I have my life here., my job, and special my children. And at the moment that feels very strange to have my life here and look what’s happen in Norway, but at the same time I’m glad I’m here in Spain. Spain is self-sufficient on so many products and raw materials, also in the area in which I live. And I have all my 3 children around me 🧡. That feels very good to know where they are and how they are 🧡. To be so close them in a situation like this.

It is a surreal situation, but that’s the situation we are surrounded by at the moment. For how long? I don’t know, I think no one knows for sure.

I wish you all a great day or evening wherever in the world you 🧡. I hope you all are as fine as possible 🧡 And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊.

I’m an Norwegian that lives and works in Spain 😊,- and I can still go to my job, live my life and I feel very lucky and grateful for that 🧡At the same time it feels surreal to look at Norway from the “outside” these days.

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Life is ….changes and challenges- life is actually just “life is” 😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you, – like always 😊. I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It has been over a week since I have been writing. It has never been so many days between my textes since I actually did start writing my blog 😊. So,- it means,- it has never been a week between my textes before 😔,- and I don’t like that. That was not my plan 😔. But,- “life is” and it’s not easy to “control” “the life” because there’s so many outside (and inside) factors that also affect our lives, the days, the weeks, our plans.  After all, we are not alone in this world, and different influences can also make different changes to our own plans.

For me it’s actually not very easy to just sit down and write in peace and quiet when I’m living together with to young adults children/ men. My oldest son and one of his friend. It’s different disturbances evenly over, and I’m a person who both needs time alone to get energy and profits, as well as not too many distractions around me when I’m in “my time, my timout bubble”, both when it comes to what the writing and what the painting gives me. At the moment it’s to many disturbances around me in my home, and I dont “reach” my “timeoutbubble” the way I both want and actually need to “reach” it,- so I have just use what’s left of my energies to focus on my work lately. And my children, – because I don’t just have one child, I have actually three children 😍. My goals and dreams are a tiny bit “on hold”at the moment,- but hopefully I can starting up “my working- process” in my own “life- project” next week again 🥰.

This last week has been “running away” to work, and also helping my son in the middle as well as my daughter too 😊. It’s not just my oldest son that need a “helping hand” from the mammi. In between my two other children needs me as well 😊. So I have been a bit like a jumping ball from one place to another this last week 🥎.

I know every parent that has been in the same “position” and “situation” as I’m in at the moment know exactly what and how it is to live together with your young adults children. It’s actually not easy even the ones that don’t have been in the situation think so 😅. It’s not- it’s a challenge lifestyle and lifesituation,- but you help your child and children as best as you can anyway 😊. That’s a part of the life, that’s a part of being a parent, that’s a part of having children 💚. That’s a bit of “life is….” as a parent 🧡.

“Life is….” also so many other different things,- and at the moment it’s also seems that this coronavirus are “controlling” a tiny bit here and there of our lifes in many places in the world. Here in South of Spain we are still not to “affected” of the different consequences this virus creates, yet, but still slowly we are starting to “feel it on the body” here as well. The world has on it’s own way stopped up a bit now because of the coronavirus. Something that is both natural and in understanding. But also a bit scary. Hopefully it all will goes away as fast as its has coming. Because it did come “all over the world” very fast. I’m still healthy, and as fare as I know, no one at my job, my children or my friends or family has got the virus 😊. I’m not worried to be sick from the virus, but I think it is a bit scary what the virus does with the society at the moment. The society has stopped up in many areas in many places. And that creates not the best consequences and situations for us. Its create changes and challenges. At the same time,- what to do? 🤔

“Life is ….” for me has also been a couple of other things lately. I have manage to “squeeze” in a “fling- meeting”, a “duty- meeting”, and a “let me see- meeting” too 😅. I’m not dating anyone at the moment, and I don’t want to date anyone either at the moment, – that’s for sure 😊. I have learned a couple of things about myself during this time I have been living together with my oldest son 😊. I’m not putting my dreams, goals, wishes, myself or my life on hold for any man anymore, – except from my two sons 💙. A man it’s so fare, as I know and with my experience, not worth it 😊. Not one more time! Been there- done that, and this 4- 6 weeks has given me a good remember about that 😊. I need my dreams and wishes, my goals and myself in my life- that’s much more important for me than a man 🧡. And a man,- in general, he doesn’t put to much of his goals and dreams, work or wishes ” on hold” for anyone,- so why should I do that for a man then ? 🤔

I will come stronger back with my writing when my son and his friend has moved out 😊. And if I have understand everything correctly they are moving out closer to this weekend 😊. Its actually to difficult to get “my time to write” when they are in and out, up and down “all the time” 😊. And when I coming stronger back to my writing,- maybe I even will tell you a bit more about “the fling”, “the duty” and “the let me see” – meetings ?

Today I’m just dropping by in my own way 😊. I could been writing about the women’s day from yesterday and the carnival from last week too,- but I’m actually a bit like an empty box of energy at the moment, and with that means with not to much energies left at all 😊. I’m very tired to be honest. But my energies will come back as well as my textes will too 🧡. I actually just need to live a bit like and eremitt in my cave for a tiny little while when my son and his friend has moved out, and then I can get the “refill” of energies the way that’s best for me to get them back 💚.

I really hope all is fine with you during this coronavirus time 💛. I hope you are healthy and that all this “society stop” don’t affect your life to much 💚.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊 I will try my best to be soon back again 💛.

The mysterious full moon this evening 09.03.2020. Not the best photo, but that’s the way it is sometimes – “life is….” not the best all the time either 😊🌙.

“Life is….” so many different things, and “life is….” like a mysterious full moon in a dark night. It’s lights and darkness, it’s changes and challenges. It’s experiences and opportunities, it’s new wisdom and it’s …. just “life is ….”. I hope all is fine with you during all in this “life is….” that’s are in our society at the moment 💛

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A tasty end on the weekend and a sweet start on a new month with a homemade ” wreath of leaves” 🥨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I hope you have had a great week, a good end on this week and a really nice start on this new month,- March 💚. I have had both,- a nice week, a good end on this week and a good start o this new month 💚.

I have been working a bit today as well. I have been so lucky that I was able to change my 5 late evening shifts on my online job to 3 not so late evening shifts in the week, and afternoon shifts in the weekends 🥰. I should not be able to do that before in April,- but lucky for me I actually got the possibility and opportunity anyway 😊. Snd my teamleder at my online-job had a tiny little meeting with me today as well, and told me that they were very happy with my work and also they way I did answer the clients 😊.

After changing my shifts a tiny bit I feel a bit more like I actually are going to have a bit more weekends and evenings this month to use to “me and my time”. It wasn’t very much time for that when I did start my shift at 20.00 or 21.00 and did work to 24.00 or 01.00. Now I can use more of my time to blogging and writing, or meeting friends, painting or watching a movie and knit a bit, maybeceven a date if I want, – and soon I can do my exercises too in between here 🥰. Because soon my private “exercise- room” in my home will be available again 😍.

It has been a nice week, and a very nice end on this week as well as a good start on March too, – so I decided to bake something we call “wreath of leaves” as a kind of “celebration” for good days, good week and a new and good month too 🥨. It’s a pastries that is very similar the the cinnamon spins I made a few weeks ago, but there are some tiny taste differences 😊. And “the boys” / young adults men here in my home has actually been a bit “on the run” too this weekend so I have had a tiny bit time for just me 🥰. So the “wreath of leaves” will also be a tiny little “thank you boys” for giving me a tiny bit time on my own in my home 🧡. I actually really presage that 😊.

My recipe for the “wreath of leaves” is, as normal, a Norwegian recipe, from the traditional Norwegian kitchen, well,- at least the traditional kitchen in Norway 30 years ago 😊. It is, of course, homemade with basic ingredients, and sweet and tasty too 🥨. It’s not very difficult to bake and make it, it’s just the the raising of the dough which takes some time.  The pastry should be raised twice so that it becomes slightly airy and light.

The recipe for a homemade traditional ” wreath of leaves” with a basic Norwegian recipe 🥨 ( for 2 “leaf garland”)

5 dl milk, 50 g yeast, 200 g melted butter, 1 teaspoon salt, 5 tablespoons sugar, 2 teaspoon vanilla sugar, 4 eggs, 1 teaspoon cardamom, about 18 dl wheat flour.

Mix all the dry ingredients together, heat up the milk to “body temperature” and mix the yeast into it together with the butter. Mix the egg together, and mix them together with the milk, yeast and butter. Nb- still keep the temperature if not the yeast will “die”. Mix it all together and put for “raising” for about 30 minutes. Cover the dough with a kitchen towel.

After the raising, Roll the dough into a long sausage of approx.  0.5 cm thick, and about 10 cm wide.

Fill in the leaf garland: butter, cinnamon, sugar, a little brown sugar and chopped chocolate.

Spread the butter over the dough, sprinkle with cinnamon, sugar, a little brown sugar and chopped chocolate.  Roll the sausage into a long sausage, then place the sausage seed as a ring.  Then, with a pair of scissors, cut equal parts (about 2 cm) and fold aside, every other time, the parts you have cut so that it becomes a wreath.

The “a wreath of leaves” puts on raising again for around 30 minute with a kitchen towel over. When it’s finish, brush the wreath with a room-tempered egg and sprinkle with some pearl sugar.  Fry in the middle of the oven at 250 degrees for about 10- 12 minutes, until the wreath has a nice, light and golden color.

And then you have a tasty and sweet a “wreath of leaves” to serve your guests or just to enjoy on your own 🥰. The ” wreath of leaves” is perfect to have in the freezer too, and just enjoy a bit now and then when you deserve something tasty and sweet 😊.

I did made two “wreath of leaves” today, or more correctly, this evening 😊. Ine to the young men in my home, and one I’m going to split in two parts and give one part to my son in the middle, and one part to my daughter tomorrow at work 🥨. I hope they will be happy, my oldest son was very happy 😊.

Do you make or bake something more special food of any kind when it’s weekend then you during the week? In general I do, because I want to have a kind of “food- different” between week and weekend 😊. A bit more tasty, delicious and homemade food during the weekend then the week 😊. It’s nice to have a “tasty” different between weeks and weekends too 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Homemade ” wreath of leaves” with a traditional Norwegian recipe 🥨

It’s still a bit weekend, even it’s soon over 😊. This weekend I did made and bake a ” wreath of leaves”. Of course a Norwegian recipe 🥨. Tasty, sweet with basic ingredients 😊. A good end one a great week and weekend, and a great start on a new month 💚.

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Thank you February, and welcome March 💛

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Then February is over and I can say thank you February for a nice, good and busy month with different experiences, happenings in life, changes and challenges ,- not to many, not to big, not to challenged to handle 😊. Like the life in general is ,- most of the time 💛.

A challenge don’t need to be something negative, it’s can be something that just need a bit extra energy and effort to get through or manage 😊. Experiences are different “lessons”, and are in general not negative either 😊. It is about to learn something new, something that also in general, is a good thing. It can be about the life, your self, others or maybe something practical or, – about anything, actually 😊. And changes are changes, – small or big ones. A change it’s either nothing negative, it can just feel like that in the beginning because it is something new and different 😊.

My February has mainly just been very busy with work, being a mammi for my oldest son,- and then also live together with a couple of “new roommates” 😊. But also some few experiences, happenings, changes and challenges 😊. But not to much or to many of that ones this month,- and I m very Thankful for that 😊.

It has been, and still are, a challenge and change to live together with two young adults men that lives a other life then me, with others daily routines too, and also have different “habits” then myself. But one of this young men is my child, my oldest son,- and I do everything I can for my children even it means changes in my life, challenges in my life, or “put my life on hold” ❤.

The changes and challenges is not “hard or bad”, not as long as I know it will change back again to my own “normal” life again 😊. But everyone, every parent, that have young adults children that moving in to their home again know exactly how this is. The changes and challenges in your own mature adult life where you have created your own life, “needs”, routines, rhythm and habits without any children around you anymore 😊. So I’m not going to use a lots of time to “explain” this changes and challenges,- we parents that have or had “experience” them know how it is, the rest haven’t a tiny clue about how this changes and challenges are, to be honest 😊.

I have experienced in February that I really like to live alone, and I work so much better in my home when I’m alone, both with “house-stuff” like “cleaning the home” , as well as my “work from home”, and to “be creative” as well,- and I like to use my time, my life the way I want to use it,- not the way others are trying to tell me how to use it 😊. I like to use this new “freedom” called “my life and my time” as an mature adult woman,- and I really experienced how much I do like it when my oldest son moved into my home again 😊. I did knew this already about myself, but a tiny reminder about “how I’m” in different areas in life are in general not to bad to get now and then 😊.

February has not been a very social month for me, at the same time it has. I have more and less people around me 24/7 at the moment 😅. But I haven’t spent very much time together with my friends (or myself) . I haven’t had the energy to use to much time to my friends, I have choose to used my energy at my work and my oldest son 😊. And I can see that it was a clever thing to do too,- to use my energies at my son as well as my work 💛. My son was a bit “heartbroken” when he did moved in here, and he didn’t eat to well either 😔. He was not in the best mental, emotional or physical health or “place” some weeks ago. But now he is more and less “back in business” again, smiling, eating …. and yes talking….a lot,- like he normally have done in his whole life 😅. So that’s a very good thing for me as a mammi to see, that my child, my son – blossoms again, finds himself again and the person he both is and wants to be 💙. I know I did the correct thing , – to “put my life” in different ways and areas “on hold” for a while,- also my social life, for my oldest son 😊. Changes and challenges, – yes,- but all in all, also so worth it 💙.

I have had some few friends for visit this month 😊. And Millie was here too 😊. I did have a very cozy Valentine’s day, – the best I can remember so fare in my life 🌹. And I got a very nice surprise present too,- some jewelry I really presage, and have a positive effect on my, my life and my mind, and some of them I’m using every day now 💛. I have seen some good and positive changes for my oldest son 💙. I have learned that I really presage my own time, my life,- and I m not going to “put” my plans, dreams, wishes, goals “on hold” for any other man ever again, just my sons are worthy that 💙. I have actually had a bit time to think about that during February, – men and my life, relationship and what I want. I have also had some tiny “sweet” meetings this month when it comes to the “subject” men,- but I can tell you more about that ones an other time, an other day 😊. I got a new student in February, and I could actually got 3 more new students too. But I haven’t more time to teach more students at the moment. I got a interesting job offer at Malta as well in February,- but I don’t want to move any places at the moment. My life is busy, but good her in Spain 🧡. I like my life, I like my jobs 🥰.

All in all,- my February has been a very busy month, but in it’s own way very good ❤. I’m Thankful for the different things February did show me and my life,- even it had mainly been work and my child that has taken most of my energies, my time and my focus this month 😊. So Thank you, February, – even you had been a very busy month you have teach me something about myself and how fare I can and will go in different areas in life,- and for whom too 😊. And Thank you, February, – for not bringing to many and to big changes and challenges into my life 💚. I’m very grateful for the “wisdom” February in its own way did show me and gave me in my life 😊.

Welcome sweet March 💛. I’m looking forward to meet you and experiences you too,- even I’m not sure what kind of suprices, changes, experiences, happenings, wisdom and challenges you will bring and give me 💛. But there will be some,- that’s for sure 😊, and some very few I already do know a tiny bit about as well 😊. My oldest son and his friend are moving out in a couple of weeks,- and that doesn’t feel to bad at all 😊. I’m not crying over that at all 😅. It will be great to get “my life” back again 🥰. There will also be some busy days with a lots of work too, in March, but also more time for socializing together with my friends 😊. And more time for my own things and stuff in my life, myself too 😊. And step by step, little by little I’m getting closer to reach the different things in my life I want and work for to reach,- slowly, but still “on my way ” ,- like the Spring slowly is on it’s way now in March 🥰. I’m looking forward to meet you, March 💛. I wish you Welcome 💚

I hope your February was nice to you and did bring you a lots of happiness, joy, wisdom and good experiences too 💛. And I hope you are looking forward to meet March and the different new experience this month can and will give and bring you in your life 💛.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

A painting outside in my patio- called “Green growing heart ” and of course, – painted by me 😊. The Spring is a symbol of growing and new fresh starts 💚. Like the rose in my photo is too, together with the Spring 🌹.

Thank you February for your wisdom, experiences, changes and challenges ❄ Welcome March- I’m not sure what you will bring me of wisdom, new experience in life, changes and challenges 💛. But I do know, – I m looking forward to meet you 💚.

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An engagement ring on the finger, or 12 pairs of gloves? 💍🧤

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

And then it was 29. February, and leap year, the day that only appears on the calendar every four years. Leap year has been around ever since Caesar’s time, but at that time on a slightly different calendar than the one we have today. So it’s some old traditions and myths to this day 😊. In Norway, the leap year has been on the calendar since March 1, 1700.

We have leap years to get the number of days the earth goes around the sun during a year will be more and less “correct”.  The earth spends a little more than an average of 365 days on a round trip around the sun, though with an extra day a year, every four years the average of the earth’s orbit around the sun goes up slightly 🌏 🌞.

There are several different myths and traditions around February 29, and one of them is about the woman’s right to ask her boyfriend to marry her 💏. I always knew about the leap year, but the first time I did heard about this proposal “tradition” was in 1988, and I was just 15 years old 😊. A mammi to a child I was babysitting at that time did ask me if I had someone I would ask to “married” me. Imagine how suprice I was 😅. I didn’t even had a boyfriend at that time, either haven’t got my first kiss 😅. But I do remember that I should not forget “this opportunity” to ask a boyfriend or man to married me if he was worth to use a great opportunity like that 🌹,- and if I got that possibility some day as well 🥰. Well,- that “opportunity” is today, – or maybe I need to wait 4 new year 😉 ?

According to old traditions, the woman’s boyfriend would give her 12 pairs of gloves if he said no to her proposal.  A pair of gloves for each month, so no one would and could see that she had no engagementrinng on her finger 💍 🧤.

In the UK and Scotland was a refusal of such a marriage actually “punishable”.  The man had to buy a pair of leather gloves for the woman, a rose, kiss her and pay a fine of 1 pound 💷.

Some believe it was good luck to get married on this day, while others thought it meant divorce.

Legend tells that it was St. Bridgit who asked St. Patrick if he could not introduce such a proposal day for women.  The reason for the proposal day was because she thought so many men were cowardly, insecure and seemed afraid to propose.  So, some of this “proposal- right” had to be given to women as well.  St. Bridgit granted her wish, and St. Patrick gave the women on February 29 as their own “proposal day” 💞.

So fare I haven’t had the opportunity to use this day, the 29. February as an “proposal-day” to a boyfriend. And I’m pretty sure I’m not going to use it this year either 😊. But maybe I will get the opportunity in 2024? You never know, either do I 😅. But there can be some interesting “stuff” going on in my life that maybe continue to 2014? 😉 I don’t know yet myself, so I’m “laying low” at the moment ,- and see what happens during the next weeks or months. There’s a couple of interesting “opportunities” “around me”,- so I just “flow a bit on the waves” at the moment when it comes to that area in my life, “my lovelife area”, “boyfriend- opportunities” that I’m not quite sure about myself yet, or what’s going on 😊. And, – I also choose to do as a good friend of mine has told me many times to do,- it is me that are choosing him,- I can choose who I want to be with, – and I don’t need to choose the first one that shows me some interest 😉. And that’s actually what I’m going to do,- use my time, and choose what’s best for me in my life 😊.

Well,- there will not be any engagement ring on my finger this year, and there will not be 12 gloves to cover my finger without any ring either 😊.

Have you some others myths or old traditions that belong to the 29. February then this “old proposal” tradition ? 💍🧤 Or maybe you have some sweet plans to propose to your boyfriend (or girlfriend)? 💞 In case so,- I hope you don’t get 12 gloves 😉.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊.

If a woman did get a no to her proposal the 29. February she wouldn’t get any engagement ring, but 12 pairs of gloves instead 💍🧤.

Do you think I will get an engagement ring or 12 pairs of gloves today? 💍🧤 Or maybe non of it? 😊 What about you? Will there be a ring or a couple of gloves? 😉 ….or maybe you are not going to “use” the opportunity the 29. February “gives” a woman? 💞

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