Happy Valentine’s day 💘

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

It’s already Valentine’s day again, and I feel the last one, last year was closely just around the corner 😊. It’s strange how fast the time goes at the moment. It’s like the days, weeks and months just flys away at the same time as there’s not to much that’s happen….except from corona and Covid19, and all the different restrictions we need to follow because of this. Anc maybe a bit more 😊.

I’m actually not use to “celebrate” Valentine’s day. It took a long time before this day was a day when we gave each other some romantic attention 😊. First time they ( a Norwegian newspaper) tried to give Valentine’s day a kind of attention was in 1887, without to much luck. Then they (this time the mail company) tried to give this day a kind of attention again in 1998 as well as in 1999, also this time without to much luck 💘.

In 2004 70% of the people in Norway still didn’t knew what Valentine’s day was. But in 2010 this day started to be a bit important day for couples. And in 2015 actually 73 % of the people knew what Valentine’s day was 💘.

I’m not sure when I started to give Valentine’s day my attention, but probably one time inbetween 2004 and 2010. In general I haven’t “celebrate” Valentine’s day very much, because in general I have been single this day. But I gave my kids a tiny bit attention when Valentine’s day started to be more popular in Norway. My kids got a tiny card, hearts and chocolate from me. They are anyway my biggest love in my life,- so why not give them a tiny little Valentine’s day attention? 💘

I have got some attention myself now and then like a red rose, a card or a Valentine’s day regards. I have also been invited out for Valentine’s day and when the Valentine’s day arrived my date actually did cancel the invitation and the date 😳.

But last year, last Valentine’s day was actually really, really nice. I was invited out for a cozy and nice dinner, red wine and a red rose and even a bit of attention too 🥰. It was a really nice experience and nice to experience Valentine’s day like that. I think it’s the best Valentine’s day I have experienced so fare in my life,- maybe except from the Valentine’s day when I gave my kids a tiny bit extra attention 🥰. But that’s still different, last year was actually a bit about me. And I did like that, and I hope I maybe will be someone’s special “Valentine” again one day 💘. That would be nice 😊.

This year,- well,- I gave my daughter a tiny bit Valentine’s day attention with giving her a small painting with a painted heart 🎨🧡. It’s actually a bit cool painting I did painted in 2018. So it’s some years ago, but it’s still a cool painting 😌.

The painting I gave to my daughter this Valentine’s day 🥰.

I gave this to her because I think she need a tiny bit more “touch” of the believe in love then her brothers at the moment. But when that’s said, – my daughter is doing incredible well after her bad experiences in December 2020 😊.

I have got two Valentine’s day messenge today,- that was a nice “touch” over the day. The city borders are still closed, but I don’t know if I have been invited on a Valentine’s date today if they had been open.

Me and my daughter has had a nice day today with some work, and some “garden” things. It has been a touch of summer here in South of Spain today, so we have been fixing a bit with the plants and flowers and the patios outside 🌞. No date, no special romantic attention,- but still a very nice, cozy and relaxing day 😊.

I’m not sure why or when Valentine’s day started, but I know about 3 different stories from why, where and when the Valentine’s day started. One story is from the end of 1500. It is a story that the birds began to mate on this day.  Therefore, it has become a romantic marketing on love.  Another story is about a martyr named Valentine who signed his last love letter to his girlfriend with “your Valentine” before he died.  The third story is from the Roman celebration of the goddess Juno representing women and marriage.  And February 14 was the start of a week-long Roman fertility party.

I choose to believe there’s something from every story that has created the inspiration for the “celebration” of Valentine’s day we have today 🥰.

Valentine’s day is about love and romance that’s for sure. It can be the love for your children or a romantic date or attention to and from someone you like a bit extra, have a good eye too 😊.

I hope you are happy with your Valentine’s day with or without any specific romantic attention from anyone 💘. We can create nice days for us self too, even we are single and don’t have anyone special to date or get some romantic attention from 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

This painting I gave to my daughter today as an Valentine’s day gift is in size 20*20 cm. A sweet, small painting- perfect to my daughter 🥰.

I don’t have any special “my Valentine” this year,- so I gave my daughter a bit attention instead 🥰. A painting with a sweet heart 💘. I hope you all have had a nice Valentine’s day with or without any specific romantic attention or a sweet date 💘. It’s possible to have a nice Valentine’s day even when you are single 😊.

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A funny way to get some new fashion in the closet 😊 🧥👗

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

I’m not to biggest shopper in the world, even I actually do like clothes, fashion and like to use clothes too 😅. And,- yes, I do like to dress myself up as well 😊

I like to feel well- dressed in clothes I like to wear. I don’t care very much about the “name” of the clothes, to be honest. As long as I feel comfortable I the clothes I’m using and wearing I’m happy 😊.

And there’s one kind of “shopping” I, as well as my daughter, really enjoy 😊. And that’s “second hand” “shopping”, or it’s actually not shopping at all 😅. It’s actually when people “clean up” their closet for clothes they don’t use anymore and they want to give them away …. for example to my daughter and me 😊.

I’m not sure why I like this kind of “way” to get new clothes better then go to a fancy store, but for me it is actually more fun to get some bags with use clothes that people don’t want to have, use or ware anymore, then go to a fashion shop. It’s a bit like a “secret treasure chest” with surprise of various garments. And I don’t know what kind of clothes I will find either. In general it’s great clothes. Some fit, some do not fit, both in size and style.

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And to be honest, I do not do this, get “second hand clothes”, to save the environment, or in a way recycle, or save money, while that is exactly what I do.  But I like second hand clothes just because I like it.  Very simple and straightforward 🥰. I think it’s a very fun way to get new fashion and style in my wardrobe 😊.

The clothes who not fit in style or size we actually deliver to second hand stores, so hopefully some other people can have some joy with the clothes we are not going to use 😊. Hopefully some other people will have the same fun and joy with the second hand clothes as we have 😊.

Since I was a child I have really enjoyed this way of “shopping”. I remember I had some cousins that was a bit older then me, and when they gave away clothes and shoes they didn’t use anymore because it all was to small, I was so excited to take a look in the different bags. And in general there was always a lots of nice clothes and shoes I wanted to weare and use 😊. I remember my mam called it for ” to inherit clothes or take over used clothes”, –  and that’s actually exactly what it is. And why not do that, use clothes like that, when the clothes are still in good fashion, stylish, function and good shape 😊 ?

Also when I became older and my friends had a “clean up” in their closet with clothes they didn’t want to use anymore, they “delivered” bags with clothes to me. Loved it, and I still love it 🥰.

When my daughter became older she started to have the same joy and enthusiasm as me to get used clothes from friends and family 😊. I’m not sure why, but maybe because she did grow up with me and did see my joy for “second hand clothes” ? 😊 Any way,- I’m actually very happy she feel the same enthusiasm for second hand clothes as I do 😊.

I’m not sure why I like to get bags with used/ second hand clothes so much, but I really do. Maybe because I don’t need to go to the store? And I can try out the outfits home in peace? 😊 And because it feels like “suprice bags” with clothes? Well,- it’s actually “suprice bags” with clothes,- and I like nice surprises 🥰.


I think around half of my clothes in my closet are probably “second hand” clothes. Clothes I have “inherit clothes or take over used clothes” from other people, friends or family 😊.

Some days ago a colleague of my daughter did deliver a couple of bags with second hand clothes to her, and me and my daughter had fun and cozy “fashion shopping” in our living room 😊. And we both got some new both winter- clothes and summer- clothes. We felt both so happy, lucky and grateful 😊. It’s just so fun to get new fashion in my closet this way, and it’s actually fun that me daughter enjoy this kind of get “new” clothes too 😊.

My lovely daughter, Mathilde,- sourrende with “second hand” clothes in our living room 😊

I’m a bit more sceptical now at days to take over used shoes then when I was younger. But not because of fashion or style, but because of use and a “responsibility” I have for my back, legs and feet. But if the shoes hasn’t been used very much and they suits me, I’m very grateful for a couple of shoes or three too as long as I can use them and they are doing me feet, back and body well 👠👢.

Do you like to get new fashion and style, “new” clothes to your wardrobe this way? Second hand clothes, “old” clothes that are still in good fashion, stylish, function and good shape 😊 ? For me this is the funniest way to “renew” my wardrobe, get some “new” fashion and stylish clothes 😊. But I do shop clothes too, now and then 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog 🧡

See you soon 😊

Most of the “second hand” clothes I did got or found in the “second hand bags” my daughter brought home 😊,- and my daughter got her part too 😊.

Some days ago my daughter brought home a couple of bags with “inherit clothes or take over used clothes”, or “second hand clothes” if you prefer 🥰. And to be honest,- to get bags with second hand clothes it’s a very funny way to get “new” fashion in the wardrobe. Well,- at least for me and my daughter. And why not,- when the clothes are still in good fashion, stylish, function and good shap 🥰.

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Look at those two handsome fellows 💙🐕🧣

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Last year I did knit a scarf to my oldest son that he really enjoyed and was very happy for, but unfortunately, he did loose it somewhere during the moving process last Spring, and he did felt a bit sad over that🧣.

So when I was waiting for my internet to be up and running again I did knit two scarfs to him. Just in case he lost one again 😊. But he also wanted a similar to his dog, Zorro. So they have similar scarfs, like two handsome fellows 😊.

Zorro with one of his fancy, knit and handmade “one of a kind” scarf 🧣

And look at Zorro, he actually looks a bit proud on this photo 😊. So sweet with his own scarf 🧣. I think he like it a bit.

And it’s actually the first time I have knit “clothes” to a dog, but maybe it will be more knitted dog clothes in the future by me? I’m not sure yet, but it can happen 🧶🐕.

My oldest son, Marius and his dog Zorro with fancy similar scarfs 🧣

They look pretty cool together 🥰. But of course I think that,- I’m his very proud mammi …… and probably “grandma” to Zorro then too 💙.

The 2 different kinds of scarfs I knit to my oldest son and his dog to 🧣🧶

My son has packed down the second scarf I knitted for him and Zorro.  It is a little thicker and warmer than the dark violet scarf.  And they’re on the move again.  In a month and two they will move a little closer to where my daughter and I live, and also his friends.

He really enjoys living in the mountains, but its fare away from people, and during all this restrictions time we are living in and with, it’s a bit difficult to live so fare away from people.

I’m looking forward to get them both a bit closer, and hopefully the restrictions will “easy” up a bit in a couple of weeks so we can meet up again too 💙. And who knows,- maybe there will be knit some more dog- clothes too? 😊🧶

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

I really like this photo of Zorro with the handmade knit scarf 🧣. He looks so fancy and proud, and it’s both his own first scarf, as well as it is the first dog- scarf I have been knit too 🧶. He and my oldest son has similar scarfs now- made by me and made by love too 🧶😊 💙.

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